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rock a bye baby
« on: December 10, 2021, 10:21:22 PM »
**The scene fades up with Candy sitting on her couch with Miss Ruby sitting on her lap. She had a foldable table sitting in front of her with her laptop on it. She was on a video call with her husband, Marcus. Ruby kept blowing kisses at the screen.**

Candy: I hope you can get a flight out soon… I know the weather is kinda yucky and I just want you to get home safe.

Marcus: Don't worry, I’ll be home safely before the show this weekend, I promise. Even if I have to rent a car and drive.

Candy: We just miss you so much.

Marcus: I miss my 2 pretty ladies too.

**Ruby is babbling and keeps reaching for the screen saying “DADA” repeatedly. Marcus smiles softly and blows a kiss to her, which causes her to smile and continue babbling. Fluffy and Hero were sitting on the  floor by Candy’s feet, as if keeping watch.**

Marcus: Speaking of the show, are you ready for Crystal?

Candy: As ready as I’ll ever be! I’ve been practicing and working out whenever I can… but this little cutie here hasn’t wanted to nap properly… I think she is teething.

Marcus: Awe… put a damp rag in the freezer for 10 minutes then let her chew on it. The cold will help.

Candy: THAT’S GENIUS!!! You are so the brains of this family!

**Marcus chuckled a bit**

Marcus: Well, I gotta go check with the people at the airport to see if I can get on this flight or not. I’ll talk to you later. I love you guys.

Candy: We love you too!

**They all wave and the video call ends. Ruby, sad to see her dad leave the voice call, starts pouting and crying. This causes Fluffy and Hero’s ears to perk up, as they look around. Candy stands up and cradles Ruby, trying to comfort her.**

Candy: I know sweetheart. Mommy misses Daddy too. He’ll be home soon, I promise.

**She starts gently rocking the fussy little one in her arms, and she begins to sing to her**

Candy: Rock-a-bye baby in the treetop… when the wind blows the cradle will rock…

**Ruby begins to calm down at the soothing sound of Candy’s soft singing voice.*

Candy: When the bough breaks… the cradle will fall. And down will come baby… cradle and all…

**Candy looks down and sees that Ruby’s eyes are closed and her fussing has stopped.**

Candy: Rock-a-bye Ruby… in mommy’s arms… as long as she lives… you’ll come to no harm…

**She keeps singing**

Candy: Daddy will be here… before you know it… and mommy will win… her match with a pin?

**She squinted a little bit… as she was making this up. She looked down and heard soft snoring coming from the baby in her arms. She spoke to her in a whisper.**

Candy: That’s right, sweety. Mommy is gonna go out there this week against Crystal… Zud…Zood…ZDDDDd… just Crystal… and win. Because mommy finally won her last match against Char… whatever her name was. And Mommy wants to keep that streak going.

**Candy slowly lowers Ruby into a bassinet they had sitting in the living room. Ruby stirred a little bit before curling up and going back to sleep. Candy let out a sigh of relief as the scene faded to black**
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