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Having a Goth Christmas party
« on: December 10, 2021, 10:00:11 PM »
Having a Goth Christmas party. Tucson, Arizona. Friday 10th December. (On-Camera)

As classy Agostino usually was, he arranged in a modernised community building that had everyone dressing up as Goths instead of a traditional Christmas Party. They had to wear Santa, Snowman hats or Reindeer antlers on their heads. Everyone had white face paint with black lipstick with some black mascara on their eyelashes. Agostino was one of those people. He provided his buffet food for everyone to share out, and there's even a goth Santa Claus that James was portraying. Agostino begins to speak while with metal music on.

Agostino Romano: "Let's rock out to this stuff, everyone. Oh, hello Goth, please don't take any offence to what I'm doing here. It's all for a bit of fun as you know me, I can't stand or sit in front of the camera and talk. That's not Agostino Romano way of doing things. He has fun and enjoys himself. Look at me; I wear the white facepaint with black lipstick and black mascara on my face. We even have a gothic Santa Claus here as well, sitting on the chair, asking kids what they wanted for Christmas."

Declan's giggling in the background on how ridiculous Agostino was, wearing all the Goth make-up, even the black clothes he's wearing with a spiky black top, black jeans and spiky necklace with spiky black hair. Along with wearing a snowman hat along with it.

Agostino Romano: "Anyway, let's get into the important stuff. I know you're in the SCW hall of fame like I was recently in the Global Bike Championship Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago. You could very well be the most prominent opponent I've had to face, mostly because you've done everything, and I respect the fact you came back to wrestle because of your son not being able to see you wrestle. Nothing can take away the accomplishments you've done in SCW. I can't disrespect you for that, and I won't."

It was one of the rare things for Agostino to be directly pointed on a wrestler's accomplishments, but he had to with the legacy of Goth surrounding the parts of Sin City Wrestling locker room.

Agostino Romano: "Can't you see everyone having a good time? Like I have fun with being Jesus of Professional Sports. But today, I'm the Goth of Professional Sports. I can't disrespect you, man, because although you do lack personality, you seem to be a very accomplished wrestler at it. I don't understand why so many wrestlers want to take things seriously all the time."

Agostino sighed as he didn't like any wrestler he fought late because of them being far too severe, and he wasn't a fan of it. He continued to dance for a while, even if some white face paint on his cheek was a bit smudged. He continued where he left off.

Agostino Romano: "Hell, you've won the mixed tag titles to complete your collection. I don't think other hall of famers have come back to do what you've done, Goth. I admire that, especially with Mercedes. On the same show, I won the Internet title as well. I'm proud of this thing, even if some wrestlers look and laugh at me, but I could care less of their opinions of me. I continue to dance to metal songs, even if some aren't Christmas songs at all."

Agostino always had to invent things that were fun for him, and he enjoyed the night out so far. James was doing an excellent job of being a gothic Santa and Declan, making sure things were going smoothly, which they were so far.

Agostino Romano: "So I can say I'm quite excited for this match against you to test my skills, and if I lose, I will learn from the great Goth himself. I can understand why you've called yourself Goth because it's fascinating to walk and dance, wearing this sort of stuff. But what else is there to say that other wrestlers haven't said? You're very well respected and done a lot for this business, had vicious and great battles with many of the great Sin City Wrestlers of the past and the future."

Nodding his head in approval, Agostino walks to the beer area and grabs a plastic cup of beer as he takes a sip of it.

Agostino Romano: "However, the age gap between us is pretty big as I've still got a lot left to give to wrestling, while your power might still be there, but you're nowhere near as faster as I am. The longer the match goes, the longer it'll give me the advantage to win. So like all the other opponents before and after me, I won't get upset on anything people say. I ignore them and focus on doing what I'm good at."

A short break as Agostino decided to join in with the other people for a bit, especially Metallica song of Wherever I May Roam was playing, one of Agostino's favourite metal bands before he finishes up for the night.

Agostino Romano: "That is to go out there, entertain the crowd because I always do when it comes to these videos and make them remember the stuff I did, especially with my fan club forum blowing up to congratulate me personally for my third Internet title run. Also win against you as well since I'm going to end up being better than you and no matter how much I respect you, you're not going to last very long against me. I will pin you for the three count and continue to be Jesus Of Professional Sports. See you on Sunday night, Goth."

Agostino covered everything he wanted to say to Goth as the cameras went to black.