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New Clarity
« on: December 10, 2021, 05:22:58 AM »
It had been weeks since the last supercard. Keira tried, but cause of the triple threat. It wasn't enough. But despite it all, it earned a good bit of respect from Andrea Hernandez, to the point where she wanted to face Keira again, this time one on one. As much as Keira wanted that, she wanted to do something different. Mostly to see if she can get new competition. In the weeks after, she would in the form of Krystal Wolfe. Normally, she didn't even want to go for the Bombshell Roulette Championship, but Krystal decided on it. Cause of it, the match was basically set.

We cut to after a dinner with her, Roxi, Krystal and others. Keira and Roxi had just left and began to drive back to the hotel, mostly to make sure they get their bags and transmit back home. As they drive, Keira was seen in the passenger seat as she turns her head to Roxi. She then asks

Keira: Babe, are you feeling ok?

Roxi, keeping her eyes on the road, says

Roxi: Yes. I'm fine. I've been fine for weeks.

Keira: Right. Considering you're worrying me with wanting a challenge and all. I know you want another shot at the World Bombshell Championship and all--

Roxi: Look, Keira. I know I can do it. You got a shot at the Bombshell Roulette Championship.

Keira: Yea, I did. But it wasn't part of my plan. I just wanted new competition, Roxi! My goal is still the Bombshell Internet Championship. But I want to see if I can keep up with the new blood first.

Roxi: Well, honestly. Krystal is one year into SCW.

Keira: Yea, but I never fought her, yet.

Roxi clears her throat and says

Roxi: Also, why did you go and add me to this fight?

Keira: You wanted to challenge someone so damn badly. I thought if I did this, it would calm you down for a bit. I don't want you obsessing over it like you have been.

Roxi: But this is your fight

Keira: Yea, it is. But again, you wanted to challenge. Kill two birds with one stone.

Keira smirks a bit, asking

Keira: Or are you too obsessed with challenging that you don't want to team with your own wife?

Roxi: I would never not team with you, Keira. Just some advanced warning next time would be nice.

Keira: I'll get right on that during your inbetween weeks of going out there and begging for a fight. Which I wish you would calm down on. You're starting to sound like me.

Keira sighs a bit, saying

Keira: Which is scaring me

Keira sighs. She begins to close her eyes for a moment, but when she opens them, she sees that they made it to the hotel.

Keira: Ugh, was I out long?

Roxi: About 10 minutes. You feeling okay?

Keira: Yea, just a bit tired. Having to deal with Nate, getting him ready for school within a year. No offense, hearing you wanting to face Amber over and over and Hayley....

Keira shurgs over that one

Keira: And getting ready for the match. I think I'm just a bit drained.

Roxi: It can be draining, but you don't have to worry about me. I'm taking care of what I need to take care of.

Keira: I know, but it's getting to the point where you're scaring Nate

Keira gets a stern look on her face and says

Keira: If he asks if Mommy is sick one more time...

Roxi: Ok, ok. I get it.

Roxi sighs.

Roxi: I will be fine. You keep worrying and it makes him worry, don't do that to him, and don't do that to me. I trust you, and you just have to trust me.

Keira: I do trust you, always. But please, Calm it down when you're at home. I understand, but when you're home. You're not Roxi Johnson, SCW Wrestler. You're Roxi Johnson, wife and mother....and superhero.

Keira clears her throat on the last one but resuming

Keira: Plus, it's getting dangerously close to that one time we were tag champions and Tommy Knocks got into your head about it

Keira turns as she says to Roxi

Keira: Or do you want me to remind you of the time that you went into a coffee shop and pointed at your tag belt in front of people?

Roxi: Look, we didn't have anybody coming for us and the championships. We had no feuds to really speak of. It's kind of hard to promote yourself as really promote the company when you have nothing really happening. They will putting teams together for us to face.

Keira: Cause we were that good. But still, you went a bit insane over it…

Roxi: Sometimes, things get to me more than they should.

Keira and Roxi get out of the car and begin to head to the room. They open the door and enter it. Keira shuts the door of their room, saying

Keira: Yea, they do. Like it's repeating as we speak. Keep it up and you'll be pointing at your boobs, screaming, "CHALLENGE ME!" over and over

Roxi: I know what I am doing.

Keira: Really?

Keira begins to walk around the room, acting like the tag title was around her waist. She points at her crotch, saying.


Keira then goes over, points at her crotch to Roxi like she was a bystander, saying.


Keira then goes to Roxi's side, raising her hand, saying


Roxi: Yes, I know what I said.

Keira: That was part of you "knowing what you were doing". Basically going one step too far. Not to mention the tweets that got you more fired up than Max's trigger finger

Keira quickly says

Keira: Been playing a lot of Sam and Max lately

Roxi: I don't understand? Why is this a big deal? Why is it that everyone else can do and say what they want, but when I do it, I'm overreacting?

Keira: Cause this isn't like you! You never go this far in order to get what you want. You taught me to earn it. Let actions speak louder than words.

Roxi: That means I can't defend myself? I'm just tired of it. I'm DONE getting walked on and pushed aside. In fact, You rushed to Andrea's side instead of mine. I will earn it, but the fact is, I don't have to sit there and take it. Unless you're going to tell right now, that I just have to take shot after shot and not do anything, because I see you're not doing that with Hayley, are you?

Keira: Hayley's a damn idiot and you know it. She steps foot in SCW and everyone will be on her. I never said once you could defend yourself. Plus, believe it or not. Me and Andrea finally earned each other's respect! But if you really want a fight THAT bad....

Keira goes to the window and opens it, saying

Keira: We go outside, find us a empty field and I'll give you what you want.

Roxi: So, what you're telling me is, that it's okay for you to continually respond to someone who doesn't even work for SCW. But I'm supposed to be quiet and not defend myself from Andrea piling on because you are friends now? And now, you want to fight me, for defending myself from you? Do you not see how this is affecting you? You don't even need to be in what I'm doing, I'm certainly staying out of your way. I don't understand any of this, Keira. I'm not the bad guy here.

Keira: Again. I don't mind you defending yourself. But you're getting too close to the edge about it. That's one of the reasons I wanted this tag match. So you can let off some steam. Show them that you still got it.

Keira goes back over to Roxi and holds her, saying

Keira: Cause right now. Are you getting any matches after coming out week after week?

Roxi: Nobody wants to fight me except Crystal. So, I'm going to keep going out there until I get something. And I know I will.

Keira: I don't even consider Crystal a challenge. Now Krystal, you should have challenged her. She wanted to face you for ages.

Keira raises a eyebrow at this, saying

Keira: Crystal....Krystal. That would get confusing.

Roxi: Krystal has her opponent. You.

Keira: Yea and she got excited when she accepted our challenge. She wanted to face you too.

Keira sighs as she looks at Roxi

Keira: Tell me, don't you have a bucket list of new opponents you never faced before?

Roxi: I have a lot of things I want to do, but yes, I have a list. But I have something else I really need to do beforehand. I just need people to understand that.

Keira goes to say something, but she begins to facepalm a bit, finally figuring it out

Keira: She'll be busy for a bit. Maybe talk to the brass about getting a contender's match...

Roxi: I have my plan, don't worry.

Keira: Ok. I just ask you to calm it down....just a tiny bit. Least at home. Do that for me and I'll shut up about it, deal?

Roxi: I am calm.

Keira gives a stern look at Roxi, tapping her foot at her

Keira: I mean CALM calm...

Keira then gets a notice on her phone. She sees that the next card is up and sighs

Keira: Maybe now you can get a match to let off some steam

Keira looks and her eyes widen

Keira: Ok, that came out of left field.

Roxi: And?

Keira: Me and Jessie in a match this coming Sunday. Surprised I'm getting a match now instead of the last Climax Control of the year

Keira keeps looking at the card, saying

Keira: And it looks like you're my corner woman for it too

Roxi: Ah, that works.

Keira: And so is Krystal for Jessie.

Keira puts the phone down and smiles at Roxi, saying

Keira: Now do you feel better?

Roxi: I said I was fine. Seriously.

Keira: Ok. Prove it. Go one week without talking about anyone. One week. If you can do that, then I know you're fine.

Keira smirks and also says

Keira: And while you're at it, we can get you a skimpy Vanna White dress for this Sunday

Roxi: That’s not happening.

Keira: What? Don’t want to go left and right, shaking that sexy butt around like you’re turning letters?

Roxi: And you need to be serious

Keira: I am being serious. I want that butt!

Roxi: Behave, Keira!

Keira gives a relaxing sigh, saying

Keira: Ok, you're fine. I had to make sure.

Keira goes over and hugs Roxi

Keira: if you had let me keep going like that. Then I knew something would have been wrong

Roxi: Keira, you worry me sometimes.

Keira: Sorry. Now, I give you a choice. We can stay here for the night and rest or we can go home now.

Roxi: Why don’t you choose?

Keira: I think we should rest here for once. Nate's going to be ok with your mom and in all honesty. You need to relax. That and to keep up appearances, just in case someone in SCW keeps asking we rush out as quickly as we do

Roxi: That’s fine.

Keira smiles as she softly grabs Roxi’s hand and looks into her eyes. She then says to her.

Keira: I believe I owe you some cuddles, then.

Roxi smiles a bit as the two go into the bedroom, the scene fading.


The scene opens up in the basement of Keira and Roxi's home. She was in her gym gear as she had finished up training for the day. She was looking at the last of the files of what has been going on with the Neo Sin Incident and files it away, sending it to the GUILD. She goes back to the computer's desktop menu and smiles a bit, turning the chair around and saying.

Keira: Glad that's done and over with. Maybe now things will calm down for a bit.

Keira stands up and begins to walk to the elevator. She goes in and hits the button to go up to the house. The elevator opens up and Keira walks out, making sure no one saw her. She goes over to the living room and sits on the couch. She watches some TV for a bit, slowly beginning to fall asleep. She had done a good bit of training for her match, but now Keira thinks she might have overdid it a bit. She falls asleep on the couch, letting the TV run for a while.

A few hours later, Roxi is seen shaking Keira a little bit, mostly to wake her up. Keira slowly wakes up and looks up at Roxi, seeing her. She smiles a bit, asking.

Keira: Hey, beautiful. How long was I out?

Roxi: Looks like a good bit. I see you were training. You overdid it, didn't you?

Keira gives out a small yawn as she stretches and sits up. She then says

Keira: I think I did. I don't normally try to do that for matches. But it's the weirdest thing. I just wanted to keep going. My heart was going, but my body wanted me to stop.

Roxi: And you said I was not going overboard.

Keira: There's a difference between the two situations. Yours, well. I won't get into it again, Roxi. You know how I feel about it. But I still trust you. But me? I need to become stronger. I need to be more alert.

Keira begins to have a stern look on her face, saying

Keira: The era of Team Hero is over when I can't continue to fight any longer!

Roxi: Don't you mean "we", Keira?

Keira: Yea. Sorry, still a bit fired up over what Krystal said.

Roxi: Which lead you to jumping the gun a bit and challenging her to a tag match against us, remember?

Keira gives a sigh, saying

Keira: Yea, I know. I know. You think after all these years. I would have been able to not do that. But I continue to do so.

Keira slowly stands as she looks at Roxi. She then says

Keira: But that's how I am. I'm trying though

Roxi: I know. You were a lot worse off years back. But you have matured a whole lot. I don't even need to go into those details.

Keira: Yea, which is making me think about...

Keira looks down at her stomach. Roxi remembers what Keira had said to her before about how much time Keira had left on her biological clock due to Sin being in her for so many years. Roxi then asks

Roxi: Oh, right. How much longer? If you got a idea on the timeframe.

Keira: In all honesty, Roxi. Maybe 5 months at the most. I know you think we shouldn't go for another one right now. But Nate's getting older and...

Keira begins to take a deep breath, saying

Keira: I really don't want him to be a only child.

Roxi: I know, Keira. This is what makes it tougher than it should. You still got a good bit of fight left. In all honesty, you had many chances to walk away from it all. But you continue to surprise me over and over.

Roxi puts a hand on Keira's shoulder as the two look into each other's eyes as Roxi says

Roxi: I know this. One way or another. We'll figure this out...

Keira: Together.

Roxi: Together, we can do anything.

Keira smiles as she leans in and hugs Roxi. She didn't let go, not wanting the moment to stop. She knew it would have to, but she kept hugging. After a few moments, she breaks the hug. Keira takes a deep breath and says

Keira: Since I rested up. I think I'm going to go ahead and train again. Maybe I can get a little bit faster with my speed

Roxi: Or you can stop for a bit and just relax. I just fixed dinner and all.

Keira's eyes light up on this as she asks

Keira: Oh? What are we having?

Roxi: I thought we could go for Tacos tonight.

Keira begins to grin at this, saying

Keira: Why didn't you tell me sooner!?

Roxi: Well, one. You were asleep while I was fixing the shells and the hamburger meat for it. Two, you didn't ask until now.

Keira: True. But I legit didn't know, baby. But I'm now hungry!

Roxi: Then let's get the food.

Keira smiles as the two head to the kitchen as the scene fades

The scene opens up in the void as Jean Vale is seen in it. She watches Keira eat her food as she smiles, saying

Jean: oh, Keira. You're so beautiful, even with a lot of food. Still need to figure out a way to fix that. Oh well.

Jean sighs, she remembered the favor Keira asked as she says

Jean: Keira, hopefully. I can get this done for you soon. Time's running out, I know. Give me time. I promise.

Meanwhile, back in the home of Keira and Roxi. The two just got done eating as her, Roxi and Nate who had joined them minutes later, enter into the living room. The three sit down as Keira turns the TV back on. She then says

Keira: It's been a while since we just relaxed. In honesty, I should be training more.

Roxi: Keira, I told you. You've done enough. Please relax. That's all I ask

Keira: But...

Nate: Mama, don't go.

Keira looks down at Nate and smiles. She knew when she was defeated on this, says

Keira: Ok, ok. You win. I can train tomorrow. Considering I know Jessie Salco in and out, it could be easy. But I know it won't be if we go all out. So fine, I can train tomorrow.

Roxi: Good. You got on me about "calming down", which I have been calm. You can do the same. It's not going to hurt for once to relax.

Keira: Considering you're usually the one to push me.

Roxi: Yea, but I'm pulling a you for once, Keira. Time to relax.

Keira nods as the three watch TV. Keira smiles a bit, knowing what the future will hold for her as the scene fades.

Wow, has it been that long? A whole month? Well, it feels like a whole month at least.

Heh. To be honest, I thought I would never get a match. But I made sure my patience was worth it at this point. Sure, I lost the Bombshell Internet Championship match. Am I mad? Not really, cause at the end of it. I gained Andrea's respect. Although, she and I want a one on one sooner or later. I promise you, Andrea. You will get it. But for now, like you. You want new challenges.

The path is not easy, but I believe in you. See you soon, Andrea.

Now with that out of the way! Onto the future! I will go after the Bombshell Internet Championship soon. But my blood is fueling once again! I want a new challenge! With new blood coming in. I wanted to get a taste of it before I continue my quest. Granted, Krystal is a year in and proved a lot. She's new to me.

But we're not here for Krystal at the moment, are we? No, we're not.

In order to get to that point. I have to go through a warm up, don't I?

Heh, a warm up only someone that knows me too well could give me. No, it's not Roxi. I'm saving her for the future. This one however, is my best buddy. Someone who I love and respect.

Jessie, here we go again. I know I said I wanted something new. New challengers, new challenges in general. But it’s always nice to come back to something familiar, but different. And in recent months, Jessie has been nothing like Jessie was when I first met her. She has grown, and she has buckled down and gotten herself better. Hell, she’s the number one contender to the Internet championship right now. She is at the top of her game, and you know, I couldn’t be happier for her as a friend. I’m excited for her, but damn, do I wish it was me. But then again, It may be the next best thing, right? Anyway, over the years. We've grown a lot over the years. I mean, everyone knows our history now. There isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said. The wars between Metal and Punk vs. Team Hero. The fights between you and I, the friendship from respect that spawned from it. It’s a story that is interwoven with the very fabric of SCW.

But it's a story no one would have expected to have a happy ending, not even us in some aspect. There was a time we would have torn each other apart just by one of us seeing the other. But even with all that happened. Each time we faced each other. We gave each other a Hell of a show. I can say that you, Jessie Salco, after my own wife, may be the greatest fights I’ve ever had. I will never walk out of a match with you and not feel it in the morning. I’ve still got plenty of scars and painful memories from every single encounter, and I expect new ones after this match.

But I guess I have to take a little bit of enjoyment out of this by saying, that most of the time, it was me who walked away the winner. I’ve gotten the best of Jessie Salco a lot. But I’ve seen Jessie up her game to a whole new level, and I am so happy to see her continuously get better. But you know what would make my case stronger for a future match with Andrea? Or even a future match with Jessie for the Internet championship?

Beating Jessie right here, this week.

You bring out the best in me, Jessie. You really do. But you and I know that this is a warm up. Well, part one of a warm up for us. While, like I said, I'm proud of you for getting the Bombshell Internet Championship match and stopping Alicia the Place Holder. Don't expect the next couple of weeks to be any easier. We will be seeing a lot of each other. I mean… not like that, but you know what I mean. I know you have done a lot of work, I know you have busted your ass to get better, and that’s awesome. But, in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to show you that even after all the work you have done, there’s still more you can do to get better. No, this isn’t say I’m better than you, it’s just a little friendly motivation, and now a friendly rivalry, but you know what they say about people who are like us? People who are as close as we are, they train the hardest, push each other the most. That’s what we should be doing and I’m going to push you as much as possible Jessie.

I'm not going to hold back cause you're my friend. Haven't started holding back on you since the beginning, why start now? I would be a bad friend if I even held back just a little.

Jessie, get ready, cause this Sunday. You'll need to go further beyond if you want to beat me. You want to become the Bombshell Internet Champion? You want to beat Andrea? Then give me all you got! The hard work, starts now!