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« on: December 09, 2021, 11:12:28 AM »

Narrator:  Bea is in the opening match of Climax Control 319 against Kat Jones who is new to Sin City Wrestling but not to the sport of wrestling. I will now turn you over to Bea at her home in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

The scene changes to the home of Bea Barnhart in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The camera person gets a shot of the fireplace in the home that has a warm fire burning. We don’t see Bea so of course we wonder where she is. We also don’t see Bea’s husband Bill or their English Bulldog Iris we assume they went to the park to stay out of Bea’s presentation leading up to her match against Kat Jones.


We don’t have to wait long before we see Bea walk into camera range holding a large trash, filled with trash, that is tied shut. Bea is told by the camera person that the camera is on and the Network is broadcasting. Bea is surprised they allowed that to happen but she cannot change what they did.

Bea:  Sorry the camera person only now told me they were live broadcasting. Please excuse me while I take out the trash. Watch me because when I face Kat Jones at Climax Control 319 I’m taking her, the trash, to the dumpster since we already have enough trashy wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling.

Bea walks to the patio door and slides it open. She walks to the trash can, opens the lid. and tosses the large bag of trash into it. Bea slams the lid shut and returns inside the house where she takes a chair near the fireplace.

Bea:  Let’s have a fireside chat shall we. I know Kat is watching so she should already know that where there is fire you’ll get burned. Kat just because you came from a pathetic wrestling federation where you managed to obtain a championship doesn’t mean shit here in Sin City Wrestling. You left a federation where a pathetic wrestler like you can win championships but you’re in the elite Federation of Sin City Wrestling now. I don’t care what the hell you did in another wrestling federation as you’re here in Sin City Wrestling now. You’re not going to walk into my territory and take me out. Nothing gets handed to anyone here. You either earn what you get or you get fired. Did you get that Kat? Fired…a fireside chat…that’s why I’m here sitting next to my fireplace. . .I’m gonna burn your ass in our match! Ha ha ha!!! I love analogies! Girl you don’t know how much fun I’m gonna have kicking your ass!


Bea:  Kat please allow me to give you information concerning the value of things. Me and Bill purchased our home on November 3, 2017 for $178,500. The house is a two-story house at 1,964 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and our lot size is 6,000 square feet. As of November 23, 2021, the website Zillow has our house valued at $309,700 which is $131,200 more than we paid for the house in November 2017. We made a smart investment. If you, and the viewers, also want to make a smart investment then you all need to place your bets on me to win our match and all of you will make a hell of a lot of money winning the bet. However if you all want to bet on Kat Jones to win then please don’t cry to me when you lose your money on that stupid bet. Kat there’s another reason I told you about the increase in the value of our home as it does, in fact, relate to those of us in the sport of wrestling. We took care of our house and that made sure the value increased. Had we let the house run down we wouldn’t be looking at over $309,000 in value. Same with wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling. I started wrestling here and soon my value went way up. Others in the fed have pathetic wrestling abilities and their value has gone down and continues to go down. All you see them do these days is go public and demand shots at Championships when they’re not earning those shots. Never once have I demanded a shot at a Championship. It has been Management that decided which matches I got assigned to and which Championships I got a chance to challenge for. What’s the point of this you ask? When I defeat you this Sunday my value will continue to increase. When you lose to me your value will go way down. You don’t have to believe me at this time but I promise you’ll become a believer when you lose to me at Climax Control 319.


Bea:  Kat you’re too young to remember the song SOMEDAY NEVER COMES by Creedence Clearwater Revival. One of the lyrics in the song goes ‘CAUSE SOMEDAY NEVER COMES. Kat I hate to have to be the wrestler to prove to you that just because you think that someday you’ll defeat me in a wrestling match that reality will never happen for you. Keep the song lyrics in your mind so you’ll always hear ‘CAUSE SOMEDAY NEVER COMES because you’ll never be able to defeat me. To give you an example there’s one wrestler in Sin City Wrestling who I’ve defeated FOUR times in FOUR matches. Yes, Kat, you heard me correctly. And even with that this same wrestler, who has never defeated me, claims I’ll never be able to defeat her. I’ll not mention her name but if you ask around you can find out who it is. It is going to be the same with you Kat. No way in hell you’re going to defeat me this match, or any other match, because that someday for you is never going to come.

Bea informs the camera person that she will take a short break before returning to her comments. She informs the camera person to have the Network run a video of her on Twitter until she returns from her break. Bea stands up and walks out of the room and the video of her on Twitter runs.


While Bea is taking a short break from her comments the Network runs the video of Bea reading comments on Twitter.

Bea:  I get sick of morons getting on Twitter asking why I didn’t comment on this or that. They demand to know why, since they posted negative comments about me, I didn’t respond. They call me a coward for not being a Twitter whore like they are and the answer is obvious that I don’t lower myself to their level. They always try to get others to whore themselves out on Twitter and they get pissed off when those of us who are intelligent and self-confident don’t follow their bullshit. Listen up carefully. When I have something I want to comment on I might say it on Twitter, or in a promo, or in comments before my match starts. But if I don’t want to comment on anything at the time then I most likely won’t comment.  Also when you go off on me because I didn’t whore myself out on Twitter like you did remember that I do my best talking with my actions in the ring in my matches. And to think morons like those on Twitter actually think they’re something people care about.


Bea rolls her eyes.

Bea:  It isn’t just the morons on Twitter who I refer to as Twitter whores who make me roll my eyes in disgust. There are people like them everywhere. Week after week after week I hear the same bullshit from the other wrestlers. They want to know why I don’t show videos of myself in sparring matches like they do. They want to know why I don’t live stream my training sessions like they do. They want to know why I don’t do everything the way they do it. BECAUSE I’M MY OWN PERSON AND I DAMN SURE DO WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT, AND HOW I WANT! So there you have it. Just because I don’t do everything the way the rest of you do doesn’t mean I’m not doing it. I feel it is not your business to know every damn thing I do. My job getting in front of the camera to comment on upcoming matches is to comment on upcoming matches and on my opponents. All the other stuff, the non-wrestling related stuff is, for me anyway, not what I’m before the camera to do. If you don’t like that about me then turn and walk away but please keep your sarcastic bitchy foolish comments to yourself.


Bea returns to the living room as the Network has finished running the video from Bea reading comments on Twitter. Bea returns to her seat next to the fireplace. Just as Bea is about to continue her comments a Fly goes by and lands on the wall next to the fireplace. Bea stands up and walks over to where her flyswatter is hanging and she grabs it and returns to the wall where the fly is waiting.

Bea:  So, Kat, you want to be a fly on the wall to try to spy on me day and night in hopes you might find a flaw in me that you can capitalize on in our match? WHAP!!!

Bea whacks the fly with the flyswatter and the fly dies and lands hard on the floor.

Bea:  Yeah that’s what I thought Kat. You’re nothing more than an annoying thing flying around and when you land I knock you out of the picture and most likely knock you out literally. I don’t tolerate annoying pests and you’re just a pathetic little annoying bug. Time for me to swat you out of Sin City Wrestling.