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“Birds of a Feather.”
« on: December 08, 2021, 07:47:31 PM »
Climax Control 318 proved to be a very eventful one for Jessie Salco, not only stamping her spot in an Internet Title Match against Andrea Hernandez at Inception V but accepting Krystal Wolfe’s offer to team up with the Aussie Roulette Champ to take on Team Hero at the Christmas Show! No such match had been confirmed as of yet, at least not officially but a small preview match had been booked for this week’s show, in a rematch from the High Stakes XI cycle Jessie was taking on Keira Fisher with Rpxi Johnson in Keira’s corner and Krystal in Jessie’s! Can Jessie keep the win streak going?

Backstage at Climax Control 318, Phoenix, Arizona
Sunday the 5th of December 2021, 20:30pm

Everyone thought I couldn’t do it, hell, even I thought I couldn’t do it!

And by “it” I mean winning the Fatal Four Way against Alicia, Dani and Seleana for the right to challenge Andrea at Inception V, four women who are former World Champions and then there’s me, someone who has held every other title aside from the Mixed Tag and World Bombshell titles! On paper? The smart money would’ve been on either Alicia or Dani picking up the win and going on to Inception V, and for an upset win Seleana would’ve been a smarter choice than me.

Instead, I picked up the win after hitting Seleana with the Circle Pit, anyone who bet against me winning was probably just as shocked as I was as it hit me that I had won though I doubt anyone was as shocked as the bosses when Justin announced me as the winner.

Off course, that’s far from the only thing I’ve got in store for me.

”Well, what do you know? The current Bombshell Roulette Champion teaming with the Number One Contender to the Internet Championship to take on two Hall of Famers on the last show of the year.” I heard a familiar Aussie voice ring out and I looked up, Krystal had been waiting for me, presumably since the match result was announced, and I grinned before clapping hands with her. ”Not that it really needed it but the tag match against Team Hero just got a major star power boost, congrats Jess!”

”Thanks Jess, now I just got to make good on it against Andrea.” I responded with a grin before Matthew and Marty walked up to us with grins on their faces. ”Didn’t you say something about me being presumptuous about winning that match when I accepted Krystal’s offer to be her tag team partner?” I asked Marty as I turned to him, and Marty shook his head.

“Who, me? Never! I had full confidence that you were going to win!” Marty lied without a single ounce of self-awareness right as Krystal got a text and she checked it. “Having another champion in the Prime Time Associates rank is always a good thing!”

”Okay, hold it, I never signed a contract with your group for anything! I only agreed to team with Cha……..err, Krystal because I’m always eager for a match against Team Hero!” I pointed out and whilst Krystal did look up at me calling her by her birth name she didn’t comment on it before returning to her text. ”Why would I want a guy with only one Roulette Title reign to his name to manage me when I have multiple title reigns under my belt?!”

“Yes but you never won the big one, did you Jessica?” Matthew asked and my eyes narrowed when he called me that. “Under my guidance that could change!”

”First off, it’s either Jessie or Jess but NEVER Jessica, second, Krystal lost her first match with you as her manager, that’s not a good sign!” I pointed out and Matthew frowned as Krystal finished reading her text. ”Like I said, I only agreed to this so I can face Team Hero again! Doesn’t matter if it’s in singles or tag team action, when I go up against Team Hero, magic happens in the ring!”

”Funny you should say that Jess.” Krystal chimed in, and we turned to the Australian wrestler as she walked up to us. ”I just got next week’s card, I’m in for a busy night.”

”Can I see it? I left my phone with Jake and Shane, least I risk damaging it during the Fatal Four Way!” I asked, and Krystal nodded before she handed her phone to me. ”Me vs. Keira again, with Roxi in her corner and you in my corner, I think they made that match after Keira issued that challenge and we accepted.”

”Yep, and I’m facing Mercedes again later in the show.” Krystal responded, and I scrolled down to the match in question before seeing it. ”Non-title since Mercedes just won the Mixed Tag Titles with Goth.”

”Yeah, I was going to see about grabbing a partner and going after them if I failed to win tonight’s match to be honest.” I admitted with a nod before handing Krystal back her phone. ”That’s not going to happen now that I’m challenging Andrea for the Bombshell Internet Title, but it was a back-up plan of mine.”

”I doubt they’ll hold the titles post Inception V anyway! I reckon that it won’t be long until the titles are the potato in the hot potato game again.” Krystal admitted  with a shrug, and I had to admit that she had a point. ”What do you want to do now? Matthew and Marty are heading back to Vegas for most of next week but the plan there is to meet up with them in Tucson.”

”I think Keira will want to celebrate with me because I both won the match and prevented Alicia from getting another shot at the gold, might ask if you and Roxi can tag along.” I responded, and Krystal nodded as she got the idea. ”I don’t think they’ll object to this anyway, not with that tag team match coming up.” I added, and Krystal nodded in agreement.

”I’ll catch up with you after the Main Event, I think the result is a forgone conclusion, but I do want to stick around to cheer on Adrienne regardless.” Krystal explained, and I nodded in understanding before I walked off.

I was glad that I was getting some time with Krystal away from her managers to be honest, Krystal’s only had Matthew and Marty with her for a few weeks now but I can already see that they are having a bad influence on her, basically taking her (understandable) pride in her accomplishments and turning it into outright arrogance.

All I can hope is that me and Team Hero can get through to her before she’s completely turned to the dark side!

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday the 7th of December 2021, 19:00pm

Remember last week when I learned just how hard and fast Adrienne Beaufort can kick? Yeah, once I could raise my arms again I made a point to order kick pads off Amazon.

And that is basically what we’re doing, like last time Katie is watching from ringside as me and Adrienne spar and don’t get me wrong, Adrienne’s kicks are just as hard and fast as they were last week, but the kick pads are absorbing the blows so it’s a lot less painful for me!

”If I had access to a Time Machine and could only take two trips on it, I think I know where I’d travel too.” I stated as Adrienne took a break from kicking away at the kick pads and gave herself a stretch. ”First trip would be to give a condom to Hayley Halsey’s parents, second trip would be to give me from a week ago kick pads.” I added, and Adrienne laughed as she stretched her legs.

”My kicks were that hard, huh?” Adrienne asked, and I nodded in response without a moment’s hesitation. ”I’m just surprised you didn’t go even further back and kill Hitler or something!”

”Too obvious and frankly a cliché choice.” I responded with a chuckle as I shook my head. ”Besides, considering how far back that’d go, who’s to say that someone worse won’t rise in their place?”

“She’s right Adrienne.” Katie chimed in from the side and we glanced over at her. “That aside,, shouldn’t you be focussed on training?”

”Training for what? I have no clue when my third match will be.” Adrienne responded with a frustrated sigh as she started getting warmed up. ”I’m not letting my loss to Andrea get me down but between that and the whole fiasco with Amber Ryan, who’s to say the bosses will ever book me again.”

”Adrienne I once insulted a whole country during the height of my World Title campaign, I got banned from receiving title shots for under a year for it but I still got to compete regularly.” I pointed out with a frown before I started warming up. ”All you did was answer an open challenge which happened to come from the current World Bombshell Champion and only dropped it when Amber refused your challenge, your ego might be bruised but you’ll be otherwise fine!”

”Oui, I guess you’re right.” Adrienne nodded as she got the idea before getting into a fighting pose. ”Speaking of titles, how are you preparing for your matches against Keira and Team Hero? And I realize it’s a month away, but I guess the same can be said for the title match against Andrea?”

”I’ll be training over the Christmas break/Supercard build for that title match, as for Keira and Team Hero?” I asked as I got ready to spar with Adrienne again. ”I’ve faced all three on multiple occasions, including Roxi’s debut match way back, I know what I can expect from them and how to train for them.” I added before setting out a deep breath. ”Getting the win over them? That’s a different matter!”

”Maybe I can help? Just imagine that I’m Roxi.” Adrienne offered, and I folded my arms with a raised eyebrow, ”Only French, and shorter, and lighter, and quite a bit younger, and petite, and rarely takes the skies.”

”In other words, the only thing you have in common with Roxi, aside from wrestling obviously, is the fact that you’re both red-headed lesbians?” I asked, and Adrienne nodded with a slight laugh. ”Roxi was your inspiration for getting into wrestling wasn’t she?

”That obvious huh? I know there are other red-heads in wrestling, but Roxi was the closest to my natural hair colour.” Adrienne admitted with a nervous laugh. ”I’ve wanted to talk to her since my debut match but I’m worried that I’ll just embarrass myself.”

”Team Hero are two of the most down to earth wrestlers in SCW, if anything Roxi would be flattered.” I assured her, and Adrienne grinned before nodding. ”So, bit more martial arts practice and then regular wrestling?” I asked Adrienne and she nodded before we resumed sparring.

Prime Time Associates Building, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 8th of December 2021, 18:00pm

They say curiosity killed the cat and well, this cat is still waiting for that lethal bullet.

Krystal had told me about Matthew’s facility during our celebration on Sunday but whilst I was planning to start training at Wolfslair NYC next week, I’m trying to keep my options open when it comes to my additional training for my match against Andrea, and by extension the upcoming matches against Team Hero.

Really the only thing left for me to do was to wait for Krystal to turn up, and she wasn’t alone as she had brought Ari with her.

”I know this is last minute.” I greeted the two younger woman as they got out of Krystal’s car and joined me at the door. ”But considering who I’m going to be facing soon, both on Climax Control and PPV, I feel I need to get all the training I can and I want to keep my options open.”

”I hear you, but my previous stance still remains.” Krystal responded with an understanding nod as she walked up to the building. ”As far as the other Go Gym Graduates are concerned, I was never hear, I can’t appear disloyal at such a critical point in my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign.”

”And I’m the exception to that rule because I was present for the first trip to this building.” Ariana nodded before we entered the building. ”How’s Adrienne anyway? I know how much it sucks to lose a match for the first time and she can’t be taking her loss to Andrea well.”

”She’s doing fine, better after I did some sparring with her yesterday.” I nodded in response as we ventured deeper into the building, I heard the sounds of the training facility as we walked down the halls and I soon found myself in the training school. Portion. ”I’ve never been in the Go Gym, but this place doesn’t seem to bad, are you sure this is the Go Gym from”

”Compared to the average wrestling school? It doesn’t seem that bad but take it from me and Ari.” Krystal responded as we made our way down the stairs and saw Cyrus, Andreas and Lizzie were watching on as the trainees trained. ”But when you’ve seen some of the best facilities in the world? Everything else starts to look like a pale imitation.”

”Not to mention the quality of the trainers.” Ari muttered under her breath before she called out to the trainers. ”Guys? We have a guest!” Ariana called out to the trio, and they looked up.

“Jessie, long time no see.” Lizzie greeted me and I barely supressed the urge to roll my eyes because I still remembered the time when I had a three-way with her and Shane on an episode of Climax Control, the whole thing was (obviously) off screen but I still regard it as a mistake from my younger years.. “Still a good kisser I hope!”

”I’m not answering that!” I responded with a grunt before nodding towards the two men as they turned to me. ”Krystal said that you have a green room for cutting promos?”

“That we do.” Andreas responded as he motioned to a door at the top of another set of stairs. “We find that it’s better to prepare the trainees for their first promo rather than just the match aspect of the wrestling business.”

“Least we get another promo like Adrienne’s first ever promo.” Cyrus chimed in before he motioned for me to follow him, and I did alongside Krystal and Ariana. “Krystal’s already used the green room for a promo.”

”A match that I lost! Thanks for the reminder.” Krystal grunted in annoyance as we followed the much larger man. ”I never got around to asking this last time I was here but what kind of trainees do you attract? The Go Gym attracts everyone from athletic people with no background in athletics like me to former sports people like Ari, Chelsea and Adrienne.”

“Much the same, but we don’t attract black belts like Adrienne or Olympic level athletes like Chelsea.” Cyrus explained before he led us to the green room. “As long as you’ve got the passion and the athleticism you’ll fit in just fine.”

”Maybe but there’s a reason why the Go Gym attracts some of the best athletes from outside wrestling.” Ariana pointed out and me and Krystal had to agree. ”The Go Gym is known for producing champions like me and Krystal, this place is known for being run by the third ever Roulette Champion and friends who never made it as wrestlers.”

“Harsh but fair I suppose.” Cyrus nodded before he apparently got an idea and turned to me. “Jessie, you haven’t done your promo yet, have you?”

”No, been busy.” I responded as I shook my head before I got where he was coming from. ”You’re suggesting that I do my promo from here?”

“Exactly, we can do it as if I’m interviewing you about the match.” Cyrus added and I nodded as I got the idea. “So, what do you say?”

”Grab us a pair of chairs, turn the camera on and let’s get started!” I nodded in agreement before Ari and Krystal set about getting that done.

The Green Room, Matthew’s Training Facility, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 8th of December 2021, 19:15pm

*promo time*

Let’s get this started.

“Jessie, let’s start with the question that’s on everyone’s mind, why did you accept Krystal’s call for a tag team partner?” Cyrus asked and I nodded before thinking about my answer.

”As far as opponents in SCW go, Team Hero are two of the best women I’ve faced in my wrestling career but I’ve yet to beat them, now obviously I made that choice before I won the Fatal Four Way and earned my shot against Andrea Hernandez but that just means that I’m getting two of the best tune up matches I could’ve asked for.” I responded as I shifted my weight and Cyrus nodded. ”My relationship with Keira has taken a complete 180 since the Sin incident, I’m not about to deny that, and whilst we are best buddies outside of the ring, inside of the ring we are better opponents and the same goes for Roxi.”

“Yeah, you’ve said that a couple of times.” Cyrus nodded he checked off his first question on the list that he had prepared. “Second question, how do you view this upcoming partnership with Krystal?”

”The old saying goes “birds of a feather flock together” well, that’s kinda how I view my partnership with Krystal! We come from similar backgrounds, the first titles we won were the SCW Bombshell Roulette Title and whilst I am jealous of the fact that Krystal’s reign is so much longer than any of my four reigns, the fact remains that she reminds me a lot of me when I was younger.” I responded before smirking a bit. ”I will say that I had better taste in managers but she’s still young, she’ll learn and I’m confident about having her in my corner, Matthew and Marty less so!”

“I’m refusing to comment on that, I’d prefer to keep my paycheque.” Cyrus responded with a nervous laugh, and I chuckled in response. “Andrea has indicated that she wants to get involved in your match against Keira, what are your thoughts on that?”

”My thoughts are that if she tries anything, Andrea will be spending the rest of the night picking up her teeth!” I responded bluntly, and Cyrus let out another laugh at that. ”Does Andrea not realize that I’ve been in SCW far longer than most of the roster? When I joined SCW the Climax Controls were in the single digits and the fed was a far cry from running Madison Square Garden, in other words I’ve been around long enough to be savvy to the usual interference tactics and Andrea will soon find out that trying to mess with my matches and publicly announcing the intention to do so? If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was just as experienced as Adrienne or Chloe!”

“Only with ten times the ego.” Cyrus nodded as he checked his pad. “Okay, one last question before we jump into the promo, what are your plans for the team with Krystal?”

”Well, that would be telling, if the Bombshell Tag Division was still a thing and Krystal wasn’t the Bombshell Roulette Champion, she’d be my first choice as a tag partner, the length of her title reign says it all!” I responded before leaning back. ”But as for the match itself? I don’t think I could’ve asked or a better partner than the current Bombshell Roulette Champion and this year’s Future Star and Most Improved awards winner, well except maybe if Amy got tired of hanging out with GRIME and returned to SCW but that’s a big if.”

“Indeed, it is and that is some strong praise.” Cyrus responded before setting the pad aside. “So, shall we jump into the promo?”

”Let’s! I bet when the bosses initially made this match, they figured it would be a good tune up match for Keira ahead of her upcoming title match against Krystal, but once I won the Fatal Four Way match against Alicia, Dani and Seleana this turned into rather interesting situation, didn’t it?” I asked as I shifted my weight. ”It turned into a double tune up match, because we have big matches coming up Keira! You’re serving as the eighth challenger for Krystal’s Roulette Title and I’m serving as the second challenger for Andrea Hernandez’s Internet Title reign! Win or lose, someone’s gaining momentum heading into a title match, right Keira?”

“A very good point, the only way you can both gain momentum from the match is a draw.” Cyrus nodded in agreement as I thought about what to say next. “Unless one side wins this match and the other wins the Tag Team Match.”

”Or one side completely dominates the other and gets all the momentum going into Inception V, you’re a former wrestler Cyrus you should know that anything can happen in this business.” I responded, and Cyrus nodded in agreement knowing that I was right on the money. ”After all, everyone thought that I was going to lose the Fatal Four Way but here I am, kicking off my 2022 Supercard Calendar with a title match, and on paper? An established team such as Team Hero should have a clear advantage over the thrown together tag team that just so happens to feature a multi-time champion in me and the longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion to come along in a long time in Krystal but that’s on paper, in practice? It could go either way and that goes for the singles match against Keira as well.”

“The singles match against someone you’ve never beaten, singles or otherwise.” Cyrus pointed out and I nodded reluctantly. “I respect you but that’s not a good sign.”

”Much as I hate to take it back to the Fatal Four Way so soon, I had never beaten Alicia, Dani or Seleana either.” I pointed out and Cyrus nodded as he got the idea. ”Keira’s a hell of a wrestler and so is Roxi, they are Hall of Famers for a damn good reason and if I end 2021 with three wins in a row other women who I’ve never beaten, so be it! Keira you know how good I am in the ring but until now I’ve struggled to reach the heights that I know I can reach and this Sunday I start my ascent because the Bombshell Internet Title will just be the beginning!”

It’s that simple!

”I’ll let you figure out just what I mean by that but next year is the tenth year anniversary of my SCW debut, I’m sure you can figure out exactly what I mean by that!” I stated before shifting my weight. ”I’ve been viewed as the bottom rung of the Bombshell division for far too long! Especially when you have the likes of Bea Barnhart and Apple Coren on the roster! It’s time people started realizing that the only reason why I have the worst win/loss record in the company is because I’m one of the longest tenured people on the roster and one of the few who can say that I’m still active and can still go! And what better way to do that than to pick up a win over a woman I’ve never beaten before, right Keira?”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”Don’t answer that, because I know the answer already Keira, there is no better way for me to kick off 2022! Keira we may be best buddies and better opponents but that only translates out to one thing when that bell rings on Sunday, one hell of a match! But unless it ends in a draw like the match between Myra and Roxi, there any only be one winner and as far as I’m concerned? You’re looking at her as I’ll strike you down like blood lightning on Sunday Keira and give myself one hell of a Christmas gift in the process!”

I left with Krystal, Ari and Cyrus as the scene fades.