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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 115 (Results)
« on: November 28, 2021, 10:05:14 AM »

SCU Underground Ep 115

The Forum, Inglewood, CA

Sin City Underground Ep 115 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at The Forum, Inglewood, CA. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on November 27th, 2021.

In the backstage interview area, the “What’re You Gagnon?” banner hanging up.  Two leather chairs are sitting in front of the banner, and a coffee table sits between them.  Liam is seated to the left of the banner, and Rory Rockefeller is on the right.  He has a cup of tea, and his legs are crossed as he looks back and forth.

Liam:  Hello all, and welcome to an actual fucking version of “What’re You Gagnon?”, with your host, the one, the only… Liam Gagnon.  I was able to pull this one away from the bar long enough to have a sit down.

Rory:  Barfly, admittedly.

Liam:  So please put your hands together to welcome… a random gay ring crew member, I think.

Rory:  Rory Rockefeller, former NLW and GRIME wrestler, but, um… no titles to brag about.

Liam:  No career to brag about, either, if we’re being honest.  So, tonight, you’ve got a match against Jerry Cann, and the fans are already planning on going to the restroom during that one.

Rory shrugs and then looks toward the restrooms.

Rory:  They probably will.  The bathrooms are pretty damn clean here.  I’m impressed, honestly.  I’m more interested in the cleanliness of the bathrooms than I am in my own match, so I get it.

Liam:  You’ve had a pretty good record against Jerry, to be fair.  You guys have fought a few times, and the fans… probably don’t remember that either.

Rory:  Probably.  I barely remember it.  Look, look, Liam… Do I have a memorable face?  No, I don’t.  Does Jerry?  Yeah… but it’s usually not caught on camera because it’s looking up at the ceiling.

Liam:  I mean, you do have a face that only a mother could love.

Rory’s eyes widen as he sets the tea cup down on the table.  He throws his arms out to the side, looking around.

Rory:  Not even a mother.  My own mom hates me.  I got laid once, but I was wearing a mask and she didn’t see my face until after.  I’ve still never been kissed.

Liam leans in and gives Rory a kiss on the cheek, causing the crowd to laugh and cheer.  Liam laughs as well, but Rory grabs onto Liam’s face and plants a real one on him.  Liam tries to pull away, but Rory got the lip lock on tight.  He then pulls away and gives Liam a nod.

Rory:  No homo bro.

Liam:  In fact, no homo.  Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.

Rory:  But ya parts are saying it did. Love wins.

Liam:  I want you about as bad as I want a heart attack.  Now, let’s get back on track, because my wife can’t see what would transpire if we didn’t.  So, with that said, you have a match against Jerry Cann later tonight.  How do you honestly feel about this match?  I’m sure there’s at least three people watching who would care.

Rory:  Honestly, I’m excited.  We have fought a few times, and we’ve always put on the best match that we can.  We take it to the limits, and I have respect for him.  We’re going to do what we always do, and we’re going to tear the house down again.

Liam:  Okay, sure…

Liam turns to the camera and mouths the word “Wow” before turning back to Rory.

Liam:  Delusional, but you do you, broski.  Jerry will try, you will try, and somehow, one of you will pin the other.

Rory:  Yeah, that’s called having a match.  Geez, Liam.  Try to keep up.  We’re going to have a definitive winner.  That’s all you can really ask for.

Liam:  Or entertainment, but that’s a different conversation.  Anyway, it’s been tolerable.  Get on out of here and get ready for that match. This has been another decent edition of “What’re You Gagnon?”

Rory excuses himself as the scene fades out.

Camera’s go to the medical room as Dr. Staggs and Dr. Weaver Checking on Jenifer Lacroix neck and shoulder. Linnea Lacroix sits in the room showing moral support to her cousin but also waiting to get a checkup pre match.

Gracie: Everything’s healing up nicely, you seem to be on track with your recovery goal date.

Jenifer only understood half of that and Linnea can see that so she translated it into French for her. Jenifer smiles and the good news.

Dr. Weaver: Just take it easy, maybe wait another 10 days before getting into your hardcore workouts.

Jenifer got enough of that to understand Bucky. Jenifer gets up from her chair and walks to the other side of the room as Linnea gets up and walks over to get a checkup.

Jenifer: Linnea no need, she better then over.

Linnéa: Thanks but you can never be too sure. I’ve spent months on the sidelines and then paid for it later. Maintenance is never a bad thing.

Gracie: Wish everyone had that mindset.

Linnéa: Only way to prolong my career and make sure I can maintain an easier life when I’m older. Besides, Lis and I know we have to stay away from stronger stuff so the better I get at prevention, the less chance I have of that situation.

Jenifer: You Lacroix! Lacroix tough like diamants.

Linnéa: Damn right we are but even diamonds need to be taken care of. They lose lustre if you don’t take proper care.

Jenifer nods to agree as Linnea makes a good point.

Linnéa: The things we have to do to stay healthy and ready.

Holly Wood and Kelli Torres vs Dying Breed

Kelli and Ivan start in the ring.  They tie up, and Kelli flings Ivan to the ropes.  As Ivan comes back, he slides between Kelli’s legs, getting a pop from the crowd.  He turns around and kicks Kelli in the stomach.  She pulls her into a Piledriver.  He only gets a one count.  Ivan picks Kelli up, but Kelli hits an Uppercut and then flings Ivan into the corner, coming off with a Monkey Flip.  She goes to the ropes and hits a Lionsault.  She hooks the leg for a two count.  Ivan rolls out of the way of and tags in Andrew, while Kelli tags in Holly.  Holly gets inside first, charging at Andrew.  Andrew Spears Holly to the mat.  As they go down, Holly wraps her legs around Andrew, wrapping her arms into a choke.  Andrew rises a bit, but Holly hangs on, grounding her weight so Andrew is leaning over.  She maintains the Body Scissor hold, but Andrew is finally able to lift Holly and slam her to the mat.  Andrew does a Wishbone Headbutt to Holly.  He then hooks the leg.  Kelli breaks it up quickly, just before 2.  Ivan clears Kelli from the ring as Andrew looks to put Holly away with a Triangle Chokehold, but Holly reverses it and flips Andrew over.  As Andrew rises, Holly hits a Hip Attack.  She goes up top and hits the Sashay Away (Shining Star Press) on Andrew and hooks the leg.  Ivan tries to get inside to break it up, but Kelli holds onto his ankle. Kelli Torres and Mz Holly Wood win via pinfall.

Backstage we see Dev trying to catch up with N.F.G. to get an interview with Omasa. Before Dev can get Omasa’s attention he sees Javi point forward.

Javier: Over there homez!

Javi points down the hallway at Filth and Skag. Skag yells out.

Filth: What’s good? Get froggy bitch!

Javi and Omasa run towards Filth and Skag as Skag and Filth do the same. Dev and the cameraman start running to catch the action. Omasa slows down, Javi gets ahead of Omasa. Javi stops and drops on all fours, Skag and Filth stop and look confused as Omasa jumps on Javi’s back and jumps off nailing Skag with a left and Filth with a right kick as Omasa does an open jump kick. Skag gets sent towards Filth, the impact causes Filth to hit her head against the wall. Skag stumbles but quickly gets his composure back. Omasa grabs Skags arms, Skag tries to break free but can’t. Javi gets behind Skag and kicks the back of his knee that sends Skag to his knees. Javi goes to kick Skag in the back of the head but gets tackled down by security. Omasa lets go of Skag and jumps on the security guard to pull him off of Javi. Other security grab Omasa as others hold Skag to keep him detained. Filth sneakily gets to her feet and rushes Omasa hitting her in her blindside as a strong left punch connects with Omasa’s left ear. More security arrive and grab Filth to detain her. The brawl breaks up as Cameras go to ringside.

There is a slight commotion in the capacity crowd, leading the cameras around the ringside area until its spots a very familiar face in the form of Helluva Bottom Carter Bandung in the front row, right amidst the fans. Carter is perhaps surprisingly not wearing his usual flamboyant or colorful attires, and his hair is not frosted but it's natural shade. He is in fact, wearing a camouflage tank top of black and gray shades, with matching military pants and a cap on his head. And in his hands, he is holding up a sign that reads "SCU IS EL GRANDE STINKEROO." He then turns the sign around and on THIS side it reads "SCU UNFAIR TO CARTER!"

And beneath that, and slightly smaller print, the following is added, "And Mz. Holly Wood too!"

Rory Rockefeller vs Jerry Cann

Rory and Jerry start things off with a Test of Strength, but Jerry soon knees Rory in the stomach.  Jerry whips Rory into the ropes, and Rory spins away from a Spinebuster attempt.  He comes off the other ropes and catches Jerry with a Big Boot that puts him down.  Rory gets a two count.  He picks Jerry up and sends him over with a Hip Toss.  He tries again, but Jerry pushes Rory’s head right into his knee.  He hits a Hip Toss of his own.  He then lifts Rory up by the throat, looking for a Double Handed Chokeslam, but Rory punches him a few times in the face, breaking free.  He bounces off the ropes, nailing a Dropkick right to Jerry’s stomach.  He goes off the ropes, looking for a Bicycle Kick, but Jerry catches his leg and does a Dragonscrew Takedown.  He lifts Rory up for a German Suplex.  He latches on for a second one.  As he goes for the third one, Rory whips his elbow around right into Jerry’s face.  He sets Jerry up for the On The Rocks (An Atomic Drop followed by a Double Undertook Piledriver), and Rory falls on top of Jerry for the three count. Rory Rockefeller wins via pinfall.

The scene opens backstage, where we see Amy sitting crossed legged with the GRIME championship sitting on her lap on as she sits on one of the packing crates. Her eyes are closed and headphones in her ears as she meditates and prepares mentally for her match tonight. Sensing movement, she opens her eyes before removing the headphones as thinks for moment.

Amy: Last week didn’t turn out so well. I have put my hands up and apologised to Joshua after the match, but it was my fault. I admit that while my match preparation went well, however, I think I may have just got a little too cocky because of my previous encounters with Esther and Joshua’s previous encounter with Andrey. I can only apologise to Joshua for this… but it’s happened and its time to move on.

Amy shifts on the crate before continuing on.

Amy: So tonight… I am defending my championship against Azurine Vebbins. Now from what I saw in the past she impressed me but that was in the past. You had a lot of things going for you and you were making some waves, but now you are a joke. I’ve watched what you have done recently and quite frankly I am not so impressed now. What happened?

Amy queries.

Amy: From your recent exchanges with that Katta Pult girl… it’s safe to say that the GRIME championship is staying with me. This match… falls count anywhere match…  I am going to thoroughly enjoy it. I need a nice easy match where my opponent seems more focused on being embarrassment and being just a number on the female roster, than actually being a wrestler.  Tonight Azurine you better be prepared to have your sorry ass bounced around the ring and bounced all around the venue.

I have stated this many times that I thrive in these matches, and I need this win to make up for that shit show last week. Azurine you are just another successful defence… just another face…  a blur… while you remember this as your worst night ever, I will remember this a another win another notch in the win column.

Good luck tonight because you will need it.

Amy smirks before returning the headphones to her hears and back to her match prep. The scene fades out on the GRIME championship in Amy’s lap.

Kandy Kaine vs Katta Pult

Katta and Kandy start off with a solid back and forth battle of submission skill.  Katta gets control with a side wristlock, but Kandy turns it around with a Hammerlock.  Both ladies break away and Kandy nails a Crescent Kick.  This brings out the technical style in Katta as she fights back with kicks to the stomach.  The ladies trade advantage in strong, artistic kicks.  Each competitor brings their own style, and gives the fans a true Combat Division style match for a moment, despite the wrestling rules.  Kandy gains the control with an evasion spin of a punching strike, and nails a well placed chop to the back of Katta.  She capitalizes with several stomps, breaking the cycle.  She pulls Katta up, and flings her into the ropes, but Katta grabs onto Kandy and brings her back with a German Suplex.  She drops an elbow to the top of Kandy’s head and then goes for the cover.  She gets a two count.  She argues with the referee, giving Kandy time to get back to her feet.  She lays in stiff kicks to the back of Katta’s knees, bringing her down.  She then hits a knee to the back of Katta’s head.  She goes up top to nail the  Kandy Krush Saga (5 Star Frog Splash…) but Katta jumps up and rushes up the ropes, hitting the BPE (Best Plex Ever) on Kandy.  The crowd is in awe at how perfect it is, and how impactful from the top rope.  Katta Pult wins via pinfall.  Katta raises her arm, rubbing it in as she goes around the ring, pointing to what she’s just done.

We go backstage, we hear loud clapping sounds echoing the halls. As the camera turns the corner we see Mercedes Vargas leaning on a table going over her phone as Winter is seen a few feet away practicing her Wing Chun on a Wing Chun dummy.

Mercedes: Winter, my little shit disturber, faces Omasa Tazu. Omasa, you seem desperate wanting to fight me so bad. This has been going on since the last time I beat you. You have to get past Winter to face me. When Winter takes care of you tonight, this is over between us, mamita. You came to SCW trying to prove a point and it failed, miserably. It’s eating you inside. You came, you saw, and you got conquered. Now tonight, Winter will expose your weakness like I have done.

Winter: Like mother like daughter!

Winter says while still smacking the dummy with quick short strikes and kicks. Mercedes shoots Winter a look that screams, earn to say such a statement.

Winter: Let them know what they don’t know! They all in for a rude awakening.

Mercedes: Callate. (Shut up).

Winter: Okay, okay.

Winter says as she keeps focus on her training.

Mercedes: As for Amy Santino, the selfish Mercedes you told Winter about on media sociale didn't just put Winter in a match where if she loses I face Omasa but if she wins she gets nothing. No, as her manager I set it up so when Winter beats Omasa, and she will,  she gets to face you for the GRIME Title.

The loud claps stop as Winter turns to face Mercedes.

Winter: They can’t say we didn’t warn them. I told them, come 2022 everyone’s in for a long Winter season!

GRIME Championship
Falls Count Anywhere
Amy Santino vs Azurine Vebbins

Inside the ring, Amy and Azzy are at each other’s throats, literally, hands wrapped around each other’s throats.  Amy rushes Azzy over the top rope, but Azzy holds on, taking Amy with her.  Azzy secures a kendo stick and cracks Amy over the head with it.  Amy goes down for a two count.  Amy loosens her grip to try to get away, and Azzy hits a Vertical Suplex.  She picks up the stop sign and goes to bash Amy, but Amy rolls to the outside.  She and Azzy brawl back and forth around the ring, and up the rampway.  Azzy picks Amy up and whips her toward the barricade.  Amy reverses it, sending Azzy into it.  She picks Azzy up from the ground and runs her head across the barricade, hitting a snag and cutting her forehead open.  This brings Azzy back to life, and she kicks Amy in the stomach.  She plants Amy with a DDT and gets a 2 count again.  Amy tosses Azzy through the curtains.  Azzy hits a Drop Toe Hold to Amy, right into the wall.  She turns and helps hit a Hip Toss through the catering table.  Azzy tries to get Amy into a Camel Clutch, but Amy trips Azzy up, dropping her face first into a pumpkin pie.  She lifts Azzy up and sets her up for the Bad Girl (Double Knee Facebreaker)! Amy Santino wins via pinfall.  She takes her title back and puts it over her shoulder, kicking the gravy bowl over onto Azzy before going to get cleaned up herself.

In the back, we see Andrey with the SCU Combat Championship over his shoulder.  He is standing with his lovely (bratty) wife, Esther.  She is looking at her phone and chewing gum as she slowly blows a rather large bubble.  It finally pops, fluttering her bangs a little as she brings the gum back inside.  Dev Khatri approaches them, trying to act casual.  He leans against the wall next to Andrey and nods his head as Andrey slowly looks over at him, questioning his presence there.

Dev:  How about the weather, huh?  Gotta love Cali Autumns, huh?

Andrey snorts and spits right on the ground next to Dev’s polished loafers.  He leans off the wall and turns to look at Dev.

Andrey:  Is too hot.  In Russia, this is like summer day.  American pussies…

Andrey props his title up as if to demand that Dev talk to him about it.  Dev picks up the hint immediately.

Dev:  So, Andrey.  Have you any idea on who you might be facing at Inception for the SCU Combat Championship? There’s plenty of options out there for you.

Andrey rubs his chin.

Andrey:  Oh?  Such as whom?  I would like to hear this long laundry list of credible opponents lining up to lose to me.

Dev:  Well, Dax Beckett could hold his own as a former Combat Champion.

Andrey scoffs.

Andrey:  Yes, and being absent to play Match Game on Moments In Life Network show instead of wrestling is big qualifier, da?

Dev:  Well, there’s Jerry Cann.

Andrey:  Who I’ve beaten more than once.

Dev:  Eyesnsane?

Andrey:  I wish he would. But what does Eyesnsane do anymore? He hides behind Dax and Rory and grills burgers.  If it was burger grilling contest, then he might win.  But it is Combat Division, and he is out of practice.

Dev:  Stewart is without a championship, and he’s been a huge name in the division.

Andrey:  The past is past, Dev.  Stewart lost title to great competitor in Hitamashii.  Does anyone see Stewart in any position to demand title shot right now?  He has better chance of earning another loss to Hitamashii. If this is best list of candidates you have, then I suggest Erik Staggs hires combat wrestlers of esteem to give me real challenge.

Dev thinks about it for a second.  He begins to see Andrey’s point.

Dev:  Fresh competition wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Some new names to freshen up the title scene.  I mean, Merlot has beaten just about everyone on the roster, but you’ve taken down a pretty good amount of the men’s roster, yourself.

Esther:  Merlot wouldn’t dare put that title on the line against me again.  She knows that she barely escaped with the title the last time.  But, go on.  Talk about how SHE needs fresh competition.

Dev:  She’s been the Combat Champion for over a year and a half.


Dev holds his arms up innocently and he takes a step back.  Andrey has a toothy grin on his face as he looks at Esther, and then to Dev.  He decides to break up the tension a bit.

Andrey:  This isn’t about Merlot.  It is about me.  I have faced so called best in SCU’s Combat Division, and I am still champion.  So why don’t you go tell Erik Staggs to deliver…

Before Andrey can finish what he’s saying, Raisa is seen walking by, slowing down to look at Andrey with a wicked smile on her face.  Jake and Jack Jeckel appear shortly after her, and they stop right in front of Andrey, leaving a mere foot between them.  Esther steps up too, looking Jack right in the eye.  They stand there for all of one minute before Raisa escorts the Jeckels off.

Raisa:  Be very careful what you wish for, Andrey.  Because you just might get it…

The Jeckels disappear from the shot as Andrey’s nostrils flare out.  Esther puts a hand over his shoulder.

Esther:  Baby, it’s okay.  Just take a deep breath and calm down.

Andrey knocks over a table with production equipment on it as he storms off, shouting in Russian.  Esther pouts and folds her arms across her chest before looking right over to Dev.

Esther:  Why do you have to come around?!  You’re nothing but a handsome pile of trouble, Dev Khatri…!

She stomps her way off screen after a very dramatic spin turn.  Dev grins sheepishly.

Dev:  She called me handsome…

Linnera Lacroix vs Halo Annis

Linnea grabs onto Halo right away and flings her into the ropes.  Halo ducks a Clothesline, but on the rebound, she catches a hard elbow to the face and goes down.  Linnea stomps away at her violently in a circle before picking her up and landing a Snap Suplex.  She holds on and lifts Halo into another Snap Suplex.  She goes for a third, but Halo knees her in the gut and then clubs her back.  She flings Linnea into the corner and follows up with a Clothesline.  She goes for a Running Bulldog, but Linnea flings her forward.  She rushes behind Halo and hits a Punt Kick to her spine.  She locks on a Standing Rear Choke.  Halo refuses to give in, and Linnea begins hammering away at her head, punch after punch.  Halo tries to block as best as she can.  She finally ducks and trips up Linnea, who gets right back up.  However, Halo uses the distraction to get up and she begins delivering a series of kicks, grounding Linnea with a Spin Kick.  She scores a two count.  She lifts Linnea up, and Linnea roars as she kicks Halo in the gut.  She lands the Bourbon Street Blues (Future Shock DDT)! Linnea Lacroix wins via pinfall.

Cameras go to the catering room. We see Jerry Cann walking away from the table with food with two plates. He walks over to a table where Kandy Kaine and OG Martha sit. Kandy has a plate in front of her. Jerry hands a plate to Martha then sits down to join them. Shorty walks over with a plate. And asks to join them.

Shorty: Hey OG Tots, can I join in?

Jerry: What did you just call her?

Martha: Oh relax Jerry, everyone knows that I’m the OG Tots in this business.

Kandy: That’s right girl. You're still rocking it at your age.

Martha: At my age? And how old do you think that is?

Jerry: Well, I did see your picture in Brother Grimm’s yearbook and he’s about 3,478 years old so I’d say anywhere between 3,476 and 3,480.

Martha: Oh hell nah.

Shorty: That’s messed up, look at OG Tots, she never got older then 49 years old in the looks department.

Kandy: OOOOH, OOOH do me, do me.

Shorty gets out of his chair and walks over to Kandy while unzipping the fly from his jeans.

Jerry: Yo! Dude what the hell.

Kandy: Ewww… I mean oh my, you might be short but not in your pants.

Shorty winks as he zips up his pants.

Shorty: You say to do you and I’m not gonna think twice on your fine ass, tots.

Hitamashii walks by with a plate of food.

Hitamashii: As the face of this company, having a perv like you is an embarrassment.

Shorty: Hey, fuck you!

Hitamashii swings his plate, his food goes flying off as he smacks Shorty in the face. The plate breaks into three parts on impact. Shorty drops to the floor.

Hitamashii: I’m the Underground Champion. You’re going to show me some damn respect.

Kandy: That was very uncalled for! I should have Jerry beat you up for that.

Hitamashii: Even if Jerry was dumb enough to listen to you, he just get knocked out like Shorty.

Jerry: I wouldn’t take Kandy's side on this but if I did, it would be your ass laid out on the mat.

Hitamashii: You say that because you know nothing will come from it but if you really think you can take me then have Martha talk to Gianni to make it happen. If not then shut up and eat your food.

Jerry: I’m getting sick and tired of everyone thinking they can walk all over me. You want a match then put your big boy pants on and talk to the boss, use your belt as the clout mister face of the company or tuck your tail between your legs and run off like the bitch you are.

Hitamashii: Don’t say I didn’t warn you when this backfires on you.

Martha: Enough! I want to enjoy my meal.

Hitamashii: Sure thing Martha, you know I got nothing but respect for you.

“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
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Re: SCU presents... Underground Ep. 115 (Results)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2021, 10:06:02 AM »

Orchid vs Delia Darling

As Orchid stands in the ring in her wrestling gear, the fans give off a mixed reaction.  She stretches, getting ready for the match.  “Nightmare” by Halsey plays over the speakers, but Delia Darling is nowhere to be seen.  The music stops and she is announced again, but again, there is no answer.  Lo and behold, a third attempt to get the former Mean Girl to come out, and she does, however, not in wrestling attire.  Orchid shrugs, ready to take her on.  However, Delia does not get inside of the ring.  She stays on the apron and holds her hand out to get a microphone handed directly to her.  This garners a boo from the audience.  She wastes no time as she looks right at Orchid.

Darling:  Oh, Orchid… Orchid, Orchid, Orchid… It is a wonder you have been in z’e business as long as you have, and vous still has not figured some’sing so important out yet.

Orchid looks confused, but also riled up and ready to fight.  Delia starts to step inside, but Orchid comes toward her, and Delia steps back outside.  The referee stops Orchid from attacking Delia.

Darling:  Z’is dress is wor’s more z’an your entire wardrobe, darling.  It is insured for a quarter of a million dollars. Good gawd girl getta grip, kay?  S’anks.

Delia rolls her eyes and flips her hair.  She steps inside of the ring, and Orchid continues to be blocked by the referee.  Delia prances around, taking advantage of the freedom.

Darling:  Last week, we were booked in z’is match for tonight.  I spent so much time s’inking about it, and… honestly?  It is benea’s me.  Of course, not you yourself.  I have a great respect for vous, Song.  Z’e best Fo Shan Bombshells member in my opinion.

Orchid tries even harder now to get at Delia, who audibly laughs out loud.  She stops and perches herself up on the top turnbuckle like a true queen of the ring.

Darling:  But our match tonight will not be happening. See, Delia Darling is an attraction.  A spotlight follows me wherever I may go.  And an episode of Underground does not provide z’at.  So, come Inception, we will have our time.  I will give you exactly what vous wants when I defeat you.  Z’ere is no question of z’at.  But, I will make you famous in doing so at Inception ras’er z’an tonight, where it does nei’ser of us any good, darling.  Do you see what I’m saying?

Orchid nods her head, though she is itching to get a piece.  Delia nods back and claps.  She lowers herself from the turnbuckle and prances around the ring a little more.

Darling:  So it is official!  Delia Darling appears in ring at Inception.  Merry Christmas, for z’is is my gift to you! And…

Delia turns around right as Song hits a Roundhouse Kick to Delia, putting her down and out cold on the mat.  She raises her nose at Delia and then kicks dirt over her.  She walks with pride to the ropes and exits the ring.

The scene cuts backstage to Chelsea LeClair and she is in a determined mood, even if her mood isn’t the brightest at the moment. She has definitely gone through her fair share of frustrations in recent weeks, especially when it comes to Veronica Taylor. However, tonight is a little bit different. Knowing that she’s going to be facing her tonight does make things a little bit more palatable for her. Yet, she’s still showing some annoyed anger on her face as she begins to express her thoughts.

Chelsea: FINALLY! You protest long enough and the people in charge finally give you what you want. Yeah, I know that I am facing Veronica Taylor tonight as I’ve been clamoring for, for the last couple of weeks now, but before I get to that, I really do need to address some circumstances that suddenly make my own marginalization since I’ve been here make a lot more sense. I was told that if I wasn’t facing Veronica tonight and if Donna didn’t intervene, I would’ve been in a dark match tonight. Gianni was deliberately planning to keep me off a televised wrestling match again. Knowing this, I have so many questions. Was what happened with not even having a match at all for High Stakes, the main show OR the pre-show, deliberate? Was HE the one pulling the strings behind that? I am not going to go into conspiracy theories but based on that nugget of information I got, it makes a LOT of sense. Of course, when I speak out against Veronica Taylor and want a rematch with her, he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure that I DON’T get to face her… hell… I even have some video footage that portrays… pretty much a day in the life of Veronica and Gianni as far as I’m concerned.

Special credit to my boyfriend Kevin for helping me with this…


The scene statics to a pre-recorded vignette where Chelsea’s boyfriend Kevin is sitting in a makeshift office with the name tag “Gianni DeDipshit” written on it.

Kevin: Oh? You mean that bitch Chelsea is whining again? Eh. What makes her so special? Nothing, ya hear me? Nothing. She ain’t owed anything.

Voice: HONEY!

Kevin: I’ll call ya back…

Kevin hangs up the phone as Chelsea walks into the scene. Chelsea is portraying and parodying Veronica Taylor down to the nines… including some exaggerated wrinkles drawn in the corners of her eyes.

Chelsea: Did you confirm my 12th plastic surgery appointment? I still need like five more after that to complete my transformation into a horse, ya know?

Kevin: Yes, of course my dear sweet, Veronica. You have the most beautiful face in the world. Ignore the people that vomit and call your face a hideous monstrosity. It is perfect. Just like you. You’re not that Chelsea Nobody that keeps crying for a match against you.

Chelsea: You’re not actually going to give her that match are you?

Kevin: What? NO! I have to protect you my darling. We all know she is trying to use your name for fame since she hasn’t hacked it in SCU so far. She’s on track to being the biggest bust in the company since Andi Lynx.

Chelsea: Good, because that rat isn’t WORTHY of facing PERFECTION like me! That UGGO! You must continue to protect me from her because the whole world knows that if she faces me, she would beat my ass and I have to protect the face, you understand? I HAVE TO PROTECT THE FACE!

Kevin: Yes, yes of course. You can keep hiding behind me for as long as you like my sweet. She just can’t accept the fact that you choked her. She really needs to get over it.

Chelsea: She does! Hey, if I do you a “favor” will you give me another chance at the GRIME title?

Kevin: OF COURSE, darling! Of course!!!

Kevin stands up and leaves behind the “Gianni DeDipshit” desk and walks out with Chelsea, ending the parody skit.


The vignette cuts back to Chelsea who is chuckling a bit at the parody that she and her boyfriend put together.

Chelsea: Veronica, you can no longer hide behind your husband. Contrary to what his delusional nonsense has to say, I’m not using you for fame. Granted, beating you WOULD put me on the map in this company in a big way considering that is what I truly and desperately want right now, but this isn’t primarily about that. This is about the crap you did to me in our last match. Yeah, maybe I won, but it was by disqualification when you tried to choke me. I’m not going to accept that. I am not going to accept an example being made out of me like that. This company, starting tonight, is going to know that I am serious business. I didn’t come here to be another Andi Lynx, another Mother Mavis or another run of the mill roster member. I came here to be among the best that this company has because as a two-time world champion in my own right, I KNOW I am capable of it.

You don’t get to make an example out of me and get away with it bitch!

Tonight, I return the favor… and I break out and no longer have to deal with being underutilized and treated like I’m just another roster member. Once I defeat you Veronica, I WILL prove that I am WAY more than that!

Chelsea maintains her angry determination as she exits the scene and the scene fades to black.

GRIME Tag Team Championship
Dumpster Match
2 Broke Chicks vs Angel of Filth and Skag

Filth and Skag rush the 2 Broke Chicks, sending them both through the ropes and on top of one of the dumpsters. They climb back outside to pull them off of the dumpster lid so that they can open them.  In an attempt to win the titles in record timing, they hoist Chi Chi up and into the can.  They go to do the same with Jane, but Jane begins clubbing heavily at their backs.  Filth loses her grip, but Skag hoists Jane up to toss her inside.  Once in, He grabs the lid to close it, but Chi Chi stuffs his face with what appears to be a half eaten burrito and empty wrappers.  Jane throws the lid back and the two get out.  Filth grabs hold of the burrito, taking a bite from it, she smashes the rest into Jane’s face.  She tackles Jane, and both ladies go inside of the dumpster.  Chi Chi pulls her bokken out of its sheath and begins smacking Skag with it.  She backs him up against the barricade, and she pounces on him, toppling both competitors over the barricade and into the crowd.  They roll around, trying to gain the advantage over the other.  Skag gets on top and uses a folding chair to push down on her throat.  Jane peeps this and tries to get out of the dumpster.  Filth grabs onto her leg, and Jane moves around to kick Filth right in the face.  She walks over to Skag and uses the barricade to knock him in the head.  He tumbles over, and Chi Chi removes the chair from her throat.  Filth collides with both now, pinning them under the barricade.  Skag joins Filth as they stand on top, crushing 2 Broke Chicks underneath.  Once both ladies stop fighting, Filth and Skag drag them over toward the dumpster.  They toss them inside and go to close the lid.  However, Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine rush down.  Jerry clobbers both as Kandy pushes the lid back.  Skag hits a throat punch to Jerry while Filth gives the Black Mist to Kandy, as they bat at their faces.  Dying Breed rush down and begin brawling with Filth and Skag.  They go back and forth for about a minute until Skag and Filth duck stereo Superkicks, and they pull the ring steps apart, smacking both men in the heads with them as if it took little to no effort.  After catching their breath, they go over to the dumpsters again.  But before they can put the lid down, Javi and Omasa rush down and dump them inside of the dumpsters.  2 Broke Chicks are able to slowly climb out, being pulled out by Javi and Omasa toward the end.  Omasa pulls out her bokken and shows Chi Chi how it’s done, knocking Filth and Skag across the face.  Chi Chi and Jane throw the lid down in a hurry. 2 Broke Chicks win via double elimination.  Javi and Omasa nod to each other as 2 Broke Chicks to celebrate.  The lock the dumpster shut with a padlock.  They wave down a trash truck that slowly backs up to lift the dumpster up, taking it with them as they go back through the curtains.  2 Broke Chicks jump on the back of the truck to ride it up the rampway and through the back.

The screen’s darkness is broken up by white flash. Merlot Ayano’s face can clearly be seen as the picture comes to life. There’s no smile on her face this time, just an intense and stoic expression.

Merlot Ayano: This is very special occasion. Fans will get to see the best champion in Sin City Underground fight the Underground Champion.

The SCU Combat Championship comes into play as Merlot hoists it onto her right shoulder.

Merlot Ayano: For over a year, Merlot has been conjuring magic in ring. Week after week, month after month, Merlot has defended Combat Championship against all challenges. Have defended own pride and honor against everyone. Have turned Combat Championship into one of most prestigious belts in all of professional wrestling.

She nods her head.

Merlot Ayano: Through all of SCU’s turmoil, the Combat Championship has been mighty symbol of stability. Same cannot be said for SCU Championship.

A look of disgust washes over her face as she shakes her head.

Merlot Ayano: When Merlot and other warriors were fighting for company’s survival, what were the SCU Champions doing? Lying and cheating. Bickering and squabbling. None of them seemed to give a damn about protecting SCU. And honestly? Merlot don’t believe Cordelia Clark doesn’t give damn about SCU right now. Underground Championship is a prop to her; always has been.

A moment passes.

Merlot Ayano: There are so many people who desire to be Underground Champion. They crave the challenge. They yearn for chance to represent the company in the greatest way. However, it always seems like people like Cordelia are in way. People who will pay for success, or achieve it in dubious ways.

She shakes her head.

Merlot Ayano: Cordelia? Merlot can’t wait to fight you tonight. Or more so, can’t wait to teach Cordelia a lesson or two. Merlot was SCU Superstar of Year in 2020. And truth be told, have been leading the charge for long time now. Cordelia? Will learn that just because you hold the Underground Championship, doesn’t mean you are best wrestler. Doesn’t mean you are face of company.

Another pause.

Merlot Ayano: That honor belongs to Merlot!

Chelsea LeClair vs Veronica Taylor

Chelsea and Veronica start with the two throwing open hand strikes. With each one landing half the punches, Chelsea tries to sneak in a closed fist but Veronica catches it and swipes the punch away. Veronica leans back and nails a front kick to the stomach of Chelsea. Chelsea blocks a second kick to her gut then follows it with a leg sweep to trip up Veronica but Veronica manages to stay on her feet. Veronica goes to kick Chelsea as she gets to her feet but misses as Chelsea drops to the mat again. Chelsea goes for another leg sweep and this one drops Veronica on her back.  Chelsea does a kip up to get to her feet as the crowd cheers her. Veronica gets on all fours giving Chelsea an opening to kick her in the gut. Chelsea kicks Veronica in the side of the head. Chelsea grabs Veronica by the hair to get her to her feet. Veronica however nails Chelsea with a quick jab to the ribs then another. Veronica starts nailing Chelsea with open hand blows before nailing a hard closed fist that drops Chelsea to the mat. The ref warms Veronica about the closed fist. Veronica just smiles with a shrug to the crowd that gets boos from the crowd.  She goes to finish it off with a Beauty Improvement Pass (Curb Stomp)! But Chelsea pushes her off and then gets to her feet.  She trips Veronica up and then she locks on a Figure 4… only she converts it over to… TTFO (Tap The F*** Out) (Charlotte's Figure 8 )!!!  Eventually, Veronica taps! (Chelsea LeClair wins via submission.)  She doesn’t let go of the hold, so the bell rings again… and again… Finally, Chelsea lets go right before the referee threatens to reverse the decision.  She steps back, looking at Veronica squirming on the ground, and she does a half smile.  She holds her arms up in victory before leaving the ring.

The show cuts backstage to Morgan Clark who is beaming with an arrogant pride as she walks through the hallway. She has a “Team Merlot” custom made shirt on not giving a crap about how Cordelia might feel about it. Speaking of Cordelia, she ends up meeting her as soon as Morgan enters the catering area and needless to say, the SCU Underground Champion is none too happy with this whatsoever.

Cordelia: Seriously?

Morgan: What? Oh this shirt? Yeah, Team Merlot.

Cordelia rolls her eyes.

Morgan: Cordy, this isn’t an anti-Cordy thing. I’m trying to motivate you here.

Cordelia: Wearing a t-shirt that endorses my opponent is motivation? Are you serious?

Morgan: Hear me out on this, okay? Your first loss in SCU was to Merlot, was it not?

Cordelia: That wasn’t even a wrestling match. That was something that was completely out of my element.

Morgan: But STILL, you know. And while you have had losses to the likes of Ariana Angelos, at least you AVENGED THAT. But Merlot Ayano? Nah, you never did. So, I figured that by reminding you of this, you would get fired up and ready to defeat her this time in an environment that is FAR more your speed. It’s not a kickboxing match that gave her the advantage. It’s wrestling. You ARE a good wrestler. Besides, at least you weren’t given a repetitive opponent this time. Granted, with Merlot being the Combat champion, she isn’t in line for your title like I should be.

Cordelia just rolls her eyes at this.

Cordelia: You’re about to go on your spiel about “I should get the next shot at your title” aren’t you?

Morgan: Cordy, seriously. Answer the question this time. Is there anyone on the roster that deserves a shot at your title more than I do?

Cordelia: Hayley Halsey came up.

Morgan: WHO? Does she work for Sin City Underground? NO! Thank god for that by the way. Why should I give a crap about THAT opinion? She doesn’t work here. She will probably never work here. Next!

Cordelia: Amy Santino was also mentioned…

Morgan: She’s the GRIME champion. Therefore, this removes her from the conversation. Try it again, Cordy. One last time. Name ONE person on this roster besides those names, names that don’t even count to begin with by the way, that deserves the title shot more than I do. And you can’t name Halo Annis, Veronica Taylor, Angel Kash, Ariana Angelos and Helena Jeckel. You’ve faced them way too many times and should all be at the back of the line waiting. Come on Cordy, who do you have? Azurine Vebbins? The CLOWN of professional wrestling? Chelsea LeClair who hasn’t done ANYTHING in SCU despite her resume?

Cordelia: I am so sick of this…

Morgan: You act as if I care that you’re so sick of this.

Cordelia: Can you tell me what I’ve done to you that has made you treat me like this week after week? Can you name one thing? Because I’m really beginning to get sick and tired of being treated like this. I am starting to get sick and tired of this conversation week after week. It’s like you’re not going to stop until I put this title on the line against you.

Morgan: And why won’t you? Are you afraid?

Cordelia: I am not going to be forced into defending this title against my own sister. I’m not going to risk what we have for that.

Morgan: That sounds like someone that is scared to me.

Cordelia: You know what? I’m not going to feed into this crap. All you are doing is distracting me. I don’t need to deal with the distractions. Everything was going perfectly fine until you started to go on this selfish streak. Unless you actually have anything productive to say or unless you actually want to be supportive, then I have no reason whatsoever for even wanting to talk to you. I am done with this game, Morgan. I am through with having to put up with this. I have been the most dominant wrestler in SCU since I’ve been here and yeah, you’re damn right I am getting that win back against Merlot because I’m not going to let that stand on my record. So, go ahead. Keep talking your crap and keep campaigning for a title shot. From this point forward, I am officially ignoring this. Talk to me when you get over… whatever the hell it is that is making you have this constant ego trip…

Cordelia walks away from Morgan who doesn’t seem to know how to take this at first. However, she rolls her eyes and scoffs with amusement before the scene cuts out.

Underground Championship
Hitamashii vs Javier Gonzalez

Javi and Hitamashii tie up in the center of the ring, but Javi stops long enough to start quickly slapping Hitamashii.  This annoys Hitamashii, and he tries to go for a punch to the face.  Javi ducks out of it and gets behind Hitamashii, hitting soft, playful jabs to the back.  Hitamashii turns around, but Javi lifts him up into a High Angle Suplex.  He hooks the leg, but only gets a one count.  Javi tries to pin him again, but Hitamashii puts him over onto his stomach.  He wraps his arm around Javi’s neck and lifts him up, bringing him down with a Bulldog.  He picks him back up and whips him into the corner.  He charges after with a back elbow.  He digs the elbow in, using it to choke Javi.  Javi tries to claw free, and eventually does.  Javi grips onto Hitamashii’s hair and then jumps on his back, punching at the back of Hitamashii’s head.  Hitamashii charges back into the corner, bucking into it multiple times until Javi lets go.  He pushes his foot into Javi’s throat, leaving it there until the break is called for.  After 4 seconds, he drops his leg, and then hits a high kick.  He drops Javi with a stunner, and gets a two count.  Javi springs up and tries to locks on a rear naked choke, but Hitamashii grabs Javi’s arms and brings him around into the Evil is Forever (This move sees the attacking wrestler behind a standing opponent, pulling them backwards into an inverted facelock and wrapping their legs around the opponent's body with a body scissors. The attacker then arches backwards, putting pressure on the opponent's neck and spine.)  After a moment of this, Javi taps out. Hitamashii wins via Submission.  He takes a few minutes to stomp on Javi until Omasa Tazu comes out.  The two have a staredown before Hitamashii takes a few steps back.  This is when Winter Elemental comes from behind and tries to clock Omasa, but Omasa ducks it and pulls out her bokken and strikes Winter twice.  She goes down, and rolls to the outside with a smile on her face.  Hitamashii joins her as Omasa helps Javi back to his feet.

Winter Elemental vs Omasa Tazu

After Hitamashii and Javi are both out of the ring, Javi goes after Hitamashii, not even giving him enough time to grab his championship belt.  The two go back and forth as Winter plays with Omasa.  Mercedes steps over the barricade to be in Winter’s corner.  She applauds Winter for the mind games on Omasa, who stands inside looking unimpressed.  The referee asks for her bokken back.  Once Omasa finally gives it over and is distracted, Winter comes inside, trying to charge her from behind.  Omasa ducks and flips Winter onto her back.  She hits a couple stomps before lifting Winter up.  She nails a few well timed chops, getting Winter into the corner.  She charges at Winter, looking for a Superkick, but Winter ducks and lifts Omasa onto the apron.  She comes off the opposite ropes and grabs onto the turnbuckle to lift herself up for a high kick to Omasa’s head, sending her to the ground.  Omasa gets up just as Winter dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive.  Both ladies are down and out until the referee gets to a six count.  Winter goes inside just to break the count, but Omasa is right after her.  She drags Winter up by her hair and whips her head first into the corner seven times before Winter is able to roll outside again.  Mercedes gives her a pep talk, but it is short lived as Omasa steps outside and chases Winter around the ring.  Winter jumps up onto the ring steps and goes for a hard kick to the face, but Omasa catches her and drops her with an Electric Chair Slam.  Omasa drags Winter back inside of the ring by the hair.  She whips her over onto the ground and locks on Tonga Death Grip.  Winter kicks her feet, trying to get out of it.  However, Mercedes nonchalantly grabs Winter’s foot and puts it on the bottom rope.  The referee warns Mercedes, but calls for the break.  Omasa stands up and gets in the face of the referee.  Winter recovers slowly, and stalks Omasa from behind.  Javi, who has just sent Hitamashii into the barricade, busting it open in the process, shouts at Omasa to warn her.  Winter charges Omasa and goes for a Superkick, but Omasa ducks, and the referee is hit.  Winter turns around into Omasa Punch (Punch to throat).  She covers winter, but there’s no referee to count.  After a few seconds, another referee rushes down to ringside, sliding inside to count.  However, due to the delay, Winter kicks out just before three.  The fans go crazy for this, and Omasa is piiiiiiiiissed.  She drags Winter up by the hair once more, but Winter nails the Blasted Slam (Olympic Slam) on Omasa.  She then goes up top for A Splash of Insanity (450 Splash).  She goes for the cover, and Javi tries to break it up, but Hitamashii nails a low blow on Javi, and Winter gets the three count. Winter Elemental wins via pinfall.  Mercedes helps Winter out of the ring, as Omasa isn’t down for much longer. Hitamashii laughs as he disappears into the crowd with his Underground Championship.  Omasa goes on the hunt as Javi tries to follow, ever so slowly from the pain.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Ariana Angelos pacing around with a frown on her face, the young Greek-American woman clearly has a lot on her mind as she stops to address the camera.

Ariana: I bet a lot of people were wondering where I was last week, I didn’t show up on Underground or Climax Control after all.

Ariana comments before letting out a sigh.

Ariana: Honestly? There’s been one thing that’s been plaguing my mind since I lost the GRIME Championship Match at the High Stakes XI pre-show, what’s next for me? The last cycle saw me being used as a pawn in the feud between Krystal and Char Kwan on Climax Control and don’t get me wrong, I was elated to see Krystal not only retain the Roulette Title but win Future Star of the Year and Most Improved, and don’t get me started on her engagement!

Ariana grins a bit before shaking her head.

Ariana: I refuse to be a pawn in someone else’s game any longer! I’m a former Pride Tag Team Champion twice over, I have main evented episodes of Underground I even challenged Cordelia for the Underground Championship! I DESERVE BETTER THAN TO BE A PAWN!

Ariana takes several deep breaths as she runs a hand through her hair.

Ariana: But I guess I’ve gotten tossed to the wayside now that I’m no longer the youngest Go Gym Graduate on the roster right? Everyone’s paying attention to the French Chick because she had the balls to challenge Amber Ryan to a match after she had only competed in one match! Don’t get wrong, I love Adrienne, I think she’s a great person, but she’s in way over her head at this point in her career!

Ariana takes a step forward as she folds her arms.

Ariana: I will be overlooked no longer, next week I want the best that SCU can throw at me because I’m through playing games or being a pawn in someone else’s game! The Greek Angel is dead, in her place the Greek Goddess Ariana Angelos has arrived!

Ariana walks off as the scene fades.

Main Event
Non-title Match
Cordelia Clark vs Merlot Ayano 

Cordelia and Merlot meet in the center of the ring, no respect shown between the two.  Merlot bows anyway, but Cordelia kicks the side of her head.  Merlot stumbles back, but throws punches back at Cordelia.  Cordelia fires back, starting a series of punches and kicks. With each one landing half the punches, Cordelia fires one final, but Merlot catches it and twists her arm.  She yanks downward and pulls Cordelia to the center of the ring. Merlot leans back and nails a front kick to the stomach of Cordelia. Merlot goes to kick Cordelia again as she gets to her feet but misses as Cordelia moves out of the way. Cordelia nails a Bicycle Kick to Merlot.  She drops an elbow to the back of Merlot’s head. Cordelia get to her feet as the crowd boos her and chants Merlot’s name. Merlot blinks as she looks up at the lights. Cordelia grabs Merlot by the hair to get her to her feet. Merlot however nails Cordelia with a quick kick to the ribs then another. Merlot starts nailing Cordelia with open hand blows before nailing a hard closed fist that drops Cordelia to the mat. The ref warms Merlot about the closed fist. Merlot just smiles with a shrug to the crowd that gets a pop from the crowd. Cordelia holds her jaw as she gets to her feet. She demands the referee DQ Merlot for her actions but it doesn’t work. Cordelia dares Merlot to do it again, without skipping a beat Merlot decks her in the face again. The ref warns Merlot about the closed fist again but doesn’t DQ her which sends Cordelia up the wall. Cordelia gets in the face of the referee, Merlot turns the champion around and sends her to the ropes. Cordelia bounces off and gets met with yet a left hook from Merlot that sends Cordelia to the mat. Merlot goes for a cover, but to no avail.  Two count, and Cordelia gets back to her feet.  She is heavy on her feet.  She challenges Merlot forward once more.  Merlot nods and begins throwing kick after kick, following it up with a Discus Clothesline, but Cordelia ducks it and trips Merlot over the ropes.  She is quick and precise when she goes for the Heartbreaker (Spinning double knee right into the chest/heart)!  Before she can connect, Merlot rolls out of the way.  Merlot turns just as Cordelia does, and she goes for the Eternal Burning (High Velocity Roundhouse (Standing/Kneeling Opponent), but Cordelia grabs her leg.  Morgan comes over the barricade and up the ring steps.  The referee tries to argue with her, but Morgan tries to get inside of the ring.  Cordelia sees that Morgan has kicked her a bully club.  She picks it up, and goes to strike Merlot with it in a last ditch effort to win.  Merlot crosses her wrists, blocking the attack and she twists Cordelia’s arm, disarming her of the weapon.  She kicks the club away, and she whips Cordelia toward Morgan.  The referee moves out of the way, and Cordelia reverses the whip.  Morgan reacts, clubbing Merlot as the referee immediately calls for the bell. Merlot Ayano wins via disqualification.  Cordelia and Morgan stare at one another.  Cordelia stomps and motions to Merlot.  Morgan is expressionless at first.  She then shrugs and steps down from the apron.  She walks to the back as Cordelia is in awe as the show goes off the air.

“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
? Mae West