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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 112 (Results)
« on: November 01, 2021, 11:43:14 PM »
SCU Underground Ep. 112: Halloween Night Special

Whittemore Center Arena, Durham, New Hampshire.

Sin City Underground Ep 112 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Whittemore Center Arena, Durham, New Hampshire. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on Sunday, October 31st, 2021.

The scene opens backstage, where we see GRIME champion Amy Santino with the GRIME championship sitting on her shoulder as she approaches the office of Gianni Di Luca, dressed like a devil, where she lightly knocks on the door before entering his office, where she sees Gianni sitting at his desk with Veronica Di Luca sitting nearby on her cell phone as she tuts and rolls her eyes.  She looks up from her cell phone and gives Amy a look suggesting she is better than her.

Veronica: What do you want?

Amy shifts the belt.

Amy: Fuck off out of the office… I need to speak to Gianni.

Amy smiles, as Veronica looks to protest but Gianni speaks up.

Gianni: Babe, it's business. We need to get some things straight.

Veronica lets out a air of disgust and moves to her feet and barges past Amy, which Amy just smirks not being at intimidated by her.  The door slams shut and Amy turns to Gianni.

Amy: Now that we are alone.  My question is.. Are we in the 90’s?

Gianni looks a little confused, even though he is aware of the issue. He still tilts his head to the side as if to ask what Amy is talking about.

Gianni: Ya might've dressed like a Coney Island reject tonight, but it don't mean we did the Time Warp.

Amy: ha ha.

Amy shakes her head and glares at Gianni. Gianni plays it off like a joke, but Amy doesn't seem to find the humor in it. Gianni straightens up his posture to get serious.

Gianni: Look, all match stipulations was pulled at random outta a hat, payin' tribute to SCW's Halloween shows of days past. Someone was gonna hafta do it.

Amy: I suppose it could be worse. But I am not happy with this stipulation, hell the very description made me gag.  Can we add weapons or something just to spice it up?

Amy queries as she shivers at the very thought of the description of the match. Gianni thinks about it for a second. He rubs his chin and then begins to slowly nod.

Gianni: Yeah… I could see that. Great idea. Then, we could add safety nets to the graves in the Graveyard Match. And an escalator to the Jack-O-Lanterns on the pole. Man, I wish you woulda came in sooner. I woulda thought to give the Lights Out Match participants flashlights…

The sarcasm is not lost on Amy as she glares at him and shakes her head.

Amy: Remind me to grab a cup full of those pumpkin juices once Halo Annis and I are finished and make you gargle with it.  Also do not appreciate the sarcasm… I was just trying to see if it can be changed or amended. But obviously not.  Thanks for the help.

Amy shakes her head at the lack of assistance from Gianni. Gianni shakes his head as well.

Gianni: C'mon, Ames. Lighten up a little. It's Halloween. There's enough doom and gloom runnin' around this place. You are the GRIME Champion. Sometimes that means things get a little dirty. Of anyone, I would expect you to understand that. You are one of the top attractions in SCU. The star power that keeps ratin's up with WGN and the Sin City Network subscribers.

Gianni leans forward in his seat to look Amy directly in the eyes.

Gianni: Look, you and me might not be best buddies, but I respect the hell outta ya. We was cut from the same cloth.  SCW superstar talents, former Team Erik crusaders, more championships than most of these young bucks runnin' around here like they own the place. Sometimes we gotta pay our dues. But if it helps, I can throw in a No Holds Barred stip.

Amy lets out a sigh as she takes in what Gianni said as she rubs her forehead as the cut from her match last week continues to heal.

Amy: I hate you.

Amy shrugs but she knows that he is right.

Amy: I’m sorry.  I was just expecting something more hardcore following my last few matches and I felt the pumpkin jello thing was a little beyond me. But I guess pumpkin juices won’t kill me.

Amy says with a small smile before continuing.

Amy: For what it’s worth…  you aren’t that bad of a boss… just a little tough to work with. Oh and i’ll take the no holds barred stip.  It’s better than nothing.

Amy smirks as her plan to storm in and storm out with a plan went out of the window as she switches the title over to her other shoulder. Gianni offers an uncharacteristic smile to Amy and nods.

Gianni: What can I say? Other than to keep a lookout for future matches. Title or not, fans like to see violence and blood, and you got that down to an art. Now get outta here before Mercedes makes up more stories about us…

Gianni does his signature laugh, lightening the mood a bit.

Amy: Or Veronica starts getting twitchy.  But thank you and enjoy the rest of the show.

Amy smiles and turns and opens the door and heads out, as Veronica barges past once more and slams the door behind her.  The scene fades out with Amy disappearing down the corridor as she prepares for her match against Halo Annis.

The crowd breaks out to a cheer as the lights in the arena go out. Scary noises are heard over the arena speakers. The noise intensifies then cuts off. A loud scream is heard coming from the rampway area. A spotlight hits the rampway for us to see Delia Darling dressed as 80’s Madonna looking frightened. Alex Rush as Micheal Jackson’s Thriller outfit and a  Micheal Jackson face mask.

Alex: it’s safe here. You don’t need to be scared anymore.

Darling: I wasn’t that scared.

Over the arena speakers we hear.

“Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorise y'alls neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the Hounds of Hell
And rot inside a corpse's shell”

The beat of Micheal Jackson’s Thriller starts to play. A spot light brightens up next to the rampway. The crowd pops as they see the Kawaii Dragons dressed as zombie Monstimals. Tatsu as a zombie Sam Mcpherson and Winter as a Zombie Lord Raab. Delia sees this and gets scared. Alex removes his Micheal Jackson face mask to reveal himself as a zombie Micheal Jakson. He and the Kawaii Dragons begin to reenact the Thriller music video. Delia turns to Alex and sees Alex is undead and slowly runs towards the ring. Another spot light turns on. We see Kelli Torres and Mz Holly Wood dressed as the undead bride and groom. From the curtain we see Linnera Lacroix and Jenifer Lacriox dressed as zombie versions of Street Fighter’s Ken and Ryu. Delia slides in the ring. A spotlight turns on in the ring. We see OTE flexing and pop locking dressed as undead marines. Delia runs out the ring and jumps the barricade. The crowd cheers on as they enjoy the show. Delia disappears to the back as cameras focus on everyone dancing. One camera stays on Alex Rush as he leads the dance routine. A second camera shows those behind Micheal Jackson, zombie Monsitmals, and undead bride and groom. Behind them are the undead street fighters. The split screen for those watching on WGN shows Micheal Jackson on the left and the dancers behind him on the right. The right side switches between the dancers and the breakdancing zombie marines in the ring. This goes on for three minutes. The undead turn to make their way to the back. The crowd claps as cameras go backstage.

The camera shot reverts to the backstage area of the Whittemore Arena, where Marissa Henry is shown to be searching for something, or to be more precise in this instance - someone. She happens upon a backstage worker and she flags him down.

Marissa: Have you seen Carter and Ariana anywhere?

Worker: No, I’m sorry Ms. Henry. I haven’t.

Marissa briefly looks to be exasperated, hands on hips and she looks to and fro across the hallway and rec areas.

Marissa: Their match against the Jeckels is not that far off and I need to get a word with them. Where on earth could they b-?

But her question is cut short as the door she and the poor worker is standing in front of swings open, clobbering said worker and pinning him between it and the wall…

HBCarter: Marissa! DAHLING!

And there stands none other than HBCarter, clad from head to toe as classic Cruella DevIl! No, not that ghastly Emma Stone version, but the classic animated look with a touch of Victoria Smurfit from Once Upon A Time. The wild black and white wig. A sleek, black bodysuit with one full-length leg and one cut short, shoulderless but with matching sleeves and a faux fur coat. Marissa looks with wide eyes as Cruella-Carter storms from out of the room and walks around eagerly, looking for something.

Marissa: C-Carter?

HBCarter: Yes dahling?

Marissa: Um - wow? How are you?

HBCarter: Oh I had HOPED you would ask that! I am MISERABLE dahling! Perfectly wretched!

Marissa glances at the poor worker who is massaging his nose and trying to work his way out from behind the door.

Marissa: I suppose I asked for that. Um, Carter?

HBCarter: Yes, dahling?

Marissa: What-who… are you looking for?

HBCarter: Where are they? Where is she!?

Marissa: Who-?

HBCarter: For heavens sake, where is she!?

Marissa: WHO, Cruel-er, Carter?

HBCarter: My puppy, of course! I just had her a moment ago! Oh wait…!

Heads turn and there stands a bright eyed and smiling Ariana Angelos wearing a black and white dalmatian style one-piece outfit, matching boots and ears atop her head with the nose done in makeup. Marissa is completely surprised at the extravagant costumes, looking back and forth between the two best friends.  HBCarter moves a step closer to Ari, leaning in and beckoning her with his finger.

HBCarter: Here dog, here!

And Ari plays right along, baring her teeth and playfully growling at her best friend and tag team partner.

HBCarter: Oh bother! Never mind, we don’t have time for theatrics! It’s time to handle business! Bash them in the head!

Ariana: Eep!

HBCarter: Drown them!

Ariana: Woof!

HBCarter: Do you have any chloroform!?

Ariana: BARK!

HBCarter: Be CAREFUL, Ariana! Do you want to be spoken to by the police!?

Dalmatian Ariana whimpers and whines as Carter sashays the way, fake extended cigarette holder in his fingers and she hurries after him! Marissa waves a hand in their wake.

Marissa: Best of luck in your match!

Marissa then turns to the worker and frowns.

Marissa: I forgot to interview them… damn!

Opening Match
Lights Out Match
Katta Pult vs Mrs Right

It doesn’t take long for the lights to shut off.  We see the shadows of both ladies moving around the ring, but only due to the glowsticks around the ropes.  When the lights come back on, Katta is behind Mrs Right, lifting her up into a German Suplex, going for the cover.  Mrs Right kicks out instantly.  She rolls back and kicks Katta hard in the face and rips her up by her hair.  She picks Katta up for a Military Press Slam, but Katta slides out, and the lights go back out again.  When they come back on, Mrs Right has Katta’s throat in a Chokeslam hold, lifting her up and planting her down.  She gets a two count before Katta kicks out.  She goes to lift Katta up again, but Katta swings down into an elevated DDT, and a two count.  However, she is able to lift Mrs Right up and deliver the Best Plex Ever, as the crowd is awestruck.  Katta Pult wins via pinfall.  She sneers at the crowd, who boo her as her music plays.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see former Pride Tag Team Champion Ariana Angelos ready for an interview with Dev, however she is in a happier mood than usual and for good reason, as today is her 21st birthday.

Dev: Ari, first off, I’m happy to see you back on your feet after the Char attack at Climax Control 314, second, happy birthday!

Ariana: Thanks Dev! Just wish that I didn’t have to spend my first morning as a twenty one year old having sixteen stitches removed!

Dev: Understandable, now tonight Team Go is returning to action against The Jeckels in a Transylvania Fun House Match, what are your thoughts?

Ariana: Aside from wondering why GRIME still have jobs?

Ariana rolls her eyes.

Ariana: The Jeckels are jokes and this week Team Go will prove it when I pick up the win on my birthday because……..

Ariana gets cut off when her bestie and tag team partner HB Carter runs on screen.

HBCarter: Ari, there you are! You need to come with me, now!

Ariana: What? Why!?

HBCarter: Just come!

Ariana and Dev chase after Carter as they run through the hallways, they enter a darkened room when:


The lights come on and Ari’s worried expression is turned into a big grin as Krystal stands up alongside the 2021 Go Gym Class and Makayla, it soon transpires that Dev was in on the surprise party as the interviewer puts a party hat on the birthday girl’s head.

Dev: Sorry, I had to delay you long enough for the party to start, happy birthday! You want to finish the interview?

Ari grins as Carter stands alongside her.

Ariana: Because fortune favours the bold and Team Go…….

HBCarter: Will Go the Distance!

Carter blows into a party whistle as the scene fades.

Cameras cut to the rampway where we see Linnera Lacroix and Jenifer Lacriox wearing their Ken and Ryu outfits.

Linnéa: Jenifer will have her biggest match ever at High Stakes. A long time coming, Jenifer has been preparing for this match long before Merlot even became the Combat Champion. Jenifer has been training since Shannon Middlebrooks held the title.

Jenifer throws a left and right then does the Ryu trademark uppercut.

Jenifer: Shoryuken!

Linnéa: Merlot is one of the best in this biz. I've seen her in other places and she’s just as deadly no matter the company. She knows I’m rooting for Jenifer, nothing against Merlot as she has proven to be the greatest Combat Champion in SCU, but Jenifer is family.

Jenifer jumps up and does a 720 in the air while performing Ryu's hurricane kick.

Linnéa: The longest reigning Combat Champion vs the undefeated number one contender. It writes itself, this could be match of the year, best match ever in SCU, top five ever at High Stakes. So much on the line for both ladies.

Jenifer looks at the camera and begins to shadow box.

Jenifer: Merlot, seven days, seven days from now, we dance. We dance like we never danced before. Looking forward to facing you in the ring. Much respect to Merlot and what Merlot done. Will do everything possible to become new Combat Champion but Merlot do everything she can to not let that happen. Not speak for Merlot past opponents in other companies but can say that in SCU Merlot may win or may lose but will for sure be put to her limit like never before.

Linnéa: Well said. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, I’m looking forward to this one.

Raisa leads the SCU camera crew through the Jeckel Family Freak show, then reaches a set of steps that leads to an open door, above the door are Two words Fun House.

Raisa leads  them inside to finding Jack , Jake and Helena.

Helena: Welcome, to our friendly fun house, we would give you a tour, but we are preparing it for our next show, it will be a very fun scary adventure.

Jack: But not for you HB, nor for you Ariana, our fun house will be no fun for you.

Jake: Imagine every fear you’ve ever had, imagine every monster under your bed or in your closet, it will not compare for the fear you will feel inside our very special Transylvania fun house specially designed for you.

Helena: You will be scared to death, maybe.

Jack: Team Go, welcome to the fun house.

Jake: Survive if you can.

The scene opens up with Hitamashii backstage talking with his friends in Dying Breed Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell. They are talking about Hitamashii’s upcoming match with Stewart Mason in a Jack O Lantern on a pole for the SCU Underground Championship.

Andrew-I am looking forward to seeing you take the Jack O Lantern off the pole and hit Stewart in the head with it, and obtain the SCU Underground Championship.  You deserve it.

Hitamashii-There is nothing I would rather do than destroy him with the Jack O Lantern and become champion once again.  My waist has felt naked without the gold around it.

The trio drink from their water bottles before talking more.

Ivan-I know. It is weird not seeing you having gold here in SCU with how successful you have been.  I am kind of disappointed that Andrew and I are not booked this week, but at the same time, we can watch your back during the match, and make sure nobody will interfere during the match and you can win cleanly.

Hitamashii-I know you guy will watch my back.  I am not the one who needs to watch his back.  If anyone needs to watch their back, its Stewart.

Andrew-I totally agree.  There is nothing to worry about, and you will emerge victorious at the end of the night, Ivan and I will make sure of it.

The scene ends with them talking about other non wrestling things while Hitamashii gets ready for his match.

Transylvania Fun House Match
Team GO vs The Jeckels

The tron comes on to show Cruella and her “dalmatian” (Ari) entering the funhouse.  Carter lets Ari off of the leash and the two go further inside.  The lights flash as the American Horror Story: Freakshow theme plays through the speakers inside.  Inflatable clowns wave around as Team GO moves past them, looking out for their foes.  Once through it, they find their way to a spinning tunnel.  As they get inside, Jack Jeckel rushes up behind Carter and brings him back with a Belly-to-Back Suplex.  Ari goes after him, but he ducks a Clothesline and lifts her up into a High Angle Suplex on the bridge.  Carter wobbles as he tries to get back up.  He is quickly taken down with a Hip Toss as Ari moves to the other side of the tunnel.  She sees Helena standing there, waving at her with the painted smile of the half mask etched on.  She waves at Ari, who charges right into her… or rather, the mirror reflection.  She turns around to see several depictions of Helena, including some distorted versions.  She hears Helena giggle, and she tries to listen for where it’s coming from.  However, Jake finds himself drop kicked through one of the mirrors.  Carter waits for him to get back up and hits a Superkick, then sends him into another mirror.  Helena comes out of nowhere and grabs Ari and spins her right into a mirror.  The two roll around on the ground, getting cut up by pieces of glass.  They go further, and roll into a ball pit.  After tussling around in there for a few moments, Helena pulls her mallet out of the balls and hits Ari with it. The Jeckels win via pinfall.  And with that, Jack and Jake join Helena and Raisa as they leave the funhouse.

The audience is introduced to a shot of the floor as the picture comes to life. The camera pans over to the left. A massive wooden production crate stands tall. The camera tilts upward just a bit. Seated atop the crate is a woman decked out in an elaborate Spider-Gwen costume. She gives the camera a wave.

? ? ?: How doing?

That voice rings out loud and clear. Merlot Ayano lets her right leg dangle off the edge a little bit.

Merlot: Please give moment of time. Just want to chat.

A second passes before she continues on.

Merlot: Merlot have been wrestling for long time now. Seen many things. Experienced many things. Professional wrestling is dynamic; things are always changing. And yet, some types of behaviors and tropes are everlasting.

She lets out a sigh.

Merlot: Merlot no ignorant; Merlot pick up on many things. One thing always pick up is how people treat Merlot when intimidated. When person scared of fighting Merlot, always try to cheat. Has been that way since took Exit Exam. Chanelle can give any excuse she wants. But fact of matter is, she was frightened us fighting Merlot one-on-one. Frightened of getting embarrassed and outclassed. Is shameful.

Merlot shakes her head.

Merlot: Wish people would do things differently. Wish would fight with integrity―

Merlot: Is why am looking forward to match with Jennifer. Jennifer not like most in Sin City Underground. Jennifer’s heart is filled with honor; is reason why Merlot respect.

She nods her head.

Merlot: Have tried to have this match a few times in past. But every time, has gotten messed. But this time? Will finally go down. Will finally get to have match we have wanted. Will finally make fans proud.

A moment passes.

Merlot: Jennifer? Merlot will not hold back. Can’t hold back. And will hope you will do the same. Hai.

Merlot then pushes off the crate and flips off the screen. The camera begins to fade to black.

Graveyard Match
2 Broke Chicks vs Mz Holly Wood and Kelli Torres

2 Broke Chicks walk toward the center of the graveyard. They meet up with Holly and Kelli, who are dressed as a dead bride and groom.  They exchange some trash talk before Holly pulls a shovel from behind her and whacks Jane with it, sending her right into the grave.  Holly continues to pelt her with it as Kelli grabs onto Chi Chi and goes to fling her into the grave, but Chi Chi is able to stop herself from going in.  She gets away and jumps on top of a gravestone and leaps off with Body Press, knocking Kelli into the grave.  She turns around and goes to Dropkick Holly into the grave, but Holly maintains her balance.  She turns around and begins brawling back and forth with Chi Chi.  Kelli grabs onto Chi Chi’s ankles, but Chi Chi kicks backward.  She pulls the bokken out of the samurai sheath and begins bashing Holly with it.  Holly falls to the side and crawls around, trying to avoid the strikes.  Holly ducks a shot, and it hits Kelli right in the forehead, knocking her back.  Holly trips Chi Chi up, and plants a DDT on top of a mound of dirt.  She goes to roll Chi Chi into the grave, but Jane reaches up and drags Holly into the grave and crawls out.  2 Broke Chicks win by placing both opponents into the grave at the same time.  Jane helps Chi Chi up and they celebrate their win as Holly crawls out to check on Kelli.

The scene opens backstage once more, where we see Amy a little while after her visit to Gianni. She sits on a packing crate with her cell phone in hand as she messages someone before tucking her cell phone away and then shifts the GRIME Championship from her shoulder to her lap.

Amy: Oh look favoritism at play… I asked for a change in the stipulation of this pumpkin jello thing, but I was denied with a whole lot of sarcasm but what I got was a no holds barred instead. So there goes your favoritism.  Sorry Halo Annis… your hope for an easy night in pumpkin guts and juice just went out of the window.

Now last week, I faced off against Esther Azarov and that was perhaps the toughest match of my career. Sorry Esther but you weren’t the tough part of the match it what the cage. I can confirm that cage was no joke and that shit hurt as Esther also found out. Also aside from a small cut… there wasn’t no lasting effects of that cage.

So moving onto this week’s Halloween show and the interesting stipulations. So the GRIME champion gets a pumpkin juice match. When I first read this match my first reaction was to gag at the description. Just sounds so vile. But them my second thought was - are we stuck in the 90’s and those bullshit matches?  That’s why I asked Gianni if I can change it or even add weapons. Unfortunately, my request was denied and instead after a brief discussion it was changed. I am not happy about it but it better than it was.

Now Halo.  We have met before… long before I was champion and to be brutally honest. You lost and I won.  I will do it all again and successfully defend my championship. It may not be the most conventional match and it’s going to be messy, but I will be focused as normal and being the ever professional I will do what I need to do no matter how degrading it feels.  Hopefully though the addition to this match being no holds barred makes things slightly better.

So Halo… be thankful that I’ve done this… but also be thankful that you are in this match and be thankful that this isn’t like the match from last week.  Tonight, as I said I will be defending my championship and I will be winning.  I am a dominant champion for once and I will continue being so… 100 plus days flies by and that I can’t wait to make it 200 days and so on.

Tonight you have a chance in the limelight but I will snuff that out just as easily you got this championship opportunity.

I will see you soon.

Amy hops off the packing crate as the spots Joshua Acquin walking past with his championship belt.

Amy: Hey Joshua.

Joshua stops and Amy catches up.  The scene fades out on Amy and Joshua talking and walking down the corridor.

Costume Battle Royal - GRIME Tag Team Championships
Kawaii Dragons Vs Dying Breed Vs Jamie Staggs and Shorty Vs Ass N Clazz, Vs Andrey and Esther Azarov Vs Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann vs N.F.G.

As the bell rings, Jamie Staggs (dressed as Despayre) and Shorty (dressed as Angel the teddy bear) begin spinning with fists out, knocking into people.  They first take a set of Vulcans (Dying Breed), as they fall to their knees.  Shorty throws hard punches at Ivan as Jamie hits rapid knees to Andrew.  Andrey and Esther (Soviet werewolves) square off with Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine (a chocolate bar and a lollipop).  Disco Dancers (Azz n Class) are moving around, trying to avoid NFG, dressed in shadows, but wind up getting instantly taken down by the Kawaii Dragons, dressed as zombified Monstimals. Azz n Class is eliminated at 2:07.  The Kawaii Dragons find their way back in the frey as NFG attempt to grab onto them.  Javi picks Shorty up instead, and nails an Atomic Drop as Omasa whips her sword at Jamie, using the momentum to dump him over the ropes. Jamie Staggs, and partner Shorty, are eliminated at 2:43.  Kandy and Esther are jockeying for position against the ropes, each other nearly eliminating their opposition.  Jerry kicks Andrey in the gut and tries to flip him over the ropes, but Andrey holds on.  Esther lets go of Kandy to try to save Andrey by nailing a Low Blow to Jerry.  She uses her force to lift Jerry up and onto the apron.  Kandy tries to break it up, but Esther ducks, and Kandy knocks into Jerry, eliminating their team in the process. Jerry Cann, and partner Kandy Kaine, are eliminated at 6:17.  Dying Breed attempt to come at Andrey and Esther, but the two duck and lift Ivan onto the ring apron with Andrey.  Esther ducks punches as Andrew stalks her, backing her into a corner.  Esther ducks outside under the bottom rope and shouts at Andrew.  Andrey and Ivan continue trying to knock each other off of the apron.  Andrey finally nails Ivan in the nose, and then shoves him to the outside floor! Dying Breed is eliminated at 8:33.  Andrey finds himself lifted over the ropes by Javi and Omasa, and he hits the floor just seconds later. Andrey, and partner Esther, The Azarov’s are eliminated at 8:38.  Javi and Omasa look around as they hear scurrying under the ring.  Omasa goes to the outside, lifting up the apron to try to find the Kawaii Dragons, but they are just a little too quick.  They slide inside as Javi watches Omasa closely.  Tatsu McPherson and Winter Raab dump Javi over the ropes, jumping up and down. Javier Gonzalez, and partner Omasa Tazu, are eliminated at 10:03.  Therefore, Kawaii Dragons win and retain their titles as the last team standing.  Dirt covered Jane and Chi Chi come rushing after them and their titles, as the Kawaii Dragons meet them with fire extinguishers, blinding them.  When the dust settles, the Kawaii Dragons are gone.

Marissa Henry enters the locker room of Team Canada who are definitely in the Halloween spirit, Earl is dressed in the style of James Bond, Dahlia and Sarah, his Bond girls. Earl walks over to Marissa and takes her hand and in a cheesy english accent introduces himself.

Earl: Good evening Ms. Henry, allow me to introduce myself, the name Lockyer, Earl Lockyer.

Marissa smiles and nods then turns to Stewart and Gail dressed and notorious criminals Bonnie and Clyde.

Marissa: Cool costumes everyone, but I still have a job to do and I’d like to ask Stewart about tonight's match.

Stewart: great costume right, I catch criminals for a living, so Gemma thought it would be a great to dress as two of America’s most famous criminals,  now about tonight match a jack-o-lantern on a pole match, goes well with tonight’s theme, but I still intend on giving the fan here tonight a great title defense, Hitamashii the guy is tougher than a two dollar steak for sure and tonight isn’t going to be an easy title defense by any means, but tonight I’ll retrieve the jack -o- lantern smash it over his head and retain my title.

Pumpkin Juice Match - GRIME Championship Match
Amy Santino vs Halo Annis

The moment the bell rings, Halo catches the champion off guard by leaping across the juice and pulp filled pool and spearing her with a wet splash! Champion and challenger roll around in the wet much, completely immersing themselves in the wet mess, while trading blows to each other's faces and heads! Halo ends up on top and chokes Amy with both hands until the champion gouges her eyes and throws her off! Amy slides into Halo with a quick shining wizard strike for a count of two! Amy pulls her into a front chancery and delivers repeated Muay Thai knee strikes into her trapped and exposed head until Halo sweeps her legs out from under her. Halo then catapults her across the pool, slamming her face into the near corner! Amy staggers back and Halo comes from behind with a one handed bulldog! Halo then straddles the champion’s back and forces her head under the pumpkin juice/pulp combo! Amy’s arms flay and legs kick as Halo feigns indifference to the referee’s requests to break! Halo tortures the champion, pulling her up for a gasp of air before shoving her head back under! Amy rolls her over but Halo counters with a body scissors! Amy turns around and stands up, picking Halo up BY THE HAIR and throws her down! Before Halo can begin to get up, Amy delivers a superkick to the face! Amy then locks in the Punk Lock! Halo holds out for as long as she can before she ultimately taps out! Winner by submission and STILL GRIME Champion: Amy Santino! Amy stands up and wipes the juice/pulp from her hair and flicks it on Halo.

Joshua is seen in the back with his GRIME Championship belt.

Joshua: Last week I got to watch who would face me in the ring for this championship that I have so well defended week in and out.  This week the man that thinks he will take this championship from me is none other than Rory Rockerfeller.  I really hope they have cleaned up around the ring after the pumpkin juice match, because I don’t want to have good old Rory claiming he slipped on some liquid or that he had an allergic reaction to the pumpkin.  I want him to have no excuse when I win.

Joshua walks around what appears to be a table but when he comes around to the front you can see it is a casket.  He opens up the lid.

Joshua: Rory you better get used to seeing the inside of this casket because that is where I am going to put you.  When I do that I will be on to High Stakes to defend the GRIME Championship again. Also I will have a SCU Combat Championship match.  After High Stakes I will be SCU’s first double champion.  Now if you don’t mind I have some work to do and I must get ready.

Joshua takes the golden mask and puts it on and ties it before heading out.

Joshua: I remember wearing a gold mask before and winning the TV championship before I merged it and became the GRIME Championship.  I will use this mask to win and since a rule is I have to be in costume so I am going back to wearing this mask for one night only.  Time to go.

In the distance you can hear Judas playing on the arena’s PA system

Casket Match - GRIME Championship
Joshua Aqcuin vs Rory Rockerfeller

The bell rings and the men meet in the center of the ring in a lock up, each attempting to over power the other! The slightly heavier Rory gains the upper hand and backs the champion into the ropes where he begins a barrage of forearms and fists! Joshua isn’t the champion for nothing however as he reverses their positions, turning Rory into the corner where he buries his shoulder into his midsection over and over before landing an uppercut to the chin! Joshua goes for an Irish whip but Rory reverses it and Acquin comes off the ropes with a float-over DDT! Acquin rolls the challenger toward the ropes and attempts to force him into one of the open caskets but Rory grabs hold of the ropes and puts on the brakes! Fighting back, Rory literally sinks his teeth into Joshua’s nose until Acquin has to back off! Rory stands up and Acquin comes charging but Rory catches him by surprise with a flying cross arm breaker! Joshua tries to roll out but Rory turns that into a Kneeling Fujiwara! Rory drags him up and brings him right back down with a Hangman’s neck breaker, followed up by an Implant DDT! Now Rory tries to shove Acquin through the ropes and into a casket but the champion braces himself, placing his arms against the casket interior! Rory moves over and grabs his trademark cocktail shaker, paying no mind as a shaken Acquin has a rag and sprays something into it. Rory turns around and Joshua shoves the rag into his face! Rory drops the cocktail shaker and struggles but soon succumbs to the ether and sinks to the mat, a sleeping lump. Joshua then drags him over to the ropes and dumps him into an open casket, latching it behind him! Winner and STILL GRIME Champion: Joshua Acquin! Joshua parades the ring and holds aloft his belt. He then makes the mistake of wiping the sweat from his face with the very same rag and falls into the ropes, dazed and chloroformed!

Before Krystal can respond she is blindsided from behind by Char Kwan and her bodyguards causing her to let go of Mr. Chalmers’ tie in the process! As Char’s manager readjusts his tie the three Asian women put the boots to the Australian Champion before Char directs traffic and they drag her out to the stage, with Mr. Chalmers in hot pursuit.

Mr. Chalmers: Kiara, get the table! Char, you know what to do!

The two Asian women nod as Kiara sprints down to the ring to retrieve a table from under it, she sprints back up the ramp table in hand and they set it up off the side of the ramp. They drag Krystal down there and get ready to put her through with a Triple Powerbomb.

Ariana: HEY!

The crowd goes wild as Ariana Angelos appears from out of nowhere from atop the ramp and Char discards Krystal just as Ariana drives off and hits all three with a diving Cross Body wiping them out! Mr. Chalmers uses the confusion to get Char and the rainbow haired woman to safety but……..

Krystal: Hey Super Nintendo Chalmers, you forgot someone!

Krystal calls out to them, and we see that Krystal has Kiara by the hair! Without hesitation Krystal puts Kiara between her legs and drives her through the table with the Down Under Thunderbomb! Char quickly charges down the ramp and brawls with her opponent for High Stakes XI whilst the Rainbow Haired woman exchanges blow with Ariana until security pours out to break up the brawl.


Char: I’m coming for that title Krystal!

The four bombshells are dragged backstage by security whilst Mr. Chalmers helps Kiara to the back.

Jack-O-Lantern On A Pole Match - SCU Underground Championship
Stewart Mason vs Hitamashii

The bell rings and the Main Event of the evening is underway! Both champion and challenger immediately run for the corner and make to climb and retrieve the Jack-O-Lantern but neither are able to make it! They both reach the middle rope of the corner before they begin to fight, throwing punches to drive the other off! Stewart then swings wide for a clothesline to knock him off of his perch but Hitamashii ducks and Stewart clotheslines the pole instead! The blow almost sends him toppling over to the floor but Hitamashii grabs him by the hair and slams his head into the pole, then throws him back to the canvas below! Crash landing! Hitamashii then begins to scale the corner himself but a resilient Stewart ducks up behind him and brings him crashing from the corner with a B-I-G German suplex! You can hear the chants of “HOLY SHIT!” from all over the arena! Both men slowly recover and roll over to face one another. They start to rise and once on their knees, the fight begins! Stewart throws a gist and Hitamashii answers back with his own! Stewart! Hitamashii! Blow after blow until the training by the challenger takes control and Hitamashii lays in a number of open handed palm strikes, stunning the Underground Champion! Hitamashii stands and one right after the other, begins to lay in rapid fire kicks to the kneeling champion’s sternum with the fans calling out “YES!” after each one! Hitamashii then races into the ropes as Stewart stands up and Hitamashii jumps for a Hurricanarana but the quick thinking on the part of the champion allows him to counteract that with a sitout powerbomb! Stewart fights to recover and he drags the challenger to his feet and scoops him up for a running powerslam, only for Hitamashii to slip down behind him and trap him in a standing Asuka lock! Hitamashii takes him down to the mat but there are no tap outs! No submissions! Finally Hitamashii releases the hold, leaving the champion choking and gasping! Stewart is a fighter and forces himself to stand but as he does so, Hitamashii comes flying off the ropes with a Kansasha knee strike, laying the champion out! Beaten and exhausted, Hitamashii stands up and turns to the corner when a barely there champion kicks a boot up between his legs, dropping him! Hitamashii clutches himself and slowly sinks down to his knees as now both champion and challenger struggle to recover in time! Hitamashii is the first up and he stumbles to the corner and climbs! But again Stewart is right behind him and grabs him by the back of the tights! Stewart pulls himself up behind him and in the corner, perched on the top turnbuckle, Stewart locks in the Payday! Hitamashii struggles but to no avail! Stewart lets go and returns the favor from the beginning of the match and slams his head into the pole! Stewart then reaches up - and he gets the Jack-O-Lantern! He turns and brings it crashing down on Hitamashii’s head, sending it and its contents exploding all over both men! Hitamashii falls back as the bell rings! Winner and STILL Underground Champion: Stewart Mason! Stewart celebrates on the top turnbuckle, holding up the Underground Championship belt while below, Hitamashii struggles to recover from the loss!