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Moving Out
« on: October 21, 2021, 07:37:38 PM »
Wednesday October 6th
Zdunich Mansion
Hollywood, Hills
Los Angeles, California
6:00 AM PDT

Crystal Zdunich was up bright and early. It had been a few days since the events of Throw Down had happened and the Afro-Mex beauty definitely wasn’t in the right state of mind. It had been three days since she had dropped the ball in the Rise of the Phoenix tournament but more importantly than that she had failed to protect her wife. Her own daughter Brittany Williams had not only decided to place her hands on her but she also attacked Seleana as well. As if that wasn’t enough her own best friend Stephanie had decided to jump in as well. Crystal felt empty inside. She didn’t say a word to anybody, and on top of that she wasn’t eating. Her family was desperately worried about her but Crystal didn’t care. The only thing on her mind was the fact that she failed to protect the person closest to her.

Everybody in the Zdunich mansion was asleep except that of Crystal Zdunich. She had made her way to the bathroom where she closed the door behind her. Her eyes shifted over to the scale. She drew in a long deep breath before she decided to step on it. After being on it for a few moments the screen on the scale read “110 lbs”. Her eyes moved to that of the mirror as she took a long glance at her reflection. Her reflection just grinned in return as it spoke to her.

Hilton: Look at you, you are a fucking wreck. You haven’t been eating and you lost five pounds because of this. You are nothing but one big fuck up. Had you just done things in only the way that perfection can deal with it. You wouldn’t be in this mess.

Crystal looked at the reflection as she quickly backed away. She shook her head as she started to snap back at her reflection.

Crystal: Shut up! You don’t know what you are talking about! I...I….

Hilton however just smiles rolling her eyes in return.

Hilton: I what, are you ready to finally admit that you need me?! I don’t know what it is about your undying need to feel accepted or acknowledged. Had you just done things my way this wouldn’t even be an issue right now. Your daughter would know that her place is being your daughter, on top of that Stephanie would fall right in line. Everything would be as they were meant to be. However your indecisiveness is just ripping you apart. Instead of being that dominant Bitch who knows she is the MAIN EVENT, the STAR, and the FEATURED ATTRACTION. You rather be content with being the has-been and it’s sickening. Just let me be free… Let me come out and play, and I promise this would all be settled.

Crystal however kept her eyes on her reflection. She took a deep breath as she screamed back at the top of her lungs.

Crystal: I don’t fucking need you! I never did need you. I will make things right and I will do it on my own merit. Yes things might suck but I will bounce back. I will figure out a way. I just can’t let you do WHAT you want to do. All you do is hurt people and the last time I caved into your desires all it got me was at war with my wife. I won’t ever hurt her again…

The arrogant Hilton in the mirror just shakes her head in return.

Hilton: Bitch you really think you won’t hurt her?! You may not have struck the blow this time but it was YOUR family that placed her hands on her. Your daughter beat the shit out of your wife! She is a reflection of who you are and at the end of the day it’s as if you delivered the blow yourself. You want to make things right but it’s all one big mess. Your wrestling career isn’t where it needs to be. You know it will only be a matter of time before everybody starts chanting #FREESELEANA like they always do on Social Media. They are going to drive it right into the fucking dirt. They are going to attack you over and over again. I get it though… YOU GOT IT ALL FIGURED OUT!!!!

Hilton laughs some more looking back at Crystal.

Hilton: You know what you need to do Christina… Just let me come out and play. Unleash your inner Crystal Hilton… Let the Rose Goddess out and we will show everyone why Perfection Never Fails. What other choice do you really have?! You want to seem weak.

Crystal sighs, closing her eyes before she confidently looks back at her reflection. She opens the medicine cabinet looking at all of her various medicines to treat her Dissociative Identity Disorder. The reflection can’t be seen at this point but it definitely can’t be heard.

Hilton: Bitch you think the Anti-Depressants, the Anti-Psychotics, and Anti-Anxiety medicine is going to make me go away?! You know I WILL never go away. No matter how much you try to numb it I will always be there… I will be there to pick up the wreckage of your fuck ups and make it right in my own way. I have been with you through five terrible divorces and if I have to have my way to make it a sixth then so be it! People will always respect Crystal Fucking Hilton!

Crystal however closes the cabinet as she keeps her eyes locked on the reflection. The tears stream down her face as she looks in the mirror.

Crystal: No… That’s where you are wrong. I don’t want to be Crystal Hilton anymore… I gave up being that woman three years ago when I got married. I am Christina Zdunich… I didn’t realize it until today but when I got married it no longer became about being what I selfishly wanted. It is about sacrifice and knowing that my wife and I are one…

Hilton; Oh! So that’s how it is… I guess since you have your Bitch you don’t really need me anymore. I have seen this tape play out so many times and it’s like you are a rat stuck in a maze. You are going to make the same mistake over and over again because that’s what you always tend to do. What makes this time any differently?!

Crystal let’s the tears escape her eyes as she just let’s them stream steadily down her face.

Crystal: Because this time I am willing to make the decision that I don’t want but the ONE that will protect her the most… I am going to let her go…

Hilton: Wait! Christina I know you better than that. Just let me do what I do best and…

Crystal: No...I have to do this and finally make things right…Relying on what YOU want has always been my problem and I have to do something different...

With that the reflection disappears and it is replaced with Crystal’s regular reflection. She could see she was a sobbing mess but this was all for the best. She had spent quite some time in the bathroom and by the time she got out an hour had passed. Crystal looked towards the bed and realized Seleana was gone. Perhaps it was better this way. Christina walked towards the closet where she had found a suitcase. She opens it and begins to stuff as much of her clothing as she could in there. She had to do this as quickly as possible. If she could pack and leave before Seleana returned it would have been for the best. Crystal continued to pack up her things and that is when she heard the door open to the bedroom. Crystal didn’t need to turn around to know who it was standing in the doorway. However, that is when she heard the strong Swedish accent of her wife.

Seleana: Estrellita?!

Crystal’s heart was torn in two. She really didn’t want to do this but she knew she had to do this. More tears rolled down her cheek. She loved hearing her wife trying to speak Spanish to her. It was adorable but she had to stand strong and not show any emotion. That is why she kept her back turned and continued to pack her things.

Seleana: Star?!

Crystal packed even more things as she didn’t say a word. She couldn’t showcase to Seleana how she had been feeling. She didn’t even want to tell her that she lost five pounds because of all of this. She just kept to herself in hopes that she could finish packing as quickly as possible.

Seleana: Chickie?!

Crystal quickly snaps back as she tries her best to hold up one finger. She sobs but she wipes her tears as she answers back with attitude in her voice.

Crystal: Could you just wait one FUCKING second?!

With that she was finally finished with packing. Seleana was taken back as Crystal grabbed her huge suitcase and walked right past her wife. She didn’t bother to acknowledge her as she made a beamline straight for the door. She passed by the other woman in their relationship Alexandra Caldwell who stood there with her arms folded.

Alex: Crystal what’s going on?!

Crystal is about inches away from the front door and it is at that moment that Seleana calls out to her.

Seleana: Star, would you please talk to us, talk to me? You haven’t said a word, you haven’t eaten anything in days. What is going on?!

Crystal throws the bag towards the door. She slowly turns around to face the two women. More tears begin to flow down her eyes as she gets right in Seleana’s face and looks up into her eyes.

Crystal: You want to know what is going on?! It’s the fact that I am a failure…

Seleana: You aren’t a failure. If it’s about the Rise of the Phoenix tournament you can turn things around. I believe in you. You always make things work and…

Crystal quickly cuts her off as she shakes her head.

Crystal: It has nothing to do with that! It’s the fact that all I ever seem to do is HURT YOU! If it’s not me directly it’s my family. I don’t have things in control and it really sucks. I appreciate the both of you so much. Even when I don’t believe in myself or the world is against me you two stand against the minority and you have my back. I love that more than either of you could fathom.

Alex: No doubt… We got your back because you are DAT GIRL

Crystal however shakes her head looking at the both of them.

Crystal: But since seeing the way the closest ones in my life turn on me and on you. Whether it’s my daughter, or going back to my sister Mariella. The fact doesn’t change that they are both extensions of me and it’s wrong for either of you to go through the cancer that is Crystal Zdunich, Lopez, Millar, Rose, or whatever I wish to be called this week. It still doesn’t change the fact that I am a bad influence for the both of you and you could both do so much better without me.

Seleana is taken back as she looks back at her wife.

Seleana: Christina…

Crystal: Don’t Christina me you know it’s the truth. Seleana you have so much potential. When we first met one another I will admit I just WANTED to have something because I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone after things didn’t go the way I wanted with Jonathan. When Stacy introduced you to me I saw someone who would have made a perfect trophy at my side. I saw a bounce back and perfect eye candy. It was convenient to have you by my side. I promised the two of us would have an amazing time together. I would teach you how to wrestle and we would conquer tag team wrestling together but it just seemed to be a fucking lie. I was only out for myself… Always did and always will be.

Seleana: Star…

Crystal: I am not done talking! You stood up for me countless times and all I did was stab you in the back because I just wanted to be World Champion and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Even when you won a title I had to get involved because it benefitted my ego. It was all wrong and truthfully I am proud of who you have become. You are strong, courageous, and an amazing mother to our daughter.

Crystal turns her attention over to Alexandra.

Crystal: And you… You have always been that girl and I can’t help but notice you constantly tweeting you don’t know what happened to your wrestling career. At one point you were absolutely dominant but something caused you to change and you haven’t found your footing since then. I know what the problem is and I had been too selfish to say it because it never suited me. What changed is that you let me cause you to stray off the course. Had you focused less on me and more on what you need to do, you would be where you need to be.

Alex: What are you saying Crystal?!

Crystal let’s tears run down her cheek as she keeps her eyes locked on both of them.

Crystal: I am saying that after thinking about it for the past couple of days. I know people will be quick to say #FreeSeleana and truly I hated that saying. I hated seeing it all over my social media but thinking things through it is the right decision.

Crystal slides off her wedding band as she opens Seleana’s hand and places it inside of it.

Crystal: So I am making the right decision and I am going to free you from it all. Both of you are officially freed from having me in your lives. There’s no reason why I should constantly be a cancer in both of your lives. Seleana you especially have been on this ride for far too long and you deserve nothing but the best. I don’t want people to sit there and think you have Stockholm Syndrome because you chose to be by my side. So I am releasing the both of you. You are free to live your lives however you see fit and to do it being free of the drama that is Crystal. I will always love the both of you but I just don’t deserve either of you… Bye…

With that Christina grabs her suitcase as she keeps heading towards the front door. The two women are stunned as they watch Crystal walk out the door. Footsteps could be heard coming from the other room and it is that of her ten year old daughter Aurora.

Aurora: Mommy?!

Crystal however closes the door behind her as the tears overwhelm her. She couldn’t let them see the mess that she was. She knew they would be better without her. She opened up the doors to her 2021 pink Lamborghini and threw her bag inside. She was inches away from leaving the house when she heard crying. Crystal turned her attention and could see her daughter in law Sofia with baby Isabella in her hands. Isabella was crying loudly.

Sofia: Look Bella it’s Grandma…Maybe Grandma wants to hold you?!

Crystal however quickly closed the door as she pulled away. She left it all behind as she was freeing her entire family from the mess that was her. She had to figure out things on her own as she did about 80 down a quiet rich pedestrian area.
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