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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 110 (Results)
« on: October 17, 2021, 10:29:06 PM »

SCU Ep 110

Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, MD

Sin City Underground Ep 110 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, MD. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on October 16th, 2021.

Backstage, 2 Broke Chicks, Halo, Linnea and Jenifer Lacroix are all in the same dressing room, with Chi Chi of 2BC skipping around the room singing.

Chiaki: Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound feesh!!!

Linnea looks over at the other three women sitting next to her.

Linnéa: How often does she sing this?

Jane can’t decide if she should be annoyed or be laughing.

Jane: Too often…

Halo nods, clearly having chosen the annoyed option.

Halo: All. The. Damn. Time!

Jenifer frowns in confusion.

Jenifer: Why you no stop her?

Halo almost laughs.

Halo: Because it annoys Brittany too and she kind of deserves it right now.

Hearing that name, Chi Chi whirls and starts almost screaming.

Chiaki: Chi Chi fakk that bish up!  Chi Chi rip teefies and fakk bishes up good! #FreeHalo!

Halo nods.

Halo: That’s why…

Linnea, Jenifer and Jane all grin.

Linnéa: Think we can channel that at the Jeckels and Azz N Class?

Chi Chi’s eyes go wide.

Chiaki: Fakk those bishes! Chi Chi pop teefies and fakk up all bishes!

Jane: That’s a yes.

Jenifer: Good!

Halo: Let’s go kick their asses!

Dev: Please welcome my guest at this time the Jeckels.

The Jeckels step into the interview area.

Raisa: Mr Khatri, we’ve consulted about this match, and we’ve determined that it features a bunch of people we have no care for and that includes our partners tonight.

Jack: Mr. Dev we are obligated to precipitate in this worthless  endeavor tonight, it is unfortunate that five people must feel our wrath tonight.

Jake: Tonight, our opponents will stand across the ring from and they tremble in fear, for they know, what we are capable of, they have all saw it since our arrival in Sin City Wrestling, we have no care for their well being, Mr. Dev and we don’t care about the rules of this match.

Helena: People work in mysterious ways Dr. Dev, tonight will be no mystery, tonight a dark cloud will engulf our opponents, and they will fall, as for our opponents, should you be responsible for us not winning, the night won’t end very nicely for you.

We go back to the ring as OG Martha stands in the ring with Jerry Cann and Kandy Kane.

Martha: Whats up everyone, Your favorite grandmas in the house with the freshest tag team in SCU, Jerry and Kandy, I know they have had a rough start but it’s up hill for, here for my tag team. I have a game plan that is sure to work and make them the tag team of the future.

The crowd give Martha a small pop for her, not so much the tag team as the crowd briefly starts a Marha chant.

Martha: The Three way have been holding the Pride titles for too long. I know Kandy and Jerry are in line for the titles but they ain’t on top of the list. That’s gonna change. I put out a challenge to Angel of Filth and Skag next week for their number one contendership at High Stakes!

The crowd let out a loud boo as Angel of Filth and Ksag with his trusted pipe appear on the rampway.

Filth: Who are you to ask for anything? You're lucky to still have a job. Now you’re out here making matches. Not smart matches at that. You saw what we did to Kandy and Jerry the past few weeks. Why would you want that again? In fact, why would anyone want to see that again?

Martha: You're scared of what will happen if you two had to face Kandy and Jerry in a tag team match.

Filth: I never turned down the offer, I’m just trying to figure out why you would those two in a match in which they’ll end up getting hurt.

Skag:  say we don’t wait until next week and fusk them up right now.

Filth: We could, we should, but we won’t. Not this time Skag. I’m sure we can find another tag team in the back to lay waste on.

Skag: Speaking of, giving out a warning. Javi, Omasa, we’re coming for you, I suggest y’all two leave the building.

Martha: Hey, you’re focus should be over here.

Skag: Hey, you can shut the fuck up bitch.

Crowd ooh then boos Skag for his words at Grandma Fox.

Martha: Hey Skag, I bet you don’t have the balls to say that to my face.

Crowd: Ohh!!

OG Martha exits the ring and walks up the ramp towards Skag. Filth can’t help but crack a smile at OG Martha. Filth grabs Skag and shelves him towards the curtain as the two of them head to the back. Martha stops halfway up the ramp.

Martha: That’s what I thought, Boitches!!!!

The crowd pops for Martha. Kandy and Jerry leave the ring to join Martha as cameras head to the back.

Hanging out by the drink cooler, we see Azz n Class members Torielle Jackson and Chanelle Martinez-Blade.  They are drinking bottles of water when Gemma Frost approaches them.  They roll their eyes before looking over to Gemma.

Torielle:  You lost, bae?

Chanelle:  Must be, because I can’t imagine you come up here to interview us.  We ain’t important around here.

Gemma:  I was actually hoping to get a word with you two about your match coming up in a moment.

Chanelle sighs and then looks to Torielle, who picks up the hint.  She steps forward and leans over the mic.

Torielle:  The “match” coming up in a moment?  You call that a match?  Gurl…

Chanelle:  It’s a goddamn trainwreck.  You got 2 Broke Chicks wit they little friends, and they friend’s cousin, and they all get along.

Gemma:  How is that a trainwreck? That sounds like great in-ring chemistry.

Chanelle:  Oh, yeah.  You right, you right.  But so are we.  You got that crew standing together in solidarity.  Then you got the other team.  Three circus freaks who can’t win a match clean to save they lives.

Torielle:  Then you got us.  Now I ain’t sayin’ we can’t get shit done.  But this is basically a handicap match.  We teamin’ with the dudes we took the Hardcore Tag Team titles from.  Sure, they don’t wanna act it, but they salty as fuck.

Chanelle:  Preach!  They threatened us just seconds ago, and people expect us to want to participate in this match wit a smile on our faces?  Nah, that ain’t how we do.

Torielle shakes her head and throws her bottle into the trash.

Torielle:  We gone participate, but we ain’t gone smile about it.  Trust.

Chanelle throws her bottle into the trash and they walk toward the curtains to wait for the match to start.

5 on 5
2 Broke Chicks, Halo Annis, Linnea Lacroix, and Jenifer Lacroix vs Azz N Clazz and The Jeckels

The match starts off with Helena Jeckel and Jane Harper.  The two rush in at each other in a vicious tie up that involves hair pulling and face scratching, initiated by Helena.  Jane is able to toss Helena into the ropes, but she stays on her, clubbing and choking her until the referee tells her to stop.  She drags Helena’s face across the top rope until Torielle reaches to tag herself in.  She climbs inside and clubs Jane across the back a few times.  She jumps on her back and wraps her legs around Jane, falling back into a Body Scissors.  Halo rushes to break it up, bringing Jake Jeckel inside.  He grabs onto Halo’s hair and whips her right over the ropes.  Chi Chi climbs to the top ropes and jumps off, nailing Jake with a Dropkick.  Jack grabs onto Chi Chi, forcing Jane to ignore Torielle and she leapfrogs Chi Chi and Chi Chi kneels down, allowing Jane to land a Jumping DDT.  Jane is quick to tag Linnea in.  Through the ruckus, Torielle rushes Linnea, but Linnea ducks and Spears Torielle to the mat.  She clubs away at her until Chanelle gets inside of the ring and pulls Linnea off.  Jenifer quickly gets inside of the ring and locks on the Kimura Lock.  Despite Chanelle tapping out, she’s not legal, so Jenifer doesn’t let go.  Jack sneaks a tag to Torielle and climbs inside.  He picks Linnea off of the mat, but Torielle “misses” a Roundhouse Kick, and hits Jack, allowing Linnea to get the Bourbon Street Blues (Future Shock DDT) on Jack.  With all of the mayhem in the ring, Torielle clubs Jenifer and pulls Chanelle out of her grip.  The two leave the ring, allowing Linnea to get the cover. 2 Broke Chicks, Halo Annis, Linnea and Jenifer LaCroix win via pinfall.

Backstage, we see Joshua Acquin standing in front of a line of people in GRIME masks, unlit.  He has his GRIME Championship on his shoulder.

Joshua: Another week another win for me as your GRIME Champion.  This week it is an interesting match if I do say so myself.  I can lose my championship without even being pinned.  The match starts out as a tag match and then it goes to a singles match on the winners of the tag match.  So if my team doesn’t win I get screwed and lose my championship.  If that happens I am not leaving the ring without my championship.  I will ensure that they will not be able to finish the match.  But that is just in the slight chance my tag team doesn’t win.  It is a match that is a first for me in this type but I like the idea behind it.  You have to ensure you win and have enough gas in the tank to win the match.  But remember I always have a champion’s advantage.

Joshua looks down at his belt as a light pops on.  Behind him, and the masked people, there is a wall of weapons, ranging from standard chairs, tow chains, baseball backs, and kendo sticks, to unorthodox items such as bike chains, a hacksaw, rubber mallets, and even a portable flamethrower.  He smirks as he steps closer to the camera and it slowly fades elsewhere.

Azurine Vebbins vs Kelli Torres

Azzy and Kelli start with the two throwing open hand strikes. With each one landing half the punches, Azzy tries to sneak in a knee, but Kelli catches it and swipes the leg away. Kelli leans back and nails a front kick to the stomach of Azzy. Azzy blocks a second kick to her gut then follows it with a leg sweep to trip up Kelli, but Kelli manages to stay on her feet. Kelli goes to kick Azzy as she gets to her feet but misses as Azzy drops to the mat again. Azzy goes for another leg sweep and this one drops Kelli on her back.  Azzy does a kip up to get to her feet as the crowd cheers her. Kelli gets on all fours giving Azzy an opening to kick her in the gut. Azzy kicks Kelli in the side in a tactical manner. Azzy grabs Kelli by the shoulder to get her to her feet. Kelli however nails Azzy with a quick jab to the ribs then another. Kelli starts nailing Azzy with open hand blows before nailing a hard closed fist that drops Azzy to the mat. The ref warms Kelli about the closed fist. Kelli just smiles with a shrug to the crowd that gets a pop from the crowd.  She whips Azzy into the ropes, and Azzy ducks and grabs onto Kelli, hitting an Exploder Suplex.  She lifts Kelli up and sets her up for Pearly Gatekeeper (Dragon Suplex into a Double-Handed Jawbreaker) and lands it! Azurine Vebbins wins via pinfall.

Inside the Three way locker room Sarah, Earl and Dahlia are running through last minute strategy, Sarah turns with a smile and acknowledges the camera.

Sarah: Hello, I know you haven’t seen me in a while but, Team Canada has been keeping you all entertained with great matches, night in and night out. Tonight will be no different.

Earl: No *Censored* Given, catchy name I must say, and both of you are very good wrestlers, but from what I’ve seen, it’s probably not the brightest idea to provoke the Jeckels, but that’s not what tonight is about is it.

Dahlia: No tonight is about giving the fans another great match, they deserve it, they have stuck with us through these tough times, Javi, Omasa, we have no quarrel with each other, so all i ask is we give it our all out there tonight and whatever the outcome we leave it in the ring.

Earl: Good luck.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Ariana Angelos ready to be interviewed by Dev.

Dev: Ari, tonight you are challenging Amy Santino for the GRIME Championship, thoughts?

Ariana: Thoughts? Is that all you have to say about this title match? Amy was one of my dream opponents when I joined the Go Gym and tonight I make two dreams come true, winning the Recipe 4 Disaster Championship and wrestling Amy.

Dev: Don’t you mean the GRIME Championship?

Ariana: GRIME is dead, it’s only kept alive because the winner didn’t have the guts to do what’s right by SCU and throw those idiots out on the street! Recipe 4 Disaster is a real, living thing and I will bring honour to its name with that name change!

Dev: One last thing, when I interviewed Krystal last week, Char attacked her, are you worried about the same thing happening to you?

Ariana: Why would I? My only connection to Krystal is that I’m her friend and we both graduated from the Go Gym! I’ll be at Climax Control tomorrow night in Philly because that’s my home state and I won’t pass up a chance to hang out with Krystal!

Ari walks off as the scene fades.

N.F.G. vs The Three Way

Omasa and Dahlia start things off in the middle of the ring after Omasa hands her bokken over to the referee.  She circles backward as Dahlia comes after her.  She ducks a tie up and slaps Dahlia across the back in a taunting manner.  Dahlia turns around and rams an elbow into Omasa’s face.  She ties up with Omasa and pulls her into a Piledriver.  She only gets to one before Javi breaks up the cover.  Omasa nails Dahlia with an Uppercut as she is pulling her to feet.  Omasa then punches Dahlia right in the nose, busting her open.  She hits a Yakuza Kick that drops Dahlia to the mat.  Omasa gets a two count before Earl breaks up the cover.  Omasa tags in Javi, forcing Earl in.  Earl does a Drop Toe Hold to Javi, putting him on the middle rope.  He pushes his knee to the back of Javi’s neck.  Omasa drags Earl off of Javi, causing Dahlia to get inside of the ring and she hits a Bell Clap and whips Omasa across the ring, hitting a Body Avalanche as Earl drops a knee back to Javi’s neck.  Just then, Skag and Angel of Filth rush to ringside.  Skag punches Javi in the face while Filth jumps up and cracks Omasa over the head with a baseball bat. N.F.G. wins via disqualification.  Filth drags Omasa out of the ring and Skag pushes Earl off of Javi.  Earl goes to step outside to take on Skag when security comes down to separate the fighting, ushering Filth and Skag up the rampway first.

The scene cuts back to Chelsea LeClair in the locker room and she is in some bright spirits. So far, things have been going quite well for her in her SCU career, but the look in her eyes is showing a sense of determination. As she begins to express her thoughts, that determination is beginning to come out of her front and center.

Chelsea: I’m not going to lie to you. I performed far worse than I was hoping to perform in that battle royal two weeks ago. It was really something that stuck in my craw in a bad way. To be eliminated by Morgan Clark, who by the way is quickly turning into the most neurotic bitch in Sin City Underground at the moment, was without question something that I did not sit well with for about a week. But, not to worry. In tag team action last week, I got right back on track. I don’t mean to sound like another Morgan Clark or anything, but knowing what I am capable of, I know that I didn’t come to Sin City Underground to be just another pretty face or just another face on the roster. I came here to be the best that I can be and I really feel like I haven’t delivered on that yet. That’s alright though. My tenure in this company is still young and it could be so much worse. I know that coming in here, I have a bit of a higher expectation of myself than I did before considering that I am a two time world champion in my own right.

But tonight?

I can REALLY take that big leap going up against Veronica Taylor.

Chelsea takes a bit of a pause when she thinks about Veronica. The more she thinks about her, the more a look of disapproval begins to appear on her face.

Chelsea: Look, Veronica is an accomplished athlete around here and she recently did challenge for the Underground Championship and everything. However, the way she carries herself is something that I can not and will not approve of. The way she behaves is something that really irks me because there was a point in my career where I acted just the same way that she does now. I first walked into this business and I have to be honest with you, this was not my first career choice. In fact, I didn’t even like professional wrestling at the time. In fact, I was just some basic bitch that was using this business to catapult herself into Hollywood and while I was doing that? I was the most idiotic person that had been inside of a wrestling ring at that point. It wasn’t about the love of the sport, it was about using it for my own gain. It wasn’t about being the best wrestler, it was about looking pretty. That’s the problem that I have with someone like Veronica Taylor. She is not in this primarily for the wrestling business. She is in this purely for fame and purely to look pretty. Successful that she has been before, she has never carried a true passion for this.

Who she is… which is exactly who I used to be once upon a time… I don’t stand for that anymore and I will never stand for it again. In some ways, I look at someone like a Veronica Taylor and an Angel Kash and I would feel like I am facing a mirror image of someone that I once was and that’s not an image that I like at all.


Tonight is real simple.

It’s about REALLY establishing myself here. Because I have got to be honest, there is a little part of me that is starting to be frustrated with myself because I don’t feel like I am meeting my own personal standards in SCU so far. Tonight? Beating someone like you would be something that would go a hell of a long way toward changing that. I’m not someone that is an early elimination by the five and dime version of Cordelia Clark. Hell no! I am SO much better than that! I am proving that tonight when I beat you even if there may be some in the locker room that don’t think I can.

Well brace yourselves, SCU…

Because I have a hell of a feeling that tonight’s going to be that coming out party in Sin City Underground that I am beginning to hunger for…

Chelsea maintains the determined look in her eyes as she turns and leaves the locker room. She’s definitely feeling bold and brave as the scene cuts out.

The scene opens backstage, where we see GRIME Champion Amy Santino as she stands talking and laughing with a group of fairly good-looking people, who appear to be some of the performers from Amy’s 3-X company as they visit and take in the show for the evening.

One of them nods towards the camera and Amy turns and see the camera before excusing herself and turns and approaches the camera before speaking.

Amy: Firstly, I am going to address what Mercedes said last week. I did question some of her comments on twitter, however, it was a short open aired question with people backing me up. But I thought I should really expand on my question. So I asked ‘Apparently my title reign is from favoritism and nepotism… uh how?’  I got a few comments back. Two backing me up and the third wondering how much crack Mercedes smoked that day. Back to the question. I love to know how my title reign is from favoritism and nepotism. Last time I checked even when I was masked and still held GRIME… like everyone else I had to fight for my place and get to where I am. I was number one contender for the World Nightmare championship for months and I never received any shot. So yeah… where was the favouritsm? Even owning something doesn’t get you anywhere…  and nothing has changed even with me being unmasked.

As for the nepotism… do you understand what the means?

I have to be related to Gianni or any of the bosses, however, if you want to be technical favoritism and nepotism can mean the same thing but again… I am just like any other employee of SCU. Not favoured but respected.

As for Winter being robbed… I don’t know what match you were watching but when I re-watched that match. I saw a fair match, which Winter lost fair and square because I was better than her.

So Mercedes you better get your fact straight before opening your big mouth and claiming things that aren’t true. Also maybe cut back on some of that pink cocaine. Oh and green doesn’t suit you.

Now moving onto tonight… Ariana Angelos.

I know what will be coming my way.

A barrage of insults about me being a coward for attacking Krystal Wolfe from behind and attacking you and how I am too scared to face Krystal etc… etc…blah blah blah.   Firstly… I am not scared of facing Krystal. I just don’t want to face her. Simple as that. Secondly attacking you and Krystal was just pure fun.  Krystal had it coming… she was disrespectful towards me… and well you know what happened.  You were just a casualty of a small pointless little war. And speaking of respect. I don’t care if I have yours or not. Also I don’t think repeating myself, but I’ll just do it for your child like mind.  It was no secret that I loved GRIME, so when the opportunity arose, I grabbed it by the horn and joined.

Anyway… enough of having to explain the same old bullshit. Tonight… I am going to into this match as normal because I am not intimidated by you. But instead, you should be scared…. Scared because I am the unstoppable force of this division that can’t be stopped. I am going to bounce you around the ring and show that you have nothing more than a big mouth and very little action. After tonight Krystal won’t know who her little coat riding friend is.

Tonight, I will be successfully defending this title once again.   I just hope you are prepared for the disappointment that you will suffer at my hands.

Amy turns away from the camera and returns her focus back to the performers from 3-X, as she gives a short explanation about something before they then leave the area as Amy directs them towards the seating area before she disappears off to prepare for her match.

Veronica Taylor vs Chelsea LeClair

The match starts off with Veronica and Chelsea tying up in the center of the ring.  There is a struggle for control, but Chelsea is able to eventually get it.  She knees Veronica in the gut twice and sends her into the corner.  She follows up with a Clothesline, but Veronica ducks and dumps her to the apron.  Veronica hits a couple high kicks to knock Chelsea to the outside.  She follows after and Irish Whips Chelsea into the barricade.  She goes to do so into the apron, but Chelsea reverses it.  She sends Veronica into the apron and gets the Clothesline she was looking for.  She leans Veronica over the apron and hits a few chops to the chest.  Veronica claws at her eyes and then turns Chelsea over and gives her the same treatment.  Once the referee reaches 9, Veronica rolls back inside, but so does Chelsea.  The crowd cheers for the match continuing.  Chelsea hits a Lou Thesz Press on Veronica and begins throwing punches.  Veronica claws the eyes again, getting a warning from the referee.  She rolls her eyes at the referee and begins choking Chelsea.  Chelsea gets to the ropes immediately, but Veronica doesn’t let go.  The referee pulls Veronica off, and Veronica slaps the referee. Chelsea LeClair wins via Disqualification.  Chelsea picks Veronica up and throws her out of the ring.  She follows after and the two have to get separated from fighting and taken to the back.

Joshua is seen in the same backstage area as before, standing in front of the masked people, with the spotlight shining on the weapons.  Joshua picks up one of the rubber mallets and inspects it as he talks.

Joshua: Rory, you had the balls to interrupt me.  You have been close to this title so many times.  Always a bridesmaid and never the bride.  You were the first one to shock SCU with your unmasking but when every other member of GRIME unmasked you went further and further down that list.  I am probably in the top two.  Only one bigger than me would be Amy.  But you did make it a point to challenge me for this championship and after I retain it this week.  I am thinking you need to be challenged before.  You have gone up and down this company.  I think you should have to get a good round number of matches under your belt before you come barking at me.  You will have a match every week until High Stakes.  You lose one match you are done.  No shot at this championship.  However if you survive till then I will let you try and take this championship at High Stakes XI.  What do you say?  I know you are here and I will let you know who the first person is you will face.

It doesn’t take long for the cameras to reach the parking lot where OTE is hosting their usual barbeque.  With Eyesnsane behind the grill, and Dax setting up plates, we spot Rory mixing drinks at an official Jack Daniels licensed table.  The cameraman approaches for a first person view.

Cameraman:  Jack on the rocks?

Rory:  You got it, bud.

Cameraman:  You know why I’m here, right?

Rory nods as he does his magic, and within three seconds, the glass is moved across the table.  The cameraman picks it up and takes a sip while Rory takes his bar rag and wipes up the table in front of him.

Rory:  Our GRIME Champion, Joshua Acquin, says he wants a challenge.  He wants contendership matches.  He’s an honorable champion, right?

Cameraman:  That actually does sound pretty accurate.  I never thought of it that way.

Rory:  Neither did I.  And I still don’t, bro.  It’s all spotlighting and angles with him.  Just like in his SCW career.  The only difference now is that our acting GM has some kind of hardon for people like him.  He gets all the glory.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  He has played his cards very well.  He’s had some great matches, hardcore and otherwise.  But he is an opportunist.  Yeah, I said it.

Rory stops polishing the table and he leans over to look into the camera.

Rory:  I got no problem earning my shot at that strap.  But, who even knows if Joshua will be the champion after tonight?  Why does he get to call the shots?  How is he so damn important?

Rory picks the rag up and does a trifold, flinging it onto his shoulder as he goes back to making drinks.

Rory:  Winter and Mercedes said it right.  But, let me get to the point.  I’m going to go ahead and accept the challenge.  Next week, I’ll fight whoever they throw at me.  And I’ll win.  But, regardless of whether or not you’re the champion, or the Combat Championship contender, if I beat my opponent next week, I’m coming for you at High Stakes.  The title doesn’t even matter to me, but beating that smug look off your face is everything.  Now take that and put it on the rocks, Josh.

Rory dismisses the camera as he puts more focus on those in front of him and making their drinks.  We go elsewhere.

GRIME Championship Match
Amy Santino vs Ariana Angelos

Ari grabs onto Amy right away and flings her into the ropes.  Amy ducks a Clothesline, but on the rebound, she catches a hard elbow to the face and goes down.  Ari stomps away at her violently in a circle before picking her up and landing a Snap Suplex.  She holds on and lifts Amy into another Snap Suplex.  She goes for a  third, but Amy knees her in the gut and then clubs her back.  She flings Ari into the corner and follows up with a Monkey Flip.  Ari gets up and goes at Amy in the corner, but Amy moves.  She goes for a  Running Bulldog, but Ari flings her forward.  She rushes behind Amy and hits a Punt Kick to her spine.  She locks on a Standing Rear Choke.  Amy refuses to give in, and Ari begins hammering away at her head, punch after punch.  Amy claws at Ari’s eyes.  She uses the distraction to get up and she begins delivering a series of kicks, grounding Ari with a Spin Kick.  She scores a two count.  She lifts Ari up, and Ari roars as she kicks Amy in the gut.  She hits a Tornado DDT on Amy.  She gets a two count in return.  Both ladies take a deep breath as they slowly get up.  They trade punches from a kneeling position for a moment.  They rise to their feet, and Ari tackles Amy into the corner and they continue throwing punches.  Ari rushes up the corner and nails ten punches before Amy surprises Ari by tossing her outside of the ring.  She climbs up and hits a Vaulting Crossbody to Ari as she rises.  Amy climbs on top of Ari, getting a two count.  She slaps her around as she shouts out about the GRIME Championship comment Ari made earlier.  Ari grabs an electrical cord and whips Amy across the face with it.  She wraps the cord around Amy’s neck and drags her over to the barricade, whipping Amy into it.  Amy kicks Ari in the gut and unwraps the cord, wrapping it around Ari’s neck.  She flips her over, choking Ari out. Amy Santino retains her GRIME Championship via knockout.  Amy raises her belt high above her head, standing over Ariana with disdain on her face.

Morgan Clark is beaming with an arrogant pride as she walks down the hallway. She is in one hell of a mood considering that the last time she was in a Sin City Underground ring, she further proved herself and managed to win a big battle royal. However, she’s not beaming for long as she runs into her sister, SCU Underground Champion Cordelia Clark. Cordelia isn’t mad at Morgan, but she is definitely looking like she doesn’t seem too happy with her.

Cordelia: Mind telling me what’s gotten into you lately?

Morgan: What are you talking about?

Cordelia: Remember how we tried to get into the “no girls allowed event” and we had it all on tape?

Morgan: Right.

Cordelia: There was a part where I was gloating and talking about how amazing I am, which I am of course, and when I was doing that, you had this like… annoyed look on your face.

Morgan: I was annoyed alright… but not at you. It was… you know… the situation…

Cordelia: Uh huh… yeah… and I suppose you have a good explanation for how you’re talking about how you don’t want to be in my “shadow” and how even I am overlooking you after you won that battle royal? Hell, you were even declaring yourself as a contender… for MY title.

Morgan: Cordy… Cordy… let’s not take this personally now. I was just being honest. I knocked out Omasa. I won the battle royal. Wouldn’t that give me a leg up on the competition that is chasing your title? Since when did you being my sister preclude me from challenging for your title?

Cordelia: Morgan, it doesn’t need to be like that. If you really felt like you were in my shadow THAT deeply, we could’ve just talked about it. You didn’t need to make it all a public thing.

Morgan: Cordy, I’ve been frustrated. You know this. Ever since that SCW reject dismissed and buried me…

Cordelia: Get over it, Morgan. It’s done with. It’s over with. You’ve been on a roll lately. Come on. You’re really not going to let Amy Santino still live in your head like that, are you? I get that you wanted to prove yourself on your own right, but I think you are starting to push it too far now.

Morgan: What? Because I put myself in the conversation for YOUR title? Are you threatened by me or something?

Cordelia: I’m NOT, Morgan. You came to SCU to help ME, remember? I had struggled with the numbers game for a while and you came to help me deal with that.

Morgan: Which I DID… and that’s all over. What’s wrong with trying to accomplish something for me too?

Cordelia: Nothing…

Cordelia sighs.

Morgan: EXACTLY! Cordy, I’m sorry. But that’s how professional wrestling works. I am NOT going to hold back against anyone, not even you. I don’t want to wrestle against you, but if I had to in order to win the Underground Championship, I would. Sorry Cordy, but that’s the lay of the land.

Cordelia: ...are you JEALOUS of me?

Morgan: NO… don’t think like that! I’ve just been frustrated. It’s not you, Cordy. I promise! You are doing such a phenomenal job as the SCU Underground Champion. You are going to go into High Stakes as the champion and you are going to SHINE! I love you and I am so proud of your success. I want what you have.

Cordelia: I get it, but you don’t have to go through me to do so. If you REALLY want to prove yourself, you could just challenge Amy again, take the GRIME title from her, shut her up, prove her WRONG and regret that she ever buried you the way she did to begin with. It’s really that simple.

Morgan: You make a good point. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable and if I was worrying you. I didn’t mean to do that. You’re my sister and I would never do anything to hurt you, okay? Look, we’re tag team champions in our other company. We don’t need to have any tension here. Let’s go out there and let’s do what we do best, alright? Let’s win the GRIME Tag Team Champions and reign as double tag team champions… and in your case, you’d be reigning as a TRIPLE Champion, alright? Teaming with you was the other reason why I came to SCU, remember that.

Cordelia sighs, but she doesn’t seem to be too concerned at this point She has a bit of a smirk on her face as she and Morgan exchange a hug, putting aside any tension.

Cordelia: Yeah! Let’s go ahead and do that!

At this point, Cordelia and Morgan walk out of the scene to further prepare for their GRIME Tag Team Championship match!

Backstage at the Royal Farms Arena oh, there was something of a curious sight taking place in the recreation area set aside for the athletes Sin City Underground. Helluva Bottom Carter is lying back on a plush lounge chair, stretched out in the personification of relaxation. He is indeed wearing his wrestling attire, but over that is a cream-colored spa robe with Hello Kitty slippers over his feet. His hair is covered by a plush pink towel, a green face mask has been applied to his youthful features and cucumber slices hiding his eyes.

Oh but he is not alone, not at all! A manicurist is busy me herself, working on the fingernails of his left hand to ensure he looks his very best for the double main event this evening, while a handsome young man, tanned, muscular and oiled up while wearing little more than a loin cloth, massages his shoulders why is his identical twin brother in similar attire fans Carter with a large palm leaf.

He extends his right hand and his handsome masseuse places a frosty drink with an umbrella in it. Just as Carter is about to take a sip from the straw, a familiar voice attracts his attention.

Marissa: Um, Carter?

HBCarter: I know that voice! Could it be my favorite backstage babe, Marissa Henry?

Marissa: Yes .. Carter? What exactly are you doing? During a very important main event tonight, possibly for a championship. Don't you think you should be getting ready?

HBCarter: What are you talking about? I AM getting ready! You have to remember, one of my opponents is one of my favorite people in the whole, wide world! Mz. Holly herself! I absolutely love being in the ring with Holly, but there it's as an opponent or a tag team partner! But either way, the goal is the same: you have to look your absolute best against my girl, anything less is just an insult and a travesty!

Marissa: And the fact if your team with Joshua Acquin is successful, you'll be in an automatic match for the GRIME Championship?

HBCarter: Well, my end game is the Underground Championship, but - baby steps! One more championship for my resume, for the resume of Team Go after Ari wins her first singles tonight and for the GO Gym. Care to join me?

Marissa: No, thank you. I am working, after all.

HBCarter: So am I. What's your point?

Marissa: Well all of this elaborate preparation does seem to be a little extensive, just because of who you are opposing?

Carter slides one of the Cucumbers off of his eyes so that he can give Marissa a bit of a conspiratorial wink, beckoning her closer with a wave of his fingers.

HBCarter: Well, I'll be honest with you. There's also a bit of an ulterior motive here.

Marissa: And what would that be?

HBCarter: Ari is readying herself for another Recipe 4 Disaster broadcast and is looking for victims, er, taste testers I mean. And I hoped after one or two of these…

He holds up his frosty beverage.

HBCarter: She either would not trust me enough, or it'll deaden my taste buds enough so I won't care.

Marissa looks around with a wary expression.

Marissa: She's looking for taste testers?

Carter nods in the affirmative and Marissa looks back to him.

Marissa: Maybe I will join you after all!

Carter is all giggling as another lounge chair is pulled up and Marissa jumps onto it AZ a drink is passed to her hand and another half naked Cabana Boy begins to give her a massage on the shoulders.

GRIME Tag Team Championships
Kawaii Dragons vs Morgan and Cordelia Clark

The ringside area is surrounded by tables, thumbtacks, and glue buckets.  The Kawaii Dragons are getting the fans riled up while Morgan and Cordelia look disgusted having to participate in this style of match.  Tatsu and Winter begin taunting the two, walking around and acting prissy.  Morgan tackles Winter down to the mat and Cordelia grabs Tatsu by the pink wig, pulling it off to reveal Tatsu’s dark hair.  She grabs her real hair and whips her into the ropes, pulling her back into a Clothesline.  She drags Tatsu back up to her feet and then pulls her into another Clothesline.  Morgan throws punches at Winter, even as Winter reaches outside and grabs one of the tables to pull herself outside.  She picks up one of the bags of tacks as Morgan comes after her.  Morgan walks right into Winter swinging the bag of tacks at her and tearing at her arm a bit.  Winter nails her once more, but it doesn’t do as much damage, and Morgan rips the bag from her hands.  She drops the bag and the tacks spill out on the floor.  2 Broke Chicks make their way down the rampway out of nowhere.

As Winter backs up, she bumps right into Jane.  Winter turns around as Jane taps her bat against the ground.  Winter backs up and bumps into Morgan again.  Winter ducks as Jane swings the bat and hits Morgan, not regretting it much either.  Meanwhile, Cordelia and Tatsu put aside the match to fend off Chi Chi and her bokken.  Azz n Class comes rushing in from the crowd, and the Jeckels come from the curtains and rush to ringside.  Tatsu backs out of the ring and tries to help Winter with Jane.  The Monstimals climb over the barricade while Holly and Kelli, Dying Breed, Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine, Rory and Dax, The Three Way, and N.F.G. all file out from the back.  In style, Skag and Angel of Filth come down from the ceiling in the middle of the ring.  A giant brawl breaks out amongst the teams.  Dax and Rory put The Jeckels through the nearest table, while Kelli and Holly both slam Dying Breed on top of the spilled tacks.  Chi Chi and Jane dump buckets of glue over Azz n Class’ head.

Cordelia and Morgan look at the mayhem in front of them and shake their heads.  They slowly weave between Jerry and Kandy trying to fend off The Monstimals.  Skag and Filth are tossed to the outside right at their feet after Javi and Omasa toss them out.  The Clarks find their way on the other side of the carnage and to the backstage area.  Dax and Rory bring a table over and put The Monstimals through it while Jerry and Kandy turn to Javi and Omasa.  Omasa puts Kandy down with her bokken while Javi knocks Jerry right out of the ring with a random frying pan.  Dying Breed slide inside to get the same treatment, despite Omasa’s former alliance with them.  Kelli and Holly strike at Javi and Omasa, but eventually get sent over the ropes and through tables.  The Jeckels and Azz n Class move in, but they distract one another with their arguing, making it easy for Javi and Omasa to knock them outside on top of glue and tacks.  The Monstimals and The Three Way climb inside, beating down on Javi and Omasa.  The Monstimals are taken out with the frying pan and knocked outside of the ring.  Omasa and Dahlia have unfinished business from earlier, but it will have to wait as Omasa takes out Earl with her bokken, and then she turns it on Dahlia, smacking her. Dahlia takes it like a champ and fights back with clubs and punches.

Azz n Class and 2 Broke Chicks are still fighting back and forth as Omasa holds Javi back.  She climbs outside and quickly takes out the glue covered Azz n Class.  She catches Jane by surprise as 2 Broke Chicks are heading up the rampway, taking her out, leaving her and Chi Chi to go to war with their bokkens.  They go back and forth until finally, Omasa fakes out a rib strike, and then knocks Chi Chi out with a strike to the head.  Javi joins her on the stage and the two revel in the boos for a bit and then they retreat to the back.

With the masked people standing in front of the hardcore weapon cache, Joshua Acquin comes onto the screen, still holding the rubber mallet from before.  He has a smile on his face.

Joshua:  Good to hear you accept the challenge, Rory.

Joshua motions for one of the masked people to come forward.  The person comes over without hesitation.

Joshua:  Your first match will be against Javier Gonzales in a street fight.  Good luck…

Javier:  You gonna need it, homez. I got your number, vato.

Javi laughs as he and Joshua walk off, Joshua heading toward the curtains.

A few moments pass before the scene comes to life. The Sin City Underground Combat Champion, Merlot Ayano, is positioned backstage. And for once in a long time, there’s a smile on her face.

Merlot: How doing?

She takes a moment to run her fingers through her hair.

Merlot: Will not speak long. Just want to say couple of words. Please listen.

A quick moment passes.

Merlot: Came to Sin City Underground to challenge self. Came to fight best. But for some reason, match with Jennifer has been allusive. Always calls through, or gets interfered with—but not this time! This time, is finally real!

Merlot nods her head.

Merlot: Jennifer? Merlot look forward to this fight. Moreso, look forward to showing you Merlot can truly do in ring.

She nods her head. And with that, the camera fades out.

Double Main Event
Tag Team Match/Singles GRIME Rules Match
Contendership for the SCU Combat Championship & GRIME Championship
Jamie Staggs & Mz Holly Wood vs HB Carter & Joshua Acquin

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Joshua and Jamie start things off.  Jamie immediately dives in for a tie up.  Joshua knees him in the gut and clubs his back a few times.  He comes off the ropes, looking for a knee to the face.

Chad:  But Jamie moves and nails a Dropkick to the small of Joshua’s back.  He drops an elbow, gets up and drops another, and another, and another!

Gena:  Jamie throws his arms out to his side and begins doing an airplane spin about the ring.  As Joshua gets back up, Jamie uses the “wing” to Clothesline him back down.

Chad:  Jamie stomps on Joshua a few times before going to the second rope.  He puts his arms out to the side and goes to do a Falling Headbutt, but Carter “accidentally” falls on the ropes…

Gena:  Jamie racks himself on the top turnbuckle and his eyes bug out.  Joshua jumps up and leaps onto the second rope, doing a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Jamie. He returns the favor, stomping Jamie as he circles around him.

Chad:  Joshua waits for Jamie to start to rise, and he drops an elbow onto his head.  He pushes Jamie down and hooks the leg.


Gena:  Joshua slaps his hands together three times.  He shoves Jamie back down to the mat and does a Lateral Press.


Chad:  Jamie pinches Joshua’s nose as the two rise up.  He nails a Headbutt to Joshua, and Joshua returns fire with one of his own.  He sends Jamie into the ropes and catches him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam!


Gena:  Holly breaks up the cover.  Joshua sneers and glares at Holly, who simply blows him a kiss.  Carter snaps his fingers and jumps up and down for Holly, who does a half shrug and exits the ring.

Chad:  Jamie crawls back to his corner to tag in Holly, who leaps right back inside of the ring.  She licks her bottom lip as she watches Joshua size her up.  She shimmies over to him, ducking under a Clothesline!

Gena:  As Joshua turns around, Holly pulls him into a breast smother that gets the crowd laughing. Carter elates a “YAAAAAAASSSSSS!” for Holly from across the ring.  Holly bounces off the ropes and does a Hip Attack to Joshua.

Chad:  Joshua stumbles into the ropes where Holly goes for a Chick Kick, but Joshua grabs the leg and dumps Holly to the outside.  He stumbles again as he goes to tag in Carter.

Gena:  Carter doesn’t get inside of the ring, instead going to the outside to check on Holly.  He helps Holly over to the apron, and Holly crawls back inside.  She slowly gets up, holding onto her back.

Chad:  Carter gets inside, and asks “Are you okay, hon?”  Holly slowly nods her head as Carter spins into the Passion Fruit (S.O.S.)!

Gena:  The crowd is shocked at Carter, but damn, that was actually some great sportsmanship there.  Carter gets on the top rope, sizing Holly up as she squirms on the floor.

Chad:  Holly slowly gets up from the mat, and Carter is about to leap off with the Fruit Fly (Eclipse)... but Jamie returns the favor and shakes the ropes, causing Carter to wishbone over the turnbuckle!

Gena:  Carter can’t even get mad, despite the radiating pain.  He tumbles over onto the mat as Holly gets up.  Holly climbs onto the middle rope and nails a Moonsault, hooking the leg.


Chad:  Joshua breaks up the cover.  He and Jamie brawl to the outside.  Holly is still holding onto her back as she slowly pulls herself up by the ropes.  Joshua dumps Jamie into the crowd near the timekeepers table.

Gena:  Joshua picks up his GRIME Championship.  He rushes over and cracks Holly over the skull with it as Carter trips Holly and rolls her up for the cover…


Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners advancing to the singles match for the SCU Combat Championship Contendership… Helluva Bottom Carter and Joshua Acquin!!!


Carter looks confused until he sees Joshua standing right behind him with the GRIME Championship in hand, but it is too late and Joshua levels Carter with the belt.

Ding! Ding!

Chad:  This is just despicable… Joshua drops the belt down against Carter’s head again and then drops down for the cover.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner, Number One Contender to the SCU Combat Championship, and STILL GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

The crowd continues to boo as “Judas” plays over the speakers.  He points to the speakers as if to ask the crowd if they’re surprised.  They continue getting louder as Joshua walks around the ring, celebrating and rubbing it in their faces.  His music is cut off as “Intoxicating” plays over the speakers, and Andrey Azarov comes walking out onto the stage with his title around his slender waist.  He glares down at Joshua, who stops in his place and invites Andrey to come in the ring.  Andrey stays in place, just staring at Joshua as the show goes off the air.