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SCU Underground Ep 106 Violent Conduct VII Pre-Show (RESULTS)
« on: September 12, 2021, 05:38:09 PM »

Sin City Underground Ep 106: Violent Conduct Pre-Show comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 1:55pm PST on September 12th, 2021

SCW’s Violent Conduct is one of the most insane shows of the year.  It boasts 17 wild matches, including 5 SCU title matches.  While we’ve got a lot to look forward to on the main show, the Pre-Show is jam packed with the hottest action as well.  We have grudge matches such as Dax versus Jamie, Team GO versus The Di Lucas, Katta Pult versus Azurine, and Jenifer versus Celeste.  We’ve also got the conclusion of the Angel Kash Memorial Tournament, where either Ariana or Helena goes on to face Cordelia Clark in the main event for the Underground Championship.  While we also see SCU’s first Gauntlet From Hell, where Omasa Tazu takes on multiple opponents, one at a time, and can only be defeated by medical stoppage. This and so much more as Underground Ep. 106: Violent Conduct Pre-Show comes at you LIVE!

The scene opens backstage at the Violent Conduct VII where we see Ariana Angelos working out ahead of her busy night, not only competing in the finals of the tournament but teaming up with HB Carter in tag team competition against Veronica and Giani Da Luca.

Krystal: Ari!

Ariana looks up and grins when she sees the Australian Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe walking up; to her, title over her shoulder.

Ariana: Hey Krystal…….

Before Ari can finish her sentence Carter himself steps into view.

HBCarter: Ari, honey, we need to discuss strategy ahead of the tag team match, oh……..

Carter trails off as he spots Krystal.

Krystal: Hey Carter.

HBCarter: Krystal, what are you doing here?

Krystal: You mean aside from my title defence on the main show?

Krystal asks as she pats her title.

Krystal: I’m here to support my fellow Go Gym Grads.

HBCarter: The same way you “supported” Tempest at Climax Control 310?

Krystal: That was different, and you know it! I wanted Bella at her best for the title defence!

HBCarter: By screwing over Tempest?! Whatever happened to loyalty between Go Gym Graduates?!

Krystal: The same person who attacked you two before your first ever tag team match? Yeah, she’s been really supportive and loyal, hasn’t she? And you saw what she attempted to do to Bella at Climax Control!

HBCarter: And you admitted that that wouldn’t have happened if you had kept your mouth shut…….

Ariana: For the love of God, shut the hell up!

Ariana finally interrupts her friends and Carter and Krystal turn to her.

Ariana: Look, in a way I agree with both of your points! Krystal, I know your heart was in the right place, but you were way out of line at Climax Control 310!

Krystal: And that justifies Tempest nearly putting Bella in the hospital?!

Ariana: I’m not saying it does, but maybe next time think before you Tweet! And Carter!

Ariana says as she turns to Carter.

Ariana: Can you honestly tell me that you weren’t mad at Tempest after she attacked us?!

HBCarter: No, I was pissed but I didn’t threaten to cost Tempest her first match!

Ariana: Then how can you be mad at Krystal for acting in her best interest?

HBCarter: Again, that attack could’ve been avoided if she had kept her mouth shut!

Ariana puts her finger on Carter’s lips.

Ariana: Or it could’ve been avoided if she had kept her temper in check!

Ariana says before she shakes her head.

Ariana: Look, Krystal has her title defence on the main show, I have potentially three matches to compete in tonight and one of them would be for a title and one of them is teaming with you, point is, we don’t need this crap before our matches! I’m not asking you to kiss and make-up right away,, but can we at least call a truce and focus on our matches tonight?!

Krystal: Fine!

HBCarter: I can do that I can call a temporary truce with Charlotte.

Krystal raises an eyebrow at being called by her birth name.

HBCarter: That is your name isn’t it? I heard the argument between you and Gabriel!

Krystal: There’s a reason why only Makayla, Gabriel and Odette can call me by that name Carter!

Krystal responds before shaking her head.

Krystal: You know what? Good luck in your matches tonight! I’ve got a title defence to prepare for!

Krystal storms off as the scene fades.

Backstage at the Sullivan Arena the camera finds Raisa and Helena.

Raisa: Good evening, we hope you are all very miserable.

Raisa stares into the camera.

Raisa: We are nearing the end of Ms. Clark’s tournament, but it isn’t going how she expected to. She hadn’t expected Helena to make it this far, but Helena is someone who doesn’t care who you place inside a wrestling ring with, she has defeated everyone thus far and tonight, after she defeats Ms. Angelos, she will defeat you Ms. Clark.

Helena: Alaska is such a lovely place isn’t it, if you like lovely, personally I hate lovely things, and must destroy them. Ms. Angelos, you are very unfortunate, for tonight you must try and survive an fight with someone like me, I can take all the time I need to hurt you Ms. Angelos.

Helena rocks backs and forth and the crate.

Helena: Ms. Angelos, I don’t like you, they don’t like you, therefore you must be beaten and destroyed, you defeat will send a message to Ms. Clark the faith she will also receive. The Jeckels have lived in the underground, Ms. Clark, and when you fall hear the devil whisper, Ms Clark your faith will be sealed.

The camera cuts backstage at the dressing room area to find a very curious site; that of Helluva Bottom Carter standing in front of a mirror. No, that part is very much familiar territory. We are speaking more about the fact that he is not dressed like himself. He is wearing a red and white striped muscle shirt, shades on the bridge of his nose as he checks out his reflection in a standing mirror. Blue jeans bleached a shade or two more than usual, knees torn and white high tops. Perhaps more curious is the fact his normal sandy blonde hair has been darkened to brunette shade and slicked back so tight it might make your ears hurt and his flesh tanned to an almost comical point.

Marissa: Carter?

Carter's absolute favorite backstage babe, Marissa Henry, approaches looking every bit as perplexed by this image shift as the rest of us are.

HBCarter: Oh, hey babe.

He says in an obviously phony Jersey Shore accent, bumping his hip into her own.

HBCarter: How they hanging?

Marissa: Excuse me? Carter? Why are you dressed like this? Why are you acting like this? Who are you supposed to be?

He pauses and asks with genuine sincerity, his own voice back.

HBCarter: What, you mean it's not obvious?

Marissa shakes her head no, indicating that it is anything but.

HBCarter: Well shoot!

He whips off what is now revealed to be a greasy, brunette wig and ruffles his blonde tresses as if it made his scalp itch.

HBCarter: I go through all of this trouble to make fun of that Italian Scallion Giani and I don't even get recognized!

Marissa: But... why would you want to make fun of Giani, let alone try to look like him?

HBCarter: Oh I know I could never look like him. I'm infinitely cuter. But that's a fair question from the fairest of them all backstage, so I'll give you this one. It's because I have a point to prove when Ari and I get to meet those two douche nozzles in the ring tonight. The next step, MY next step, is to get a shot at the Underground championship before year's end. I've proven myself time and again and somehow, someway, I think Giani thinks this match is his way of putting up a roadblock for yours truly.

Marissa: Do you think he still has that much stroke backstage?

HBCarter: No. The only stroke Giani has is in the bathroom after a night of boring sex with Ronnie. But the fact is that the Underground title is next on my list. You know it. The powers that be know it. And Giani knows it. And he thinks he is going to use the first time he gets to team with Botox Barbie in order to derail me from my goals to end 2021 as the youngest Underground Champion in SCU history?

Carter slaps the wig back on and leans in toward Marissa, putting his best/worst Jersey Shore accent back in play...

HBCarter: I. Don't. Think. So!

That being said, Carter snaps his fingers at Marissa and turns and walks off camera, leaving her looking more perplexed than when she first started this interview.

Chad:  Before we kick off the first match, let’s talk about Underground Episode 107, Men’s Night.  After our usual week off, we’re going to have a show featuring the men of SCU.  We can expect to see epic title matches, and a whole lotta testosterone. So tune in on September 25th for the hot action.  Now, let’s get things underway!!!

Opening Match
Final Round. No Time Limit Match
Helena Jeckel vs Ariana Angelos

As Helena and Ari get ready to start their match, loosening up for the grand opportunity to face Cordelia in the main event, the Sin City Tron turns on to show Gianni Di Luca walking down the hallway with a microphone in his hand.  He is in his wrestling gear, and the crowd gives him an odd pop.  He pauses and poses along the way, drawing the cheers in until he reaches the curtains.  Two stage crew members step in front of the curtains as Gianni gives them both a nod.  He raises his hand into the air, giving a few soft fist pumps when the lights in the arena shut off.  “Wrecked” by Killbot plays over the speakers.

Lights flash across the crowd before the music hits a breakdown, and a huge blast of pyros go off.  Gianni jumps through the parted curtains, past the pyros, and he stomps around the stage, drawing in even more cheers for his in-ring return.  He walks back and forth a few times while Helena and Ariana look confused and annoyed.  Gianni makes it to the ring steps, and he jogs up onto the apron.  He climbs up to the second turnbuckle and begins pumping his fists as the music hits the second breakdown.  He steps over the ropes and stands in the corner, lights flashing across him.  He stomps in place, each stomp sending off another set of pyros from the ring posts.  He then bounces off of the ropes and goes to the other side, feeling them out.  He sees Helena and Ariana with their arms crossed, and he rolls his eyes.  He waves for the lights to come back on and he raises the microphone to his lips, his head tilted back.

Gianni:  Ey yo!  It’s ya boy, G to the D to the muthafuckin’ L!

Gena:  Yeah, we can see that.  But what are you doing out here right now?

Chad:  If you don’t know this by now, he’s about to tell us.

Gena:  Yeah, I know dipshit, I mean sweetie…

Gianni:  Fuhgeddaboudit!  It’s “The Italian Stallion”, “The Reflection of Perfection”, “The King of the Ring”, Gianni Di Luca.  But I don’t need to tell ya that.  All I need is for the ring to be cleared out for a second while I tawk.

Gianni waves Helena out of the ring, who is ready to attack Gianni, but he doesn’t even miss a beat as he picks her up onto his shoulders.  Instead of slamming her to the mat, he sets her on the ring apron.

Gianni:  Get outta hey before ya make me do somethin’ ya gonna regret.

Helena doesn’t budge, but Ariana starts to leave the ring.  But Gianni holds up a hand, telling her to stop.  She smacks it out of the way, causing Gianni to quickly turn up the heel heat, grabbing Ari by her hair.

Gianni:  I ain’t the one, cupcake.  Now, I been known to be a patient man, but that attitude is on suspension, just like you if ya touch me again before the bell rings. Capiche? Good.

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Gianni smirks and lets go of Ari’s hair.  She grits her teeth, but takes the point and settles in place.  Gianni looks over to the referee.

Gianni:  You can go ahead and throw this match out, ‘cause GDL and VTDL gonna go ahead and start the night off right.  Helena is gonna go ahead to the Pre-Show’s Main Event to fight Cordelia for the Underground Championship.

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gianni:  Like I give a damn whatcha got-tuh say ‘bout it!  Get outta hey… Naw, see, Ari, if ya feelin’ up to it after me and my wife wipe the mat with ya and Carter, then you are more than welcomed to join her.

The opening match has been thrown out, and both Helena Jeckel and Ariana Angelos will proceed to the the Main Event of the Pre-Show.

Chad:  This tournament is the most screwed up tournament ever.  But, I guess it’s no surprise, considering it was called the Angel Kash Memorial Tournament…

Gianni:  That said, I know you was prepared for a No Time Limit match, so that’s just what this match is gonna be, starting as soon as our partners arrive.  Just remember, don’t put ya hands on me, sweetheart…

Gianni winks and does an almost sadistic half smirk as Veronica comes down to the ring and holds onto Gianni’s arm.  However, she glares at Ariana, nearly igniting the fight right then and there.  Until Carter comes rushing down to start the next match.

Team GO vs Veronica and Gianni Di Luca

The fans clamour to see Gianni and Carter start the match off as we see a true competition between Team GO and The Di Lucas.  Gianni wants to bring all eyes to the inside of the ring.  He holds his arms up in the air, calling for a Test of Strength.  Despite Carter being angry at this whole arrangement, he bites his bottom lip and walks toward the center. They meet in the middle of the ring for the Test of Strength, and this goes very quickly in one direction as Gianni quickly bends Carter backward.  It ends when Gianni gets Carter down to the ground for a one count.  Gianni showboats, flexing his muscles and mocking Carter, but Carter takes advantage of the early mistake and gains and maintains the advantage with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, followed by several reversals that turn into various suplexes.  Gianni is forced to tag out to Veronica, and Carter tags in Ari.  Veronica throws several kicks and punches, and they start to wear on Ari after a moment.  However, Ari is able to catch one leg and falls back into a Release Suplex.  Veronica lands in the corner, upside down.  Before she can crumble, Ari hits a hard kick to Veronica’s midsection.  She rushes back, and as she turns to run, Veronica has made it back to her feet, shrieking as she seems to have snapped.  She gets hold of Ari’s hair and whips her to the mat.  She climbs on top and bashes Ari’s head into the mat.  The referee gives her warning to stop, but she keeps going.  It takes Gianni getting inside of the ring to pull her off to avoid disqualification.  She sneers at her husband and picks Ari up.  She smashes her face into the turnbuckle right in front of Carter, calling for the tag to be made.  Veronica picks pieces of hair from between her fingers as she walks over to tag Gianni back in.  He and Carter meet in the middle of the ring, throwing punches.  Carter’s Combat experience rivals Gianni’s boxing training.  The two have a slugfest until Gianni secures a Suckerpunch.  He then quickly brings Carter down into a Piledriver.  He goes to set Carter up for the Jersey Turnpike (Pumphandle Slam) when Ari gets inside of the ring and claws at his back.  Gianni drops Carter with the finisher, and then he whips Ari into the corner.  He’s about ready to go for the Stampede (Body Avalanche) on Ari, but the referee warns him.  He shoves the referee away.  Another warning, and Veronica steps in to stop the disqualification.  However, she doesn’t seem to like the tone of the referee, and she slaps him clear across the face! Team GO wins via disqualification as Gianni lifts the referee up for the Jersey Turnpike, landing it.  He picks Carter up and delivers another Jersey Turnpike for having taken the loss, leaving Ari to check on Carter, who is only a bit out of it after a few moments.  The Di Luca’s walk to the back as Carter glares at them the entire way up.


The opens backstage in the Sullivan Arena, where we see Amy standing in the empty catering area following a quick visit into the arena to sort a few things out as we as show her parents around before making her own little detour to check for any new regarding the card itself. As her husband and their little girl Beckett appears around the corner with Amy's parents and one of her sisters. Joey hands Beckett over to Amy, as her parents take a seat at a nearby table.

Amy's Mom: This is great Amelia... but why the tour of an empty quiet building.

Her mom asks.

Katherine: Because during the show its manic and everyone rushing around.

Amy's sister Katherine says with a smile, as reaches out and takes Beckett into her arms.

Amy: Thanks Katie. Also I... don’t... think... I have brought you to an arena before where I will be wrestling.

Amy says with a bit of hesitation in her voice as she thinks at the same time.

Amy's Dad: You haven’t. I have only caught bits and pieces of you wrestling on tv and YouTube.

Her dad says with a nod of appreciation

Amy's Mom: This isn’t to butter us up and get us to baby sit?

Her mom says scathingly.

Katherine: Actually... I am babysitting this beautiful little girl.

Katherine interrupts Amy very quickly before things get awkward between her and their mom.

Katherine: Amy asked me a few days back and i couldn’t resist this chubby little face.

Katherine squeezes Beckett tight and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Amy's Mom: Oh ok.

Their mom replies in an almost disappointed tone.

Katherine: Don’t worry... I’ll come over with her a little later.  Then i will make sure you will see her the morning before your flight back to Juneau.

Katherine says with a nod.

Amy's Mom: Are you not taking her back to your hotel?

Their mom asks.

Amy: By the time things start it will be her dinner and then bedtime. I don’t want to be dragging her away from her bed if i can help it.

Amy shrugs and smiles at Katherine, who had moved from Juneau to Anchorage a year earlier for work.

Amy's Dad: So what is the match order for this supercard of yours?

Her dad queries, as Beckett becomes a little fussy and Katherine hands her over to Joey who then sits down and places Beckett on the floor and then hand her a couple of toys from a bag.

Amy: Mercedes Vargas and I are up first on the main show. It’s going to be strange as I haven’t opened a show up for a long while.

Amy shrugs as she moves to one of the toys and brings it back to where Beckett is.

Amy's Mom: Is she a good wrestling person?

Her mom queries, which Amy lets out a small chuckle at how she phrased it, but she isn’t too bothered that her mom hasn’t watch her wrestle for perhaps a long while?

Amy: She is. One of the best.

Katherine: So why are you two opening the show?

Katherine asks.

Amy: In all honesty i don’t know but she is pulling double duty tonight.  That is probably why. So I am going to have to make sure she will be in a lot of pain going into her second match later.

Amy smirks.

Amy's Mom: What type of match is this?

Her mom queries showing some concern.

Katherine: Trust me. You don’t want to know.

Katherine says.

Katherine: Ask pops later to show you a video.

Katherine continues as Amy looks at the clock and then looks at Beckett who is pulls herself to her feet using a table.

Amy: I have booked a table for lunch just a few miles from here. Shall we go?

Amy asks.

Amy's Mom: Why did we come here then?

Amy: It was easier to meet here etc.. so I can sort a few things out and then go on to the restaurant.

Amy explains.

Amy's Mom: Oh ok. Are you taking me and your father Katherine?

Katherine: I am.

Katherine nods as Amy picks up the toys and stuff them back into the bag as Joey lifts Beckett and into his arms as they leave the empty catering area and head towards the exit. The scene fades out with them in getting into cars and heading to their destination.

Falls Count Anywhere
Dax Beckett vs Jamie Staggs

Dax and Jamie circle each other.  Dax goes for a tie up, but Jamie gives a light slap to the crotch and spins around with a slap to the side of Dax’s face.  He laughs about it, and points, giving Dax enough time to deck Jamie in the face.  However, referee Alex Rush holds up a “BAM!” sign in front of them.  The crowd groans, but also laughs a bit.  Dax hits a few more jabs, gaining a “BOOM!”, “POW!”, and “WHAM!”.  He then spins into a kick to Jamie’s midsection, for a “Bang!”  Jamie goes down, and Dax starts to argue with Alex about the signs.  Alex explains himself, but Dax isn’t budging.  He goes to knock the signs out of Alex’s hands, but Jamie rolls Dax up for a two count.  Dax kicks out and Jamie gets up to his feet.  Dax, however, sweeps him off of his feet.  He climbs on top of Jamie and starts to throw punches.  “ZAP!”, “ZOOOOOOM!”, “!!!”, and “BLAP!” before Jamie grabs onto Dax’s head and hits a headbutt, earning a “ZONK!” for himself.  He grabs Dax and raises him up to his feet.  He hits a series of chops, getting a “RIP!”, “OH!”, and “BIFF!” as Jamie rushes Dax into the corner.  He runs up the corner and hits a Hurricanrana, pinning for a 2 count.  Dax reverses the pin, getting a two count himself.  Jamie rolls back and hits a low dropkick to Dax’s face, getting a “CRASH!”  Jamie hooks the leg, but only gets a 2.5 count.  Jamie picks Dax up, setting him up for a Vertical Suplex.  Dax drops down behind, looking for a German Suplex, but Jamie grabs an arm, twists it, and hits another nut shot, getting a “SMACK!”  Alex spins Jamie around and tells him that move was illegal.  Dax hits a Low Blow to Jamie in retaliation, but due to it being unexpected, Alex misses the opportunity to use a sign.  He tells them both that the next nut shot will be a disqualification.  Jamie and Dax both reach up and punch Alex in the groin.  His eyes bug out and he lowers to the ground, clutching the “THWACK!” sign against his groin.  All three men are laid out on the ground, clutching their crotches.  They roll around on the ground for a moment before Alex calls for the bell by holding up a “DING!” sign three times. The match ends as a double disqualification.

The scene cuts in on SCU Underground Champion Cordelia Clark and she is storming through the hallway. She’s in an incredibly bad mood having heard the announcement regarding her title match later in the night. Finding a locker room, she barges in.

Cordelia: Morgan, you are not going to believe this!

Cordelia maintains her anger as she looks around for her. There is absolutely no sign of her.

Cordelia: Morgan? Morgan? Where the heck are you, sis?

Cordelia continues to look around. Suddenly, she finds a folded piece of paper in her locker. She grabs it and opens it…

Cordelia: “Cordy, I’ve got my own stuff to focus on tonight. Sorry. I know you’ve got this tonight. Love, Morgan.”

Morgan leaving her to her own devices certainly doesn’t make Cordelia all that happy. Still, she is not throwing a fit over this as she figures that Morgan is just going through a mood. She spots the camera in front of her and she’s in a really foul mood as she begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia: Of ALL the people I had to lose my unpinned, undefeated streak to in this company… it had to be HER? It had to be THAT THING? And to make matters even worse, the powers that be decide to forgo the tournament final and have both Ariana Angelos and Helena Jeckel face me in a triple threat? Are you KIDDING ME? This is about as unfair and ridiculous as it gets. Seriously. I think it’s quite obvious that they’re stacking the deck against me. I know what both of these women are going to think. They are going to think that I am vulnerable because of the events of the last SCU show. No, I am NOT vulnerable. I am NOT going to be some one cycle champion! I did not win this title at SuperNova to lose it THIS soon, especially to mediocre, C plus players at best in Ariana and Helena, two women that I have beaten multiple times by this point. Losing the title to EITHER of them… ESPECIALLY Ariana… would be a blight on the legacy that I am building and it would TOTALLY put a dent on the reputation that I have built up in Sin City Underground for the moment that I arrived and I am NOT going to let that happen.

You hear that, ladies? I don’t give a crap about what you’ve done in this tournament. You two are NEVER going to impress me! You’ve wasted all of your luck and good fortune in this tournament but let me tell you something, lightning does not strike twice especially against a superior being like me! I am THE valedictorian of this company. No woman has been more dominant in SCU than I have been. As TV Champion and Underground Champion, I have beaten EVERYONE that they’ve put in front of me, including you two flukes on multiple occasions. I have turned back people from SCU and from GRIME. You two have tried MULTIPLE TIMES to take the next step in SCU and you never do! With what I have done since I have been here, particularly from the moment I officially became the SCU Television Champion, I have accomplished more than both of you COMBINED! This story doesn't end with a Cinderella victory. This story doesn't end with Helena Jeckel fluking her way to a world championship. This story is NOT going to end with the SENTIMENTAL FAVORITE who is ALWAYS getting opportunities handed to her like candy in Ariana Angelos “FINALLY COMING THROUGH!” It’s NEVER going to happen and it’s especially never going to happen at MY EXPENSE! So at the end of the day, you two ladies can continue to keep dreaming. You may think that you are going to take full advantage of this GIFT that the powers that be have given you in stacking the deck against me but at the end of the day, you are both going to end up FAILING to take this title from me just like ORCHID did! I will silence the two of you and your hopes and dreams just like I did with her.

And when it’s all over, you are both going to be left empty shells of yourselves, regretful that once again you had an opportunity to be somebody only to be left with NOTHING! You two are dreamers that never amount to anything beyond that… I am the one woman around here that brings reality to the table and shatters them. Women like you in society will NEVER be better than women like me!

Tonight? I’m overcoming the stacked odds and I’m going to retain this championship! You two? Keep dreaming… because that’s as far as you are EVER going to get!

Cordelia bolts out of the locker room at this point, clearly carrying a bunch of anger and frustration within her as the scene fades out.

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Re: SCU Underground Ep 106 Violent Conduct VII Pre-Show (RESULTS)
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2021, 05:39:24 PM »

Azurine Vebbins vs Katta Pult

Before the bell can ring, Katta comes outside and clubs Azzy across the back.  She goes on the attack, knocking Azzy to the ground.  After a few good stomps, she picks Azzy up and rolls her inside of the ring.  She slides inside and the bell rings.  She continues to stomp on Azzy until the referee orders her back.  She reluctantly steps back as Azzy starts to get to her feet.  Azzy stumbles back into the corner.  As Katta rushes at her, Azzy ducks and as Katta turns around, Azzy hits a couple high kicks to Katta’s head.  She steps up two ropes and begins to throw punches to Katta’s face.  She is about to go for a DDT, but Katta holds Azzy up and drops her with a mat slam.  She holds onto Azzy, and lifts her up into a Snap Suplex.  She gets a two count before lifting Azzy back up.  Azzy clubs her in the sides.  She comes off the ropes and hits a Shoulderbutt.  She lifts Katta up and whips her into the ropes, nailing a back elbow.  She gets behind Katta and goes for a German Suplex, but Katta nails a back elbow.  She turns around and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Azzy.  She gets a two count.  Katta shouts at the ref to quicken the count.  She goes to pick Azzy up, but Azzy trips her up over the bottom rope.  She turns her over and hits a Slingshot against the middle rope.  She goes for a cover, getting a two count.  She lifts Katta up and nails a hard hitting Running Bulldog, getting another two count.  Azzy lifts Katta up, setting her up for the Pearly Gatekeeper (Dragon Suplex into a Double-Handed Jawbreaker)!  But Katta is able to break out of it.  Katta gets behind Azzy and goes for her signature Pax Germania (Rolling German Suplexes), but as she sends Azzy backwards, but Azzy rolls out and lands on her feet.  She tries for the Pearly Gatekeeper again, but Katta sneaks an eye rake, following it up with a rollup cover.  She holds the tights and gets the three count. Katta Pult wins via pinfall.

The scene cuts in on Chelsea LeClair in the locker room. She is incredibly bubbly and vibrant this evening and on top of that, she is dressed to compete much to the surprise of the audience. Chelsea is in a rather good mood considering that she is just getting started in Sin City Underground. Chelsea is beaming with confidence and she’s definitely excited to proceed with the next chapter of her new adventure as she begins to express her thoughts.

Chelsea: HI! For those of you that know me, you know that you are in for a rather entertaining ride with me. For those that don’t, my name is Chelsea LeClair. You may know me from other places as the former tag team partner of Andrea Hernandez… and the less I say anything about that, the better… you may also know me as someone who has taken the wrestling world by storm quite a bit in the last year or so with so much more to come. You may also know me as a former two time world champion in my own right. Regardless, I am so happy to be here. This has been a fresh new beginning for me so far and the best part was that after having to wait for a little bit, I finally made my on screen debut last week and I WON! Believe me, that was such an amazing thrill to be part of this universe and to be part of the family and the best is yet to come, you have my promise on that. I am not someone that is afraid. I am not someone that runs away from a fight or a challenge and well… I am speaking to you tonight because I do have a challenge in front of me in the form of Omasa….

That’s right…

I AM in this gauntlet tonight. It sure sounds like a tough challenge, does it not? I mean, her name strikes fear in the hearts of many, but I am not one of them. The only way to win the gauntlet is to knock her out? Oof… that does sound like a tall task, especially for someone that looks like me, right? I mean, how am I, some pretty little thing from South Jersey, going to be able to beat someone like her? She’s… well… Omasa… and I am someone that looks like they belong more in Hollywood than a wrestling ring. Now, I admit that when I first started wrestling, I was using the sport as a vehicle for that shallow dream but that is NOT me anymore. Maybe I don’t look like a prototypical wrestler but believe me when I say that I love this business and I would not be a world champion two times over if I didn’t.

“Well someone cute like you may not be able to knock her out you know…”

Yeah right.

You’re talking to someone that once retained a world championship in a barbwire deathmatch… which… IRONIC considering that the woman that mentored me is fighting one tonight…

OH RIGHT, I didn’t mention that part about being a Myra Rivers protege did I? Okay, it’s not the end all be all as far as this gauntlet goes, but having that pedigree on my resume doesn’t hurt. You see, I have had a history of overcoming the odds and being able to shock a hell of a lot of people. I have had a history of beating wrestlers that many people on paper say that I wouldn’t be able to beat. Now, I am not going to go out and guarantee that I am going to knock a bitch out, but as someone who knows what she is capable of, do not be surprised if I am the one that does it. I have made a career out of doing the seemingly impossible and if that is what I gotta do tonight to show SCU what I am really made of, then that is what I am going to do! So Omasa, if you last long enough to face me, the last thing you want to do is underestimate me. One way or another, I am going to show this company that I am not just another pretty face: I am a legitimate professional wrestler who has yet to hit her full potential! So best of luck to everyone else involved.


It’s a Chelsea LeClair coming out party, BITCHES!

Chelsea gives a confident wink before she heads out of the scene, raring to go for the gauntlet match. Shortly after she leaves, the scene fades out.

The scene opens with the GRIME championship filling the screen before slowly zooming out to reveal Amy Santino in her ring gear, where she stands alone in front of a large Violent Conduct poster, which has been graffitied over with the words GRIME RULES.

Amy smiles as she looks down at the camera and begins to speak.

Amy: It’s amazing how much can be said in a match blurb with only getting half the story.  It’s doesn’t tell you that I was screwed over by Omasa and GRIME is no longer is a company but a brand that I own rights to. It also doesn’t tell you that I am undefeated in singles competition and how hard I worked to come back and how hard to get where I am now. It’s also doesn’t give the whole story of mine and Mercedes’ history.  And finally, it won’ tell you that I will be successful defending my championship.

But let’s go back to that history part…  April 10th 2011.  The very first time that we stepped into the ring against each other… 10 years ago.  It’s crazy.  Do you remember that match Mercedes? I barely do but looking back in the video archive, you won that match and unfortunately you won every other singles encounters we had in NCW right up until I left that company.   Obviously you then joined Sin City Wrestling and we didn’t meet until November 2013, which I beat you in two successive shows defeating you take the roulette championship and then successfully defending it, however, after that normal service resumes until Violent Conduct IV 2017 whereby some miracle I won that but after that no more matches between us in singles competition.

It’s not until we both decide to take up residence in SCU and well…. we all know the story of that.  I take the now GRIME championship off you and unify it and here we are. So moving on from the past into the now.  The now being our match tonight and my title defence.  To be honest… when I won the World Nightmare championship, I wasn’t expecting to beat you and I wasn’t expecting as I said the unification and I am going to be frank here and I’ve said it before. You don’t deserve the rematch. This is a different title… but sadly my previous calls fall on deaf ears since I don’t hold much power anymore.

There isn’t time to be bitter about that because I need to focus on tonight.  To be honest I will have to be the most focused I have ever been for most matches here in GRIME/SCU. While much of the competition is strong it’s nothing to write home about, but with you being on the roster or whatever you are doing I have to work that little bit harder inside the ring and you have to work twice as hard just to survive the night… pulling double duty must suck.

You must feel great about getting this title shot and then being in the Bombshell Internet final… but if I was Andrea Hernandez I would be praying to whatever god is out there and doing the biggest back flips ever.  Do you know what GRIME is Mercedes?  it’s about hardcore wrestling 24/7 and I am not talking about the roulette style of matches, and you are going to be in for one hell of a ride.  I will make sure that when you leave the ring tonight you will be battered bruised and bloody.  I will make sure that you regret making a beeline for this title and I will make sure that Andrea will have the biggest advantage going into your match.

This doesn’t mean I am going to compromise my own match and roll over… Oh no.  I am going all out and as always putting everything out there and on the line. Mercedes… you better be prepared for this match and this match only.

I am defending this title at all costs.

Good luck Mercedes because you are going to fucking need it.

Amy pulls the belt from her waist and raises it up before giving it a little kiss before walking away.  The scene fades out on the Violent Conduct post and the background sounds of a busy backstage area.

Gauntlet Match from Hell
Omasa Tazu

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Javier: Yo, this Javi, taking over this bitch to call the action. I'm a one-man team for this one homez. Omasa and Orchid start off this Omasa gets to beat down the women roster match. Omasa stays at her corner as Orchid approaches Omasa but stops just 3 feet from her and gets in her Wing Chun stance. Omasa shakes her head as she continues to stay at her corner. Orchid goes for a kick, Omasa side steps to move out of the way. Omasa grabs her wooden sword and stabs Orchid in the gut, then moves the sword up to hit Orchid in the jaw, but Orchid blocks it with her hand. Orchid holds the sword and takes it from Omasa, almost as if Omasa wanted her to take it. Orchid swings the sword and hits Omasa in the gut. Omasa points at Orchid as the referee calls for the bell. 

Darlyn: Orchid has been DQ.

Javier: Yo, how you like that, Gianni? You made the rules, and Omasa is going to capitalize on them, vato! Oh, look it here, Delia Darling out, victim number two for Omasa to take on. Like some old white dude will say. Business is about to pick up! Delia Darling slides in the ring. Darling picks up the wooden sword and wacks Omasa in the shoulder. Dr. Green calls for the bell as Darling shrugs and leaves the ring.

Darlyn: Delia Darling has been DQ. 

Javier: Darling just gave Gianni a big ol F.U. FU for Frenchie… Something homez, I don't know what the U stands for. And now we have Esther Azarov running down. Esther and Andrey about to see what happens when you face the best tag team ever in SCU, NFG! That's yo homey Javi and the killer Omasa as the tag team, No Fucks Given. Esther slides in the ring. Omasa tosses Esther the wooden sword. Esther turns around and throws the sword behind her, landing on Omasa's feet. Esther points at her head, letting Omasa get a free shot. This chick is stupid crazy, yo! She about to die! Omasa walks around to face Esther. Esther gets her fists up, but Omasa nails her with that Omasa Punch! Yeah, Gianni, you ain't banning shit when you give Omasa a no-rules match to take a advantage of homez! Esther goes down for the three count as Omasa just puts her foot on Esther's chest! Go home crazy; you need Jesus, chicka!

Darlyn: Esther Azarov has been pinned.

Javier: Oh shot, Filth runs out but stops at ringside. Filth calls for Omasa to come outside. Oh shit, B! Omasa slides out of the ring! Omasa and Filth start trading hard chops to the chest as Dr. Green starts his count! Filth and Omasa are taking each shot. They ain't blocking shit. They taking each chop like a champ as Dr. Green gets to five. Omasa nails a chop that makes Filth take a step back. Filth steps in and nails a chop that sends Omasa a few steps back. Dr. Green gets to eight! Omasa runs in with a hard chop as Dr. Green gets to nine. Filth sprays Omasa in the face with her smelly breath thingy Poison Mist! The bell rings as Dr. Green counts to ten!

Darlyn: Angel of Filth has been counted out.

Javier: Omasa got treated by Filth. Dahlia Rotten comes out while Omasa slides in the ring and wipes her face. Dr. Green is asking if Omasa is okay! Shit, it gonna take more than that to take Omasa out homez! Dahlia gets in the ring and grabs the wooden sword. Dahlia throws it outside, bad move; Dahlia gonna need any weapon she can use! Dahlia runs at Omasa; Dahlia bends down a bit and hits Omasa in the chest with her big ass head hitting a hard headbutt! Omasa ends up staggering to the ropes; Dahlia grabs Omasa, and Irish whips her across the ring, yo! Omasa bounces off. Dahlia bends down for a headbutt with her bigass forehead, but Omasa, don't be playing that shit as she counters with a smack to Dahlia's big ass forehead vatos! Omasa grabs Dahlia to send her to the ropes, but Dahlia reverses it, sending Omasa instead! Omasa jumps and lands on the top rope on some ninja shit as she jumps off the bitch going for a moonsault. Omasa lands on Dahlia, but Dahlia holds Omasa and counters by dropping Omasa with a powerslam. Dahlia goes for the cover but ain't no pinfalls stupid! Not like Omasa would have took the 3-count. Gonna take more than that to take my partner out homez! Dahlia and Omasa get to their feet. Omasa goes for a roundhouse kick, but Dahlia blocks it by grabbing Omasa mid-air and counters with a T-bone suplex!

Javi drops the headset as Dahlia steps on Omasa's chest. Javi slides in the ring, Dr. Green tries to get in front of Javi, but he spins around Dr. Green, then hits Dahlia with a dropkick. Dahlia slips off of Omasa but stays on her feet. Dahlia turns to look at Javi; Javi kicks Dahlia in the stomach before grabbing her head for a headlock.  Earl Lockyer runs out and gets in the ring. He nails a boot to the side of Javi's head. Javi lets go of Dahlia; Omasa kicks Earl in the back of the knee as she gets to her feet. SCU security ran down to ringside. Earl turns to Omasa; Omasa goes to punch Earl, but Earl grabs Omasa by her throat and gets her up, then drops her with a chokeslam. The bell rings as security gets in the ring to remove the Three-Way and Javi.

Darlyn: Due to Earl attacking Omasa, Dahlia has been DQ!

Security order The Three Way to the back as they try to argue their case. Javi mocks them, which gets Earl to go for Javi, but security gets tighter on Earl as other security guards get Javi out of the ring. Javi takes his shirt off and throws it at the Three-Way to further antagonize the Pride Tag Team Champions. While security removes those not in the match, Morgan Clark runs down the rampway and slides in the ring.

Morgan Clark grabs Omasa by her forehead in a claw grip as Morgan gets Omasa to her feet. Morgan goes for an open hand strike, but Omasa blocks it and counters with a closed fist punch to Morgan's ribs. Omasa nails another punch, but Morgan lands a closed fist of her own to Omasa's jaw, sending Omasa back a few steps. Omasa points at Morgan to Dr. Green. Dr. Green gives Morgan a half-sounding warning. Omasa charges at Morgan and eats a knee to the gut for her troubles. Morgan starts blocking Omasa's martial art kicks. Morgan nails a hard left hook then a right. Omasa gets stunned. Morgan runs to Omasa, but Omasa drops down to Leg Sweeps Morgan. Morgan jumps at the last second and kicks Omasa in the face. Morgan picks up Omasa; Morgan hits the ropes as she runs to Omasa; Morgan jumps and locks her legs on Omasa's neck for a Spinning headscissors. Omasa slides across the ring to the other side with her ass hitting the bottom turnbuckle. Morgan runs over and again puts the claw to Omasa's head to get Omasa to her feet. Morgan looks at Dr. Green as he turns to look away from the ring. Morgan nails Omasa in the throat with the illegal Omasa Punch. Omasa gets on all fours, which gives Morgan the perfect shot, kicking Omasa in the stomach, flipping Omasa over, and landing on her back. Dr. Green turns to look at the ring as Morgan gets on the top turnbuckle. Morgan leaps off the turnbuckle, landing right on Omasa's heart with her Busaiku knee. (Heartbreaker) Morgan steps back as Dr. Green points to a corner. He looks at Omasa and calls for the bell.

Darlyn: Dr. Green has medically stop this match on behalf of Omasa Tazu well being. The winner of this match by TKO… Morgan Clark!!!!

The scene cuts in on Morgan Clark who is beaming! For the first time in the entirety of her SCU career, she is legitimately happy. Reflecting on the gauntlet that she won not too long ago, Morgan continues to beam with pride. She knows that what she just accomplished is huge as she begins to speak her mind.

Morgan: Before I dive into what I REALLY want to say, I do want to say sorry to my sister Cordelia Clark for not being around when she needed me. It was nothing personal, Cordy. I know you’re going to be in the main event of this pre-show against Helena and Ariana in just a few minutes and I already know that you got this. Go out there and continue to prove why you’re the world champion that you deserve to be. Now, as for ME? I bet that you weren’t expecting me to be the one that knocked out Omasa, did you? Don’t even hide it. NONE of you gave me a chance. All of you idiots looking at me and thinking “oh it’s just Cordelia’s big sister, nothing special about her”. All of you people writing me off as second fiddle to Cordelia, acting as if I don’t have my own abilities or talent to go out there and accomplish that and I already know all of you idiots out there are going to dismiss what I just did and make excuses for Omasa… something along the lines of all the other participants wearing her out first, or something. Yeah, go ahead and make excuses for her and try to discredit me.

It will NOT change the fact that I went out there and PROVED that I am my own wrestler, in my own right and not just ANY wrestler, but a DAMN GOOD ONE in my own right! All of this time being in my late cousin’s shadow while she disgraced our family and then all of this time being casted in Cordelia’s while people like Amy Santino were doing nothing but burying me in the goddamn ground. Yeah, go ahead and make all of your excuses like I know you immature bastards will.

The outcome won’t change…

But you know what will?

This ‘second fiddle’ crap that’s what will change! Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister to death and everything, but I have my own goals and ambitions too. All of this time being shuttled off to the sidelines all while the powers that be constantly overlooked me for weeks, even months. All this time just sitting there, waiting for a chance to shine, rotting away and resulting in wrestlers that I know I am better than taking advantage of the fact that I rotted and accumulated rust on the sidelines… no wonder my career here was going nowhere. That’s going to change because tonight, Morgan Clark put herself on the map in her own right and this is THE turnaround victory, THE breakout moment that I had desperately needed. Whether you like it or not, whether you want to diminish it or not, you’re about to see more of what I can do. This is only the beginning of MY big breakout in Sin City Underground. Perhaps Omasa is going to come back for me. Maybe she’s going to try and avenge her wounded pride considering I was the last person she expected to knock her out… but if she does, I would GLADLY do it again if it came down to that.

You want to keep underestimating me? You want to keep burying me into the ground? You want to start the “fluke” parade and try to throw slurs like “one hit wonder” at me? Yeah, you’re all so stupid and predictable. I know it’s going to be coming. Mark my words: this was no fluke. I am no one hit wonder. And pardon my language, but all the time you people had to laugh at me as some second fiddle BITCH who wasn’t going to amount to anything more than Cordelia’s shadow have had your laughs. At the end of the day? The one that’s going to have the last laugh when I have success in my own right is ME!

This is just the beginning…

You can count on that!

Morgan bolts out of the scene as happy as she has ever been as the scene fades to black.

Backstage, SCW Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas is already suited up ahead of her match tonight as she stands by SCU reporter Marissa Henry. Tellingly, there's a promotional poster of Violent Conduct set upon an easel just behind them.

Marissa: Mercedes, you're opening the show by challenging Amy Santino for the GRIME Championship in your obligated rematch and the first of two matches here tonight. You could potentially walk out a double champion if you’re successful winning the vacant Bombshell Internet Championship by defeating Andrea Hernandez in the finals of the title tournament.

Mercedes: Could is the operative word, Mari. It’s not about if I end up double champion, only a matter of when. So then the question isn't who's going to let me, it's who's going to stop me? But first things first. There’s some people out there that think I don't deserve a rematch for the GRIME Championship. I know Amy doesn't. She was probably wishing, hoping, and praying her challenger was anybody else because she knows I'm the last person she wants to step in the ring with and she knows I would end her Cinderella reign before she could even step foot in her home state.

Marissa: Aren't you kind of underestimating Amy? She did beat you for the title after all. And given your past history in SCW, she has won the last three matches between you, not to mention you have only beaten her once you in the four singles matches you've had. Two of those three wins were title matches and she already beat you once at Violent Conduct.

Mercedes: Way to hit a sore point, but thank you. And that was getting to my next point. Yes, Amy did end my reign at Supernova. She ended my first reign as Bombshell Roulette Champion and also won the rematch and also beat me at Violent Conduct, but that was then and this is now. If you need more convincing that I deserve a rematch, that's fine.

Mercedes begins counting her fingers to illustrate.

Mercedes: First off, I've already pinned Amy in the tag match we had on Underground a few shows back. Secondly, I beat Celeste North one-on-one with no problem. And the tag match three weeks ago with my girls Delia, Winter, and Tatsu against Amy, Celeste, and Ass N' Class? Only reason why that went to a no contest is because Amy and Celeste didn't want to be embarrassed for another week. And then I beat the current and longest reigning Combat Champion in Merlot Ayano. If there is anyone who should challenge Amy for the title, I can't think of anyone better.

She pauses, brushes a few strands of hair from her face. Despite herself, Mercedes has a coy, almost snobbish expression as she now looks straight into the camera.

Mercedes: Amy, I said I was coming for my rematch and I didn't care if I had to wait two weeks, two months, or two years. You hold the cards in Sin City Underground because you're co-owner, but that's exactly what's wrong. You got your buddy Joshua Acquin a job and now he's GRIME Champion, but that's not the worse of it, even though it should be. You've had it too good for far too long. Maybe this would have been the success you would have had in Sin City Wrestling if I never signed a contract eight years ago. You would probably be having the success I've had in my career.

I know it's been over four years since the day you last won a championship when you were active in SCW, but tonight your run with the GRIME Championship is over, Amelia. But hey, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. At least you had a good run to look back on and you still have your pride. And maybe you and Krystal can finally have that match she's been on about since she too will be exposed as a fluke champion like you after Violent Conduct.

Mercedes holds an index finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.

Mercedes: I can’t wait to ruin Amy’s homecoming debut. It’s going to be a night that will live in her mind forever when I make history as the first ever two-time GRIME Champion at her expense. And after I win the GRIME Championship, maybe I should be co-owner here because I'd do a better job than she ever will.

Last Women Standing
Celeste North vs Jenifer Lacriox

Celeste makes her way out onto the rampway, but she refuses to go down to the ring.  She waits for Jenifer on the ramp.  After a moment of Jenifer’s music playing, she doesn’t come out.  She does, however, come through the crowd, coming up behind Celeste and hitting a Superwoman Punch to the back of the head.  She drags Celeste down to ringside by the hair and rolls her inside of the ring.  She enters to get the match started.  Celeste only takes 3 seconds to get back to her feet. Jenifer grabs onto Celeste right away and flings her into the ropes.  Celeste ducks a Clothesline, but on the rebound, she catches a hard elbow to the face and goes down.  Jenifer stomps away at her violently in a circle before picking her up and landing a Snap Suplex.  She holds on and lifts Celeste into another Snap Suplex.  She goes for  third, but Celeste knees her in the gut and then clubs her back.  She flings Jenifer into the corner and follows up with a Clothesline.  She throws various punches, kicks, knees, and clubs as she growls.  She goes for a Running Bulldog, but Jenifer flings her forward.  She rushes behind Celeste and hits a Punt Kick to her spine.  She locks on a Standing Rear Choke.  Celeste refuses to give in, and Jenifer begins hammering away at her head, punch after punch.  Celeste claws at Jenifer’s eyes.  She uses the distraction to get up and she begins delivering a series of kicks, grounding Jenifer with a Spin Kick.  Jenifer is down for 5.  Celeste picks Jenifer up and drops her with an Alabama Slam.  6 and Jenifer is back up.  Celeste tries for a Shining Wizard, but Jenifer moves outta the way and drabs onto Celeste’s ankle.  She does an Ankle Lock, and Celeste tries to get to the ropes.  Jenifer isn’t having it as she drops back into an STF hold.  Celeste refuses to give up, but she’s on the verge of tapping.  However, she is able to barely get to the ropes to break it.  Jenifer lifts Celeste up and puts on the Kimura Lock, holding her away from the ropes.  Celeste still refuses to give in, but she passes out.  Jenifer keeps it held on for a few seconds.  She lets go, and Celeste is out on the ground.  Jenifer watches carefully as the referee counts.  Dylan counts to 9, and Celeste holds onto the ropes.  She starts to get up, but Jenifer begins clubbing her.  Celeste moves around, barely able to, but she blocks a club, and does the Homicidal (Right hook to the temple followed by a European Uppercut, polished off with a Running Bulldog).  Jenifer draws the crowd behind her, cheering her on.  Just before 10, Jenifer gets up.  Celeste is already celebrating when Jenifer does the Homicidal in return.  The crowd cheers as the count goes, reaching 10. Jenifer LaCroix wins via knockout.

Merlot: Is nothing more deplorable in this whole than fakeness.

The picture fades in to reveal the Sin City Underground Combat Champion standing backstage. The look on her face indicates that she’s not too pleased.

Merlot: Is too much to ask to be genuine?

She shakes her head.

Merlot: Mercedes gave super big spiel before match about how she wanted to face the best. But was nothing more than lies. Because when push came to shove, needed to cheat to win. And then had gall to try and praise Merlot afterwards? Had gall to act as if did something amazing?

Miss Ayano shakes her head once again.

Merlot: Merlot can’t respect the fakeness. Never.

A moment passes.

Merlot: Will get comeuppance at a later date. Can promise you that.

She paces for a second.

Merlot: That same fakeness is the reason why Merlot can’t respect Alana either. You don’t like Merlot? Is fine. People have hated Merlot throughout course of career. Am used to it. But what won’t stand for is putting lies on name. What won’t stand for is disrespecting belt and time as champion.

Merlot nods.

Merlot: Don’t worry. Won’t be long now. Will soon understand why Merlot was named wrestler of the year. Will soon understand why Merlot is Combat Champion. Hai.

With that, the picture fades to black.

Main Event
Underground Championship
Cordelia Clark vs Ariana Angelos Vs Helena Jeckel

Chad: Helena and C ordelia stare each other down. Helena turns to look at Ari who gives Helena a cocky smile. Ari charges at Helena but gets cut off by Cordelia as she grabs Ari’s hair and drops her on her back.

Gena:  Ari arches her back. Helena goes to stomp on her. Cordelia joins in, stomping away at Ari.  The two go to town on her until Helena turns and claws at Cordelia’s eyes.  She whips her into the ropes as Ari gets up to her feet.

Chad: Cordelia jumps and hits a dropkick on Ari. Helena gets to her feet and grabs Cordelia from behind, Helena turns her around and sends her to the ropes. Cordelia bounces off the ropes and heads back as Ari does a kip up, Helena goes for a clothesline but Cordelia ducks underneath but eats a savage kick from Ari Angelos!

Gena:  Helena and Ari start trading forearms to the side of the head as Cordelia lays on the mat. Ari takes a step back and points at Cordelia as she grabs the ropes to get to her feet. Helena kicks Cordelia which sends her to the corner.

Chad: Helena and Ari start to lay boots to Cordelia. Cordelia drops in a sitting up position. Helena gets Cordelia back to her feet, Ari nails Cordelia with a hard chop to her chest, followed by a hard chop from Helena.

Gena:  Ari hits a headbutt to Cordelia, Helena follows that with a low Hip Attack, smashing Cordelia’s head into the turnbuckle!

Chad: Ari lets out a whistle to get Helena’s attention. Ari smirks as Helena licks at her bottom lip menacingly. The two circle around the ring. Helena rubs her hands together as Ari goads her along.

Chad: Ari takes a step as Helena lunges for her. Ari ducks and gets behind Helena. Ari does a Matrix Evasion as Helena swings an elbow back at her. Now facing forward, Ari grabs Helena around the waist and hits a Northern Lights Suplex pin.


Gena:  Cordelia comes in for the save, breaking up the pin. She pulls Ari off of the mat and sends her into the ropes. As Ari comes back, Cordelia leans down, only to get kicked in the face.

Chad: Helena grabs Ari from behind and drops her with a backdrop. Helena covers Ari and hooks the leg!


Gena:  Ari kicks out. Helena gets to her feet but eats a bulldog by Cordelia. Ari gets to her feet but gets kicked in the gut by Cordelia then dropped on her head with a snap DDT!

Chad: Cordelia turns around to kick Helena to keep her down then hits Ari with an elbow drop. Cordelia covers Ari for a one count. She crawls over to Helena which also gets Cordelia a one count.

Gena:  Ari gets to her feet, Cordelia does the same and charges at Ari. Ari grabs Cordelia by the head and throws her over the top ropes. Cordelia goes flying, hitting the barricade with her shoulder and back as she lands on her head.

Chad: Helena whistles at Ari like Ari had done to her earlier in the match. Ari turns to look at Helena. Helena charges at Ari, Ari grabs Helena’s arms as Ari drops to the mat and gets her right foot up as she perfectly times a monkey flip that sends Helena over the top ropes and lands on Cordelia.

Gena:  Cordelia pushes Helena off of her with her feet as Cordelia tries to roll to her back. Helena gets on all fours, she moves her left foot to the side to kick Cordelia in the ribs. Helena gets to her feet. Helena goes to grab the ropes as Cordelia leg sweeps Helena which drops her back to the floor.

Chad:  Helena tries to get up, but Ari gets to her feet and hits a Shining Wizard on Helena.  However, Cordelia rushes at her, nailing the Heartbreaker (Spinning double knee right into the chest).  She goes for the cover!


Gena:  Helena tries to get to the pin to break it up, but NO!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU Underground Champion… Cordelia Clark!

Cordelia celebrates heavily inside of the ring, walking around and flaunting the title as “Sucker” plays over the speakers.  After a few moments, Cordelia is starting to celebrate her way to the back when “Sex Metal Barbie” starts playing.  The crowd boos and as Celeste comes out, passing Cordelia.  She looks at her on the way, and gives a respectful nod.  Cordelia rolls her eyes and continues celebrating on her way to the back.  Celeste gets inside the ring once it is cleared, with microphone in hand.  However, she seems to be waiting as the show comes to a close.

Tune in to the Sin City Network to watch SCW Presents… Violent Conduct VII!