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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 105 (Results)
« on: September 07, 2021, 01:59:18 AM »

Sin City Underground Ep 105 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, University Endowment Lands, British Columbia, Canada. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on September 4th, 2021

SCU brings its Canadian fans one hell of a card. The go home show before SCW Violent Conduct VII. Nine matches in total with two titles matches, one being hometown girl Winter Elemental. Plus a 3 on 3 match between fan favorites, OTE and hometown heroes, Team Canada! Plus we get one step closer to the winner of the Angel Kash Memorial tournament.

The crowd is loud and excited for tonight's show. The lights focus on the middle of the ring as the show opens up with Gianni De Luca in the ring.

Gianni: Tonight, I'm in no fucking mood. I'm not going to sit here and waste anyone's time, but I have things that need to be said—starting with this Omasa chick and her behavior in this company. Look, women, we get it; you're some contract mercenary from an underground organization in Japan. I get they worked out a deal with Erik Staggs that even I don't have the details to, but one thing is for sure. You work for me, not the other way around. You're going to follow the rules or else. Now you're going to pay for attacking the medical staff. You aren't above any of the regulations in SCU. At Violent Conduct, you have a chance to face Cordelia Clark, IF you can win this tournament. But no matter what, you WILL be booked in a Gauntlet Match, not that I expect it to be a Gauntlet match as your first and the only opponent is going to test your karate and your MMA you have as you will be taking on none other than the Kung Fu master herself, Orchid! You're going to learn to play by the rules. As for tonight, you and Helena Jeckal face off in the tournament. But I'm making that match a submission-only match. As for your Omasa Punch? That punch to the throat is no longer legal in the company and therefore is now banned in SCU!

Now, on to Ariana Angelos; you won by a count-out because my wife was concerned about me after your partner HB Carter attacked me from behind. The only reason for that was because that's the only way you can beat my wife…

Gianni gets cut off as What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis starts to play. The crowd erupts as the recently fired tag team, Canadian boys The Fox Brothers, come out. Mason and Jason come out holding small laundry bags. They bump their heads to the jumpy beat. Once at ringside, they begin to do their fox dance. The kids in the crowd are seen doing the fox dance as well. Once the music fades out, the Fox Brothers slide in the ring.

Gianni: You know, anyone else, they get a tongue lashing for cutting me off. But to get cut off by a pair of mutes… I mean that in a good way. I mean, for as long as I know you two. You guys have never said one word. So for two people to have never spoken to cut me off is quite funny. So, where's Martha Fox? Or should I say, OG Martha? You know, she's been way more outspoken since you two were fired. Who knew all I had to do was let Omasa fire you two. It might be the only thing she's done right in the company. SO what brings you two to my ring? What's in the bags?

The Fox Brothers open their laundry bags then turn them over. Thousands and thousands of thumbtacks pour out of the two bags. The crowd pops, making fox noises.

Gianni: Now, guys, you don't really want to do this.

Security rushes the ringside to remove the Fox Brothers, but Ginni flags them away.

Gianni: The Fox Brothers know better. Security can stand down. Mason, Jason, you don't want to do this. I'm not in the fucking mood to deal with anyone's shit. I'm telling you for your own good, walk away or else.

Mason jumps over the thumbtacks to attack Gianni, but Gianni nails him in the air with a hard left hook that sends his right arm and leg onto the thumbtacks. Jason grabs a handful of thumbtacks and throws them at Gianni. Gianni gets his hands up to block it. Jason takes that time to rush Gianni and spear him to the mat, just away from all the thumbtacks. Gianni grabs Jason's head for a headlock before Jason could get off of him. Gianni holds on tight as Jason starts tapping, hoping Gianni lets go. Mason gets to his feet, trying to get some of the loose thumbtacks off. Gianni lets go of Jason once Jason stops tapping. Gianni tries to get to his feet, but Mason grabs Gianni's head and locks in a side headlock. Gianni, however, still manages to get to his feet. Gianni shows his power as he grabs Mason's feet and lifts him up, causing Mason to let go of the side headlock. Gianni then drops him with a side slam back to the thumbtacks. This time Gianni lands on a few as well but not many. Gianni gets to his feet at the same time as Jason. Jason swings at Gianni but Gianni ducks and gets a hand between Jason's leg. Gianni lifts Jason up and plants on his shoulder. Gianni then lets go of Jason, dropping his head and shoulders to the thumbtacks with a death valley driver. Gianni grabs the microphone as he gets back to his feet.

Gianni: As I was saying about Team GO. You made your bed; now it's time to lay in it. LIke Omasa, if Ariana wins the tournament, she will face Cordelia at Violent Conduct. But no matter what, she and HB Carter, Team GO, will have a tag team match against my wife Veronica Taylor and…

Gianni starts smiling.

Gianni: You people already know who. That's right; this guy is going to undust his ring gear and take Team GO back to school. Gianni style.

Mason gets on all fours. Gianni throws the mic at Mason's head, dropping him back onto the thumbtacks before leaving the ring and leaving the Fox Brothers laid out on the thumbtacks.

Opening Match
Chelsea LeClair vs Chanelle Martinez

The two trade hits right off the bat, brawling around the ring.  Chelsea nails Chanelle with a stiff kick that sends Chanelle into the corner.  Chanelle punches her way out of the corner.  She is able to drop Chelsea with an eye poke followed up with a Scoop Slam.  She circle stomps on Chelsea, sending her to the apron.  She stomps on Chelsea, trying to get her to the outside, but Chelsea hangs on.  She nails a few punches to Chanelle’s gut and makes her way back to her feet.  She and Chanelle brawl until Chelsea gets the advantage and steps back inside of the ring.  She nails a Snap Suplex on Chanelle.  She tries for a Reverse Slingshot Corner Splash, but Chanelle is able to power out and punches Chelsea in the gut.  She hits a Hip Attack on Chelsea.  She secures a two count.  She tries for a Shining Wizard on Chelsea, but Chelsea ducks and grabs the leg, tripping Chanelle up.  She latches on TTFO (Tap The F*** Out) (Charlotte's Figure 8).  Chanelle refuses to give up, even though she’s right in the middle of the ring.  Chelsea tightens the hold up as Chanelle claws her way a few inches.  She doesn’t have a choice but to tap. Chelsea LeClair wins via submission.

Somewhere in the bowels of the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird sports arena Helena Jeckel against the wall.

Helena: I have  beaten everyone they have put before me, but your defeat Omasa, will be the one I enjoy most. You dared challenge our former leader Ms. Filth with your arrogance, you were never better than her and you're not better than me, tonight I will defeat you Omasa and they will rejoice.

The scene cuts to the locker room and this time, it is the SCU Underground Champion Cordelia Clark that is expressing some tired annoyance. She's as confident as one would expect her to be, but at the same time, knowing what she is going up against is something that really annoys her. Morgan walks into the scene annoyed in her own right.

Morgan: What’s got YOU annoyed?

Cordelia: Oh nothing, just the fact that we are dealing with a recurring enemy. I thought I was done with her too after I had beaten her how many times and yet here she comes again!

Morgan: Oh right, Ariana Angelos.

Cordelia lets out an exhausted sigh which shows how much she is sick of dealing with her. Even though it has been a while since she has stepped into the ring with Ariana Angelos that still does not detract from her annoyance.

Morgan: At least you took care of MY annoyance in Halo Annis.

Cordelia: Sure. Whatever. I’m not even sure why Ariana is even in this tournament or how she’s ever even gotten this far. You and I both know that she has never been impressive to us and you also know that she has never impressed me. That social reject though, she’s like a damn cockroach that just won’t go away. It’s sickening, honestly. But hey, I just keep doing my thing as the SCU Underground champion as I continue to make the brand revolve around me! I beat Halo. Before that, I went out and I retained my title against Orchid and to NO SURPRISE ever since then, she and her people have been silent as they should be and now I am going to have to beat Ariana. Again. YAWN!

Morgan doesn’t say anything considering that she is caught up in her own annoyance at this point. Cordelia catches on rather quickly.

Cordelia: What? What is it?

Morgan: Yeah, you’ve been doing your thing. I can’t say the same about me.

Cordelia quickly catches on to what Morgan is griping about.

Cordelia: You’re still frustrated, huh?

Morgan: Hmm, let me think. If you joined the same company as your sister and she was having all the success in the world while you’ve been on the backburner basically doing nothing but being a glorified cheerleader for the most part, would you also be annoyed?

This catches Cordelia off guard and even worries her a little bit.

Morgan: I’m second fiddle to you, Cordy. Everyone around here treats me as such.

Cordelia: I understand your frustration but that doesn’t make it true. What has gotten into you though? You’ve been acting like this ever since the Amy Santino match. Just because she, who by the way doesn’t even matter to begin with, treated you as second fiddle doesn’t mean you are and it especially doesn’t mean that EVERYONE sees you that way or treats you that way. I’m trying my best to get through to you on this but you seem to be unable to move past all that.

Morgan: It’s nothing against you Cordy…

Cordelia: It sometimes feels that way when you say the words “second fiddle”, like it’s my fault.

Morgan: It’s NOT. you have to understand where I am getting at. Three years ago, I broke into the mainstream scene myself and everyone knew me as the cousin of ‘she who shall not be named’... and that was it. That was all I was known for. I stood by her, I did everything I could to try to help HER to get to HER goals… which she never did obviously… and then she seemingly ended my career when she had me assaulted. Ever since then, I’ve been in someone else’s shadow…

Cordelia: You’re not in mine…

Morgan: Well it feels that way, okay? And I’m sick of it. When am I going to get a real chance, huh? When am I going to get my own freaking opportunity to do something big in my own right? I don’t need to wish you luck going into your match against Ariana Angelos because you don’t need it, okay? In fact, to be perfectly honest with you? I don’t even think you need me. If things don’t start to change, then maybe I need to be doing something else, that’s ALL I will say.

Morgan turns and bolts out of the room, much to Cordelia’s shock. She takes it in for a few moments, but is able to keep herself together. She shakes off any worry at this point and focuses on what she needs to do.

Cordelia: Okay… NOW I’m pissed. If Ariana Angelos wasn’t going to get it before, she is certainly going to get it now. This is MY company! That’s MY ring! That’s MY tournament! I am NOT going to get eliminated from my own tournament especially by SOMEONE LIKE HER!!!!! I guess I’m going to make an example out of her… AGAIN!!!!!

Cordelia bolts out of the locker room herself, clearly ready to do so as the scene fades out.

Semi Final Round
Omasa Tazu vs Helena Jeckel

Helena starts things off with a suckerpunch to Omasa.  She hits rapid knees to Omasa’s face.  However, Omasa grabs Helena’s leg on the fifth strike attempt and hits a Roundhouse Kick.  She only gets a one count, but it allows her time to shake out the cobwebs.  She picks Helena up and nails a punch to the throat, showing little care for her opponent’s well being.  She then gets Helena in a Wrist Lock.  She pulls it behind her back and locks on a Choke.  The referee calls for the break.  Helena feigns injury as she holds her throat and goes to the corner.  Omasa starts in, but the referee orders her back as Helena chokes out sounds.  As the referee starts to call for medical to come down, Helena lunges forward and claws Omasa’s eyes.  Helena begins choking her and shouting in Romani.  Omasa is able to knee her in the gut to gain distance.  Omasa returns the choke on Helena, but Helena cannot escape.  The referee tries to be lenient, but also forces the break.  Helena gets whipped into the ropes, and as she rebounds, she slides through Omasa’s legs, taking her down.  She hits a Lionsault off the ropes.  She gets a two count.  She argues with the referee, which allows Filth to come in with Helena’s signature mallet.  However, Omasa grabs the mallet and swings it right in Filth’s face.  Helena stops arguing once Filth rolls outside of the ring.  She jumps in with The Devil's Whisper (Mandible Claw).  She uses her strength to roll Omasa over onto her back for the dominant stance.  Omasa refuses to tap out.  The referee lifts her arm up three times when she stops responding. Helena Jeckel wins via knockout.

As she gets up, “Da Damsel in Dat Dress” Azurine Vebbins suddenly senses a fierce, feminine force behind her. She timidly taps the intense individual’s jaunty jawline. Definitely not the referee. Upon this realization, Azurine attempts a Double-Handed Jawbreaker. However, this proves unsuccessful when her arms get snared behind like a Tiger Suplex. Warnings from fans are deafening as Katta Pult slips her hands under Vebbins’ arms so the maneuver resembles a modified Dragon Suplex. “Da Vivacious Variable” flails her feet to no avail. “The Catapult” undulates her hips to deadlift and jettison release Vebbins clear across the canvas. Katta Pult brazenly bathes herself with boos upon completion of another B.P.E. (Best Plex Ever). Her landing is so lopsided Azurine’s swing dress flies up to reveal a pair of “lower unmentionables” with the phrase “SHUSH MY TUSH” printed on the posterior. Pult motions for a microphone while showing off the leash belonging to Azurine that accidentally fell off during her attack on Kat weeks ago. Still prone from the punishing propulsion of Pult’s Best Plex Ever, Vebbins cannot prevent Katta from clipping that disciplinary restraint onto her halo. “The Action Wrestling Hall Of Famer'' addresses the audience with antagonistic ardor.

Katta Pult: For my safety, I need to restrain this bitch since she’s clearly a stray.

“Da Adorkable Angel” instinctively tries for a daring escape. She’s almost able to lunge towards the western-facing bottom rope, but Katta demonstrates how much pull she has by tugging on the leash. “Da Hardheaded Housewife” feels herself mentally slipping into a domesticated state. Pult proudly drops to one knee and commands Vebbins to lay stomach first across her raised knee. Azurine crawls over on humbled hands and knees to assume proper positioning. Katta cackles evilly while performing a “warm up” so she can precisely palm strike her rival’s rump. Vebbins scarily scurries yet receives a second tug as Katta describes why this despicable discipline’s necessary.

Katta Pult: You brought this on yourself.


Katta Pult: You spoke ill of me before, but I let it slide.


Katta Pult: You then threw jabs at me on social media, belittled me, and mocked my appearances on the programs and my segments -  like a commonplace, cowardly cunt behind the safety of a computer. You even DARED to challenge me with your status as having a better butt than me! I WON AN AWARD FOR MINE! Yours is only used for fisting!

*CRACK!!* This spank is particularly harsh, and elicits the loudest yelp yet from Azurine. The crowd roars with dismay upon seeing their championship caliber hero disgraced in such dominance.

Katta Pult: The louder you boo, the harder I spank. Go ahead. I dare you to boo me. Come on. Let me hear it.

The crowd does just that, even as Vebbins pleads with them not to.

*SMAAAAAACCCKKK!* Azurine’s entire body jolts from the booty blow.

Katta Pult: You people are sick!


Katta Pult: In Action Wrestling, you bought my legendary sports bra in that auction and BURNED it as part of a stupid magic show! That was the same sports bra I wore when I won my gold medal. It was the same one I wore when I won the worlds 3 times. It was the same one I wore in my debut match in Action Wrestling! I should have stomped you in the dirt right then and there but I had bigger fish to fry.


Katta Pult: Well presto-change-o, I just performed a trick of my own. Now you see Azurine’s pride - now you don’t.

The Olympian squeezes Azurine’s buttocks hard enough to make her squeal, then unloads a vicious blitzkrieg of smacks across her rump like a stark raving lunatic.




Katta Pult: And this, this is for your ultimate transgression against me. You desecrated my sacred Plex-A-Palooza challenge. You HUMILIATED me in front of my fans! You PINNED me with your cowardly blind sided German Suplex!

She rears back with her hand and rockets a slap across Azurine’s ass so hard and forceful that it sounds like a gunshot. The blow hurts Katta as well, causing her to recoil her hand and shake it, a pained expression on her face. Azurine’s eyes and mouth are impossibly large ovals of pain and humiliation as she languishes across Pult’s knee.

The Olympian shoves Azurine off her knee as if she’s no longer worthy to be draped across it. Azurine trembles beneath her and tries to move, but Kat yanks on the leash and places a boot on her back, forcing her prone-flat on the mat.

Katta Pult: You stay right there, under my boot where you belong.

The heat she’s getting from the crowd is downright palpable. It’s taken a lifeform of its own. A few drinks even fly in and pelt Kat. She disregards the fans and continues her pride stripping and disciplinary actions.

Katta Pult: This needed to happen. Your tush needed to be shushed. Your mouth needed to be shut. You needed to know your place around here. All that high talk. All that hip wiggling. All that bra burning. All that shade throwing. All your subtle jabs at me in Action Wrestling. Your ultimate transgression at my Plex-A-Palooza challenge.  All of that stuff has been weighed and balanced. You wanted me so damn bad? Well now you’ve got me. Barry, get the thing.

Barry rummages through his pockets and hands Katta a red apple “oral obedience aid.” Pult places it square inside Vebbins’ mouth like a pig at a luau. Pult then pulls up on the leash a little bit while still having her boot on Azurine’s back, and presents her to the array of wrestling magazine photographers at ringside. After they’ve had their fill of pictures, Kat BRUTALLY curb-stomps her, the apple exploding into pieces inside and out of Azurine’s mouth. Vebbins goes limp, utterly out cold. Pult removes the leash and slings it over her shoulder, then rips Azurine’s dress off her and waves it over head.

Katta Pult: A souvenir of my conquest here tonight. If Azurine wants it back, well, she can come get it, can’t she? As for you, GM in the back, you better book me against this trash-heap or I’m gonna do this every week until you comply..

With that, Kat tosses the mic down and exits the ring with Barry to a lot of heat from the fans.

Semi Final Round
Ariana Angelos vs Cordelia Clark

The match ultimately starts with Cordelia escaping several attempts at strikes from Ari.  She gets a Scoop Takedown on Ari.  She tries to throw mount punches, but Ari rolls her over and begins throwing hard punches.  Cordelia is able to escape by exiting the ring, and Ari follows.  They trade a few kicks as they try to get back to the ring.  Cordelia slides inside of the ring, but Ari is able to grab her by her foot and drags her part way back out before Cordelia begins kicking Ari in the face, busting her nose and lip open.  Ari holds onto her face as Cordelia slides in, in hopes of Ari getting counted out.  Ari doesn’t let a little blood stop her as she slides back inside.  Cordelia tries for  Clothesline, but Ari grabs her by the hair and lands several headbutts to Cordelia, busting her lip in the process.  Cordelia gets mad and begins throwing punches at Ari, starting a down and dirty CATFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!  They roll around on top of each other, relentlessly tugging hair, clawing, punching, slapping.  Ari seems to get the advantage when Cordelia kicks Ari off of her.  She gets to her feet and ducks a Superkick.  Cordelia tries for her Heartbreaker, but Ari gets out of the way and nails the Superkick she was looking for.  She goes up top and nails the Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)!  She hooks the leg and pins for the three count. Ariana Angelos goes to the finals of the Angel Kash Memorial Tournament, winning via pinfall.

Kawaii Dragons are seen training for their upcoming TLC match. Alex swings a chair around as they dodge, weave, duck, anything to not get hit.

Winter: How much longer do we need to do this for?

Shorty throws a ladder at Winter that hits her arm, causing it to swing her arm around and smacking Tatsu in the face in the process.

Shorty: Until you learn to dodge ladders tots.

Jamie Staggs: And Tables!

Jamie says as he flings a table at the Kawaii Dragons. Shorty and Alex get in front of the table to avoid it hitting the GRIME tag champs.

Winter: What The Holy Fucking Shit, Jamie!

Shorty: Dude, do you ever think before doing?

Jamie: Whoever has to think about doing it?

Alex: This bloke makes a bloody good point.

Shorty: The man just threw a damn table to the back of Tatsu and Winter.

Tatsu: Yeah, not cool; wait until I tell Uncle Dax on you!

Jamie: Dax? Like he is brave enough to do something to me.

Tatsu: I'm telling Dax you said that.

Jamie: Dax's a punk. You can tell him I said that, and he'll agree. He knows he's no Jamie Staggs.

Winter: No one can ever be that dumb!

Jamie: See, Winter gets it. No one is more fun than Jamie.

Shorty: Em…

Alex: Ah, let him have that one, mate.

Shorty: Fair enough.

The door opens up, we see Rory, Eyesnsane, and Dax walk in.

Jamie: My man Dax, what's up, man.

Alex: Even I know what's about to happen, and I got just the thing.

Alex quickly goes to his duffle bag. Dax swings a left hook that nails Jamie, but we can't see it as Alex blocks it with an old-school Batman "POW" sign. Dax goes for a right jab that gets blocked by a "BOOM" sign. Jamie hits the ground and grabs a bat. HE swings at Dax's leg, but it gets blocked by a "BAM" sign. Dax goes down but also lays in a kick to Jamie that gets blocked by an "OOOFF!" sign.

Jamie: Okay! Okay! No more, I got things to do later.

Tatsu: Say you're sorry to Uncle Dax!

Jamie: I'm sorry!

Tatsu: Now say Kawaii Dragons are the best tag team in the world.

Jamie: What she said!

Jamie says as he covers up to not get hit again.

Dax: If you got to go, then get out; Kawaii Dragons didn't want your bum ass in here anyways.

Rory opens the door for Jamie.

Shorty: Now get out, you loser!

Shorty picks up Tatsu's shoe and throws it at Jamie, but all we see is an "AWK" sign from Alex Rush. Jamie gets up and runs out of the room.

Eyesnsane: Now that's out the way. So what's going on Winter, are you ready for your match tonight?

Winter: Of course. Good luck in your match, but you know I'm rooting for Team Canada, eh bud.

Eyesnsane: Yeah, I know, you Candains always stick together.

Rory: I'm surprised you're with Alex and Shorty instead of Team Canada.

Winter: Alex is one with the Kawaii Dragons bud. Plus, Tatsu won the coin toss this time. So my peeps won't get all the Canadians hanging out. Tatsu wanted to hang out with her "uncle Dax"

Tatsu: Hey, it Uncle Dax, not "Uncle Dax"… "Bitch!"

Eyesnsane: Hey, we OTE, you know all about that. Been as of late, your nowehere to be found.

Rory: Huh?

Winter: Oh Rory, that's one of those stories we talk about at your bar, eh bud.

Rory: Noted.

Tatsu: Hey J, sit, let's talk.

Winter: J?

Eyesnsane: She prefers to call me J since she has a hard time saying Eyesnsane.

Winter: Ah, cool beans… J!

Eyesnsane: Nah, you don't get to call me that. In fact, go find Team Canada and hang out with them.

Winter: No need to tell me twice.

Winter goes to the door as it pops open, hitting Winter in the head and sending her to the floor. We see Jenifer Lacroix and Celeste North attacking each other. Tatsu gets up and charges at Jenifer and Celeste as she starts punching both ladies for knocking out Winter. Uncle Dax grabs Tatsu and pulls her off of them. Eyesnsane and Alex Rush hold Celeste North as Shorty helps Rory grab Jenifer Lacroix.

The returning private security shows up to remove the former Le Coven out of the locker room. Tatsu runs over to check on Winter. Cameras go out of the locker room to see the returning SCU GM Lexa. She looks at Celeste, then Jenifer.

Lexa: Not here, not now. But at Violent Conduct VII, the two of you will get to fight it out. A standard wrestling match won't do. I feel that you two need to resolve this in a Last Women Standing Match. Now guards, remove them both from the building. We don't need them going after each other before their match.

Lexa walks inside the locker room.

Lexa: Dax, I saw the attack on Jamie. It got me thinking, why not book you and Jamie in a match for Violent Conduct.

Lexa looks at Alex Rush.

Lexa: Alex can be the special guest referee.

Alex: Gonna need a new shirt for that. The last one was stolen by the monkey. He put it on then went chasing after the baby zebra. Haven’t seen it since.

Tatsu: You haven’t seen Monkey?

Alex: I see him everyday, the shirt, never to be seen again.

Shorty: Hey! What about me?

Lexa: I'll find something for you to do, don't you worry.

Lexa turns to Eyesnsane.

Lexa: Hey, if you have some time, we need to speak in private.

Winter: OOOOHHH Someone's in trouble!

Winter says as she holds her forehead. Lexa and Eyesnsane leave the locker room as the cameras go to ringside.

Krystal Wolfe & HB Carter vs Angel of Filth & Skag

Filth and Krystal start the match off with a series of rapid punches and blocks.  Krystal gains the advantage and backs Filth into the corner.  Filth claws at Krystal’s eyes and then charges her to the mat, throwing punch after punch.  Carter coaxes Krystal on, trying to help her to get back in the match.  She hits a few elbows to the side of Filth’s face, and then kicks her off.  Filth steps back and as Krystal gets up, Filth kicks her in the face.  Skag is bouncing on the ropes with his hand extended for the tag.  Filth flicks her tongue and makes the tag.  This forces Carter into the ring.  Skag and Carter trade punches back and forth until Carter begins throwing kicks.  After about four kicks, Skag catches one of Carter’s legs and hits a Dragon Screw, following it up with an Indian Deathlock.  It would be fearsome, but Krystal is quick to jump inside and break it up, with Filth close behind to take Krystal down to the mat.  They brawl back and forth before spilling to the outside of the ring.  The crowd goes crazy as they go back and forth, getting more and more brutal.  Carter is able to capitalize on the distraction by hitting the Passion Fruit (S.O.S.).  Skag goes down, and Carter does the Fairy Tail Moonsault, twerking before landing the Moonsault.  He does the Fruit Basket (69 Pin) but only gets a two count.  He is disappointed, but he continues on.  He picks Skag up, but Skag hits a punch right to the throat of Carter.  He drops Carter onto the middle rope and hits a Guillotine Legdrop.  However, he blatantly smacks Carter in the face with a steel chair that was sticking out from under the apron.  Team GO wins the match via Disqualification.  Skag smacks Carter once more before raising his arms in the air in victory.  The crowd boos as Filth stops brawling with Krystal, laughing at what Skag has done.  Krystal goes to smack her once more, but Filth grabs the chair from Skag and smacks Krystal with it, joining Skag in celebration as they go backstage.

Kelli Torres & Mz Hollywood vs Andrey and Esther Azarov

The two immediately show their hatred for one another with a violent tie up that sees Esther knee Kelli in the gut, and Kelli hitting two headbutts.  Neither one gives but an inch.  They continue to struggle until Kelli is able to twist Esther’s arm behind her back, shoving her away.  As Esther turns around, Kelli punches her right in the face.  She follows up with another until getting Morgn into the corner.  She kicks Esther in the stomach a few times before going for a Shoulderbutt.  Esther grabs Kelli and turns her around into the corner, nailing Shoulderbutts instead.  She then marches back and charges with a Spear.  She goes to stomp on Kelli, but Kelli rolls onto the apron.  As she rises up, Esther goes for a punch, but Kelli grabs her arm and pulls her in.  She twists into an Arm Lock, but Esther grabs the ropes.  She holds onto it until the referee tells her to break.  She lets go, but then moves to the other side of the turnbuckle and twists into another one.  She again keeps it on until the referee forces the break.  Kelli holds her hands up in surrender.  Esther adjusts herself, but Kelli goes for a third Arm Lock.  However, Esther is able to twist so that Kelli flips onto the ropes.  She then hits a low Dropkick to send Kelli to the outside.  She uses this time to tag in Andrey, while Holly is checking on Kelli.  He measures Holly up quickly before coming off the opposing ropes with a Suicide Dive.  Both are out until the referee counts to 4, and they start to get up.  Holly is first, surprisingly, and Andrey is half way up when Holly charges with a Superkick, bouncing Andrey’s head off of the ring post.  Holly goes back inside.  Andrey is out cold.  As the referee gets to a count of 3, Kandy rushes down to ringside.  She tries to make it to distract Esther.  Meanwhile, Andrey is able to get inside of the ring and gets the tag.  At the count of 6, she begins trash talking at Esther, furiously trying to distract Esther.  At 8, Kelli hoists Esther up and rolls her inside right at 9.  Kelli goes to drag Esther to the center of the ring, but Andrey pulls on her, bringing her back outside to restart the count.  At 4, Kelli gets frustrated and rolls outside.  Holly joins her as they begin to double team on Andrey.  Kandy tries to get at Esther, but the referee blocks it.  This allows Esther to sneak outside and she nails Kelli in the back of the head with a set of brass knuckles.  She flings Kelli back inside and hooks the leg while Andrey holds onto Holly.  Esther glares at Kandy as she gets the three count. Esther and Andrey Azarov win via pinfall.

Backstage, SCW Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas is already suited up ahead of her match tonight as she stands by Marissa Henry. Tellingly, there's a promotional poster of Violent Conduct set upon an easel just behind them.

Marissa: Mercedes, we're eight nights away from Violent Conduct and just as we learned last week, not only are you challenging Andrea Hernandez for the vacant Bombshell Internet Championship, but you're also opening the show by challenging Amy Santino for the GRIME Championship in your obligated rematch. That's two different championships against two different opponents. But that's in two weeks. Tonight, you go one-on-one with Merlot Ayano.

Mercedes: That's right, Mari. I'm working overtime at the PPV because seeing me twice is just as nice. I'll have my comments for Amy and Andrea at the supercard. I just hope they're going to be ready because I sure will be. As far as Merlot goes?

She begins rubbing her hands together excitingly.

Mercedes: What else can you not say about Merlot? If there was an SCU Hall of Fame, she would be on it. If there was a Mount Rushmore of SCU, I would put her on it. Merlot has been as good as advertised since she debuted here more than two years ago. She is where she is in the division for a reason, she is that good. I bet most of those fans out there don't even remember the last time she lost. But tonight is going to be special: not because two former Mayhem Survivor winners are facing each other for the first time ever, oh no. It's that yours truly is going to hand Merlot a rare loss and her first for the first time in a long time.

Mercedes places her arms at her waist.

Mercedes: Merlot, don’t think I’m going to go on ad nauseam on why I’m better than you, I think we both know your place. I’ll say this much, while you and I have never been in the same ring together, I’m admired that I'm your next opponent. You wanted to face the best, well it doesn’t get any better than yours truly. But tonight, sweetie, you’re going to be a message and a reminder to the women of SCU. And that message?

She smiles.

Mercedes: Cuando te metes con el major, hundirás con los demás.
When you mess with the best, you go down with the rest.

Mercedes holds up her checklist, now with Merlot's name added to it in cursive.

Mercedes: See you in the ring, Merlot.

GRIME Tag Team Championship TLC Match
2 Broke Chicks vs Kawaii Dragons

The bell rings to start the match.  Tatsu slides outside to bring a table inside, while 2 Broke Chicks go to slide a ladder inside.  Winter throws a few chairs inside, and the crowd goes wild.  However, before they can actually make contact with one another, the Sin City Tron pops on and we see Azz n Crass members Torielle Jackson and Chanelle Martinez-Blade in the parking lot laughing.  They each have a tire iron, and they are around two RV’s.  Chanelle busts out a tail light of the 2 Broke Chicks’ RV while Torielle knocks a mirror off of Kawaii Dragon’s.  She then lays it into the windshield, while Chanelle scrapes her’s across 2 Broke Chicks’ RV.  This prompts Kawaii Dragons and 2 Broke Chicks to rush out to the parking lot, and we go back to focusing on Azz n Crass until their arrival.

It is immediate hell when both teams make it out to the parking lot.  Chanelle tries her best to fight off Jane and Chi Chi, while Torielle dodges Tatsu and Winter as best as she can.  She rushes over to bash Chi Chi from behind with the tire iron.  Winter is able to catch Torielle and slams her into 2 Broke Chicks’ RV, leaving an imprint.  Jane smashes Chanelle into the Kawaii Dragons’ RV.  This causes both teams to look at each other in aggravation. They start to go back at Azz n Crass, but they are seen rushing toward a Hummer driving by and coming to a screeching halt.

The window rolls down to see Jamie Staggs in the driver’s seat.  The locks are heard clicking off, and Chanelle and Torielle whip open the back door and jump inside.  The other four ladies rush toward them as Chanelle mocks them.  Torielle slams the door shut as the Hummer takes off quickly.  Jane throws the tire iron at the Hummer, leaving a dent as it takes off.  She shouts out at Jamie as he takes off.

Mercedes Vargas vs Merlot Ayano

Mercedes and Merlot start with the two throwing open hand strikes. With each one landing half the strikes. Mercedes tries to sneak in a closed fist but Merlot catches it and swipes the punch away. Merlot leans back and nails a front kick to the stomach of Mercedes. Mercedes blocks a second kick to her gut then follows it with a leg sweep to trip up Merlot, but Merlot manages to stay on her feet. Merlot goes to kick Mercedes as she gets to her feet but misses as Mercedes drops to the mat again. Mercedes goes for another leg sweep and this one drops Merlot on her back.

Mercedes does a kip up to get to her feet as the crowd boos her and chants Merlot’s name. Merlot gets on all fours giving Mercedes an opening to kick her in the gut. Mercedes kicks Merlot in the side of the head in a cocky manner. Mercedes grabs Merlot by the hair to get her to her feet. Merlot however nails Mercedes with a quick jab to the ribs then another. Merlot starts nailing Mercedes with open hand blows before nailing a hard closed fist that drops Mercedes to the mat. The ref warns Merlot about the closed fist. Merlot just smiles with a shrug to the crowd that gets a pop from the crowd for the payback.

Mercedes holds her jaw as she gets to her feet. She demands the referee DQ Merlot for her actions but it doesn’t work. Mercedes dares Merlot to do it again, without skipping a beat Merlot decks her in the face again. The ref warns Merlot about the closed fist again.  This gives Mercedes the distraction to roll Merlot up, earning a two count.  She gets to her feet, but Merlot hits a low Shoulderbutt to her stomach, sending her into the ropes.  She goes for a clothesline on Mercedes, but Mercedes moves out of the way.  She grabs hold of Merlot’s tights and rolls her up once more, but lets go of the tights when the referee points it out.  Merlot struggles against it, but Mercedes presses into the pin, and when the referee starts counting, she puts her feet on the ropes to get the three count. Mercedes Vargas wins via pinfall.  Merlot goes to argue it, but Mercedes shakes her head, leaving the ring.  She walks up the entryway, only to come face to face with GRIME Champion, Amy Santino.  The two exchange looks of disgust with one another until Mercedes gets to Amy.  They look as if they are about to go to a brawl, but security gets in between the two, pushing them back.

Gemma is seen backstage as she's looking for Omasa Tazu to interview, but Omasa is nowhere to be found. Gemma, however, does bump into Omasa tag team partner Javier Gonzalez.

Gemma: Javi, hey, I was looking for Omasa.

Javier: For what? She doesn't want to talk to you homez!

Gemma: I wanted to ask her about how she felt about Gianni banning her move and as well as her upcoming match this Sunday.

Javier: Only one person needs to know how she looking for him that fucker as we speak.

Gemma: You mean Gianni? He's with Veronica.

Javier: My bad, G, when I said she was looking for him. I meant to say was, she already knows where he be at, and she's gonna handle business when she sees fit homez. Oh, and Veronica ain't with Gianni.

Gemma: I'm sure she is.

Javier: And I know 100% she ain't.

Gemma: May I ask how?

Javier: Because J-Dawg be knowing these types of things yo.

Just then, we hear a loud scream from a distance.

Gemma: What was that?

Javier: What was what G?

Gemma: That scream?

Javier: You hearing things homez.

Gemma: No, someone sounded very excited.

Gemma's face turns foul.

Gemma: You smell that?

Javier: First you hearing things, and now you smelling things, You high or something. You enter one of the smoked-out RV in the parking lot homez?

Gemma: I smell crap.

Javier: The stuff in the RV smells like skunk and cat piss. Not the number duos!

Gemma looks to her right; she makes an odd noise as she covers her nose. We see Skag and Angel of Filth walking by with their clothes all dirty.

Javier: You good?

Gemma: What's going on?

Filth: Never better.

Skag: Omasa better pay up.

Gemma: Pay up? What's going on?

Javier: I got you both.

Filth: Nah, I'll collect a favor from Omasa soon enough. Skag, however, wants his payout.

Gemma: Favors? Payouts? What's going on?

Javi pulls out a small envelope and hands it to Skag.

Javier: Here's your pay fucker. We good.

Gemma: What's going on?

Skag: Maybe.

Javier: That wasn't a question homez.

Skag: Don't get smart with me bitch boy, or I'll bust you open right here.

Javier: Filth, tell your little girlfriend over here what's good. He gonna get knocked out talking like that.

Gemma: What the hell is going on!!!?

Javier: Why you yelling for homez, we right here.

Skag: Javi's right. None of us are deaf but yelling like that, we may get there.

Filth: Take it down a few notches. Yelling won't get you anywhere.

Gemma: I asked the same question over and over. You clearly didn't hear me.

Skag: Oh, we heard you.

Filth: But you're asking shit that ain't your business.

A loud scream is heard; the screams turn to yell as we hear Veronica Taylor yelling for Gianni. Gemmi, decides that she’s done with Javi, Skag, and Filth, decides to follow the voice. As Gemma gets closer, the smell becomes more potent. Gemma sees Veronica's locker room door open. Gemma tries to enter but stops as she bumps into Veronica that was standing near the entrance. Veronica and her locker room is covered in horse manure. The bump sends Veronica to the floor with her face-planting on the manure and Gemma landing on top of her. The two scream as the camera goes ringside.

Oh Canada by Dale Oliver blasts in the arena, the arena erupts in cheers as team Canada make their way to the ring and enter.

Gemma: How are you all doing tonight?

The crowd cheers loudly.

Gemma: it’s feels so damn good to be back in front of all you great Canadian fans, we’ve missed you all.

Sarah: Exactly,  tonight is our first appearance in Canada in almost two years, but has Gemma stated it’s great to be here.

Stewart: It great to hear your reaction and tonight Team Canada will give you a great match, OTE are great competitors, and we‘ve been to battle with them too many times to count and tonight will be no different tell em’ Earl.

Stewart realizes that Earl and Gail aren’t in the ring.

Stewart: Guess they missed their cue haha.

Dahlia: No matter, Earl will be in this ring once the match starts, and we’ll go to war against OTE like we’ve always had, and all you great fans will get another great  match, because you great fans deserve it.

Before they can continue, OTE in the form of Rory, Dax, and Mrs Right make their way out to the ringside area, no music, just ready to fight.  Earl steps forward, and so does Rory as the bell rings.

OTE vs Team Canada

The match goes back and forth, focusing mostly on strikes between both men.  Rory gets lucky, hitting Earl’s knee multiple times with swift kicks.  Earl is caught off guard by it, and Rory gains an advantage with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.  He mounts Earl, going for punch after punch.  After several hits, Earl gets Rory by the throat and powers out from under the bigger fighter.  He rises up and kicks Rory in the gut several times.  He goes for the E.L 91 ( Michinoku Driver 2), but Rory barely powers out of it.  Earl kicks Rory’s knees out and then nails a headbutt between the eyes.  He tries again, but Rory pushes him back into a corner with a Shoulderbutt, repeating it several times.  Earl only narrowly misses a Big Boot from Rory and rolls Rory up to get a two count. Rory gets frustrated and he tags in Mrs Right.  Right makes her way to the center, but lets Earl tag in Dahlia.  The two come face to face, shaking hands in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

However, Right drags Dahlia in and nails a Belly to Belly Suplex.  It was not with ease, and Right takes a deep breath before lifting Dahlia up.  Dahlia knees Right in the stomach.  She hits a Snap Suplex that gets the crowd behind them.  She raises her arms up in the air and showboats for a moment as the fans cheer.  Right comes up behind, but Dahlia ducks and picks Right up into a Samoan Drop, hooking the leg for the two count.  Right is able to stand up, maneuvering Dahlia into a Samoan Drop of her own.  She then holds on and maneuvers into a Vertical Suplex, making the fans gasp in awe.  She lands it and gets a two count when Stewart breaks it up.  Dax leans in and makes the tag, going at it with Stewart.

Dahlia crawls toward the ropes as Stewart is ushered back.  Dahlia tags in Stewart. Dax and Stewart have a classic match.  Stewart gets cheered on as he and Dax go for a Test of Strength in the center of the ring.  Dax gains the advantage, but Stewart moves out of the contest and nails a Bulldog on Dax.  He uses the advantage to get Dax into a Boston Crab.  Dax is able to get to the ropes after some struggling.  Stewart drives a knee into Dax’s face.  He goes for another, but Dax moves and sweeps Stewart off of his feet.  He grabs hold of Stewart and sends him into the ropes, meeting him with a Dropkick.  Dax then nails a Somersault Leg Drop from the second rope.  He gets a Two count.  He gets Stewart to his feet and then whips him into the corner, nailing a Hurricanrana.  He sets Stewart up for the Best Finisher Ever (End of Heartache).  He lands it, as Jamie Staggs comes out.  Rory and Right try to get inside to stop it, but the referee doesn’t see Jamie. Jamie hits a Low Blow on Dax and then hits the Dumbass Drop (Headbutt from top ropes).  Stewart comes to, and Jamie helps pull him over Dax.  Jamie rolls out and starts trouble with Rory and Mrs Right while the referee counts the fall. Team Canada wins via pinfall.

Jamie sticks his tongue out and mocks Rory and Mrs Right as he backs up the rampway.  He laughs before Rory and Mrs Right drop down and give chase to Jamie in Dax’s defense.  Meanwhile, Team Canada celebrates their win with the fans backing them.

Joshua: This is becoming the same song and dance week after week. I come in. I wrestle.  I win.  But I look around and I am the only wrestler in SCU that has a constant schedule.  Week after week I am on the card where everyone else gets time off.  I don’t complain much because I am a champion that I am the one that people look to.  I am the one that takes SCU on his back and I put on a show for everyone out there.  How am I repaid, match after match.  I am the workhorse of SCU.  I do it because I care about this company.  I am one of the mainstays here.  I am the GRIME Champion.

He walks around and thinks of what to say next.

Joshua:  This week they put me in the ring with a “Godly” man.  A man’s family where at least in the last year one sheep has walked away from the flock.  Are you not supposed to go and find the one sheep?  Seems like there is a parable on this.  I think it is in the book of Luke.  It goes over the loss, searching, and rejoicing over finding the sheep, or lost soul in your case.  I have never bowed to you as I don’t think of you as almighty and powerful.  If you’re looking to try and take this championship off me to say that you saved this championship you have another thing coming for you and real quick.  Forgive me Father as I am about to sin and use my champion’s advantage.

Main Event
GRIME Championship
Father Gerald vs Joshua Acquin

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Joshua rushes across the ring and blindsides Gerald.  He clobbers the side of his head a few times and then goes to Irish Whip him into the corner.

Chad:  However, Gerald reverses it and follows it up with a Clothesline From Heaven.  He begins kicking Joshua hard in the stomach.

Gena:  Joshua starts to go down, but Gerald holds onto the top rope and begins choking Joshua with his foot.  Joshua tries to swat the foot away, but to no avail.

Chad:  Gerald continues to choke as he looks up at the ceiling.  Gerald holds on as Joshua struggles against it.  He finally gets the foot from his throat and rolls to the outside.

Gena:  As he tries to catch his breath, Gerald is quickly behind him.  As Joshua turns around, Gerald hits a Discus Punch that spins Joshua around.

Chad:  Joshua rests on the barricade, but Gerald collides with him, sending him into the first row.  Gerald grabs onto Joshua’s head and flings him back over to the ringside floor.

Gena:  Joshua crawls toward the apron, but Gerald stomps on his back.  Joshua continues to fight his way to the apron, and once he’s there, he kicks Gerald in the knee, causing it to buckle.

Chad:  Joshua fumbles under the ring and pulls out a tire iron.  He goes to swing it at Gerald’s knee, taking him down to both knees.

Gena:  Joshua hits Gerald in the shoulder with the tire iron.  This buys him time to get to his feet.  He swings the tire iron at Gerald’s head, but Gerald grabs it and smashes it over Joshua’s instead!

Chad:  Joshua goes down, but Gerald doesn’t stop there.  He goes to swing the tire iron at Joshua again, but Joshua rolls out of the way.  He grabs hold of Joshua’s foot, but Joshua kicks Gerald in the midsection.

Gena:  Joshua slides inside of the ring.  As Gerald follows him inside, Gerald catches the Nightmare (Kill Switch)!!!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Joshua celebrates as the show goes off the air.