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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 104 (Results)
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SCU Ep 104

Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR

Sin City Underground Ep 104 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on Saturday, August 21st, 2021.

SCU brings its Oregon fans with eight great matches. Four of which are the second round of matches to determine Cordelia's contender. That’s if Cordelia doesn’t win it herself as beating Orchid last week has placed her back in this tournament. Along with two title matches, the GRIME Championship and the Pride Tag Team Championship.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Go Gym Graduate and Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe walking through the hallway with her title around her waist, we soon see who the Aussie Bombshell is looking for as we see Ariana Angelos working out.

Krystal: I was hoping to catch you before the match against Veronica.

Ariana looks up and grins before standing up.

Ariana: Yeah, well, considering that my match against her is this week’s opener you would’ve been stretched for time either way.

Ariana responds before leaning against the wall.

Ariana: You ready for the match against Helena Jackal later?

Krystal nods before motioning to her title.

Krystal: This may be a non-title match, but I am treating this and every other Tournament Match I’m in like it was a title match! Helena will be in for a hell of a surprise if she’s heading into this match underestimating me!

Ariana: That reminds me, I wanted to ask you something.

Krystal: Shoot.

Ariana: Will you be defending the title at any point in the tournament?

Ariana says as she points at Krystal’s title and Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal: Asked the higher ups about it last week after you won your first round match, apparently SCW titles can only be defended on Climax Control or PPV.

Ariana: And the same goes for SCU Titles?

Krystal: It would but how many times have we seen SCU Titles be defended on PPV?

Ariana: Good point, well, I’m off to beat up Veronica’s deluded ass again!

Ariana says as she goes to walk off.

Krystal: Ari?

Krystal calls out to her friend and Ariana looks up.

Krystal: See you in the finals!

Ariana grins.

Ariana: Likewise!

Ariana walks off as the scene fades.

Opening Match
Round Two Tournament
Veronica Taylor Vs Ariana Angelos

Ari charges right at Veronica. Vero put half her body out of the to force Jade to get Ari to back off. Ari ignores Jade and hits Vero with a dropkick that sends Vero to the outside floor. Jade orders Ari back, Ari steps back but only to slide out of the ring on the other side and runs over to Vero. Vero slides in the ring and runs to the other side as Ari gets inside the ring. Vero slides out of the ring from the other side. Ari slides back out of the ring. Gianni comes out to the rampway and orders for Ari to wrestle fair or she’ll get DQ. Ari grabs her woman parts and yells out for him to eat it to show how little she cares what Gianni has to say. Gianni warns her again only this time it comes with cheers from the crowd. Vero points behind her husband Gianni. Gianni turns around to see her Team Go partner H.B. Carter. Gianni turns around unfazed as he gets attacked by Carter as Carter grabs Gianni and throws him over the rampway with his head hitting the barricade. Carter sees Gianni bleeding from his head somewhere. Veronica runs out of the ring and runs up the rampway. Ari runs after her but Carter runs at Ari to get her to go back in the ring. Reluctantly she does as Jade starts to count Veronica out. Jade gets to ten and calls for the bell. Arianna wins by count out and advances to the second round. Carter gets in the rin to raise Ari’s hand as EMT’s come out to check on Gianni as we now can see is bleeding from his left ear. Veronica looks pissed and rushes the ring only to get nailed with a running high knee to the jaw that sends her back to the outside by Arianna.

Once again the SCU camera finds Helena and Raisa backstage

Raisa: Hello again, I know why you have come today, you which to acquire comments from Helena regarding her match this week, last week people failed the believe our words and the Devil whispered to Ms. Azarov, and tonight he will whisper to Ms. Wolfe.

Helena: Wolves are such majestic creatures, able to survive wherever they roam, often I sat and listened to the wolves howl outside our home in Transylvania , but even a creature as majestic as the wolf becomes a nuisance and has to be taken care of. Ms. Wolfe, tonight you are the nuisance Wolf and tonight you will be taken care of, you know my methods by now but yet you will be powerless to stop me, tonight  the Devil will whisper your demise at my hand.

Raisa: Ms. Wolfe, we have no regret for your demise tonight, it is the  faith they have dealt you.

Helena: They have written it, and it shall be done.

Round Two Tournament
Alana Allure vs Omasa Tazu

Omasa as always stands at her corner. Alana tells her to bring it. Which gets Omasa to point at Alana and laugh at her. Alana doesn't look pleased by Omasa’s reaction. Alana walks to the middle of the ring and waves Omasa to bring it. Omasa yawns as she leans on the ropes waiting for Alana to attack her. Alana yells at Dylan to order Omasa to the middle of the ring but Dylan just shrugs it off as Omasa is not breaking any rules. Alana charges Omasa with a flying jump kick which gets countered with Omasa getting her arm up on time to push Alana legs up over her causing her to flip in the air and landing on the mat on her side. Alana gets to her feet and gets back to the middle of the ring. She again waves Omasa to the middle of the ring but Omasa won’t budge. Alana gets in her kickboxing stance which gets a laugh from Omasa showing Alana no respect. Alana gets close to Omasa and fakes a punch but Omasa doesn’t flinch. Alana goes for a punch and low kick. Omasa blocks the punch but takes the low kick to her calf area. Alana goes for a punch in the gut but Omasa blocks that while getting kicked again in the calf. Alana goes for another low kick that Omasa blocks but gets a hard slap to her face which gets Alana to smile as Omasa face changes to anger. Alana goes for another punch that gets blocked. Alana goes for a kick that gets blocked. Alana tries to go for a tie up but gets nailed with the Omasa Punch! (Punch to the throat. Alana holds her throat, Omasa uses her left hand to pinch Alana’s nose shut while using her right hand to cover Alana’s mouth. Omasa gets her leg behind Alana to sweep her to the mat. Omasa gets on top of Alana still pinching Alana’s nose shut and covering her mouth, not allowing Alana to breathe. Alana gives Omasa the finger while refusing to tap out. Omasa lifts Alana’s head butcher mouth and nose a few inches from the mat then slams it down still not allowing Alana to breathe. Dylan looks on as Alana waves Dylan away, still refusing to tap out. In the process she looks to start going unconscious. Dylan looks on, Alana feet start to twitch which gets the ringside medic Dr. Green to call for the bell. Omasa lets go of Alana which causes Alana to start gasping for air. Dr. Green slides in the ring and pushes Omasa off of Alana. Omasa gets to her feet and kicks Dr. Green in the side of the head for putting his hands on her which is against the SCU rules to put hands on the medical staff no matter what. Doctors, Rebeca Weaver, Gracie Staggs, and Nurse Loti rush to the ring with an oxygen tank. Dr. Green gets to his feet and starts to have words with Omasa. Dr. Green gets too close to Omasa and she gives Dr. Green a Omasa punch to his throat. Dr. Green goes down, forcing Dr. Staggs to check on him, leaving Alana to Dr. Weaver and Nurse Loti. SCU security ran down and tackled Omasa to the mat. They hold her arms as they pull her out of the ring and drag her to the back. Alana sits up breathing on her own staring down at the rampway as Omasa goes through the curtain.

The camera finds Halo backstage, almost waiting for the opportunity.

Halo: So, I get the honor of fighting the very person in this tournament in round two that we’re supposed to be fighting for the honor of challenging…

She nods slowly, never taking her eyes off the camera.

Halo: Cordelia By God fucking Clark….

She shrugs almost playfully.

Halo: So, basically, fuck it, why wait, right?

Nodding, Halo almost scoffs even as she stares almost through the camera.

Halo:  You win, you’re one step closer to getting to pick your own challenger. I win, I’m one step closer to making that be me.

Gritting her teeth momentarily, Halo looks like she wants to spit in disgust.

Halo: Let’s be fuckin’ honest here, you ain’t like me and I’m no fan of you either. We’re gonna walk out there tonight and knock the dog out of each other and then either I put your ass down or you fuck me over, one of the two, and you bet my sweet ass I’m gonna do everything possible to amke sure it ain’t number two there!

She walks up and glares down into the camera.

Halo: Let’s kick this pig and leave her squealin’ from the feelin’!

Round Two Tournament
Helena Jeckel vs Krystal Wolfe

The two ladies run at each other and begin to trade open hand strikes. Helena leans back to avoid a punch but Krystal spins around and nails a spin kick to Helena’s stomach.   her nailing a dropkick that drops Helena to the mat. Helena quickly gets to her feet, Ariana grabs Helena to send her to the ropes but Helena reverses it sending Krystal instead. Krystal runs towards the ropes but jumps to kick off from the middle rope going for a moonsault. She nails Helena as she lands on her for a pinfall. Kystal gets just a one count as Helena pushes Krystal off of her. Both ladies get to their feet at the same time. Krystal runs her going for a clothesline but Helena ducks and turns to quickly wrap her arms around Krystal’s waist, looking to take her over with a release German Suplex. Krystal turns her body enough in midair to land on her feet. As Helena gets up to her feet, Krystal charges at Helena to grab the top of her head as Krystal drops to her back while holding Helena’s head to her knees to drop Helena with a jaw breaker. Krystal gets to her feet then helps Helena to hers. The two tie up close to the ropes, Helena tries to get Krystal in a slam but Krystal blocks it with her feet. Krystal pushes away to break the tie up. Krystal nails a hard chop to Helena’s chest followed by a second one that sends Helena to the corner turnbuckle. Krystal goes for a third but Helena blocks it and nails a chop of her own. Helena grabs Krystal to switch spots, putting Krystal in the corner. Helena goes for a second chop but Krystal ducks down to get her shoulders underneath Helena’s legs. Krystal stands back up which gets Helena off her feet and flips over the top ropes onto the outside floor. Krystal runs to the opposite side of the run to hit the ropes. Krystal bounces off running back jumping over the top ropes going for her Athletics Check (Corkscrew Plancha) Helena moves out of the way letting Krystal crash to the edge of the rampway. Helena grabs Krystal and tosses her in the ring. Helena slides in the ring. Helena slowly walks around Krystal crackling. Helena gets on top of Krystal and locks in The Devil's Whisper (Mandible Claw). Krystals counters hy biting on Helena’s fingers! Helena punches Krystal in the forehead to get Krystal to open her mouth. Helena grabs her fingers as Krystal pushes her off. Krystal gets to her feet and kicks Helena in the head then gets on top of her for the pin. Jade gets to two as Helena manages to roll them over, putting Helena on top of Krystal. At one Helena would grab Krystal by her tights. Krystal would try to kick out but Helena pulls on the tights keeping Krystal at bay for the three count victory.

The scene cuts in on Cordelia Clark who is obviously in a good mood as she holds her SCU Underground Championship. She’s about to prepare to make a statement regarding her upcoming match and nothing but confidence exudes out of her following her win over the wrestler known as “Orchid”. She straightens out her hair, gets the cue that she needs and she’s about to speak. However, before she can even say a word, Morgan Clark comes barging into the scene… and she is furious…

Morgan: Don’t say anything yet…

Cordelia: I was just about to start talking about…

Morgan: You can save it for now. It’s obviously nothing against you because none of this is your fault really, but the fact of the matter is, I am so sick and tired of feeling like I’m just stuck in your damn shadow. Again, this isn’t your fault. You are doing exactly what needs to be done and I can never fault you for that. But what about me? When the hell am I going to get my break, huh? I know I came to SCU to help you stave off the plastics and everything, but the Veronicas, Valentinas and Angels of the world are not in the picture anymore. God, Cordy… I did not come to SCU to be your damn sidekick but it sure as hell feels that SCU wants to treat me that way. Sure, I had a shot at the GRIME World title, but I was instantly dismissed by their champion as if I’m some damn nobody!

Cordelia: So… why are you taking it so hard?

Morgan: Because that’s what I feel like right now! Here you are, enjoying all the success, and I can’t even get ANYWHERE myself. I’m just floating around as a token challenger AT BEST and accomplishing NOTHING! I’m so sick of this crap! The worst part is, I don’t even have a match tonight to at least try to build momentum. I’m just so tired of it all, Cordy.

Cordelia sighs quite a bit with a bit of guilt emanating from her.

Cordelia: Why do I feel like you’re jealous of me?

Morgan: Jealous? Cordy, no. I can never be jealous. I’ve been trying to tell you that it’s not you. You’re my sister. Of course I am going to support you. I DEFINITELY support you tonight considering that you’re facing Halo, who has been more of a thorn in MY side personally than anyone and I'm so sick and tired of being unable to get the better of her. I am sick and tired of being mired in mediocrity while SCW rejects like Amy and Mercedes come in here and make it all look so easy. It’s not just SCU. It’s the fact that ever since I started to transition to being a wrestler in my own right, it has gone NOWHERE… and that idiot cousin of ours sicing a couple of thugs on me didn’t help either…

Cordelia at this point, starts to show some concern on her face.

Cordelia: I understand the frustration, but there’s really nothing else I can tell you except to find a way to do something about it instead of complaining every week.

Morgan: You got a point. All I know is, I’m so sick of being chopped liver around here.

Morgan frustratingly leaves the scene, leaving Cordelia to herself to deliver the promo that she had in mind. She’s able to push through despite Morgan’s unforeseen interruption.

Cordelia: Last week? I proved who the true star of this company is when I finally silenced ‘Orchid’. God, that was a satisfying feeling and with that, this company did the right thing and reinstated me in my own tournament because that nonsense with Orchid and Jennifer? That had nothing to do with me and it was completely unfair that I had to pay the price for something that I have no involvement nor interest in. But hey, we can move on and Orchid can shut the hell up. Halo Annis, you have been a thorn in my sister’s side recently and while I know I can cheer her up by beating you tonight, at the end of the day, I’m going to continue to prove my dominance over this company. Halo, you are someone that is starting to become more annoying, if not more annoying, than Ariana  Angelos and you all know how I felt about this company’s efforts that attempted to make her a THING. That’s fine though. It is what it is. I’m the superior being of this company and the valedictorian that’s going to take this company to the next level. I proved it with my title defense last week and I am going to continue to prove it when I defeat you! I know exactly what I need to do… and when it’s all said and done, Halo? You’re going to wind up being just another victim!

Cordelia scoffs with confidence, showing no signs of slowing down as she walks out of the scene.

Round Two Tournament
Halo Annis vs Cordelia Clark

Cordelia is quick to strike Halo, but Halo picks her up and charges across the ring, dropping her on her back with a Spinebuster.  Cordelia kicks out of a pin quickly. Cordelia gets to her feet, and Halo picks her up.  Cordelia nails a crescent kick to Halo, knocking her on the mat.  She grabs onto Halo’s legs, looking for a Figure Four. Halo kicks Cordelia right in the ass, and she scrambles to her feet to get Cordelia in a German Suplex.  She hooks the leg for a two count. Cordelia gets a shoulder up.  They separate for a moment to size one another up.  Both women meet up in the center of the ring and quickly tie up.  Halo uses her strength advantage to power Cordelia back several feet before Cordelia grounds her weight.  She pushes Halo off and comes off the ropes with a Haymaker. Halo blocks and grabs onto Cordelia’s wrist and twists it back into a Wrist Lock.  She gives it some extra power and then pushes Cordelia forward. Cordelia growls angrily and then she quickly ties up with Halo again.  Cordelia sends Halo to the ropes, and Halo ducks under a Clothesline. As she comes back, Cordelia dips back with a Matrix Evasion.  She grabs Halo into an Exploder Suplex and pin combo. Two count.  Halo powers out.  Cordelia clubs Halo across the back, and then gets up and taunts the crowd.  This gives Halo enough time to get up.  She lets Cordelia have her “celebration”, and then… She trips her up and looks for the Black 13 (Claymore Kick), but Cordelia rolls out of the way.  She trips Halo up in the process and then nails the Heartbreaker to get the pinfall.

Recorded Earlier.

Edmonton, Alberta Canada, the residence of Earl, Dahlia, and  Sarah.

Gemma sits on the couch holding a microphone.

Gemma: Hello, SCU, you all know who I am, but for those of you who don’t, I’m Gemma Frost and I’m here with the Pride Tag Team champions, my fellow Team Canada members Earl and Dahlia. Both of you have become synonymous with the Pride tag team titles, you’ve held them more times than anyone, and upcoming at SCU 104 you defend them against OTE members Eyesnsane and Mrs. Right, your thoughts.

Dahlia: Damn ya long winded Gemma, but yes Earl and I have become synonymous with the pride tag team titles and we’re proud of that, there aren’t many husband and wife teams who have accomplished what we have in our careers, sure we’ve won and lost titles a few times and it good for the business, and upcoming we will defend our titles against two great competitors, one my husband knows quite well and Mrs. Right who I’m not sure either of us has ever faced, we'll have to have Sarah look into that.

Earl smirks.

Earl: And you called Gemma long winded. Gemma anyone who have followed my career now all the wars I’ve had  with Eyesnane, there stuff of legend for sure. Eyesnsane always brought out the best in me and is one of the few people in wrestling I respect, Mrs. Right I remember her from Honor wrestling, but as my wife stated not sure if I ever wrestled her.  Dahlia and I have a chemistry that most teams don’t, and it’s way we’ve been as successful as a tag team, I know Eyesnsane will bring us a great fight, and I suspect so will Mrs. Right.

Dahlia: And while we respect them, we’re still going to beat them.

Gemma: I know there’s respect among the four of you and the fans in Portland are in for a great match.

Earl: No doubt Gemma.

Gemma: Well that’s all for now, catch you all later.

Hitamashii vs Andrew Borg

Hitamashii and Andrew tie up in the middle of the ring. Hitamashii gets the advantage as he gets Andrew down with a swinging neckbreaker. Andrew does a kip up to get back to his feet. Hitamashii runs over and hits a leaping clothesline. Andrews stumbles a few steps back, Hitamashii comes in with an open hand strike, Andrew grabs Hitamashii to avoid the punch while countering with a kick to the ribs. Andrew lets go of Hitamashii arm and goes for a front kick to the chest. Hitamashii drops to the mat, Andrew sits him up and goes for a stiff low kick to the chest but Hitamashii blocks the kick then goes for a leg sweep to trip him up. Hitamashii gets to his feet as does Andrew, they tie up in the middle of the ring again. Hitamashii tries to get Andrew for a suplex but Andrew gets a foot in to block the move. Andrew hits Hitamashii with a knee to the gut, Andrew tries a suplex of his own but Hitamashii blocks his attempt. Andrew breaks the tie up then goes for a big boot that Hitamashii spots this from a mile away and swats his leg away to spin him around. Hitamashii now behind Andrew locks in an inverted facelock while wrapping his legs around Andrew in a body scissors (Evil is Forever). Hitamashii arches backwards to add more pressure to the neck and spine as Andrew quickly starts tapping out.

In the parking lot, we see a few empty parking spots that have been roped off.  Inside of it, we see Angel of Filth and Skag smashing beer bottles on the ground.  Skag shouts out, echoing through the lot.

Skag:  Ich bin heute Nacht verdammt verrückt! (I am fucking wild tonight!)

Skag reaches into the black plastic trashbag and pulls out three or so more bottles, smashing them against the ground.  Filth looks right at Skag and one of his eyes widens.  He then nods as Filth cracks it over his head

Filth: Ich will dich verbluten und wie Urtiere über dieses zerbrochene Glas ficken, Kind. (I want to bloody you up and fuck like primal animals over this broken glass, child.)

Skag:  Jawol… Ja bitte, Fräulein…

Filth cackles at the thought as Skag tightens up his chest, offering it to Filth.  She runs the broken bottle across his chest and he slowly starts to bleed, though the wound is clearly not very deep. Skag laughs as we can hear the chirping of his first lady, Hecate the rat.  Hecate comes rushing up Skag’s leg, all the way up to Skag’s shoulder. Filth leans in to rub noses with Hecate.

Skag:  Meinen manager tells me it is time to speak to the audience.  It is expected of me as the man with the briefcase, ja?  But I am not one to speak to audiences.  I speak to singular people, such as Stewart Mason.  Your Underground Champion…

Crowd:  *POP!!!*

Skag closes his eyes and sighs, shaking his head.

Skag: You cheer, but it is only because this is all you know.  Prophets and sinners, but never the full experience.  I offer to you... everything.  All that you crave, everything you need, anything you could want is in me.  I will feed your darkness.  Primordial.  And come Violent Conduct, I will feed you, meine kinder.  The crazy will be unleashed, and I will become the true face of Underground.

Skag laughs, falling backward, but he balances himself, contorting his body in a very unnatural way.  Filth smirks and nods her head as she runs her hand across his bloody chest.

2 Broke Chicks vs Andrey and Esther Azarov

Jane and Esther start this match off… Jane points at Andrey! It looks like she wants Andrey to get in the ring and wrestle her. Esther tags in Andrey as Jane runs and tags in Chi Chi!. Chi Chi jumps over the top rope to get in as Andrey steps over the top rope. Chi Chi makes a blind tag to Jane! Chi Chi runs at Andrey, Andrey goes for a roundhouse kick. Andrey nails Chi Chi as Jane runs in and grabs Andrey in the back of the head for a running headlock bulldog. Esther gets back in the ring as Chi Chi does a kip up to a crane stance.

Chiaki: I Daniel Son yo ass BISH!

Esther runs at Chi Chi as she goes for the crane kick. Ethers runs around Chi Chi to pull Jane off of Andrey, Chi Chi yanks Esther’s ear to drag her to her corner. Jade orders Esther out of the ring and for Chi Chit to get to her corner. Andrey gets back to his feet while Jane still keeps the headlock. Andrey pushes Jane off of him which sends her a few feet away from him. Jane walks over to her corner to tag in Chi Chi. Esther yells at her husband to tag her in as she wants a piece of Chi Chi. Andrey walks over to Esther to tag her in. Esther gets in the ring and charges at Chi Chi but stops when Chi Chi runs to another corner and gets her hands up as if she is scared of Esther. Esther stops and waves for Chi Chi to leave the corner to fight her. Chi Chi shakes no, Esther walks over to Chi Chi who straightens up and swings her arm up to nail Esther with an uppercut then follows it with an European uppercut. Esther stumbles back a bit, Chi Chi runs for a leaping clothesline but misses as Esther ends up tripping herself to the mat. Chi Chi lands face first on the mat. Esther crawls over to Chi Chi to grab her foot but gets a boot to the nose. Chi Chi gets to her feet, she goes to get Esther up but Esther grabs Chi Chi by the waist and tackles her down to the mat. Azz N Clazz theme starts to play as they run down to ringside and pull Jane off the apron. Chi Chi tries to fight off Esther but Esther keeps the lock on her waist as Torielle and Chanelle start punching Jane. Jade calls for the bell ending the match in a DQ win for 2 Broke Chicks. Kawaii Dragons runs down the rampway as they run to help Jane. Winter and Tatsu nail Azz N Clazz with their Kawaii sticks. Andrey gets in the ring and gets his wife off of Chi Chi. Chi Chi rolls to the outside of the ring. Winter and Tatsu double team Torielle as Chi Chi jumps on Chanelle to tackle her to the floor. Jane gets to her feet and grabs the time keeper's bell. Chi CHi gets off of Chanelle as Jane throws the ring bell at Chanelle which bust her nose open as blood starts gushing everywhere. Kawaii Dragons step back and stare down 2 Broke Chicks.

Winter: You want to throw down bitches?

Tatsu: Yeah… Bitches!

Chi Chi and Jane slide in the ring waving the Kawaii Dragons inside. Kawaii Dragons drop the Kawaii Sticks and slide in the ring. EMT’s run down to check on Chanelle, at the sametime WGN Standards and Practices Tad Ezra comes out with a microphone.

Tad: Ladies, ladies. Not tonight. Save it for next week with the Kawaii Dragons put the GRIME Tag Team titles on the line against 2 Broke Chicks. Jane won a battle royal during a house show last week. So Jane, you get to decide the fate of 2 Broke Chicks.

Jane gets tossed a microphone from Darlyn.

Jane: Chi and I can wait until next week. Tatsu, Winter, tonight we find a place to park the RV’s, we’ll have a drink as respected foes. Come next week you two need to bring it if you want to beat Cheech and I in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match!

Emt’s are seen going up the ramp pulling Chanelle in a stretcher. Torielle gets escorted to the back by the SCU refs. She goes to Tad and demands that Azz N Clazz be added to the TLC match. Tad orders her to the back.

Tad: TLC match for next week. I love it. Azz N Clazz wants in but that’s not gonna happen. What is going to happen is 2 Broke Chicks vs Kawaii Dragons at SCU Ep 105. The winners will face Azz N Clazz on SCU Ep 106.

As Tad finishes speaking, the cameras go to the backstage area to find Torielle standing by, trying to get back to ringside to go on the attack.  She is seen standing near Liam who takes a minute to watch Torielle, his eyebrows raised and a big grin on his face.  He looks around and points to Torielle as if to say “do you see this shit?”  He can’t help but laugh a bit and then he clears his throat and raises the microphone to his mouth.

Liam:  Hello SCUniverse!  Welcome to a special field edition of “What’re You Gagnon?”  I am your host, Liam Gagnon, here with Torielle Jackson, one half of…

Torielle:  the two bad bitches that gettin’ screwed every time we turn around?  The two hardcore hoes that get overlooked on the regular?  Yep, that’s me.

Liam:  Clearly.  I mean, it’s not every day that we see two former champions who never did a damn thing that was noteworthy until getting said championships, getting everything that they deserve…

Torielle bites her tongue for a second and then pinches the bridge of his nose, seething.

Torielle:  So suddenly you got jokes.  You ain’t funny, even if you stunting like a clown.  But, I’mma spell it out for you, Liam.  Azz n Crass never got a fair rematch for the titles.  Azz n Crass stepped their pussies up and we was doing the damn thing.  Azz n Crass was running that division until the Kawaii Dragons came in, started fuxxin’ wit our matches, scouting us, and then waited until we beat three other teams, to swoop in and take OUR BELTS!  And then, some little girls who think they hard come up in here, and we got tossed to the back burner.  Nahhhh!  I ain’t having it, Liam.

Liam:  And Tad isn’t having you.  I mean, you two are so crusty, disgust me.  I need a wet wipe ‘case this bum try to touch me, ew!

Torielle puts a hand up in Liam’s face and physically pushes him away.

Torielle:  Go on, Eminem.  Line bitin’ sonuvabitch.  Make fun, but everybody knows who the true hardcore hood bitches is around here.  Kawaii Dragons and 2 Broke Chicks need to watch out for us, cause we ain’t having it.  We gettin’ them titles back.  We gettin’ em back…  Now if you will excuse me, I gotta go check on Chan, and God help me if them Kawaii Dragons try to get involved with that!

Before Liam can say anything else, Torielle backs away.  Liam shakes his head and widens his eyes.  He mouths “Wow” before backing away.

Joshua is seen in the backstage area stretching out before his match.

Joshua:  Things didn’t work out for me the way that I thought it would work for me a couple weeks ago.  That’s alright I can let you know that it didn’t matter if I won or lost the match.  It was back and forth but I am still your GRIME champion.  Last week I showed up to see my friend and fellow GRIME champion Amy Santino.  I have been hearing around that I was trying to help her out in her match, no I was there to catch up and if people were to see I was escorted out by security.

Joshua gets up and puts the GRIME Championship on his shoulder.

Joshua:  This week I again defend this championship and like I always do.  I am going to go into the ring win the match and walk back here with my championship still here on my shoulder.  It is a different day but the same song and dance for your GRIME Champion.  Since this match is for my GRIME Championship your main event will be under GRIME rules.  I hope you have read up on those rules.  But it doesn’t matter because I have a feeling they are going to change.

Pride Tag Team Championship Match
OTE Vs The Three Way
(Eyesnsane & Mrs Right) (Earl Lockyer & Dahlia Rotten)

Dahlia and Mrs. Right start things off. Dahlia goes to shake hands in the middle of the ring, but Mrs. Right just laughs. She reaches across and slaps Dahlia. The surprise is on Mrs. Right as Dahlia reaches over and slaps her back. The referee warns both ladies just as they tie up in the center of the ring. They try to overpower one another as Dahlia gets the initial advantage. Dahlia pushes Mrs. Right over to one of the free corners and uses her slight strength advantage to loom over Mrs. Right. Dahlia kicks Mrs. Right in the stomach. She steps away and comes back with a Corner Yakuza Kick. Mrs. Right moves out of the way, and as Dahlia gets hung up on the top rope, Mrs. Right gets a Running Elbow to Dahlia’s head. She grabs onto Dahlia’s hair and smashes her hard against the mat. Mrs. Right stomps Dahlia as she circles her, shouting insults as she does so. After about four separate stomps, Dahlia catches Mrs. Right’s foot and sweeps her other leg out from under her. Dahlia lifts Mrs. Right up into a German Suplex, bridging it into a pin for a two count. Eyesnsane is ready to get inside of the ring, but so is Earl. However, both men subside to the outside as Mrs. Right gets her shoulder up. Dahlia lifts Mrs. Right up and nails a Running Big Boot that drops her back down. The crowd is cheering Dahlia on. Dahlia goes to pick Mrs. Right up, but Mrs. Right rolls Dahlia up into a Small Package Pin for a two count. Earl goes to break it up, but Eyesnsane catches him. Dahlia gets to her feet first as she hits a Single Knee Facebreaker. Mrs. Right bounces back against the ropes, holding onto her face. She bounces right back with a Clothesline to Dahlia. She takes a deep breath as she moves over to tag in Eyesnsane. The referee orders both ladies to the outside. Earl charges into the ring and catches Eyesnsane with a Spear that puts him flat on his back. As Earl turns around, he goes to pick Eyesnsane off of the mat. But Earl is caught up as Eyesnsane kips up into a Clothesline, taking the challenger down to the mat. He hooks the leg for a two count.  Earl flips Eyesnsane over into his own pin reversal, getting a two count. Eyesnsane claps his heels against Earl’s temples and reverses it once more, showing off his versatility and getting a near three, but not quite. Dahlia has had enough of this as she comes in and hits a knee to the back of Eyesnsane’s head, just hard enough to get Eyesnsane to let go of the pin. As Eyesnsane turns around, Earl brings him down with a Belly to Back suplex. As Eyesnsane comes back, Earl goes for a Shining Wizard, but Eyesnsane catches him with an Exploder Suplex, pinning for a two count.  Dahlia tries to make the save, but Mrs. Right catches her with a Lou Thesz Press with mounted punches. Dahlia flips her off of her as the referee urges both ladies to their corners. Earl watches it unfold, and as he turns around, he gets caught with a barrage of martial arts kicks! Earl is floored after a few of them. Eyesnsane jumps onto the top rope and comes crashing down with a Flying Double Leg Stomp. He hooks the leg, nodding his head as the referee drops down for the two count. Earl gets his shoulders up at the last possible second. He crawls out from under Eyesnsane, who pounds the mat in frustration. As Earl crawls over toward Dahlia, Eyesnsane grabs onto his foot. He tries to pull him back, but Earl goes for a Spinning Heel Kick.  But Eyesnsane ducks underneath it. Earl tries swinging the opposite way. Eyesnsane goes for the Dragon Screw, but Earl flips and lands on his foot once more, this time, tagging Dahlia in! Mrs. Right wastes no time in rushing the ring before Dahlia even tries to step foot inside. Dahlia pulls down on the bottom rope, causing Mrs. Right to topple to the outside, but not without dragging Dahlia down with her. Eyesnsane and Earl go to their respective corners to take a breather, staring between each other and the action on the outside. Dahlia comes barreling toward Mrs. Right, but Mrs. Right times the perfect Drop Toe Hold, causing Dahlia to smash her face into the ring steps. Dahlia holds onto her face as Mrs. Right uses her foot to nudge Dahlia onto her back. She steps across her chest. She climbs inside of the ring as the referee is now going onto a seven count. Mrs. Right celebrates an early win as Earl steps down and assists Dahlia back up and into the ring like a good partner. She picks Dahlia up from the mat, holding onto her. However, despite a bloody nose, Dahlia hits a Reverse Tornado DDT seemingly out of nowhere! Both women are down and out. Dahlia musters up the energy to climb on top of Mrs. Right, gaining the pinfall victory as Earl charges Eyesnsane to keep him from breaking it up.  After the bell rings, and The Three Way are announced the winners, Eyesnsane helps Mrs. Right up, and Dahlia is tended to by Earl.

Just outside of the boiler room, we can see the dark outline of someone.  They strike a match, and we’re able to see that it is Javier Gonzalez.  He places the match onto his tongue, extinguishing it.  A few seconds later, he strikes another, giving it the same treatment after a second.  The sizzle almost echoes.  He then lights another, and turns to look at the camera with an almost sinister look.

Javier:  Hola fam. Es tu chico del sur de la frontera, que representa con orgullo a México. ¡Vive la raza! Pero esta noche, no soy solo yo el que persigue el Campeonato GRIME por mí mismo. Está tratando de llevarlo de vuelta a donde pertenece, ¡homez! El gángster original, mang. Este vato quiere celebrar con los hijos de puta sucios, sucios y mugrientos como el título estaba destinado a ser, homez.

Javi licks his thumb and puts out the flame of the match in between his fingers as he looks to the camera.

Javier:  I mean no disrespect, homez, but that title got it’s day.  I let it float around there a little bit, mang.  You know what I’m saying?  But, Joshua… You are not GRIME.  Deep down, you were just some poor hijo de puta that Erik Staggs thought could use a moment to shine.  And you did good, chico.  Better than I woulda thought.  But it ends tonight.  It ends now, homez.  And that title is coming home to the original GRIME Champion, you know what I’m saying?

And with that, Javi leans in, the dark casting shadows on his face, but the glare from the light gives just enough to see the white of his eyes, and the outline of some of his tattoos.

Main Event
GRIME Championship Match
Javier Gonzalez vs Joshua Acquin

Acquin and Javi are quick to make it to the middle of the ring.  Javi evades a tie up and hits a knee to the stomach.  He comes off the ropes and jumps up, landing a Floatover Stunner. Acquin rolls to the corner as Javi follows after.  He goes to pick Acquin up, but Acquin trips him up, hitting his head on the middle turnbuckle.  Acquin grabs Javi and slams him into the ringpost. Acquin lifts Javi up into a Torture Rack, and Javi struggles to get out of it.  He tries to grab hold of the ropes, but they are just out of reach.  Javi shouts out, trying to gain control of the pain. Acquin gives a few last minute wrenches before dumping Javi to the mat.  He studies Javi, and then drops an elbow to his head.  He hooks the leg for a 2 count. Javi gets the shoulder up just at 2.  Javi grabs onto the ropes to pull himself up, slowly standing on the apron.  Acquin comes at him, but he ducks and hits a Shoulderbutt. He hits a second and then flips over into a Sunset Flip.  But instead of going for the cover, he switches up his position to go for a Boston Crab.  He pulls Acquin to the center of the ring. Acquin writhes in pain, but uses his strength advantage to quickly pull himself over to the ropes.  Just as he’s about to get hold of them, Javi stomps each arm, and pulls him back. Javi is wearing out too, as Acquin gives lots of resistance the entire way there.  He tries once more, but is too far from the ropes. He begins clubbing at Javi’s sides, and eventually weakens him enough to spin and flip Javi over! Javi skids a bit.  Acquin holds onto his back as he tries to stretch himself out. He crawls the rest of the way to the ropes, and as Javi rushes at him, he drops down and pulls the ropes so that Javi falls to the outside for a count of 4. Javi is back to his feet and rolls inside.  Acquin comes at him, so he slides back out.  Acquin reaches down and grabs onto his head.  Javi struggles against it. He comes out of nowhere with a kick to the side of Acquin’ head, getting free from his grip and then he jumps up the ropes and takes Acquin down with a Headscissors! Acquin feels the encounter in his arms as he struggles to get up in the corner.  As he does, Javi is right there with Javi Bux!  Acquin is out, and Javi goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Javi was just inches away from getting the win.  He stands up with his hands on his head.  Acquin roars out as he brings himself up, but as soon as he does, we’ve got another Headscissors… NO! Joshua nails the Nightmare (Killswitch) and gets the cover on Javi for the win.