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SCU House Show 18, Aug, 19th 2021 results
« on: August 21, 2021, 02:39:04 PM »

House Show 18, Aug, 19th, 2021

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

Father Gerald vs Rory Rockerfeller

Gerald starts the match by trying to hand Rory a copy of the Good Book. He explains to Rory how it can help him to live a better life. Gerald hands Rory the book while trying to convince him to join the church. Rory will decline the offer by throwing the book, hitting Gerald in the nose with it. Gerald keeps his cool. The bell rings to start the match. Gerald friendliness goes away as he starts attacking Rory with a fury of kicks. Rory would move in to get some punches in but Gerald would keep the distance with non stop kicks. A stiff kick to Rory's knee would drop him to the mat. Gerald locks in a cross knee lock forcing Rory to tap out giving Father Gerald the submission win.

Jamie Staggs vs Shorty

Shorty holds a kendo stick, the ref orders him to drop b=it but refuses. Jamie goes outside and gets a chair to bring back with him in the ring. Gianni would come out and make it a GRIME Rules match. The bell sounds as Shorty hobbles over to Jamie. Jamie swings the chair back as Shorty gets the kendo stick between Jamie’s legs and swings upward hitting Jamie in the balls. Jamie goes down, Shorty steps on Jamie’s crotch area as Shorty stands on Jamie’s chest. Shorty takes the kendo stick and pushes it against Jamie’s throat causing him to tap out. Shorty gets off of Jamie and raises his hands in the air as he celebrates his 20 second match victory.

Helluva Bottom Carter vs Andrew Borg

The two men tie up in the middle of the ring. Carter gets Andrew up for a bodyslam. Andrew would get to his feet. Carter tried to grab Andrew but Andrew would counter with an illegal poke to the eyes. The crowd gets shit from the crowd for his dirty tactics. Andrew will begin to say a prayer from the good book. Carter of course would stop Andrew mid way through with a kick to the back of the knee that drops Andrew to his knees. Carter moves to the side to lay in a stiff low kick to Andrew chest. The crowd will yell for Carter to do it again. Carter does just that, hitting a second stiff kick to the chest, The crowd will keep chanting again as Carter is more than happy to please the crowd with each stiff kick. Carter will ask the crowd to stop. Hey then lays in three hard kicks, the third hitting Andrew in the face while Carter would mock Andrew catchphrase yelling. Yes You Can! The crowd would pop loud chanting HB Carter as he covers Andrew for the 3 count victory.

Main Event
Underground Championship Match
Skag vs Champion Stewart Mason

Skag will be joined by Angel of Filth. As always, the Champion has his manager Gail at ringside. The ref would spend the first few minutes constantly yelling at Skag as he does every dirty move he can from eye pokes, to back rakes to close fist as Stewart does what he can to wrestle a clean match, but for every legal strike Stewart hits Skag with, Skag would counter with an illegal one. Gail will have enough of Skag and gets on the apron to give Dylan a piece of her mind for his poor officiating. Filth slides in a chair, Skag would try to hit Stewart with it but Underground Champion would display his combat skills as he nails Skag in the jaw with a Crescent Kick which would end up knocking him out in the ring. The chair lands on top of Skag. During that time, Gail had jumped off the apron but when Dylan turned around, he would see Skag knockout called with a chair on top of him. Dylan ends the match calling for the bell as he would reward Skag with a DQ victory. Gail gets in the ring yelling at Dylan but Stewart pulls her back reminding her that he’s still the champion. In Stewart’s eyes, it was karma paying Skag back.