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SCU House Show 17, Aug 18th 2021 Results
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House Show 17, Aug, 18th, 2021

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

Chelsea LeClair vs Mrs. Right

Mrs Right starts the match off by catching Chelsea off guard with a tie up. She lifts Chels up into a Double-Handed Chokeslam right off the bat. Chels punches Right in the face. She drops Right with a DDT. She gets a one count. Right powers out. She catches Chels by the arm and whips her into the corner. She crashes into Chelsea and then drops her with a Bulldog. She lifts Chelsea up and Powerslams her to the mat. She gets a two count. She pulls Chels off of the mat and tries for a Military Press Slam, but Chels slides down her back and hits a German Suplex on Right. She jumps up to the top rope and hits the CANCELLED! (Corkscrew Moonsault)! Chelsea LeClair wins via pinfall. Chelsea celebrates her first SCU win.

Azurine Vebbins vs Esther Azarov

Esther starts the match off with a hard slap to the face. She then kicks Azzy in the stomach and goes for a Powerbomb. Azzy punches Esther in the face and then drops her with an Elevated DDT. She does a Rear Chinlock and rises up. She whips Esther into the ropes and tries for a Snap Suplex, but Esther knees her in the stomach. Azzy hits an elbow to Esther's face. She is able to maneuver into a Pumphandle Slam. She gets a two count. She pulls Esther up and sends her into the corner for a Monkey Flip. She drags Esther to the center of the ring. She drops an elbow to her face. She gets to her feet and goes to lift Esther, but Esther shoves Azzy into the ropes. Katta is there to grab onto her leg. Esther is able to lift Azzy into the Salvation Slam (Glam Slam). Esther Azarov wins via pinfall. As Esther leaves the ring, she gives a nod to Katta, who focuses on Azzy, laughing.

Cameras go backstage as we see 2 Broke Chicks taking photos with fans. A group of four girls that look between 7-10 years old dressed like Chi Chi are seen next. They run to Chi Chi and ask Jane to step aside so they can take a picture with Chi Chi. They line up in front of Chi Chi by height. The smallest in front with Chi Chi at the end. After the photo they pull Chi Chi to the side and get Jane back in the picture. The tallest girl gets in front of Jane. The two smallest ask Jane to show her muscles, as she poses with her arms out and elbow bent upward. They then both jump and hang on to her muscles while the fourth girl gets a chair to stand on behind Jane and plants her jaw on top of Jane's head. The photo is taken as the four girls do their best Chi Chi imitations.

Jerry Cann vs Combat Champion Andrey Azarov

The crowd boos Andrey as he showboats inside of the ring. Jerry has enough and spins Andrey around and delivers several fast and effective jabs to his face. He backs Andrey into the corner. He continues to throw punches and kicks to Andrey before kneeing him in the stomach and putting on a Rear Choke. Andrey quickly gets the ropes for the break. He pulls himself to the outside, but Jerry follows. He grabs onto Andrey's hair and spins him around to punch him once more. Andrey grabs Jerry's fist and nails a headbutt. He tries for a DDT, but Jerry rushes him back into the ringpost. He continues to throw punches until Esther starts arguing with the referee. Andrey sneaks on a loaded boxing glove and hits Jerry with it. He rolls Jerry inside and sets him up for a Shadow Cyclone (Jerry's Cobra Clutch). After a bit of a struggle, Andrey Azarov wins via submission.  Kandy Kaine comes out and tackles Esther to the ground. They roll around brawling until Kandy gets on top, choking Esther. Andrey rips Kandy off of Esther and slides her inside, telling her to worry about Jerry. He helps Esther to the back, leaving Jerry and Kandy in the ring.

Main Event
Mercedes Vargas, Delia Darling and GRIME Tag Team Champions Kawaii Dragons vs Azz N Crass, Celeste North, and GRIME Champion Amy Marshall

The eight women stand in the middle of the ring staring each other down as Jade orders them to their corners. Mercedes puts her hand on Winter’s back as Delia does the same with Tatsu. They grab the Kawaii sticks off of them. The Kawaii Dragons lunge with a double clothesline each to take down Celeste, Amy, Chanelle and Torielle. The kawaii Dragons stand on one side as Mercedes and Delia stand on the other side from Amy, Celeste, Torielle and Chanelle. Jade just gets out of the ring as she decides she’s not going to bother trying to referee this match. The four get to their feet as Delia and Mercedes swing the Kawaii sticks (kendo sticks) at them. The four ladies get their hands up to block the attack. Kawaii Dragons smack the ladies on the back of their heads. Amy turns around to face the Kawaii Dragons. Mercedes goes to swing as Amy jumps up and nails Mercedes in the face with a Pele Kick. Mercedes drops the kawaii stick, Winter bends down to pick it up but gets kicked on the shoulder to prevent it. Tatsu spears Amy as Mercedes and Winter get back up. Azz N Class grabs Delia as Celeste grabs Tatsu by the hair and swings her away from Amy. Mercedes ties up with Amy but Celeste gets herself in the mix allowing the two to get Mercedes in the air for a double suplex. While they get ready to drop Mercedes, Tatsu runs and hits Celeste and Amy in the chest with a running dropkick. Winter tries to help Delia but Torielle grabs Winter and throws her over the top ropes onto the outside floor. Tatsu runs over and jumps on Chanelle’s back for a sleep hold. Delia pushes Torielle off of her as Celeste and Amy stomp on Mercedes in the corner. Winter slides in the ring and grabs both Kawaii sticks and charges at them. Winter nails Celeste in the back then swings the kawaii stick hitting Amy in the back. Amy turns around to face Winter but gets met with two Kawaii sticks to her knees. Delia  grabs Torielle and Irish whips her towards Amy causing them to collide. Delia chops the chest of Chanelle to bring her down as Tatsu keeps her in the sleeper hold. Celeste blocks the two Kawaii sticks from Winter. Delia runs over and hits Celeste with a dropkick that sends her to the outside from the middle ropes. Delia and Winter double team Amy as Mercedes and Torielle tie up. Celeste gets to her feet but can't get her legs up to get in the ring. Celeste falls on her back as she gets pulled in under the ring. Chanelle finally goes to sleep. Tatsu lets Chanelle go, Delia runs at Torielle and kicks her hard forcing her to roll out of the ring. The fans in the first row by Chanelle point as they see an arm come from under the ring and pull Chanelle in under the ring. Mercedes goes for a discus clothesline but misses as Torielle ducks and gets next to Amy. The two ladies see that Chanelle and Celeste are nowhere to be found. The crowd looks at the rampway as Orchid runs out and slides in the ring. Mercedes and Amy tie up as Delia ties up with Torielle. Kawaii Dragons turn to face Orchid, Winter throws her Kawaii stick out of the ring then gets into her Wing Chun stance. Orchid smiles as she gets into her Eagle Claw stance. The crowd pops loudly as they see Jenifer Lacroix come out from under the ring. Jenifer slides in the ring as Winter drops her stance and starts laughing. She points behind Orchid. Orchid turns around, Jenifer starts nailing some punch combos. SCU Security along with the SCU referees runs down to ringside. Mercedes drops Amy with a swing neckbreaker as Delia drops Torielle with a snap suplex. SCU refs and security slide in the ring to finally break everything up. No bell ever rang to start the match. Match canceled

Dark Improv Match

Once the ring cleared and Celeste and Chanelle are removed from under the ring. Gianni ordered for all the tag teams who wants a shot at the GRIME tag team titles to come out for a Battle Royal. The winner will get to choose the match type against the GRIME tag champions. Gianni wants to make sure the crowd gets a match before the show ends. The crowd pop as they seems pleased and then shows even more as Kelli Torres & Mz Hollywood, Jack & Jake Jeckel, 2 Broke Chicks, Jerry Cann & Kandy Kaine, Rory Rockfeller & Daxton Oliver Beckett, and The Dying Breed come out for the match. The match will be the standard battle royal with kicks, punches and forearms being thrown around. The last two wrestlers would be Kelli Torres and Jane Harper. Kelli gets Jane over her head in a military press. Kelli walks to the ropes to throw Jane out of the ring. Jane would counter with a headlock. As Jane goes over the top ropes she would force Kelli over as well. Jane would land on the apron as does Kelli but only half of her body does as her legs drop to the floor first followed by Jane as she lets go of the headlock on Kelli. Winner of Battle Royal and can select any match type for the GRIME Tag Team Championship, Jane Harper, 2 Broke Chicks