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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 103 (Results)
« on: August 16, 2021, 04:01:23 PM »
SCU Ep 103: Saturday Night Seduction

Moda Center

Sin City Underground Ep 103 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Moda Center of Portland, Idaho. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on Saturday, August 14th, 2021.

Tonight is Ladies Night. The guys are on the road, and the ladies are coming to you live from the Moda Center, Portland, Idaho.  They take over the show tonight with three more Angel Kash Memorial Tournament matches, plus Merlot Ayano will defend her SCU Combat Championship in a Lei Tei Match, which is a platform that sits on top of the ring posts, and a winner is crowned when one competitor is left on the platform. Plus, Cordelia Clark defends her title against Orchid, who scored a victory over the champ in the tournament. But, Orchid’s spot in the tournament itself will be on the line as well, in a double down wager. All of this and so much more on Ep. 103!

The show opens backstage more specifically inside a locker room, where we see Amy Santino sitting down as she looks into her cell phone.

Amy: Night night baby.

Amy blows kisses into the phone and waves as various baby sounds come through the cell phone.

Voice: She hates it when you go away for the weekend.

Amy: I know. I miss her loads as well.

A light gentle cough of someone clearing their throat makes Amy look up from her cell phone briefly before returning her focus back to her phone.

Amy: I have to go.  I will message you later and give you a ring in the morning.

Voice: Sure.

Amy: Love you.

Voice: Love you too.

Amy blows a kiss before hanging up on the facetime call before looking up at the door and she stands and walks towards the door, and she comes face to face with Joshua Acquin with his championship belt sitting on his shoulder.

Amy: Hello stranger.

Joshua takes a moment before leaning in and they both hug.

Joshua:-  Sorry it took this long to speak.

Joshua shrugs.

Amy: It’s fine. We both have been busy… especially with all the changes etc…  I know it’s a poor excuse.

Amy now shrugs.

Joshua:-  Well we both have no reason to meet up now.

Amy smiles.

Amy: Indeed.  How about breakfast tomorrow? My flight isn’t till 11:30.

Amy suggests as Joshua nods.

Joshua:-  Sure. I’ll go now as I know you have to prepare for your match. So good luck and see you tomorrow.

Joshua gives a warm smile towards Amy.

Amy: Thanks Joshua.

She and Joshua hug once more before we hear footsteps approaching.  We hear a commotion as the camera turns to see SCU security approaching, and “Shorty” Devin Tyler.

Shorty:  There he is!  I told you!  No men are allowed in the building tonight, right?!  He can’t be here either!

Joshua rolls his eyes, but then cracks a devious smirk.

Joshua: It’s about time. I wanted to see how long it took this shit security team to find your GRIME Champion.

Security:  Come on, man.  Let’s head out, and…

Just then, Shorty goes running down the hallway, and security shouts out after him.

Security:  You too, Shorty!  Come on… I see you standing in front of that painting!

Shorty:  DAMMIT!!!

Security gives chase to Shorty while Joshua and Amy wave goodbye.  Security corrals Shorty and drags him off as they push Joshua along.  Amy raises an eyebrow and turns to sit down before inviting the camera forward and begins to speak.

Amy: Apparently I am arrogant for asking who Morgan Clark is.

It was a genuine question because obviously I heard of Cordelia but not Morgan, but I did some research and watched segments and matches and I have a pretty good idea who Morgan is and to be honest, I am not impressed with her.

Morgan Clark… you may have this Ivy League education and all that bullshit, but that education has been wasted on you because you are dumb as fuck.  Sorry to be blunt but you are really dumb. You moan about not getting the opportunities and being held back etc… etc…. but you really want to know why aren’t getting the opportunities etc…. Just look in the mirror.  It’s you Morgan…. It’s you that’s holding yourself back…. You are stuck in your sister’s shadow… you ride her coattails in the hopes of emulating her but it’s just not working.  You constantly seek her approval and for what…. Absolutely nothing because you are a burden on her. However, tonight this is your opportunity to step out of the shadows and show that you can hang with the best.  But I suppose you will drag your sister along and try and cheat.

You can deny it, but I’ve seen your previous matches and like your previous matches, your previous segments are also full of rubbish.  You will probably throw your Ivy League education at me, claim that you are better than me because what else would a snobby ignorant mean girl type do. And like the current trend of sheep… you will probably call me old and washed up.  But you know what, this washed-up old hag still can kick ass.  Hell, I wouldn’t be champion otherwise.

Tonight Morgan…  I want you to come alone.  I want your 100% focus. I don’t want your sister hanging around like a bad smell. I want you to show that you can step up and hang with the best.  I want to be pushed hard in this match because if you don’t push yourself not do anything else… then I won’t be sorry for what I am going to do to you.

See you soon.

Amy stands to her feet and begins to stretch and warm up for her match as the camera fades out on the GRIME Championship and Amy’s name plate on the championship.

Marissa Henry searches and finds Raisa and Helena backstage.

Raisa: Greetings Ms. Henry.

Marissa: Hello, I was wondering if I may get some words from Helena about tonight's tournament match.

Raisa: Before Helena speaks to you, I must ask what does Helena acquire when she wins this tournament.

Marissa: I don’t know what she wins.

Raisa: Of course you don’t Ms. Henry, you are merely a person with a microphone.

Helena: Ms. Marissa, have you ever heard the Devil whisper?

Marissa: I have not.

Helena: Well he speaks to me and his words are very cold, all who face me within this tournament will hear him whisper, before seeing the darkness, Ms. Esther will be the first.

Raisa: You are excused Ms. Henry, for Helena, must prepare.

Singles Match
Kandy Kaine Vs Azurine Vebbins

Esther comes out to ringside to chat with the play by play team for this match. Kandy points at Easter as the two start exchanging words. Once the bell rings Kandy puts her focus on Azurine. The two shake hands before tying up. A stalemate at first but Kandy Kaine would show her power as she breaks the tie up by shoving Azurine down to the mat. Azurine gets up and runs into a bodyslam from Kandy. Kandy grabs Azurine to get her up but Azurine grabs on to the top of Kandy’s head and drops down for a cutter. Azurine gets to her feet helping Kandy up in the process. The two would start chain wrestling as one tries to gain the advantage on the other. Kandy would grab Azurine for a supex but Azurine blocks it with her foot then counters with her Northern Lights Suplex. Azurine would hit it as she bridges for a pin. The ref would count to three as Azurine secures herself a pinfall victory.

Gena:Thank you Esther for your very biased outlook on Kandy.

Esther: Your mother, bitch.

Gena:Um whatever.

Esther removes the headset and slides in the ring as Azurine exits the ring. Esther kicks Kandy while still down and lands another kick before she lays in a bunch of short quick kicks. Azurine will turn to face the ring and see what’s going on. Azurine slides in the ring and tries to talk Esther into leaving Kandy alone. Esther backs away then spears Azurine to the mat and starts attacking her. Kandy gets up and grabs Esther by her hair to get her off of Azurine. Kandy and Azurine would begin to double team Esther. After a few punches from both ladies they leave Esther alone and try to exit the ring. Esther grabs on to Kandy’s leg. Azurine stomps on Esther's arm forcing her to let go as Kandy and Azurine begin to kick and stomp on Esther until she stops moving.

Tournament Opening Round
Helena Jeckel vs Esther Azarov

AHS: Freakshow by James S. Levine plays as Helena runs down to ringside. Kandy and Azurine leave the ring as Helena slides in. Helena demands for the bell to ring so she and Esther can start their match. The ref says no as he checks on Esther. Esther sits up and pushes Dylan away. Esther gets to her feet and gets her hands up ready to fight Helena. Dylan calls for the bell. Helena charges at Esther and quickly locks in The Devil's Whisper (Mandible Claw). Esther tries to break the hold but the attack on her earlier already has her weak. Helena doesn’t let up, Esthers passes out before she is able to tap out. Dylan calls for the bell as Helena lets Esther go. Helena Jeckel wins via submission. Helena looks around the crowd as she crackles at the fans in attendance as Dylan raises her hand in victory.

We go to the arena parking lot to see an RV parked in the RV reversed spot. A second RV pulls up and stops right behind the first RV. We see GRIME Tag Team Champion Tatsu Ikeda gets out of the RV and starts to walk around the first RV.

Tatsu: 2 Broke Chicks parked in Kawaii spot again.

Winter: Oh hell no!

Tatsu: Should we go inside and ask them to move?

Winter: Excuse me, you want to do what?

Tatsu: Mean, we should move it Kawaii style.

Winter gets out of the driver seat and walks to the inside of the camper. Tatsu opens up the side door. We see Winter looking in over her drawers underneath the sink. Winter grabs out a tow chain. Tatsu sees a Hummer pull up.

Tatsu: Winter-san, look asshole Hummer that kept following Kawaii Dragons.

The hummer pulls up next to Tatsu. Tatsu jerks her arm, a sai pops out from her sleeves as she’s ready to defend hers and Winter’s lives with her own.  Just then, the window rolls down and we see Jamie Staggs sitting there, lowering his sunglasses as he looks at both ladies, winking at Winter.

Jamie:   Sup scros?  Where was the fire?

Tatsu:  Jamie?!  Why you follow Kawaii Dragons?

Jamie:   I was trying to get to work, duhhhhh.

Winter:  You asshole!  I was driving 100 miles an hour trying to get away from you!

Jamie:   I know.  I was driving 105 just trying to catch up.  I didn’t know where this place was, and you shouldn’t use your phone while driving, and I didn’t think about GPS before, and…

Kawaii Dragons:  We get it!

Jamie stops dead in his tracks.  His eyes go wide in his infamous dumbfounded look.  He then looks at what they’re doing, seeming a bit confused.

Jamie:   What the heck are you guys doing, anyway?

Tatsu:  None of you business, dummy.  What are YOU doing on ladies night?

Jamie:   None of YOUR business… dummy?  That was rude of me.  I’m sorry.  But also, fuck you.  I came here because I’m the number one fan of the women’s roster.  Aside from it being super fun to watch, I gotta keep an eye out for the future Mrs. Jamie Staggs.  If you see someone with that name, let me know.  I’d love to meet a woman with the same name as me.

Tatsu giggles as Winter rolls her eyes.

Winter:  Hey, while you’re here with that big ass Hummer, would you mind giving us a hand?  We’re trying to help out the 2 Broke Chicks by moving their RV out of our spot, without having to involve a tow company because they’re too ratchet to be able to afford the tow bill anyway.

Jamie:   You wanna insult me, and then ask me for a favor?  Like, how does that make sense?

Winter:  You’re right.  Your Hummer is probably too pussy to handle the job anyway.  Maybe we should find a real man with a real vehicle to help us, Tatsu.

Tatsu:  Yeah, bitchesssssssss…

Jamie:   You didn’t let me finish.  I love flexing my car because it makes up for the fact that my penis is too big and uncomfortable for women, so I like never get laid.

Winter and Tatsu look at each other, partially grossed out, but also finding it somewhat funny at the same time.

Winter:  You better not let Carter hear you say that.  Or Holly Wood.

Jamie:   Holly is hot as fuuuuuuuuck.  But she already said no.  Something about standards, I guess.  Even without having them, she’s still not that desperate.  Either way, are we doing this or nah, scros?

Winter and Tatsu nod their heads as they begin hooking the chains up with Jamie’s help.  Jamie pulls in front of the Kawaii Dragon’s RV.  Winter hooks the tow chain up to the back of Jamie’s Hummer, on the hitch.  She jumps inside of the RV and leans out of the window.  She throws her thumb up.

Winter:  READY!

Jamie:   READY!

Jamie gives the first RV a good start as the second RV begins moving.  They drag it out of it’s spot and begin driving it over the curb to park it illegally in the grass area next to the parking lot. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction to this. Winter unhooks her RV from Jamie truck and the 2 Broke Chicks RV so she can park in what she feels is her rightful spot.

Jamie:  Mind if I hold on to the row chain?

Winter: Go for it.

Tatsu: Got match, Winter-san, we must get going.

Winter: Tatsu’s right. Well see you later bro.

Kawaii Dragons take off to head inside as Jamie gets out of his truck and places the tow chain back on his truck and the other side back to the 2 Broke Chicks RV. Jamie thinks it be funny if he tows 2 Broke Chicks RV next to Kawaii Dragons RV to pin them in the spot forcing them to stay put till 2 Broke Chicks are ready to leave. Jamie gets inside his truck and hits the gas. Just then, one of the tires on the 2BC RV blows out, and Jamie comes to a halt.

Jamie:   Oh shit…

Tournament Opening Round
Veronica Taylor vs Angel of Filth

fAs soon as the bell rings, Filth rushes Veronica and tackles her to the ground.  She begins throwing punches.  Veronica is able to get her knees up, bucking Filth off of her.  She gets to her feet and orders Filth back.  Filth laughs and charges her to the ground again.  She lands several more punches before Veronica works her way out from under Filth.  She is able to get a solid suckerpunch to Filth.  This allows her to nail a Clothesline, followed up by a series of vicious stomps.  She then grabs onto Filth’s hair and begins smashing her head into the mat.  Filth claws Veronica’s eyes to break free.  She looks at Veronica as she turns around.  She hits a Black Mist and then nails a Jawbreaker to Veronica.  She climbs on top of Veronica and begins choking her.  The referee warns her twice before starting a count.  Filth doesn’t heed the warnings, and the referee calls for the bell. Veronica Taylor wins via disqualification. Filth refuses to let go still as the bell continues to ring.  The referee pulls Filth off of Veronica.  She flicks her tongue in Veronica’s direction as Veronica holds onto her throat.  She shouts at Filth, which causes Filth to break free of the referee and she tackles Veronica to the ground.  Both ladies roll to the outside.  Filth lands on top of Veronica, and she throws punches while Veronica reaches under the ring.  She is able to get hold of a sledgehammer.  She swings as best as she can, which is just enough to get Filth off of her.  She rushes up the rampway, coughing as she continues to hold her throat.  Filth just watches, smirking wickedly.

The scene opens backstage where we see Krystal Wolfe and Ariana Angelos having a chat in process, we also see Gemma just off to the side of the two Go Gym Graduates.

Ariana: I’m telling you! Vegan Tomahawk Steaks will go down a storm!

Krystal: Ari, you are stuffing a tomahawk steak with roses, that does not make it Vegan! And frankly, it’s a crime against steaks!

Ariana: Then what would you do to a Tomahawk Steak?!

Krystal: Salt, pepper, either baste it with butter in a pan or grill it, finish it in the oven and cook it too medium rare!

Ariana: That’s boring!

Krystal: It’s a Tomahawk Steak, you don’t have to do much to a cut like that!

Gemma: Err, ladies?

Ariana and Krystal look up and finally see Gemma ready for her interview.

Gemma: I wanted to get a word with Ari about her match against Kelli Torres, or is this a bad time?

Ari glances over at the older Bombshell who shakes her head before the Bombshell Roulette Champion motions for Ari to go ahead.

Ariana: I don’t know what this tournament is about, hell I thought Krystal’s match against Linea last week was a first round match but apparently not.

Krystal: Ditto.

Ariana: But if I want to get back on the winning track, this tournament is the perfect way to do it! Kelli will be a tough opponent, but fortune favours the bold and she will bear witness to the grace of the Angel’s Descent, courtesy of the Greek Angel Ariana Angelos! Now is that everything or can I get back to my chat?

Gemma: Well, actually, your match is up next!

Ariana quickly checks her iPhone and bolts upon realizing Gemma’s right.

Gemma: So, that thing about the steak, she was kidding right?

Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal: I wish she was, but she discovered vegan food during the week and became convinced that it could work.

The Aussie Bombshell sighs as she leans against the wall.

Krystal: I love her like a sister, but I do wonder why Ari’s parents never drilled basic cooking into her head growing up, but she is getting better, and then she gets weird ideas like that, I’d better go make sure no one messes with her match!

Krystal walks off as the scene fades.

Tournament Opening Round
Ariana Angelos vs Kelli Torres

There is a nod of respect between the two as they go round the ring a few times.  They tie up in the middle of the ring, and Kelli drives a knee into Ari’s side.  She drops her with a DDT.  Ari gets to the ropes to pull herself up as Kelli nails several quick jabs.  She whips Ari across the ring and into the ropes.  Ari skids on her knees, avoiding a Headlock attempt.  She jumps to her feet and catches Kelli with a Crescent Kick.  She does a Split Legged Moonsault and she quickly covers Kelli.  Kelli kicks out just before the two count.  She lifts Ari into an Underhook Suplex.  She maneuvers into an Indian Deathlock, and Ari shouts out in pain.  She is determined as she uses her one free hand to claw her way to the ropes, centimeter by centimeter.  Before she can grab onto the ropes, Kelli doesn’t give her the satisfaction as she lets go of the hold.  She stalks Ari as Ari rises to her feet.  Kelli grabs Ari from behind and locks on a Dragon Sleeper.  Ari twists out of it and takes Kelli down to the ground.  She picks her up and rushes at the turnbuckles, hitting a Shooting Star Bulldog.  She sizes Kelli up now, turning the tables.  As Kelli gets to her feet and turns around, Ari nails her with a Superkick.  She climbs up top and leaps off with the Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press).  She hooks the leg. Ariana Angelos wins via pinfall.  She celebrates her victory on the outside of the ring with the fans as Kelli leaves ringside, not looking thrilled.

We find our way to the backstage area to see Marissa Henry standing by with Azz n Crass, who are about ready to begin an interview.  Marissa raises the microphone to her lips.

Marissa:  Hello Sin City Universe, I am Marissa Henry, standing by with…

As Chanelle and Torielle begin stunting, we spot Jamie Staggs walking around the corner in a chin length bob wig and bright red lipstick, along with a pearl necklace.  Marissa, and Azz n Crass, stop and stare at Jamie.  He looks at them and giggles in a high pitched voice.

Jamie:   Woooo WOOOOOO! Pardon me, but could you direct me to the little girrrrrls roooooooooom?

Chanelle:  This one just went Good Burger on our asses, ha!

Jamie:   I’ve never heard of this cinematic masterpiece from the 1990’s, I’m afraid.  I am Mrs. Future Jamie Staggs, and I am looking for the boss office to get a job?

Torielle:   Aww hell naw Mrs. Doubtfire.  It’s ladies night tonight.  Take yo penis havin’ ass back outside where you belong, cause it’s the ladies doin’ it for ourselves tonight!

Torielle gets a surprising pop from the crowd.  She moves her head from side to side a few times to emphasize her point.

Jamie:   Mrs Doubtfire is my mom’s mom, twice removed. Hehehehe.

Chanelle:  Tee-Tee.  Maybe this one can’t hear.  Maybe we need to take action on this punk.

They nod at each other as Jamie moves his head from side to side.  The crowd cheers as Azz n Crass drag Jamie off camera as Marissa huffs in disappointment over the cancelled interview.

The scene cuts backstage to SCU Underground Champion Cordelia Clark as she is in the hallway watching her match last week. Of course, seeing Jennifer LaCroix get involved and get her disqualified is really something that sticks in her craw. Cordy hates losing for obvious reasons but the fact that it happened due to shenanigans such as that just makes it all the more annoying to her.

Morgan: Who the hell does she think she is?”

Cordelia finds herself surprised at the appearance of her sister Morgan. Nevertheless, she has a bit of a smirk on her face when she sees her.

Cordelia: Right? I get an annoying loss on my record because Jennifer LaCroix decides to get involved in something that isn’t her business and Orchid goes out there on social media acting like she actually accomplished something.

Morgan: I wasn’t talking about that…

Cordelia: So what were you talking about?

Morgan: I’m talking about Amy Santino, Amy Marshall, whatever the hell you want to call her, going on social media and going all “WHO THE HELL IS MORGAN CLARK?”

Cordelia doesn’t respond, only cringes when she realizes what Morgan is getting at.

Morgan: That’s exactly what I am talking about, Cordy! That disrespect right there! I knew this was going to happen. I knew that people in this forsaken company were going to just write me off as being your sister! I knew it! I flipping knew it! That is the kind of crap that really pisses me off.

Cordelia: I get it but there’s something that you have to remember.

Morgan: What’s that?

Cordelia: Before she became GRIME World Champion, what exactly had she done lately? Lose in the first round of SCW’s Blast from the Past tournament? And before that? I can’t think of a thing. You’re dealing with an old dog that has yet to learn any new tricks. You’ve got to remember that she won that world title from Mercedes Freaking Vargas. That GRIME World Championship has been passed around SCW has beens that think they can use SCU and GRIME as a stepping stone to be relevant again because they can’t stand the heat of the SCW kitchen anymore. That’s why someone like Amy feels the need to dismiss you that way. I know we could give less of a damn about GRIME in general… but think about it… BOTH of us being a world champion? Do you realize how monumental that would be? We’d have our stamp across the entire SCU universe here.

With the way Cordelia just broke it down, Morgan doesn’t seem nearly as upset as she was a few minutes ago about Amy Santino just dismissing her for virtually no reason.

Morgan: Of course, you have to win your match too!

This causes Cordelia to raise an eyebrow.

Cordelia: You seem to be far more concerned about the match than necessary.

Morgan: You didn’t beat Orchid and now she’s going around thinking you’re going to be an easy victory.

Cordelia narrows her eyes with annoyance, but more or less, she is able to scoff at this.

Cordelia: The fact that she has to make a big deal about a DISQUALIFICATION victory shows you just how shallow and vapid that she is. Seriously. She’s one of those wrestlers that has to take what they can get because in all honesty, they have an incredible inferiority complex knowing that they have nothing to brag about nor talk about. I don’t know what her deal with Jennifer is and nor do I care. That’s none of my concern other than the fact that I think Jennifer should be held accountable for that as well. I’m not going to stop at just retaining against Orchid tonight and shutting her up for good. No, I think I should deliver my own brand of justice to Jennifer too and see how she likes it. I am definitely not going to be complacent as a world champion, I’ll tell you that much. Does that ease your concerns for you? Because seriously, you and I both know that the way Orchid “won” that match against me was a bunch of malarkey.

Morgan: I’m just glad that you’re not letting that bring you down. I know that you’ve got this. You’re pretty much the best prodigy to hit SCU in a long time.

Cordelia: This brand revolves around me! Period! Orchid? Yeah, she’s going to get her overdue receipts tonight. What do you say? World title sweep of this entire universe?

Morgan: Heck yeah! Let’s get that done!

Cordelia and Morgan leave the hallway together, focused and on point again, as the scene fades out.

GRIME Championship Match
Morgan Clark Vs Amy Santino

Morgan ties up with Amy immediately and whips her into the ropes.  Amy somersaults through Morgan’s grasp and comes off the opposite ropes.  She catches Morgan with a Bulldog.  Morgan kips up and turns to nail Amy with a Discus Clothesline followed by a knee drop to Amy’s head.  Amy holds onto his forehead as Morgan picks her up.  She hits a European Uppercut and then goes for a DDT, but Amy charges her into the corner, nailing her with multiple punches.  Amy hits a Monkey Flip on Morgan, and then jumps onto the second turnbuckle for a double leg stomp to Morgan’s stomach.  Amy then slides outside of the ring and pulls a table out from under the ring.  She slides it inside and sets it in the corner.  She picks Morgan up and attempts to Bodyslam her through it, but Morgan slides down Amy’s back.  She tries to tackle Amy through the table, but Amy moves, and Morgan skids to a stop.  Amy bounces Morgan’s head off of the table.  She backs up and looks for a Dropkick, but Morgan moves, and Amy’s feet bounce off of the table.  She springs off and grabs onto Morgan’s hair, and springs forward into a Hairpull Snapmare that gets the crowd cheering.  She walks over and sets the table up.  She bounces Morgan’s head off of it a few times before doing a Spinning Neckbreaker.  She hits a Falcon Arrow through the table, and then she nails the Bad Girl (Double Knee Facebreaker).  Amy Santino wins via pinfall.  Amy grabs her title and glares down at Morgan before walking off, not bothering to celebrate or acknowledge the crowd in any way.

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Re: SCU presents... Underground Ep. 103 (Results)
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2021, 04:05:14 PM »

We go backstage to see Marissa Henry with tonight's Underground Champion contender Orchid.

Marissa: Tonight, Cordelia Clark will defend the Underground title for the first time since winning it from the recently departed Angel Kash. Cordelia had the TV title longer than anyone in the company. She plans on doing the same thing with the Underground Championship.

”Orchid”: Ol my god, shut up. You clearly don’t have a question so you may as well hand me the microphone and go find something else to do.

Marissa: I was setting up to ask my.

Orchid yanks the microphone from Marissa.

”Orchid”: Shut up and go find something else to do before I smack the MacNCheese off of you. Yeah, I said it. Miss, I’ll mask as Mac N Cheese but then go back to reporting for SCU once caught. You unloyal bitch. Leave before I make you leave.

Marissa gets ready to storm off upset at Orchid. Marissa gives Orchid a glare.

”Orchid”: You want me to kick your ass, stay there if you don't go, shoot.

Marissa starts walking again as she leaves the frame.

”Orchid”: Yes, tonight I face someone who held a title that she was happy to let go of as she would have faced Amy Santino in the title merger. We all know how that would have gone down. Now that tite is part of the number title in the SCU company, The GRIME Championship. Tonight the title will be in my hands. Alana and Celeste? Well they got plans of their own. Don’t you all worry about that. For now, just now that the Underground Champion is in a match she won’t be able to walk out as the winner. Her days as champion will come to an end in about 30-45 minutes from now. Enjoy the next half hour while you still can Cordelia.

Orchid lets out an evil laugh as the cameras cut to ringside.

Grudge Match
Mercedes Vargas vs Celeste North

Both ladies charge one another and tie up.  They both jockey for position, each one gaining a bit of ground before losing it.  Celeste hits Mercedes with a Headbutt between the eyes.  She grabs her by the hair and slams her to the ground.  She drives a fist to the heart of Mercedes.  She punches Mercedes a few times before lifting her back up.  She goes for a Haymaker, but Mercedes ducks and sweeps Celeste off of her feet.  She grabs onto Celeste’s hair and gives an authoritative yank before putting her foot to the back of Celeste’s head and does a Hairpull Curbstomp.  This gets a two count.  Mercedes does the Hairpull Curbstomp once again, but again, only gets a two count.  She lifts Celeste into position for a Suplex, but Celeste wraps a leg around Mercedes’ to stop it.  Mercedes tries again, but Celeste does it once again.  Celeste knees Mercedes in the gut, and once more for good measure.  She pulls Mercedes’ head between her legs for a Powerbomb, landing it and gaining a two count.  She lifts Mercedes up and does a Samoan Drop, getting another two count. Celeste argues with the referee.  This allows Mercedes to grab ahold of Celeste’s tights to get the three count. Mercedes Vargas wins via pinfall.  Celeste doesn’t let it go as she immediately tackles Mercedes to the mat, and the two roll around.  Azz n Crass come out to help Celeste, but this immediately prompts the Kawaii Dragons to come out to defend Mercedes.  It turns into a brawl, which sees Mercedes and Celeste working their way up the rampway, continuing to fight.  The camera refocuses on the ring, where Azz n Crass and Kawaii Dragons are starting their match off.

A moment or two passes before the camera comes to life. The Sin City Underground Combat Champion, Merlot Ayano, is seated on a bench outside the women’s locker room. There’s a curious look on her face before she looks up and spots the camera.

Merlot: Oh, how doing?

A second passes.

Merlot: Can bear with Merlot for moment? Have few thoughts to share.

She runs her fingers through her hair.

Merlot: Merlot normally super excited to defend SCU Combat Championship. Always try to view it as showcase. Always try to view it as another chance to highlight skills. This match with Linnea is no different. But it feels―

Another moment passes.

Merlot: It feels odd. Hai.

She nods her head.

Merlot: Jenifer was promised SCU Combat Championship match. Like to say it was something both of us were excited for. Was definitely something the fans wanted to see. But an attack took all that away. From Jenifer, from the fans, from all of us.

She’s silent for a second or two.

Merlot: Jenifer still hasn’t received shot she was promised. Feels like SCU is trying to pass her by. Know that she needs time to recover and all, but. Don’t know. Just doesn’t feel good.

She shakes her head.

Merlot: But, can’t hold that against Linnea. She’s not at fault. And she’ll be fighting with all her might, just like her cousin would be. This is her chance at greatness. And Merlot owe it to her to bring best fight that can. Hai.

Merlot nods her head.

Merlot: Match with Linnea is much different than other Merlot has had. It isn’t just big main event match. Is Lei Tei. Linnea and Merlot will literally be center stage for all to see.

She pauses for a moment.

Merlot: Linnea? It would be disrespectful to take you lightly. Therefore, will do the opposite. Will great the best version of Merlot can possibly get. Will get to see the fearsome and mighty champion that everyone reveres. Hai

She nods her head. With that, the camera starts to fade out.

GRIME Tag Team Championship Match
Azz n Class Vs Kawaii Dragons

The brawl continues as Winter clocks Chanelle, and Torielle punches Tatsu right in the nose, busting her open.  Winter kicks Chanelle in the gut and then lands an Ax Kick to the back of her head.  She turns, just as Torielle does, and the two see each other standing.  They begin throwing punch after punch until Winter throws Torielle over the ropes.  She grabs onto Winter and drags her to the outside with her.  Torielle then hits a Bulldog off of the apron.  She grabs a 2x4 from under the ring and begins beating Winter with it.  Meanwhile, Chanelle tries for a cover on Tatsu, but only gets a one count.  She rips Tatsu up by her hair and sends her into the corner with a Hip Attack.  She climbs up behind Tatsu and climbs onto her shoulders, turning into a Hurricanrana and cover for a two count.  Tatsu trips Chanelle up and sizes her up for a Shining Wizard, nailing it.  Torielle comes into the ring and grabs onto Tatsu, but Tatsu drops into a Stunner.  Winter crawls inside of the ring, but she stops when she sees 2 Broke Chicks rushing down from the rampway.  Chanelle begins shouting at them, as does Torielle.  They begin moving their heads side to side, talking trash to Jane and Chi Chi.  The crowd cheers as 2BC look to one another and come rushing inside of the ring.  Chi Chi pulls out the bokken, and Jane swings Louis, smacking it right against the chin of Chanelle.  Chi Chi swings the bokken at Torielle while Jane rams it into her stomach.  Winter sneaks over and pins Chanelle.  Kawaii Dragons win via pinfall.  The Kawaii Dragons slide out of the ring as Chi Chi tosses the bokken down.  She pulls out hair buzzers and she clicks it on, cutting Chanelle’s hair up while Jane keeps Torielle at bay with Louis.  Chi Chi tosses each chunk of hair down on top of Chanelle as Chanelle struggles against it.  She slides outside of the ring with her wig left in Chi Chi’s hand.  Chi Chi and Jane stand inside of the ring, looking to Azz n Crass, and Kawaii Dragons from both directions.

When the show switches back to ringside, “Hall of Fame” by the Script cranks up and the crowd unleashes hell upon the woman whom the song heralds. Loud explosions go off everywhere, streamers fall from the rafters, it’s celebration time but most importantly it’s PLEX-A-PALOOZA time!

Katta Pult storms out all full of energy and smiles, totally no selling the jeers aimed at her.

Marissa: Oh God, Just great. Once again, I guess it’s time for Katta Pult’s Plex A Palooza challenge.

Gemma: She sent a Tweet out saying this week she will allow a member of the Boise State football team to plex her. Please Jesus, God, Mary, and Joseph, please pull together and give the challenger strength to plex her.

Kat, so very happy, bolts down the aisle to the ring and slides in. Popping up she does some strutting around as an overdone outrageous amount of pyro goes off, before finally calming down and showing off her white and blue singlet with an embroidered imagery of Melissa Ruin getting plexed stitched across the front.

Her music cuts. She grabs a mic and immediately points at the front row.

Katta Pult: It’s time! It’s time! It’s Plex A Palooza time! I have extended an offer for any member of the Boise State Broncos football team to be the challenger this week, and I do see quite a few of the team here!

The camera briefly transitions to the front row. Yup. They’re there and they are PUMPED up. They seem to even be arguing with themselves over who gets the honor.

Katta Pult: As always, the rules are simple. You get one chance to plex me. If you succeed, I’ll officially sign my SCU contract and I will also donate 10k to the Trey Bouchet Memorial fund as well as an extra 10k to the Melissa Ruin unemployment status. Poor girl. Folks, never let your emotions get the better of you. Melissa did that last week and suffered a terrible price for it. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get it started. Who’s it gonna be?!?!

The camera once again switches to the front row and the players are all doing rock, paper, scissors, and other “dude games” to ascertain the rightful challenger. One of them wins and hops over the rail and into the ring. He towers over Kat but she has an all knowing look, and she’s a beacon of confidence and power as she slowly turns, wiggles her butt a little, and gestures for him to try his luck.

The linebacker wearing Jersey Number 57 contemplates following through until “Da Damsel in Dat Dress” Azurine Vebbins hops over the barricade. Tonight, Ms. Vebbins sports a Royal-colored Boise State Broncos Ombre Long Sleeve Dip Dyed Spirit Jersey, her halo with a leash attached, and a skirt fashioned from an LA Linen Burlap Potato Sack. “Da Adorkable Angel” does a shushing gesture with her right index finger. She also gesticulates a random football play to demonstrate that she plans to spike Katta’s cranium in the proverbial end zone.

While Pult does a few more gratuitous gyrations, “Da Vivacious Variable” wraps both arms around her waist like a proper Prom photo. Without warning, Azurine explodes excess energy with a gorgeous German Suplex. Vebbins maintains a bridge long enough for fans in attendance to count to three. SCU’s timekeeper then slides in a clipboard containing what is presumably Katta’s new contract to sign. Commotion abounds as Vebbins releases her grip, #57 rallies onlookers to sound more raucous, and accidentally unclips the leash from Azurine’s halo. Both then immediately exit back into the swaying sea of Boise State University supporters.

Katta appears furious and demands a microphone as she takes out her frustrations on the bottom ring rope. She’s handed a mic to which she roars into it with booming anger.


A huge vein appears on her forehead. The Olympic juggernaut’s face is so red an apple would be jealous of its color. The crowd roars with applause and laughs as Kat is literally too angry and embarrassed to speak. Pult notices the contract attached to the clipboard, as well as the leash that got accidentally undone from Azurine’s halo, and picks them both up. She furiously paces back and forth shaking her head “no” as if she’s not gonna sign it. But she then lets out a frustrated yell and undoes the ink pen attached to the clipboard.


With that, she signs her name on the contract, thus making her an official member of SCU! The crowd roars with a mixed reaction. The Timekeeper who presented the contract clad clipboard is still standing there, caught up in the surreal moment, as Kat stomps over to her and extends the clipboard to her to return to the GM. At the last second, though, Pult yanks it back and clobbers the Timekeeper over the head with it, knocking her down.

Kat then bails out of the ring and storms up the ramp, her face still beet red with rage and humiliation.

SCU Underground Championship Match
Orchid Vs Cordelia Clark

The match starts off with Orchid dominating with punches and knee strikes, rapid and harsh, backing Cordelia into the corner.  Orchid is able to lock on a Wristlock.  She uses it to take Cordelia down to the ground where she switches quickly into a Crossface, but Cordelia makes it to the ropes.  She climbs outside, and Orchid chases her around.  Cordelia slides inside of the ring.  As Orchid comes in after, Cordelia begins kicking her, stomping on her, and nailing heavy clubs and fists.  Orchid blocks some of it, but Cordelia gets a few cheap shots in as Orchid rises up.  Orchid grabs one arm and sets up for an Arm Bar.  She locks it in tight in the middle of the ring.  Morgan jumps up on the apron, distracting the referee while Cordelia grabs hold of Orchid’s hair and pulls her forward, crashing her head into Cordelia’s.  This breaks the hold as Cordelia uses the ropes to get back up.  She charges Orchid and hits a Clothesline.  She waits for Orchid to get up, and she gets another Clothesline.  And then another, and yet another.  Orchid rolls to the corner and gets up, but she ducks out of the way of a fifth Clothesline, and she ducks behind Cordelia, smashing her face first into the turnbuckle.  She makes her way over to Morgan, who is still arguing with the referee, and she grabs a handful of her hair and drags her to the nearest turnbuckle to eliminate her from the equation.  This opens Orchid up for Cordelia to hit her Heartbreaker (Spinning double knee right into the chest/heart).  Cordelia Clark wins via pinfall.  Cordelia rolls out of the ring and laughs at Orchid.  She grabs her Underground Championship and raises it in the air.

A commotion backstage gets a cameraman's attention as we go to his point of view. Jana and Chi Chi are seen livid as they argue with the arena security officers. While they augue SCU security is seen in the background approaching the 2 Broke Chicks while escorting the Winter Elemental with them. Once they approach the Arena officers, the security team go to them and talk things over as they start walking them away from the area.

Chi Chi: You BISH!

Winter turns to take off running but Jana gets a fist full of Winter’s hair to stop her in her tracks. Chi Chi kicks Winter right in the ass.

Winter: Hey, not on the tushy bitch, have some respect!

Chi Chi: Respect?

Chi Chi walks around to face Winter.

Chi Chi: Here some respect!

Chi Chi smacks Winter in the face

Winter: That much better!

Chi Chi: Oh?

Jane lets go of Winter as Chi Chi kicks Winter in the gut. Winter bends over, Chi Chi gets a knee up that nails Winter in the side of the head. The impact spins Winter around towards Jane. Jane grabs Winter’s shoulders and throws her to the wall. Jane grabs Winter and drags her by her hair as Chi Chi leads the way towards the exit doors.

Once outside they drag Winter towards the RV. Winter while being dragged can’t help but smile. Jane pushes Winter which knocks her to the ground. Chi Chi points at their flat tire.

Jane: You thought Chi Chi and I were just going to let this slide?

Winter looks at the flat tire, her smile changed to confusion.

Winter: Woah, wait a minute now. I moved your piece of shit like I said I would. If I was gonna flatten your tire, I would have said so. I think by now you two dumb bitches are smart enough to figure that out.

Chi Chi opens the side door and walks inside, two seconds later she comes out with one boxing glove covered in razor blades.

Chi Chi: Want to see bish!

Chi Chi starts to put the glove on.

Winter: Fuck you, you want to fight we can fight and I’ll fuck you up. I ain’t the one. But we're gonna be fighting to fight because I didn’t do that shit.

Chi Chi stares at Winter and begins to believe her.

Chi Chi: RV was fine before Kawaii Dragons move it so now they fix it.

Winter: I have a spare, if you don’t have one but fuck how broke is y’all to not even have a spare.

Winter’s smart ass mouth makes Chi Chi tighten up her glove.

Winter: Look at you, you look like a walking joke so you should be able to take one.

Jane grabs Winter by her hair to get her on her feet.

Jane: Fix it or Chi Chi will fix you.

Jane says as she pushes Winter towards the Kawaii RV.

Winter: I said I would, shit, y’all need to get laid, clearly y’all doing each other ain’t doing yourselves any favors, shit.

Chi Chi: Shut fuck up and fix mmy whip bish!

Winter: This ain’t 1995 no one says whip anymore.

Winter says as she goes to the back of her RV and opens up the back door.

Winter: Hey, Jane, Chi Chi, come here.

2 Broke Chicks walk over cautiously. They see two tires hanging on each back door. They also see a wooden board with a few glasses and a small bottle of wine.

Winter: Pop this bottle eh!

Winter says as she shows them an unopened bottle. Winter unhooks one of the tires and places it on the floor. She opens up a compartment on the door in which holds her car jack and wrench. Winter takes the stuff and walks over to 2 Broke Chicks RV.

Chi Chi: This not wine, this sake from Japan!

Jane opens the bottle and pours her and Chi Chi some Saki.

Winter: Enjoy, this will only take a few minutes, hopefully Tatsu will be back by then.

Jane: We couldn’t find her when we looked for her. Surprised she wasn’t with you.

Winter: She said she will be right back. I’m guessing she’s doing some fan stuff or something.

Winter continues to change the tire as cameras go inside the building to the backstage. A door opens up, we see Azz N Class laughing it up as they leave a room that looks like a walk in fridge. They don’t see the cameraman as they are too busy laughing it up. The camera man opens the door to see Tatsu laid out on top of cases and cases of beer.

Main Event
SCU Combat Championship Match - Lei Tei Match
Linnea Lacroix Vs Merlot Ayano

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Lei Tei Match for the SCU Combat Championship!  First...On her way to the ring... from New Orleans, Louisiana, standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 145lb, she is... Linnéa Lacroix!!!

As Down's "On March The Saints" hits, the arena is bathed in gold with black revolving Fleur-de-lis all over the place. Linnéa Lacroix makes her way out looking ready to go, her sister and manager, Alissa, standing right next to her. They march down to the ring, smiling confidently. Upon arrival, Alissa steps aside while Linnéa slides into the ring and climbs the nearest corner, raising her arms. She drops to the mat and turns to face her opponent, ready to rock.

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout the air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is your SCU Combat Champion… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out a great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Martha:  Main event time, and we have both ladies getting onto the platform above the ring.  Linnea makes her way to the center, reaching there before Merlot.

Gena: Merlot follows up with a Belly to Belly Suplex on Linnea.  Linnea slides toward the edge, but she stops herself and jumps to her feet, knocking Merlot down with a clothesline.

Martha:  She and Merlot brawl around on the mat until Linnea lifts Merlot up.  She drops her with a DDT, and starts rolling Merlot toward the edge.

Gena: Merlot uses her feet to put up resistance.  She is able to use that resistance to get back to her feet, and the two struggle.  Merlot is able to assert her strength to push Linnea back to the center.

Martha:  She hits an elbow to Linnea’s face.  She then whips Linnea to the edge of the mat, but Linnea falls back.  As Merlot comes at her, Linnea does a Monkey Flip, but Merlot hugs onto the mat.

Gena: She’s struggling to stay in this match to retain her title.  Linnea stomps at Merlot’s fingers, but she is able to move her hands just in time.  She swings back and forth until she is able to get back onto the mat.

Martha:  Linnea stomps away at the champion. Merlot tries to shield herself, Linnea swings her leg back to hit Merlot with a full force kick. Merlot however sweeps Linnea standing leg which causes Linnea to flip up in the air and land hard on the mat on her back.

Gena: Merlot lands on her feet with a kip-up. Merlot grabs Linnea right foot and bends Linnea’s knees in an awkward position while standing on Linnea left ankle.

Martha: Linnea yells out in pain. She sits up and starts punching Merlot’s leg. Merlot gets off of Minnea’s ankle. Linnea lands a punch right above Merlot’s knee which causes her to buckle and let go of Lineea.

Gena: Linnea goes for a kick but Merlot drops to her back and does a back roll back to her feet. Linnea gets to her feet as Merlot charges over. Linnea side steps while getting her hands on Merlot’s back to give her a push. Merlot runs to the edge of the platform before coming to a sudden halt.

Martha: Merlot turns around to see Linnea charging at her. Merlot side steps, Linnea also stops at the edge. Merlot drops and nails Linnea with a leg sweep that drops Linnea on her side.

Gena: Merlot gets to her feet and gives Linnea a left kick and right kick. Linnea rolls over a bit which knocks her off the platform!

Ding! Ding! Ding! 

Darlyn: Your winner and still the Combat Champion… Merlot Ayanoooo!!!!

Merlot gets handed her Combat title as she celebrates her win in the middle of the ring. As Merlot celebrates Her theme doesn't play, instead we hear Alana Allure’s theme song as she comes out from the curtain.

Alana: Merlot wins again, congrats. You have been the Combat Champion for a long time now. But the truth is, your time as champion needs to have an asterisk next to your reign. You have had an easy run, the whole time you only fought SCU stars. While the real fighters from GRIME took a back seat. I’m no longer Masked Jade. The fans know exactly who I am and what I’m capable of. I assure you, the minute I unmasked everyone started to put Merlot date on when she’ll lose the Combat title. The date they have is when you face me in the ring. The day I say is Violent Conduct VII, lets see how good Merlot really is, lets see if she really does need an asterisk on your title reign or not.

Her words cause Merlot to roll her eyes.

Merlot: Let’s get something straight, hai? Alana’s words and logic are misguided. Is very foolish and nearsighted to say Merlot had “easy run” as Combat Champion. And frankly, is insulting. Merlot put life and career on line each time step into the ring to defend. The fact Merlot has not faced Alana has no bearing on how great reign has been. But since want to talk trash, will face full rage. Alan versus Merlot at Violent Conduct VII is fine. Challenge accepted. However, will accept no excuses when Alana is beaten.

Alana: You don’t get it Merlot. This match isn’t one of those easy handouts like Esther, Melissa, and everyone else who stood with SCU. Talk like you have this in the bag all you want. It will make my victory that much more sweet.

Merlot shakes her head.

Merlot: Ah, understand now. Is shameful. Alana is person who likes to hear self talk. Thinks that talk makes big and bad. But doesn’t intimidate Merlot, not one bit. Can take that somewhere. But before Alana make another mistake, must issue warning. Combat matches are dangerous. Could get injured. Could lose life. Might want to keep in mind when face.

Alana: Fuck your warning, I’ll beat that ass right now.

Merlot: More talk. Merlot still waiting for action.

Alana drops the mic and heads to the ring but SCU security runs out from the back and gets in front of Alana to prevent anything from happening as the show goes off the air.

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