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House Show 16 (Results)
« on: August 13, 2021, 10:42:31 PM »
House Show 16

Thursday August 12th, 2021 - Reed Gym, Idaho State University- Pocatello, Idaho

The show starts off with “Intoxicating” by Infected Rain playing over the speakers.  The lights flash around the audience as they wait for the arrival of the next star.  The word "intoxicating" flashes over the screen and stage in many colors and fonts to the beat of the music.  Just then, Andrey and Esther come out onto the stage.  He is in full boxing gear from the pads to the rob to the gloves, with his SCU Combat Championship around his waist.  He jogs and boxes the air for a moment before throwing his robe off to the ground.  Esther nods her head and points to Andrey as she shouts out, flaunting her husband’s body  The ladies in attendance "ooh" and "ahh" at his appearance.

Darlyn:  Representing GRIME Wrestling, under the Red Mask, from Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia, he is the Siberian Shadow Cyclone… Andrey Azarov!!!

Andrey slowly moves down the rampway, drawing in the admiration, jealousy, and hate, while Esther only eggs it on. Once down at ringside, he jogs up the ring steps. Esther walks over to the ring, holding onto his hand as she gets on the apron.  They meet for a kiss.  Esther then sits on the middle rope and Andrey enters.  He waves his arms around and roars, showing off his SCU Combat Championship.  He sets it on the turnbuckle and Esther grabs him a microphone.  He takes it and waits a moment as the crowd settles down.  Andrey’s eyes narrow as he looks angry as his thick Russian accent gets thicker than normal.

Andrey:  It has been weeks since I issue challenge for the SCU Combat Championship.  Is SCU full of cowards?  Did me and beautiful wife switch to wrong side of fight?  Prove me wrong.


Andrey jerks his arm off in a certain manner before he leans against the corner.  He takes the belt and puts the Combat Championship belt over his shoulder.

Andrey:  Point stands.  When I was little boy, growing up in Chelyabinsk, I dream of being great man one day.  I know nothing but fighting and third grade education.  When I enter PBC and become Heavyweight Champion, I know this dream has come true, yes?  Yes.  I struggle, but find other opportunities for diversification. Wrestling I learn.  I train hard to overcome addiction.  I build self up to point of holding Combat Championship.  I do not take this lightly.  I beat long time champion, Helluva Bottom Carter.  No respect. I issue challenge. No respect.  I come out here to speak. No respect!

Andrey shouts the last part with venom on his tongue.  He comes out of the corner and he leans on the ropes.  He looks at the curtain and lets his arm tangle a little before raising the mic to his mouth.

Andrey:  Anybody have yaichki (balls) to face me back there? Anybody?

Just then, “Clint Eastwood” by The Gorillaz plays over the speakers.  Jerry Cann comes walking down to the ring, and Andrey takes a few steps back, sneering at Jerry, but clapping his hands.  Jerry makes it to the ring with a microphone in hand.  Esther rubs Andrey’s shoulders as he watches Jerry closely.  Jerry gets inside the ring and comes face to face with Andrey, given the little space Andrey has left for him.

Jerry:  You want to throw out challenges?  You want to disrespect the locker room?  Well, I challenge you…

Esther lets go of Andrey and he rams the microphone right into Jerry’s forehead.  Esther shouts her approval as Andrey knocks Jerry down to the mat.  He kneels over Jerry and begins hammering the microphone into Jerry’s forehead, busting him open.  The crowd boos as Esther tells them to shut up.  Andrey lifts Jerry into the Cobra Clutch.  He sneers at the crowd as they continue to boo.  A couple security guards come inside of the ring to break it up.  Once Andrey lets go, he looks around and takes a step back.  He collects his belt and is about to put it over his shoulder before he throws the belt right into Jerry’s forehead before he finally goes to leave the ring.  He stops to makeout with Esther for a moment as “Intoxicating” plays over the speakers.

*Helluva Bottom Carter Vs Eric Weaver

Carter and Weaver tie up in the middle of the ring. The two trade chops, Carter will nail Weaver with a really stiff chop to the chest that sends him to the mat. Carter would keep Weaver down with different ground submissions. Weaver would reach the ropes to have Carter break the hold. Carter lets go and goes to the nearest corner. Weaver gets to his feet and starts mouthing off to the crowd that's haggling him in the 1st row. Weaver would turn to face Carter to see Carter fly in the air and grabs Eric for the Fruit Fly (Eclipse). Carter would cover Eric Weaver and gets the 3 count pinfall.

Backstage, we see Dev Khatri standing by with Esther and Andrey Azarov.  He raises his microphone up to his mouth.

Dev:   I’m standing by with SCU Combat Champion, Andrey Azarov, who moments ago, attacked Jerry Cann, who came out to accept Andrey’s challenge for Violent Conduct.  Andrey…

Andrey:  You think he wants to challenge me for Combat Championship?  He never said this.  He said he challenge me.  What is to make me think he did not mean right there?  Why would I think otherwise when he is right in my face?

Esther:  Yeah!  He never once said he was accepting the challenge.  So, you can’t fault my husband for reacting the way he did.  If he would have said he accepted, then we would have graciously shook hands or some shit.

Esther shrugs her shoulders as Dev stares, like “really?”

Dev:   But, you issued a challenge, and he came out.  Clearly it was to accept.

Andrey:  Do you insult my intelligence, Dev?

Andrey takes a few steps closer to Dev, causing him to cower a bit.

Andrey:  Point is, Jerry is weak.  He is not challenge for me.  But, if Jerry wants to fight me, then so be it.  I will accept his challenge, and I will treat him as I just treated him in ring “moments ago”.

Esther:  And this match will stay a one on one match.  If that sweet fucking bitch, Kandy, has anything to say about it, then she can come see me too, and I’ll beat her ass.  Ladies night is Saturday, and I’ll hand out a second ass whipping.  I’ll tear her to shreds.

Dev:   Big words from the Azarovs, but we are going to ringside for the last match.

Andrey:  They can wait.  I want you to look into these eyes, and tell me.  I am Combat Champion, the unbeatable, raw, ruthless, Future Star of the Year 2020, and has come true.  Tell me it’s not true, and I will prove you wrong.  Again.  Now, go watch washed up tag teams fight.

Andrey chuckles as he adjusts his belt on his shoulder, and he and Esther walk off.

Esther:  God, babe, you’re so hot…

She squeals as Andrey picks her up and walks down the hallway with her over his shoulder.

*The Jeckels (Jake & Jake) vs The Good Shepherds (Gerald Shepherd & Andrew Borg)

Jake and Gerald get the match going with a bit of chain wrestling. Jake would get Gerald to the outside. Jack and Jake throw punches at Gerald. Andrew runs over to help his partner. The four men battle it out on the outside. The ref would count both teams out resulting in a double countout. The Jeckels and Good Shepherds continue to brawl outside. As they go back and forth, the crowd cheers them on. Dying Breed makes their way to the ringside area. They find themselves blocked off by Gerald and Andrew who knock them to the ground. The Jeckels continue on, and involve mallets this time. Jake takes down Father Gerald as Borg dodges Jack's swinging hits. Dying Breed get up and take Jake down swiftly with a Double DDT onto the ring steps. They take his mallet and effectively swing it at Borg's back, knocking him out. Jake tries to find safe ground, but the Dying Breed has Jake backed up against the barricade. As he attempts to jump it, Ivan smacks him with the mallet. They toss Jake up onto Ivan's shoulders and Andrew helps drop him with a Falling Neckbreaker on top of the barricade. They stop to admire the carnage they caused.

 In the parking lot, we see Andrey and Esther getting into a black Escalade.  They put their bags into it before there is a horn honking that gets their attention.  They stop and look in the direction of the car as Martha Fox steps out of the pink convertible, and Kandy Kaine gets out second.  Kandy smiles and giggles as she waves at Esther.

Kandy:  Hiiiiiiiiiiii Estherrrrrrrr!  I heard you said some words about me!

Martha:  Yes, she said many things about you, Kandy.  One, she said she was going to kick your ass.  After she beats Helena.

Kandy:  Ohhhhhh my god, Estherrrr… You’re too funny.

Esther and Andrey take a step closer to Martha and Kandy, but Martha pulls out a taser and stuns Andrey, taking him down to the ground as the crowd inside cheers.

Esther:  Look here you little bitch!  And… old bitch! I’ll take you both down right now!  Like I haven’t ever taken a taser before.  Bitch, I’m a pro!

Kandy raises her eyebrows and looks to Martha.  Kandy reaches into the car and pulls out what looks like a very large lollipop.  It’s translucent and multicolored.  She smacks the palm of her hand with it before taking a long lick.

Martha:  You and Andrey had a lot of words to say.  But just like everything you say, it’s a bunch of hot air.  Grandma Martha isn’t going to stand by and let you get away with that.  I agree, Andrey and Jerry should have a fair, one on one match.  The only person we’re worried about interfering is you.  So, I guess Kandy is going to have to handle you herself beforehand.

Esther snorts with laughter and she rolls her eyes.  She then looks right at Kandy and shouts.


Kandy:  Consider it brought, Estherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Kandy giggles as she charges at Esther, swinging the lollipop, but missing.  Esther kicks Kandy in the gut and goes for a DDT to the floor, but Kandy swings her leg back, straddling Esther’s back. She swings the Lollipop up in the air like a battle axe as Esther tries to buck her off.  Kandy then drops her down with a Tornado DDT.  She squeals happily as she raises the lollipop in air, gloating about it.  She hugs Martha as Martha looks at the Azarovs.

Martha:  Awww, sweetie.  Could you get the container of oatmeal butterscotch cookies for them?  They’re going to need some good, old fashioned goodies to get over that ass beating.

Kandy obliges and grabs the container out of the back seat.  She gently sets it down in front of Andrey and Esther before her and Martha go back to the building to help Jerry from the door and to the car.  Jerry narrows his eyes at Andrey, glaring before putting his bag in the back seat.  He and Kandy get inside and leave, as Andrey shout out angrily in Russian.

*Lord Raab Vs Joshua Acquin (GRIME Championship Match)

The two men start the match in the ring but not for long as they quickly take this match outside the ring onto the ringside area. The two men trade punches but Lard Roob would get the better of the exchange. A hard right sends Joshua over the barricade and onto the first row of fans. Raab gets a chair and nails Joshua with it. Raab would jump over the barricade and continue to pumble Joshua as they fought working their way towards the back. A swing in a miss with the chair would give Joshua the needed break. Joshua would kick Raab in his knee to drop him to his knees. Joshua would nail a knee to Raab’s jaw to drop him to the floor. Joshua grabs a fire extinguisher. Raab gets to his feet as Joshua swings the extinguisher hitting Raab in the face, knocking Raab to the floor. Joshua walks to through a door that leads to the back where the restroom and vendors are located. A young boy runs over as security stops the boy from getting closer. The boy is holding a kid size GRIME Championship belt and a marker. Joshua runs over to security as the boy wants Joshua to sign the belt. Joshua takes the marker in one hand while holding the fire extinguisher in the other. Joshua signs the toy belt as Lord Raab enters the back area. Security gets the marker from Josh as they help the boy back to his parents. As Raab gets close to Joshua, Josh pulls the pin out of the extinguisher and pulls the trigger to spray Lord Raab down. Raab gets his hands up allowing Joshua to hits Raab in the chest with the fire extinguisher. Joshua gets behind Lord Raab and drops Raab with the Nightmare 2 (full nelson facebuster) Joshua would roll Lord Raab over and cover him for the 3 count pin fall win.