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House Show 15 (Results)
« on: August 12, 2021, 05:38:10 PM »

House Show 15

Wednesday August 9th, 2021 - Reed Gym, Idaho State University- Pocatello, Idaho

The show opens with Javi, Omasa, and ISU mascot Benny the Bengal inside the ring.

Javier: Yo what it do ISU! ISU, my vatos, whats good homez?

The crowd gives Javi a mixed reaction.

Javier: Omasa and I just chilling with Benny the Vato!

Benny throws up two peace signs to the camera.

Javier: Tonight, Benny and Omasa are gonna be cheering me on as I take on that fool Jamie. That fool ain’t got no choice tonight. Right Benny? Benny knows it, Benny is so confident on his vato Javi that Benny said if I lose then Omasa can set his furry ass on fire.

Benny puts his paws over his cheeks as he shakes his head no to being set on fire.

Javier: But Benny has nothing to worry about, right homez?

Benny shakes his head no as Javi looks at him. As soon as Javi turns his head Benny starts nodding yes. Omasa smacks the beck of Benny's head. Benny turns around and gets his paws up. Omasa gives Benny a fake out which causes Benny to run to the corner and cover his head with his paws to protect himself.

Javier: Benny, chill out homez. Omasa just playing with you fool!

Benny runs over to stand behind Javi.

Javier: Not too close vato! You smell worse than the standard ISU whore.

The ISU crowd boo Javi.

Javier: Oh hell nah, how y’all gonna be booing your vato. Y’all know that those ISU whore smell like beer, nachos, and semen.

The men laugh it off as the women don’t seem too pleased with Javi right now.

Javier: Don’t get mad, y’all know…

Javi gets cut off by Jamie theme as Party Hard By Andrew W.K. starts to play. Omasa quickly gets ordered to the back by the referee of this match, Dylan. Benny the Bangel exits the ring as well and shows Omasa which way to tgo.

*Javier Gonzalez Vs Jamie Staggs

The two men start off with Jamie mocking Javi, having two wins over him. Javi dives at Jamie, but Jamie acts slick. He dodges and continues to mock Javi. Then, one wrong move and Javi clobbers Jamie with a few hard clubs to the face and back.  He grabs hold of Jamie's neck and throws him toward the corner. He hits three Shoulderbutts and does a back handspring, but as he dives at Jamie to finish the Javi Bux, Jamie moves out of the way. He hits a quick West Coast Pop, sending Javi into the corner. Jamie goes for a Riding Yo Face (Bronco Buster) but Javi punches him right in the crotch. The referee shouts at him, but Javi tells him to suck it before throwing Jamie back into the corner, hitting the Shoulderbutts, handspring, then smashes him right into the corner. He scores the pinfall victory on Jamie and then tosses him outside the ring before walking around cocky and celebrating.

We go backstage and hear Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice as Alex Rush, Tatsu and Winter are seen dancing very 80’s style dance moves as they reenact the same dance moves from the music video.

Tatsu: Ice Ice Baby to go, to go! He,

To the extreme, Tatsu rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a Broke Chick like a candle
Dance, go Alex Rush to the speaker that booms
Tatsu killing your brain like poisonous mushroom
Deadly, when Winter play dope melody
Anything less than best is felony
Love it or leave it, you better gangway
You better hit bull's eye, Kawaii Dragons don't play
If there was a problem, Tatsu I'll solve it
Check out the hook while Rhinos revolves it

Winter just laughs as Alex pours himself another drink. The camera pans over to Alex.

Alex: I love a good drink like the next man but hanging out with these two. Drinking becomes a must.

Winter gets on top of Edward the Rhino and shakes her little tush. Tatsu gets on Roberts the Rhino and shakes her tiny ass as well. The door to the Kawaii locker room opens up. Shorty walks in the room.

Shorty: You know toots, you can get on top of me and…

Shorty gets interrupted as a banged up, dazed and confused Jamie Staggs walking in.

Shorty: You alright? Did Javi knock you out till next week?

Jamie: Javi is hiding from the great Jamie! Which way did he go, which way did he go.

Jamie takes one more step and falls to the floor.

Alex, Tatsu and Winter all yell out “Not It”.

Shorty: Damn it, every single fucking time. Okay shit for brains, let's take you to the medical room.

Shorty grabs Jamie’s right hand and effortlessly drags the full grown Jamie towards the medical room.

Alex: For a little person, he packs a whole lot of strength.

Tatsu: Not all Shorty packs.

Alex: Oh really?

Tatsu: Yes, look at him, he packs big head.

Winter: Oh does he now? How big is that head?

Tatsu: Hugh, like super big!

Winter: Oh really, super, super big?

Tatsu: Like super duper big!

Winter: How often do you get to see his big super duper head? And why only the head and not the rest of it?

WInter says laughing, Alex comes in closer as he still is interested in where this goes.

Tatsu: Shorty also strong, he always hard like stone.

Winter: So Shorty is always on hard with a big head?

Tatsu: Hai, very… wait! Winter-san! No! You gettin fresh with Tatsu again!?

Winter and Alex chuckle as the cameras go back to ringside.

*OTE (Eyesnsane, Dax Beckett, Rory Rockefeller) Vs Dying Breed (Hitamashii, Andrew Garcia, Ivan Darrell)

Eyes and Hitamashii start the match off and trade blows. Hitamashii demonstrates combat abilities as he goes toe to toe with Eyes. Eyes nails a kick, but Hitamashii returns a jab and an uppercut that rocks him in return. As the two go back and forth, Andrew gets a tag. He climbs inside and clubs Eyes across the back. He sends him shoulder first into the ringpost. He goes to whip Eyes onto Dying Breed's corner, but Eyes reverses it. He reaches over and tags in Rory. Rory trades brawler style punches with Andrew before he attempts to lock on a rear choke. Rory flails around and flings Andrew into the corner. He bucks Andrew into the corner until he lets go. Hitamashii comes up behind Rory and does a high kick to the back of the head. Ivan is able to tag Andrew. He climbs inside and continues the brawl. He clubs and smashes Rory's back. He grabs onto Rory's mustache and drags him to his feet before kicking him in the gut and getting him into a Gutwrench Lock. Eyes and Dax rush inside, as does Hitamashii and Andrew. A brawl breaks out inside of the ring that the referee attempts to quickly get under control. He is successful. Rory stumbles over to tag in Dax. Dax stops Ivan from tagging out and sends him over into the OTE corner where they mob attack Ivan. The referee backs Rory and Eyes off. As the ref fights with them, Hitamashii and Andrew come out and start beating on Dax from behind. They beat him down to the ground as Eyes and Rory point at the situation. The referee takes it as more arguing, allowing the attack to continue. Ivan makes his way over to tag Hitamashii in. The referee hears the slap and turns to see Hitamashii getting inside. Ivan and Andrew rush over to the OTE corner and attack, taking them outside as Hitamashii hits a low blow and rolls Dax up for the three count. He quickly joins the rest of Dying Breed as they make their way to the back.

Camera go to the medical room in which we see Javi hitting on Dr. Weaver as always.

Javier: I’m telling you ma, I can do the things you be dreaming about sexy moma.

Dr. Weaver: Javi, we go through this every week. Javi, you have no chance at this sexy ass.

Javier: Then why you get all sexied up when you see me coming around.

Dr. Weaver: You’re the one dreaming now.

Javier: Yeah about that sexy ass you be talking about.

Dr. Weaver: We’re done here. You can leave now. I’m really busy Javi.

Javier: With what? No one here but us. We can get down right here…

The door opens up as we see Shorty dragging in Jamie.

Shorty: Hey toots, got another one for you.

Dr. Weaver: Thank you so much Shorty. I wish more men in this company could be just like you.

Shorty: I’m one of a kind toots.

Dr. Weaver: You’re a lot more than that Devin.

Shorty: Call me Shorty.

Dr. Weaver: Nothing short about you. You have a kind big heart.

Shorty walks over to Dr. Weaver as he blushes a little.

Shorty: You’re too kind toots.

Shorty says as he winds his hand back and swings it forward slapping Dr. Weaver’s ass.

Dr. Weaver: Now Shorty, we talked about this. No ass slaps.

Shorty: You said no ass grab, you never said anything about ass slaps.

Dr. Weaver: No ass slaps, unless you want to get into legal trouble.

Shorty: Just trying to have a little fun.

Javier: For a short fuck you be one big cock blocker homez. Go do little people stuff, let us grown people go back to doing grown up stuff.

As Javi and Shorty exchange words, Becky leaves the scene then the room itself. The camera ignores Jamie Staggs as it zooms on to Javi and Shorty.

Shorty: Ever sit back and listen to the dumb shit that comes out of your mouth… Homez?

Javier: I’ll slap the oompa loompa off you face fool. Don’t play with me.

Shorty: Come on, lets go outside, let’s see how big your tiny balls are.

Javier: I’ll hurt you fool but I’m busy talking to Becky homez.

Shorty: Good luck of that.

Shorty chuckles as he walks away. Javi turns to look at Becky only to see Jamie Staggs holding a bedpan. 

Jamie: Here’s Jamie!!!!

Jamie says as he swings and nails Javi in the face with the bedpan.

*Skag Vs Stewart Mason (SCU Underground Championship Match)

The two men circle each other until Stewart lunges at Skag. Skag dodges and smacks Stewart against the back of the head. Stewart turns around with an elbow, but Skag grabs his arm to counter into a Spinning Kick to the side of Stewart’s face. Skag picks Stewart back up and sends him to the ropes. Skag ducks for a Back Body Drop, but Stewart kicks him in the face. He bounces off the ropes again, this time ramming a knee to Skag's face. He brings Skag down with a Piledriver that gets him a two count. He drags Skag back up to his feet, but Skag targets the left knee with a punch and two quick kicks that drop him to one knee. He grabs hold of Stewart and brings him over with a Snapmare. He then places a kick to the small of Stewart’s back. He drops an elbow against the top of Stewart’s head. He bounces off the ropes, looking for a dropkick, but Stewart moves out of the way and gets to his feet. He ties up with Skag and the two struggle. Skag is able to get behind Stewart and he nails a Bridging German Suplex that gets him a two count. Stewart is able to get to his feet first and he kicks Skag in the gut, looking for the Paid In Full, but Skag turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex for another two count. He argues with the referee, allowing Stewart to get a roll up pin for two. Both men begin to brawl it out, going to the outside. The brawl ends up being a bash fest into the barricade, ring steps, ring posts, and announce table.  This results in a double count out. The men seem less worried about the match, and they continue to brawl into the back as the feed ends.