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House Show 14, Aug, 4th, 2021 (Results)
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House Show 14, August  4th, 2021

Mission Ballroom, Denver, Colorado

The show opens up to see GM Gianni Di Luca sitting down backstage in a lounge area with Garrett Bolles, Dalton Risner, Lloyd Cushenberry, Graham Glasgow, and Bobby Massie, the starting offensive line for the Denver Broncos.  He and Veronica are sharing a laugh with them as the camera tries to get in closer to hear the conversation.  However, due to security, they aren’t able to until the five men walk away with their beers in hand.  Gianni clanks each bottle on their way out.

Gianni:  No need to thank me.  It’s the least I could do for yous comin’ out to support the show.  It’s been great gettin’ to know ya.

Dalton:  You make sure to let us know if you ever need anything.

Bobby:  What he said.  Hit us up if we can do you a favor. We’re big fans of SCU.

Veronica:  Well, duh!  It’s got the “First Class Mean Girl” on it.  Can I just…

Veronica squeals as she reaches over and squeezes a willing Lloyd Cushenberry’s bicep and she squeals.  Graham pats Gianni on the back and then shakes hands with him as Garrett comes up next for a handshake.

Garrett:  You’re good people, Gi.  Come back any time.

Gianni:  Enjoy the show, guys.  Ya front row seats are waitin’ for ya’s. It’s been real.

They bid farewell as Veronica wraps her arms around Gianni’s left arm as the members of the Broncos moves on toward the ringside area seats.

Jamie Staggs vs Skag

Jamie hands Skag a wrapped up gift. Skag looks confused at first and refuses to take it but Jamie insists. Skag grabs the gift and opens it to see a box. Skag opens the box to see a Jamie Staggs SCU T-shirt. In which Skag would use it to wrap Jamie's neck around to choke him. Skags refusal to stop forces the ref to DQ skag before getting security to the ring to help remove Skag from choking Jamie any further. The ref checks on Jamie as he tries to tell the ref he was trying to make a new friend. Skag would somehow break free the security and slide back in the ring. Skag would get two good kicks to the back before getting tackled by security.

Outside of the Mission Ballroom in Denver, CO, we are treated to the presence of Kelli Torres and Mz Holly Wood, as they are seen amongst the fans, snapping pictures and signing autographs with those who are socially conscious enough to wear masks.  Once they see the camera is rolling, they step six feet away from the fans and pull their masks down.  Holly looks at Kelli, who is dressed right for the occasion.

Holly:  Okurrrrrr!

Holly looks down at her own outfit and nods in approval.  She places her hand to her chest, as if she’s about to faint.

Holly:  We do be lookin’ good tho…  Almost as good as the beautiful people here in the Mile High City of Denver, CO.  But, maybe it’s the edibles talking.

Kelli: Maybe, or maybe you are just being sappy like always. One of us needs to be, it is better that you act that way. I still have a bone to pick with that no good, lousy dressed, bug eye faced, wannabe wrestling booker Erik Staggs. How the heck does he let Melissa Ruin go just because a wrestler told him too? This is unfair to the highest degree! Melissa lost so much and continued to show up every week to bust her ass. Omasa Tazu Wants to pick a fight with everyone… Everyone but me, do not worry everyone. The bitch now has my undivided attention. Miss Tazu, you pick fights but also run from them. This fight with me is one you bust ride and hide from because when I find you. It is over for the both of us. You leave back to Japan with her head held down in shame while I battle a legal court battle to avoid going to jail for beating you so badly that I will be fighting attempted murder charges. You pissed off the wrong one.

Holly’s eyes are wide as she cheers Kelli on the whole time, except for the “Erik Staggs” part, where she rolls her eyes.  However, she ends up cupping her hand over her mouth as she says “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaag”.  She takes a deep breath and takes a couple steps closer to Kelli.

Holly:  Slayed.  Slayed.  Slayyyyyyyy-ed.  Omasa done fucked up with you, henny.  If there was anyone in this company that could make her eat her words and actions, it’s Kelli muthafukkin’ Torres.  Ya heard?  And we’re all here for it.  Melissa was definitely the best dressed Ruin.  She was the most determined Ruin.  And Omasa just like “Girl, bye.”  Totally unfair.  So, me and sis here are rallying for Melissa Ruin to be rehired, and Omasa Tazu to, I don’t know, get the fuck outta here.  You win a Mayhem Survival, and you think you’re the boss, like what?

Holly rolls her eyes.

Holly:  The real boss, Erik Staggs, who was getting MCM’s back in the day from someone who think he all bug-eyed and shit…

Holly looks sideways at Kelli, a half smirk coming up on her face as she speaks.  She pauses, waiting to hear the tea on this one.

Kelli: What is your point? The owner is and will always be a Mediocre Cunt Motherfucker.

Holly purses her lips, trying not to laugh too hard, but can't help letting go a bit. She turns her head and then looks back to Kelli.

Holly: Will you marry me? Make an honest woman out of me? Damn… that was… something special.

Kelli: Oh yes, I forget how the word cunt is like this big deal in the USA. It is like a no-no of a word like saying N….

Holly smacks Kelli before she can continue talking to stop her from digging a hole she will not be able to get out of.

Kelli: See what I mean?

Holly: It's just some things you do not say, baby. But, I, for one, condone the use of "Cunt", especially when it's right, like in this case.

Kelli: If Mr. Cuntman owned both companies. Now hear me out Holly. You have been in this business longer than I have so please help me understand this bullshit. If the walking cunt owns both companies and a “free agent” wins the match. Would that not mean that she had the. 

Holly: You mean he, the owner?

Kelli: No she, only a bitch would have done what was done. The power the owner has to change rules of a match during a match, the power to strip a champion from a title. Would this not mean that Cuntman would have the power to make the Mayhem match be null, dead even, end the war, keep it going or have one more match, any kind of match instead of meeting a list of demands by some free agent?

Holly goes to speak, but catches herself with a breath as she holds a finger up, almost like choking on those words.

Holly: You right. You right. He could have done anything else. And if he wanted to fire all the waste of space on the roster, he coulda had the balls to do it himself. I'm excited to see the draft, not because of Omasa, but because I liked getting a better contract than I had before and I get to team with this Real Killa.

Kelli: It all makes sense now. Omasa drafted us as singles not as a tag team. Omasa drafted Javi and herself as a team. She is clearly trying to hide from me. That plan is not going to work for her, it is clear Omasa knows what the fans know. We are the best tag team in SCU. I know we have doubters but do not worry about them Hollywood. They will all change their opinions after we take the GRIME Tag Team Championships from the Kawaii Dragons at Underground 102.

Holly nods her head with a smile.

Holly:  Omasa dodged a bullet by stepping away from us, at least she thought she could.  Truth is, the Kawaii Dragons are tough little things.  It’s not gonna be easy, but we’re gonna walk out of this match as the winners when all is said and done.  I could give Tatsu some better makeup tips after we take them titles.  Then, it’s smooth sailing from there, because the next thing we have to worry about is Azz n Crass, and, well, I ain’t even worried ‘bout ‘em.  Sorry, not sorry.

Holly holds out her hand and bends her fingers back to look at her nails, almost as if being shady during it.  Her eyes go back to the camera after a second.

Kelli: Yeah no, not worried about no Azz n Class. The top teams happen to be the Kawaii Dragons and The Three Way. They sit right below us! The tag team that will be taking over.

Holly:  The tag team divisions just got amped up to the next level.  Since ya got ya girl, former Pride, Combat and Underground Champion, Mz. Kelli Torres, and two time TV, or GRIME, or whatever, Champion and former Pride and Hardcore, or GRIME, Tag Team Champion, Mz Holly Wood.  We’re so good on our own, but when you put us both together, we’re coming for you, hennies… Sorry ‘bout it…

Holly brushes her hair out of her face gently, but also with cool attitude. She waves to the camera as they return to the fans.

Jeckels vs Dying Breed

Jake and Andrew start things off the match. The two agree to an open hand slap challenge which Jake would win or lose depending who you are as he would end up dropping Andrew with a closed fist after a few open hand slap exchanges. Jake would get Andrew to his feet and send him to the ropes which would allow Ivan to make a blind tag. Ivan would jump in the ring and attack Jake with hard hitting illegal punches. Jack would get in the ring to help Jake out. Andrew would do the same. The ref would try to store order but would have no choice but to DQ both teams as neither would listen to the ref. The four men would brawl in and out of the ring. Security rushes in but the four wrestlers turn to the security and a massive fight would break out causing GM Lexa to bring out more SCU officials to break it up. As the four men continued to fight off the SCU personnel Gianni would run out and notice the Denver Broncos offensive linemen at ring side. Giannii would grant them permission to help out. The Denver crowd pop loudly as the five starting Broncos Offensive linemen jump the barricade to help out. The Jeckels and Dying Breed start fighting the football players but between them and security, they are able to restore order and drag the four wrestlers to the back.

Cameras go to a small closet in which we see a white board with stick figures and writing of Spanish and Japanese letters. Cameras go around the board to see Omasa and Javi drawing on the other side of the board. More stick figures and writing. The two are heard arguing over how they should go about their match tonight against Eric Weaver and Andrew Borg. Javi erases the board so they can start all over,

Javier: I got it. What if we.

Javi starts drawing new stick figures.

Javier: What if we did this and then that. That will give us the win in 45 seconds. I can’t do it any faster.

Omasa: Yes You Can!

Javier: Did you just Andrew Borg me? I’m telling you I can’t.

Omasa: Just do it!

Javier: Omasa is borging me, oh shit, Omasa does have a sense of humor after all. Who knew.

Omasa: Good plan.

Javier: I still think you should start this match ma. But I got this, you start the next one.

Omasa opens the door to leave while Javi is mid sentence.

Javier: Why you walking away when I’m talking? In fact, I’m thirty anyways, let's go get something to drink before we head to the ring homez!

Javier Gonzalez and Omasa Tazu vs Andrew Borg and Eric Weaver

Eric and Andrew decide who will start this match off. Omasa gets on the apron making Javi start things off. Andrew decides he will start things off as well. Javi and Andrew would trade chops to the chest. Andrew would nail a hard chop to Jvai's nose busting him open. Javi takes a few steps back to tag in Omasa but Omasa refuses, telling Javi to handle them alone. Andrew would charge at Javi from behind but Javi would jump for a Pele Kick kicking Andrew in the face. Andrew stumbles back a bit as Javi tries to tag in Omasa a second time but Omasa still refuses. Andrew would tag in Eric, Eric charges at Javi. Javi would drop at the last second going for a leg sweep which trips Eric causing him to fall to the mat, Javi would try to tag in Omasa again but Omasa tells Javi to finish the match. Eric gets to his feet and approaches Javi with a clothesline but misses as Javi ducks and weaves to get behind Eric. Eric’s body hits the ropes, Omasa nails Eric with the Omasa Punch, (Punch to the throat.) Eric grabs his neck as Javi gets on all fours behind Eric. Eric tries to walk backwards only for Eric to fall over Javi. Jav leans over on Eric's legs to cover him to score the 3 count, getting the pinfall victory for him and Omasa.

2 Broke Chicks vs Azz n Crass

Much like the match that took place last Saturday, the ladies attempt to flood the ring with weapons.  However, this referee isn’t playing that game.  He throws them right back outside and scolds the two teams.  After Azz n Class argue with the referee for a moment, they give in and get ready to start the match.  However, Chiaki pulls out the hair buzzer and clicks it near Chanelle’s head.  As she turns around angrily, she tries to hit Chi Chi, but Jane is right there to give Chanelle a big slap on the Azz.  Torielle brings Jane back with a German Suplex, bridging into a pin.  Chiaki tries to break it up, but there’s no need as Jane kicks out.  Jane catches Torielle by surprise as she rolls her up for a near fall, but Torielle gets the ropes for a break.  Jane slides outside and ducks as Torielle tries for a Diving Shoulderbutt, causing her to land on top of a roll of barbed wire.  Chanelle tries to go up top, but Chiaki pushes her off and onto a trashcan.  Instead of letting the count continue, she rolls outside, taunting Chanelle with the buzzers some more, getting closer and closer until Chanelle grabs the buzzers and tries to go for Chi Chi’s hair!  Jane is there to stop it just in time before Torielle wraps the barbed wire around Jane’s throat, tightening it as the referee disqualifies Azz n Crass.  Both teams stop immediately as Torielle gets upset about the loss.  Chanelle shakes her head, and reiterates to 2 Broke Chicks that they need to stay in good health to get their shot at the GRIME Tag Team Championships to give them their shot.  This ultimately backs them off as Chanelle practically drags Torielle backstage.  Jane and Chiaki celebrate the win anyway.

We go to the locker room of Team Canada as we see Pride Tag Team Champions The Three Way along with Underground Champion Stewart Mason. With them is fella Canadain, GRIME Tag Team Champion Winter and her partner Tatsu. The Kawaii Dragons stand in front of Team Canada as Dahlia stands in the middle of Earl Locker and Stewart mason. All five hold their respective titles on their right shoulder.

Winter: Oh I’m sorry, did I hear that correctly, two people who team together on a limited basis say they are the top team in the company? How we in this room sit below the almighty Kelli Torres and Mz Holly Wood.

Dahlia: This company has always depended on two tag teams to lead the divisions. Those tag teams happen to be in this room. You two are good wrestlers but have so much to do if you ever want to make the claim of the top tag team in SCU.

Earl: I love the motivation you two have at wanting to be us but like Dahlia said, you still have a lot of work to do to make that claim.

Tatsu: How team with no tag team name is best in SCU?

Stewart: The truth is, more tag teams have joined SCU, a couple have returned making the division bigger than before. But for all those tag teams that want to make a claim as the top tag team in the division… We are the division. You see, there's a reason why the Kawaii Dragons and The Three Way have held the titles longer and more times than anyone else. No other tag teams put in the amount of work it takes to sit on top.

Dahlia: Of course we won’t sit here and act like any of the tag teams in SCU can’t take the top spots. What we’re saying is that, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than words. That won’t be good enough in this division.

Earl: I’m looking forward to seeing what these new teams can bring. Omasa and Javi, Jerry and Kandy, The Jeckels, Team GO, 2 Broke Chicks, Kelli and Hollywood, Monstimals, list goes on.

Winter: Standard tag matches or extreme style, we five hold it down, remember that shit!

Tatsu: Yeah… Bitches!

Merlot Ayano vs Helena Jeckel

Helena tries for an early advantage by raking the eyes of Merlot.  Merlot moves, missing most of the nails to the eyes, getting the side of her face instead.  She grabs Helena’s arm and drags her down to the ground in a modified armbar.  Helena eventually gets to the ropes and causes the break.  She gets to her feet first, and kicks Merlot in the side of the head.  She makes this side her target as she kicks once more.  She then drops an elbow, but Merlot moves and backs up.  She sizes Helena up and hits a Roundhouse Kick aimed right at her stomach.  She hits furiously fast knees to Helena’s midsection and goes to position her into the Vanguard Killer (Lebell Lock), but Helena ducks out of it just in time and lifts Merlot up into a Sidewalk Slam.  She scores a two count. Helena gets up and helps Merlot to her feet. Merlot pushes Helena then nails a superkick. Helena stumbles back towards the ropes, Merlot runs over at Helena. Helena drops down, taking th ropes with her. Merlot goes over the ropes and lands on her feet on the outside of the ring. Helena slides out the ring. The two begin trading blows on the outside. The ref would end the match by counting both ladies out in a double count out.

Main Event
Steel Cage Match
Halo Annis vs Morgan Clark

As the cage is lowered around them, Morgan and Halo begin circling around, trying to find the perfect spot.  They tie up in the center of the ring and they try to test one another’s strength.  Halo wins this battle as she soon backs Morgan against the ropes and into the cage wall.  The crowd cheers.  Morgan uses the distraction to hit an elbow to the side of Halo’s face.  Once free, she throws elbow after elbow to Halo’s face before nailing a Northern Lights Suplex.  She tries to escape, but Halo drags her back down once she’s close to halfway there.  She shows Morgan how an elbow is supposed to feel, nailing her with a few good shots.  She punches away at Morgan, backing her up near the ropes.  Morgan however does a Drop Toe Hold, causing Halo to smack face first into the cage wall.  She climbs over Halo, kicking the back of her head as she tries to get further up the wall.  She makes it nearly 3/4 before Halo climbs a few steps up and plants her on the ground with a Powerbomb.  She tries to go up the wall now, making it near the top before Morgan is up and in pursuit.  Morgan is able to get Halo’s leg and holds on tightly as she climbs up top too.  The two ladies begin punching, and are even reduced to slapping each other to try to get the other to break their hold on the cage wall. Morgan and Halo start kicking each other which knocks both women off the cage hitting the ring mat, landing on their backs. Before Morgan or Halo can move the bell rings. Darlyn explains that the time keeper rang the bell as the ten minute time limit had been reached. The match is a time limit draw.

(Dark bonus Match)

The cage gets raised as the crowd begin to boo and chant bullshit. Morgan rolls out of the ring as Halo sits up. They look at each other ready to keep going. More refs run down to make sure nothing else happens. Halo rolls out of the ring as Morgan is being escorted up the rampway by the refs. The Bullshit chants get louder. After 15 minutes of the ring crew taking down the cage. The crowd is still in their seats chanting bullshit. Former GM Gianni comes out which gets the crowd to tame it down a bit.

Gianni: Jack, Jake, Ivan, and Andrew, come out and head to the ring.

The crowd stops chanting as they look on watching The Jeckels and Dying Breed make their way down to the ring.

Gianni: How about a ten man battle royal to end the night!?

The crowd sees just four wrestlers in the ring. Before they react they wait to see who the other six men are.

Gianni: As for the other six, Your very own Denver Broncos starting Offensive Line, Garett Bolles (OT), Dalton Risner (G), Lloyd Cushenberry (C), Graham Glasgow (IOL), Ja’Wuan James (OT), and Elijah Wilkinson (T/G).

The crowd goes nuts as the six men jump the barricade and get in the ring. The Battle Royal would only last four minutes. The broncs would work together to remove Jack and Jake before attacking each other. The Dying Breed would clean house before Ivan gets removed by Guard Dalton Risner. Dalton and Andrew trade a few tackles. Andrew would get Dalton up over his head and gently throw him over the top rope, winning the Battle Royal match.

Winner Andrew Garcia

Andrew rolls out of the ring to check on Dalton. The two shake hands which gets the crowd to cheer, allowing the fans to go home happy.