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Narrator:  Bea Barnhart is fired up for her next match at Climax Control 307 against Amber Ryan the current Bombshell Champion. Bea not only goes into this match high on being given the opportunity to defeat Amber and earn a shot at the Bombshell Championship but she has added anger and energy after being called a sexist slur by The Troll during his match with her husband, Bill Barnhart, at Climax Control 306. With my opening comments out of the way I turn you over to Bill and Bea Barnhart but I have no clue where they are at this point in time.


When the scene switches we see Bill and Bea Barnhart at the Waterbar Restaurant at 399 The Embarcadero in San Francisco, California. They are sitting in the dining area which is outside the restaurant along the sidewalk.

Bea:  I’m still shocked that The Troll had to resort to landing a low blow on you during your match last week. Then the jerk decided to go off on me because I was calling him out for cheating and letting the Referee know to keep a close watch on him.

Bill:  Yeah the low blows are never nice to be on the receiving end but I’m okay. But I’m not okay with that fat piece of crap, The Troll, screaming out calling you a c*nt. That’s why I ended the match with my favorite submission hold, my Barnhart Shoulder Breaker Flying Hammer Lock. I wanted fat boy to hurt for a long time for what he did to me and for what he called you.

Bill and Bea have their conversation interrupted by a smart ass woman who walks down the sidewalk blasting loud obnoxious music on her cell phone. That wasn’t bad enough but the woman stops and is standing near the outside dining area of the Waterbar Restaurant and her music is so loud and annoying Bill and Bea are unable to hold a conversation.

Bea:  Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!!! EXCUSE ME!!!!! Do you mind either turning down the volume of your music or moving away from our dining area as your music is so loud we cannot hear each other talk.

Obnoxious Woman:  Shut up bitch! This is my music, this is a public street, and I’ll do whatever the hell I want!

Bea:  First The Troll calls me a c*unt and now I’m being called a bitch by an obnoxious bitch of a woman? Damn! Look I’m again asking you nicely to please turn down your music or move away from our location so we can have a peaceful meal and hold a conversation.

Obnoxious Woman:  Who the hell do you think you are?

Bea:  I’m Bea Barnhart, one of the Superstar Wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling and we are performing on Sunday at the Kezar Pavilion here in San Francisco. I suggest you back off because if you come at me and threaten physical violence on me I’ll shove your cell phone so far up your ass the surgeons in the Emergency Room will have a difficult time finding where it is to remove it. What’s it gonna be?

Obnoxious Woman:  Oooooo, the pretty little Asian girl thinks she can take out a woman from San Francisco? Come on bitch c*nt bring it on!

Bea hears the c*nt word and she again gets upset as she did when The Troll used that word on her. Quickly an altercation ensues between the obnoxious woman and Bea and the obnoxious woman challenges Bea to go into the alley to fight it out. We see Bill with a huge smile on his face as he knows what will happen if that obnoxious woman is stupid enough to go into the alley against Bea.

Bea:  Oh, well, I warned you not to do this but you want to do this so let’s do this!

The two women enter the alley and we hear yelling from both of them but the yelling from the obnoxious woman stops quickly. Everyone on the sidewalk, and at the outside dining area of the Waterbar Restaurant, wonder what happened. Then they see movement and they see Bea calmly stroll out of the alley and there is no more comments from the obnoxious woman and her music stopped playing and the other woman is nowhere to be seen.

Bill:  That went quickly. What happened?

Bea:  You saw that I politely asked the woman to turn off her music or move away from us and she threatened me and demanded I go into the alley to fight her. I did exactly what I told her I would do and that was to either shut off her music on her cell phone or shove her cell phone up her ass. Guess which one I decided to do.

Bill:  Shove her cell phone up her ass?

Bea:  Yep. And I even called an ambulance to have her taken to the hospital to have her cell phone surgically removed. Just like I shut this obnoxious woman up you’ll see me shut up Amber Ryan this Sunday.

>* sound of ambulance sirens * An ambulance pulls up to the restaurant and Bea directs them into the alley where the woman with her cell phone up her ass is located. A short time later the Paramedics bring the woman out of the alley on a gurney and load her into the ambulance and drive off. People on the street and other diners at the restaurant cheer Bea for properly defending herself. Bea returns to their table in the outside dining area and Bill and Bea continue with their meal.

Bill:  This location brings back memories of when I grew up and lived in Oakland. The Embarcadero is the first San Francisco station on the BART rapid transit from the East Bay area. The Embarcadero is a great shopping and dining area. Look up there Bea and you see we’re nearly underneath the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. When you look across San Francisco Bay you see my original home town of Oakland. Let’s enjoy our meal now that we can eat without a lot of noise disturbing us.

Bea:  I’m looking forward to seeing where you grew up in Oakland when we visit there tomorrow.

The scene in San Francisco goes off the screen and the screen goes dark.


Bill and Bea are seen in front of a small house on a small street in Oakland. Bill is pointing to this house.

Bill:  Bea this is the house where I was born and lived until I was nine years old then we moved to a much larger home in the Oakland hills. This house at 4022 Fullington Street is very small. Although the website Zillow lists the house at around 1,400 square feet I can tell you it is not that large. I would estimate they should legally classify this house at around 1,000 square feet. We liked living here, but when the home at 4263 Saint Andrews Road in Oakland became available my father purchased that home and I lived there until I graduated from Skyline High School. I’ll take you there for a look and explain the house to you.

The two drive off in their rental car and arrive at 4263 Saint Andrews Road in Oakland, California, located near the Sequoya Country Club Golf Course.

Bill:  Here we are at 4263 Saint Andrews Road in Oakland where I lived from nine years of age until I turned eighteen and graduated from Skyline High School. Bea although the website Zillow lists this house at 1,700 square feet I assure you this house is nearly 2,000 square feet, has about a one back yard, and it has a full basement with a wet bar also. When we purchased this home it had around twenty fruit trees in the back yard consisting of apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, apples, pears, nectarines, and some others. I felt bad that after I moved out of the house my father became ill and mother decided to sell the home. But the fact that my hard-working parents went from a very small humble home to this one shows that anyone can achieve their dreams.

Bea:  I’m glad you brought me here Bill and I’m glad you explained that anyone can come from a humble beginning and end up on top of the world. That’s how I see my wrestling career and how I see my match on Sunday against Amber Ryan. Even though our match is a non-Title match when I defeat Amber I automatically become next in line for a shot at the Bombshell Championship. Whether she will still have possession of it when I have my Championship match is yet to be seen but regardless who holds the Championship when I challenge for it I'll become the next Bombshell Champion. That’s a true humble beginning to a fantastic here in the present situation for me and my wrestling career.

The two drive off and the scene ends.


The scene comes on our screen and we get a shot of Bill and Bea Barnhart at their hotel room which is located near to Kezar Pavilion. The two look into the camera to make comments.

Bill:  This is your air time Bea. Your time to shine. Your time to tell Amber Ryan what she got herself into having this match with you this Sunday.

Bea:  Thanks Bill. Amber I have several things to get out in the open so just sit down and pay attention. I’d like to start with a comment I heard recently It goes: IT IS FOOLISH TO ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE IF YOU DON’T ADD LIFE TO YOUR YEARS. Amber I know you’re looking dumbfounded right now and due to your low mentality you’re having a problem processing the information. Therefore let me enlighten you. You seem to be one of those wrestlers who wants to add years to your life but you you are so lame that you don’t have fun enjoying life. Yeah, okay, you have the Bombshell Championship but you don’t seem to be happy about that or take it seriously. On the other hand I’m thankful that I’ve added tons of experience, “life” if you want to call it that, to my wrestling career. If you’re going to be successful in the sport of wrestling then you should be happy when you achieve things. You never seem to be happy about anything Amber. You always come across as if you just ate a dozen sour lemons. That’s a pathetic way to live your life but you have to choose what you do in your life and your choices are not ones that I would make.

Bea take a sip of water.

Bea:  I have another saying I wish to present to you Amber. It goes like this. DON’T HATE SOMETHING YOU LIKE JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE YOU HAVE ALSO LIKES THAT SAME THING. Again, due to your limited mental capacity, I’ll try to explain this saying in simple terms so that you’ll be able to understand. I have a friend who constantly tells me the reason they hate a certain type of music, or a certain musical group, or certain type of food, etc., that they hate a person who also likes those items. Now wait a minute! They loved those items until she found out someone they know, but doesn’t like, also likes the same things. I’ll never back down and stop liking something just because someone I don’t like also likes what I like. Nobody should just blindly hate something just because someone else also likes it. You need to stand up for what you believe in whether it is music, movies, cars, clothing, or food items. You see, Amber, that’s the difference between me and you. I cherish everything and I work hard to accomplish my goals. If someone I know, whether in personal life or inside the wrestling business, likes the same things I do, but I don’t like that person, it would be stupid for me to start hating those things just because someone I don’t like also likes them. To try to put that in the simplest terms it comes down to the fact that I don’t choose to like or dislike something just because others who I don’t like also like or dislike those items. In my personal life, and my wrestling career, I’m going to do  what I need to do to be successful. When I defeat you on Sunday, even though it is a non-Title match, the fact that I defeated you means I go to the top of the ladder to challenge for the Bombshell Championship. That’s a goal I set my eyes on and that’s the goal I’ll achieve this Sunday.


Bea:  Here’s the bottom line Amber. Since I arrived in Sin City Wrestling we have not had a match against each other. This is our first match to face each other and I know your ego is telling you that you’ll achieve an easy win over me. Oh, please, don’t be that foolish! Just because you have not yet faced me in the ring doesn’t mean you know everything about me and it doesn’t mean you are more talented than I am. When you step into the ring Sunday evening you step into the ring as the Bombshell Champion and we are basically even in height and weight. When the match is over and my hand is raised in victory over you of course you will still be the Bombshell Champion but you’ll have to face your loss to me. Don’t take me lightly.

The broadcast ends with that last comment by Bea and the screen goes black.