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A Whole New Level
« on: July 30, 2021, 11:54:52 PM »
The Wannabe Queen is Dead
Summer Xxxtreme
The scream of her opponent was all that she heard, well that and Belinda Simone at the top of her lungs screaming that she had her wrapped up in Bella Notte, at least that’s how it felt. She pulled whatever limbs she had as hard as she could.

“DO YOU GIVE UP?!” up over the screams comes in loudly from their referee, Drew Patton.

Under her, something shifted. She didn’t even feel the taps come at first and then suddenly she could feel her skin turn red under Vargas tapping out in such a beat that tells her that she had it all in properly. The bell rang, the crowd roared, she heard Drew’s order to release the hold.

Dropping to the mat in exhaustion, catching her breath, she could feel the weight of the last 6 weeks fall off of her all at once and feeling slightly vindicated.

She kneeled up as she pulled the blindfold from her face, she could feel a couple of strands pop from her scalp that got caught up and tangled up in the knot, but that was the least of her worries right now. She glanced over at Mercy on the ground, clutching her shoulders as her hand got raised in glory to the delight of the fans that were aboard the Sun Princess.

Off camera, the fans in attendance got to see her hop out of the ring, walk over to Malachi who was standing in the front row, watching his wife get her revenge. He couldn’t help but smile when she basically box jumped the barricade and fell into his arms, to the delight of the fans.

You are so lucky I caught you.” he said laughing and hugging her tight.

Blind faith babe.” she said with a smirk.

He just shakes his head and with his strength lifts her up onto his shoulder with ease, “Give em a show.

She bends down and gives a quick kiss, before raising her hands to the delight of the crowd.

The Pains of Battle
The Next Day
I’m gonna kill Kasey.” Mal grumbles while sitting inside the airport, he and Bella find themselves having to fly back commercial this time around cause their private plane that they have at their disposal is currently undergoing a deep cleaning.

He does seem to be wildin 'out a lot more lately.” Bella says, laying on the ground of the terminal, her feet propped on the chair. She shifts ever so much and just whimpers in pain.

You okay down there?” he says looking down at her.

She closes her eyes and groans as she tries to shift again to get comfort but just grumbles out in an almost whine, “Everything hurts.

Raising his eyebrow over his bright blue eyes, he can’t help but have a general humor in his voice. Not to be cruel, but the match was her brilliant idea, “Oh I’m sure.

No, like more than usual. Like, I think I finally understand how Amy Pond felt, climbing out of the Byzantium when they were trying to escape the Weeping Angels. She says looking at him with a straight face on one of her favorite subjects, ”She did the whole thing with her eyes closed because they had made their way into her mind...

Just dropping his head and shaking it, he mumbles with humor in his voice, “Fuckin’ hell, you are such a nerd.

The term in this case is Adorable Whovian.” she dotes with a sigh. “How much longer til I can take another round of painkillers?

Probably not til we get back to New York....vying on whether or not we’re ALLOWED TO BOARD!” he says very loudly, catching a few people around them attention.

Bella looks up at the desk and smiles at the lady manning the desk, fielding more than just her grouch of a husband, “Go easy on her, babe. She can’t predict the weather or conditions of the planes....

He looks and gives a silent apology before looking back at his wife who is fighting with her bag to get comfy, “I know, maybe I should look into our own mode of transportation to do this shit.

Like a TARDIS?” she smirks cause she knows her nerdiness will break from his grumpy Oscar-like demeanor.

She almost, ALMOST breaks him, “Sweet christ.

Realizing this, she makes a mental note to come back to it later before continuing on, sitting up just enough to lean on her elbows, “Hey, it’s not like we have millions of dollars just laying around. If I had won the Quagcup, then MAYBE but I promised that to Harmony House.

Sighing, he just shakes his head, staring off into the distance, “I know, doesn’t mean I don’t wanna wrap my hands around that asshole’s throat.

Laying back down to attempt the getting comfortable again, “I’ll just tell Levi about it.

You do that.

Silence between them fills the air for a moment before she growls and glares at him, “Are you sure I can’t take anything?” she whines.

Amusement shines in his eyes, he knows the next words out of his mouth may be a mistake but he can’t stand to see her in pain anyways, so he’ll settle for the next best idea, “How about I get you up and we’ll go find the bar?

She sorta perks up with hearing that but then feels her lazy gene kick in, “Or you can see if there is a funnel somewhere and just pour it in me that way.

Ok, I know you’re a college grad but you are a grown ass married woman....

That pops her up and cuts him off mid rant, “Who hurts everywhere!!!!! HAVE PITY FOR THE STUPID, MALACHI!!!

Sorry, mo chroí. You knew what I was when you said ‘I do.’” he says, reaching down. She pouts a bit as she reaches up and he helps her to her feet.

How about you just carry me?” she says leaning into him as they walk to the lounge.

Leaning in for a kiss into her hair, he simply said “For-get-it.

All Bets Are On The Table
Present Day
The City of Angels
It’s weird being back on tour. The world isn’t as insane as it once was.

Well....scratch that. The world is always completely bonkers but this was a familiar yet odd feeling.

Almost two weeks had passed since her victory, she didn’t gloat much but her win was huge in her book. So why is she so pissed off?

Their hotel was near the beach. Luka was loving every minute of being out there since they arrived to the point where she had to be carried back in by Malachi which only set Bella into a fit of laughter when their husky pouted the whole way up in front of the creator and everyone that would pay attention.

It wasn’t her private life. It was perfect.

But she wasn’t satisfied because it felt like her win over Mercy met absolutely DICK when it was announced that she would be main eventing and contending for the SCW Bombshell’s Roulette Championship against Krystal Wolfe.....And because life liked to laugh at her, Mercedes Vargas.

Originally Violet Amelia Holt was announced but had backed out for some reason. She didn’t give a shit why, one less hot mess to worry about. But MERCY?!?!

What was the fucking point of her getting her fucking ass kicked, only for her bullshit to be rewarded?

Calm down, Bells.” she said to herself glaring as a commercial for the event finishing playing. Her getting top billing with Krystal was awesome.

Why did she have to say something to Mark? I get wanting to take all challenges but this was after she was like ‘Oh I hope we finally get that match we really wanted!’” she states with a sigh, “I don’t want to sound like I’m bitter but we know this match should be one on one and instead Mercy is going to go ahead and stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong! She was supposed to be in my past and instead, like the cockroach she is, she’s right there.

Probably trying to tell me she thinks she has so much more to teach me. I’m done. I am done having people trying and dictate my every single fucking move. I AM NOT SOME CHESS PIECE! I am the Queen of my own game. So do us all a favor Mercy, save your nonsensical bullshit to yourself, because I am done heading it.

I defeated the Red Queen at Summer Xxxtreme and it should be me and Krys. And instead I get this triple threat madness and ...a caveat??? A special guest referee who is a total mystery. I mean I will stand by what I said about this on twitter. I could legit give zero fucks about who that is. I’m in that ring for one reason and one reason only. My first singles title in SCW, that elusive little bitch of gold that I have been battling for since I walked into this company 3 years ago!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! Because with the Roulette Championship comes that wheel and let’s pray that Mark Ward went over it with a fine tooth comb when he sent Christian on vacation because I do not need any man-eating fish thinking I’m a light snack.

She deadpans, “Yeah, Miles still won’t shut the fuck up about it.

I mean, it’s is legit my time. I have been biting and clawing at every chance I get only to come up short. I’m not letting it happen anymore. I put Mercy behind me after she cost me this title AND a shot at Queen For A Day. You saw what I did to her to get here. I have hit a whole new level and now I’m ready to break that glass ceiling I have been pounding and pounding on. I’m not treading the bog water that is under that glass anymore.” She gives a small smile with a shrug, holding up a cookie that simply says ‘Eat Me’, “Alice is bringing her Wonderland to you.