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SCU? GRIME? We Present... Underground Ep. 100 (RESULTS)
« on: July 27, 2021, 08:32:15 PM »

July 24th, 2021

Avista Stadium

Sin City Underground Ep 100 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Avista Stadium in Spokane Valley, Washington. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on Saturday, July 24th, 2021.

The scene opens backstage at SCU Underground 100 where we see the reigning SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe leaning against the wall, however the Aussie Champ isn’t the least bit happy even though the last time we saw her on screen was when she retained the title over Maki and Bea Barnhart at Summer XXXTreme IX.

Krystal: SCU, this was where I got my foot in the door in SCW! Without SCU, I would’ve never gotten as far as I have.

Krystal says as she glances towards her title which is slung over her shoulder, she kicks off the wall before turning to face it.


Krystal screams at the top of her lungs before she punches the wall in a fit of anger and frustration, the Aussie ignores the pain in her hand as she takes several deep breaths.

Ariana: How do you think we feel?

Krystal looks up and sees the members of Team Go, Ariana Angelos, someone she has come to see as a younger sister and HB Carter who, despite their differences, Krystal still counted among her friends, Krystal lets out several deep breaths before she turns to face the two younger wrestlers.

Krystal: Guys, I…….

Ariana: Look, I know you couldn’t get into the Mayhem Survival fast enough to save myself from elimination from that selfish prick known as Eyesane, I’m not blaming you for that!

Ariana responds before letting out a deep breath.

Ariana: And we both know that matches like the Mayhem Survival are a pain to win, but even so, all the effort and improvement I’ve made over the past two years…….

Krystal: Ari, I know it hurts but……….

It’s at this point that Ariana finally snaps.

Ariana: I GOT DISOWNED BY MY FUCKING FAMILY FOR THIS FUCKING JOB! I would’ve been homeless if Carter hadn’t put me up in his apartment whilst I searched for a place of my own!

HBCarter: Ari, honey………


HBCarter: Ariana Angelos! Please!

Ariana: BUT NO! THE REST OF THE FUCKING SCU ROSTER HAD TO BE TOO WRAPPED UP IN THEIR OWN BULLSHIT TO REALIZE WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS! I fucking hope that those selfish pricks are stuck flipping burgers for the rest of their fucking lives if Omasa sides with GRIME tonight!


Carter interrupts his bestie mid-rant, and the two women stop and turn to face him.

HBCarter: For one thing, the Good Shepherds are in the building tonight and you had better watch your god-damn language!

Ariana: Fuck the Good Shepherds!

Krystal raises an eyebrow at that statement.

Krystal: I mean, if Brother David is offering, I think we have a volunteer right here!

Krystal says as she motions to Carter who goes to respond but…….

HBCarter: Yeah, I can’t deny that I’d be the first in line and everything!

The three young wrestlers share a laugh which seems to lift their spirits.

Krystal: Look, I know this is far from an idea solution, but as Bombshell Roulette Champ, I have some pull with the bosses and Christian is basically taking the whole Supercard cycle off starting from next week, meaning I’ll have a sympathetic ear in Mark Ward.

Krystal says before letting out a deep breath.

Krystal: Worst case scenario? I’ll see if I can sweet talk him into giving you guys main roster positions.

Ariana: You’d do that?

Krystal: That’s what friends are for, right? Besides, it’s not like you guys haven’t appeared on Climax Control and SCW’s PPVs before!

Ariana and Carter share a look before the trio share a group hug, however the tender moment is broken when the pain of punching the wall finally catches up with Krystal.


Krystal grimaces as she clutches her hand in pain.

Ariana: We should have the medics look at that!

HBCarter: Whilst we are still employed here!

The trio quickly walk off as the scene fades.

Over a black screen, we hear a spray can being shaken up before “2BC” is sprayed across the blackness in bright blue paint. It gets about halfway through before stopping. The phrase is then sprayed over in black, effectively turning the screen to black again before the spraycan goes flying and hits the screen. It shatters like glass, giving way to the inside of the 2  Broke Chicks RV. A quick glance from viewers makes it abundantly clear: they live in this thing! There’s clothing strewn over chairs, red bull cans and takeout boxes on the floor. It’s a damn dump! The camera focuses on the door to the RV when suddenly it SLAMS open and Chiaki Sanada comes rushing up the steps, wide eyed and panicked. In the background, Jane Harper jumps up off the bed in a defensive position until she realizes it’s just her tag partner and girlfriend. But Chiaki’s in an outright panic. She grabs an empty gym bag and begins to literally throw random shit around the RV inside. A couple articles of clothing, a six pack of red bull out of the fridge and she even starts unplugging the toaster.


Chiaki shoves the toaster into the bag before she realizes it’s still unplugged and yanks the plug out of the wall. Now she’s standing there with an open gym bag, random objects falling out of it and the toaster cord dangling to the floor. Jane looks at Chiaki, trying to hide a smile and laugh as she watches the woman frantically packing things. She sits at the edge of the bed and just watches as the hookah is thrown into the bag and Jane shakes her head.

Jane Harper: Cheech, what in the hell are you doing?

Chiaki spins around, the toaster cord goes swinging and smacks into the wall. Baby, the white kitten, now almost a full grown cat scrambles off the dashboard and darts to the back of the RV, startled as Chiaki starts babbling and rambling in Japanese. Even for those who speak it as their mother tongue, like she does, the blue haired girl’s not making any sense. Jane sure as shit doesn’t understand a word Chi Chi’s going on about. Finally--

Chiaki Sanada: --AND WE FIRED!!!

Jane hops up off the bed and puts an arm around Chiaki and kisses her on the cheek.

Jane Harper: We don't know that yet, Cheech. If we are, we bounce back like we have before. You know we ain't gonna just go away quietly anyway.

Chiaki shakes her head in a big “NO”, her pigtails swinging from side to side. She’s completely unconvinced!

Chiaki Sanada: No, no! Chi Chi know! Omasa-san win Mayhem Survival! GRIME take over! Potty Committee husbando kick Jane and Chi Chi out on streets!

She sees Baby in the corner against their bed and squats down, opening up the gym bag, wiggling her fingers out to the cat.

Chiaki Sanada: Baby! Come to Mama! Kikikikikiki!! Psspsspsspsspss!

Baby, the cat, doesn’t budge an inch as Chiaki tries to coax her into the bag. She just looks at her human like she’s an absolute moron. Jane shakes her head as she watches this entire display taking place as she walks over to Baby and just picks the kitten up and begins to pet her.

Jane Harper: He knows we don't just go away quietly. He fires us, we make his life hell.

Chiaki watches Baby go right to Jane for petting and her jaw falls open. She drops the gym bag next with a loud thud from all the random stuff she’s shoved inside.

Chiaki Sanada: Uragirimono!

The Japanese girl comes over and plops down on the bed beside Jane, dropping her chin down into both hands with a defeated huff. Baby rolls over onto her back in Jane’s lap and bats her paws at a zipper on Chiaki’s pants pocket. The joshi finally smirks and gives her a tummy rub, prompting the cat to “attack” her hand.

Chiaki Sanada: Chi Chi tired losing work. Chi Chi wanna kick ass, make moniez!

Jane wraps her arms around Chiaki and gives her a big hug and kiss on the lips. She smiles and tries to keep a strong, brave face on for tag partner and girlfriend.

Jane Harper: Trust me, I do too. It's frustrating, but we can't ever give up. We didn't when we lived in our van in Roppongi and we won't now.

Chiaki wraps her arms around Jane, squeezing her back in an effort to find more comfort. It works, apparently, because Chiaki relaxes into her girl and nods.

Chiaki Sanada: Least have each other….

Chiaki says in an almost uncharacteristically calmer voice than she’s usually heard speaking in. Both girls fall quiet as the camera shot fades and cuts to the next scene.

The show opens up with GRIME Owner Erik Staggs. Standing next to him is the Mayhem Survivor Omasa Tazu. Behind her is a group of sharp dressed Japanese men in black suits and shades.

Erik:  You see this, Omasa?  You caused this.  And there’s plenty more backstage who have no idea what’s going on.  Hell, even I’m at a loss here.

Omasa just stares at Erik, blank and almost uncaring.  Erik rolls his eyes and sighs before moving on.

Erik: Tonight Is a special night for Sin City. We’ve reached Ep 100. Many are asking if this is the last SCU show and the beginning of GRIME? Will GRIME and SCU close its doors with Omasa winning the Survival match as a free agent? Will the GRIME Owners be able to sign Omasa back. Will the SCU Owner sign Omasa? Will Omasa rename the company. Will…

Omasa looks at one of the men who then translates back to Eirk.

Man: Omasa said to hurry up and get to the fucking point. Omasa also demanded that the SCU owner be present for this meeting.

Erik: As the GRIME owner, shouldn’t that be good enough? Okay, okay, look, SCU has been open for over 4 years when you include NLW. Not once has the owner made a TV appearance. In fact ,only a small handful know who the owner is. Yet a wrestler who found herself holding a bit of power expects that to stop and expects the SCU owner to jump off his chair and rush to Omasa’s demands.

Let me tell you something about the SCU owner, he doesn’t give two shits about you and what little power you think you’re holding. The SCU Owner allowed for GRIME Wrestling to invade SCU and let GRIME do as they pleased. Why do you think that is Omasa? Any owner that really cared about their investments would have put a stop to this… Unless…

Omasa: Less, what?

Erik: The SCU owner approved of such things, but you have to be a mad man to allow something like that… Unless…

Omasa: Unless what bitch!

Erik: Erik: Unless the owner was behind it all along and was overseeing that everything went according to plan…. That makes more sense as to why GRIME stayed around as long as it did. Omasa, you want to meet the owner of SCU… Well you’re looking at him!

The crowd realizing they all have been played for four years causes a massive bad reaction as fans begin throwing plastic soda bottles in the ring. Erik being Erik looks at the crowd.

Erik: This show just started, how do so many of you have empty bottles. Did you all bring snacks in the venue?  COVID is still a thing, and all! That’s against the rules… You know!

Crowd: Fuck You Erik! Fuck You Erik! Fuck You Erik!

Erik:  “Fuck You Erik! Fuck You Erik” Yeah!  It’s me, SCU!  It’s been me allllllllllllllll along….

Erik laughs for a second.  He then clears his throat and stops, straightening up his tie.

Erik:  You can’t really be that mad about it.  I wanted to stay anonymous.  It wasn’t about me.  I never wanted it to be that way.  That’s why I offered my good friend, Amy Santino, stock in GRIME.  I wanted to make this about you, the fans.  I wanted ratings. No matter how good ratings are, I wanted more.  That’s been a problem of mine.  Hostile Takeover is an SCW Supercard that was made because of me!  I nearly took over SCW.  And do you know why they kept me around?  Because the ratings were through the roof.  All I needed was someone to step up and raise a little hell.  Who better than Angel of Filth?

Omasa: Omasa Tazu.

Erik stops and looks at her sideways.  But then he shrugs his shoulders and nods.

Erik:  For someone who doesn’t speak a lick of English, this one understands it pretty damn well… But, as I was saying, Angel of Filth approached me, and we had a bullshit session that turned into something that could never work, but then it did.  It gripped you all by the balls, and kept you in those seats.  I was told that I was not giving SCU fans what they were promised.  So… I turned around and gave you what you were promised.  You’re welcome.

The crowd boos him even louder, but he continues talking as Omasa starts to look a bit impatient.

Erik:  How long would any responsible owner put up with someone trying to invade them?  Someone like me, who knows the in’s and out’s, anyway.  Who else, but the actual owner of the company, would let this slide?  You should’ve known. 9

Omasa taps her wrist to get Erik to wrap it up.

Erik: Omasa, I run this, I’ll take up all 2 hours if I choose to.

Omasa turns around to leave the ring but Erik quickly stops her.

Erik: Hold on, I’m getting to you now. The war is over, relax a bit eh. Omasa has left me with two choices. SCU and GRIME closes it’s doors since the brand vs brand war was won by a free agent. The second was a list of demands I must meet and if so then she’ll sign a new contract and we can get down to business.

Erik looks around with a smirk on his face.

Erik: You’re all here so I went with the second option. The question you all have is. What demands did Omasa make?

Both brands understood what was on the line. Both brands understood they had to give it their all or loss it all. With Omasa winning, what was on the line, a locker room losing their jobs which didn’t happen. Keeping everyone is something I can do but I also didn’t mind opening up my payroll for other things. Like it or not, this is a business and I’m in it for profits. I now have no one to rightfully fire but Omasa has an answer for that. Omasa noticed that not everyone put their hearts into this. Some didn’t care at all what happened on both sides. Omasa feels they’re a waste of time and space. Her words not mine. Omasa as the winner of Mayhem Survivor will select who stays with the company and who has to leave, within the guidelines I’ve laid out of course. So consider tonight the first ever draft day. Those not drafted by Omasa will be released from the company and Omasa is happy to tell them herself that their services are no longer required.

The guidelines that Omasa needs to follow are as follows... All champions keep their jobs and remain as champions, including Krystal Wolfe as an SCW Champion. A total of 40 wrestlers will make the roster, who have been involved in this war of SCU and GRIME.  11 Champions, and 29 others. 10 of those 29 individuals will be drafted as a pair two, to draft five tag teams. Our roster will be capped at 50 wrestlers.  This will allow us to maintain contracts with those who I have signed over the last eight weeks, including 2 Broke Chicks and Azurine Vebbins.  This also includes those who have been signed to “Legends” contracts.  I will also not force you to use a draft spot for yourself.

Going forward, when the Pride Tag Team Champions, Combat Champions and Underground champions lose their titles, they will NOT be getting a rematch. They instead will be placed in a contenders match. The opponents will be of the champions choosing. This will not include the Hardcore Tag team titles or the TV titles since they get defended almost every show. 

Erik shakes his head at the next few demands.

Erik: The company must provide imported tea from Japan. Every odd Ep, the company must provide an endless supply of fun size Snickers bars, every even Ep the company must provide an endless supply of chewable jolly ranchers. And last is brand new merchandise.

Omasa takes out her device she speaks into to translate to English.

Omasa: More demands.

Erik: You’re pushing it already.

Omasa: You did all this with nothing to lose. Angel of Filth poured her heart into this war, a war Filth was always going to lose. Filth, never going to win war, Filth cant win if she can never beat Omasa. Filth not fight this war for nothing. To honor Filth hard work Nightmare Champion and TV champion have a title match. Title vs title match for new GRIME Champions. Hardcore Tag titles renamed to GRIME Tag Team Champions. Titles only get defended under GRIME Rules.

Erik: So no more Hardcore titles, what SCU called Hardcore, Grime referred to as GRIME Rules Match. So going forward it will just be GRIME. I can work with that.

Omasa: Omasa not done.

Erik: You’re working my nerves now Omasa.

Omasa: You fucked Amy Marshall!

Erik: That was years ago.

Omasa: Not like that shithead. You fucked Amy from investments in GRIME. Erik had nothing to lose. Amy did, Erik take Amy money and not care what happen to GRIME.

Erik: Wait, now you’re wording it in a way…

Omasa: Shut up! Erik owe Amy, Erik make up for it. Erik loses rights to GRIME name. Amy now own copyrights and trademark.

Erik: That’s kind…

Omasa: Shut up! All royalty rights for GRIME go to Amy Marshall.

Erik: Not like its your business but Amy and I were gonna have a meeting about such a topic. Now, that’s it, no more or I’ll shut this down my damn self.

Erik hands over a folder to one of the men behind Omasa. He and two others go over  the contract to make sure everything is in order before Omasa signs it. After signing the contract Omasa hands the folder over to Erik.

Erik: It’s a official, Omasa has signed a contract with… Sin City Underground, SCU will go on. Now while Omasa hands me over who she’s drafting, I know Joshua Acquin is in the back with something to say.

Opening Match
Veronica vs Valentina

The match kicks off with Val grabbing onto Veronica’s head and dragging her to three of the six ring posts.  She bounces her head off of the three, but when they make it to the fourth, Veronica elbow’s Val in the stomach.  She grates Val’s face against the ropes until the ref threatens disqualification.  Val hits a high knee to Veronica’s face and then goes for a Hurricanrana, but Veronica flings her off.  She climbs on top and begins slapping Val, and then claws at her eyes.  She lifts Val up from the mat and flings her into the ropes.  As she comes back, Veronica hits a Backdrop into a Guillotine over the top rope.  As Val turns around, Veronica goes for the Exed Out, but Val is able to maneuver out of it.  She kicks the necklace out of Veronica’s hand.  She goes to pick it up, and Veronica “accidentally” knocks into the referee.  She apologizes, and the referee shakes off the cobwebs. As he does, Veronica holds onto her neck and points to the necklace in Valentina’s hand.  The referee takes it away and then calls for the bell. Veronica Taylor wins via disqualification.  She gets to keep her job, and Val is not happy about losing hers.  She goes to attack Veronica, but security pulls her away as the fans laugh at the fit she is throwing.

Backstage, the camera finds Halo walking into the arena with Linnea Lacroix and Alissa Lacroix.  She sees it and just shakes her head.

Halo: No… now is just… no…

She starts to walk by but the camera moves back into position to continue shooting her expectantly. The Lacroix Sisters both just watch it in shock, seemingly frozen in place while Halo raises  hand.

Halo: Stop…

The camera keeps on and Halo just shoots it a look.

Halo: We have had a bitch of a week and we ain’t need y’all shovin that in our faces when the company might be gone tonight too…

She nods and heads into the ballpark with Linnea and Alissa right behind her. As the ladies walk in they get greeted by Jenifer Lacroix. Before Jenifer can get a word in to fill her cousins in on what's going on we can hear Gemma running towards them.

Gemma: Jenifer! Hey, they sent me looking for you.

Halo: Can it wait, Jenifer like the rest of us has had a horrible week.

Gemma: Trust me, you ladies want to hear this.

Gemma: Omasa has signed with SCU but man, so much just happened while you was in the parking lot. No one is safe, Omasa is doing a draft selecting who stays and who is fired.

Halo: You kidding me right?

Gemma: No! Omasa is keeping those who fought the war on both sides and those not worthy will be fired. All Champions are safe and we have TV vs Nightmare champs to crown new GRIME champs. Plus more! More importantly, Halo, Helena Jeckel, Angel of Filth, and HB Carter have been the first group drafted… Wait… OMG! I’m being told that Omasa has just drafted Linnea Lacroix, The Monsitmals as a tag team draft, Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine as a tag team draft, Jake and Jack Jeckel as a tag team draft, and Jenifer Lacroix! The undefeated wrestler will take on Merlot Ayano for the Combat Championship in a MMA match, here tonight!

The crowd at ringside area pop loudly

Halo: Well, shit just got interesting.

LInnea looks at Jenifer.

Linnéa: We got you Jenifer, we know it's been rough dealing with Celeste turning on you with her GRIME ways.

The crowd pop again as the camera get a shot of Merlot Ayano in the background walking towards Jenifer.

Gemma: So Merlot, did you get the news yet?

Merlot: Hai, Merlot got word. Merlot have mix feelings. Happy to fight Jenifer, she is good friend. She is great fighter. But match of this caliber should be one with many weeks to train for.

Jenifer looks at Merlot with a smile agreeing with the Combat Champion.

Jenifer: Merlot correct, but we make best of situation.

Merlot and Jenifer stare at each other in a respectable manner as Halo, Linnea Lacroix and Alissa Lacroix take all of this in.

GRIME Tag Team Championship
The Jeckels vs Kawaii Dragons

The Jeckels come in quickly with a shopping cart of weapons.  They go after Tatsu and Winter with various weapons, such as a stop sign, a 2x4, and a rusted cookie sheet.  With the agility of the Kawaii Dragons, they make very few connecting hits.  But the cookie sheet from Jake to Tatsu nearly scores a victory until Winter comes in at the last second to break it up.  Tatsu stays down for a while as Winter tries to dodge both Jeckels, and uses her kendo stick to help even the odds.  This works for about a minute, until Jack catches Winter from behind with a Back Suplex on top of an equipment box.  This scores a two count.  Tatsu jumps on Jack’s back and begins clawing at his face, only to get a Snapmare right on top of Winter.  Before Jack can go for a cover, Chanelle and Torielle come up from behind and begin whipping Jack and Jake with chains and locks, beating them down to the mat.  They drag Tatsu on top of Jack to secure the victory. The Kawaii Dragons win via pinfall.

A livestream instantly beams onto the Avista Stadium scoreboard. “Da Damsel in Dat Dress” Azurine Vebbins drapes herself in a sky blue “I Lasted Nine Minutes” tankini. While adjusting her camera, it focuses squarely on the loop of her halo for a good ten seconds.

Azurine Vebbins: I’m not gonna beg or get down on my hands and knees, Katta. I am gonna humbly request a chance to participate in your pretentious Plex-A-Palooza. What you did at SCU Supernova IV was a systemic tramplin’ of tradition. Dose dree chanters never stood a chance since dey aren’t technically trained. Heard you’re facin’ contracted SCU talent on Episode 100. I wish dem luck and a wicked good waistlock. Still, should dey be successful tonight, I still want an opportunity in da future. Hope you enjoy da rest of da show, folk. Imbibe responsibly since it’s National Tequila Day and hope you’re enjoyin’ Zip’s or Taco John’s ’cause it’s National Drive-Dru Day.

“Da Vivacious Variable” Azurine Vebbins double blinks, wiggles her hips which jiggles the loop on her halo, and smiles saccharine. The livestream then blinks out.

Azurine Vebbins vs Helena Jeckel

Azurine starts off strong, using her in-ring knowledge to her advantage.  She ducks a Clothesline and counters with a Leg Sweep.  She hits an Irish Whip to the ropes and follows it up with a Swinging Neckbreaker.  She gets a one count before picking Helena up.  Helena claws at Azzy’s eyes and then uses her brawler techniques to ground Azzy and begins hitting rapid punches.  Azzy tries to block, and eventually she flips Helena off of her and into a Chicken Wing hold.  Helena struggles against it, but slowly finds her way to the ropes.  She grabs on and Azzy lets go of the hold.  She goes toe to toe with Helena.  Azzy is able to land a Side Slam to get a two count.  She is caught off guard when Helena rushes Azzy into the corner, nailing several close fisted punches in a rage.  The referee warns her.  As Azzy comes out of the corner, Helena drops her down into a Rear Naked Choke.  Azzy is able to move her feet around to get them on the bottom rope.  The referee calls for the break, but Helena doesn’t let go.  The referee warns her once more, but she shakes her head.  The referee calls for the bell, and Azurine Vebbins wins via Disqualification.  Merlot Ayano comes out onto the stage, and her and Helena have a staredown before Merlot walks away, leaving Helena steamed.

We go backstage to see Uncensored Television Champion, Joshua Acquin with his belt on his shoulders.

Joshua:: Wow we are back on the road for SCU Ep 100. I didn’t have much to say because I had no idea what was going on. After seeing what you all saw, a draft, not for me as the TV champion I am granted a spot on the roster. More importantly, a match against Hitamashii tonight to merge the titles and create the GRIME Championship. I have the advantage. I have already been defending my title week in and week out under GRIME rules. For me, this is just another day at work. See you in the ring Champ! 

Uncensored TV Champion vs GRIME Nightmare Champion. Title vs title for the new GRIME Championship - Nerf Baseball Bat Match
Joshua Acquin vs Hitamashii

Both men start the match, immediately grab bats from outside of the ring, and they meet up in the middle of the ring and begin swinging at each other.  Josh rams the butt of the bat into Hitamashii’s stomach and then cracks him over the back.  He sends Hitamashii into the ropes, and as he comes back, he swings, and misses.  Hitamashii rebounds and hits an upward swing on Josh.  Hitamashii then wraps the bat around Josh’s neck and begins choking him.  Josh drops the bat, and then he pulls the smaller Hitamashii toward the corner.  He kicks his feet up, but Hitamashii pulls him back a few steps.  Josh tries again with the same result.  He tries a third time, and launches himself back.  He rips the bat away from Hitamashii and swings it downward, but Hitamashii rolls out of the way.  Josh swings at him and he misses until he is able to connect against the back of Hitamashii’s head.  He drops the bat and sets up and connects with the Nightmare (Killswitch).  Joshua Acquin wins the GRIME and TV Championship Unification to become the new GRIME Champion.  Joshua accepts the new belt and celebrates before Hitamashii cracks him over the back with the bat.  He whacks away at Joshua before exiting the ring in a fury.

Anti-Hero by Dark Ride begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Santino is written in red and in Japanese

Amy surveys the crowd for a moment before raising the GRIME Nightmare championship up in the air.

She then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and moves to the corner, where she grabs a mic before Moving to the centre of the ring...

Amy raises the GRIME nightmare championship to the air with a smile as the fan give a mixed reaction. Lowering the title, she raises the mic to her lips

Amy: Well it seemed that I got a mixed reaction from everyone within SCW and SCU. I seemed to have taken several days for people to realise that I was a member of GRIME and not on the hugely talented roster of SCW. One on my so-called friends is disappointed in me and already threatened to kick my ass.  While two of them are kicking themselves for not guessing correctly... and well business as usual for everyone else. But hey... could be worse. I could have Veronica Taylor-esque insults launched at me from someone who is very bitter about being fired and getting slapped around.

Amy lowers the mic for a second and shrugs before bringing it back up.

Amy:  Now to those who are disappointed at my decision to join GRIME. I have never made it a secret that I was a fan of GRIME. I loved their work and some of the talent on there is amazing. But I never joined because of my loyalty to Sin City Wrestling. However, things can quickly change... and you soon quickly forget when you go and have children. It seems that my 8 years in SCW was all for nothing... hell being the first grandslam champion and hall of famer you don’t get any recognition from it.

The crowd boo.

Amy: Fuck you Tommy Knocks!

Amy flips the bird to the camera.

Amy:  I sat and stewed for a bit but I chose to get over it because I was pregnant and obviously that comes first. So time went on.... blah blah blah. I had my little girl... i got fit again... made a couple of appearances here and there for Sin City Wrestling... but what some didn’t know that I was in GRIME as Rainbow... working my ass off and beating the like of Halo Annis, Esther Azarov, Piper Beckett and Mercedes Vargas. Beating Mercedes was fun. Hi Mercedes by the way... how is the plotting coming along??

Amy grins.

Amy: I also put money into GRIME. Investing into a brand that I believe in and in turn I am co-owner. You could say it was one big F you to SCW and Mark and Christian but it’s not. It’s about starting fresh... and facing new people. Don’t get me wrong.. the Bombshell roster is the best but there comes a time when you need a new challenge. So here I am... as your New GRIME Champion. Of course, I have to go through Angel Kash, but that’s no problem.  It might as well already be official.

Amy drops the mic and kicks it out of the ring as she hands the GRIME World Nightmare Championship over to the referee for the start of the match as “Superficial” begins playing.

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Re: SCU? GRIME? We Present... Underground Ep. 100 (RESULTS)
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SCU TV Champion vs GRIME Nightmare Champion. Title vs title for the new GRIME Championship -
Angel Kash vs Amy Marshall

Amy continues to celebrate inside of the ring as Angel makes it to the ring.  She shares a few “pleasantries” with Amy before throwing the belt at Amy in a fit of rage, and the crowd goes crazy!

Chad: Angel refuses to take part in the hardcore match. From day one Angel made it clear, she wants nothing to do with GRIME or hardcore matches. If she wasn’t clear before she is clear now as she throws her SCU TV title at Amy Santino and exits the ring!

Gena: Dylan calls for the bell to ring to end this match as Amy will be rewarded with a forfeit victory. Angel ignores the fans booing as she heads straight to the back.

Amy Santino shakes her head at what just happened, the crowd is seen showing a mixed reaction. Dylan takes the SCU TV title from Amy as he hands her the new GRIME Championship!

Amy Santino wins via forfeit by Angel Kash to become the new GRIME Champion.  She grins as she holds the belt up in the air.

Angel Kash Segment After the Amy Marshall match

Cameras catch Omasa with her men standing behind her as she opens the locker room door to Angel Kash. Omasa points at Valentina.

Omasa: Fired!

Angel: I don’t think so, sorry Omasa but you don’t get that satisfaction of firing us because Valentina and I quit and just finished packing. SCU is gonna lose it’s biggest star. The ratings will tank and when they call me back to resign, they better be ready to double the pay for half the days, along with a few other things. It’s going to cost them to see us return to this dump.

Valentina and Angel Kash get their bags and storm out of the locker room for the last time. Omasa leaves the locker room and heads over next door and opens the door. We see Grandma Martha Fox with the Fox Brothers, Mason and Jason. Omasa points at Martha.

Omasa: Martha awesome, Martha stay!

Omasa then points at Mason and Jason.

Omasa: Fired!

Martha: Omasa no, I’m sure the tag team side of the draft can be used to keep my grandsons.

Omasa: Martha stay, Fox Brothers fired!

Omasa leaves the room and walks down the hallway. Omasa sees Melissa Ruin.

Omasa: Ruin!

Melissa turns to face Omasa.

Omasa: Suplex Katta or fired!

Melissa: I been putting in work against GRIME. You said those who gave it their all will be drafted. I gave it more then most on both sides.

Omasa: Suplex Katta or fired!

Melissa: I’ll suplex her but this is wrong. You know you’re wrong for this. I should have been the 1st one drafted, not Helena Jeckel.

Melissa turns around to head to the curtain area as cameras go to ringside.

When the show comes back on after the commercial break, we find Katta Pult’s manager, Barry McCauckiner, and Katta Pult herself already in the ring. The crowd is jeering the Olympic legend but she no sells it with smiles and hand waves. Barry is dressed to impress as always, snazzed up in a slick suit and slicker gray hair. He wields a mic as Katta Pult, dressed in her blue and red wrestling singlet, is going through some warm up exercises and stretches.

Barry: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for the second installment of the Plex-A-Palooza Challenge. Nothing has changed since last time. The contestant will get one chance to plex the unplexable Katrina Anne Pult… KATTA PULT! If they are able to do the impossible and plex the Countess of Monty Plexo, then Katta Pult will sign her SCU contract and donate twenty thousand dollars to the Trey Bouchet Memorial Fund. Now, as you can see, Kat is more serious this time around. Why? Well, we’ve been told by the brass that there’s someone on the roster who has actually accepted the challenge.

Katta Pult abruptly stops and snatches the mic out of his hand.

Katta: And NO, it’s not that fart-mouth Azurine Vebbins. As we all saw earlier, she’s not even here tonight because she knows I’d give her five across the eyes *does a bitch slap motion*... Once again, Vebbins, I decline your challenge because you are no challenge. Start speaking proper English and not that gibberish you spew and I might reconsider.

The crowd jeers at her even louder now but she nods to them as if they’re cheering her. She hands off the mic to Barry.

Gena: At Supernova, she gave three fans a chance to plex her in the Plex-A-Palooza and they all failed. It was expected given the ones she selected. They were in no position to win the challenge.

Chad: And Azurine has called her out on it. I hope someday they tangle. Azurine is pure class, and I don’t know how much longer she can stand back and watch Katta Pult do these things.

Barry gestures toward the entrance ramp.

Barry: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the challenger of the Plex-A-Palooza challenge. She stands five feet nothing, and weighs one hundred and nothing pounds. She is what’s her face from nobody cares.

The ASU Version of Public Service Announcement by Jay Z plays. The SCUTron turns on. We see the Sun Devils football field with the drummers of the school's marching band in the middle of the field making the letters ASU for Arizona State University. The drums goes off twice, with a second pause before going off again twice repeating this process 3 times before the other drums come in. This happens twice before the group starts breaking formation.

The bugle team march onto the field as they begin to play…

ASU Marching band plays their version of Public Service Announcement II by Jay Z.

The Drummers move around as they form the letters SCU. The Bugle team marches in place below the letters making 6 rows underneath. The group breaks up and marches around the field for a bit as they start to slowly make out the name Melissa Ruin…

Gena: It’s the two time all American in Lacrosse and Basketball. We’re about to see two all American athletes go at it! Melissa is fresh off her win at Supernova but word has it she’s not out of the woods regarding the pink slip match.

Chad: Who knows? Maybe it takes an all American to take out an all American? I hope so after Barry just disrespected her with his ring announcement of her.

The fans give her their support as she hits the ring full of moxy. Her ring music stops and the two women have a staredown. Kat gives her a measure of respect with a favorable nod and steps back, raising her arms up in a beckoning for Melissa to try the impossible.

Melissa circles her as they both crouch into position - Melissa forward leaning in an offensive stance - Kat bent lower in a defensive stance. Melissa bolts forward in a flash, throwing her arms out to wrap Kat in a belly to belly from the front, but as Kat reacts to it instinctively, Melissa pulls a fast one and dips behind Kat. With Melissa behind her, Kat instinctively steps back and brings her hands down to break the impending grip of the waistlock from behind she knows is coming.

Except it doesn’t come.

Melissa has made a slight adjustment to her position and winds up at Kat’s side, where she wraps her tight into a waistlock from the side. Knowing this is a weak spot, Kat drops fully to her knees while jamming a brutal palm strike onto Melissa’s grip, timing it just right so that it strikes just as Melissa explodes upward with all her exertion. Melissa manages to lift Kat a few inches off the ground, and belts a primal roar of triumph as the crowd erupts with cheers.

But then her grip comes loose after Kat shoves down and away at it after striking it. Pult sticks a leg between Melissa’s and locks her knee behind Melissa’s knee, negating any more power drive she can exert to complete the up-and-over. Kat gives her a hard shove-off, breaking free after the momentary scare.

A collective groan and eruption of boos follow. Kat proudly poses and struts around the ring like she’s the greatest thing since the egg white omelette. Meanwhile, poor Melissa looks utterly devastated and slumps to a sit in the corner, burying her face in her hands.

Barry: Well, that concludes this week’s Plex-A-Palooza Challenge. Melissa was plexcellently plexecuted by the plex there is, the plex there was, and the plex there ever will be. Now somebody please give Melissa a tissue.

With that, Barry and Kat leave the ring, waving bye bye mockingly to Melissa.

Backstage, we see Jenifer LaCroix wrapping her wrists in tape to prepare for her Combat Championship Match.  Suddenly, she smells the scent of tobacco in the air.  She turns around to see Esther leaning against the door.  They share a bit of a glare as Esther drops the cigarette to the ground and stamps it out with the heel of her boot.

Jenifer:  Now?

Esther sniggers and steps off of the doorframe.  She winks.

Esther:  Now…

Esther brings a lighting pole snapped in half from behind her back.  She goes to swing it at Jenifer, but Jenifer ducks it and quickly disarms Esther.  She twists Esther’s arm back, but Esther reaches into her jacket pocket and arms herself with brass knuckles.  She hits an Uppercut that immediately busts open Jenifer’s chin.  She nails a few well placed punches to the face, knocking Jenifer out cold.  The crowd boos loudly as Esther flicks the knucks off of her hands, looking annoyed at the boos.

Esther:  Look here you little bitches!  I just knocked her the fuck out!

The crowd boos even more loudly and Esther reaches back into her pocket.  She pulls out her phone and dials a number.  After waiting a few seconds for an answer, she responds.

Esther:  It’s done.  She’s out cold.  She’s bleeding… Yeah, I’ll snap a pic for you.  You all are going to have my back, right? … Oh, please!  I just did your dirty work, Celeste!  Don’t act like you’re all high and mighty or some shit.  … Yeah, but being a “good guy” was boring as fuck.  If you guys don’t want to roll, that’s fine.  But it will be your damn problem if something happens to me.  I’ll make sure of it. … Whatever, make sure that shit hits my bank within 5 minutes, or you’re next, bitch. Kisses!

Esther cuts the call short and leans over, taking a picture of Jenifer unconscious, and she taps the phone a few times before sliding the phone in her pocket and exiting the room.

Earl, Dahlia, and Stewart vs ???

Team Canada stands inside of the ring, three champions who are guaranteed their jobs. It is stated that they will be facing three individuals who have been drafted.  “Killpop” plays and the fans boo as Angel of Filth walks out onto the stage.  She is followed up by Skag, and then Rory Rockefeller.  The crowd boos loudly for the three as they come down to the ring.  Before the bell even rings, Filth hits Dahlia with a Black Mist and attacks her instantly.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Earl goes to stop Filth, but Rory wraps his arms around Earl’s waist and hits a German Suplex, while Skag hits a Shouldered Knee Block to Stewart to take him down.  Earl and Rory trade blows while Skag circle stomps Stewart.  The four men are ordered out of the ring, but they refuse to listen, continuing to go at it.  Stewart uses the distraction of the referee to hit a Russian Leg Sweep on Skag.  He goes for a series of Mount Punches, but Skag flips over.  The two trade offenses.  Meanwhile, Earl is able to land a Headbutt to Rory that stops him from continuing on offense.  He nails several punches that backs Rory into the corner.  The referee again orders everyone out of the ring.

Filth shouts at the referee, allowing Dahlia to wrap her hands around FIlth’s neck.  She is able to get up and she Chokeslams Filth.  She drops an elbow to Filth’s chest.  She stands up and hits a Standing Body Splash that gets the crowd cheering loudly.  Filth smiles despite rolling to her side in pain.  Dahlia lifts her up into a Bear Hug.  The referee tries to order everyone out of the ring again.  When they don’t listen, he calls for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  This match has been ruled a Double Disqualification…

The fans don’t seem to care because the brawling continues.  The referee calls down security, which takes it’s time breaking things up and dragging people to the back.

The camera shows up just outside of the locker room.  She is off to the side, while Alana Allure, Chanelle Martinez, Torielle Jackson, and Orchid are standing around, ready for damage control.  GRIME Champion, Amy Santino walks by, the title on her shoulder proudly.  Celeste nods at Amy, and then looks at the camera.

Celeste:  I’m going to make this short and sweet.  No, I’m not going to tell you why.  I’m not going to answer the “How could you!?”  I’m going to just say this.  Delia Darling and I have never really seen eye to eye.  I turned the Mean Girls on her.  She turned them on me.  It was a fun and violent time.  But that was five years ago.

Celeste leans off of the wall and walks toward the camera a bit.

Celeste:  A lot has changed.  I’ve learned many things.  I heard that you have too.  That just means tonight will be even more of a challenge.  I can handle that, one on one, in a fair capacity.  That’s why I had to take out the trash earlier.  And all of your pathetic meddling that served no purpose.  I still unmasked when I wanted to unmask.  All you did was earned yourself an ass beating from another dimension.  I hope you’re ready for it, bitch.

Celeste smirks and then pushes the camera away as the rest of the ladies laugh.  We can see Celeste heading back to the locker room.

Combat Championship Match
Street Fight
Esther vs Merlot

Esther walks her way out of the arena and onto the streets outside of the ball field.  She sighs as she looks around.  It doesn’t take long until Merlot comes out with the Combat Championship on her shoulder.

Merlot:  Hai!

Esther turns to look at her and laughs.  The referee takes the belt from Merlot, and while she’s distracted, Esther charges at her with the same brass knuckles she used to injure Jenifer Lacroix.  She pummels Merlot to the ground, throwing punch after punch.  Merlot uses her wrists to block what she can, minimizing the effects.  But, Esther does get a few good ones in.  She stands up and pulls Merlot with her.

Esther:  Look here you little bitch!

Esther drags Merlot along the side of the street, and bashes her head into the cement wall.  She stomps away as she also surveys the area.  She drags Merlot toward a cement truck.  As she is about to bash Merlot’s head on the cylinder, Merlot puts a foot up to stop it.  She bashes Esther’s head into it instead.  She grabs the brass knuckles off of her and tosses them into the cement.  She ducks a Clothesline from Esther, and then throws the spout right into Esther.

As Esther goes to the ground, Merlot puts the spout over Esther and presses the button.  Cement begins coming down and on top of Esther.  Esther struggles out of it, but the weight of the cement causes her to lag quite a bit.  Merlot takes advantage of this and drops her down with the Vanguard Killer (Lebell Lock), face first into the cement.  Esther tries to get out of the hold, but Merlot has it locked on tightly.  With the cement in Esther’s face, further cutting off her ability to breathe, Esther doesn’t waste much time in tapping out.

Darlyn:  Here is your winner via submission, and STILL SCU Combat Champion… Merlot Ayano!!!

Merlot gives Esther a stiff kick to the back of the head, knocking her out.  She raises the belt, concrete dripping from her arms and hands as she celebrates.

The Sin City Tron flickers on to see Delia Darling in her locker room.  She finishes wrapping up her wrists as she snubs her nose at the camera.  Off in the background, we can see Mercedes Vargas and Veronica Taylor enjoying a glass of champagne.  Delia takes a deep breath and steps toward the camera as it backs up, filming her walking into and down the hallway.

Darling:  Cute.  Really.  Celeste Nor’s unmasks from Orchid mask.  Orchid unmasks from Celeste mask.  Z’e world is on fire about it.  I knew.  I knew all along, Celeste.  And at first, I s’ought it was funny.  But z’en, I realized just how much of a coward vous really are.  Not surprised.  Just disappointed.

Darling comes around a corner, and we can see the fans in the stands to our right.

Darling:  It really is on par wi’s z’e rest of your career, no?  Until you arrived in Sin City, your career was as bad as your press on’s, or as horrible as your persian eye makeup, or… Well, vous gets z’e point.  You’re nos’ing.  But tonight, I will make you somes’ing.  Twice.  It is my pleasure to introduce to everyone, z’e draft results.  And funny enough, vous are not on it, Ms. Nor’s…

In the corner of the screen, a score card of sorts appears, and then expands to take up half of the page.  It lists the following:

40 wrestler draft:
Krystal Wolfe (SCW Roulette Champion)
Stewart Mason (Underground Champion)
Cordelia Clark (Underground Champion)
Merlot Ayano (Combat Champion)
Andrey (Combat Champion)
Amy Marshall (GRIME Champion)
Joshua Acquin (GRIME Champion)
The Three Way (Pride Tag Team Champions)
Kawaii Dragons (GRIME Tag Team Champions)

Helena Jeckel
Angel Of Filth
Jenifer Lacriox
Kelli Torres
HB Carter
Samuel McPherson
Jack and Jake Jeckel (Tag team draft)
Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine (Tag team draft)
Father Gerald Shepherd
Dying Breed (Tag team draft)
Esther Azarov
Alex Rush
Mz Holly Wood
AzzNClazz (tag team draft)
Ariana Angelos
Alana Allure
Morgan Clark
Jamie Staggs
Andrew Borg
Eric Weaver
Dax Beckett
Mrs Right
Rory Rockefeller
Javier Gonzalez

Darling:  Z’is is not a bad list.  Of course, it could be better.  So allow me to help vous out…

Delia comes up on the curtains where we see Celeste being held back by security as her equipment is being brought to the curtains.

Darling:  SCU has signed eight legends, and who is number one?  Moi, no doubt.  Number two, Mercedes Vargas, s’ree Eyesnsane, four Lord Raab, five Orchid, six and seven is z’e power couple known as Gianni Di Luca & Veronica Taylor-Di Luca.  Awwww.  But number eight, bottom of z’e list, odd ball out is non os’er z’an Celeste Nor’s.  Now, let’s see if I can’t bring it back down to lucky seven when I annihilate her inside of z’at ring, no? Kisses!

Delia blows a kiss to the camera and then to Celeste before “Sex Metal Barbie” begins playing over the speakers.

Main Event
Grudge Match
Celeste North vs Delia Darling

The lights in the arena drop down and "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment begins playing. The ring crew brings out a wooden plank, meant to resemble the Mean Girls Runway of yester-year, fastening it tightly to the ring, as it looks like it will fall apart at any minute. Before they can even disperse, the curtains open, and Celeste is wheeled out onto the ramp in front of a podium. A spotlight appears on her as a man dressed in a potato sack walks out behind her, helping her down onto the stage. She is dressed in a pair of red hot pants and a Mean Girls tank top tied just above the navel, and an opened hooded jacket. She has red streaks in her hair as she slightly pulls back her hood to show off her face and the obnoxiously sparkling tiara on her head, taking a drag from the cigar in her right hand.

Darlyn: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Beverly Hills, California, standing at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 132 pounds... "Queen C"... Celeste North!!!

She struts along the "runway" slowly, showing off everything she's got, a cigar in her hands. She takes a puff of it and winks as she exhales slowly. She then flips her hair from side to side seductively as men wearing dress suits and potato sacks over their heads line the runway, taking photos of her. Celeste takes a puff from the cigar before dropping it to the arena floor. The first hooded man holds the ropes open for her as she enters the ring. She struts around to the music for a moment, shedding her black hooded jacket. She puckers up her lips as she blows out a kiss.

“Nightmare” by Halsey plays over the speakers. The lights in the arena dim down slightly. Pink and white lights flash upon the stage as the curtains are shoved aside. The fans boo loudly as Delia Darling steps out, wearing a sparkling pink dress. She flips her hair back and smirks as she saunters halfway down the ramp.

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring from Paris, France she is… Delia Darling!!!

Delia reaches down and tears away the bottom of the dress to reveal a one-piece suit. She tosses the dress portion out into the crowd. She looks from side to side before she darts under the bottom rope. She slowly walks to the center before looking around. She pauses dramatically before striking a pose for the cameras flashing. She walks around the ring, standing in the corner to start the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  No love lost between these two as they instantly charge one another.  Fingers tangled in each other’s hair, shouting at one another… it’s the epitome of hatred right here.

Gena:  You’re not kidding.  These two are barely budging from one another’s attacks.  They’re determined.  Celeste gets a knee to Delia’s gut.  She then clubs her across the back.

Chad:  Delia goes down to the ground, and Celeste hovers over her, clubbing her even harder.  She kicks the back of Delia’s head and then goes for a Camel Clutch to the former Queen of Mean.

Gena:  Oh!  Darling jabs Celeste right in the eye and adjusts to nail a Snapmare.  She then locks on a Rear Choke.  All the while, she’s shouting “Just give up, Celeste!  Just give up!”

Chad:  Celeste shakes her head, refusing.  Delia then pops Celeste’s nose, busting it open before tightening the hold.  Celeste is feeling the heat now as she struggles harder to get out.

Gena:  She is able to get her foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.  Delia quickly lets go, but picks Celeste off of the mat and hits a Reverse DDT.  She rolls Celeste over onto her stomach and then locks on a Rear Naked Choke.

Chad:  Celeste has nowhere to go.  The referee leans down to check on her, but she refuses to give up.  She grabs onto the referee for leverage, but accidentally pulls him over.

Gena:  Delia still doesn’t let go.  Celeste kicks her feet, trying to get to the ropes.  As she does, she accidentally kicks the referee in the face.  She is able to get to the ropes to break the hold!

Chad:  Delia charges at her, but Celeste hits the Left Cross, Uppercut, and Right Jab, finishing off the Homicidal with a Running Bulldog!  She hooks the leg! But the referee is out cold.  The crowd counts!


Gena:  To no avail!  Celeste gets up from the mat and tries to revive the referee.  However, Mercedes Vargas comes rushing down.  She slides inside of the ring and instantly hits a Crescent Kick to Celeste!

Chad:  Celeste slides back up to her feet, and Mercedes looks for the Mercy Shot, but Celeste spins out of the way.  Mercedes sweeps Celeste off of her feet and then nails a Hair Pull Curb Stomp!

Gena:  But now, Amy Santino comes rushing down to ringside!  She crashes the belt against the side of Mercedes’ head.  Mercy ducks a bit, so not to take the full brunt of it.  She turns around and kicks Amy in the gut and then nails a Shooting Star DDT on top of the belt!

Chad:  Delia is back to her feet now.  She grabs Celeste by the hair and yanks her to her feet, only for Celeste to turn around and punch Delia in the side of the head!  But Delia fires one right back!

Gena:  Mercedes spins Celeste around and kicks her in the gut.  She sets her up for a Gory Bomb, which Delia assists her with.  But then, Amy gets back up and hits a Yakuza Kick to Delia, and then ducks a punch from Mercedes!

Chad:  Amy clashes Mercedes’ head into Delia’s!  The crowd doesn’t even know who to cheer for right now!  Amy jumps up, hitting the Bad Girl (Double Knee Facebreaker) to Delia.  Mercedes hits a Superkick on Amy while Celeste starts moving again!

Gena:  The referee comes to and sees everything going on inside of the ring.  Delia lifting and brawling with Amy, while Mercedes picks Celeste up from the mat and the two begin brawling as well.  He shakes his head and calls for the bell!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  This match has been ruled a Double Disqualification!


Amy and Mercedes bump into each other.  Delia punches at Amy, but she ducks, and so does Mercedes.  Delia punches Celeste, who tackles her to the ground and the pair roll to the outside.  Amy and Mercedes continue going back and forth as security floods the ring to break it up.  Both women fight back hard, trying to get at one another as more security peels Delia and Celeste apart.  The show goes off the air.

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