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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 99 (Results)
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Nellis Air Force Base

Sin City Underground Ep 99 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on Saturday, July 3rd, 2021.

On the grounds of Nellis Air Force base, the camera focuses on the Jeckel family traveling freakshow. Sitting on the steps of one of the trailers is Raisa.

Raisa: Good afternoon, and welcome once again to the Jeckel family freakshow, we hope you enjoy the show.

Raisa is joined by Helena and Jack Jeckel.

Raisa: Ms. Lacroix, we have studied you as we have every member of SCU, and we know the strength and weaknesses you have, tonight Helena will exploit your every weakness, and you will hear the devil whisper.

Helena: They are impatient, they have asked for me to quickly defeat you tonight, but I will go against  what they ask. Tonight Linnera, I must hurt you, I must make you suffer, I must make you forget the unfortunate circumstance of having to face me, tonight I strike the first blow for GRIME when I defeat you.

Raisa: Mr. Acquin, you have had many battles in your career and you reign has Uncensored Television Champion has been one of length, but I must ask you Mr. Acquin have you ever faced a man with no conscience, a man willing to do bodily harm to himself in order to inflict damage on his opponent.

Jack: Joshua, yes, as Ms. Raisa stated you reign has been a long one, but all reigns must eventually meet their end, tonight Joshua, your reign will end violently and whenever I choose to end it, tonight Joshua, I write the final chapter of SCU 99, when I stand over you broken lifeless body as the new Uncensored Television Champion. It is written so it shall be done.

Backstage, the camera finds Haylie Jo “Halo “ Annis standing with a visibly distressed Linnéa Lacroix, Alissa Lacroix, Chiaki “Chi Chi” Sanada and Jane “The Hammer” Harper all standing in the room as well.

Halo: Come on, Aunt Li, you gotta put what happened last night out of your mind for a few minutes. You go in there against Helena Jeckel still thinkin’ about Aunt Z and she gonna do bat shit to you too!

Linnéa nods sadly.

Linnéa: How’s Brit?

Halo nods grimly.

Halo: She’ll live. It’s not as bad as what happened to Aunt Z and she’s luckily got the week off from SCW so she can just be home and recover.

Linnéa starts to nod when Jenifer Lacroix walks into the room. Without saying a word, she just walks over to her cousin and hugs her.   

Linnéa: Thanks, y’all…  I’ll manage somehow. I can’t let G.R.I.M.E. get to me now, Z needs me!

She turns to Halo.

Linnéa: Knock Morgan Clark dead tonight!

Halo nods, smiling.

Halo: And you give Helena Jeckel hell, Aunt Li!

Opening Match
Linnea Lacroix vs Helena Jeckel

The two trade hits right off the bat, brawling around the ring.  Linnea nails Helena with a stiff kick that sends Helena into the corner.  Helena punches her way out of the corner.  She is able to drop Li with an eye poke followed up with a Scoop Suplex.  She circle stomps on Li, sending her to the apron.  She stomps on Li, trying to get her to the outside, but Li hangs on.  She nails a few punches to Helena’s gut and makes her way back to her feet.  She and Helena brawl until Li gets the advantage and steps back inside of the ring.  She nails a Snap Suplex on Helena.  She tries for the Bourbon Street Blues (Future Shock DDT), but Helena is able to power out and knees Li in the gut.  She hits a Bicycle Kick on Li.  She secures a two count.  She tries for a Shining Wizard on Li, but Li ducks and grabs the leg, tripping Helena up.  She latches on The Easy Rider (Sharpshooter).  Helena refuses to give up, even though she’s right in the middle of the ring.  Li tightens the hold up as Helena claws her way a few inches.  She doesn’t have a choice but to start to tap before Angel of Filth slides in the ring and kicks Li in the back of the head. Linnea Lacroix wins via disqualification.  Angel of Filth and Helena take their revenge on Linnea, stomping on her until Jenifer and Alyssa rush out to dispose of the GRIME members to the outside.  Filth and Helena pull out chairs, but Jenifer and Alyssa put brass knuckles on, ultimately leading Filth and Helena to leave the ringside area.

Backstage, SCW Hall of Famer and the current and reigning GRIME World Nightmare Champion Mercedes Vargas is already suited up ahead of her match tonight. Tellingly, there's a promotional poster of Supernova IV set upon an easel just behind her. Backstage reporter Dev Khatri is standing by with the champ for an interview.

Dev: I'm here with Mercedes Vargas. There's a lot to unpack following your title defense last week. Yes, your match with GRIME Masked Member Rainbow ended in a no contest but that doesn't take away from the fact that you're still the World Nightmare Champion.

Mercedes: You know, for once, Dev, you're right. And at first, I was pissed off that Omasa had to ruin everything - because of course she does -

Anger washes over Mercedes' face as the outcome from last week was still fresh, still raw. The Argentine though raises her hands in resignation to pacify her emotions.

Mercedes: But then, being a professional, I took a second, I took a deep breath, I counted to ten and then I realized you know something. Now that Omasa is fired from SCU, now that she's gone from the penthouse to the outhouse, I never have to see her stupid face ever again, and that's the best news I've heard all week aside from being in this year's Mayhem Survival. But back to me. I've been champion for close to three months now and already I've beaten three former champions and now Rainbow. Life is good.

Dev: Now, Mercedes, while your win did end in controversy, let's talk about one other moment from last week. There was a point in the match where you were able to see the identity of Rainbow. Gianni Di Luca says this may have played a part in your successful defense. Now Rainbow will get a return match against you one week from Saturday at Supernova.

Mercedes: First off, like I told Gianni on Twitter, it wouldn't have made a difference. Second of all, I don't know if I got a good look at who was under the mask. It could be someone I've seen before, it could be someone new to the roster. Regardless, like the rest of GRIME, Rainbow is a menace and a vigilante. Plus she wears a mask. What's she got to hide? Not to worry, her secret is safe with me.

As she says this, we see Mercedes smiling while rubbing her hands together excitingly.

Mercedes: Now I know the true identity of Rainbow and I'm loving it. And I bet Rainbow knows that I know. I know that she know that I know what she don't think I know but I know that she know that I know what she know that I know that she don't think I know but I know.  But if you're saying what I think you're saying, I think I'm going to keep this close to the vest. And the world will know once the time is right.

Dev: Tonight, you're taking on Mrs. Right for the first time since your days in Honor Wrestling. I'm sure there's some unfinished business between you two since you last met at the next to last Honor Wrestling pay-per-view three years ago. All that aside, are you ready?

Mercedes: Here's what you need to know: I was never beaten for the Honor Championship. Alicia pinned Mrs. Right to end my title reign. And I still own the record for most defenses with that title. Period. Everything else is irrelevant.

Mercedes gives a slight grin at the interviewer, then adjusts her fingerloop glove over the length of one arm.

Mercedes: Am I ready? The difference between me and Mrs. Right is, I don't get ready, I stay ready. The better question is Mrs. Right is ready for me. I guess we'll find out.

Jamie Staggs vs Dorian Brown

Jamie starts the match off by ducking Dorian at every turn, somersaulting and diving through all attacks.  Dorian gets frustrated and this forces him to become more aggressive.  He eventually catches Jamie with a Discus Punch that floors him.  Dorian goes for a Fist Drop and nails it.  As he goes to pick Jamie up, Jamie does his patented Dick Tickle, which distracts Dorian enough for a roll up pin.  Jamie gets a two count.  Dorian climbs up the ropes to stand up, and Jamie rushes at him with a Clothesline, causing both to tumble to the outside.  Jamie is up to his feet first, and Dorian soon after.  They brawl back and forth until Jamie ducks a punch and grabs nachos from a fan, shoving them in Dorian’s face.  He then plants Dorian with a DDT.  He takes a beer from a fan and pours it down his throat and face.  He throws the cup at Dorian and drags him to the ring.  Dorian is able to hit a Baseball Slide on Jamie.  Jamie rebounds slowly, but climbs back inside of the ring.  Dorian picks him up for a Suplex, but Jamie reverses it into a Tornado DDT.  He is able to hit the Dumbass Drop (Diving Headbutt). Jamie Staggs wins via pinfall.  Jamie celebrates with the fans, being showered in beer.  The celebration is cut short when Montgomery Creed and Kader Hasheem drag Jamie over the barricade and lays a beatdown on him as the fans boo.

Previously recorded on Thursday July 1st, 2021

In between chores assigned by her cohabitant Corrie Layton, “Da Damsel in Dat Dress” Azurine Vebbins celebrates Canada Day by cozily sporting a red TOOLOUD Distressed Canadian Maple Leaf Flag Nightshirt Dress. As her streaming signal strengthens “Da Adorkable Angel” picks up a nearby curling broom, but taps it against the floor hockey stick-style.

Azurine Vebbins: Happy Canada Day, folk! Dat’s especially to dose livin’ in da lucky locality where SCU shall be hostin’ its Mayhem Survival Merengue, eh? Deyr’s gonna be lots of limbs in dat lambada. Dirty, dat’s a two-four plus one six-pack, contestants are gonna attempt to hork one anoder’s chances of winnin’ twenty-five dousand dollars, a car, and a customized rin’ to put on a bare phalange. Den again, considerin’ how da jealousy-jostlin’ jewelry might could possibly be slipped onto my pollex. Da streamin’ special takes place on Saturday, July 10 where deyr’ll be plenty to party over. Some of you will be munchin’ blueberry muffins, odd-ers will be chewin’ Rainier cherries, a few might imbibe a mojito responsibly, but for da twenty-nine tossers in dis tango not named Azurine’ll all be experiencin’ a calmin’ “Cheer Up Da Lonely Day” collectively. I’m extremely ecstatic to take part in dis particular promenade provided my Kayfabe Airlines flight doesn’t provide too much jetlag for da nex’ match. Might be gettin’ ahead of myself, but after taxes...whoever wins could be waltzin’ away wid twenty-five dousand, eight-hundred fifty loonies, two toonies and ninety-eight cents Canadian or twenty-dousand, seven-hundred eighty-six dollars and a quarter American. Still, since I’m under da roof of my Nova Scotian sweetheart, I’ll stick wid da Canadian calculation. Again, don’t you dare miss dis monumental mambo and set a streamin’ reminder for Saturday, July 10. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to finish makin’ dinner before my missus comes home from work.

Vebbins’ local promotional spot ends with her double blinking into the camera. She graciously glides towards her kitchen as the screen fades to black.

Andrew Borg vs Skag

On Andrew’s way to the ring, he is brandishing a steel chair.  He gets a cheer from the fans.  Skag comes out from the crowd, behind Borg to stalk him from behind. Skag starts the match off immediately with a boot to the gut and a Leg Sweep.  He drops down and practically mauls Borg until the referee orders him off.  He keeps the hold on tight until right before the five count.  He backs up and lets Andrew get back to his feet, and when he is standing up, Skag goes to take him down once more, but Andrew tosses him to the outside of the ring.  Skag is quick to get back to his feet.  He slides inside, and Andrew grabs the back of his head and throws him out of the opposite side of the ring.  Skag smacks the concrete floor.  He paces and then climbs onto the apron.  Borg goes to grab onto his head, but Skag hits a Guillotine on him.  He drags Borg outside as the referee begins his count.  The two brawl back and forth as the count gets to 6.  Skag picks the chair up, but the referee climbs outside to pull the chair from Skag.  This pulls Angel of Filth out to argue with the referee.  During this time, Andrew smacks the chair against the ground, tosses it to Skag, and drops down as the referee sees the chair in Skag’s hand, and Andrew on the floor.  The referee calls for the bell. Andrew Borg wins by disqualification.  The crowd laughs at Skag, which infuriates him.  He begins mauling Andrew Borg with the chair as the bell continues to ring.  He dents and breaks the chair as he goes to town on Borg.  Father Gerald, Esther and Andrey Azarov rush down to ringside to try to help their stablemate.  Skag fends them off with the chair for a moment until he and Filth slip into the crowd.

We go back to the women's locker room as security are seen separating Stacy and Melissa Ruin. The two shout at each other as security removes Stacy from the locker room. Upon leaving the locker room Halo Annis is seen by the door as she waits to make her way inside. Stacy starts mouthing off to Halo. Security shove  Stacy forward to get her to keep moving. Stacy points to a table a few feet away that has bottles of water for anyone to drink. Security led Stacy towards the table.

Stacy grabs a bottle to take a sip then closes the bottle and throws it to Halo hitting her in the back of the head. Security shoves Stacy again as other security go to Halo but Halo just walks into the locker room. The security goes back to focus on Stacy as the cameraman catches the locker room door opening again.

Seconds later we see Halo flying over security as she tackles Stacy to the ground. Security grabs Halo’s feet to pull her off of Stacy. Stacy swings her foot to kick Halo’s head but ends up kicking a security guard in the ankle causing the guard to fall to the ground. Another guard grabs Stacy by her hair and drags her as Stacy screams trying to get the guard to let go of her hair. Halo gets to her feet raising her hands up letting security know that she’s cool and not trying to cause more trouble.

Halo makes her way back to the locker room. Stacy gets escorted to another locker room. SCU GM Lexa is seen walking down the hallway with a folder in her hand. Lexa sees security with Stacy. Lexa points at two of the guards so they can go with Lexa instead. As they begin to walk together Lexa looks at the camera to address the SCU fans.

Lexa: After some time thinking, I can say that Cordelia said a few things that I can agree with. Cordelia Clark and Angel Kash will face each other at Supernova 4. The match will be a 2 out of 3 falls. For the first time ever, the TV championship will be defended at a PPV as both the TV Championship and the Underground Championship will be on the line.

The crowd pops as Lexa and the guards wait for an Air Force MP to open the gate to allow them to leave the inside of the basse. A MP in a jeep pulls up to pick the three of them up to drive them just outside the base. 

Lexa: The Mayhem Survival is SCU’s for the taking. I know the SCU superstars will show GRIME once and for all who the better brand is. I’m already booking matches for SCU Ep 100. I’m excited to announce that at that milestone show. The fans will get Delia Darling vs Celeste North one on one.

They reach the outer gate and stop. The gate opens as Lexa gets out of the jeep and walks out.

Lexa: Back on to Supernova 4, I haven’t forgotten about the Pride Tag Team Champions. I have a tag team lined up for Earl Lockyer and Dahlia Rotten. With GRIME starting to get rid of wrestlers, it was easy for me to secure another intergender tag team for the Pride division.

Lexa approaches a pin SUV with bright white rims, the windows and limo tinted so we can’t see who's in the truck.

Lexa: Glad you could make it. Were you able to read through it and get  your new SCU contract signed?

Lexa gets handed a pile of papers which she puts in her folder.

Lexa: I’ll let The Three Way know who they’re facing at Supernova in private. I want the fans to be surprised when they see you come out. Jerry is all set to go, I heard you’re taking care of his wounds. See you in a couple of weeks.

The window goes back up as the camera switches back to ringside.

Valentina vs Michi

Valentina starts things off with a suckerpunch to Michi.  She hits rapid knees to Michi’s face.  However, Michi grabs Val’s leg on the fifth strike attempt and hits a Fisherman’s Suplex.  She only gets a one count, but it allows her time to shake out the cobwebs.  She picks Val up and nails a Vertical Suplex, showing some improvement in her technical skill.  She then gets Val in a Wrist Lock.  She pulls it behind her back and locks on a Choke.  The referee calls for the break.  Val feigns injury as she holds her throat and goes to the corner.  Michi starts in, but the referee orders her back as Val chokes out sounds.  As the referee starts to call for medical to come down, Val lunges forward and claws Michi’s eyes.  Val begins choking her and shouting in Spanish.  Michi is able to knee her in the gut to gain distance.  Michi returns the choke on Val, but Val cannot escape.  The referee tries to be lenient, but also forces the break.  Val gets whipped into the ropes, and as she rebounds, she slides through Michi’s legs, taking her down.  She hits a Lionsault off the ropes.  She gets a two count.  She argues with the referee, which allows Stacy Ruin to come in, attempting to smack Michi with a loaded purse.  However, Michi grabs the purse and swings it right in Stacy’s face.  Val stops arguing once Stacy rolls outside of the ring.  She jumps on the top rope and nails the V-Day (Continuous Whirlybird Head Scissors).  She uses her legs to roll Michi over onto her back for the cover. Valentina wins via pinfall.  She checks on Stacy, who is bleeding from the mouth now.  They glare at Michi, but Val helps Stacy to the rampway where they are met by Angel, and the three Boss Bitches walk to the back.

Veronica Taylor vs Celeste North

The match ultimately starts with Veronica escaping several attempts at strikes from Celeste.  She gets a Hair Pull Takedown on Celeste.  She tries to throw mount slaps, but Celeste rolls her over and begins throwing hard punches.  Veronica is able to escape, and a chase on the outside of the ring ensues.  Veronica slides inside of the ring, but Celeste is able to grab her by her foot and drags her part way back out before Veronica begins kicking Celeste in the face, busting her nose and lip.  Celeste holds onto her face as Veronica slides in, in hopes of Celeste getting counted out.  Celeste doesn’t let a little blood stop her as she slides back inside.  Veronica tries to run again, but Celeste grabs her by the hair and lands several headbutts to Veronica, busting her lip in the process.  Veronica gets mad and begins clawing at Celeste, starting a down and dirty CATFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!  They roll around on top of each other, relentlessly tugging hair, clawing, punching, slapping.  Celeste seems to get the advantage when Delia Darling is seen walking down the rampway with a duffel bag over her shoulder.  Celeste stands up and readies herself to fight Delia.  But before she can get out, Veronica grabs onto the tights of Celeste and secures the pinfall. Veronica Taylor wins via pinfall.  Darling is quick to get inside of the ring as she and Veronica double team Celeste.  Once they have her where they want her, Darling empties the bag, exposing Celeste’s belongings… along with a black hoodie and a lit up Celeste GRIME mask.  Veronica holds her down while Delia places the mask over her face.  Delia gets a microphone.

Darling:  Now everyone can see your true colors, Celeste.  You are, and always have been, a member of GRIME.  From your own duffel bag!  I needn’t any more proof…

The crowd boos, partially at Delia, and partially at the situation.  Celeste tries to shake her head, but Veronica clubs her and humiliates her.

Darling:  I hope vous are watching, Jenifer.  You have been running around town with z’e enemy for long enough.  Stop being in denial about it.  Z’e tru’s shall set you free, darling.  I have stood by long enough.  And if it takes me shoving z’e proof in your face, z’en so be it.  If it takes dumping z’e trash at Underground episode 100, z’en so be it.  Me versus Celeste Nor’s…

Crowd:  *POP!*

“Amazing” by Hi Fashion plays as Delia gets in a few good stomps on Celeste.  Her and Veronica kiss the sides of each other’s face in a friendly, yet pompous way before they walk up the rampway.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Ariana Angelos leaning against the wall and looking at her phone.

Krystal: So, how’d it go?

Ari looks up and sees fellow Go Gym Graduate and the reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe standing across from her, though the Aussie is without her title since it was stolen by Bea Barnhart at the end of her title defence against Maki last week.

Ariana: How’d what go?

Krystal: The date you mentioned on last week’s episode of Underground?

Ari groans before pocketing her phone.

Ariana: Total disaster! The guy from the dating app was a total bore and I could tell from the look on his face that he knew it wasn’t going to work out for us either, luckily it ended amicably.

Krystal: I know it’s a cliché but there’s always more fish in the sea, either that or you’re looking in the wrong locker room.

Ari gives the Australian Bombshell a confused look at first but once she realises what Krystal means she quickly shakes her head.

Ariana: I think I’d know if I was gay by now Krystal! Didn’t Makayla figure out she was a lesbian when she turned eighteen?

Krystal: Just before actually but she didn’t come out until much later, even then it’s a case by case bases.

Ari sighs as she shakes her head.

Ariana: I may have one the Pride Tag Team Titles with a gay guy but that’s the closest I’ll ever get to being gay myself! Besides, if I was gay, I think I would’ve developed a crush on you when you helped me with Veronica Taylor.

Krystal: And I bet the fact that I came out as bi during last year’s Pride Month would’ve had nothing to do with it.

Ariana: Yeah, absolutely nothing.

Sensing the awkward tension between them the two women mutually decide to change the subject.

Ariana: So, you’re ready for Mayhem Survival, right?

Krystal: I’m more ready for my Roulette Title defence at Summer XXXTreme IX and getting the belt back from Bea but I’ll be giving both matches my all, you?

Ariana: Aside from the Roulette Title stuff, I’m in agreement with you! The sooner we can be done with GRIME the better.

Krystal: Definitely, but the Roulette Title Defence will be my priority as we enter the Supercard Period.

Ariana: I don’t blame you, Maki is dangerous, and Bea is sneaky, if you don’t have your attention on that match completely your reign will end on it’s second defence which is better than the first admittedly.

Krystal: Not by much, there’s a reason why I’ve started signing off my promos with the phrase “long may I reign”.

Ariana: You want a Myra Rivers style reign?

Krystal: Nothing that extreme but I want to hold onto the Roulette Title for as long as I can! And I do mean as the rightful champion before you ask.

Ariana: So how do you plan on taking the title back from Bea?

Krystal chuckles before making a fist and holding it up.

Krystal: All I’m saying is that it’ll start with an intimate meeting between Bea’s face and my fist.

The two women continue chatting for a while as the scene fades.

Mrs. Right vs Mercedes Vargas

After sharing a laugh at what happened moments ago with her former Mean Girls cohorts, Mercedes is able to finally settle down enough to get inside of the ring with Mrs Right.  Mercedes dodges Mrs Right’s tie up attempts for all of twenty seconds before finding a way to kick out her left knee.  She then ties up with Mrs Right and goes for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, but Mrs Right counters it into a Bear Hug.  Mercy hits several elbows to the side of Mrs Right’s face, breaking the hold.  Right does not relent as she drops Mercedes with an Atomic Drop.  Both ladies are feeling the effects, but get back to their feet quickly.  Mercedes is able to first lay in a punch, ducking Mrs Right’s punch.  She swings behind, nailing a Crucifix Pin for a two count.  Right reverses it into a cover of her own, hooking the leg for a two count.  Mercy turns it into an Arm Lock, but Mrs Right lifts her up into a Powerbomb.  Mrs Right breathes heavily as she gets to her feet.  She picks Mercedes up and flings her into the ropes.  She comes back to answer with a Hurricanrana cover, earning a two count.  Mrs Right leans up, holding onto Mercedes.  With everything left in her, she is able to nail a Powerbomb, lifting up for a second Powerbomb.  Both ladies are down and the referee starts a count.  Around 6, both ladies start to stir.  Mrs Right is up on her feet first, but Mercy follows close behind.  They trade punches before Mercedes comes off the ropes.  Right is able to lift her up into a Military Press Slam.  As she goes to finish off Mercedes, a gloved hand reaches up from behind and grabs the back of Mrs Right’s leg, holding on tightly.  As she turns around to see who it is, Mercedes strikes quickly, nailing the Black Rose Overdrive (Inverted Death Valley Driver/Burning Hammer) on her. Mercedes Vargas retains the GRIME World Nightmare Championship via pinfall.  The “helping hand”, masked member Rainbow, rises up and points to the title on the timekeeper’s table.  She walks over to it and picks it up, bringing it to the ring.  She slides inside and dares Mercedes to come and get it.  Mercy smirks in a sly manner, motions for the mask to come off, before letting us know that she knows who it is.  They meet face to face before Mercedes jerks the title away.  She turns to raise the belt when Rainbow begins stomping on her.  Azz n Crass, masked Celeste and Orchid come rushing down almost immediately, and they join Rainbow in beating down Mercedes.  Mrs Right comes to, but just watches for a moment before sliding outside of the ring, mentioning to the camera that it seemed like “personal business” before leaving ringside.  As the five ladies continue to beat on Mercedes, Rainbow grabs the title and lifts it up high in the air.  She looks from side to side before pointing to the Supernova sign near the entryway.  She lays the belt back down on Mercedes’ waist and the five ladies move along.

Joshua is seen in a backstage area.

Joshua::  I have held this championship longer that anyone else has held this championship.  Last time I had a match I lost the match but kept the title.  You may say that’s not fair.  You lost the match.  I had to take advantage of my title laying around.  I was just giving Dax a closer look.  Now I am main eventing again.  I am putting my championship on the line again.  My opponent isn’t a person that would be good to have my championship.  Sure he has the in ring work but he is slowed by his injuries and I enjoy taking advantage of people and their weaknesses.  Also never forget I have the champion’s advantage.  Where else would be better to defend my championship then in front of these brave men and women here at Nellis Air Force Base.  It is great to get out in front of other people instead of the same people from the resorts.  Enjoy the show tonight and the first drinks are on me.

Halo Annis vs Morgan Clark

The two immediately show their hatred for one another with a violent tie up that sees Morgan knee Halo in the gut, and Halo hitting two headbutts.  Neither one gives but an inch.  They continue to struggle until Halo is able to twist Morgan’s arm behind her back, shoving her away.  As Morgan turns around, Halo punches her right in the face.  She follows up with another until getting Morgn into the corner.  She kicks Morgan in the stomach a few times before going for a Shoulderbutt.  Morgan grabs Halo and turns her around into the corner, nailing Shoulderbutts instead.  She then marches back and charges with a Spear.  She goes to stomp on Halo, but Halo rolls onto the apron.  As she rises up, Morgan goes for a punch, but Halo grabs her arm and pulls her in.  She twists into the Hung Out To Dry (Tarantula).  She holds onto it until the referee tells her to break.  She lets go, but then moves to the other side of the turnbuckle and twists into another one.  She again keeps it on until the referee forces the break.  Halo holds her hands up in surrender.  Morgan adjusts herself, but Halo goes for a third Hung Out To Dry.  However, Morgan is able to twist so that Halo falls onto the apron.  She then hits a low Dropkick to send Halo to the outside.  She measures Halo up quickly before coming off the opposing ropes with a Suicide Dive.  Both are out until the referee counts to 4, and they start to get up.  Halo is first, surprisingly, and Morgan is half way up when Halo charges with a Superkick, bouncing Morgan’s head off of the ring post.  Halo goes back inside.  Morgan is out cold.  As the referee gets to a count of 3, Cordelia rushes down to ringside.  She tries to help her sister up.  At the count of 6, she begins slapping at Morgan, furiously trying to wake her up.  At 8, she hoists Morgan up and rolls her inside right at 9.  Halo goes to drag Morgan to the center of the ring, but Cordelia pulls on her, bringing her back outside to restart the count.  At 4, Halo gets frustrated and rolls outside.  She and Cordelia start arguing.  A shoving contest starts, and Halo pushes Cordelia to the ground.  This gives Morgan time to come to.  She slowly climbs to the top rope.  Halo is held back by the referee, and she gets her anger somewhat in check.  She forgets that Morgan was outside, and she slides back inside.  She looks around for Morgan until Morgan leaps off with the Heartbreaker (Leaping Busaiku knee from the top rope right into the heart/chest area).  Morgan Clark wins via pinfall.  Morgan and Cordelia celebrate, but not before Cordelia gets a couple good slaps to Halo’s face.  The two sisters exit the ring and celebrate on their way to the back, while Cordelia gives her Uncensored TV Championship some exclamation upon her shoulder.

The scene opens backstage, where we see Rainbow walking with purpose towards Gianni Di Luca’s office.  Once at the office door without knocking she barges in and Gianni looks at her with surprise before excusing himself to the person he is talking to on his cell phone and hangs up.

Gianni: What the fuck!?! Ever heard of knocking.

Gianni shakes his head.

Rainbow: It’s the only way to get through to you… if I knocked I would be still waiting on the other side of the door while you made kissy noises down the phone. Since I have your attention… Omasa. Why did you fire her?

Rainbow queries.  Gianni takes a deep breath before shaking his head.

Gianni: Look, do I really need to justify my decision to ya like this? Bitch was a pain in the ass from the start, her contract was almost up, she was damagin' our chances of takin' over SCU. Simple as that.

Gianni keeps an even tone despite his words.

Rainbow: So she gets away scot free from the deserved ass kicking she needed from me.  That is bullshit. She has screwed me over multiple times and poked her nose in my business far too many times. She wasn’t a pain in your ass but more of a pain in mine.

Rainbow slaps her palms on the table in frustration, as Gianni laughs.

Gianni: Bitch put me in a Tonga Grip, held a gun to my head, threatened my wife, attacked my wife several times, messed with almost all of my talent, and fucked over one of the biggest matches I had booked in a while when she screwed you out of the belt we all knew you were about to win. Even she knew. That's why she attacked the officials and started taking you guys down one by one. So yeah, she was a major pain in my ass. It was either she got fired, or she was gonna fuck up every GRIME member in the Mayhem Survival. Her pink slip was her punishment. I made a judgment call. So sue me…

Gianni shrugs his shoulders as Rainbow lets out a big sign from behind her mask.

Rainbow: Sometimes Veronica deserves it.  But no-one should be threatened with a gun and maybe firing her was the right call but I can’t leave our business unfinished. I need… I want to punish her…

Rainbow gives the desk a little kick… as she vents her frustration but from what Gianni said she could see where he was coming from… no shouldn’t be afraid to go to work and worry about their life.

Gianni: My wife does questionable things. I can admit that. She draws, so she gets away with things. Just like you could. Just like Omasa did, until now.

Gianni takes a deep breath and it's clear he's thinking of something.

Gianni: Who even knows if she would come back? But let's say she does. She did everything in her power to not face you. My opinion is she's scared of you. She can call it whatever she wants. And I know you are part owner of GRIME. Between the two of us, what would you say that I offer her the job once more… under the condition that if she is to come back to GRIME… she's gotta face you at Summer XXXtreme IX. No fight, no deal? I can't promise she will do it, but if she likes fighting in Sin City, she's got no choice…

Rainbow looks at Gianni and takes a moment to think about what he has said and the offer.

Rainbow: Hmmm… I like it. But as you said no fight… no deal… would still leave me frustrated. But how about an incentive that could sway her.  Perhaps of a monetary value.

Rainbow counters before continuing…

Rainbow: I could off the money up.

Rainbow suggests. Gianni thinks the offer over for a second before extending his hand to make the deal official.  He does his infamous laugh as Rainbow accepts, and then he rubs his hands together.  He begins drawing up the paperwork before stopping.

Gianni: Now, if we do this, I need ya to make sure she doesn't last past Summer XXXTreme. I want you and ya goons to punish her, beat the ever lovin' fuck outta her, and make sure she can't never come back. Capiche?

Rainbow nods.

Rainbow: When we are finished with her… she won’t remember her name or where she is.

Gianni’s face twists into a wicked grin as he slowly nods his head, getting as much, if not even more satisfaction out of this than Rainbow herself.  He continues typing away at the computer before the scene fades elsewhere.

Uncensored TV Championship
Main Event
Jack Jeckel vs Joshua Acquin

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Uncensored Television Championship!!! Coming to the ring from Transylvania, Romania, standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 235lb, he is... Jake Jeckel!!!

Smoke and fire cover the stage Raisa emerges from the flames and smokes followed the Jeckels, she leads them to the ring, they walk slowly, Helena slides under the ropes, Jake steps through the ropes and sits in the corner, Jack leans through the ropes, placing his hands on Jack's shoulders, Helena sits by the ropes and rocks back and forth.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand his opponent!  From right here in Las Vegas, NV, standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 227lb, he is your Uncensored Television Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.  As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans.  Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  The champion goes right for it with a Running Elbow, but Jake grabs it and sends Joshua back into the ropes.  As he comes back, he nails a Hip Toss to the champ.

Rob:  Jake lifts Joshua up into a Rolling Suplex.  He twists and goes for another, but Joshua elbows him in the side of the face and drops him with a Crossface!

Ada:  Too soon, as the bigger Jake is able to reach out enough so that Jack is able to pull him over to the ropes for the break.  Joshua lets go and stomps on Jack’s arm.

Rob:  Joshua picks Jake up and sends him to the ropes.  He hits a Spinning Elbow to Jake’s face.  He then goes for a German Suplex, but Jake lands on his feet.

Ada:  He holds on and drops Joshua with a Reverse DDT.  He flips Joshua over on his back and covers him.


Rob:  A shoulder up, and Joshua knows he’s going to have to work hard to put a Jeckel away.  He lifts Jake up and whips him to the ropes.  He goes after Jake.

Ada:  Jake ducks under a Clothesline, and Joshua bounces off of the ropes.  Helena trips him up, then holds her hands up innocently.  Joshua turns around and yells at her.

Rob:  Jake takes advantage of this and nails his own German Suplex.  He tries for the cover, but Joshua rolls back.  He gets Jake with a Punt Kick to the face.

Ada:  I think he just knocked out Jake’s silver tooth.  Helena scrambles to collect it for safekeeping.  Joshua grabs onto Jake’s head and goes for a Piledriver.

Rob:  Despite bleeding from the mouth after losing a tooth, Jake lifts Joshua up and over.  He falls to the floor and Jake goes for a Leg Drop and covers.


Ada:  Second attempt at putting the champ away, and it’s a no go.  Joshua rolls over to the side to get out of the ring, but Raisa pushes him back.

Rob:  This gives Jack enough time to reach Joshua and fling him up onto his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver.  He goes for the cover once more.


Ada:  Still not enough.  And Jake is getting tired now.  You can see it on his face.  Helena lends him her own personal oversized mallet.  He lifts it up and goes to smash Joshua’s head in!

Rob:  But Joshua ducks out of the way.  He is able to secure a Leg Sweep.  He climbs on top of Jake and begins hammering away at his face.  Jake is able to grab hold of the mallet again.

Ada:  He smacks Joshua in the side of the head with the handle.  Joshua grabs onto it and pulls it as he falls away from Jake.  He is seeing stars now.

Rob:  Jake just needs to finish him off at this point and we’ve got a new Uncensored Television Champion…

Ada:  Joshua lifts the mallet up and blindly swings, missing Jake.  He finally comes to and he slams the mallet into Jake’s stomach, doubling him over.

Rob:  Joshua bounces off of the ropes, jumping up to gain momentum, and he smacks the mallet against Jake’s back, dropping him immediately!

Ada:  The crowd goes crazy as Joshua rolls Jake onto his back.  He hooks the leg with force!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL Uncensored Television Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Joshua rises up and collects his championship.  He holds it up in defense as Raisa, Jack, and Helena climb onto the apron.  He warns them off, but they climb inside of the ring anyway.  However, they just check on Jake.  Joshua exits the ring, celebrating on his way to the back.

Tune in on Saturday, July 10th, 2021 for SCU/GRIME Supernova 4!