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House Show 13 June 25th, 2021 results
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SCU House Show 13, June 25th, 2021
Saxon Hotel

Melissa Ruin vs Valentina
Melissa and Valentina start things off with a solid back and forth. However the one on one match wouldn’t last too long as Stacy Ruin would run in and attack her sister Melissa. The ref would call for the bell as Melissa wins by DQ. The ref gets Stacy off of Melissa only for Valentina to get on top of Melissa and attack her instead. ANgel Kash runs down to ringside and gets in the ring. She orders Valentina to get off of Melissa. Valentina looks confused but does as Angel says. The ref thanks Angel for the help only for Angel to laugh as she drops her microphone and jumps on Melissa to attack her as Valentina and Stacy look on laughing at Melissa. The three ladies leave the ring at the sight of Halo as she runs down holding a sledge hammer.

Dax and Eyesnsane vs the Fox Brothers
Dax and Mason would start things off. The two have tag teams make quick and frequent tags to their partners. A fast paced match That would get interrupted as GRIME wrestlers would run down the walkway and slide into the ring attacking all four men.  The referee will declare this match no contest due to the interference. The four men will stand together as they defend themselves which only brings out more GRIME wrestlers to the ring to attack. The rest of OTE would come down to even up the odds. Security rushes to ringside to take control of the situation.

Omasa Tazu vs Kittie
This match never takes place as Omasa would get attacked backstage by Rainbow, Orchid, Celeste, Jade and Azz N Clazz. Kittie, and Filth would join in on the attack until Security can get in the locker room to break it up. Once all the GRIME members are out of the room Security would order them to another section of the building as EMT’s come in to check on Omasa.

Hitamshii vs Jerry Cann
Hitamshi would start this with a lot of Fury as he lets out rapid legal strikes. Jerry would try to turn things around with a side kick but won’t last long as Hitamshii gets back on the offense. GRIME comes out and surrounds the ring. Filth, Javi, and Skag get in the ring. Filth starts pointing at Hitamshii as she gets in his face. After some words he and Filth shake hands. Jerry walks over to see what’s going on. Skag and Javi would attack Jerry causing a DQ win for Jerry Cann. Hitamshii leaves the ring as Skag and Javi give Jerry Cann a beat down. Kittie gets in the ring with a SCU shirt in her hand. Skag drops Jerry with a tombstone. Kittie places the SCu shirt on top of Jerry Cann as a signal that Jerry has been kicked out of GRIME Wrestling.

Skag vs Joshua Acquin
Skag would stay in the ring as Joshua slid in to start their match. This match would only last 90 seconds as Skag would take Joshua TV title and nail Josh with it in the head. Skag would keep hitting Josh in the head forcing the ref to call the bell. Skag would raise his hand but the ref would declare Joshua the winner by DQ after Skag pushed the ref out of the way while swinging the title on Joshua.

Jenifer Lacroix vs Stacy Ruin
Jenifer would win by forfeit as Stacy never showed up to the ring. Reports would later confirm that she had left the arena with Angel Kash and Valentina.

Main Event
Mrs Right vs Merlot Ayano
The two would shake hands at the start of the match. Before they can get started sirens start going off as the Purge message begins to play. GRIME would run down as OTE does the same. A massive brawl kicks off as OTE and Merlot stand their ground for as long as they can but are outnumbered three to one. Little by little, GRIME wrestlers remove OTE from the ring to fight them outside of the ring as GRIME slowly drags the brawl to the back. Other GRIME members keep Merlot in the ring. Filth, Kittie, Helena and Skag surround Merlot in the middle of the ring. The lights go out, a loud explosion is heard from what looks like a flashbang. The lights go back on to see GRIME wrestlers laid out in the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring side by side is the Combat Champion Merlot and her GRIME enemy Omasa Tazu. Omasa is seen with her wooden sword at hand as she in Merlot are in their fighting stance. Lexa’s security team runs down to ringside to get Merlot and Omasa out of the ring as the show goes off the air.
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