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Underground Ep. 95: Into The Void X Pre Show (RESULTS)
« on: May 23, 2021, 05:28:17 PM »

Las Vegas, Nevada - Golden Ring Casino

SCW’s INTO THE VOID 10 has arrived at the Golden Ring Casino! While SCW will be getting all the final touches out of the way, SCU/GRIME brings you the pre-show.

Empty Arena Match(Sort of)
Andrew Borg vs Skag

Andrew would leave the ring when the bell rang. Andrew would jump the barricade, Skag would follow suit. Andrew grabs a chair from the front row and tosses it at Skag. Skag would dodge it then rush Andrew hitting him with a leaping clothesline. Both men hit the chairs in the first 3 rows. Skag would grab a chair and fold it up to whack Andrew in the back. Skag would keep hitting Andrew in his back till Andrew was left motionless. The ref would call for the bell with 12 minutes left to open as Skag wins by TKO in just under 3 minutes.

The Into the Void pre-show cuts backstage to Morgan and Cordelia Clark and neither woman is happy at the moment. Morgan is annoyed for the most part, but Cordelia is outright pissed. Both sit on a velvet couch that happens to be in their locker room and without hesitation, Morgan begins to speak.

Morgan: Cordy and I are here to make a quick statement regarding everything that is going on with Sin City Underground. It may sound ridiculous to everyone else, but to us it makes perfect sense because we’re the ones with the Ivy League education. We are the two most underutilized women on EITHER the SCU or the GRIME roster. What? Is that outrageous? It’s not and I will gladly explain why. Since I’ve come to Sin City Underground in my own right, I’ve been nothing but a glorified enforcer for my sister and I love Cordy to death and everything, but I want my own opportunity to shine too! I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for way too long while you have far less deserving women like ARIANA ANGELOS getting opportunities that they don’t deserve. The way that I’ve been treated here has been absolutely disgusting. But… I’m not the only one that has something to say about this, right Cordy?

 Cordelia narrows her eyes with anger as she begins to express her own thoughts.

Cordelia: Now, you’re all probably thinking ‘you've been the TV Champion for a long time with a bunch of defenses, why are you complaining’? For the last couple of months, all I’ve been doing is putting this SCU TV Championship on the line against any random challenger that this company just wants to throw at me just for the hell of it. Nobody has truly stepped up to try to take this title from me and to make matters worse, let’s take the last two pre-shows into account. Was I defending my title at the last pre-show? No! I was instead in a battle royal to crown an SCU Underground Champion. What about tonight? Am I defending my title? NO! Morgan and I are involved in this stupid SCU versus GRIME nonsense despite the fact that I’ve stated before that I give ZERO FLIPS about the SCU versus GRIME nonsense. I’ve never cared for it. Yet, Morgan and I are wasting our time, treading water, in this match while once again, my SCU Underground Television Championship is treated as an afterthought?

To HELL with that!

Morgan: Cordy… I actually have two viable theories as to why that title of yours is being treated the way it is…

Cordelia:: Do tell!

Morgan: Theory number one is that you’ve been so dominant with that title that there is nobody on the roster that is worthy enough to face you anymore. Their wannabe golden girl Ariana Angelos has all but proven herself to be a failure after being unable to take that title from you THREE TIMES!

Cordelia: I can’t think of ONE person in SCU OR GRIME that is worthy of taking this title from me. At this point, they might as well pluck someone from SCW to face me because anyone from there is more credible than anyone on our roster at this point… even Jessie Salco!

Morgan: That leads me to my second theory… maybe you’ve grown too damn good for that title. Maybe… they think it’s more viable and valuable for you to be featured in a match like this than defending your title.

Cordelia: I think you’re right. Maybe I HAVE become too good for this title! And YOU? You deserve to be known as far more than just my sister! I hate this match that we’re in. Seriously.

Morgan: What about what Gianni said regarding you and GRIME?

Cordelia rolls her eyes.

Cordelia: What? About me being a top star if I was GRIME instead? Pffft! Yeah, why don’t we go out there and fight this stupid match and make a statement about that too, huh?

Morgan: Now we’re talking. He is right though. You DO deserve better than being a TV Champion…

Cordelia: We’ll deal with that later. For now? Let’s just do whatever we gotta do!

Morgan and Cordelia nod toward each other and then stand up from their couch. They depart their locker room determined to really make a statement tonight as the scene ends.

Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Office Room Match
Masked Orchid and Masked Celeste vs. Chanelle Blade and Torielle Jackson

Chanelle and Torielle are already in the office as Masked Orchid and Masked Celeste enter the room. Referee Jade holds a whistle to act as the ring bell. Jade blows her whistle… Chanelle grabs the stapler and throws it as Orchid but Celeste catches it and throws it back. Chanelle ducks as the stapler nails Torielle in the forehead. Chanelle grabs an office chair and places it on the table then pushes it towards Celeste. Celeste gets her hands up to push it back. Orchid gets on the table and jumps off hitting a crossbody on both the Hardcore champs. Celeste jumps on the table and looks on as Orchid gets off the champs and starts stomping on both of them. Celeste gets torielle on her feet. Celeste goes for a kick but Torielle ducks, Celeste kicks Orchid in the head instead.

Torielle grabs Celeste’s feet and knocks them off under her to drop her on the table back first. Torielle gets on the table and jumps, hitting a swanton bomb breaking the table in the process. Chanelle and Orchid get to their feet, Celeste grabs Chanelle and throws her to Daniel’s desk. Orchid runs over to grab Torille to help out Celeste. The ladies get straltered as the office windows break. Mask Orange and Masked White break in, they remove the ropes hanging from the roof as they help Chanelle and Torielle attack Masked Orchid and Masked Celeste. After a 4 on 2 beatdown, Torielle would get a pinfall on Masked Celeste for the victory to retain the titles.

Inside a darkened room four figures pear out of the darkness.

Raisa: It appears our lessons continuously go unheard, tonight we will send a message that not only you will hear loudly, but one you will never forget.

Jack: Dying Breed, you have drawn the ire of GRIME and you have felt the wrath of GRIME for it, tonight our purpose has two reasons.

Jake: Tonight not only do we rid you of GRIME and the evil SCU but we obtain the opportunity to retain the titles we hold dearest, and it doesn’t matter to us who are the Hardcore champions after tonight, you are merely the next to fall.

Helena smiles into the camera.

Helena: SCU you know the hatred I possess for you, you are Evil, and you must be destroyed, tonight I will lead team GRIME to victory, and with that victory come the final entry into the Mayhem survival match.

Helena chuckles.

Helena: Mayhem something I know very well, tonight Cordelia, Morgan Linnea, and Jenifer, Grime will show you no mercy, tonight you will fall at our feet, that is something I guarantee.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Dying Breed vs The Jeckels

The match gets started in the hallways as the two teams attack each other before making it to the ring. The ref orders for the bell to start to make it official. Andrew and Ivan lay the attack on Jake and Jack as the Dying Breed ram them head first from wall to wall. Jack and Jake try to defend themselves but Ivan and Andrew keep the head Ramming going. Jack gets busted open after a hard throw that sends his head through the soda machine. Dying Breed begins a two on one attack on Jake Jeckel, they get him up and nail a double suplex onto the floor.

Jake, bloody and all grabs a chair and nails Ivan in the back. Andrew kicks Jake, dropping the chair in the process. Andrew grabs Jake but Jake nails a hard uppercut to break the grapple. Ivan grabs the chair as he gets to his feet, Ivan gets the chair over his head as he prepares to nail Jack in the face but from just outside the camera shot feet come in the picture and hits the chair that then hits Ivan on his back. The camera zooms out to get the third Jeckel, Helena Jeckel in this match up.

Helena pulls out her GRIME lock and chain as she swings it, hitting Ivan and Andrew in the head with the same swing. Jake and Jack attack Andrew as Helena starts kicking Ivan on the floor. Helena wraps the chain around Ivan’s throat causing him to tap out as Jake and Jack continue to beat down Andrew. The Jeckels win by Submission. After the bell the Jeckel will continue the attack, Rainbow, runs in leading a charge with other GRIME members following her to attack the Dying Breed.

Earlier today flashes on the screen. We see Max arriving at the Golden Ring Casino on this beautiful Vegas afternoon. Max pulls up in his '69 black Mustang. He pulls into the backstage employee parking lot. The camera comes up to the side of the vintage muscle car.

Max: Into The Void X.

Max smirks from behind his Ray-Bans.

Max: Alex Rush.

Max revs the engine. He gives it a bit more gas. Max lifts his foot, and turns the key.

Max: Boombox Ladder match.

Max opens the door, stepping out into the sunshine.

Max: Last year at this very show, I defeated Raab in a bloody battle to win the GRIME Nightmare Championship.

Max grabs his bag from the passenger seat, and swings the door shut.

Max: This year, I get to beat you within an inch of your life with your boombox, and then stuff it up your arse. Fair play. I'll take it. Looking forward to the scrap.

Max gives an approving nod, and heads inside.

Boombox Ladder Match
Alex Rush vs Max Burke

The action kicks off with Alex Rush coming down the rampway with the boombox, doing the Moonwalk to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.  His dance is on point for as long as it was allowed to go on for.  Max Burke rushes down the rampway and immediately goes on the attack.  He has control of the match for the first several minutes.  Alex is able to use the ladders at ringside to his advantage as he clobbers Max with them.  However, Max works past it and regains control.  They wind up inside of the ring, and Alex is laid out with the Nail in the Coffin (Hangman's Driver)!  He sets the ladder up over Alex for added humiliation.  He climbs up the ladder, nearly to the top.  His hands are on the boombox, but Alex tips the ladder over.  Max lands wrong on his left knee and a pop is heard as he seethes, trying to hide the pain.  Alex sets the ladder up and immediately climbs up. Alex Rush wins by obtaining the boombox.  He climbs back down and turns on the music to provide a distraction as Max is quickly put on a stretcher by Dr Smith.

The scene opens backstage at the Into the Void X pre-show where we see Krystal Wolfe talking to Ariana Angelos backstage.

Krystal: You and Jessie Salco vs. the Mean Girls, who would’ve thought she would ever team with a Go Gym Graduate?

Ariana: I know, right? But I needed a partner to take on Veronica and Delia and Carter doesn’t like intergender wrestling whilst you have your Roulette Title Match against Violet and Royal Purple.

Krystal: Yeah, I would’ve turned down the offer if they had asked me, want to conserve my energy for my title match and all.

Jessie: That’s usually a good idea.

The duo looks up and see Jessie walking up to them in her wrestling gear.

Jessie: Ari, you ready for tonight?

Jessie asks and the younger wrestler nods.

Ariana: Totally, and whilst you don’t have the best reputation among Go Gym Grads I will admit, I always enjoyed your work in the ring.

Jessie: At least someone does, what about you Krys? Ready for the Roulette Title Match?

Krystal: Ready as I’ll ever be, I’ve been on a roll since the Supercard Cycle started and I’m determined to cap it off with winning the title.

Jessie: Good to know, though I’ve been in enough Roulette Matches over the years to know that the wheel can be a bitch.

Krystal: And I’ve watched enough Roulette Rules matches to agree with you on that! But considering this is my first Roulette Rules Match I’m ready for anything.

Ariana: Jessie, wasn’t your first Roulette Title Win in your first Roulette Title Match?

Jessie: Close, I earned my spot in that match at New Year Rising and unlike Krystal, I earned it in a Roulette Rules Match.

Jessie responds before chucking to herself.

Jessie: Which ended up being a Hardcore Bra and Panties Match but that’s beside the point, where’s Carter anyway?

HBCarter: My ears are burning!

Almost on cue HB Carter jumps into view with the SCU Combat Championship around his waist.

HBCarter: Now Jessie, I know this your first time teaming with my little Ari but I do have some ground rules for teaming with my bestie for the first time.

All three women: Ground rules?!

HBCarter: Is there an echo in here?

Carter wonders before shaking his head and getting out a literal list.

HBCarter: No funny business, if I see one ruffled piece of clothing on my little Ari then you can never team with her again! I expect her home no later than the start of Into the Void X, you had better treat her right or you’ll be sorry.

At this point Krystal peeks at the list.

Krystal: Treat Ari like a princess, don’t let her cook anything, she has my phone number in case you break down, Carter did you get your instructions for Ari’s new partners mixed up with Ari’s first boy/girlfriend?

Carter reads through the list again.

HBCarter: Huh, so I did!

Carter realizes before getting another list out which Krystal skims through.

Krystal: Isn’t this just the instructions the refs give out before every tag team match?

HBCarter: Well, yes, but I did add a couple of others down at the bottom.

Krystal goes down to the bottom of the list.

Krystal: Don’t make Ari cry and win the match, failure to do means you get to be guest food taster on Recipe 4 Disaster for a month.

Jessie: How bad can that be?

Krystal: As the regular food taster, trust me, it gets bad!

At this point they are approached by Dev.

Dev: Jessie, Ari, your tag team match against the Mean Girls is up next, can I get some words from you?

Jessie and Ari step forward whilst Krystal and Carter give them some space.

Jessie: It’s the same old song and dance with the Mean Girls, only this time Veronica and Delia are so past it that they had to latch onto GRIME to stay relevant and if that’s not the biggest piece of irony in SCW history then I’ll eat a four course meal cooked by Ari!

Ariana: Really?!

Ariana seems genuinely excited by this and Jessie decides not to answer whilst Carter and Krystal are rapidly mouthing “no” behind their backs.

Jessie: In fact, can they even be called “Mean Girls” anymore? If anything, they are less “Mean Girls” and more “Grumpy Grandmas”!

Ariana: I am definitely stealing that for when I next face Veronica!

Krystal: Ditto!

Jessie: Feel free, it’s not like I’m on SCU regularly enough to face off against them anyway!

Jessie points out before continuing.

Jessie: Seriously though, my history with the Mean Girls is almost as old as SCW itself and tonight is yet another chapter in that story! I just happen to be bringing along a prodigy for the ride!

Jessie motions to Ari who continues.

Ariana: You know what’s worse than Veronica Taylor in SCW? Veronica Taylor in SCU because she’s fucking the GM! Why else do you think she still gets title shots? Well tonight me and Jessie…….

Ari pauses.

Ariana: Do we have a team name?

Jessie: Do we need one? This is going to be a one off thing! But I guess Angelic Thunder works.

Ariana: Guess not but that does have a nice ring too it, anyway, tonight me and Jessie are going to beat the Botox out of Veronica and Delia because Fortune Favours the Bold.

Jessie: And the Blood Lightning will strike true when we pick up the win!

Dev walks off as the scene fades.

Ariana Angelos and Jessie Salco vs. Veronica Taylor and Delia Darling

Despite the past affiliation, Veronica and Delia seem less thrilled to team together than one would have imagined.  Ari and Veronica take up the first half of the match, with Veronica sneaking out of sticky situations as Ari showed off her growing technical prowess along with a few high flying moves that are classic Ari.  However, Veronica sneaks a spray of Veronica’s Secret perfume in Ari’s face and tags in Darling.  Delia uses her experience over Ari to gain control for most of the time spent fighting.  Ari tags in Jessie, and both ladies battle it out equally at first.  Jessie gains an advantage with her rough and tumble attitude.  Delia gets a few spots, but Jessie dominates until Veronica attempts to sneak a tag, and another spritz of Veronica’s Secret.  However, Jessie uses Darling as a shield, and with the distraction, Jessie finishes off Veronica with the Wall of Death for the win  Jessie tosses Delia and Veronica out like trash, and then lets Ari know that this is how it’s done.

There is a knock on the door of Gianni’s office.  He yells, “come in”.  There is a pause, and after two more times of yelling he gets up and opens the door and sees a monitor as it comes to life, he sees the following….

Eric Weaver gets out of his car and goes to the trunk to get his bag.  We see him lift the trunk blocking the view of him for a moment.  As Eric closes the trunk, we can see someone behind him dressed in all black and wearing a jigsaw mask standing just behind him.

……  This is just the beginning.

Eric quickly turns around but is stunned with a taser.  The masked person then grabs him and slams his face into the trunk of the car until there is a dent in the trunk.  Eric tries to hold himself up but the masked person is relentless.  The person in the mask kicks Eric with a low blow and grabs him and hits a powerbomb into the trunk of the car and watches Eric slump to the pavement in the parking lot as he is out.

The scream goes black for a moment and just as Gianni is about to say something, the screen comes to life again…

Inside of one of the restrooms we see, Jacob Johnson come out of a stall.  He walks over to a nearby sink to wash his hands and looks down at the faucet.  As he does another stall opens and we see a person dressed in all black, only this person is wearing a Jon Dough mask….

….. There will be no refuge.

As Jacob looks up, the person grabs the back of his head and slams his face into the mirror.  As Jacob staggers while reaching for his face as blood pours from his forehead.  The masked person produces brass knuckles and places them over a gloved right hand.  The masked person cocks back their fist and as Jacob turns, the masked person hits Jacob with the brass knuckle shot and Jacob immediately falls out of sight to the floor and we see the masked person continue to throw blow after blow until the screen goes dark.

Gianni has an angry look on his face as the screen clicks to life once again and he sees inside the GRIME locker room as his masked and unmasked wrestlers are looking at a monitor as well, the room is silent and as the camera moves around in the locker room to see the screen they are watching, Gianni sees himself on the monitor they are looking at.  Gianni jumps and turns around, but sees nobody and as he looks back at the monitor.  Gianni sees Jerry Cann in the hallway near the refreshments table.

Jerry seems to be looking for a snack so intently he does not see the person in all black wearing a jigsaw mask to his left…..

….. It was all fun and games, until the game really began.

Jerry turns and sees the person in the jigsaw mask and laughs a bit..

Jerry: Wait what?  It’s kind early for halloween a…

His next word is cut off as the person in all black and wearing a Jon Dough mask begins shocking him with a cattle prod.  Jerry’s body locks and his eyes get big as he falls to the ground.  The two masked people begin kicking and stomping him before picking him up and double chokeslaming him through the table.  The person in the Jon Dough mask picks the cattle prod back up and begins shocking Jerry again, as the screen fades to black on the monitor Gianni is watching.

Get Me by Twista hits the PA system as Eyesnsane comes walking out of the back and down to the ring.  He’s wearing black boots, snow camo pants and no shirt.  He has a microphone in one hand and nung chucks in the other.  He walks up the steps and gets into the ring.  Looking around while pacing he finally stops in the center of the ring.

Eyesnsane: They said I’ve been in the business long enough to understand this ain’t personal.  Let me tell you what I understand.  I understand that this week is the wrong damn week to be Carter.  See pissed off is an understatement and while I have no belief that GRIME is going to let me wrestle I am not going to waste my time here.  Carter, it may not be right, but I’m going to beat you like a mule down on the farm.  I don’t really care about rules, I’m just going to make a point.  That point is this, Eyesnsane will out fight everyone in this building.  That’s it, that’s all!

He lowers the microphone for a moment and looks around.

Eyesnsane: I don’t care who you are or where you are, if you are GRIME or not, and I get my hands on you, you are going to regret the day you walked in this building.  Gianni you and your band of cowards are going to pay what you owe plain and simple.  I am going to do this thing on terms you all can understand.  We do what we want, when we want and how we want.  Mark my words, Gianni I’m going to break all of your toys one way or another.  Wrestlers, referees, doctors, security.  I could care less.  I got the message loud and clear over these past few weeks.  Tonight is only the first reply, so as this goes on and on and on.  All you masked whoever they are and your unmasked idiots are going to get my reply.  You all may have started this war.  I’m just going to be the one to fight it longer and further than any of you are prepared to go.  We are stopping title matches, cool you got it.  We are ending careers and putting people in hospitals, bet!  I can fight with the best of them so DQ me now.  I’m not here to pin anybody.  I’ll let go of a hold when I feel the other person’s body go limp.  GRIME any and all of you, you have my full attention whether you want it or not and you have no one to blame but yourselves.  No apologies, no surrender, and there will be no mercy.  Gianni, keep your friends close, keep your loved ones guarded, I am your enemy.

Eyesnsane throws down the microphone and climbs out of the ring as Get me by Twista plays again….

Valentina vs Omasa Tazu

Omasa is declared the winner by forfeit when Valentina doesn’t show up to the match.  Omasa demands a challenge via Google Translate into the microphone, but Gianni comes out and informs her that she better be careful what she wishes for.  That there is someone backstage who has been dying to get their hands on her.  Masked member Rainbow comes up behind him and then steps to the forefront.  She walks menacingly down toward the ring.  She gets inside, and Omasa does a half smirk at her.  She types into Google Translate that Omasa no fight trash.  Rainbow reaches for her mask to take it off, but Omasa grabs her wrist and pulls her forward, speaking with a thick Japanese accent as she says “Trash!” very loudly.  She shoves Rainbow to the side and exits the ring.  Gianni tells her that she will be punished if she doesn’t compete in this match, but she keeps walking.  Rainbow has words with Gianni as we go elsewhere.

In the backstage area, we see Valentina being checked out by the medical team.  A member of the medical staff walks over to Dr Weaver and hands her a piece of paper.  Dr Weaver rolls her eyes and hands the paper over to Valentina.  She grins from ear to ear and shrugs her shoulders.

Valentina:  Well, I guess I was wrong.  That cough though…

Val then gives off a fake cough for dramatic effect.  She starts to stand up from her chair when there is a commotion heard outside of the medical tent.  This makes Val move more quickly to the curtains, opening them to see Angel Kash shouting at SCU Backstage Reporter, Dev Khatri.

Angel:  No you may not see her because she’s being inspected by a doctor for a possible COVID exposure!  God, do any of you peasants understand the seriousness of this pandemic?!

Dev:  I was just hoping to get word on her condition.  To have missed a match like that, some of us are worried.

Val exits the room and plants a kiss on Dev that nearly knocks him back twenty feet before succumbing to it quickly.  Val then pushes him back.  He begins wiping at his lips and looking around for the nearest sanitizing station.  Val then holds the paper up.

Valentina:  Awww, don’t act like I didn’t just make your whole year, Dev.

Dev:  Yeah, no… Yes, definitely yes.  But with the pandemic and you missing your match, I was worried.

Valentina:  As if I wasn’t more than enough to make up for two weeks of COVID.  Honey, half those in attendance tonight would give their lives for that.

Angel:  More like every straight man in Sin City, honey.  I think you need to go wipe off those lips.

Val nods her head and walks to the sanitizing station to do just that.  Angel glares at Dev.

Angel:  Look, Devie.  There’s a simple truth about Boss Bitches.  We don’t call ourselves the bosses because we think it’s like cute or something.  We call ourselves bosses because we’re just that.  We do as we please, when we please.  The rules don’t apply to us.  We have an arrangement with GRIME to be left alone.  Hell, one of their biggest badasses on their roster is on my payroll and has been for a long time.  So what makes you think that we’re going to just like bow down to Lexa’s request to fight those insignificant cretins?

Dev:  Um, because that’s what you get paid to do?

Angel brushes her hair from out of her face as she glares at Dev.

Angel:  Don’t make me smack you.  No, Valentina came here to jump through all the hoops because she wanted to get paid for tonight and not have to fight that, that… thing… Like I said, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and you don’t take that seriously enough.  Omasa could have COVID for all we know.  It’s a safety measure for those that are beneath us.

Dev:  Fair enough, I guess.  But it also seems like a copout, and possibly racist.

Angel:  Race is nothing.  It’s all about public safety, and it’s all about making a point.  We don’t work for SCU.  We work for the Sin City Network.  And as your champion, I have to set an example.  Why do you think I haven’t been showing up to house shows?  I would wipe the floor with anyone.  There’s no doubt about that.  And I’m here tonight to remind everyone of that when I beat Suck-leste North and Icky Bitchy Michi later tonight.

Dev:  Are you sure that you’re not just here because you know your title match will go on regardless of whether you show or not?

Angel glares at Dev and winds her arm up to slap him.  However, Valentina stops her and walks around in front of Angel.

Valentina:  It’s not like those two bitches are worth either of our time, and it’s not like we owe you and explanation of literally anything.  But we have a fighting champion right here, and you better show her, and me, some fucking respect, chico.  Yeah, Lexa had to try to shove her weight around like it means something.  Guess what?  I’m still getting paid.  Angel is still getting paid, and it doesn’t take a witch bitch to look into the future to see that she’s walking out of Into the Void X as the SCU Underground Champion.  It’s a matter of time, not opinion.  Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to get touch ups for our selfie game on the way to the ring. Byyyyyyeeeeeeee…

Val and Angel walk off before blowing bitchy kisses at the camera.

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Re: Underground Ep. 95: Into The Void X Pre Show (RESULTS)
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2021, 05:29:54 PM »

Backstage, SCW Hall of Famer and the current and reigning SCU World Nightmare Champion Mercedes Vargas is already suited up ahead of her match tonight. Tellingly, there's a promotional poster of Into the Void X set upon an easel just behind her.

Mercedes: Today's the day, tonight's the night. Before I walk out of Into the Void your new and two-time, two-time Queen for a Day winner, I have to defend the World Nightmare Championship in the preshow against someone I've met and beaten before: the first-ever champion, Angel of Filth. Now, she may not remember this, but two years ago during the SCU overseas tour, Delia Darling, Winter Elemental, Tatsu Ikeda and myself wiped the floor with Filth, Angel Kash, Chanelle Martinez, and Melissa Ruin in my hometown of Buenos Aires and the last Underground show before Into the Void VIII. Now, Angel realized two things that night: that teaming with Nobility was a bad idea and that her chances beating AGIFT was only a pipe dream.

A shrug follows as she adds a rueful smile.

Mercedes: Angel, you're a former SCU Underground Champion. You also made history when you declared yourself the first World Nightmare Champion and you will be champion again, you're too good not to be. Tonight, Angel, you have the opportunity to accomplish something no woman has done before, and that's becoming the first two-time World Nightmare Champion in history. Unfortunately, for you, Angel, you're going to fail, just like Omasa did recently and Helena Jeckel before her. Just like in that tag match two years ago, you're going to realize the difference between fantasy and reality. The reality is you're getting your ass beat; the fantasy is you had any choice in the matter.

Mercedes slowly raises her sunglasses over her head.

Mercedes: You may be my next challenge, but you won't be my last. Don't let these looks fool you, don't let my age fool you. I'm more than just someone who have appeared in her share of matches. I'm a decorated champion and a veteran of the sport. I've been at this for over a decade, and I'm pretty damn good at it. But you don't have to take my word for it.

Mercedes pauses, taking the time to glance at her championship draped over her shoulder then glances back at the camera.

Mercedes: ¿Crees que puedes detenerme?
You think you can stop me?

Mercedes opens her arms wide in challenge.

Mercedes: Demuéstrenmelo.
Prove me wrong.

GRIME Nightmare Championship
Angel Of Filth vs Mercedes Vargas

This is a match that did not stay in the ring for very long.  Filth and Mercedes don’t rely much on wrestling, but more on presenting a hardcore match in all of it’s glory.  The ring steps, the barricade, steel chairs, broomsticks, a sledgehammer, and even a fish tank, come into play.  However, Mercedes’ experience outshines Filth’s through the bit of wrestling that is actually done.  Mercedes takes several big bumps, but Filth finds herself the victim of a face through the fish tank as the match pours into the halls, and even an elevator, of the Golden Ring Resort.  Filth uses her experience in alternative spaces to eventually gain an advantage, and a quite clear one at that.  Mercedes nearly takes the fall on numerous occasions.  However, Mercedes is not against the help that comes in the form of Omasa.  She stands back and lets Omasa take Filth down with several, several chops with her wooden sword.  Mercedes takes the win by pinfall when Omasa seems to be finished with Filth.  However, once the bell is rung and Mercedes is declared the winner, Omasa begins chopping away at Mercedes.  Mercedes is only narrowly saved, and able to compete later in the night, when Rainbow comes around the corner.  She nearly turns this into a match in and of itself as she holds up against Omasa’s wooden sword.  She even manages to counter one blow, and disarms Omasa.  Omasa refers to her as trash, and the two go at it until Rainbow has Omasa by the throat and ready to send her through a window.  However, the elevator opens up and security rushes to separate the two.  Rainbow asks Omasa who the trash is now, and repeats it in Japanese for Omasa to fully understand.  The fight is de-escalated and we go elsewhere.


We see Angel of Filth limping down the hallway, with a smile on her face that betrays the words that just came out of her mouth.  She walks down the wing that houses most of the GRIME stars.  She sees Ruby standing by, minding her own business.  She passes Jacob Johnson, who is bandaged up and heading out of the arena from the attack earlier.  She even passes Marissa Henry, who has a microphone ready.

Marissa:  A few words?

Filth stops and crinkles her nose, but not in a cute way.  She hocks a loogie and spits it just left of Marissa’s shoe, showing off traces of blood in it.

Filth:  You want a few words?  Should I say it louder?  THHHHHAT FUUUUUUCKING BIIIIIITCH!!!  Better?

Marissa:  It was a well fought match with Mercedes Vargas.

Filth:  Right up until Omasa Tazu stuck her porcelain nose in business that doesn’t concern her, what?  Out of jealousy?  To be a bitch?  Or because she has a hardon for destroying GRIME from within?

Marissa:  Clearly this isn’t going to stand.  But know that you came within inches of bringing the title back where it belongs, within GRIME.

Filth:  I don’t give a shit about the title.  I care more about making Mercedes eat her words that I’m not up to snuff for her liking.  But, I care most about making sure that I’m doing damage control.  Hitamashii fucked up when he brought that sniveling little whore into our circle.  He vouched for her.  And now he’s taken up open rebellion with her.  I thought it was cute.  I enjoyed the show.  But it’s gotten to a point where it affects me.  I could be standing here with a win under my new GRIME World Nightmare Championship belt, boasting to the world about how I beat the infallible Mercedes Vargas.  But Omasa couldn’t just let go.  She had to hold onto vengeance from last year’s Mayhem Survival.  What we did to Dying Breed, more specifically Ivan and Andrew, is just a taste of what’s to come now, you fucking cunt… You wanted war, now it’s on like Hiroshima, bitch!

Filth spits once more before leaving Marissa.  Marissa looks at the bloody mucus dripping down the wall just inches from her right cheek and she wretches a little before walking off.  However, the camera sees Angel of Filth standing outside of a door where she is talking to someone.  It would be a complete mystery if it wasn’t for the sound of a rat squeaking.  Skag takes one step out of the doorway and looks over to the camera watching them.

Skag:  Hallo und auf wiedersehen…

He throws his violin bow at the camera with strange accuracy and it shuts the camera off, forcing the ringside view to come into play.

Michi vs Celeste North vs Angel Kash

The match starts off with Angel Kash not even present at ringside.  Despite this, the match starts off strong with Michi and Celeste trading blows.  Angel eventually makes her way into the mix by actually showing up.  She tries to use her money to buy off Celeste and Michi, but they put aside their differences and knock Angel out of the equation, working together as a team.  But, once Angel is down and out in the corner, both ladies return to fighting.  Their pure skill in brawling gives us a match with artful holds such as a Bow and Arrow on Michi, and a Body Scissors on Celeste.  Michi gains the advantage after the Body Scissors and moves to a ground and pound technique.  She holds the advantage, and several pin attempts, but cannot put Celeste down.  However, Celeste hits the Homicidal (Punch combo followed by a Bulldog).  But with a distraction from Valentina, Angel Kash is able to slide in and take the cover while Valentina holds onto Celeste to stop her from breaking it up.  Boss Bitches Angel Kash and Valentina don’t stick around long enough to celebrate.  Instead, they move out of the ring before Celeste can go on the attack.  However, Angel backs into Cordelia, and the Underground and Uncensored TV Champions stare each other down.  Cordelia clinks her belt against Angel’s while Morgan Clark sneaks up and bounces Val’s head off of the steel edging of the Sin City Tron.  Cordelia lays Angel out with the Uncensored TV Championship.  Morgan and Cordelia then move backstage, waving at Boss Bitches as they go.

A moment or two passes before the pre-recorded video comes to life. The gentle hum of a central air conditioner permeates the airwaves. The camera begins to focus in on an open gymnasium that’s filled with black mats. Seated in the center of one of the mats is Merlot Ayano. Her attire is a bit different on this day. She’s sporting a Spider-Gwen style No-Gi rashguard with matching spats. Merlot also has her hair tied into a small pony-tail.

Merlot Ayano: How doing?

There’s a short rhetorical pause before Merlot continues on.

Merlot Ayano: Face brand new challenge at Into the Void X. Is not just new challenger, but is also new match type. Will face Melissa Ruin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match. May sound complicated, but really boils down to grappling bout. No striking. No shenanigans. Only sheer technical ability and submission acclimate. Some may scoff at style of match, but is one that Merlot can appreciate. Hai.

She nods her head. 

Merlot Ayano: One of most enjoyable parts of being Sin City Underground Combat Champion is fact that Merlot gets chance to train and experience different styles. Merlot wrestle for long time now; know very much. But being Combat Champion has given Merlot chance to learn so much more. Has given Merlot chance to grow even stronger. Is something Merlot always appreciates, truly.

There’s a small pause.

Merlot Ayano: Melissa? Merlot understand that you are motivated for this bout. Have waited long time to fight Merlot. People and many events have gotten into way. But time has finally come. And can sense that will give it your all. Merlot appreciate that. Appreciate it very much—

Another pause.

Merlot Ayano: However, Melissa need to understand what will happen once bell ring. Is reason why SCU market as best Combat Champion in history. Is not a stroke of luck. Is no fluke. The nice and friendly Merlot will fade away. All that will remain is determined champion who is hell-bent on making you submit. Melissa will be giving her all to win, but so will Merlot. Because as long as fakes and frauds are in possession of SCU Championship, is up to Merlot to be at helm. Therefore, will fight with all of might.

 Merlot nods her head.

Merlot Ayano: Melissa will learn what many before have learned. Will see that the Merlot in championship match is a completely different being. Usually scares people. Puts fear in hearts. But hopefully it fires Melissa up. Will see.

The camera lingers on that shot of Merlot for a moment before the camera fades out.

Steel Cage Match
Halo Annis vs Stacy Ruin

The fans are excited to get this match going.  Stacy holds nothing back as she works her way into banging Halo’s head off of the cage wall.  Eventually, Halo gets her wherewithal back and turns the tables.  She bounces Stacy’s head off like it takes no effort.

Gena:  Stacy is just so full of hatred, but Halo is fueled by pure competition.

Chad:  You can’t argue that there’s something personal in there too, after Stacy’s attitude started affecting Halo.

And it does become evident as both ladies trade back and forth, blow after blow, punch after punch, and kick after kick.  Stacy shows that she’s been training for the Combat Division more lately, but Halo’s experience drowns her out.

Chad:  Halo gains the advantage and begins climbing the wall of the cage.  Smart after what happened to Veronica Taylor, heh…

Gena:  Or stupid, because halfway up the wall, Stacy gets to her feet and begins climbing too.

Both ladies jockey for position as Stacy gets nearer to Halo, faster than expected.  Elbow jabs, punches, knees, kicks are all present as the ladies reach the top of the cage.  They continue this as Stacy straddles the wall first.  They trade back and forth still.

Gena:  At this point, it is literally anybody’s game.  Stacy seems to want it more, but Halo wants it bad enough to give her everything she’s got.

Chad:  It’s just sad to say that Stacy’s fury is starting to get the better of her.  Halo sneaks in a kick to the side of the head that hits just right.  She pulls herself up onto the top of the cage.

As she does this, Stacy grabs onto her ankle.  She is able to start to lean back up, but Halo hits the Black 13 (Claymore Kick) to Stacy, and she falls back inside of the ring!  Halo climbs down and touches the floor to win.  She doesn’t celebrate, but instead walks to the back.  Medical checks on Stacy, even as she fights it off.

The camera finds Earl, Dahlia, and Sarah going through final preparation for their match.

Sarah: Oh, hello we didn’t see you there.

Earl: Hollywood, Kelly the last time we shared a ring those GRIME bastards decided to stick their noses where it didn’t belong and ruined what was a great tag team match.

Dahlia: Exactly, tonight we get a chance to finish what we started our tag team match with. You know us, we’ve held the Pride Tag team championships multiple times and more times than anyone else.

Earl: Don’t get us wrong though we are no way looking past you, we know a good you both are, and you know the same about us, tonight we fight for the Pride tag team titles and all we ask of you is to give is the fight we know you can and win or lose we leave everything in the ring, Good luck tonight.

We switch elsewhere in the hallway to see Queen of Apathy walking down the hallway for the start of her match.  She is met by Marissa Henry, with a microphone at the ready.  Marissa walks with Queen toward the curtains.

Marissa:  Queen of Apathy.  I was hoping to speak with you, for a while now, actually.  But I was wondering if you might be able to tell us about your thoughts on this match?

Apathy:  Meh…

Marissa:  Meh?  You have the chance to win the Number 30 spot for SCU in the Mayhem Survival.  You have to be at least a little more…

Apathy:  In case you forgot, I suffered a brain injury a few years back.  My ability to feel anything emotional literally doesn’t exist.  Hence my name, and hence the “Meh”.

Marissa nods.

Marissa:  I know, but from a strategic viewpoint, this could be huge for GRIME Wrestling, the company you work for.  Does that mean anything to you at all?

Apathy tilts her head back, thinking.  She then looks back at Marissa with a slight shoulder raise.

Apathy:  Meh…

“Tear you Apart” by She Wants Revenge plays over the speakers in the background as Apathy parts the curtains to walk out.

Linnea Lacroix, Jenifer Lacroix, Morgan Clark, and Cordelia Clark vs. Queen of Apathy, Helena Jeckel, Masked Jade, and Ruby

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:  Helena insists on starting as Linnea steps up for Team SCU.  Helene shows her crazy as she immediately goes on the attack.  She holds back no punches, literally.

Gena:  That shrieking… But after about seven wild punches, Linnea hits a well placed punch to put some distance between them.

Chad:  She grabs hold of Helena and whips her into the ropes, hitting her with a Jumping Knee.  Helena falls back into the ropes as Linnea jumps up.

Ada:  But Helena dumps her to the outside of the ring.  She looks straight across the ring at Morgan, Cordelia, and Jenifer.

Helena:  I’m turning the page! Who’s next?!


Rob:  Bravery is not rewarded by the fans.  Filth’s favorite warrior makes a challenge, and Jenifer goes to answer.  However, Linnea gets inside of the ring and puts Helena down with a Bulldog!

Gena:  Linnea nods and tags Jenifer in.  Jenifer goes to tackle a rising Helena, but Helena moves out of the way and tags in Queen of Apathy…

Apathy:  Meh…

Chad:  She gets inside as Jenifer gets a wicked smirk on her face.  She speaks French to Apathy, who shrugs.

Ada:  Jenifer goes to punch her, but she blocks it and hits a Headbutt that makes Jenifer stumble back.  She goes for a Clothesline, but Jenifer locks on the Kimura Lock!

Rob:  Come on, Apathy!  GRIME is counting on you!  Ruby flips off Apathy, while Helena and Jade get inside of the ring.  Linnea, Morgan, and Cordelia enter and begin brawling with Jade and Helena as Apathy taps out!

Darlyn:  Queen of Apathy has been eliminated!!!

Gena:  YES!  SCU has the upper hand!  Jenifer spins Helena around and hits a Spinning Kick right to her face, nearly knocking her mask off!

Chad:  Helena grabs Jenifer’s leg as she goes for another kick, and spins her around.  Jenifer lands a Spinning Heel Kick and Helena gets to her corner to tag out.  But the only one there is Ruby, who shakes her head.

Ada:  I thought she liked inflicting pain.  I guess she’s like everyone else here, and she hates GRIME.  Jenifer is able to lock on the Kimura Lock once more, but Jade kicks Jenifer in the back of the head.

Rob:  She sends Jenifer flying into the nearest corner, where Morgan sneaks the tag.  She and Helena brawl until Morgan is able to dodge a punch, and she takes Helena down with an Arm Drag.

Gena:  She keeps hold for an Arm Lock.  She wrenches the arm back and forth until Jade makes the save once more.  However, Linnea Clothesline’s Jade outside of the ring and follows after.

Chad:  As they go at it, Helena is able to use the distraction, and a handful of tights, to roll Morgan up into a pin!


Liam:  Morgan Clark has been eliminated!

Ada:  Cordelia is about to step in, but Linnea is faster.  She gets inside and immediately goes after Helena with a fury of stomps.  Ruby just sits there and laughs.

Ruby:  You’re a bunch of losers!

Rob:  And you’re playing a big part in that, Ruby!  God!  Helena trips Linnea across the middle rope.  As she goes for a Leg Guillotine, Cordelia comes around the corner and hits the Heartbreaker ( A spinning double knee right into the chest/heart)! Linnea falls back, having taken some of the attack as well, and they’re covering each other!

One! One!
Two! Two!
Three! Three!

Liam:  Linnea LaCroix has been eliminated!

Darlyn:  Helena Jeckel has been eliminated!

Gena:  The score is still even.  Cordelia is about to get inside, but Jenifer slips past her to go after Jade.  Cordelia stomps her foot and screams angrily.

Chad:  She gets inside anyway, and the two begin hammering away at Jade.  Jade fights back, kicking both ladies to gain a certain amount of distance, but she falls victim to the Busaiku Knee kick that takes her down.

Ada:  Jade doesn’t stop fighting as she punches out the back of Jenifer’s kneecap, and the two begin brawling.  Cordelia points to her chest and screams out once more.

Cordelia:  I’M IN THIS MATCH, TOO!!!

Rob:  Ruby laughs once again, and this only draws Cordelia over to her.  She grabs onto Ruby’s hair and drags her into the ring, stomping away at her, and oddly drawing a loud cheer.

Ada:  Jade winds up on top of Jenifer, throwing hard punches and busting open Jenifer’s lip.  Jenifer spits it at Jade, which makes her go for an illegal choke!

Chad:  The referee goes to break it up, and Jade stands up and kicks Dylan right between the legs and then shoves him to the ground.  Um… not the best idea…

Darlyn:  Due to a disqualification, masked member Jade has been eliminated!

Gena:  Ha!  It just goes to show that no one in GRIME can fight fair or at least within the rules.  Jenifer takes a second to recover as Cordelia continues to mercilessly stomp on Ruby, screaming at her.

Rob:  Jenifer gets up and pushes Cordelia out of the way as she yanks Ruby up to her feet.  Cordelia then shoves Jenifer out of the way.  The two start shoving, and the referee tries to lead Cordelia back to her corner, but Ruby pops her in the back of the head.

Gena:  She then brings Jenifer’s head down right into her knee, busting open Jenifer’s nose now!  Jenifer is angry, and she puts Ruby into the Kimura Lock!  Ruby tries to escape it, and only does when Cordelia reaches inside and drags her to the ropes.

Chad:  She’s pissed!  She slaps Jenifer across the face as a tag, and steps inside, pulling Ruby to her feet.  She charges at the corner and hits a Springboard Bulldog!  She is about to go for the cover, but Jenifer clubs her across the back as a tag.

Ada:  Jenifer flings Cordelia off of Ruby and as Ruby starts to rise, Jenifer goes for a Superwoman Punch!  She drops down for the cover!


Rob:  Cordelia kicks Jenifer in the backside to break it up! Jenifer gets up and gets into Cordelia’s face.  Both women argue with one another as Ruby starts to rise.  She finds herself victim to the Heartbreaker.

Gena:  Trouble in paradise as Jenifer goes for a Superkick to Cordelia off of the apron, but Cordelia ducks and pulls the ropes down.  Jenifer goes tumbling.  Cordelia gets inside and lifts Ruby onto the top rope.  She hits a Diamond Cutter off of the top!

Rob:  But she’s not finished.  She lifts her up once more and hits another Heartbreaker.  She goes for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Ruby has been eliminated!  Therefore, your winners, earning Spot 30 in the Mayhem Survival at Supernova 4… Team SCU!!!

There is more arguing between Jenifer and Cordelia.  Cordelia uses her TV Championship to rub in Jenifer’s face, asking if she’s ever felt the weight of gold on her shoulder.  Jenifer asks if people attack her to remove her from title matches because they perceive her as a real threat.  Both ladies are about to come to blows when Celeste North and Morgan Clark come out to break it up.  Eventually it works and everyone slowly works their way to the back.

Main Event
Pride Tag Team Championship
The Three-Way vs. Mz Hollywood and Kelli Torres

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Mixed Tag Team Match for the Pride Tag Team Championship!!! First, from Edmonton, Alberta, they represent Team Canada, Earl Lockyer and Dahlia Rotten… The Threeeeeeeeeee Wayyyyyyyyy!!!

Earl and Dahlia step on the stage, Earl Kneels on the stage as Dahlia paces back and forth behind him, they walk to the ring Earl leaps from the floor to the ring apron, Dahlia slides under the ropes, Dahlia leans through the ropes with a smirk on her face as Earl leans over the ropes.

While “Yo Tengo El Don” by La Liga Ft. Alik starts to play, the crowd goes crazy.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring…  She is the only wrestler to come from China, Japan, Australia and Puerto Rico!!! Standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 125lb…

The songs kicks into full gear.

Darlyn:  She is… Kelli Torres!!!!!  Aaaaaaaand her partner… From Hollywood, CA, standing at  5’11” and weighing in at 165lb, she is… Mz. Holly Wood!!!

The curtains open up as Kelli Torres comes out jumping to the beat. 4 others all dressed in trainer outfits come out behind her.  Holly Wood then comes out from behind the curtains in her pink silhouette box.  She bursts through and walks up next to Kelli. The fans chant yes as Holly, Kelli, and her trainers walk down the ramp. Kelli and Holly are high fiving everyone they can on the way down to ringside. Holly jumps onto the apron and practically dances across the apron. Kelli slides in the ring and goes to her corner with her trainers standing outside the ring.  She jumps down to join Holly as they converse.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Kelli and Dahlia start the match off.  They meet in the middle of the ring with a handshake.  They back up and begin circling.

Chad:  Dahlia goes for a tie up, but Kelli knows better and she ducks behind, hitting a couple well placed kicks to Dahlia’s back.

Gena:  As Dahlia kneels down, Kelli comes off the ropes with a kick to the face.  She hits a few stomps and then picks Dahlia up from the mat.

Chad:  She flings Dahlia into the ropes.  She goes for a Dropkick on the rebound, but Dahlia halts and swats her away like a fly.

Gena:  Dahlia picks Kelli up and hits a Scoop Slam.  She goes for a standing Body Splash, but Kelli rolls out of the way. She gets to her feet first and rams a knee to the side of Dahlia’s head.

Chad:  Dahlia goes down.  Kelli is about to go for the cover, but Dahlia punches her in the gut.  She gets up and hits a few knees to the gut before doing a Short Arm Clothesline.

Gena:  Kelli kips up and the crowd roars.  The two ladies look at each other, giving a nod of respect.  Another tie up attempt, and Kelli ducks again.

Chad:  Kelli hits a Superkick to Dahlia as she turns around.  Kelli drops down for the cover.


Chad:  Earl breaks it up quickly so Holly doesn’t have a chance to stop him.  Earl helps Dahlia up to her feet, and gives Holly a look.  The two nod, and Kelli agrees.  Double tag!

Gena:  Earl and Holly rush toward one another as they begin brawling.  Holly takes a few good licks, and she does it like a champ.

Chad:  Brawling is not her forte, and it shows as Earl gains the advantage, backing Holly into a free corner.  He then lays boot to Holly, one after the other.

Gena:  Holly goes down to the ground as Earl stands there, victorious in the battle.  However, Holly buries her face in Earl’s crotch, causing him to back up so she can rise.

Chad:  Holly does a Leg Sweep that takes Earl down to the ground.  She then goes for a Lionsault, but Earl moves.  Holly lands on her feet, but falls to a Big Boot anyway!

Gena:  With Holly down, Earl picks her up, setting her up for the E.L 91 ( Michinoku Driver 2), but Holly wraps her legs around his neck and gyrates!

Crowd:  HAHAHAHA!!!

Chad:  Earl let’s go, and Holly swings into a Leg Scissors Takedown.  She is about to go for a kneeling cover when Earl rolls her back into a cover of his own, in a precarious position…


Gena:  Kelli makes the save because Holly got wrapped up in the moment!  Holly rolls back, and Dahlia enters the ring, and she and Kelli begin brawling.  They make their way out of the ring.

Chad:  They do so as Holly lifts Earl up, only for him to lift her into the E.L. 91 and he lands it! He goes for the cover as Kelli turns to slide back inside the ring!


Gena:  Dahlia has hold of Kelli’s leg, and she shakes violently to break free, but…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and NEW Pride Tag Team Champions… Earl Lockyer and Dahlia Rotten… The Three Way!!!

Kelli drops to her knees, having come so close.  Earl steps off of Holly and he and Sarah help Dahlia into the ring faster to accept the titles from the referee.  Their arms get raised as Kelli checks on Holly.  Holly’s lips read “I’m sorry.” repeatedly as Kelli reassures her it’s okay.  They walk over to the Three Way and shake their hands before parting to let them celebrate.  The crowd rains down cheers on them for a while as they walk around to raise their belts.  After a moment, they leave the ringside area as the lights go down for the start of Into The Void X.