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Underground Ep. 94 (Results)
« on: May 09, 2021, 06:25:54 PM »

Sin City Underground Ep 94 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 40% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Golden Ring Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, May 8th, 2021.

The show opens up with Veronica Taylor standing in front of the desk of Gianni Di Luca.  She is staring into the camera with her piercing blue eyes, and her face is all business.  Gianni steps out from behind the desk and stands next to Veronica.

Gianni:  We stand here before ya tonight to ask that justice be served. Last week, Veronica Taylor won her match against Ariana Angelos to be named Number One Contender to the Uncensored TV Championship, set to face Cordelia Clark tonight.

Veronica places a hand on her husband’s arm and gives him a look.  He nods his head.  Veronica steps forward and she reaches around and slaps the cameraman across the face as is evident by the loud echo within the office walls.

Veronica:  Don’t you dare do to me what you did to Kittie last night.  The uggo was fired on a non-televised show for defending herself.  Like, who doesn’t want justice?  If one of those disgusting fans threw their germ infested soda bottle at me, they would have gotten worse.

The cameraman steps back a few paces, and Veronica stays put in her spot, leaned against Gianni’s desk.

Veronica:  A cage match is all about escaping, and sometimes pinning or your opponent submitting to you.  The play by play even called me the winner because there was several seconds between my feet hitting the ground and Ugly-ana’s.  A blind man could see that.  And I am not Veronica Taylor-Di Luca by name, but by right.  I’m way more powerful than you average basic, and it has been seen over and over again.  Yet, certain people in power want to pretend I’m not.  They like to treat me like some idiot who doesn’t understand that nothing is off limits when it comes to winning.  And I will Spear a referee to the ground to win a match if I have to, and I did!

Veronica spits this at the camera with venom.

Veronica:  And because no one wants to lose to the most beautiful woman in the world, they all make excuses about honor or whatever.  They like to change the rules on me to make it more difficult.  Don’t you see that I’m the most powerful woman on either roster?!  I’m Veronica Freaking Taylor-Di Luca!!! And I demand my spot in the Uncensored Television Championship match tonight!  Make it official!

Veronica taps her foot impatiently as WGN Head of Standards and Practices comes from out of the shot to stand on Veronica’s left side.

Tad:  Hello, everyone watching on WGN, and on the Sin City Network.  I am Tad Ezra, WGN’s Head of Standards and Practices.  Most of you know me, but for those who don’t know or remember me, I am a representative of WGN, and this is where a lot of the money from SCU and GRIME comes from.  And by that authority, I am making it official that Veronica Taylor will be competing for the Uncensored Television Championship tonight…

Veronica smirks and waves goodbye to Ariana.

Tad: … along with Ariana Angelos. Thanks you.

Veronica:  What?!?

The camera fades as Veronica tries to argue with Tad, and Gianni trying to calm her down.

Eyesnsane vs Andrew Garcia

Eyesnsane and Andrew go at it with fierce displays of strength. Exchanging a variety of Suplexes. Andrew gains the advantage after a Swinging DDT. He is able to get a Piledriver and a two count off of it. He maintains the advantage for about two minutes, delivering a Release German Suplex into the corner. However, as Andrew attempts to get a cover, Eyesnsane is able to get the Tap or Snap (Crippler Crossface) on Andrew. Andrew holds on for a while, but taps. Eyesnsane wins via submission. Much to the surprise of Eyesnsane, GRIME does not make themselves known. He looks around and waits before getting too comfortable celebrating. Shortly after he starts, the cameras see the rest of OTE and Dying Breed brawling with GRIME. He and Andrew Rush back to help.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Ariana Angelos standing by with a frown on her face, Krystal Wolfe is sitting at a nearby table playing on her Nintendo Switch.

Ariana: So, because Veronica didn’t pay attention at the start of last week’s cage match, she’s being added to MY title match?! What sense does that………

Krystal: God damn it! Softlocked again!

Ariana glances over at her friend and the Australian Bombshell glances up at her follow Go Gym Graduate.

Krystal: Something I said?

Ariana: You interrupted my muttering about how bullshit this situation is!

Krystal: Gotcha!

Krystal returns to her Switch but pauses.

Krystal: Since when did you swear?!

Ariana: Only when something is upsetting me and Veronica complaining her way into my title match is definitely upsetting me!

Krystal: You want me to take her out of the match?

Ariana: What?!

Krystal: I don’t have any love loss for No Class Vero either so have no problem breaking her leg ahead of the match!

Ariana: Appreciate the offer but no, you’ve got your own title match coming up and I don’t want you to get in trouble, speaking off titles, have you seen Carter?

Krystal: Haven’t seen him all night, I think he’s training for his next title defence, whenever that is.

Ariana: Which will probably be at Into the Void, either on the pre-show or Main Show.

Krystal: He’ll do fine, he’s a Go Gym Graduate after all.

Ariana: True, and hopefully I’ll win the title tonight even with Veronica’s involvement.

Krystal: Hopefully!

The two women continue to chat as the scene fades.

Andrew Borg and Tim Staggs vs Ruby and Max Burke

Andrew Borg and Max Burke put on a true classic to start. However, Ruby makes her presence felt with a stomp fest on Andrew. Tim comes in to take Ruby to the outside. He and Ruby go back and forth, with Tim fighting defensively. He watches until the distraction of Max is enough and tags in from Andrew. Tim finds himself overwhelmed by Max until he is able to get a couple solid gut punches and a Roundhouse Kick. However, Max tags Ruby in. Tim refuses to strike her, instead insisting she get back in the kitchen where she belongs. This causes her to go on a rampage. Eventually with Max distracting the referee, Ruby cracks Debbi the whip over his head and she gets the cover as Max holds Andrew back. Max Burke and Ruby win via pinfall. Max and Ruby celebrate on their way to the back.

The scene cuts in on Cordelia Clark who is on the verge of just losing it at this point. The SCU Underground Television Champion finds herself incredibly annoyed at tonight’s events and as soon as the camera comes on her, she is not wasting any time whatsoever.

Cordelia: Once again, I am defending my championship and that is something that I never have a problem with. The problem that I have is that it’s going to be against Ariana Angelos. AGAIN! Why does SCU want her to be the TV Champion so damn bad? I know that sounds like some sort of conspiracy theory I am putting out there, but that girl has gotten so many chances, it’s unreal. I’ve beaten her multiple times and she’s getting yet another shot? I don’t understand what anyone sees in her and I hate to belabor the point, but Ariana is always going to be that social reject. She will never, ever be able to obtain the pedigree that I have: in this business or in this life and quite frankly, I think Ariana needs to go work for a video game store making minimum wage because people like her and people that look like her, deserve to be a retail slave for their entire, sorry existence. I’m not going to run from the challenge, but I will say this. After tonight, after I defeat her AGAIN, if Ariana Angelos gets ONE more chance while I am the television champion then…

Cordelia is suddenly cut off by the sudden appearance of Morgan Clark, her older sister. Morgan seems like she’s a little bit out of breath, indicating that she wanted to get to Cordelia as soon as possible.

Cordelia: Are you okay, Morgan? This isn’t exactly the right time.

Morgan: I know, I’m sorry. But, I’ve got to let you know something… about your match…

Cordelia becomes confused while Morgan catches her breath.

Morgan: They changed it…

Cordelia: I’m sorry?

Morgan: It’s not going to be you and Ariana anymore.

Cordelia: Good, because she shouldn’t be handed so many shots anyway.

Morgan: I never said she wasn’t getting the shot though. She still is.

Cordelia becomes even more confused.

Cordelia: what’s the change to the match then?

Morgan: They added Veronica to it…

This revelation causes Cordelia’s eyes to widen with anger. As tempted as she is to scream and shout, Cordelia clenches her fists, showing an incredible restraint.

Cordelia: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Morgan: Keep your cool, Cordy. You don’t want to erupt into a tantrum that our good for nothing dead cousin would stoop to.

Cordelia: Oh it’s tempting to scream and yell and rant and rave… but I’m better than that, Morgan. It’s bad enough that there’s already ONE woman that I can’t seem to shake in Ariana. Now I’ve got to deal with someone that is associated with the vapid vixens of atrocity? Angel, Valentina, Veronica and all of those people? I am SO sick and tired of them too! It’s disgusting. When in the world am I going to face someone new? This whole reign, I swear, I’ve been facing the same people over and over and over again and I’m really getting bored and frustrated. I face Ariana seven times, then Veronica another six, then Krystal another three, then Mother Mavis another five. It’s ridiculous! I’m trying really hard to keep my composure right now, you have no idea.

Morgan: Hey, think of it this way. The fact that they think it’s going to take TWO people to dethrone you is pretty rich.

Cordelia: Never mind the fact that I’ve defended my title in a four way match before.

Cordelia rolls her eyes.

Cordelia: But I see your point. This isn’t the first curveball they’ve thrown at me.

Morgan: Yeah… it’s not. Remember when they made you win the TV title all over again?

Cordelia: It’s been smooth sailing ever since.

Cordelia calms down, knowing she’s been through this before.

Cordelia: I’m going to overcome the odds again. They keep throwing nonsense after nonsense at me, but I’m always the one pulling through in the end. As annoying as it is, I’m going to have to continue to make examples out of these people.

Morgan: You’re going to keep hitting those curveballs out of the park, sis!

Cordelia nods and sighs, showing her annoyance, but overall, she’s not letting this curveball bother too much as the scene fades out.

Linnea Lacroix vs Queen of Apathy

Apathy lives true to her name as she gives us a pure display of technical wrestling, dodging a Clothesline and nailing a Falling Neckbreaker.  She lifts Linnea up into a Fisherman’s Suplex for a one count.  She goes for a Brainbuster, but Linnea gets out of it, only for Apathy to deliver a kick to the gut and a Piledriver.  She gets a two count.  However, Linnea is able to gain the advantage with a well timed DDT, followed by a hard Spear into the corner.  Her emotion drives her into several punches and kicks.  Apathy tries to power out of it, but she earns the Bourbon Street Blues (Future Shock DDT) as a reward. Linnea Lacroix wins via pinfall.  She doesn’t have time to celebrate as she finds masked members flocking the scene.  Jenifer and Alyssa and Celeste North quickly come to her aid, and the others back off quickly.  This leaves room for Angel of Filth to put a bat to the back of Celeste’s head, knocking her out.  She escapes unharmed as Jenifer, Alyssa, and Linnea go on the chase while medical checks on Celeste.

SCU TV Championship
Ariana Angelos vs Veronica Taylor vs Cordelia Clark

Veronica weaseled her way into the match earlier in the show, and Cordelia and Ariana are none too happy about this.  They take turns battering Veronica until Ariana misses a punch and nails Cordelia with it.  Cordelia returns fire and whips Ari into the ropes.  Cordy catches her with a knee and whips her back with a Hairpull Toss.  She can’t secure the pin.  She picks Ari up, only for Ari to unleash several punches on her.  She whips Cordy into the corner and brings her down with a Monkey Flip.  She tries for a cover, but gets a one count.  The two go back and forth with various technical moves with their own flair.  After Ari nails a Superkick followed by her Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press), she gets a two count before Veronica gets back in the ring and hits her Beauty Improvement Pass (Curb Stomp) on Ari.  She goes for the cover on Ari, but Cordelia surprises everyone by getting up and hitting her Heartbreaker (Spinning double knee right into the chest/heart). Cordelia Clark wins via pinfall.  She takes her title to the back, sauntering along as she taunts the fans.

Gemma: Been a while since I’ve done this, so anyway I’m Gemma Frost and I am here with Earl, Dahlia and Sarah, the Three Way, fans have seen you constantly battling those GRIME posers, my question is how has it affected you personally and professionally.

Sarah: You know that answer to that Gemma you’ve been in our inner circle for a while now, you know how the constant battle with Angel of Filth and GRIME has affected us.

Gemma: Yeah I do so let me ask you, how does it feel to see another married couple thrive in SCU.

Dahlia: It’s great to see, you know how long we were the only married couple in this company.

Gemma: Yes I do. So what do you have to say to your opponents Esther and Andrey.

Earl: Andrey, Esther, is great to see another married couple here in SCU, and it’s great to you break free from Angel and her band of merry idiots, and it will be great to stand across the ring from another married couple and to great competitors.

Dahlia: But that doesn’t mean we don’t intend to give you a great match and beat you here tonight, we’re a team that battles with honor, and recently both of you have as well and we respect that.

Earl: Andrey, Esther we have so much in common we both married couples and we each other strengths and weaknesses as couples, but one thing we do is when the bell ring is wrestle at an elite level, tonight I have no doubt we’ll tear the house down, and give every fan a match they’ll be talking about years from now, and whomever wins tonight will have proven to be the better team, and if after you show you want to join us for a drink, first round is on me.

Dahlia: See you out there.

Gemma: Awesome, but to you guys at ringside.

Merlot Ayano vs Masked Celeste

Merlot and Masked Celeste start off with a solid back and forth battle of submission skill.  Merlot gets control with a wristlock, but Masked Celeste turns it around with a Hammerlock.  Both ladies break away and Masked Celeste nails a Five Point Jab, Kung Fu style.  This brings out the pure Joshi in Merlot as she fights back with jabs to the stomach.  The ladies trade advantage in strong, artistic kicks.  Each competitor brings their own style, and gives the fans a true Combat Division style match, despite the wrestling rules.  Masked Celeste gains the control with an evasion spin of a punching strike, and nails a well placed chop to the back of Merlot.  She capitalizes with several stomps, breaking the cycle.  She pulls Merlot up, ready to put her away when Merlot hits her Eternal Burning (High Velocity Roundhouse). Merlot Ayano wins via TKO.  Merlot doesn’t wait around for any outside interference as she exits the ring.  She watches carefully despite giving the fans one salute by raising her Combat Championship high in the air.

Joshua walks around and looks at the camera.

Joshua::  Another week and I am still your champion.  Normally I would have this week off, but the powers that be put me into a match this week again.  I had to take another look at the card because I thought for sure it said Stags.  But upon closer inspection no it says Skag.

Joshua pauses for a moment.

Joshua::  Let me talk to you in your native tongue Skag, forgive me it has been a while since I have spoken German.  Skag diese Woche gehen wir für meine Meisterschaft. Glaube nicht, dass ich es dir leicht machen werde. Ich werde es genießen, dich zu schlagen, da ich alle anderen habe, mit denen ich seit dem Gewinn dieser Meisterschaft konfrontiert bin. Ich hoffe, Hector benimmt sich, denn wenn er es nicht tut, werde ich sicherstellen, dass er nicht wieder mit Ihnen zum Ring kommt. Also viel Glück an diesem Wochenende, du wirst es brauchen.

Joshua laughs as he walks off.

The Three Way vs Andrey and Esther

The fans clamour to see a true, unadulterated Pride Tag Team Match between The Three Way and The Azarovs.  It is no surprise that as soon as the bell rings, several members of GRIME make their way to ringside and surround the ring.  Both teams look outside as SCU stars file out, nearly the entire roster.  The brawling takes no time to kick off, but Earl and Andrey decide to give the fans what they want, and they take it up a notch to maintain focus inside of the ring.  They meet in the middle of the ring for a Test of Strength, and this goes on for nearly a minute, both men gaining and losing the advantage.  It ends when Andrey gets Earl down to the ground for a one count.  Andrey celebrates, but Earl takes advantage of the rookie mistake and gains and maintains the advantage with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, followed by several reversals turns into various suplexes.  Andrey is forced to tag out to Esther, and Earl tags in Dahlia.  Esther throws several kicks and punches, and they start to wear on Dahlia after a moment.  However, Dahlia is able to catch one leg and falls back into a Release Suplex.  Esther lands in the corner, upside down.  Before she can crumble, Dahlia hits a Hip Strike to Esther’s midsection.  Queen of Apathy attempts to get inside, but Andrey is quick to lift her up and dump her back outside.  Javi tries to attack Andrey from behind, but Earl nails a Big Boot that sends him back outside.  Both men watch guard as Dahlia is able to secure the pin on Esther. The Three Way win via pinfall on Esther  Andrey and Earl join the fray outside as Dahlia gets Esther to come back in order to join the brawl.

Halo: Me and Angel Kash…

She pauses to consider things before nodding slowly.

Halo: Seen this movie before, ain’t we?  We know how this song goes. She’ll laugh, call me some permutation of uggo and beneath her. Act like it's a foregone conclusion that I can’t measure up to her and that she’ll just waltz out with the victory and the championship…

Halo nods while waving her hand dismissively.

Halo: She’ll laugh at the very idea that I can compete, probably tell me I don’t drive to be here and that she’s insulted they’re not just handing her the belt and letting her take her rightful place at the top.

Pausing, Halo almost laughs to herself.

Halo: I can hear it right now, “Yes, good to hear you’ve come to your senses and agree, now go away poor pathetic little uggo and leave things to your betters.”

Turning her head, Halo nods while waving everyone else away in mock derision.

Halo: To… my… betters…

Nodding slightly, Halo’s eyes flash as she sucks in a deep breath.

Halo: That’s the kind of stuff she told me the last time we had to fight and you know what happened?

Turning to face the camera again, Halo glares harshly.

Halo: I walked through your damn stable and then I walked through you too! You have never been better than me, Angel Baby! You weren’t then and you damn sure ain’t now!  All you and your little friend Valentina ever proved was you knew how to steal somebody else’s husband, wreck that person’s home and buy your way to championships whether it was by using others to do your dirty work or buying off the right people until it fell into your fuckin’ lap!

Her hand raises up quickly.   

Halo: Don’t tell me you ain’t done that shit, I know all about Steele Matthews and Tori Carter and her little girl!  God knows we all watched the bullshit Veronica and your little buddy Valentina pulled and even though this ain’t about them and it ain’t about G.R.I.M.E., I ain’t about to just walk out there lay down and let you waltz off with that belt so you can lie out your ass and tell the world you won it all by your lonesome! Fuck that noise, I’m comin’ to this match to make that damn belt mean something again! I’m comin’ to this match to make that championship stand for more than just who could write the biggest check this week!  I’m comin’ to either make that championship mean I’m the best in the fuckin’ world or put you through so much fuckin’ hell to get there that you actually had to earn something fr the first time in your entire life because i will be damned if I let that championship get shit on more than it already has been! This is Kash or carry, you either cash in or you get carried out and I know I can win that jackpot! I’ve fuckin’ done it before! So you take all that bullshit you always spew, take all that money you always throw around at problems and you ram it all right back up your ass until you leave a damn trail everywhere you go because ain’t none of it gonna help you now! I’m comin’ for that championship, Angel, and I’m gonna beat your fuckin’ ass all over creation to get there if I have to!

GRIME Uncensored TV Championship
Skag vs Joshua Acquin

The match starts off inside of the ring, but quickly spills to the outside.  Acquin and Skag take turns with chair shots.  Skag takes the advantage when he is able to crack the chair over Acquin’s head, which was against the barricade at the time.  He goes for the announcer’s table, but Acquin escapes that, only to fall into the steps with Skag’s help.  Skag picks the stairs up, and is ready to sandwich Acquin with them when Acquin Dropkicks the stairs into Skag.  As Skag goes down, Acquin jumps off the ring apron with a Double Foot Stomp onto the stairs.  He twists his ankle in doing so, and rolls to the ground.  Both men are down as Acquin nurses his ankle.  Skag is able to rise and he throws the stairs at Acquin.  Acquin moves away just in time, crawling under the ring.  As Skag lifts the apron, he finds himself tazed by Acquin.  He falls back, and Acquin goes for the cover, not releasing the taser despite shaking from the electrical current himself. Joshua Acquin wins via pinfall.  When the bell rings, medical team members come out to check on both men.  Acquin demands his right to stand up in victory, while Skag stays on the ground, but claps for Acquin.

The cameras find Angel of Filth standing outside of GM Gianni Di Luca’s office.  His hand is seen giving her over a piece of paper.  Marissa appears with a smirk on her face as she shakes hands with Angel of Filth.  Filth looks at the microphone in Marissa’s hand.

Filth:  Back to your day job, I see?

Marissa:  A little less discretion is now required, but yes.  You requested me specifically for tonight.

Filth:  I did.  Because you seem to be the only one intelligent enough to understand what I need to say.  So maybe you can spell it out for the idiots of Sin City.

Marissa:  Go ahead.

Filth hands the piece of paper that Gianni gave her seconds ago.  Marissa reads it and looks at Filth with a bit of confusion on her face.

Filth:  Turn it around to show the camera.

As instructed, Marissa turns it around to reveal Angel of Filth’s contract for GRIME Wrestling.  Filth steps closer to the camera and assists in holding the paper up straight.

Marissa:  It’s your contract, and it appears that your contract is good for another ten mon…

Filth:  The date of expiration is not what you need to focus on, because I will continue to fight for GRIME as long as it takes, and I will be the mother of Filth for even longer.  What you should pay attention to is the name at the top of the contract.

Marissa:  Angel of Filth?

Filth turns to look at Marissa and shakes her head.

Filth:  You’re not as smart as I give you credit for.  But still, one of the greatest minds in Sin City.  Maybe you’re looking too deeply into this.  The name at the top of the contract is “G.R.I.M.E. Wrestling”. The company I fight for.

Marissa:  Yes.  This isn’t really a secret.  You’re the commander of GRIME Wrestling.

Filth:  Not Sin City Underground?

Marissa smirks and nods her head.

Filth:  Is Lexa Pellegrini my GM?

Marissa:  No.

Filth:  She doesn’t make my matches.  Gianni Di Luca does.  I can fight Jenifer Lacroix anytime I want.  And I will give her that first loss.  But not at Into the Void.  Into the Void, I’m making an executive order that I will face off against Mercedes Vargas to end this farce of a reign that Omasa Tazu gave to her with arrogance.  I’ll go out there and defeat a former SCW Champion like Mercedes demands.  I’ll bring her that fight.

The crowd gives an odd cheer for Angel of Filth.

Filth:  Into the Void, I’m bringing back what is mine, what I’ve let others borrow.  It will come back home.

Filth takes her contract back and hands it over to Gianni in the doorway, and Gianni smirks and winks at the camera.  Filth then walks off, and Gianni shakes hands with Marissa as we go elsewhere.

Main Event
Underground Championship
Halo Annis vs Angel Kash

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Angel Kash defends her Underground Championship against Halo Annis tonight, and both ladies are carefully surveying one another.

Gena: It’s not the first time they’ve fought. Angel charges first, but Halo grabs onto the back of her head and flings her over the top rope. She lands on the outside, and Angel rushes around the ring to the other side.

Chad: Angel gets up and carefully waits for her opportunity to get back inside of the ring. She stops Halo’s celebration by grabbing the back of her head and slamming her down to the mat.

Gena: Angel dusts her hands off.  She then goes to pick Halo up, but Halo trips her up with a Drop Toe Hold. Halo climbs on top Lou Thesz style, hammering away with punch after punch to Angel. The crowd is going wild for this brawl fest.

Chad: Halo pulls Angel up from the mat and flings her into the corner. She goes to follow through with a knee strike, but Angel moves out of the way.

Gena: Halo collides with the ring post, and Angel is right there to smash her face into the corner. She then rolls Halo up into a pin.


Chad: Halo gets a shoulder up. Both ladies scramble back to their feet. Angel bounces off of the rope, jumping up and looking for a Hurricanrana, but Halo reverses it into a Powerbomb!

Gena: Halo tries to hook the legs, but Angel rolls out of it. She bounces off of the ropes, but Halo trips her up again.  As Angel starts to get up, Halo catches her with a punt kick to the jaw!

Crowd: Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!

Chad: There’s no coming back from a kick that harsh. Angel rolls over to the ropes as Halo walks off the effects of her own hard kick.. Halo then grabs Angel’s ankle and pulls her to the center of the ring, wrenching an Ankle Lock.

Gena: Angel tries to get to the ropes, but out of desperation, she rolls over, taking Halo down to the mat as she gets up to her feet. She then grabs Halo’s legs and rolls through into a Bridging Pin!


Chad: Halo gets a shoulder up at the last possible second. Angel tries for another pin, but Halo pushes her off. Angel gets to her feet just seconds before Halo.

Gena: As Halo stands up, steadying herself on the ropes, she pushes off, charging at her with a Running Shoulderblock.  She nails it, and Angel feels the effects as she holds onto her collarbone.

Chad:  Halo sizes up Angel, who is nearly in tears from the hit.  Halo’s anger is in control, and she wants to see Angel suffer.  She lays in a few good stomps as Angel cries out, trying to turn away.

Gena:  Halo rips Angel up, but Angel pushes Halo out of the way as Valentina rushes in, smacking Angel in the face with the Underground Championship.  She drops the belt and sneers at Halo.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  As a result of a disqualification, here is your winner and STILL Underground Champion… Angel Kash!!!


Valentina and Halo quickly come to blows as Angel’s crying act ends.  She picks up her belt and smacks Halo across the back of the head with it.  Her and Valentina quickly go to stomping Halo until she is out.  She then steps back and makes Halo look her right in the face, despite being knocked out.

Angel:  You should have listened the last time I told you to leave this business to your betters.  I was never going to lose to the likes of you, and I never will!  I am the Queen of Sin City Wrestling, and this belt proves that.  My loyalties prove that.  And I will stop at nothing to keep it that way.  Val, honey, get this peasant out of my face…

Angel waves her hand and Val dumps Halo over the top rope.  Linnea Lacroix comes inside of the ring and nails the Bourbon Street Blues (Future Shock DDT) on Angel Kash, glaring down at her.  Val comes for the attack, but Linnea is ready and she dumps her to the outside of the ring, right next to Halo.  Linnea dares Val to come back inside, and she does, but only leaning in enough to drag Angel and the title to the outside to help Angel to the back.  The crowd cheers as Linnea checks on Halo, and we end on this note.