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Welcome back Amy Santino.
« on: May 07, 2021, 07:01:47 PM »
Caffe Bottega
Las Vegas, NV.

The scene opens in the outside dining area of Caffe Bottega on the strip, where we see only a few people outside as they chat away discussing various things, we also see Amy Santino sitting at one of the tables with two coffees and pastries in front of her, while beside her in a highchair sits Amy and Joey’s 11th month old baby daughter – Beckett - as she has a bit of toast in her hand as she chews on it.  Amy checks her cell phone for the time, as Jessie appears from around the corner and joins Amy on the other side of the table.

Jessie: Hey…

Jessie smiles and she gives a little wave to Beckett who gives her the biggest beaming toast filled smile at her.

Amy: She likes you.

Amy smirks as she wipes some toast from Beckett’s chin.

Jessie: Thanks for meeting me… it’s been a while since we’ve done this.

Jessie says as she takes her coffee and the pasty and takes a sip.

Amy: No problem.  Joey had to work so I had to bring Beckett.  But also gives you a chance to properly meet her.

Amy says with a warm smile before continuing on…

Amy: say hello to auntie Jessie…

Amy does an awkward backwards wave, which Beckett copies back as she look at her hand. Jessie smiles and waves back.

Jessie: How old is she now?

Jessie queries.

Amy: Eleven months.  I can’t believe she is almost one.  Time flies.

Amy shakes her head.

Jessie: Indeed it does. Speaking of time and months. When are you coming back into the ring?

Jessie queries as she nibbles on the pasty, while Amy takes in the coffee and her bit of pastry.

Amy: Watch this space.  I am happy to make an odd appearance, but I got to think about Beckett as well as get my businesses sorted and covid safe.

Amy shrugs as she gives Beckett some more toast before leaning over to grab a bottle of juice from the changing bag beside her and places it front of Beckett.

Jessie: You can’t stay away too long.  No matter how many one-off appearances you make. The urge to get back in the ring will be always great.

Amy hesitates for a moment.

Amy: Maybe but as I said baby and businesses first… but let not focus on if and when but focus on Team Hero now.

Amy shrugs.

Jessie: Relax… we have this in the bag. And I 100% you that you will give it your all regardless of how much training you have had. I guess preparation has been tough.

Jessie queries.

Amy: If Joey is around I can train as hard as possible, if it’s just me and Beckett… I train when she is asleep unless she has a bad night.

Amy says as she looks over to Beckett and wipes some crumbs from her coat.

Jessie: Well let hope she has a good night in that case.

Amy: Joey will be back Saturday, so if she does stir he will get up and let me have some sleep.

Amy explains as she finishes up her coffee and pasty.

Jessie: Look depending on what time Joey is back.. do you want to train with me and we can talk tactics?

Jessie suggested.

Amy: Sure. Sounds like a plan.

Jessie: Great. See you Saturday.

Amy nods as Jessie stands to her feet and shovels the last piece of her pasty into her mouth and washes it down with her coffee.

Amy: Thanks for this. Gets me out of the house and adult company.

Jessie chuckles

Jessie: No problem.

Amy stands as she moves to Beckett and pulls her up and out of the highchair and places her into the buggy.

Amy: See you soon Jess.

Jessie smiles and gives a wave to Beckett who gives her a smile as she then walks off leaving Amy with Beckett.  The scene soon fades out with Amy picking her up the diaper bag and placing it on the back of the pushchair before leaving the café and making her way home.


The scene opens inside the back yard of Amy and Joey’s home in Santa Rosa, California, where we see a four-sided ring set up in the corner of the large back yard. Inside the ring we see Amy as she runs the ropes going back and forth on all four sides several times before dropping down and doing 10 push up and then she moves to the corner and works on the heavy bag in the corner. After several punches and kicks, Amy backs away and then moves to the ropes, where she grabs her water and takes some in before grabbing a towel and wipes the sweat away before leaning up against the ropes.

I guess am I am back again… but don’t get too excited. Like the blast from the past tournament, it’s a one-off deal and coming back to Sin City Wrestling isn’t happening quite yet.  For now, I am happy playing mommy and trying to sort my business’ out and get things back to normal if that’s possible.

So 300 episodes of Climax Control… congratulations Sin City Wrestling. Such an amazing feat.

My first Climax Control was number 34 back in November 2012, where I was partnered with Necra Kane and faced off my now tag team partner Jessie Salco and her partner for the bombshell tag team titles and well Necra and I won that match and titles from them.  This would be the start of many amazing Climax Control matches with some of the amazing talent past and present in the bombshell division with many good and bad memories.

Anyway… lets move onto the match at Climax Control.

Team Hero vs Metal and Punk Connection… when it was mentioned the 300th show was close, there was instant talk of this match.  Which initially I was a little hesitant but the more I thought about it the more I grew to the idea.  Obviously it went quiet but now that the 300th show is up us… it’s happening.

Jessie, Roxi and Keira… you don’t have to worry about ring rust etc… obviously you can see that I have my own ring in my back yard, which I regularly use as well as I train as much as I can.  But like at the Blast From The Past tournament I will be giving it my all and certainly won’t be making it easy for anyone regardless of our friendship. And speaking of friendships, everyone knows that Roxi and I are close, however, as everyone has seen in the past I can put that friendship aside and I can do that again come Sunday night.

As for Keira… to be honest we have never met in single’s competition… it’s only been in tag team matches, which your team in two out of the three occasions, however, I still haven’t forgotten the time you tried to break my ankle during mine and Roxi’s battle for the internet championship and I still owe you one for that. But don’t worry… I won’t attempt to break anything… just going to kick your ass all over the ring.

Sunday night let make this match the match of the night… but in doing so unfortunately there will be losers… and those losers will be Team Hero. Sorry Keira and Roxi… Jessie and I will be walking away victorious.

A small cry can be heard from a monitor that sits on a nearby table indicating that the promo was over, as Amy grabs her town and climbs out of the ring.   The scene fades out with Amy grabbing the monitor and disappearing inside the house to check on Beckett.

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