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SCU House Show 7 April 92 Results
« on: May 01, 2021, 01:27:08 PM »

House Show 7 April 29th, 2021
Saxon Hotel

Opening match
Earl Lockyer vs. Joshua Aqcuin

The two would start off trading different slams and suplexes on the other. Joshua would get the advantage after hitting three German suplexes in a row. Joshua would miss a dropkick allowing Earl to get something going. After a few chops Earl would grab Joshua and nail his E.L 91 ( Michinoku Driver 2). Earl would get the three count as Joshua tried kicking out at three. Earl wins the match as Joshua argues with the ref that he kicked out in time.

Esther vs Ruby
The two trade legal punches at first. Esther would nail Ruby with a knockout punch. Instead of pinning Ruby, Esther would waste time mocking Ruby and GRIME. Esther would go back on the attack, but Ruby would get the advantage after a superkick with the time wasted. Ruby would cover Esther while holding the tights for the 3 count.

Jamie Staggs vs Skag
Skag brings a chair to the ring and handset to Jaime to hit him with it. Skag turns his back, Jamie swings and nails Skag in the back. Skag would turn around to face Jamie and start to beat the hell out of Jamie with fist and elbow; at one point, Skag would even bite Jamie's nose. Skag would ignore orders from the ref and would get DQ, giving Jamie a DQ win. More SCU refs would need to come out to get Skag off of Jamie Staggs.

Le Coven w/ Linnea Lacroix vs. Queen of Apathy, Masked Jade, and Rory Rockefeller
Linnea and Apathy start the match; however, before the match could start, Omasa would run out to ringside and grab Celeste North to pull her off the apron. Jenifer jumps off the apron as Omasa chokes out Celeste. Jenifer kicks Omasa's handoff of Celeste but would also get kicked in the gut, sending her to the barricade by Omasa. Omasa grabs Linnea and sends her to Jenifer as she goes back to choking out Celeste with her Tonga Grip.

The ref would call for the bell to DQ GRIME, giving Le Coven and Linnea the win before the match could start. Apathy, Rory, and Masked Jade look upset and go towards Omasa. Omasa lets go of Celeste and grabs Masked Jade by the throat. Linnea and Jenifer attack Apathy and Rory as Celeste back away, trying to catch her breath. Masked Jade manages to power out of the chokehold and throws a kick to push Omasa away. Celeste North runs and nails Omasa in the back of the head with a clothesline. Security comes out to stop Jenifer and Apathy from fighting, Linnea and Rory from fighting, and Omasa from getting kicked by Celeste and Masked Jade.

Dax Beckett vs Eric Weaver
Dax and Eric walked to the middle of the ring, words got exchanged, followed by chops to the chest being traded off by the two men. Eric would try the ground game on high-flying Dax, but Dax speed would be too much for Eric to keep him down. Dax would be the risk-taker he's known to be and jumps off the top ropes hitting Eric with his Crash Control. (A Whirlybird Headscissors Takedown.) Dax will hook the leg for the 1,2,3 pin-fall victory.

Melissa Ruin vs Masked Rainbow
Melissa and Rainbow tie up in the middle of the ring, while the two work on getting the advantage on the other. Stacy Ruin would run out but behind her is Omasa Tazu. Omasa would catch Stacy before Stacy can get in the ring and stop her from getting in the ring by throwing her to the barricade. Melissa and Rainbow let go of each other as Omasa slides in the ring. The ref calls for the bell as Omasa and Rainbow attack each other. (Rainbow wins by DQ) Melissa helps Omasa as the two double teams Rainbow.

Masked Celeste runs down and nails Stacy with a running jump kick on the outside of the ring before sliding in the ring and pulls Omasa off Rainbow. Masked Celeste and Omasa would have a chess game with each other as Omasa is forced to use her Karate versus the Masked Celeste's Kung Fu. Lexie would have her security team come out to put an end to the brawl.

Main Event
GRIME Nightmare Championship
Samuel McPherson vs Hitamashi

Dying Breed comes out with Hitamashi Lord Raab, and Henry Losak comes out with Samuel. GRIME would come out, but Henry would try to talk to Filth to let the match happen. From the other side of the ring area, jumping over the barricade is Masked Light Blue, Indigo, Celeste, Jade, MacNCheese, and Rainbow. They attack the Dying Breed on the outside. Hitamashi slides out the ring to help his stablemates. The match would get thrown away. (Match ruled a no contest) As GRIME breaks into a brawl as GRIME not only attacks The Dying Breed, they also go after Kyle, Dorian, Kader, and Creed. As the show comes to an end.
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