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SCU House Show 6 April 22 Results
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House Show 6 April, 22nd, 2021
Saxon Hotel

Team Go vs Dying Breed
Carter and Ivan start the match off with a bit of chain wrestling. Carter would get the better in the exchange, but Ivan would nail a kick in the balls to get the advantage back. A tag to Andrew allowed the Dying Breed to hit a few double-team moves. Carter would tag in Ari, but the ref wouldn't see it and order her back, forcing Carter back in the ring. This would happen all four times Carter tagged in Ari. After the third time this happens, Ari yells at the ref, demanding she gets in the match. Carter forced to stay in the ring with Andrew, Ari would get on the apron and run around to the opposite side, hitting a running dropkick on Ivan. Ivan and Ari would fight outside as Carter would end up getting a roll-up pin-fall for the win.

After the opening match, Ari continued to attack Ivan on the outside. Carter would slide out, and with Ari would double team Ivan. SCU refs run down to get Team GO out of the ringside area.

Backstage we see Mz Hollywood and Kelli Torres, with Marrisa as she interviews them about their match for tonight. Le Coven is seen walking past them as Jenifer is on a zoom chat with Delia Darling as she keeps trying to convince Jenifer that Celeste is a member of GRIME wrestling. Celeste laughs about it as she walks along with Jenifer.

Stacy Ruin vs Omasa Tazu
Omasa would let Stacy approach her; Stacy would try to grab Omasa but would get counter with Omasa throwing Stacy out of the ring. Stacy would get back in the ring and try again, but Omasa would again counter with her Omasa Punch (A punch right to the throat.) Omasa would lock in her Tonga Grip. Stacy would tap out as soon as she gets placed in the hold.

Backstage we see GRIME stars, Javi, Filth, Kittie, Helena, Jake, Jack, Lord Raab, Samuel, Max Burke, and Ruby lined up on one side. SCU stars Earl, Stewart, Dahlia, Merlot, Melissa Ruin, Jenifer, Linnea, Celeste, Gerald, Tim, and Andrew lined up, facing them about 8 feet away. Both groups have a staredown.

Suddenly, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J starts to play; everyone turns to see Alex Rush with his boombox, the rhinos behind him with sunglasses, leather jackets, and big ass gold chains. Oh, and Alex is dressed the same. Alex starts shadow boxing to the beat. Max charges at Alex; Alex sees this and looks towards Max for a friendly spar.

GRIME and SCU charge at each other as fists start flying everywhere. Max gets his hands up. Alex backs up a bit as he gets between the rhinos. Max gets closer to Alex; Edwin turns his head and gets his horn on Max's belt. Edwin lifts Max and swings him off his horn, sending Max flying to the wall. Max gets to his feet, but Robert and Edwin pin Max to the wall as they put a horn on each wrist to the wall. Alex goes to Max and lays in about 12 cartoon-style uppercuts.

Valentina and Angel Kash vs Light Blue and Indigo
Light Blue and Indigo won the match by forfeit as Valentina, and Angel Kash decided not to show up for their match tonight.

Backstage we still see GRIME and SCU brawling as security makes their way to try and break up the fight. A different camera backstage cuts to GRIME's Joshua, Kyle, Dying Breed, Jerry Cann, Queen of Apathy, Masked Jade battling it out with SCU's Carter, Ari, Krystal, Mz Hollywood, Kelli, Coby, and OTE. Chairs, trash cans, broomsticks are some of the weapons seen getting swung around.

Security manages to break up the first brawl, but the second brawl has wrestlers getting busted open as weapons are being thrown around.

We can see Masked Orange and Masked White entering the Dying Breed's locker room in the background. Security manages to get over to break up this brawl. Not one OTE member is able to go to the ring for the OTE vs GRIME match that was set to begin right now. Masked Orange and Mask White are seen leaving the locker room holding something they didn't have with them when entering. The show moves on to the main event.

Main Event
Pride Tag Team Championship

Mz HollyWood and Kelli Torres vs Andrey and Esther

Kelli and Andrey start the match off. They tie up in the middle of the ring, neither can gain an advantage over the other. After a minute in the stalemate, Esther cheats as she bites Kelli's nose to gain an advantage, and it worked as she was able to get Kelli in a different suplex, dropping Kelli to the mat a few times before tagging in Andrey. Andrey will continue to keep the advantage for their team as he works on keeping Kelli away from her side of the ring.

A superkick from nowhere from Kelli gave her the needed space and time to get to Hollywood for the hot tag. Hollywood would work on Andrey's upper body with knees and kicks as Holly looks more aggressive than usual. The match has the fans cheering all four on. This, in turn, pisses off Angel of Filth; she decides to send some GRIME wrestlers out there to end this match already.

Masked Orchid, Celeste, Jade, Light Blue, Indigo, and Rainbow appear on the rampway as the crowd starts to boo. The SCU stars in the ring notice and stops to see what's going on when the Purge Siren goes off all of a sudden. The masked wrestlers rush the ring. The GRIME Stars slide in the ring as line up as Kelli, Esther, Andrey, and Hollywood line up side by side.

Masked White and Masked Orange jump on the top ropes and jump over the SCU stars to their surprise. Both are seen holding a Omasa Tazu wooden sword and start to swing at the other masked GRIME members. Andrey, Esther Holly Wood, and Kelli rush in and attack, helping Masked White and Orange.

More GRIME rushes the ring, as does SCU stars. A 65 wrestler brawl takes place going from the locker room area to ringside. In all this mess, we see those feuding with each other, trying to hurt the other. Omasa would zero in on White and Orange and would land her Omasa Punch on each one in the mix of everything. The Dying Breed would carry them away and leave the brawl as Filth looks on, not happy about it.

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