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SCU House Show April 15 Results
« on: April 16, 2021, 09:37:06 PM »
SCU/GRIME House Show 4
April 15th, 2021
Saxon Hotel

Stewart Mason and Dahlia Rotten vs Andrey and Esther

The match started out with Dahlia and Esther, but before the two could lock up, GRIME made it to ringside. Stewart and Andrey get in the ring as the four looks around the ring, waiting to see what GRIME does going forward. The 12 GRIME wrestlers surround the ring as they get on the ring apron.

Stewart and Andrey rush the ropes as they each attack a GRIME member. The rest get in the ring as Esther and Dahlia try to fight off as many as possible. The ref would call for the bell to end this match before it got started. Earl Lockyer, Tim Staggs, Andrew Borg, Father Gerald rush the ring to even the odds.

SCU manages to fight off GRIME. As the SCU stars look at each other, a rare image for the fans to see Team Canada and the Good Shepherds on the same page. Gerald looks at his daughter Esther, but instead of joining his side, she and her husband Andrey leave the ring.

Backstage as we see Merlot and HB Carter taking photos with their Combat titles as merch to sell over the weekend, we have Ariana Angelos doing a live interview online a few feet away. Gemma is trying to interview TV Champion Cordelia Clark around the corner, but Cordelia instead is cutting a promo on SCU, demanding better competition to face for her title. Ariana overhears Cordelia and heads over to the interview booth.

The two ladies start cutting promos on each other, which gets people to gather around. The two ladies take turns cutting 4 to 5 lines each while the crowd oohs and ahh's with each verbal exchange.

Elsewhere we see Filth, Javi, the Jeckels, Henry Lozak, and masked wrestlers Jade, Celeste, Orchid, and Rainbow. Filth looks to be plotting GRIME's next attack on SCU.

Kelli Torres vs Veronica Taylor

Kelli and Veronica would start the match trash-talking each other. The trash talk turns into the two having a Walk Off(modeling). Veronica would get whistles and boos as Kelli would get whistles and cheers. They take turns walking a few times, with each round of boos, Veronica gets angrier. Veronica would get DQ after hitting Kelli in the back of the head with her purse knocking Kelli out.

Team Canada goes to their locker room to see GRIME White and GRIME Orange masks hanging on some coat rack. Team Canada notices the mask and right away gets an idea of who's behind the masks of the new GRIME members.

Elsewhere we see Jenifer look at her phone as she has a video call with Delia Darling because god forbid that diva should up to a house show. Delia, for weeks, has been trying to convince Jenifer how Celeste is a member from GRIME and that Delia plans on finding out which mask she's under.

Stacy Ruin and Tim Staggs vs Max Burke and Ruby

Tim and Stacy spend the first minute of the match arguing with each other. Ruby, no longer wanting to wait, would run over and nail Tim with a missile dropkick that has him hit Stacy, causing Stacy to go through the middle and top ropes out of the ring. Max Burke and Ruby would take advantage as they worked perfectly as a team. Max would get the pin-fall over Stacy. Adding insult to injury, Ruby would get her whip and crack Stacy in the back.

We go backstage to see a brawl going on between GRIME and OTE. One by one, GRIME members go down to the ground shaking as we see Masked Orange and Masked White shocking the GRIME Wrestlers with tasers. OTE looks at Orange and White; the two grime members give OTE a thumbs up and take off.

Halo Annis and Melissa Ruin vs Kittie and Omasa Tazu

Omasa would start the match for her team, but Kittie would get in the ring, and from behind, she would attack Omasa before dropping her with an inverted DDT. Kittie would leave the ring, forcing Omasa to face Melissa and Halo by herself. Omasa would recover and do her best to give Halo and Melissa a competitive match. Halo and Melissa would end up winning by medical stoppage after Melissa locked in the Ruin Lock. Omasa would pass out as she refused to give up or tap out.

We see Kelli and Mz Holly Wood talking things over as Holly gets ready for her match. Jenifer and Linnea Lacroix approach them as the four make small talk about their matches for tonight.

Elsewhere we see GRIME wrestlers looking for Masked Orange and Masked White. They bump into the Fox Brothers and attack the two as we go to the next match.

Mz Holly Wood vs Dorian

They have a good back and forth match. Neither one gained an advantage during the match. Dorian would slip off the top rope and hit the mat. Holly Wood would capitalize on it and core a pin-fall victory.

SCU and GRIME promote SCU Ep 91 for this weekend, then plug SCW Into The Void X in a few weeks.

Main Event
Linnea Lacroix and Jenifer Lacroix vs Valentina and Angel Kash

Jenifer and Valentina would start the match, Jenifer would begin laying the payback for what took place last week between them. Angel and Valentina would get the upper hand with their cheating tactics. Jenifer would give the hot tag to Linnea, who would clean house, causing Angel Kash and Valentina to leave the ring and not continue with the match as they got counted out.