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SCU Underground Ep 89 (RESULTS)
« on: March 28, 2021, 01:24:34 PM »

Sin City Underground Ep 89 Blaze Of Glory Pre-Show comes to you live in front of a limited live audience of 25% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Golden Ring Casino, in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 1:59pm PST on Sunday, March, 28th, 2021.

Dark Matches

Alex Rush vs Tim Staggs
Alex wins by DQ when the ref catches Andrew Borg throwing a weapon for Tim to use.


Jamie Staggs vs Andrew Borg
Andrew Brog wins by countout as Tim was able to argue with Jamie long enough to get himself counted out.


Lord Raab vs Javier Gonzalez
Lord Raab wins by TKO after Javi superkicked Lord Raab’s manager Henry. This sends Lard Raab into a frenzy and attacks Javi so severely that the ringseld medic had no choice but to call the match.

We come in to see Valentina stretching out in front of a full length mirror.  She watches herself intensely, while Angel is in front of the vanity, getting her makeup perfectly.  Angel looks back at the doorway to see Kader Hasheem standing there keeping watch.  Val turns her head to Angel slightly.

Valentina:  You were right.  It’s a much better sight when he’s unmasked.  I feel so much safer.

Angel:  Oh honey, you’re not his type.  Trust me…

Val continues to stretch as Kader looks over his shoulders at them, his ego stroked, even though he doesn’t want to fully acknowledge it.  Angel runs a brush down her nose, feeling fully confident in her look.

Valentina:  Can you believe that we have to fight for the title against twenty other chicks tonight?  Like any of them deserve it.

Angel:  Not that I agree, but word around the locker room is that you don’t deserve it either.  The hatred for you and Veronica Taylor is just… mmmmm… and they call us mean?

Valentina turns slightly and flips her ponytail to the other side, and she looks offended.

Valentina:  Honey, please.  Sometimes it’s not being mean, it’s being honest.  Other times, like what you’re talking about?  They’re just jealous.  Call it unoriginal, or what it is… facts baby.

Angel:  You’re not wrong, honey.  You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.  It’s just too bad that Lexa doesn’t have enough sense to just have the two of us fight against each other for the belt, but… I guess they want us to dig through trash to get to the gold.

Valentina:  I mean, look at who we’re against.  Cordelia Clark?  We’ve already handled that Ivy League cumdumpster.  And her sister?  Oooooh, I’m shaking in my sports bra.

Angel waves her off, laughing.  She covers her mouth for a second and then removes it with a serious look.

Angel:  And Ugh-lissa, Whale-ia Rotten, Team Uggo, Team HO. The list just goes on.  I mean, it’s bad enough that this roster doesn’t have enough respect.  But are you serious with the Jesus Gang?  I mean that’s just bottom of the barrel.

Valentina:  You want to talk about respect?  They don’t respect us at all.  It’s bullshit.  So sick of it.  But we already know that one of us is going to win.  There’s no doubt about that.

Angel fluffs her hair up just enough.

Angel:  Yeah. One of us.

Angel winks into the mirror so that Valentina doesn’t quite see it.  She smirks, knowing the answer is going to be her.  Val reaches back and grabs her foot, pulling it to show off her flexibility.

Valentina:  When I win, you’re totally going to get the first shot at my title.

Angel:  Um, trust me.  When I win, you’re the first one I want to face for it.  I mean, it will look good next to my other two Underground titles in my trophy room.  Amongst others of course.

Valentina:  Yeah… I almost had one once.  The referee even called my name, and I went home with it.  But, the night my nameplate got put on… somebody’s lawyers had my victory expunged from the records.  I can totally do it though.

Angel:  Trust me, I know you can do it.  As a matter of fact, I hope you do it.  You deserve it more than 18 others in this match.  You know I respect you, and the past is the past.  My point is that, if we work together, just like the Shepherds, just like the Clarks, Team GO, Team Uggo, Over the Edge, then we’ve got nothing to worry about except each other two weeks later, baby.

Val walks over to Angel with a nod.  They lock pinkies and shake before turning back to what they were doing and the camera fades out.

Opening Match - Inferno Tables Match
Samuel McPherson vs Rory Rockefeller

Liam:  The opening contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Grime Rules Match! First, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’6” and weighing in at 280lb, he is… “The Monster” Samuel McPherson!!!

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays over the sound system as a large man walks out from the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, looking around with Henry standing behind him before he walks very slowly to ringside as he steps on the apron and goes over the top rope with his feet and goes to a corner to rest himself up on, looking at his opponent with intensity before the match starts.

Liam:  And his opponent… Standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 265lb, he is… Rory Rockefeller!!!

"Drink Drank Drunk" by HELLYEAH starts playing as Rory comes through the curtains carrying a cocktail shaker, mixing it up. He walks along the aisle, looking for outreached cups that he pours little bits of his signature drink into their cups. After making his way around the ring, Rory sets the shaker down on the ring steps as he runs up the steps. Rory gets half way in the ring before rocking out to his theme music. He steps inside all the way and holds his fists in the air and walks around waiting for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  The tables are set up all around the ring and ready to go.  Rory stands around the outside of the ring, making sure there are plenty of gas cans and matches before he slides back inside of the ring.

Rob:   Rory storms over at Sam, looking for a Spear and he gets it!  Rory watches as Sam crumbles to the ground.  Rory stomps away at Sam.

Ada:  Sam grabs onto Rory’s foot and then stands up.  He shoves an elbow into Rory’s knee cap and then Clotheslines him to the mat.

Rob:   Sam goes to the outside of the ring and picks up a table.  He slides it inside of the ring.  He grabs a gas can and turns around just as Rory dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive!

Crowd:  YEAH!!!

Ada:  Gas goes all over the place as the audience moves to try to avoid getting hit by it.  Rory shakes it off like a dog before putting the boot to Sam again.

Rob:   Sam rolls out of the way and crawls toward the ring apron.  He lifts it up, but Rory grabs onto his ankle.  As Rory pulls Sam away…


Ada:  Sam sprays Rory with a fire extinguisher.  Rory stumbles back as the powder expands and clings to the tables on this side of the ring.  He then swings the extinguisher at Rory’s head.


Rob:   Rory stumbles back against the barricade.  He slaps against a table to push himself up.  He grabs onto Sam’s head and flings him right into the table, cracking it in half!

Ada:  That doesn’t count because it wasn’t on fire.  Rory looks around at the fire suppressant and shakes his head.  He picks Sam up and goes to drag him around the ring.

Rob:   As they round the second corner, Sam plants his feet on the ring steps and pushes back, taking Rory down with a sort of modified Russian Legsweep.

Ada:  Sam pulls himself over toward the table nearby and he slowly sets it up.  Rory slips on the fire suppressant when getting up the first few times.

Rob:   He makes it over to Sam and clubs him across the back.  He then whips him back and bangs the back of his head on the barricade.

Ada:  Sam is out cold now!  Rory picks up a nearby can of gas and brings it over to the table.  He picks Sam up and puts him on the table and pours gas all over Sam and the table.

Rob:   He strikes a match on his boot and holds it up as the fans begin shouting loudly for the idea of it all going up in flames.  He drops the match and Sam quickly catches fire!

Ada:  This wakes Sam up, and he rolls off the table.  The table falls over and into the corner.  Rory turns around as Sam comes at him.  He tries to duck, but Henry grabs his ankle!

Rob:   Sam comes at him like a freight train, and crashes right into Rory, putting him through the table!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner… Samuel McPherson!!!

“Animal I Have Become” plays over the speakers as Samuel and Henry take their leave.  The ring crew puts out the fire on Rory, and check on him.  He says he’s fine as he glares over at Henry and Sam.  Henry smiles sadistically as he leads Sam to the back.

Merlot Ayano: May sound a bit cliche, but professional wrestling is in Merlot’s blood. Aunts and uncles were wrestlers. Cousins were wrestlers. So naturally, Merlot wanted to step into family business.

The Sin City Underground Combat Champion is shown sitting on a stool in front of some sort of black backdrop. She decked out in various pieces of Nike workout gear.

Merlot Ayano: Most famous cousin is Miko Ayano. Why most famous? Was first in family to transport our name across seas. Miko didn’t want to be known as just Joshi. She loved different styles of wrestling from south. So, Miko moved from Japan to America. That move made Miko world renown star. Was able to work in many big United States promotions, Garnered much attention.

There’s a brief pause.

Merlot Ayano: Is no secret that Miko’s contributions affected Merlot’s career, for better and worse. Some promotions saw name Ayano and were accepting. Sometimes made traveling to different promotions very easy. But some promotions see name Ayano and reject. Or see name Ayano and then say Merlot no good because was not Miko. Was frustrating.

She nodded her head.

Merlot Ayano: Situations like that are why Merlot understand what’s going on between Melissa and Stacy. Problems caused by outsiders and hoodlums is one thing. Issue caused by family is different. Affects mind differently too.

She snaps her fingers.

Merlot Ayano: But as said before, is all about state of mind. Reason why Merlot gained big fame was because did best not to dwell on those things constantly. Did best to focus on self and career. Trained really hard. Centered attention around getting better in ring. Desired to show wrestling world what made Merlot standout and special. Most importantly, made it a priority to no worry about things Merlot couldn’t change and deal with things Merlot could change.

She nods her head.

Merlot Ayano: That mentality shaped Merlot. Is reason why name is still known today. Is reason why can call self Combat Champion.

A moment passes.

Merlot Ayano: Stacy? Merlot gave you message a few weeks ago. Was good heart to heart. For Stacy’s sake, hope listened. This kickboxing match will be like none other you’ve had before. Will be brutal. Will be harsh. Will test both competitor’s spirits. Stacy’s best chance at victory is a clear mind.

She nods.

Merlot Ayano: But please know, that victory is no guaranteed. Must realize this, Stacy’s desire to win Combat Championship is no greater than Merlot’s will to retain. Will be fighting with all might, so hope will be ready.

A moment of silence passes Merlot thinks about what she wants to say next.

Merlot Ayano: But Combat Championship match is not Merlot’s only bout of night. Have one other one. Is on pre-show. And is very important. Is battle royal for vacant Underground Championship―

It appears as if Merlot wants to say something else, but she stops herself.

Merlot Ayano: No. No―

There’s a small pause.

Merlot Ayano: Will just do best.

With that, the camera fades to black.

Montgomery Creed and Kader Hasheem vs Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a GRIME Tag Team Scaffold Match! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, the team of Montgomery Creed and Kader Hasheem!!!

“American Rebelution” by The Lacs begins playing as Monty and Kader move down the aisle, wasting no time.  They get inside of the ring, and they walk around, before getting to their corner.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaand their opponents… Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson!!!

“Clint Eastwood” plays over the speakers as Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson rushes down to the ring, sliding inside as they step up, ready to fight.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  If I were Jerry and Jacob, I’d be pooping a little, being so high up from the ground and fighting two giants like Kader and Monty.

Rob:  Jacob charges right at Monty, looking for a Leaping Clothesline, but Monty catches him and nails an Exploder Suplex, right onto the steel beam.

Ada:  Jerry isn’t so naive, and he tries to calculate his next move.  Kader steps around Monty, and begins trash talking Jerry.  Jerry doesn’t back down, but rather finds his footing.

Rob:  Jerry claws Kader’s eyes and then lays boot to his stomach, and as he lowers, to his chest.  Kader then picks Jerry up, but Jerry locks on a Rear Naked Choke.

Ada:  Monty goes to bash Jerry, but Jacob grabs onto his ankle to stop him.  Jacob rises up, and goes for the same move Jerry has locked on.

Rob:  Due to the relative inexperience in submission, Monty flips Jacob over, and kicks him right in the spine.  Jerry brings Kader down to one knee, but Monty grabs him by the hair and rips him off.

Ada:  Monty lifts Jerry up into a Military Press Slam, and then tosses him off of the beam and onto the airbag below!

Liam:  Jerry Cann has been eliminated!

Rob:  Jacob slides between Kader’s legs and begins climbing up the support chains.  He hangs up there as Kader and Monty try to grab for him.

Ada:  He is just out of their reach.  He begins kicking at them, and he catches Monty right in the nose, busting him open.  He tries for Kader, but gets hold of his leg and whips him off and to the airbag below!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Jacob Johnson has been eliminated!  Therefore, your winners… Kader Hasheem and Montgomery Creed!!!

“American Rebelution” begins playing over the speakers as both men celebrate their win.  They laugh and bumps chests as Jerry and Jacob roll off of the airbag.

The screen slowly fades into the Team Canada executive suite.

Marissa:  Welcome everyone please welcome my guests at this time Team Canada members Stewart Mason and Dahlia Rotten. First Stewart let me start with you, and the Underground Title.

Stewart: I think it has the potential to be a match of the year candidate, Dax is unpredictable, but the guy is damn good and always steps it up in big matches, and like me he is a true proven ring veteran. Father Gerald, I may not agree with his religious beliefs, but the guy is damn good and always a serious threat inside the ring. Me, you know my resume by now, and whoever walks out of Blaze Of Glory as Underground will have proven that he is the best of the best.

Marissa:  Dahlia, the vacant Underground Women’s championship is on the line in a battle royal, as someone who has competed in numerous battle royals, due you feel you have the advantage at Blaze Of Glory.

Dahlia: You have to go into any match thinking you have the advantage, I’m the biggest woman in the battle royal, and the other women will probably see me as the biggest threat.

Marissa:  Other than yourself of course, of the competitors in the match who do feel would be a great representative for the Underground Women’s title.

Dahlia: All the women in the battle royal are talented, and any of them would be a great Underground champ, well except Veronica Taylor, no one really wants her to be underground champion. We’ll see at the end who has survived to the end, hopefully it will be me, but you never know, battle royals are always unpredictable.

Marissa:  Thank you both for your time.

Dahlia: No problem Marissa.

Masked Celeste and Masked Orchid vs Masked Light Blue and Masked Indigo

“American Landill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers as we head back to the ring.  We see masked members Celeste, Orchid, Light Blue, and Indigo standing inside of the ring, paired off in teams.

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Iiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, the team of masked members Celeste and Orchid!!!

Celeste and Orchid loosen up their shoulders as they stare across the ring at their opposition as the music continues to play.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand their opponents… masked members Light Blue and Indigo!!!

Indigo and Light Blue shove each other, getting each other amped up for this fight.  They begin jogging in place as they turn from one another and look to Celeste and Orchid.  They begin approaching, causing their opponents to do the same.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:  GRIME is taking over the first three matches now, as some of the last few unmasked fighters go at it in tornado tag team action.

Ada:  Celeste gets kicked in the gut by Indigo, and then receives a punch right to the face.  Orchid gets an elbow to the side of the face by Light Blue, and then her face is smashed down into Light Blue’s knee!


Rob:  Celeste pushes Indigo back and then kicks her in the chest so hard that she stumbles backward.  She flies forward with a flury of punches and knees that sends Indigo into the corner.

Ada:  Light Blue drags Orchid to the corner and begins repeatedly bashing her face into the top turnbuckle.  Orchid grabs hold of one arm and twists.  She goes back into an Inside Cradle.


Rob:  Light Blue kicks out, just as Celeste is there to grab her by the back of the head, tossing her to the outside.  She follows her outside, just as Orchid and Indigo slide outside as well.

Ada:  Celeste drags Light Blue to her feet as Orchid comes from behind with a Bulldog right onto the ring steps.  Indigo comes rushing around the corner with a steel chair.

Rob:  She bashes it across the back of Orchid’s head, dropping her down to the ground.  She turns around and swings it at Celeste, but Celeste ducks and nails a Roundhouse Kick.

Ada:  Celeste then grabs hold of Indigo and goes for a German Suplex.  But Indigo lands on her feet, stumbling back.  Celeste goes for a Shoulderbutt, but Indigo moves!

Rob:  Celeste goes right into the barricade, and Indigo helps throw her into it!  The front row is cleared for landing as Indigo runs across it and nails a Dropkick!  She goes for the cover!


Ada:  Orchid is right there to help, but not needed.  She grabs Indigo and lifts her up, dropping her head across the barricade!  She then picks up the chair from the front row.

Rob:  Light Blue catches her right in the face as she starts to raise the chair!  Orchid falls onto the barricade, right next to Celeste, who is just rising.

Ada:  Indigo and Light Blue come right at them with Clotheslines, but Celeste and Orchid lift them up into Back Body Drops right on top of the set up chairs!


Rob:  Celeste and Orchid begin beating both opponents down with other chairs nearby.  Once they are satisfied, they both go for the covers.

One! One!
Two! Two!
Kickout! THREE!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  Celeste got Indigo!

Liam:  Here are your winners via pinfall… Masked members Celeste and Orchid!!!

Celeste and Orchid rise up from the ground and they raise their arms up.  Orchid is a bit woozy in her movements, but she celebrates nonetheless.  Light Blue shakes Indigo to wake her up as Celeste and Orchid step over the barricade and head to the ring for their celebration.

The scene cuts to the locker room of both Morgan and Cordelia Clark and there seems to be a mixed vibe between them. Morgan seems to be hyped up and quite excited, but Cordelia, holding her TV Championship over her shoulder, doesn’t appear to be quite as thrilled. Morgan easily and quickly picks up on this and immediately begins to check in on her younger sister.

Morgan: You would think that one would be a lot more excited about getting a shot at the vacant SCU Underground Championship!

Cordelia: Well… I definitely have multiple problems with this arrangement, I will say that for a fact right now.

Morgan: It’s always something, isn’t it Cordy?

Morgan has a bit of a laugh to herself, but Cordelia doesn’t find this comment all that funny.

Morgan: Lighten up a little, will you? This battle royal is going to be a blast with TWO potential best case scenarios. Either I win the battle royal and we BOTH end up being champions or you win the whole thing and you’re a double champion. What’s not to like? This is an incredibly big opportunity here. It’s not every day that you’re going to get a shot at the biggest prize in the company after all.

Cordelia: Where do you want me to begin with why I’m being a bit of a grouch with this match? I’ve got a laundry list full of reasons not to be happy about it. For starters, the last time I was in a battle royal, the vapid whores ganged up on me and made me the first elimination. You think I’m over that? Because I’m not. That was embarrassing.

Morgan: But this time, anyone that wants to mess with you, has to deal with me as well. There isn’t anyone ganging up on you this time. The strategy is very simplistic but very effective. We just work together on getting rid of everyone else, have it down to just the two of us and then whoever is better will win.

Cordelia: You really think you can take me one on one though?

Cordelia says this with a scoff.

Cordelia: You do realize that coming up through the Indies that I was more highly touted as a prospect right? Are you sure you want it to come down to that? Ugh… why am I even entertaining this right now? I mean… the powers that be… they’ve run out of ideas, clearly. I can’t even get on the main show of Blaze of Glory and on top of that, I can’t even get another title defense. Not even that much! But hey, if this is how they want to put their cards on the table, so be it. What they don’t realize is that when we’re working together, we’re incredibly strong. When you and I teamed up two weeks ago against those two losers and ran through them pretty nicely, that was a message to the locker room. I don’t know if they’re trying to test our loyalty to each other or something because we’re both going to want the same thing, but as I have proven time and time again since my arrival, there isn’t a challenge in SCU that I can’t handle. I WILL be a double champion tonight!

This last sentence really doesn’t amuse Morgan at all.

Morgan: WHAT? You already HAVE a title!

Cordelia: I’m in this match too for some reason, so I have every right to win it just like you do. Plus, it IS a title that is higher up the ladder.

Morgan: Yeah, but… gosh Cordy, you’ve never been one to learn how to share. I want my moment too, you know? I didn’t come here to be your understudy or your second in command. I came here to get mine too.

Cordelia: Are you saying I should hold myself back so that you can win?

Morgan: No but…

Morgan pauses suddenly, as if she just came to a realization about something. She’s not angry at this point, but she is more amused than anything.

Morgan: This is what they want… for us to bicker and fight. Divide and conquer! Don’t fall for it, Cordy. We’ve got to come up with a solution.

Cordelia: You’re right. OH… I got it. If you win, then you win. You have the Underground title. If I win… then I will gladly let you have the TV Championship that I have now. That way… one way or another… we BOTH get something out of this.

Morgan’s eyes light up upon hearing this.

Morgan: That is BRILLIANT, Cordy! BRILLIANT! Alright… consider it a done deal!

Cordelia: Good! Now let’s go out and dominate this thing!

Morgan and Cordelia nod at each other with confidence before they exit the scene together. They’re feeling incredibly strong about their chances that the scheme that they came up with is going to be effective as the scene cuts out.

Underground Championship
Triple Threat Match
Stewart Mason vs Dax Beckett vs Father Gerald Shepherd

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Triple Threat Match for the Underground Championship!  First, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 235lb, he is “The Bounty Hunter” Stewart Maaaaaaaaasonnnnnnnnnnn!!!

“The Hunter” by Mastadon begins playing over the speakers. Stewart Steps on the stage, wearing black pants and combat boots, with Black Handwraps, he takes in the reaction of the crowd, and is joined by Gail Weston, together they walk to the ring, Gail climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, Stewart climbs the ropes from outside and points to himself then climbs down from the ropes, and joins Gail in the center of the ring.

The opening of "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold begins playing and red and white lights begin flashing across the stage and out into the audience.

Darlyn:  From Anaheim, CA standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 235lb, he is… Dax Beckett!!!

He strokes his beard, an intense look on his face as he comes to the center of the stage. He shouts out at the crowd, holding his arms out at his side as he does a slow 180 degree turn, slowly walking backward. Once the music completely picks up, Dax turns around and charges down the aisle. He darts around the ring, stopping periodically to pose for the fans, whether they like it or not. Once he makes his way around the ring, Dax jumps onto the apron and charges his way up the nearest turnbuckle. Dax ascends and nods his head to the music, his fist in the air. He jumps off and flips, landing on his feet as he jogs in place, waiting for his partner

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding.  It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena.  The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Darlyn:  On his way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma he is 6'6" and weighed in this morning at 275lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds he is Father Gerald Shepherd!

And the boos become louder.  Gerald runs out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up.  He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage.  He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse.  He walks down the ramp as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them.  He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. He gets inside of the ring and slowly spins around before settling in a corner and waits for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Gerald and Dax start things off with one another, going at it by trading punches. Gerald quickly gets the better of Dax, sending him into the ropes. As he comes back, Gerald plants him with a Spinebuster!

Chad: Gerald quickly goes down for the pin after such a devastating maneuver.


Gena: Stewart barely lets it get to a one count as he drops an Axe Handle Smash to the back of Gerald, causing him to let go of the pin attempt.

Chad: Stewart kicks Gerald right in the face. As Gerald stumbles off of Dax, Stewart comes after him with more kicks, but Gerald deflects many of them. He gets to his feet as Stewart backs him up to the ropes.

Gena: What is Gerald to do to get out of this? An Eye Rake of course. Gerald then boots Stewart in the gut as he sends him into the ropes. He’s looking for another Spinebuster.

Chad: But Dax grabs onto his feet as Stewart leaps into the air for a Cross Body as Dax rips his legs out from under him, giving him a whiplash effect!

Gena: Dax stands up to his feet, as does Stewart. Dax extends his hand to Stewart, and Stewart accepts, but then chops Dax! He hits a second chop as Dax stumbles back. However, Dax gets a chop of his own, then he goes for an Enziguri.

Chad: Stewart ducks the Enziguri, and goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Dax ducks under that. The crowd gets into things as Dax goes for a Leg Sweep Kick, but Stewart jumps over it. It’s almost as if both men have studied each other’s moves extensively.

Gena: Stewart looks for a Yakuza Kick, but Dax grabs the foot and trips Stewart up. The crowd is ecstatic as Stewart kips up to his feet and both men give a respectful smile. However, Gerald finds his opening as he hits a Double Clothesline From Hell on both men, leveling them.

Chad: Gerald looks on in disgust at both of his opponents as he spits on the ground. He picks Stewart up from the mat and hits a Scoop Slam onto him, landing him right on top of Dax. Gerald rolls Stewart off of Dax and kneels down, hooking the leg.


Gena: That was nowhere near enough to put down the former multi-time champion, Dax, but it was a smart move. Gerald shakes his head as he stands up, lifting Dax to his feet. He nails a Running Bulldog to Dax, landing right on top of Stewart. He leans down and pins both men.

Double Kickout!!!

Chad: Both smaller men working in unison as they lift Gerald off of them, dumping him to the mat beside them. They both leap on top of Gerald, pinning him down with all of their might.


Gena:  Gerald gets a powerful shoulder up.  He’s not about to give up his title like that.  But Dax and Stewart toss Gerald to the outside.  Stewart turns and hits a Chop Block to Dax.

Chad:  He then hits an Uppercut that rocks Dax.  He sends him into the ropes.  He looks for a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam, but Dax whirls right out of it, and hits a knee to Stewart’s face.

Gena:  Stewart holds onto his nose, and then kicks Dax right in the stomach.  He looks for the Paid in Full (Implant DDT), but Dax shoves him out of the way.

Chad:  Dax tries for a Crescent Kick, but Stewart ducks and does a Legsweep.  Stewart stomps him a few times before lifting him up.  He Irish Whips him, but Dax ducks, and dives through the ropes, hitting Gerald as he rises!


Gena: Dax rolls back inside. Gerald slowly gets back to his feet as Dax charges once more with a second Suicide Dive! The crowd goes nuts as Dax uses the barrier to get back to his feet. He leans in as the fans pat him on the back and shout words of encouragement at him.

Chad: He looks to both opponents and he picks Stewart up and rolls him inside of the ring. He gets onto the apron and looks out to the crowd. They continue to chant for him as he gets inside and sets up for the Best Finisher Ever!

Gena: Gerald comes out of nowhere and trips Dax up, causing him to fall on top of Stewart!  The crowd is booing as Gerald rolls inside of the ring and drops a knee to the back of Stewart’s head.  He hits the Ray of Light (Diamond Cutter) on Dax! He goes to hook the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU Underground Champion… Father Gerald Shepherd!!!


“Spirit in the Sky” plays as Gerald kneels down, holding the belt up toward the sky as a spotlight shines down on him.  He gives many thanks to the Lord above as he holds the belt close to him.  Stewart picks up his briefcase and holds it up in the air.



Gerald looks around to find what the crowd is cheering at.  His eyes widen as he stares down at Stewart.  He shakes his head as Stewart nods his head.  Gerald stands up, and as Stewart looks to get inside of the ring, Gerald kicks through the ropes, and Stewart stops.  He smirks as he goes toward the ring steps, and Gerald shouts out as he swings the belt at Stewart.  Stewart ducks it and bashes Gerald with the briefcase, getting the crowd to go even more wild.  Gerald stumbles back, busted open.  Stewart looks around and then shakes his head, stepping down the ring steps.  He walks to the rampway as Gerald continues to shout at Stewart.

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Re: SCU Underground Ep 89 (RESULTS)
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The scene opens backstage at the Blaze of Glory IX pre-show where we see Krystal Wolfe leaning against the wall and looking at her iPhone.

Krystal: From competing on the Main Card of Inception IV to being stuck on the pre-show in favour of the fucking troll!

Krystal grumbles to herself before letting out a sigh.

Krystal: At least if I win tonight, I’ll have a title heading into Blaze of Glory IX.

Ariana: That’s if you get past me off course.

Krystal looks up and sees fellow Go Gym Graduate Ariana Angelos walking up to her and grins.

Krystal: You may have won that Battle Royal at the Inception IV pre-show, but things will be different this time!

Ariana: Yeah, I’ll have my first singles title by the end of it!

Ariana teases the Aussie Bombshell and Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal: You know what? Even that would be better than sitting through another promo from The Troll!

Ariana: No argument there! That guy must be the most annoying guy I’ve ever seen grace an SCW ring, and he’s only been in one match!

Krystal: And if I don’t get an intergender match against him I’ll settle for sitting at ringside with a bag of popcorn in hand when they inevitably put him against Fenris!

Ariana: Do you really think they’d air a murder on TV?

Krystal: Well, Fenris is taking on Austin tomorrow in the Lion’s Den.

Ariana: Point.

Ariana admits before extending a hand out for a handshake.

Ariana: Seriously, if it comes down to us again, may the best female Go Gym Graduate win.

Krystal: I think you forgot the “from Australia” part.

Krystal jokes before accepting the handshake.

Krystal: How’s Carter by the way?

Ariana: You mean ahead of his title match or regarding the whole saga between you two,

Krystal: Guess.

Ariana: He’s over it, not ready to be on speaking terms with you again but he accepts that you were concerned about how bad it looked.

Krystal: Good to know, is he good for Wednesday?

Ariana: Yep, and so am I, what about the others?

Krystal: Makayla confirmed when I sent her the Twitter account password, I’ll ask Os and Aron tomorrow at Blaze of Glory, but they haven’t missed a session yet.

Ariana: Sounds good and again, good luck the Main Event.

Krystal: You’ll need it.

The two women share a fist bump before going their separate ways as the scene fades.

Pride Tag Team Championship
Mz Holly Wood and Kelli Torres Vs Over the Edge

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Pride Tag Team Championships, contested under Pride Rules! First! On her way to the ring…  She is the only wrestler to come from China, Japan, Australia and Puerto Rico!!! Standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 125lb…

The songs kicks into full gear.

Darlyn:  She is… Kelli Torres!!!!!

The curtains open up as Kelli Torres comes out jumping to the beat. 4 others all dressed in trainer outfits come out behind her. The fans chant yes as Kelli and her trainers walk down the ramp. Kelli high fiving everyone she can on the way down to ringside. Kelli slides in the ring and goes to her corner with her trainers standing outside the ring.

Liam:  On her way to the ring, from Hollywood, CA standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 165lb, she is... Mz Holly Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

"Hollywood" by Collective blasts over the sound system as a pink shadow box appears through the curtains. The silhouette of a lovely lady dancing is seen from the inside, seducing the crowd with her feminine wiles. It comes to rest at the edge of the stage, and after a moment, the lady inside kicks her way through the thin paper to reveal... Holly Wood! Mz. Wood if you nasty. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder as she raises her arms in the air, loosening her hips before sashaying down the ramp. She climbs onto the apron, swaying her hips back and forth as she lowers herself down into a split position. She crawls under the ropes and does a sexy pose on the mat before leaping up, dancing around the ring to the music as she waits for her opponents.

The arena lights dim low and neon red lights appear at the bottom of the titan tron as the fast electric piano beat kicks into "ISIS"  and red lasers are shot across the arena as if there were people aiming at you. As the song progresses , the beat reaches a high peak the lights under the titan tron turn off and the baseline kicks in, the lights turn back on revealing “KAOS” standing, with a look of fearless vengeance, at the top of the aisle. Confusion and defensive questions from the crowd, he begins to make his way to ringside walking in a disciplined stride, takes a pause and looks around then proceeds to walk up the stairs into the Ring.

Darlyn: Standing at 6’1”..weighing in at 239lbs, The American Nightmare, KAOS !!!  And his partner, she stands at 5’9” and weighing in at 155lb, she is… Mrs Right!!!

The lights get lowered and there seems to be a purple hue as the music plays.  After a few moments Mrs. Wright comes out from backstage stopping for a moment waving to the left and to the right. Then she slowly walks to the ring and then up the steel steps.  After she enters the ring, the walks to the center of the ring and turns, taking a moment to pause as she faces each side of the ring.  Before cutting a stare at the ring announcer as she walks to a corner.  And backs herself in while waiting for the action to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Kaos and Mz Holly Wood start things off tonight.  Holly walks up to Kaos and traces down his pecs.  Kaos turns around and tilts her chin up toward him.

Chad:  An unexpected twist!  Kaos lifts Holly up and Holly goes for a Kiss, but Kaos drops Holly with a Spinebuster!  I think that was his way of saying the mind games won’t work!

Gena:  Kaos picks Holly up and whips her into the ropes.  As she comes back, he nails a second Spinebuster!  He lifts Holly up once more and into a Military Press Slam.  He hooks the leg!


Chad:  Kelli kicks Kaos in the side, with enough force to break the pin.  Mrs Right comes inside of the ring, and her and Kelli go back and forth with punches.  Kelli might’ve bit off more than she could chew this time.

Gena:  Mrs Right pulls Kelli into a tie up, and the referee threatens to disqualify them if they don’t return to the outside.  Mrs Right hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, and then exits the ring.

Chad:  Kelli holds onto her back as she tries to get up.  The referee shows some patience until Kaos comes over to “help” Kelli outside.  He lifts her up, but Holly spins Kaos around and slaps him across the face.

Holly:  Nobody touches bae like that without answering to ME!

Gena:  Kaos goes for a right hook, but Holly ducks under and then kicks the back of his knee out.  She then bounces off of the ropes and hits a Baseball Slide to his other leg, taking him down.

Chad:  Kelli claps for him as Mrs Right rallies behind Kaos.  Holly stomps on Kaos a few times.  She then kneels over him and begins bashing his face into her breastplate!

Gena:  Use em if you got em, right?  After a few of these, Kaos flips Holly over onto her back.  He grabs hold of her hair and… begins bashing her face into his enormous man tiddies!

Chad:  What are we seeing here?  And Holly doesn’t seem to mind very much!  However, she grabs onto his ear and yanks until she is about to get up!  She sends him into the corner.

Gena:  She Leapfrogs over and wraps her legs around his neck.  She repeatedly thumps him in the face with her ass-ets! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! And she lets go, walking over to Kelli, who is ready for the tag!

Chad:  And Kelli is in!  We wait a moment for Kaos to get the stink off of him face and wake up from the daze.  He then walks over and tags in Mrs Right, who can’t help but chuckle a bit.

Gena:  That chuckle disappears as Kelli rushes at her, punches flying.  She’s ready for that get back from moments ago.  She dazes Mrs Right at first, but but Mrs Right clubs her across the back a few good times.

Chad:  Mrs Right lifts Kelli up and then nails a Clothesline From Hell!  She drops a knee to the chest of Kelli, and then goes for the cover.


Gena:  Kelli is determined.  She rolls over onto her stomach, and Mrs Right kneels down, locking in a Camel Clutch.  Kelli grabs for the ropes, but Mrs Right uses her strength to ground her there.

Chad:  Holly drops down and pulls Kelli to the ropes, where she latches on. The referee calls for the break, and Mrs Right obliges.  She lifts Kelli up, but Kelli hits several quick Shin Kicks.

Gena:  With Mrs Right distracted, Kelli is able to hit a Yakuza style kick to her gut.  She comes off of the ropes and nails a Dropkick that puts Mrs Right on the ground.  She sets Mrs Right up for a Figure 4.

Chad:  No!  She sets her up into a Figure 8!  Mrs Right has nowhere to go, and Holly is trying to keep Kaos at bay.  Kaos barrels right through Holly and breaks up the hold by pulling Kelli off.

Gena:  Kelli turns around and hits an elbow right to the side of his head!  She then shoves him toward his corner, telling him to obey the rules.  Holly whips him into his corner.

Chad:  Kelli turns around and gets Speared to the ground by Mrs Right.  She then lifts her up into a Double Handed Chokeslam, dropping her to the mat with a cover!


Gena:  Holly barely misses making the save when Kelli gets a shoulder up.  She turns over onto her stomach and pulls on the ropes.  She stands up, and Mrs Right whips her across the ring.

Chad:  As she comes back, Mrs Right goes for a Back Body Drop!  But Kelli lands on her feet!  As Mrs Right turns around, Kelli hits the Get Stuffed Drongo (Super Kick)!  Holly is right there to pull Kaos off the apron, jumping on his back as Kelli hooks the leg!


Crowd:  *POP!!!*

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and NEW Pride Tag Team Champions… Kelli Torres and Mz Holly Wood!!!

Holly drops off of Kaos’ back and grabs the belts.  She slides inside of the ring and hands one to Kelli.  It takes Kelli a second to join Holly who is jumping up and down, but she does.  She hugs onto Holly, who squeezes tightly in return.  Kelli’s music begins playing as they walk around the ring, holding the belts up and celebrating.

Cameras go backstage as we see a brawl between SCU and GRIME taking place. Eyesnsane is seen throwing Rory on top of Javi. Lard Raab and Samuel grab Eyesnsane by the throat for a double chokeslam but get stopped by Dax and Kaos.

Delia Darling walks down the hallway and sees the brawl between the two rosters.

Darling: Where is Celeste Nor’s?  You know, z’e GRIME Wrestler?

Celeste: Look, I’m tired of you starting problems with Jenifer and I. Now shut up and fist up unless you’re the one on the GRIME side.

Darling: Not my battle, but I can help if you like me to get you your GRIME Mask. You know, so you can get s’ings started?

Celeste and Darling start trading punches. Jenifer lets the two fight as she runs and hits Kittie with a running jump kick. Skag grabs Mason Fox and slams his face against a closed door that gets busted open.

Inside the room we see Masked GRIME wrestlers as they grab Mason and start a seven on one beat down. Skag grabs Jason Fox and throws him in the room for the Masked Wrestlers to handle as well.

Virginia and Mavis open the door of the Shepherds locker room to get ready to head to ringside for the Battle Royal, unaware of the brawl they turn to the hallway and see what’s going on. They turn around to go around but get surrounded by Angel of Filth, Helena Jeckel, Ruby, Queen of Apathy.

Filth: Where do you two think you're going.

Mavis: We have a match so move.

Filth signals for Apathy to attack first. She takes a step towards Virginia. Mavis swings her arm around and slaps Queen in the face but hands her face and slams it to the floor as Ruby and Helena jump Virginia and Filth leaps and tackles Mother Mavis before she can get to her feet. The tackle has Filth kick the back of Apathy’s head by mistake causing her nose to hit the wall causing her to start bleeding.

Jamie Staggs and Eric Weaver trade blows before Jamie gets attacked from behind by Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson. The two lift Jamie and drop him on top of a table that breaks. Holly Wood, and Coby Quik make it to the brawl and jump on top of the smaller crowd as both land a crossbody.

The numbers game starts to take a toll on SCU as GRIME outnumber the SCU stars 2 to 1 as the SCU women are unaware of the brawl and are making their way down to ringside for the Battle Royal.

All four Dying Breed members appear on screen. They go to join the brawl, as they pass the room where the Fox Brothers are getting attacked by the Masked GRIME wrestlers. Rainbow dashes out the room and spears Omasa from behind. Ivan and Andrew grab Cody and throw up to the wall.

As the brawl takes place a loud whistle is heard down the hallway. Everyone stops browsing to look to see Alex Rush with a really big 1980’s style boombox. He takes an old looking cassette tape and inserts it inside the tape deck.

Everyone goes back to brawling as Alex hits play on the boombox. Alex starts to dance as the song I Ran (So Far Away) By A Flock Of Seagulls starts to play. The cameras go back to the brawl as Alex is seen dancing in the background. As the song gets close to the chorus the cameras go back to Alex Rush. Alex keeps the cheesy dance going as he sings the chorus.

Alex: And you ran, you ran so far away! You just ran, you all night and day… You couldn’t get away!!!

Suddenly the ground shakes, the brawl stops as they look at Alex Rush only to see the two Rhinos charging everyone. Everyone tries to scratter as the camera goes back to Alex who keeps dancing. In the background we can hear screaming and yelling as everyone can’t get out of the way on time.

As this goes on, cameras cut away to go to ringside to start the Women’s Battle Royal Match.

Main Event
20 Women Battle Royal
Vacant Underground Championship

Angel Kash, Ariana Angelos, Celeste North, TV Champion Cordelia Clark, Dahlia Rotten, Delia Darling, Halo Annis, Kelli Torres, Krystal Wolfe, Linnea Lacroix, Melissa Ruin, Combat Champion Merlot Ayano, Michi, Morgan Clark, Mrs Right, Stacy Ruin, Valentina, Veronica Taylor

Chad:  And the action for the 20… erm… 18 Women Battle Royal for the vacant Underground Championship is apparently underway as the ring splits in half!

Gena:  No, not like last show, but the competitors split up to go after Dahlia Rotten, and Mrs Right and Michi!  I guess that says a lot about what a threat these three ladies are.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Dahlia begins clobbering Veronica Taylor, Angel Kash, Celeste North, Merlot Ayano, Krystal Wolfe, Ariana Angelos, and Halo Annis as they try to surround her.

Gena:  While everyone else goes after Mrs Right and Michi.  Delia gets chucked over the ropes and onto the apron, but she holds on.  Kelli Torres comes out next to Darling as they grab onto Mrs Right.

Chad:  Mrs Right kicks Valentina in the gut and then she tries to pull Kelli and Darling back inside of the ring.  However, Morgan and Cordelia Clark rush at her and Clothesline her over the ropes and to the outside!

Darlyn:  Mrs Right has been eliminated!

Gena:  Kelli and Darling step over to help Linnea, Melissa, and Veronica to pull her against the ropes.  Linnea hits a Dropkick as Kelli and Darling pull the ropes down, and…

Darlyn:  Michi has been eliminated!

Chad:  Kelli gets back inside, just narrowly avoiding a back elbow from Darling.  She steps back and points at her eyes, and then to Darling.  Morgan goes for a Shoulderbutt to Darling, but she moves and pulls Morgan out of the ring.

Gena:  On the other side of the ring, Dahlia is trying her best to hold everyone off, but she’s struggling here.  She clobbers Valentina, kicks Celeste, nails a Headbutt to Krystal…

Chad:  But as everyone comes over to her, she can’t help but become overwhelmed.  Kelli nails the final punch in a combo that helps turn the tide, and Dahlia crumbles to the outside!

Darlyn:  Dahlia Rotten has been eliminated!

Gena:  Melissa turns to Angel Kash and grabs her by the hair, tossing her halfway across the ring.  She starts to go over to her when Stacy charges up behind her.  She clubs Melissa’s back repeatedly.

Chad:  She gets Melissa down in the corner and begins stomping away at her.  She lifts her up and starts to dump her over the ropes when Veronica comes up behind and dumps Stacy over and out!

Darlyn:  Stacy Ruin has been eliminated!

Gena:  Stacy is not happy as she slides back inside of the ring.  Veronica backs up, waving her hands as she explains “it’s just business”.  But Stacy isn’t going after Veronica.  She tosses Melissa over and out, and she slides out to keep up the assault!

Darlyn:  Melissa Ruin has been eliminated!

Chad:  With Delia and Morgan are still trading blows back and forth.  Veronica comes up behind with the vacant belt and clocks Morgan with it!  Her and Delia roll Morgan back inside of the ring, as Veronica encourages Delia.

Gena:  But Veronica rolls under the ring as Delia does all of the lifting… and Veronica doesn’t come out… Go figure.  Delia begins lifting Morgan up, but Cordelia breaks away from the fray and her and Darling begin going back and forth, trading punching and kicks.

Chad:  Morgan is still out cold over there.  Linnea starts to pick her up until Ariana and Krystal begin double teaming Linnea.  They whip her into the ropes and hit a Back Body Drop to the outside, high fiving one another!

Darlyn:  Linnea LaCroix has been eliminated!

Gena:  Halo rolls to the outside and begins lifting up corners of the apron.  She makes it to the last one, and she pulls Veronica out from under, kicking and screaming.  She pulls her up to her knees and nails the Black 13!

Chad:  She gets Veronica back inside of the ring, and she drags her to her feet by her hair.  She then flips her over to the apron, and mudhole stomps her until she rolls off!

Darlyn: Veronica Taylor has been eliminated!

Gena:  We’re seeing pretty rapid eliminations here as these women vie for the vacated Underground Championship.  Not one woman in this match deserves eliminated more than Veronica.

Chad: *Cou-AngelKash-ugh* Sorry, I need a lozenge.  Kelli and Halo lock arms as they rush over to Ariana, who is focused on Celeste North, along with Krystal, as they throw punches and spinning kicks.

Gena:  They Clothesline Ariana right over the ropes and to the outside!

Darlyn:  Ariana Angelos has been eliminated!

Gena:  And just like that, Ariana’s dreams will live on in her head for another day.  Krystal moves out of the way of the double kicks, letting Celeste take them instead.  Celeste doubles over, and Halo and Kelli work on getting her back to her feet.

Chad:  Delia and Cordelia are still having a slugfest over in the corner, and neither one seems to be letting up.  Krystal joins Merlot to even the odds as Angel Kash and Valentina are working on beating her down.

Gena:  Krystal whips Angel around and hits a Headbutt right between the eyes.  She whips Angel into the ropes, but Angel does a Baseball Slide to the outside.  Krystal rushes toward her, and Angel smirks as she welcomes her.

Chad:  Don’t do it, Krystal.  Angel’s not worth it!  Don’t!

Crowd:  *POP!!!*

Chad:  Suicide Dive!  Through the ropes like a smart one!  And I think Angel is regretting that decision.  She is laid out, and Krystal is feeling it a little.  She takes a breather before going back inside of the ring to help Merlot with Valentina.

Gena:  Valentina fends off Merlot just enough to get out of the corner.  Krystal clobbers her from behind and begins stomping away.  Merlot joins the party, but something Val said must’ve gotten to her, because she’s taking over.

Chad:  Celeste ducks away from Kelli and Halo, only for Morgan Clark to rise up and grab onto her hair, tossing her over and out!

Darlyn:  Celeste North has been eliminated!


Gena:  Celeste is stomping around like a crazy person.  She glares inside of the ring before closing her eyes and taking a long, deep breath.  She turns and walks away, but you can tell she’s still a little salty about it.

Chad:  Angel Kash rolls back inside of the ring and grabs Morgan by the back of the head and gives her the exact same treatment Morgan just gave Celeste!

Darlyn:  Morgan Clark has been eliminated!

Gena:  8 ladies left!  We’ve got Merlot and Krystal working over Valentina, Halo and Kelli are moving in on Angel, and the Delia’s, never thought I’d say that, are battling it out over in the corner!

Chad:  But Cordelia looks like she’s getting the upper hand here.  She has Darling down in the corner, choking her with her boot.  Delia’s not giving up, like the legend that she is…

Gena:  Angel slides outside of the ring, and Merlot rips Valentina up and nails a Floatover Suplex.  Krystal sees Halo and Kelli rolling outside of the ring, and she joins them. She tries to avoid them, ducking a Clothesline from Kelli, and a Dropkick from Halo.

Chad:  But Krystal jumps out from behind the ring steps, looking for a Vaulting Body Press!  Angel is laid out, and Merlot tosses Valentina over the ropes and right on top of Angel!

Crowd:  *POPOPOP!!!!!!*

Gena:  I’m with them!  Valentina has been eliminated!  Krystal slides back inside of the ring as Delia is down and out.  Cordelia goes to lift her up, but Krystal tosses Cordelia up and over to the apron.

Chad:  Merlot wastes no time in rushing over and hitting a Superkick that sends Cordelia flying and into the barricade!!!

Darlyn:  Cordelia Clark has been eliminated!

Gena:  Krystal takes a bit of offense to that as she spins Merlot around and gets in her face.  The two share words until fists begin to fly, and the crowd goes wild.  Krystal soon becomes overwhelmed by the fists, naturally, and finds herself in the corner, blocking to the best of her abilities.

Chad:  Just as Merlot looks to be going for the knockout punch, Delia Darling pops up and flips Merlot outside of the ring!

Darlyn:  Merlot Ayano has been eliminated!

Gena:  Delia nails a Headbutt to Krystal, and… wait… Valentina isn’t eliminated!  She’s kicking her feet, making sure that they don’t touch the ground, and… Angel pulls out a table, and Val scoots onto it.

Chad:  She stands up and her and Angel slide inside of the ring.  Kelli and Halo rush at them!  Val ducks, but Angel is a second too late as Kelli sends her to the apron, kicking her until she falls back on the table!

Gena:  But she’s not eliminated!  Kelli slides outside of the ring and she kicks her in the gut, then nails a German Suplex off of the flattened table.  She maneuvers her body to slide the table back under the ring.

Chad:  She hangs there, batting Angel’s arms away as she flails, trying to get it.  Angel shouts for Val, who is going back and forth with Halo.  The distraction from the shouting causes Val to wind up thrown on top of Angel! 

Darlyn:  Angel Kash has been eliminated!

Gena: And she kicks her feet until she… What?

Chad:  Val uses her flexibility to hang from the barricade like a monkey or something.  She grabs onto it and stands on it.  She looks down at Angel, apologizing before jumping onto her chest, and then onto the apron!

Gena:  She tries to duck out of the way, when Delia tosses Kelli over the ropes and to the outside!

Darlyn:  Kelli Torres has been eliminated!

Chad:  Kelli comes right back inside of the ring, and she and Halo work over Darling for a moment before Krystal joins in.  Val whips Kelli around, only to get punched right in the face.  She falls back as Kelli, Krystal, and Halo eliminate Delia! But Krystal wastes no time in eliminating Halo as well!

Darlyn:  Delia Darling and Halo Annis have been eliminated!

Gena:  Krystal looks down at Valentina with disgust on her face, but also a bit of a smile, seeing her on the ground, crawling toward the corner with blood dripping from her nose.  She puts the back of her foot to Val’s head and kicks her down to the mat.

Chad:  Playing with your prey.  I get it.  She continues to do this while trash talking about her affiliation with Angel Kash.  Calling her a “Mean Girl Wannabe”.  She lifts her up and begins throwing punches, and Val’s nose continues to bleed.

Valentina:  Odelay, pinche puerca asquerosa…

Gena:  Val lifts Krystal up, trying to use that adrenaline rush of strength to dump Krystal, but she holds on and grabs onto Val’s hair, pulling it out of the signature ponytail.  Val screams in pain as Krystal literally hangs by her hair, feet hooked onto the apron for some support.

Chad:  Val waves her arms around, trying to find some relief.  Her screams bring about chuckles from the crowd who begin chanting at her.

Crowd:  Pinche puta!  Pinche Puta! Pinche Puta!

Gena:  Val catches hold of the ropes as Krystal chants along with the crowd.  Val screams even louder as she turns around and grabs hold of Krystal’s hair, pulling her back up onto the apron.  She begins waving Krystal around by her blue hair.

Chad:  But Krystal is doing the same.  She pulls Val onto the apron as the two get down in a straight up…. CAAAAAAAAAAAAATFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHTTT!!!

Gena:  Krystal breaks up the bitch fighting with a few stiff punches to Val, sending her down to the apron.  She stomps on her a few good times until Val catches one foot and trips her up.  Val tries to roll back under the ropes, but Krystal refuses to let her!

Chad:  This is so close, I can taste it!  Krystal sends Val to the outside… but no!  She uses her legs to hold on.  Krystal stomps at her legs until Val swings up and grabs onto Krystal’s tights to pull her right off and to the outside!!!

Darlyn:  Krystal Wolfe has been eliminated!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darlyn: Therefore… your NEW SCU Underground Champion is… Valentina!!!

The crowd continues to boo as “Boss Bitch” plays over the speakers.  Val takes the belt and begins prancing around the ring with it until she stops and begins wagging her head from side to side, talking trash to everyone in the stands that are booing her.  Her attitude is on fleek as she walks the perimeter of the ring until she makes it to Darlyn, and she demands a microphone.

Valentina:  ¿Qué pasa hijos de puta?  Now what do you say about Boss Bitches?  Good for nothing?  Hopeless?  Delusional?  What about now gorditaaaaaaaaas?  What’s good now? Huh?  I don’t hear you talking so big now.

Val flips her hair and then wipes the blood from her nose.  She props the title up on her shoulder and looks around.

Valentina:  I finally did it, bitches.  I am standing before you as your NEW… UNDERGROUND… CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

Angel slides inside of the ring, and while she’s taunting the crowd, she also tells Val to dial it back.

Valentina:  I told you pendejos I was going to win this title, and look at me.  I did it.  So no, no I will not dial it back.  I am doing what anyone else would have done if they had won this belt, chica.

Angel:  God, it’s JUST a battle royal, honey!  Why don’t we wait for that first title defense, which as we agreed, would obvs be me.  I mean… those were your words when you thought I was going to win it.

Val turns to Angel with a big grin.

Valentina: Okay, okay.  You’re on.  Next Underground, I’ll…

That comes to a halt as soon as SCU GM Lexa Pellegrini’s music plays over the speakers and the fans erupt into cheers.  Lexa is in no mood after the attack that took place earlier, and it’s written on her face.  However, she tries to be somewhat cordial as she raises the microphone to her lips.

Lexa:  You two really need to shut the fuck up.  You’re making my head hurt with this “We’re better than everyone, but I’m better than you Angel.”  “No, I’m better than you Valentina.”  Nobody cares!

Aaaaand she fails at being cordial.  But she takes a few more steps down the aisle.

Lexa: As the GM of SCU, I already have your first opponent set up for the next Underground, and it is the one and only lady on the SCU roster who wasn’t originally booked in this match, as in, not injured by those GRIME assholes earlier tonight.  After you defend against her, I don’t honestly care what you two do.  Have another defense.  That’s your prerogative.  But at least come prepared for Jenifer LaCroix in two weeks, little girl.

Lexa doesn’t even listen as Val protests, and she walks to the back.

Valentina:  Wait a damn minute, chickie.  I’m talking to you!  I’m your Underground Champion!

She growls into the microphone before throwing it to the outside angrily.  However, she continues to prance around with the belt, rubbing it in everyone’s faces as Angel watches with a sly smirk, clapping for Valentina. Lexa jogs up the rampway to head to the back as the camera goes outside to the back entrance. We see 11 ambulances with dozens and dozens of EMT’s as we see GRIME and SCU wrestlers being carried out on stretchers as the pre show goes off the air.