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SCU House Show April 9 Results
« on: April 09, 2021, 10:00:45 AM »

April 8th SCU/GRIME House Show
Event took place at the Saxon Hotel

Veronica Taylor vs. Ariana Angelos
Veronica would win this match by DQ. Veronica cheated for most of the match. Ariana held her own the whole time. A slow count allowing Vero to kick out at two has Ariana upset and arguing with the Ref. While the Ref turned her head, Vero pushed Ariana into the Ref, causing Ariana to nail the Ref with a headbutt. The Ref would then DQ Ariana for "attacking" a GRIME official. Ariana would lose her shits over this and pushed the Ref to the mat. Ariana, thinking twice, would leave it at that. She leaves the ring to head to the back.

In the Boiler room, we see Le Coven doing that witchy shit they be on at every show.

Celeste: Jenifer, it's your time to be the champion in SCU. Angel Kash will do anything she can to stop that. She knows she needs Valentina to be the champion so that she can take it from her. I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen. The title gets to come back to Le Coven once again.

Jenifer nods as she agrees…

We see Dorian and Javi playing a two on two game against Coby Quik and Earl Lockyer in the hotel's basketball courts. Filth had got wind that this game was taking place and went out to see for herself.

Filth: What the fuck is this shit?

Javi: You need to slow the fuck down wit that vato! We playin for money. We got $10,000 each on this game homez.

Filth: Where at war.

Javi: War cost money homez! Easy money.

Coby: What you mean! You're down by two.

Cody had said as Earl then shoots a long-range shot.

Coby: That's what's up!  Make that three points you're down.

Had it been anyone else, Filth would have raised hell, but because it's Javi and he has that pull, she storms out the courts more upset than usual.

Kaos vs Joshua Acquin
A DQ win for Joshua as the match was never able to start. After the bell rung, Eyesnsane rushed out as Kaos and Eyesnsane laid a two-on-one attack for a good 40 seconds before GRIME wrestlers rushed in to help. This then caused the rest of OTE to rush out. The brawl would then come to a quick end as Alex Rush had shown up with his 80's boombox. He stands on top of the rampway, hitting play on the tape deck. #NP Mambo #5 By Lou Bega.

The brawl will continue as Alex Rush does his Mambo dance. Max Burke will come out to hit Alex Rush from behind but would end up missing as Alex happens to take a side step at the same time with his Mambo dancing. Alex sees Max as Max turns to face Alex, who is still dancing. Max would swing and miss as Alex danced in a circle around Max. Max would swing again as Alex would end up grabbing his arm, swinging it left and right, dancing with Max before letting Max go swinging him away.

Max will get pissed and kick the boombox off the rampway, causing it to stop playing the music. Max rushes Alex but quickly back paddles as the Rhinos form out from the curtains. Max runs down the rampway as the Rhinos give chase. The other GRIME members feel the shaking on the ground and see it's time to bail, leaving OTE left laying in the ring from the outnumbered attack.

A segment backstage takes place as Pride Tag Team Champions Mz Holly Wood and Kelli Torres tells Gemma that Halo will be the third partner in their match with The Jeckels this Saturday night for the Hardcore Tag Team titles in the Wave Pool match. Just then, The Jeckels showed up, letting them know that…

Helena: It doesn't matter who comes out to face them. The results are always the same. The Jeckels are walking out as Champions.

Gemma then explains the rules of the match. A platform that is 10 feet by 10 feet will float on the wave pool as the waves try to get you off balance. Slide off the platform and into the water, and you're eliminated from the match. The first team to have all three into the pool will lose.

Kelli: I love Miss Annis, but knowing the rules, I should have picked Angel of Filth; the bitch can use a bath.

Helena: Your lack of respect for GRIME will give us that much more pleasure in beating you this Saturday.

Mz Holly Wood: More like, kiss them titles goodbye!

Jack: So you're supposed to be the funny one, I see. It would help if you worked on your jokes, however.

As more words get exchanged, and heated Gemma does her best to calm things down as the next match gets underway.

HB Carter vs Cyan
Carter and Cyan get a Double Countout after Kader and Ariana interfered in the match. Kader would show up first, but Ariana was right behind him to stop him from getting into the match. Cyan and Carter went outside the ring to help out their partners, causing a double count-out in the process. The two on two fight would continue on until SCU GM Lexa, and her security came out to put an end to the fight.

Backstage we see GRIME Masked members Light Blue and Indigo as they again let everyone know that they are gunning for the Hardcore tag titles and expect to be next in line after Underground Ep 90.

After that, cameras go to the GRIME Locker room. After what took place tonight, Max Burke lets his intentions know what he plans on doing to Alex Rush.

Eyesnsane vs Andrey
This match starts strong with both men going stiff on the other. The brawl Eyesnsane was in earlier starts to come into play. This gives Andrey the advantage and scores a pinfall on Eyesnsane.

After the match, GRIME Masked Celeste, Orchid, and Jade come out to attack Eyesnsane, but to everyone's surprise, Andrey gets in front of Eyesnsane to protect him. Jade calls off the attack as the three mask members head towards the back.

Backstage we see SCU GM Lexa telling Ariana that next week her match with Veronica will be a No DQ match, and to make sure everyone is fair, she's going to make sure an SCU referee will call the match. Of course, all Ariana heard was a No DQ match with Veronica, and all was good with the world once again.

We go to the SCUTorn as we see GRIME Nightmare Champion Omasa Tazu in her hotel room. She grabs her translation device to speak in English as she speaks into it in Japanese.

Omasa: Omasa will not be at show tonight. Already beat Filth, no one left to conquer in GRIME. The rest are trash. Hiding under colored masks like the weak bitches they are. Omasa refuses to have time wasted. Omasa will find worthy opponents. Not trash losers under masks like Rainbow. Rainbow, Jade, Light blue, all worthless trash. Omasa demands worthy fighters from GRIME. All masked wrestlers have been nothing more than losers from other companies or has been from SCW that are too old and never were that good, to begin with. Omasa will prove it, maybe go to SCW this Sunday and call out someone worthy, not that SCW has many or any for that matter. Omasa will find someone; anyone is better than GRIME trash. Omasa wanted Amy Marshall to join GRIME, someone worthy of fighting. But Amy is only wise HOF. She retired, not coming back, unlike others who wasted GRIME time like Vixen. What a joke, like rest of GRIME masked wrestlers.

Backstage cameras focus on Masked Rainbow…

Rainbow: I see Omasa refused to be on tonight's show. How sad she's in the building. She has a suite on the upper floors… Never mind, I would talk to you one on one, but you don't deserve it, so if your English is too broken to understand this, too bad. I'm going to find you; I'm going to make you regret ever signing to SCU. I'm in no rush to do it as I have all the time to wait. But the longer I wait, the worse it's going to be for you, Omasa… For now, I'm going to give Filth a match since you're too pussy to do it.

Main Event
GRIME Nightmare Contendership Match
Rainbow vs. Angel Of Filth

This match went to the very end. A time limit draw. Rainbow was lumping on one leg as Filth had her left eyelid and left nostril busted open. The match was brutal yet had its share of traditional wrestling. In the end, the two hated GRIME Women left the ring with the crowd stopping for them as they clapped to show respect.