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Underground Ep. 84 (Results)
« on: February 15, 2021, 12:56:56 AM »

Live 11:59 pm pst, Feb. 13th, 2021 at the Cox Pavilion
All segments are due to the “Underground” account by Friday 11:59pm pst, Feb, 12th 2019. EVERYONE is encouraged to submit one.

Cupid’s Lethal Lottery

2021 Valentine's day just minutes away from the start of the SCU Ep 84. The bosses decided to have a good ole Sin City lethal lottery night. Cupid is coming to Las Vegas once again. Like SCU Ep 14 Cupid is back to select two people at random to form a tag team for the day. Together they will take on two others Cupid decides should be tag team partners for one night.

Because of reasons, GRIME GM Gianna has signed Omasa Tazu and Hitamashii to defend the GRIME Nightmare Championships in a tag team match. In exchange for taking a match booking away from Cupid. Rumor is, Cupid himself will be marrying two people.

As always Cupid will decide who gets to dance in the ring with the champions.

The show will have at least 4 tag team matches and the two title matches. SCU may book more but for now, we have 6 matches in total. If Cupid books any of the TV Champions, then their title will also be on the line, BUT will only lose the title if the champion is the one to lose the tag team match. That however will include the match ending in a DQ or Countout!

Saved the best for last. When Cupid decides who will team with who. Cupid will be booking GRIME and SCU in the matches. So a match can be of any wrestler from any locker room. 


The camera moves up to the rooftop to see a heated enclosure where we see people going in and out with white flowers and seating inside.  There are at least 20 people going in and out on rotation.

The camera switches back inside of the Saxon Hotel.  In one of the master suites, we see a dress on a mannequin.  There is a bottle of iced champagne sitting on the vanity, and we see Veronica Taylor standing in front of the mirror.  She scoffs and looks at her watch.

Veronica:  I can’t believe they’re late.  I’m going to see to it that they’re fired…

Veronica sets her makeup out in order when there is a knock on the door.  She shakes her head and sets out a few makeup brushes before shouting back behind her.

Veronica:  COME IN!!!

The door opens up and we see Angel Kash and Valentina walking inside.  Veronica spins around and stares at the two entering.

Veronica:  Um, did you two get lost? This is a private suite for my wedding, thanks.  Dismissed.

Angel:  Oh, honey, do not dismiss me.

Valentina:  Your husband hired us to help you, because the company you hired backed out after hearing your “reputation”. But don’t worry.  We’ll make you flawless.

Veronica rolls her eyes.

Veronica:  Too late.  But that’s big shoes to fill.  What are your credentials?

Val puts down her bag and then wafts her hand around her face as if to say “this”.  She unpacks a few tools herself and begins going to work on Veronica’s face, while Angel stands by idly, not wanting to get her hands “dirty”.

Valentina:  You are going to look so damn boss, baby.  And I’m going to paint that face to go down in infamy, chica.

Veronica:  You better, or else I’ll have your damn head.

Val looks over to Angel, who offers a smirk in return.  She goes back to work.

Off-Camera Director: And now a word from our sponsor...!

An old fashioned commercial set from the 1950's, complete with podium and a backdrop with the brand product "Sh!t Don't Stink" detergent filling the background. And right there standing behind the podium is former two-time SCU Television Champion and undefeated Pride Tag Team Champion, Helluva Bottom Carter, dressed in a 1950's style business suit complete with oversized bow tie and a goofy grin plastered on his kisser.

Oh, and did we mention everything is completely in black and white?

Off-Camera Director: From Ted E. Bahr Productions! In conjunction with Krystal Wolfe’s YouTube/Twitch channel, the only place where accidentally killing someone is seen as a good thing!

Voice-Over: troubles by filth?
And before you blink!
Get rid of GRIME!
With Sh!t Don't Stink!

Canned studio applause.

HBCarter: Hello friends of the SCUniverse! I am here today to discuss with you the virtues of Shit Don't Stink…

Off-Camera Director: Erm, excuse me? Carter? I think you may have mispronounced the product.

HBCarter: Uh, I *THINK* I know how to pronounce it! It's right here…

He points back over his shoulder at the banner behind him.

HBCarter: And right here!

He picks up the pink, plastic bottle with a singing Bubble front and center on the label. he shows it to the camera and cheesy smile inserted right here.

HBCarter: Shit Don't Stink…

Off-Camera Director: Look closer, Carter. It's Sh!t Don't Stink.

HBCarter: And how exactly am I supposed to pronounce the ! in Sh!t, hm?

Off-Camera Director: Just like you just did.

HBCarter: Oh…

He again looks at the camera and holds the bottle up with one hand and Vanna White's it with the other.

HBCarter: Friends, are you bothered by filth never ending? Does GRIME creep up where it's least expected and never wanted? Are you simply sick and tired of finding GRIME in your face, no matter which way you turn and it is just never ending, going on forever…

He huffs and rolls his eyes.

HBCarter: And forEVER? Well then, have I got the product for you! Sh!t Don't Stink is the latest miracle detergent to get rid of unwanted GRIME! Easy for use to make GRIME go vamoose! Observe…

Carter draws over a panel to his side, with a big grease stain on the glass that spells GRIME. He pours some of the Sh!t Don't Stink onto a hand towel and he turns and begins to wipe away at the stain and...


In a shower of sparkles and soap bubbles, the word GRIME just disappears! Carter claps a hand on his cheek, eyes and mouth wide open in amazement.

HBCarter: A-mazing! And it doesn't end there! You can use it in your automatic dish washer, and even to clean the filthy GRIME stains from your unmentionables!

We switch to the setting of a 1950s apartment with a clothes washer. Carter stands in front of the washer with a laundry basket piled high with clothes. He smiles for the camera.

HBCarter: You won't believe your eyes with the miracles of Sh!t Don't Stink! It can clean any GRIME stain!

He picks up various garments ranging in colors with GRIME stains and tosses them into the clothes washer as he does so...

HBCarter: Even hideous colors such as Cyan are no match for Sh!t Don't Stink! They just wash away that filth so you never have to see it again!

He tosses the final piece of dirty undergarments into the washer. He turns the bottle of detergent upside down and pours the ENTIRE contents into the washer, slams the lid shut and turns it on. he turns back to the camera with that smile and arms held out.

HBCarter: It's just that easy! Now I know you're asking yourself, can I handle such large loads of GRIME? Where one filthy piece of GRIME goes, there's always more right there! How do I face such dirty adversity? Well I am glad you asked friends! With our product, and a little hard effort, you too can end the tyranny that GRIME wreaks on you each and every week…

A massive amount of soap bubbles begins to rise from the lid of the washer, distracting Carter...

HBCarter: And... uh ... Before you know it, GRIME will be a ... be a thing of the past... oh dear…

And suddenly we are right back in the backstage hallway of the Cox Pavilion, and in color to boot! Ariana Angelos and Krystal Wolfe are walking side by side...

Krystal: Is Carter finished yet? The show is just getting good!

Ariana: I don't know! I'd love to team again but I know he has his heart set on the TV... OH!

The door they approach swings open and the entire room is LITERALLY filled with soap bubbles flooding out into the hall!

Krystal: What the...!?

And through the tidal wave of bubbles emerges one arm, then another -- followed by a soap soaked Carter: He spits and wipes the suds from everywhere on his body before he turns to a disbelieving Krystal and Ariana...

HBCarter: I had some trouble with my promo!

Darlyn: This first match is a Lethal Lottery tag team match. At this time, please turn to the SCUTorn…

What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis starts to play as the SCUTron turns on. We see Grandy Fox, Cupid Fox dressed up as Cupid for this years Valentine’s special. Cupid smacks the hand of a makeup artist applying the finishing touches.

Cupid: It’s fine, shoot away.

Cupid turns to look at the camera.

Cupid: Happy Valentine's day…

Cupid pauses for a second.

Cupid: Esther Azarov!

The crowd boos as “Problem” by Natalia Kills begins to play over the speakers.  Red and white lights flash and alternate across the dim lighted ringside area.  The cheering turns to boos when Sister Ester walks out onto the stage with Red by her side.  She has on a denim jacket over a black bustier and matching bottoms along with black boots and knee pads.  She wraps Red’s arms around her before playing with the long strand of beads around her neck.

Liam:  On her way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is 5’3” and weighed in today at 113lb.  She represents G.R.I.M.E. she is Sister Esther!!!

She grims as she leans up and tilts Red’s mask up just enough to kiss his lips.  She looks devious when she brings his hands down to her thighs.  She then begins laughing and she skips down the ramp while teasing the crowd and sticking her tongue out at them.  She prances to the naughty music until she gets to the steps.  She runs up them as Red climbs to the apron.  He holds them open for her and she enters. She prances around to the beat before coming to a corner to get one last kiss from Red. Esther looks up at the SCUTron.

Cupid: Now Esther, we all know who you want as your Valentine. I’m here to deliver her to you now. Happy Valeintne’s day to… Virginia Putnam!

Esther shouts towards the SCUTron, not happy with her partner choice.

The white light flashes across the stage when "Breathe Into Me" by Red comes on the speakers. The lights begin to flash out onto the crowd as Virginia comes out of the curtains. Virginia points at the tron letting Mertha know how she feels about this pairing.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 130 pounds she is Virginia Mae Putnam!!!

Virginia holds up the Good Book into the air and points to it and then she walks down the ramp. The fans reach out to touch her and she pulls out her cross necklace and holds it out to ward their demonic presence away.  She slides into the ring and puts her necklace back but keeps showing off the Good Book. She walks to all corners of the ring and watches the fans boo her and then she stops in the center of the ring and falls to her knees, looking up at the ceiling and the light shines down on her and she praises Him. Esther smacks Virginia's hands as the two start shouting at each other. Jade, the ref for this match has to get between them.

Cupid: Look, it’s like two 6 year olds saying the other has cooties as a way to show the love they have for each other… But now, who will they face off against. How about someone everyone loves, Halo Annis!!! 

Darlyn:  On her way next, from Hollywood Hills, CA, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 144lb, she is… Halo Annisssss!!!!!!!!!

Life of Agony’s “Lost At 22” starts up to a pop as Halo comes out the curtain with a burst of excitement. She makes her way up the steps and slips through the ropes. Halo gets to the middle of the ring smiling as the crowd chants her name loudly.

Cupid: Now Halo needs a great built hunk of a partner, the type of man that would make Halo’s opponents wish they could have such a beast by there side… Happy Valentine’s Day to Andrey Azaroz!!!

The lights flash around the audience as they wait for the arrival of the next star.  The word "intoxicating" flashes over the screen and stage in many colors and fonts to the beat of the music.  Just then, “Intoxicating" by Infected Rain plays over the speakers as Andrey comes out onto the stage. The ladies in attendance "ooh" and "ahh" at his appearance as he bounces his pecs. He points at Cupid shaking his head almost wanting to laugh.

Liam:  Representing GRIME Wrestling, under the Red Mask, from Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia, he is the Siberian Shadow Cyclone… Andrey Azarov!!!

Andrey slowly moves down the rampway, drawing in the admiration, jealousy, and hate. Once down at ringside, he jogs up the ring steps. Esther walks over to her husband, they meet for a kiss. Esther gets told to head back to her corner by Jade as we wait for the bell to start the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Andrey and Esther are standing inside of the ring.  Andrey folds his arms across his chest, refusing to fight his wife.  Meanwhile, Esther is warming up, taunting her husband.  She jogs up to him and hits a right cross to his face!

Rob:  Andrey takes it like a champ, and just stands there, holding in the pain from the former Combat Champion’s punch.  She leans up into his face and taunts him.

Esther:  Come on, pussy!  Fight me! You know you wanna hit me!

Andrey:  NYET!

Gena:  Halo sneaks in a tag and climbs inside while Esther is distracted.  She hits a Right Cross to Esther, making her stumble backward.  The two former Combat Champions begin trading powerful punches!

Rob:  Halo gets the upper hand and backs Esther into the corner.  Jab! Jab! Knee! Left hook! Uppercut!NO! Esther ducks out of the way and rolls to her corner to get a tag!

Gena:  But Virginia steps off the apron, shaking her head a she shouts out at Esther.

Ginny:  Don’t touch me, you disgusting, heathenous devil whore!!!

Esther:  Oh yeah?  You’re no Queen of Virtue yourself, father fucker!!!

Rob:  Ginny reaches up and slaps Esther.  Does that count as a tag?  Apparently not, because the tag rope wasn’t in play, under SCU rules!

Gena:  Esther climbs out of the ring and the two begin fighting with one another, and it quickly turns into hair pulling.  They catfight around the ring as Andrey steps down to get between them.  He tries to break them apart.

Rob:  But Ginny slaps him hard across the face!  And Esther slaps Ginny across the face, not once, not twice, but thrice!

Gena:  I honestly think this match is the opposite of what Cupid wanted!  Halo just watches on and shakes her head.  She holds her hands up and exits the ring.

Halo:  I ain’t getting mixed up in that mess…

Rob:  Halo walks up the rampway as Ginny and Esther continue to duke it out. The ref shouts multiple times at them, but they just don’t listen.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  This match has been thrown out due to misconduct on both sides…

Crowd:  Booooooooo!!!

Security is quick to break up the fight, leading Ginny kicking and screaming up the rampway.



Esther tries to go after Ginny, but Andrey and two security guards stop her from budging.

Cameras focus on The Monstimals who aren't sure if they will be booked for their matches today. Still, even if they weren't with Samuel's dreams of being a longer GRIME Nightmare Champion than he had and Lord Raab's quest of winning every single title in GRIME by capturing the Uncensored TV title, it didn't stop Henry from appearing with Samuel and Lord Raab. Before he can do that, Raab snatches the microphone away from Henry because the one strength Lord Raab has over Henry was the language he's about to speak in, mainly to address someone he wanted to mentor and guide to the top. Lord Raab speaks.

Lord Raab: "Ich entschuldige mich dafür, dass ich dich ignoriert habe, Skag, aber ich war letzte Woche nicht in der Stimmung, das anzusprechen, was du vor ein paar Wochen gesagt hast, weil ich und Samuel in den letzten Wochen nicht respektlos waren. Meine Muttersprache ist auch nicht Englisch, aber ich denke, Sie haben das bereits herausgefunden und ich würde Ihnen gerne helfen, die Sprache besser zu sprechen."

Lord Raab nodding to himself, with Henry looking on a piece of paper with Samuel on what he had said, although Lord Raab wrote it for them before he addressed the comments and for the first time, he was going to talk longer than usual. He continues as Henry flicked the paper over.

Lord Raab: "Komisch ist, dass ich auch niemandem vertraue, nachdem Goth mich in den Rücken gestochen hat und nicht gedacht hat, dass ich das muss. Du bist zwar anders, weil du vielleicht nicht wie ein Monster oder ein Tier aussiehst, aber du hast das harte Zeug wie sie und du hast einen Killerinstinkt, wenn du mit The Monstimals zusammenarbeitest, das ist was du brauchst. Verrückt zu sein ist genau das, was The Monstimals bewältigen können. Mit meiner Anleitung wirst du es schaffen, ein fantastischer Wrestler und der nächste deutsche Meister des GRIME Wrestlings zu sein."

Raab takes a breather, smiling underneath the mask of finally being able to speak German to someone who understands him. Samuel and Henry, after reading the notes, Raab wrote to understand him nodded. He speaks again.

Lord Raab: "Deshalb möchte ich, dass du dich The Monstimals anschließt, Skag, weil ich dir helfen kann, besser zu werden. Sicher, Sie haben kürzlich Spiele verloren, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass Sie mich nicht beeindruckt haben, weil Sie es getan haben. Ich liebe das halb bemalte Gesicht, das du auf deinem Gesicht hast und das dich mysteriös macht. Wir können dir helfen, ein bösartiger Wrestler zu sein, weil wir sehen können, dass du eine Menge Potenzial hast, eines Tages ein Champion wie ich, Samuel und mein Zwillingsbruder zu sein. Ich habe nie jemandem geholfen, außer mir selbst, meinem Zwillingsbruder und Samuel, und es ist Zeit zu ändern, dass ich für Sie und Ihre Wrestling-Karriere von Vorteil sein kann."

Raab relaxes without the sight of anger, although he was, but not with Stag which Henry will address in a minute and Lord Raab speaks for the last time after Henry and Samuel turn the last piece of paper over.

Lord Raab: "Ich höre Ihre Bedenken, dass ich Sie wie ein Spielzeug behandeln werde, aber ich werde es nicht tun, weil es nicht genug deutsche Wrestler gibt, die in unser Geschäft eintreten. Ich liebe dich, Sicherheit ist dir egal, denn das ist eine andere Sache, die wir gemeinsam haben. Wenn ich woanders ringen würde, würde ich immer noch verletzt ringen, weil der Schmerz mich zum Kampf ermutigt. Ich habe immer noch Narben, Knochenbrüche und Glas, die aus einem bestimmten Grund in mir stecken. Ich möchte Sie aus Gründen, die ich bereits zuvor gesagt habe, immer noch als Teil unseres Teams haben. Außerdem hätte ich kein Problem, wenn Angel of Filth sich uns anschließen möchte. Wir werden keine Probleme haben, Sie mit offenen Armen bei The Monstimals willkommen zu heißen, seit Sie zugestimmt haben, und ich liebe es, dass Sie sich mit uns zusammenschließen, wenn wir für ein Spiel in den nächsten Wochen oder sogar heute Abend gebucht werden, da es sich um zufällige Partner für Spiele handelt."

Raab tosses the microphone over to Henry who nods at the things Raab wrote on paper for him and Samuel to understand and Henry goes to say this.

Henry Losak: "Thank you, Raab. Now let's get back to matches tonight. We don't know if Raab or Samuel are booked to wrestle tonight. Still, Samuel's goal at least will be capturing the GRIME Nightmare title, while Lord Raab's goal is to be HOF for GRIME Wrestling, since he was the wrestler of the year last year, but knows he wants to capture the Uncensored TV title before doing so. We are sick and tired of The Monstimals, sitting on the sidelines as we mentioned when there are so many things we can do, especially when Skag agreed to be apart of our team, well more that Raab invited him and he's never done that in his life. That says a lot on how much he values Skag."

Henry nodded, feeling slightly better for speaking again, although it's nice to hear Raab speaking for once as both Raab and Samuel signal for titles around their waist.

Henry Losak: "I hope GRIME Wrestling bosses have been listening to every word I said last week because as Raab said in German, he's still pissed off on sitting on the sidelines, waiting to wrestle because there's nothing he wants to do than to rip out the throats of every enemy he comes across. Same with Samuel as well who's as angry as Raab is. Samuel needs to wrestle to get himself in GRIME Wrestling title contention; especially he has beaten Hitamashii many times before. Max Burke shouldn't even be getting a rematch as he's held the title way too long. If they aren't booked tonight, looks like they'll take action into their own hands to interrupt matches and show the world they aren't tolerating disrespect anymore for their lack of being booked in matches. They want to be here; they want to wrestle, even if they want individual goals right now."

Henry, along with the guys, nodded in the background, punching the wall due to showing how pissed off they are and will do anything to get themselves involved in matches. Henry speaks for the last time.

Henry Losak: "We rethought the process of going for the Hardcore tag titles and we will when Skag joins us, making history of having the first-ever German team in GRIME Wrestling, SCU and SCW to be champions in Skag and Lord Raab. Raab imagines that dream happening, and it can happen. However, regarding tonight, I know they will win their matches either as a team, on opposite ends or even in different teams they could be tonight, even with the stupid lottery draw. They will win Uncensored TV and GRIME Nightmare title separately because they worked too long and hard for the opportunity not to go to waste or even Lord Raab and Skag being happy to go for the Hardcore Tag Belts tonight. Who knows what will happen tonight. Prepare to be dominated by The Monstimals."

Henry pats Samuel and Lord Raab on their shoulders, signalling them to walk with Henry as they do, leaving the notes written in English on the things Raab addressed in German on the floor as the show goes to a commercial break before the SCU Underground show comes back on screen with the cameras going elsewhere in the arena.

Liam: This second match is a Lethal Lottery tag team match!

The SCUTron turns on again. We see Cupid pointing her arrow at the screen.

Cupid: Who shall be the next two to get hit by my arrow of love… Well of course, the one Lord Raab!

Liam: On the way to the ring, Lord Raab!!!

Monster by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain wearing his red and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Masked German Monster on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and wears a black and red stripy mask and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for who his partner is.

Cupid: Lord Raab, if there is anyone worthy of being your partner on this wonderful day, it would be… Jack Jeckel!!!

Lord Raab shakes his in disapproval. Jack comes out doing the same.

Liam:  Coming to the ring from Transylvania, Romania, standing at 6'2" and weighing in at 250lb, he is... Jack Jeckel!!!

Smoke and fire cover the stage Raisa emerges from the flames and smokes followed the Jeckels, she leads them to the ring, they walk slowly, Helena slides under the ropes, Jake steps through the ropes and sits in the corner, Jack leans through the ropes, placing his hands on Jack's shoulders, Helena sits by the ropes and rocks back and forth

Cupid: So who will take on the two Hardcore men of GRIME? How about the SCU TV Champion Cordelia Clark!!!

The radio version of "Sucker" by Charli XCX hits the PA system and Cordelia Clark steps through the curtains, instantly drawing some boos from the crowd.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Princeton, NJ standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 125lb, she is… Cordelia Clllllllllllark!!!

She starts to walk down the ramp, obviously confident in her self-proclaimed, prodigious abilities. She has a smirk on her face as she gets to the ring, obviously enjoying whatever reaction she's getting from the fans. When she enters the ring, she finally acknowledges the "haters" with a 'hush' signal, which only serves to incite them to boo her louder. Cordelia has a laugh to herself at this, as she starts to focus on her match and the song fades.

Cupid: Ad for her partner… Who better then Darling!!!

Cordelia doesn’t seem bothered by who her partner is for this match. But not overly excited either.

“Nightmare” by Halsey plays over the speakers. The lights in the arena dim down slightly. Pink and white lights flash upon the stage as the curtains are shoved aside. The fans boo loudly as Delia Darling steps out, wearing a sparkling pink dress. She flips her hair back and smirks as she saunters halfway down the ramp.

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring from Paris, France she is… Delia Darling!!!

Delia reaches down and tears away the bottom of the dress to reveal a one-piece suit. She tosses the dress portion out into the crowd. She looks from side to side before she darts under the bottom rope. She slowly walks to the center before looking around. She pauses dramatically before striking a pose for the cameras flashing. She walks around the ring, standing in the corner to start the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  Lord Raab turns around and punches Jack Jeckel in the face.  Jack nearly tumbles off of the mat as Lord Raab turns to look right at Cordy.  She looks a little intimidated.

Gena:  I wouldn’t say that.  I’d say she’s shitting her pants, but she would never admit it.  She backs up slightly, and tags in Delia.

Darling:  Are you fucking kidding moi?!?

Cordelia:  You’re the SCW Hall of Famer!  Show it off!

Ada:  Delia glares at Cordy, and slowly climbs in through the ropes.  She looks across at Lord Raab, and she tries for the surprise, charging at him.


Gena:  And Raab goes down!!!  Before Darling even gets to him, because Jack smashes a forearm across the back of Raab’s head.  He then begins stomping on Raab, and Darling joins him!

Ada:  Jack glares at her, and she puts her hands up and backs away a couple steps.  Jack picks Raab up, and Raab shoves him.  They trade blows, as the referee tries to get between them.

Gena:  Delia and Cordy share a look and Cordy gets inside of the ring.  They carefully approach Raab and nail a Double Low Blow on him! Delia rolls him up, and Cordy helps hold on!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners… Delia Darling and Cordelia Clark!!!

Cordy and Delia give each other a high five, before realizing they don’t like each other very much and they walk off, leaving Jack to laugh at Raab in the ring.

In another suite with a perfect view of the Las Vegas cityscape, we see Gianni Di Luca in his suit, as Javier Gonzalez helps straighten up every detail of the tuxedo, but he doesn’t look very happy about this.

Javier:  Yo, mang, why you got me up in here doing this shit instead of booking me in a match? Waste of talents.

Gianni looks at the reflection in the mirror and clicks his teeth as he makes finger guns at himself.  He turns slightly to look at Javi.

Gianni:  What do ya mean?  Ya mean to tell me ya don’t like the idea of getting paid?  Only this time, ya not gettin’ ya ass kicked to get that check.

Eric:  Ohhhhh!  Damn, bro.  He’s not wrong about that.  But, I seriously would like to know why I’m here.

Javier:  It ain’t for security, homes.  You know you get your ass kicked way more than I do, because half of those times was by me.

Eric:  I’ll kick your ass right now.

Gianni looks at both of them and pulls out his checkbook.  He scratches something on one check, and then on a second.  He rips them out and hands them over to Javi and Eric respectively.

Eric:  What are these for?

Gianni:  For knockin’ it the fawk off. I’m kinda short on friends these days, and...

Javier:  What you mean “and…”

Gianni looks as a man brings in a rack with two more suits on it.  Eric and Javier laugh at the idea, knowing instantly what it is.

Eric:  Short on groomsmen, I take it?  That check does look nice enough for me to go along with it.  And I get it.  I’m a good looking guy, who would do great in your wedding album, but what about this guy?

Eric juts his thumb back at Javi, who laughs mischievously as he wraps an arm around Eric.

Javier:  Ey, homes.  Sounds like your case of pinche puta came baaaack… You mad because I’m gonna introduce your sister to Mister Pingaaaaaa… Bro, chill, chill.  Look.  I just got one question for you.

Eric:  Does it involve putting on a mask to screw me out of another title?

Javier:  Won’t be the last time I screw over a Weaver…

Eric bites his bottom lip, ready to say something until Javi cuts him off with his question.

Javier:  How does Becky feel about you claiming she is into bums?  You saying she’s not good enough for a sexy hijo de puta?  Maaaaan, you must not like your sister very much, dag.

Eric:  I never said… You’re twisting my… Fuck you!

Javi and Eric look as if they’re going to come to blows, but Gianni pushes the rack between them.  He takes the checks from them one at a time and puts them in his pocket.

Gianni:  Ya get this after, to make sure ya cooperate and don’t screw things up.  Can ya keep it together that long?

Javi and Eric mumble under their breath as they start getting into their suits, and Gianni nods his head.  He goes back over to the vanity and picks up a bottle of champagne and skips the glass as we go elsewhere.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see SCU/SCW Bombshell Krystal Wolfe talking with three Go Gym trainees, Caleb Storms’ wife Katie, the French student Adrienne and the Texan student Caitlin.

Katie: Thanks again for getting us backstage passes for Underground Krys.

Krystal: Hey after you three got tossed around by Tempest earlier it was the least, I could do! I would’ve invited Josh, but he’s still traumatized from his sparring match with Fenris!

Adrienne: That poor man may never recover from his nightmares!

Caitlin: So, how long before he becomes the next Caleb Storms?

Katie: Speaking as his wife, I’d say not long.

Krystal: I thought you were going to say “nothing can top Caleb’s fear of Fenris” for a second there.

Katie shrugs her shoulders.

Katie: If I weren’t present for Josh’s sparring match with Fenris I’d say that, but since I was present for that I can say that it won’t be long.

Before the three women can continue chatting, they are approached by Dev, or more specifically he approaches Krystal.

Dev: Krys, can I get your thoughts on tonight’s Lethal Lottery tournament?

Adrienne: Literally anyone except Ruby!

Caitlin: Or Tempest!

Krystal gives the two trainees a mock annoyed look.

Caitlin: What? You told us that on the way over!

Adrienne: Oui, in that order as well!

Krystal: Keep it up ladies and I might see if Gabriel’s interested in booking an intergender sparring match against Fenris!

Adrienne and Caitlin quickly shut up before Krystal turns to Dev.

Krystal: As for the tournament, aside from the two already mentioned, I don’t care who I get paired with, except maybe Veronica but that’s a big maybe! 2021 hasn’t gotten off to the best start for me but tonight is about redemption and any team that’s put in my way will be put down by the Down Under Thunderbomb courtesy of Krystal Wolfe!

Dev walks off as the scene fades.

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Re: Underground Ep. 84 (Results)
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Darlyn:  The following contest is another Lethal Lottery Tag Team Match!

Cupid appears on the screen, polishing up an arrow before her eyes fall on the screen and she chuckles.

Cupid:  Oh hello, and welcome back.  I’ve got my sights set on young lovers, needing to rekindle.  First up, welcome.  Tim Staggs! Or Shepherd!

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding.  It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena.  The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Liam: On his way to the ring from Las Vegas, NV, standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 195lb, he is representing the Church of the Good Shepherds…. Tim… Shepherd!!!

And the boos become louder.  Tim runs out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up.  He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage.  He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse.  He walks down the ramp as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them.  He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. He gets inside of the ring and slowly spins around before settling in a corner and waits for the match to start.

Cupid:  And I know Americans love to keep it in the family.  Besides, what’s wrong with two consenting cousins? It was how the modern world was founded.  Please welcome, Skag!

“The End (Bury Me Down)” by End of Green starts to play around the minute mark over the speakers as a yellow glow is cast over the audience, forming two X’s and a stitched mouth.  The crowd begins booing as we look over at the entryway to see the silhouette of Skag, leaning back as far as he can, with his pet rat on his head.  Once the music picks up, he moves like a stiffened zombie up to a standing position as the spotlight shines on him.

Liam:  Entering the ring, from Frankfurt, Germany, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 177lb, he is… Skag!!!

Skag puts Hecate on his shoulder as he walks down to the ring, a violin and bow in his hands.  He looks directly at the ring, focusing his intent of madness on it.  He jumps onto the apron and quickly climbs inside.  He raises Hecate up in the air before turning and handing her off to a reluctant crew member.  He sheds his black jacket and kicks it to the side as he moves from side to side to loosen up.

Cupid:  And for the love of God… Father Gerald Shepherd!

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding.  It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena.  The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Liam: On his way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma he is 6'6" and weighed in this morning at 275lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds he is Father Gerald Shepherd!

And the boos become louder.  Gerald runs out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up.  He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage.  He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse.  He walks down the ramp as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them.  He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. He gets inside of the ring and slowly spins around before settling in a corner and waits for the match to start.

Cupid:  Speaking of young love, allow me to introduce part two of the equation… Alexis Staggs!

"Unbreakable" by Fireflight starts to play in the sound system and a video montage of some of Alexis Edwards memorable moments appears on the screen. Seconds into the music, Alexis appears from behind the curtain, standing at the top of the ramp and throwing her hands in the air as her music plays, and the crowd now cheers her on.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 5'5" and weighing in at 120lb, she is... Alexis Staggs!!!

She looks around the crowd and smiles before she starts making her way to the ring, high fiving and slapping hands along the way. Once to the ring she slides in under the bottom rope and jumps back to her feet. She jumps up to the second turnbuckle, throwing her hands in the air to another round of cheering from the crowd before she jumps back down as her music dies down. She stares back towards Tim and Gerald with rage in her eyes.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Cupid has a thing for pitting couples against each other tonight.  Alexis is staring on as Gerald steps up.  He puts a hand on Alexis’ shoulder to let her know he’s got this.

Ada:  Somehow, she’s annoyed by that and shoves his hand off of her.  The referee counts that as a tag since Alexis has the tag rope.  Tim stands in the corner and he’s ready to go.  He jogs around, circling Alexis.

Chad:  Skag cackles as he cheers Alexis and Tim on in German.  Tim slaps Alexis on the behind and ducks as she turns around to stare daggers at him.  He shrugs his shoulders.

Alexis:  I’m not fighting you!  I refuse…

Tim:  Then tag Gerald back in.  I came to fight the good fight!


Ada:  Alexis shakes her head from side to side.  Tim pats the side of Alexis’ face, trying to goad her on.  Her face is turning red, like a lobster.  She turns around and slaps Gerald across the face.

Chad:  Gerald and Tim meet up in the center of the ring.  Gerald towers over Tim, but Tim is prepared to buck up.  He gets into a fighting stance, when Gerald points over at Skag.

Ada:  Without hesitation, Tim walks over and tags in Skag.  Skag jumps inside.  He rushes at Gerald, who stiffens up, and Skag bounces off of him like a brick wall.

Chad:  He picks Skag up and throws him over the top ropes!  Tim gets back inside of the ring, as does Alexis.  Alexis walks up to Gerald and points at Skag.

Alexis:  Fight the fucking match so we can get this thing over with!

Gerald:  I’ll do what I darn well please, little lady!  Find your place as a woman, in the corner. Watching me do the work.

Tim:  Yeah!  Get in the corner, woman!

Ada:  Alexis slaps Gerald, and then slaps Tim, but refuses to fight him otherwise.  She just stands there while Gerald orders Tim to put Alexis in her place.  Alexis begins shouting, while Skag sneaks inside of the ring and rolls Gerald up from behind!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Too fast for Tim to react, and Alexis is laughing at the loss!

Liam:  Here are your winners… Tim Staggs and Skag!!!

“Bury Me Down” plays as Skag rolls to the outside.  Gerald trips over his feet trying to get at Skag, while Alexis drops outside of the ring and grabs her belt while Tim apologizes left and right to Gerald, who clearly doesn’t want to hear it as he stomps around the ring angrily.


“Killin’ It” by Krewella blasts over the speakers. The crowd “ooh” and “ahh” as Tad comes storming out onto the stage, and SCU GM Lexa Pellegrini follows right after him.  She seems to be trying to talk to him, but he puts a hand up and raises the microphone.

Tad:   Hey, no… This… what’s going on inside of that ring?  It’s not working for me.

Lexa gets defensive in front of the crowd, but Tad shakes his head.  He looks down the ring at

Tad:   Don’t… say… a… word… The Cupid’s Lethal Lottery is my brainchild.  I was so excited to hear that you guys were doing it again.  But this shit?  That’s exactly what it is.  Shit!

Lexa:  Hold your horses, cowboy.  What do you expect me to do?  Gianni is off getting married, and…

Tad:   And that’s the only good part of this fucking travesty of a show!  Good for him!  You were put in charge of both rosters with the faith that you could get a handle on this.  Well, guess what?  You’ve lost control.  Three matches have taken place, and all three have been shit shows.  Every one of them.  I expect you to turn this around NOW!

Lexa gets closer to Tad, but he shakes his head.

Tad:   DON’T! EVEN! DARE!  Don’t waste another second trying to argue with me, because we’re about to get cut off and A Cinderella Story is going to air in our place.  A Cinderella Story!  A Hilary Duff movie! Seriously! They want to replace Alexis Staggs with Hilary Duff!  Get it together, or kiss your job goodbye.

Lexa bites her tongue, almost hard enough to bleed.  She throws her hands up.

Lexa:  You guys heard it.  Get it together, or there’s going to be hell to pay, and I’m going to make sure of it.

Tad:   You better…

Tad turns around and walks away, leaving Tim and Gerald inside of the ring, and Alexis looking around.

Alexis:  Hilary Duff? Fuck her!

Tim shouts from the ring.

Tim:  I would!

There is a knock on the door of the suite of Veronica Taylor.  Angel walks over to the door when Val doesn’t stop putting the finishing touches on the makeup on Veronica’s face.  Angel opens the door to see GRIME masked member Pakistan Green standing there, big enough to block most of the view behind him.

Pakistan Green:  Man here says he’s here to see the bride.  He’s not on the guest list, but he says he’s…

Man:  Veronica!

Veronica quickly turns, and Veronica clenches her fists, nearly punching Veronica for almost messing up her makeup.

Veronica:  Dad?!  Is that you?

Pakistan Green turns slightly as he continues to hold back a man who was short, but stock built darker complexion. Wearing a black suit, and shoes with greying hair  She rushes up and wraps her arms around him, and he holds her closely.

Veronica: Dad I missed you how has everyone been? Its been a long while since we last saw each other.

Veronica's Dad: I know far too long, I wasn’t gonna miss this the day my daughter gets married. I am surprised it's happening so suddenly.

Veronica lets go after they give each other a kiss on the cheek, as they return to speaking.

Veronica:  I know, but have you seen or heard from mom lately?

Veronica's Dad: Not lately since we divorced awhile back, but I am sure shes proud and happy for you. Same with your brother, hed be here if he could but he has a lot going on with your niece she's growing up fast.

Veronica nodded disappointed that her mother wasn’t there but she kind of expected it.   

Veronica: A shame, and she really is I miss her but its nice to see you here. Sorry about how tight security is just a few rogue elements around here that might try and mess this up and this is the biggest night of my life.

Veronica Dad: I know a wedding is a huge deal and I am glad I am here for your big day, and on your birthday nonetheless. So, happy birthday as well I got this for you.

Veronica’s dad hands her a small box, she has a genuinely delighted look on her face.

Veronica: Aw thanks daddy.

Veronica's Dad: No problem sweetie open it up and see what it is.

Veronica Taylor opens up the box revealing a brand new diamond necklace she smiles at it with its small heart design on it. Engraved are her initials she can’t help but be happy as she hugs her dad tight says thank you.

Veronica: Thanks daddy I love it!

Veronica's Dad: No problem, I will let you get ready and what not if you need anything give me a call okay?

Veronica: Okay dad, loves you.

They hug tightly and embrace once again as they go their separate ways as the scene fades to black.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see the former Pride Tag Team Champion Ariana Angelos warming up ahead of the Lethal Lottery Tournament when she is approached by Marissa.

Marissa: Ari, what are your thoughts on the Lethal Lottery Tournament?

Ariana: Thoughts? I’ve been on a downward spiral since I lost the Pride Tag Titles! I thought my match for the TV Title at the Inception IV Pre-Show would be when I finally get out of my rut but nope! Tonight’s tournament is a must win for me if I want to get back on the winning track!

Marissa: What if you end up with either Carter or Krystal as your partner?

HBCarter: You called?

Almost on cue Carter leaps into view with his hands on his hips.

HBCarter: It has been too long since Team Go reunited! And if we are reunited, we will Go The Distance!

Ariana: Because Fortune Favours the Bold and any team that stands in our path will bear witness to the grace of the Angel’s Descent!

Team Go walk off as the scene fades.

GRIME Nightmare Championship

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for BOTH GRIME World Nightmare Championships!  First, rom Hijemi, Japan, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 192lb, he is… Hitamashii!!!

The opening riffs of Fire In Our House by Astral Doors hits the speakers and Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives him boos. Hitamashii walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in his step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way he is looking down upon them. Hitamashii lowers his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii climbs up to the apron and steps between the top rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo him.

韻踏合組合 - "一網打尽 (REMIX) feat. NORIKIYO,SHINGO★西成, 漢" starts to play while a video on the SCU screen pops on showing a round table with 12 men and one female. Omasa and among the men we see Hitamashii. Everyone dressed in all black with black sunglasses on. The group is scene having a meeting with Hitamashii and Omasa nodding. The video then cuts to the two in a car as we see Omasa in the passenger seat and Hitamashii driving. The two are seen fleeing from the Tokyo police.

Hitamashii drifts the car to do a 180 to face the police. Omasa sticks her body out the window as she is seen holding a RPG. Hitamashii drives forward towards the police which has them now driving in reverse. Omasa pulls the trigger as we see the rocket leave the launcher. As it looks to blow up the police car the screen turns black with the names Hitamashii and Omasa name appearing in dripping blood.

Liam: On the way to the ring, she is the last woman Samurai of Japan… Omasa Tazu!!!!!

Omasa starts making her way to the ring. She keeps a straight face the whole time as she is all business. Once at ringside she jumps up landing on the apron then jumps again to jump over the ropes and lands in the ring.

Cupid appears once more.

Cupid:  Friends?  Lovers? The speculation runs wild.  But, sometimes a strong team is tested when they go up against a team that, dare I say, prove that opposites truly do attract?

Liam:  Coming to the ring from Transylvania, Romania, standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 150lb, she is... Helena Jeckel!!!

Smoke and fire cover the stage Raisa emerges from the flames and smokes followed the Jeckels, she leads them to the ring, they walk slowly, Helena slides under the ropes, Jake steps through the ropes and sits in the corner, Jack leans through the ropes, placing his hands on Jack's shoulders, Helena sits by the ropes and rocks back and forth.

Liam:  Next, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’6” and weighing in at 280lb, he is… “The Monster” Samuel McPherson!!!

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays over the sound system as a large man walks out from the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, looking around with Henry standing behind him before he walks very slowly to ringside as he steps on the apron and goes over the top rope with his feet and goes to a corner to rest himself up on, looking at his opponent with intensity before the match starts.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:  Helena and Sam look to one another, and you can tell that they don’t want to work together.  Sam reluctantly steps inside of the ring.  Once his eyes land on Hitamashii, they also land on “the prize”.

Ada:  He charges at Hitamashii, who tries to duck out of the way.  As he does, Sam grabs onto his arm and brings him right into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.  He goes for the cover, but Omasa comes inside and kicks him off.

Rob:  Omasa charges inside and Spears Omasa down to the ground.  Helena and Omasa roll around, taking serious jabs at one another.  They roll to the outside, and Helena bounces Omasa’s head off of the barricade.

Ada:  Omasa Superkicks Helena right in the face, and she goes down to the ground.  Omasa looks over at Sam, who is pounding on Hitamashii.  She kicks him in the face, giving Hitamashii time to get back to his feet.

Rob:  Hitamashii recovers quickly, shaking it off as he lifts Sam up.  He hits a Yakuza Kick to Sam, and Omasa comes off the ropes with a Superman Punch.  Sam goes down, and Hitamashii goes for the cover!


Ada:  Helena gets inside at the last second, ducking underneath a kick from Omasa to break up the hold.  She saved a Monstimal, even after their long standing feud.

Rob:  Lexa must have some serious shit on them to pull this off.  Or, ya know, the World Nightmare Championships both on the line.

Ada:  Omasa gets clawed in the face.  She then kicks Omasa in the gut and nails her with a DDT!  Hitamashii lifts Sam up and throws him right into the back of Helena.  Sam catches himself and goes for a Big Boot to Hitamashii.

Rob:  Hitamashii catches onto the boot a bit, but the impact still knocks him down.  Sam picks him up into a Bear Hug and begins swinging the champion around!

Ada:  Helena continues hitting knees to Omasa, knocking her into the corner.  She lifts Omasa up to the top rope, and Omasa swings her wooden sword, bashing Helena over the head with it, and then the side of the neck, and the chest, and Helena goes down!

Rob:  Omasa looks at Sam just a few feet away, and she jumps off, onto his back.  She jams the butt of the sword into the side of his head repeatedly until he drops Hitamashii.  Hitamashii holds onto his ribs as he scrambles back into the corner.

Ada:  He sizes Sam up as he stumbles around, trying to get Omasa off of his back.  He hits a series of kicks before hitting up the Farore's Wind (Rain Trigger)!  Omasa drops off of Sam as he goes down, and Hitamashii hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champions… Omasa Tazu and Hitamashii!!!!!!!

“Fire In Our House” plays over the speakers as Omasa and Hitamashii collect their titles and step out of the ring.  They celebrate as they move through the crowd.

Cameras go backstage to see Gemma Frost along with Stacy Ruin. The crowd boos are loud enough for her to hear them from ringside.

Gemma: The fans are letting you know how they feel, Stacy. At Inception IV, you and Melissa took on Valentina and Angel Kash. You lost it for your team, but more importantly, you attacked your younger sister Melissa, and everyone is wondering why.

Stacy: Everyone can keep wondering. It's no one's business, but because everyone wants to look at me like this is my fault, I'll explain. Over a year ago, GRIME formed and became the outsiders wishing to take over SCU. Debbi and I took our ground and stood behind SCU. Angel Kash made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with GRIME; she feels that it's not her fight. My BABY sister Melissa wanted to run her mouth from day one about how she is against GRIME and will take them out. She was once against the likes of Jenifer, Halo, Kelli, and Merlot. Speaking of which, I'll get to you in a second.

Debbi and I made it clear we had SCU's back. GRIME made it a point to target Debbi and me, and when that happened, where was everybody at?

They owe the Ruins Twins nothing but Melissa; where the fuck was she? She ran her mouth for months, and when she was needed the most, she was nowhere to be found. Melissa was too busy stroking the ego of one of the worst wrestlers in this business, Angel Kash. You know Filth made it her mission to shut you up and look at what happened. You refused to shut your mouth, and Debbi paid the price.

Then you had the nerve to ask Helo, Kelli, and Merlot to help you change your hair from blonde to your natural color. You said you didn't want to be looked at as another Ruin. Bitch, no one told you to go blonde, no one told you to look like your older twin sisters. You have no right to act like you went blonde on my behalf. You chose to change your look when you arrived in NLW. You followed Debbi and me because you had nothing else going for you. Debbi and I always wanted to be wrestlers. You just wanted to be a celebrity by any means. YOU never wanted to be a wrestler. That was your sister's dream, and you took that away from her. You took months of my career away.

While your sisters sit at home, you go off to win the TV title, now you sit here with a briefcase and want to fight Merlot as you train for another shot at the Combat Championship… Well, you can forget that chance because I'm challenging Merlot. I'll be taking the Combat title from her. Do you want to be the Combat champion, Melissa?

Well, get in line; I'll beat Merlot, then you, no, I'm going to do more than beat you. In fact, Meissa, you and me next week. No need to wait. You're my target practice for when I destroy Merlot at Blaze OF Glory. You heard that right, Merlot; I know you're going to take this match. I know you think you can beat everyone in the SCU. But you can't beat me; you have no chance at winning. I'm going to beat you as fast as Jaime Staggs beats himself… Off in the locker room.

Now, unlike Melissa, I won't wait for my turn to face Merlot. I'm taking the spot and will be the new Combat Champion… But not before I get rid of Melissa Ruin. YOU let GRIME end Debbi's career; you let them put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. You RUINED any sisterhood we had. I will break you and end your career. I'll do to you what you allowed GRIME to do to Debbi.

Stacy says before slamming the microphone on the ground and walking away. Gemma picks up her microphone.

Gemma: Well, em… Stacy Ruin, everyone.

Gemma says, trying to end this with a smile on her face.

Cupid appears on screen.

Cupid:  War is not love, but love is war.  Love comes in many different styles, and sometimes, it must be earned.  First, allow me to introduce… Kittie!

The opening drum beat of “Lollirot” by Jack Off Jill begins blasting through the speakers as the light flash along with the music.  As the instrumentals pick up, Kittie shoves her way through the curtains.  A spotlight lands on her as she pauses, throwing her head forward, and then back.  She lets her hair fall down over her face, and it slowly falls back as she moves her head slowly from one side to the other.

Liam:  Making her way to the ring from Henderson, NV, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 120lb, she is… Kittie!!!

She throws her hands up in the air and lets out a scream before she starts skipping down the entryway.  She bops her head to the side as she goes.  She stops to stick her tongue out to tease a cheering fan or two, and then she continues skipping until about half way to the ring.  From there she makes a mad dash toward the ring, leaping onto the apron.  She quickly bangs her head as she dances to the nearest turnbuckle.  She climbs it, and pauses there, looking out across the audience through her hair as they cheer her on.  She throws her middle fingers in the air before jumping down into the ring.  She paces back and forth quickly as her music dies down.

Cupid:  And what better pick tonight, children, than someone who has been dying to get their hands on this delightful crumpet than… Kelli Torres?!

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring…  She is the only wrestler to come from China, Japan, Australia and Puerto Rico!!! Standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 125lb…

The songs kicks into full gear.

Darlyn:  She is… Kelli Torres!!!!!

The curtains open up as Kelli Torres comes out jumping to the beat. 4 others all dressed in trainer outfits come out behind her. The fans chant yes as Kelli and her trainers walk down the ramp. Kelli high fiving everyone she can on the way down to ringside. Kelli slides in the ring and goes to her corner with her trainers standing outside the ring.

Cupid:  There’s a time for fun, and there’s a time for seriousness.  But you couldn’t tell either of these two that.  First, Alex Rush!

Gold stars start to flash around the stage entrance as the arena lights start to drop out and a voice is heard saying "Do you wanna get rocked?" The name Alex Rush appears on the screen and the fans instantly burst in to cheers as Def Leppards "Let's Get Rocked" blasts through the speakers.

Liam: From Westminister, London, England, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, he is Alex Rush!

Smoke appears at the top of the ramp as a spotlight hits the entrance way to see the back of a long haired man with one hand in the air holding up the devil horns sign. He turns around to more cheers as the spotlight shines on the face of Alex Rush! A line of security as seen either side of him as the lights brighten to show fans "held back" by security at the top of the ramp. Alex is wearing black leather pants with a red stripe down either side, a white shirt with the devill horns hand sign on in a faded gray colour. Around his wrist, a multi coloured scarf is tied. He looks to the held back fans and wave a hand at them in a presidential fashion before making his way down to the ringside area. Alex steps up the steps and through the middle and top rope and in to the center of the ring, his arms in the air with the devil horns sign as gold sparks fall from the roof. Alex reaches down, removing his shirt and throws it to the crowd as he waits for his partner.

Cupid:  And now for the other side of that coin… Mother Mavis Shepherd!

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Darlyn: On her way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma she is 5'10" and weighed in this morning at 145lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds she is Mother Mavis Shepherd!

And the boos become louder. Mavis walks out onto the stage, folding her hands in front of her, making sure to show off the cross hanging from her neck. She looks around the crowd, her eyes narrow and piercing. She keeps her hands folded as she walks down the aisle. At the end, she walks up to the apron and climbs up onto it. She raises her hands to the air as the white light shines down on her. For a second she smiles and then she lowers her hat to the apron. She steps inside of the ring and walks back and forth while she waits for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  All SCU here in this match.

Ada:  What are you talking about?  Kittie is in this match, a proud GRIME member.

Chad:  Oh, no.  Let me clarify.  When I last spoke to Kelli, we were talking about shit, and Kittie’s name came up.  Turns out, their feud never really went away.  Kelli said that if she ever gets her hands on Kittie, she’s going to smack the SCU back into her.

Ada: You hear that Gena, your husband goes behind your back trying to talk to the women of SCU. Control your man.

Chad:  The women aren’t what the missus should be afraid of.  Heyyyyy John Blade…

Ada:  Aaaaanyways… Let’s hope Cupid and Lexa worked it out, or else.  We’re seeing Alex Rush and Mother Mavis Shepherd discussing strategy in their corner while Kelli and Kittie bicker in their corner.

Chad:  But, what strategy could Alex actually be talking with Mavis that he’s going to actually trying to hear.  He’s probably just nodding along right now, not listening to a single word.

Ada:  Kelli and Kittie finally agree to focus on the match.  Kittie steps forward, and Alex nods, giving Mavis a playful shoves her toward Kittie.

Chad:  Mavis glares back at Alex and then turns to Kittie, just as she gets an elbow right to the face.  Mavis stumbles back a few paces, and Kittie continues throwing elbows like fists.  Kittie goes for a Headbutt, but Mavis ducks that one.

Ada:  Kittie knees Mavis in the stomach and then clubs her across the back.  She whips Mavis around and right into the ringpost as she hisses.  She then begins clawing Mavis’ back like it’s the corner of a sofa!

Kelli:  Quit acting like a cat and wrestle, stupid!

Chad:  The referee shouts at Kittie to stop, as it’s an illegal move.  Kittie hisses back at the referee and steps away.  Mavis holds onto her back.  Kittie comes back at her, and Mavis claws her face, and Kittie stumbles back.

Ada:  Mavis Spears Kittie to the ground, and both ladies roll around, clawing and hair pulling, and dare I say it... ?


Ada:  No need, I suppose.  Kelli starts to get inside of the ring, but Alex beats her to the punch!  He looks down at the two rolling around and he can’t help but laugh.  He shakes his head and walks back over to the corner and exits.

Chad:  Mavis gets up first and she goes to kick at Kittie, and Kittie grabs at her leg and trips her up.  She widens her eyes and glares at Mavis.  She arches her back and slowly steps backward.  Mavis gets up and Kittie roars like a housecat and charges at Mavis.

Ada:  Kittie jumps up on Mavis, knocking her into the ropes as she holds onto her collar with one hand, and tries clawing at Mavis’ face, but Mavis grabs onto her hair and dumps her outside of the ring!

Chad:  Kittie holds onto Mavis’ hair and hangs from it as Mavis shouts out in pain.  Kittie lets out a guttural roar.  The referee begins counting her.


Mavis:  Oh screw this!

Ada:  Mavis walks over to Alex and slaps him across the chest to tag him in.  She kicks Kittie in the face as she slides back inside.  Kittie crawls over to her corner and tags in Kelli, who just shakes her head.

Chad:  Kelli and Alex meet in the center of the ring, but instead of fighting, they begin trash talking each other?  Or, no… just talking to each other?  They are talking.  They nod and begin doing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ada:  They throw out their picks, but Alex points to the side, taking away the fact that he threw down paper to Kelli’s scissors.  He quickly balls it up into a rock and pops the scissors, and Kelli sighs.

Chad:  Kelli glares back at Mavis, just as she gets an elbow right to the face, kind of...  Kelli stumbles back a few paces comically, and Alex continues throwing elbows like a clown.  Alex goes for a Headbutt, but Kelli ducks that one.

Ada:  Alex “knees” Kelli in the stomach and then “clubs” her across the back.  He whips Kelli around and right into the ringpost as he hisses.  He then begins clawing Kelli's back like it’s the corner of a sofa!

Kittie:  Quit acting like a cat and wrestle, stupid!

Chad:  Didn’t Kelli say that to… never mind… The referee shouts at Alex to stop, as it’s an illegal move.  Alex hisses back at the referee, and the crowd laughs as he steps away.  Kelli holds onto her back, overly dramatic in her “pain”.  Alex comes back at her, and Kelli claws his face, and Alex stumbles back.

Ada:  Kelli looks up at the ceiling and holds her hands together, praying as a white light shines down on her   Kelli Spears Alex to the ground, and both roll around, clawing and hair pulling, and… Wait, deja vu much?  I think they might be mocking their partners, and...


Ada:  Alex and Kelli roll around, and they aren’t breaking face whatsoever.  They are giving us near perfect imitation, with exaggerations that have the crowd howling in the ring.  Mavis shakes her head, as Kittie furrows her brows.

Chad:  Kelli gets up first and she goes to kick at Alex, and Alex grabs at her leg and trips her up.  He widens his eyes and glares at Kelli.  He arches his back and slowly steps backward.  Kelli gets up and Alex roars like a housecat and charges at Kelli.

Ada:  Alex jumps up on Kelli, knocking her into the ropes as he holds onto her collar with one hand, and tries clawing at Kelli's face, but Kelli grabs onto his hair and dumps him outside of the ring!

Chad:  Alex holds onto Kelli's hair and hangs from it as Kelli shouts out in pain.  Alex lets out several small kitten chirps.  The referee begins counting him in vain.


Mavis:  Oh screw this! Wait...

Ada:  Mavis steps down from the apron and Kittie joins her.  The two come to an understanding as Kelli storms over toward Alex’s corner to mock the tag, looking disappointed as Mavis and Kittie walk over to the rampway together.  Kittie licks at her paws and rubs her forehead.

Chad:  She and Mavis walk off as Kelli shrugs her shoulders and her and Alex share a laugh.  Kelli and Alex straighten out, getting serious now.  Alex closes his fist and hauls off to punch Kelli, but he stops just short and gently taps her on the cheek.

Kelli:  Ref!  Ref!  That was a closed fist!

Ada:  The referee rolls his eyes at it, and Kelli scoffs.  She hauls off and closed fist punches at Alex, only to give him a gentle tap on the cheek.

Alex:  Ummmmmm!  Mr. Referee!  Mr. Referee!  This bird did a closed fist, and…

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  The referee has called the match a double disqualification due to “closed fists”!

The crowd laughs along with Kelli and Alex inside of the ring.  They high five one another then turn to the fans to take a bow. They laugh it off as they exit the ring.

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Re: Underground Ep. 84 (Results)
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We come back in to see Gianni walking down the hallway toward the elevator.  Eric and Javi are behind him, along with a few armed security guards, hired privately.  Javi and Eric goof off all the way down the hallway as Gianni just pinches the bridge of his nose.  He looks back at the two men and growls at the top of his lungs.


Javier:  Goddamn, Bridezilla.  Calm down.  We just having some fun before you get chained to that miserable woman.

Gianni shoots daggers through Javi, as Eric laughs.  Gianni stomps toward Javi, but Javi puts his hands up in defense.

Javier:  Ay, ay, ay… Chill vato.  Chill.  She’s hot as fuck, but you gotta admit that she’s a little… much… sometimes, mang.

Eric:  What he’s trying to say is that she’s the most bangable piece in Sin City, but her attitude sucks.

Gianni wastes no time in responding.


Javier:  Dang, mang.  You done pissed off the boss.  Good job, pinche puta.

Eric:  You started it!  I was just trying to help clarify what you meant.  See if I ever do that again.

Gianni grabs both men by the backs of their suit jackets and shows he’s still in “ring shape” by lifting them slightly off the ground. He starts to walk over toward the window until he sees something that catches his eyes.

Javier:  Ain’t no parachutes here, homes…

Javi and Eric see it too, and they go quiet.  Gianni sets them back down on their feet as they get in fighting stance.  The crowd’s anticipation raises when the camera pans over to catch Dax Beckett and Mickey Carroll standing by.  Mickey has his signature baseball bat, decorated in broken glass hearts intertwined with the barbed wire.  He winds it up behind him.

Gianni:  I see ya guys are takin’ this brand war pretty seriously.

Mickey:  Oi. Serious as a bloody heart attack.

Dax:  Forgot the little guys while you were sitting pretty up top, I see.  But, you forgot one thing.

Eric and Javi flank Gianni, and the security guards get into position.  Dax and Mickey look around, eyeballing their surroundings, and they tense up their bodies, refusing to back down.

Dax:  See, we got some business to handle, and today seemed like the perfect day to do it.  And I’m only gonna say this once.  This?  Ends. Tonight…

The crowd cheers as Javi and Eric start to move in.  Dax looks around, almost as if he doesn’t understand the hostility.  He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out… papers? He hands them to Gianni, who looks them over carefully.

Gianni:  Is this…?

Mickey:  Yep.  Divorce papers.  Seems we never got around to that before.  Can’t rightfully get married if ya still married to us, yeah?

Dax:  I’m gonna miss watching those pecs bounce, but if you love something, you gotta set it free.

Gianni still looks confused.

Gianni:  Why the hell would ya do somethin’ nice for me?  We got this whole war goin’ on, and I’d have you both in GRIME in a heartbeat.

Dax:  Yeah, no thanks.  We are where we belong.  And if you ever step into the ring again for a fight, you’re fair game.  But, Bad Boys Blood runs thicker than water.  Tonight is your wedding night.

Mickey:  Honestly, I’m surprised ye didn’t ask us to be yer groomsmen instead of these bellends.

Javier:  What’d you say about me, homes?

Eric:  I think he called you a pinche puta in British.

Mickey shrugs his shoulders as if to say “more or less”.  Javi goes to jump over everyone to get at Mickey, but Gianni stops him with relative ease.

Javier:  You’re lucky this meatball smelling gorilla is in my way, mang.  It would be your end.

Eric:  Probably not.

Gianni sees the situation is under control as Eric and Javi begin bantering again.  He leans the papers against the wall and signs in the appropriate spots.  He sighs as he gets to the end.

Gianni:  Ya didn’t get these notarized?  For real, bro?

Dax and Mickey look to one another as if to say “oops”, with complete sincerity.  However, Javi steps up and pulls something out of his pocket.

Javier:  Don’t worry, homes.  I gotchu.  In my spare time, I’m a Notary Public.

Javi sets his rubber stamp up in all the appropriate spots next.  He then licks his finger before going to the last page to stamp with emphasis.

Javier:  I now declare you three, divorced. Officially.

Dax:  And I declare that Gianni needs two groomsmen who actually know the hell he went through with that one.

Mickey:  And the hell he’s gonna go through for the rest of his life.

Mickey holds his hands up in the shape of a heart, in front of his heart.  Gianni nods his head, and with that, Mickey and Dax start removing the suits from Javier and Eric quickly.  Eric protests, but Javi seems to let it go with Dax.  As the two men stand there in the hall in their underwear, Eric storms off to find clothes.

Javier:  Take charge.  I like it.  Room 2617, papi…

Dax slides the suit on quickly, and somehow making it look as if he’d been wearing it the whole time.  Mickey takes a little bit of work.  Gianni looks to Dax and Mickey as Javi smirks.  The former Bad Boys enter the elevator.  As the door starts to close, Javi cups his hands around his mouth.

Javier:  Wait!  My stamp is still in the left pocket, mang!

Cupid: Welcome back, sugarbabies.  Sometimes the best way to learn how strong love is by testing it’s mettle, seeing what it’s made of.  So keep this in mind as I announce… Angel of Filth... !

The lights go down as the whirring sounds begin to rise. The drums kick in and red lights pulse to them. They get louder as the fourth set kicks in and the curtains flip to the side. Angel of Filth comes crawling through them with her black wings fluttering behind her, covered in a black substance.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, she is “The Seraph of Sleaze”... Angel of Filth!!!

Her eyes glow white as the lights switch between black and red. She glares down at the ring as she rises to her feet, throwing her wings out to the side as they amast. She waves them slowly as she prances down the ramp to the beat of the music. She stops half way and looks from side to side. She has a sickening smile on her face as black oozes from her mouth and she laughs. She enters the ring and climbs up the first of six turnbuckles. She throws her wings out as the fans boo her. She then drops down and goes to the other corner, doing the same. Once at the far end of the ring, she sheds her wings and kicks them to the outside as she rubs her hands together.

Cupid:  This is not about hate, but it’s about trying to heal open wounds.  With that said, please welcome… Jenifer LaCroix!

'ai un grand projet pour l'avenir
Pour lui plaire je vais devenir

Jenny from from the curtain to cheers and whistling from the men in the arena. Jenny waves at the crowd as she gets introduced.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from France, standing at 5’3” and weighing in at 120lb, she is… Jenifer LaCroix!!!

Jenny rocks out on the way to the ring jumping to the beat of the song as the lyrics play.

La Stone Family
I am Marvin Gaye
Donny Hathaway
Oh Yeah , Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah
Je changerais

Jenny slides in the ring and continues to jump around to the beat, getting the crowd hyped up for the match.

Tu sais, tu sais, tu sais
Je changerais
Demain ou peut-être jamais

Jenny climbs to the middle turnbuckle as the music fades out raising her hand in the air getting a last minute pop from the crowd.

Cupid:  Love, not war. That’s tonight’s lesson.  Please welcome… Celeste North!

The lights in the arena drop down and "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment begins playing. The ring crew brings out a wooden plank, meant to resemble the Mean Girls Runway of yester-year, fastening it tightly to the ring, as it looks like it will fall apart at any minute. Before they can even disperse, the curtains open, and Celeste is wheeled out onto the ramp in front of a podium. A spotlight appears on her as a man dressed in a potato sack walks out behind her, helping her down onto the stage. She is dressed in a pair of red hot pants and a Mean Girls tank top tied just above the navel, and an opened hooded jacket. She has red streaks in her hair as she slightly pulls back her hood to show off her face and the obnoxiously sparkling tiara on her head, taking a drag from the cigar in her right hand.

Darlyn: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Beverly Hills, California, standing at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 132 pounds... "Queen C"... Celeste North!!!

She struts along the "runway" slowly, showing off everything she's got, a cigar in her hands. She takes a puff of it and winks as she exhales slowly. She then flips her hair from side to side seductively as men wearing dress suits and potato sacks over their heads line the runway, taking photos of her. Celeste takes a puff from the cigar before dropping it to the arena floor. The first hooded man holds the ropes open for her as she enters the ring. She struts around to the music for a moment, shedding her black hooded jacket. She puckers up her lips as she blows out a kiss.

Cupid:  And, who can’t resist a real man?  Temptation, lust… Sorry, not even cupid is immune to the ways of… Earl Lockyer!

Darlyn:  Coming to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, standing at 6’5” and weighing in at 256lb, he is… Earl Lockyer!!!

Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah, they walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile.

Ding! DIng! Ding!

Chad: Filth and Earl start this match off as Le Coven sit on opposite sides of this one. The two walk to the middle, Filth kicks Earl in the nuts to start things off!

Filth: That’s how you do it Jenifer.

Ada: Filth goes to kick Earl but Jade gets between them to give Earl time to recoup. Jenifer jumps in the ring and nails Filth from behind with a dropkick. Jenifer helps Earl up as Celeste gets in the ring. Filth gets up but eats a spear from Celeste.

Chad: Celeste goes for the cover but isn’t legal. Jenifer grabs Celeste foot and pulls her off of Filth! Celeste looks at Jenifer confused as the ref orders them both out of the ring.

Ada: Le Coven leave the ring as Filth gets up and runs at Earl but Earl gets his foot up for a big boot. Filth stops and grabs his foot to counter. Filth lets go of his foot and grabs Earl to send him to the ropes. Earl reverses it, sending Filth instead. Filth hits the ropes and holds on.

Chad: Filth goes to her corner and smacks Jenifer in the face to tag her in. Filth gets out of the ring as Jenifer stays on the apron. Jenifer grabs the ropes and yanks on it ricocheting Filth off the apron, landing on the floor. Jenifer jumps off and kicks Filth in the face.

Ada: Jenifer turns around to get back in the ring but Filth swings her foot to trip Jenifer up. Jenifer slips but catches herself as she grabs the apron. Jenifer slides in the ring, she gets to her feet and grabs the ropes as she jumps over and nails Filth with a crossbody as Filth was getting to her feet.

Chad: Jenifer slides back into the ring and looks at Earl as it seems Jenifer is ready to continue this match. Earl looks around as he points at Celeste. The crowd pops as they would love to see Le Coven face off in the ring. 

Ada: Earl looks at Jenifer as he back pedals to his corner to tag in Celeste North. They make the tag, Celeste gets in the ring as the crowd start to cheer loudly for this interaction.

Chad: Celeste and Jenifer share a fist bump… Filth slides in the ring as does Masked Celeste, Masked Jade, and the Jeckel. Masked Celeste and Jade start punching the back of JEnifer as the ref calls for the bell.

Ada: So Filth orders an attack on Jenifer which in turn scores her the win for the match with a DQ! Earl gets in the ring as the Jeckel triple teams him. Celeste North and Masked Celeste trade punches as Mask Jade and Filth stomp on Jenifer.

Chad: Dahlia and Stewart run down the rampway as do all the members of Over The Edge! FIlth grabs the GRIME wrestlers out of the ring just in time as they take off running through the stands.

Half of OTE check on Le Coven as the rest and Team Canada check on Earl Lockyer. As GRIME head to the back. 

The rooftop area comes alive as the spotlight flashes on the inside of the heated tent. White bows line the seating along the way, and a red carpet flows all the way to the altar.  Flowers of red, pink, and white are tastefully displayed all around. We see Cupid Fox dressed as Cupid, the mistress of ceremonies for the night, standing under a trellis with the same decorations wrapped delicately around it. She reaches to her collar to pull out notecards, eliciting a bit of a cheer from the crowd.

Coming down the carpet, Dax and Mickey pull a roll of red and pink streamer behind them. Gianni comes down over the streamer, wearing a white and red tuxedo.  He looks around as everyone gasps and admires him and he holds his hands up as he moves along to the altar. Behind him, Tim Staggs comes out with DJ, who is holding a pillow with two rings on it.  DJ carefully walks to the altar to stand next to Cupid, who gives him a pat on the head.  Then, a young girl walks out in a gown, over a Veronica Taylor t-shirt.

Chad:  The lucky fan girl from the front row wearing the Veronica Taylor shirt was invited to be the flower girl.  She waves around, throwing flower petals as she moves along.

She shouts and continues to drop petals on the ground before making it up to the altar.  She is soon followed by Angel Kash and Valentina in tasteful pink gowns.  They move down to the altar, drawing in gazes from those in attendance.  The Wedding March begins playing over the piano as the doors of the hotel open to see Veronica in a gorgeous white gown that doesn’t cover up too much, but nails the taste level.  She walks down the aisle slowly, with her father holding onto her arm, and the veil over her face.  She makes it to the altar, and she joins hands with Gianni as he lifts the veil off of her face to spot a tear coming down her cheek.

Cupid: Thank you for being here tonight.  The bride and groom would like to thank you all for joining us here today. It is indeed a special day. Veronica and Gianni's special day.

Cupid points to Veronica and Gianni respectively. She then looks back out to the audience.

Cupid: We gather today in front of loved ones, friends, family. Passion and love. Allow us to bring attention to the lovely couple, for they are about to embark on a lifelong journey together as best friends, lovers, partners. Despite differences between myself and the happy couple, I cannot deny true love, and it is clear that these two truly love each other.

Cupid looks over to the side of the trellis where a ministry certificate is pinned. He then returns back to Gianni and Veronica.

Cupid: Marriage is a beautiful thing. Two people, or more in the state of Nevada, come together in the ultimate expression of humility. You stand before some chosen spiritual entity to pledge your undying love and affection today. Now, I am told that both of you have prepared your vows. Please, share with us your greatest expressions of love.

Cupid rolls his left hand in Veronica's direction. She pulls Gianni in a step closer as she clears her throat.

Veronica: Baby, you make me feel like I’m living in a movie We have had our share of hard times, but that’s the price that we pay for the love we have for one another.  But, just like the leading roles in the greatest love stories ever written, we always come back to this.  You are my passion.  You are the only person who can make me ruin my expensive mascara with tears of joy, and… and…

Veronica chokes back tears, but she can't help but let a few out. She covers her mouth and then fans her face, collecting herself again.

Veronica:  You have shown me what true happiness is. And for that, I give myself to you. Now, forever, and for always. I love you, baby…

Gianni nods his head as the crowd lets out a collective “awwww”.  Gianni reaches over and wipes a tear from Veronica’s face.  He holds his hand out as Mickey wipes the tear away with a red handkerchief.  He brushes a single strand of hair from Veronica’s face.

Cupid: That was very touching.  Something I never would have expected, Ms. Taylor.  Please, Gianni?

Gianni reaches into his pocket to pull out a sheet of paper.  He reads over it and then tosses it to the side.

Gianni:  I had the perfect words written down to say to you.  Because that’s what you deserve, perfect.  But, I’m not always perfect.  Close, but not quite.  But I wanna tell ya, from the bottom of my heart, that I love ya.  I’ve loved ya since the moment I laid eyes on you.  No lies.  I told my buddies I was gonna put a ring on it, and here we are.  You are perfect, even in ya imperfections. Ya make me a better man.  And hopefully ya feel I make ya a better woman.  I just know that I’m not me without you, and I never wanna live life that way.  I need ya in my corner. I want ya with me til death do us part.  It’s ride or die, baby, now to the end. I love ya, Ronnie.

Her tears increase, even as she tries to calm down and save the integrity of her makeup.  Cupid comes in between them as members of the audience are seen crying.

Cupid:  Now, repeat this phrase... I, Gianni, take thee, Veronica, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my faith.

Gianni: I, Gianni, take thee, Veronica, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my faith.

Gianni slides Veronica’s ring onto her finger.  Cupid turns to Veronica.

Cupid:  Now, repeat after me… I, Veronica, take thee, Gianni, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my faith.

Veronica:  Now, repeat after me… I, Veronica, take thee, Gianni, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my faith.

Veronica puts the ring on Gianni’s finger.

Cupid: Then it is with the power vested in me, by the state of Nevada, that I now pronounce you... Mr. and Mrs... Di Luca!!! You may kiss… the bride...

Cupid slowly steps backward, allowing Gianni and Veronica to share a kiss that lingers almost too long for those in attendance to be comfortable with.  Veronica jumps into Gianni’s arms, and he begins carrying her up the aisle as everyone stands up and claps.  They shower the happy couple with confetti and flower petals that rain down upon them as they reach the end of the aisle, with the wedding party following closely behind.

Cupid appears on the rooftop, just outside of the heated tent.  Her hair blows around in the wind, as does her gentle cape she’s wearing for warmth.

Cupid:  Love always wins!  Though, you wouldn’t know that tonight.  Let us settle for mutual respect then, or at the very least, indifference… Merlot Ayano!

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings

Cupid:  And of equal stature, please welcome her respectable partner… Eyesnsane!

The lights in the arena go out and Eyesnsane in his wrestling gear steps through the curtain and onto the stage.

Darlyn:  On his way to the ring, from Chicago, IL standing at 6’2” and weighing in at 230lb, he is… Eyesnsane!!!

Once he is in place the music starts and at the 15 second mark of the song as the arena hears, “Here I am” a blue spot light shines on Eyesnsane as he looks slowly to the left and then to the right before slowly walking down to the ring where he uses the steps to get on the ring apron and then climbs in the ring between the second and top rope. He walks to the center of the ring and turns and looks throughout the entire arena as the music plays before the lights return to normal.

Cupid:  I may not be a genie, but I would like to grant one wish tonight.  Please welcome… Stacy Ruin!

Stacy comes out to the ring with no theme music.  Nothing but her ring gear on, and a look that says she’s ready to fight.  She rushes down the rampway and slides inside of the ring, ready to go, barely wanting to wait for her partner to arrive.

Cupid:  Oh, so much for love, not war.  Let’s get the quickest member of the roster down now, so we can put a move on it… Coby Quik!

The first bit of "Welcome to the World" plays through the PA. With each beat, gold lights flash from the top of the stage, bouncing around the arena before finally focusing on the area of the stage between the curtains. Coby steps out onto the stage in his black boxing trunks. His hands are taped and down at his sides. The gold trim on his trunks shine extra bright when the lights hit them. Cheers fill the arena. The camera focuses in on Coby and catches a wide smile grow on his face as he starts to move down the ramp.

Darlyn:  Introducing first, from Atlanta, GA standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 168lb, he is… Coby Quik!!!

Coby doesn't stick to the middle of the ramp, slapping the outstretched hands of fans as he moves down the ramp to the ring. He gets to the end of the ramp and hops up on the apron of the ring. Coby turns his back to the ring before wrapping his arms around the top rope and bouncing his feet on the bottom rope, flipping backwards over the top rope and into the ring. He takes a few steps towards the center of the ring and waits for his opponent to come down the ramp.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Merlot and Eyesnsane talk things over, Coby tries to do the same but Stacy is stone cold as she stares at Merlot Ayano. Coby gets on the apron allowing Stacy Ruin to start this off. Eyesnsane chuckles as he elbows Merlot. The Combat Champions look at each other. Eyesnsane jerks his head forward to signal for Merlot to start this off. Merlot gets her fist out as the two fist bump as Eyesnsane gets on the apron.

Chad: Stacy walks over to the middle as does Merlot. Merlot goes to tie up but Stacy moves to the side and grabs Merlot by her hair, and yanks down. Merlot gets her foot straight up as her toes swipes Stacy’s jaw, causing her to let go and goes back a few steps as she grabs on to her jaw.

Gena: Stacy yells as she runs at Merlot; Merlot jumps up and nails Stacy in the face with a roundhouse kick! Stacy goes down as Merlot stands over her. Merlot walks away as she heads over to Eyesnsane. Stacy gets to her feet and waves Merlot to come at her.

Chad: Merlot charges at Stacy and leaps forward, nailing Stacy in the jaw with her knees. Merlot holds on to Stacy’s head as Merlot falls on her back, forcing Stacy with her to nail her with a jawbreaker!

Gena: Stacy stumbles back a few steps, holding her jaw as Merlot does a kip-up to get back to her feet Clothesline by Stacy Ruin as she charges forward. Stacy goes to grab Merlot but Merlot grabs Stacy’s arm as she tries to lock in a side armbar. Stacy kicks Merlot’s arm to get free. Stacy backs away as Merlot turns her body like a cat to jump up to her feet.

Chad: Stacy goes to tag in Coby, Coby gets in the ring. Coby takes a few steps to MErlot and does a quick bow of respect to the champion before getting his hands up. Merlot gets in her fighting stance and does a short bow back.

Gena: Coby steps forward with a spin kick that Merlot blocks. Coby drops down, spinning around for a leg sweep as Merlot jumps for a roundhouse kick. The two missed the other with their offensive attacks.

Chad: The two get to their feet as the crowd cheers for the two of them. Coby goes for a right hook but Merlot grabs his arm and pulls him in as she comes in, hitting a shoulder to shoulder strike. Merlot holes on to Coby’s arm and flips him over her body in a Japanese arm-drag!

Gena: Coby slides across the ring. Merlot goes over to her corner and tags in Eyesnsane. Eyes jumps in the ring; Eyes stays near his corner. It looks like he’s gonna wait for Coby to get to his feet.

Chad: Coby rolls over and grabs the ropes as he gets to his feet. He turns to see Eyesnsane waiting for him. Coby heads over to Eyesnsane, they tie-up, Eyesnsane gets the advantage and scoops Coby up for a bodyslam… Coby holds onto Eyesnsane and gets him down as she wraps the Combat Champion in a small package!


Gena: Eyesnsane kicks out at one. Both men get to their feet. Coby grabs Eyesnsane to send him to the ropes, but Eyesnsane reverses it. Coby runs to the ropes and jumps on the top rope and jumps back as he nails Eyesnsane with a moonsault!

Chad: Coby runs to his corner and jumps on the top turnbuckle. Stacy hits his leg to tag herself into the match. Stacy gets in the ring, the shaking of the ropes causes Coby to slip and fall to the outside floor on his side.

Gena: Eyesnsane does a kip-up to get to his feet. Stacy goes to clothesline Eyesnsane but he blocks it and holds on to her arm as he walks to his corner, dragging Stacy with him. Merlot tags herself in as she taps Eyesnsane shoulder.

Chad: Eyesnsane lets go of Stacy Ruin as Merlot jumps in the ring. Stacy steps back as Merlot walks towards Stacy. Stacy nails MErlot with a close fist! Merlot dares Stacy to do it again! Stacy goes for another punch but Merlot grabs Stacy’s arm and drags Stacy around as she forces her to the ground. Merlot gets Stacy’s arm between her legs as she grabs Stacy’s head to lock in the Vanguard Killer! (Lebell Lock)

Gena: Stacy challenged Merlot to a title match, but from the looks of it, she may regret it as Merlot has her number in this lethal lottery tag team match-up. Stacy starts tapping out as she had nowhere to go!!!

Ding! DIng! Ding!

Darlyn: Your winner of this match by submission… The SCU Combat Champions… Eyesnsane and Merlot Ayanoooo!!!!

Eyesnsane gets in the ring as Merlot lets go. The two shake hands to show respect for the other. Coby gets to his feet, seeing the match is over; he walks up the rampway nodding at the winners as Eyesnsane points to Coby, letting him know they need to have a one on one soon. Merlot looks on as the ref helps Stacy out of the ring.

Main Event
Pride Tag Team Championship

The opening of "Amazing Grace" by Dropkick Murphys plays as Mickey pushes through the curtains. He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth and drops it on the ground, quickly putting it out as he marches back and forth across the stage. He looks from side to side, nodding his head at the cheers before pointing out into the audience, starting an powerful "Oi! Oi! Oi!" chant that really gets the crowd pumped.

Darlyn: Coming to the ring, from London, England, standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 190lb, he is "Sin City's Resident Shithead"... Mickey Carrrrrrrrrrrrolllllllllllll!!!   And his partner, she stands at 5’9” and weighing in at 155lb, she is… Mrs Right!!!

The lights get lowered and there seems to be a purple hue as the music plays.  After a few moments Mrs. Wright comes out from backstage stopping for a moment waving to the left and to the right. Then she slowly walks to the ring and then up the steel steps.  After she enters the ring, Mickey dashes straight down the ramp where he leaps up and onto the ring apron. He paces back and forth, stomping along to the beat of the music before climbing inside. He looks up at the ceiling and then signals the trinity, kissing his fingers and then pointing up.  Mrs Right walks to the center of the ring and turns, taking a moment to pause as she faces each side of the ring.  Before cutting a stare at the ring announcer as she walks to a corner.  And backs herself in while waiting for the action to start.

Cupid:  And for the final time tonight… I’m not going to mince words here.  I’m going to honor the spirit of the holiday and I’m going to introducing… Ariana Angelos and Helluva Bottom Carter… Team GO!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Cupid:  Good luck, sweeties…

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hand with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn: Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for the match to start.

Glee Cast Version of “I Know What Boys Like” begins to play and Carter steps through the curtains, holding an ankle length, sleeveless black robe closed in front of him. he then whips it open, revealing his ring attire of a printed belly t, booty shorts and thigh high boots. He holds one hand behind his head while running the other hand down his body while grinding his hips to the music.

Darlyn: From Seattle, Washington, weighing 176 pounds, he is the "Hardcore Bottom" -- Helluva Bottom Carter!

Carter drops the robe to the stage and runs toward the ring, slapping hands offered out to him all around the ringside area. He then hops up onto the ring apron in a split and slides beneath the bottom rope. He crawls seductively on all fours until he arrives in his corner. He pulls himself up and then lays across the top corner, awaiting the start of the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Mrs Right and Ari meet up in the middle of the ring, and it’s like deja vu, almost like the Alex and Mavis versus Kelli and Kittie match, only not nearly as funny.

Gena:  Ari steps under a tie up attempt, and she begins throwing punches at Mrs Right’s stomach, but it is all for nought.  She shakes off her fist in pain.

Chad:  Mrs Right grabs onto Ari and nails a Scoop Slam that is effortless.  She drops an elbow across the chest of Ari.  She stands up and then goes to drop a knee to Ari’s chest, but Ari rolls out of the way.

Gena:  Ari gets to the ropes, and as Mrs Right comes at her, she jumps onto the second rope and hits a Moonsault onto Mrs Right, sending her to the ground.  She hooks the leg.


Chad:  A little premature.  It might be the first time I’ve said that, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard it.

Gena:  The first seven years of our marriage is proof of that.  Until I made you take down that John Blade poster.  Ari springs up to her feet faster than Mrs Right, and she goes for a clothesline.

Chad:  Mrs Right ducks and lifts Ari back into a Side Belly Release Suplex, rocking the ring upon impact.  Ari holds onto her ribs as Mrs Right crawls over toward Ari for the cover.

Gena:  No, Ari kicks Mrs Right in the face.  She starts crawling toward her corner, trying to preserve energy.  As she gets close, Mrs Right grabs onto her ankle and drags her back toward the center of the ring.

Chad:  She looks like she’s trying to lock on an Ankle Lock, but Ari struggles against it as much as she can.  She kicks Mrs Right’s arm, releasing the hold before it’s fully locked on. But Mrs Right stays focused on the ankle.

Gena:  She pulls Ari back in, but Ari is able to flip over onto her back, and she kicks Mrs Right in the face three times before she lets go.  She then dives over to her corner to make the tag.

Chad:  Mrs Right is forced to walk over to her corner to tag in Mickey.  Mickey climbs inside, and he meets up with Carter.  Both men share a playful yet competitive hand slap in the center before they start circling.

Gena:  Mickey goes for Carter, but Carter evades and slaps Mickey across the back of the head, showboating a bit with his speed advantage.  Mickey nods his head as he turns around.

Chad:  He looks from side to side before lunging and nailing Carter with a Headbutt between the eyes. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Mickey ties up with Carter and hits a Fisherman’s Suplex.


Gena:  Ari helps give Carter the advantage to kickout of that one.  Mrs Right is there to throw Ari over the top rope.  She returns to her corner as Carter takes advantage of the distraction, rolling Mickey up from behind, opposite of his usual position.


Chad:  Both men scramble to their feet as Mickey rushes toward the ropes.  Carter rushes toward the opposite ropes, and both men leap off at just the right angle to collide with Flying Kicks to one another.

Gena:  Both men have to take a minute to get their wits back   They slowly get back to their feet, giving each other a nod of respect before they head back to the center of the ring to tie up.  As soon as they tie up…

”This is not a test. This is your WGN broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Purge sanctioned by the G.R.I.M.E. Wrestling. Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. SCU officials and medical team have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all attacks, will be allowed until the end of Sin City Underground programming. Emergency medical services will be unavailable until the Purge concludes. Blessed by our new WGN Head of Standards and Practices.  SCU, a federation reborn. May God be with you all.”

The lights come back up and we see Angel of Filth, Javier Gonzalez, Eric Weaver, Indigo, Light Blue, Max Burke, Rory Rockefeller, Ruby, Skag, Esther and Andrey Azarov, Jerry Cann, Jake, Jack, and Helena Jeckel, are all surrounding the ring, along with… Masked Member Xanadu?  Xanadu storms the ring first, and Carter begins stomping away on him, refusing to give in this time.  Mickey takes Skag and Rory at the same time, stomping away at him.  He is overwhelmed when Javi and Eric come inside and club him down to the ground.

Ari and Mrs Right fight together as they knock down Esther and Ruby, while Indigo and Light Blue come in with their locks and chains, smacking both ladies repeatedly with them until they go down to the ground as Filth and Helena come in to seal the deal.  Esther and Ruby join in, and they overwhelm.  Out of nowhere, Cyan, Dorian B, Sea Green, and Pakistan Green rush at Carter, beating him down.

Meanwhile, Andrey and Skag grab onto Mickey’s ankle and drag him to the outside.  Rory helps to carry Mickey, and Max Burke helps solidify as they slam Mickey through the announcers table.  Javi brings a chair over to the wreckage, and wraps it around Mickey’s ankle.  They stomp away when suddenly…

Chad:  THE CAVALRY IS ARRIVING!  OTE, Krystal Wolfe, Alex Rush, Team Canada, Kelli Torres, Halo Annis, Merlot Ayano, Melissa Ruin, Le Coven, The Good Shepherds!  All rushing down for the save!

Gena: Javi looks at this, and he motions to Eric and Andrey.  They look over to Skag, and as he charges, they lift Skag up to nail a Senton Splash onto the chair, and Mickey screams out in agonizing pain!

Javi and Filth look to one another, and they both do a whistle as the crew starts to retreat into the crowd.  Krystal gets hold of Helena, and Kelli, Halo, and Melissa get Esther.  Helena is able to get away barely scathed, while Esther tells the rest to go, taking the bullet for the team.  Halo, Kelli, Melissa, and Krystal send Esther around with punches and kicks between the four, busting her open and bleeding from the mouth.

Kelli:  Look here you little bitch!

Esther spits at Kelli as she continues getting knocked around.  Meanwhile, Dax shouts out for medical as Eyesnsane and Kaos try to help calm him down.  He continues to shout as Mickey tries to hold his composure.  He roars out as he sees GRIME getting chased the rest of the SCU crew.

”This concludes your weekly Purge.  Emergency and medical services are back online.  We thank you for your participation.  Blessed by our new WGN Head of Standards and Practices.  SCU, a federation reborn. May God be with you all.”

Medical swarms the ringside area and tend to Mickey as security gains control of the situation, waving medical over to Esther as well.  The show goes off the air.