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SCU Underground Ep 78 (Results)
« on: December 15, 2020, 03:51:17 AM »
SCU Ep 78, Saturday, December 12th, 2020
Golden Ring Casino

Sin City Underground Ep 78 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 25% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at London Underground’s Golden Ring Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and

The feed for Underground immediately opens up backstage to the current, reigning and defending GRIME World Nightmare Champion Max Burke and his associate Sin City Wrestling Hall Of Famer Casey Williams moments before the Main Event is set to begin. Max straps on his championship securely around his waist.

Max: Tonight, your longest reigning and greatest World Nightmare Champion is back in the main event of the evening as he so rightfully deserves. Javi... tonight you and I close the show the way only GRIME can. Tonight, you get your opportunity at my championship. This is your golden opportunity Javi. Are you the one? Are you the one to finally take this from me? Every man that has stepped up has fallen just like the previous. Nobody has been able to get the job done.

Casey assists Max with his ring jacket.

Max: No matter how much they stack the deck against your champ, I’ve always stood tall at the end of the evening since Into The Void X! The Sin City Wrestling Hall Of Famer, The Freight Train Of Pain, and my big buddy Casey Williams has had my back through all of it. We’ve been outnumbered night after night, but you’ve made sure that it’s a fair fight at the end of the night. Thank you for that my friend. Fighting against the odds, I have been your champion to lead you through this pandemic. I have been your hope. I have been your light in these dark times. For these past six months I have brought respect to this championship, to the GRIME brand, and to my fuckin’ name. No denying that Casey is a key point in that. I’ve actually got a little surprise for the big man here tonight.

Max reaches into his jacket and pulls out a cherrywood box. He hands it over to Casey who cracks it open to reveal a watch.

Max: That my friend is an exquisite Canadian timepiece to celebrate your induction this year. That is Novo Watches The Suffield - FV432 1968 LE Edition. When I say limited edition I mean limited. One of fifteen. And every purchase gets a donation to Wounded Warriors so I thought you’d appreciate that.

Casey just simply nods, and gives Max a pat on the shoulder. He doesn’t need to say anything.

Max: Back to tonight. Tonight... nothing changes. Word of warning. I know you’re watching H. I know you’re coming. I know this little thing we have going here is far from finished. If you are thinking of sticking your nose in my business yet again tonight. Think for a second. Do you really want to piss off Javi and his crew too? I’m guessing he won't be pleased if you decide to do something stupid tonight. BUT... if you want to join the party tonight... it’s your funeral...

However, the screen changes over to the ringside area.  “Way Down We Go” by KALEO is playing over the speakers as Javier Gonzalez comes out onto the stage in his wrestling gear.  He looks none too happy. He walks down the rampway, wasting no time, showing off a gas can in his hands.  He sets it down at ringside and then rolls inside of the ring.  He demands a microphone from the timekeepers table, and he gets what he asked for. He steps to the center of the ring as we see Max Burke watching from backstage, muttering to Casey as the two chuckle.  When we come back to ringside, Javi is staring at Max and Casey on the Sin City Tron.  He watches them for a moment before he raises the microphone up to his lips.

Javier:  Odelay homes, do I look like a joke to you?

Javi waits as Max and Casey both nod their heads.  This makes Javi begin to pace, anger in each of his steps.

Javier:  I thought so.  Because you sit back there talking like you’re invincible, mang.  You talk like you couldn’t lose that strap if you threw it out the car window.  You talk like a cocky pendejo, cabron.  Que te la pique un pollo (I hope a chicken pecks at your dick.)

Javi stops and points at the screen, looking quite serious.  Max chuckles as Casey looks a bit confused.

Javier:  But, Max, because you’re the only one worth talking to right now on the screen, so I’m going to say this in a way that you can understand.  You are the champion, because I let you be the champion.

Javi begins pacing again.

Javier:  You seem to forget your history, or you just don’t care to learn it.  Either way, you are going to be reminded.  I am the original GRIME World Nightmare Champion.  Me and Filth gave you chingados something to fight for!  Without me, you would never been the champion, and all I ask for is a little fucking respect, homes!  Put a little respect on my name when you speak it!

Javi stops and points at the screen once more.  His eyes are practically on fire.

Javier:  If you got the cajones, gringo, why wait for the Main Event?  Why not do this now, perra?

Javi emphasizes the word “cajones” by grabbing his crotch and throttling it until Max and Casey walk out of the shot and to the curtains.

Jared James Nichols opening vocals on "Nails In The Coffin"  cuts through the silence, as a fog fills the SCU entrance. A light from below reveals the current G.R.I.M.E World Nightmare Champion, Max Burke and his associate "The Freight Train Of Pain" Casey Williams.

Liam:  On his way to the ring, from Dorchester, New Brunswick Canada, standing at 6' and weighing in at 220lb, current G.R.I.M.E World Nightmare Champion, Max Burke!!!

As the music intensifies, “The Destroyer” reaches the edge of the squared circle. He turns on his heel, and makes his way to the ring steps. Once on the ringside apron, Burke glides his finger over the top rope as he walks to the center. He turns, his head bowed. Spotlights hit him from all directions as his music reaches a crescendo. Max swiftly removes his Max mask and cackles into the camera, lifting his championship above his head. He hands off his title to Casey as he waits for the match to begin.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  The tables are set up all around the ring, thanks to Javi.  He stands around the outside of the ring, making sure there are plenty of gas cans and matches before he slides back inside of the ring.

Rob:   Javi storms over at Max, looking for a Spear and he gets it!  Javi watches as Max crumbles to the ground.  Javi stomps away at Max.

Ada:  Max grabs onto Javi’s foot and then stands up.  He shoves an elbow into Javi’s knee cap and then Clotheslines him to the mat.

Rob:   Max goes to the outside of the ring and picks up a table.  He slides it inside of the ring.  He grabs a gas can and turns around just as Javi dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive!

Crowd:  YEAH!!!

Ada:  Gas goes all over the place as the audience moves to try to avoid getting hit by it.  Javi shakes it off like a dog before putting the boot to Max again.

Rob:   Max rolls out of the way and crawls toward the ring apron.  He lifts it up, but Javi grabs onto his ankle.  As Javi pulls Max away…


Ada:  Max sprays Javi with a fire extinguisher.  Javi stumbles back as the powder expands and clings to the tables on this side of the ring.  He then swings the extinguisher at Javi’s head.


Rob:   Javi stumbles back against the barricade.  He slaps against a table to push himself up.  He grabs onto Max’s head and flings him right into the table, cracking it in half!

Ada:  That doesn’t count because it wasn’t on fire.  Javi looks around at the fire suppressant and shakes his head.  He picks Max up and goes to drag him around the ring.

Rob:   As they round the second corner, Max plants his feet on the ring steps and pushes back, taking Javi down with a sort of modified Russian Legsweep.

Ada:  Max pulls himself over toward the table nearby and he slowly sets it up.  Javi slips on the fire suppressant when getting up the first few times.

Rob:   He makes it over to Max and clubs him across the back.  He then whips him back and bangs the back of his head on the barricade.

Ada:  Max is out cold now!  Javi picks up a nearby can of gas and brings it over to the table.  He picks Max up and puts him on the table and pours gas all over Max and the table.

Rob:   He strikes a match on his boot and holds it up as the fans begin shouting loudly for the idea of it all going up in flames.  He drops the match and Max quickly catches fire!

Ada:  This wakes Max up, and he rolls off the table.  The table falls over and into the corner.  Javi turns around as Max comes at him.  He tries to duck, but Casey grabs his ankle!

Rob:   Max comes at him like a freight train, and crashes right into Javi, putting him through the table!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champion… Max Burke!!!

Casey fires the extinguisher at Max, putting out the flames, and in the process, putting Javi out at the same time.  Casey pulls Max out of the ring and helps him to his feet.  Covered in flame retardant, Max hoists up his GRIME World Nightmare Championship as he goes toward the rampway.  He doesn’t see Hitamashii come up behind Casey with a lock and chain, knocking Casey down and out!  The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Hitamashii spins Max around.  However, he only cackles in Max’s face as Omasa, Andrew, and Ivan come out to back Hitamashii up.  Max takes a few steps back, glaring at Hitamashii once more.  He then steps backward through the curtains, but not without holding the belt up to taunt Hitamashii.

Back in the GM office, we see Gianni with his feet kicked up on his desk.  Veronica is sitting nearby, typing on her phone as she talks.

Veronica:  And I think the whale needs to watch her back, because the First Class Mean Girl is going to steal that title away, and nobody is going to stop me.

Gianni nods his head, and he’s about to say something when WGN Standards and Practices Manager, Tad Ezra, comes walking through the door with a big smile on his face.  Veronica rolls her eyes and pulls out a wedding planning magazine, pouting in her seat.

Gianni:  Eyyyyy!  Tad, my main man!

Tad:  Gianni, your future wife is sitting right there…

Tad blushes, and then winks as Gianni rolls his eyes.  Veronica scoffs at Tad.

Veronica:  As if, masic…

Tad:  Honey, you wouldn’t know real style if Delia Darling slapped you right across the face, which she should after what you did at High Stakes X…

Veronica is going to say something when Gianni stands up from the desk.  He casually gets between them, but it’s much more urgent than he leads on.

Gianni:  So, uhhh… what brings ya in here?  I hope shit ain’t get too far with Javi and Max.  I gave Javi the go ahead.

Tad:  No, it’s perfect.  Last week’s ratings were a little… meh.  Saturday is a hard sell, but we didn’t do too bad.  Stunts like that are exactly what we’re going to need going forward.  And, with Lexa taking a vacation day…

Gianni looks confused for a second.

Gianni:  Wait, wait, wait.  You said “Lexa taking a vacation day” like today?

Tad:  Basically.  You run the show tonight.  You get one chance to spike the ratings.  I think you know what you need to do.

Gianni:  Oh yeah. I gotta do what I gotta do to leave a lastin’ impression.  And if ya get that camera outta here, I’ll tell ya what I was gonna do even if Lexa was here.

Tad is intrigued.  He rushes the camera out of the room, and then slams the door in their face.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Krystal Wolfe leaning against the wall playing her Nintendo Switch, a quick glance at the screen reveals that she’s playing a Troll Level on Super Mario Maker 2.

Krystal: Okay, get the fire flower to damage boost through the buzzsaw twice and through the door………what the fuck do you mean “auto level from start”?! I just hit the second check point!

Krystal grumbles under her breath before the Super Mario 64 Slide Theme, known in the troll community as the sign of an Anti-Softlock, plays, she groans before starting over.

Ariana: Krys, there you are!

Krystal looks up and sees Ari running up to her.

Krystal: What’s up? And don’t say the sky, still recovering from the Dad Joke episode of Recipe 4 Disaster.

Ariana: Have you seen Carter?

Krystal blinks before shaking her head.

Krystal: Not since last week’s Underground ep, why?

Ariana: I’ve been trying to find him all day, if you see him let him know that I’m looking for him.

Ari runs off and Krystal shakes her head before returning to the game and doing as the Anti-Softlock instructed.

Krystal: Wait, auto-level from start of Checkpoint Two?! ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?!

Krystal yells out before the scene fades.

Jenifer Lacroix vs Mrs. Right

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

J'ai un grand projet pour l'avenir
Pour lui plaire je vais devenir

Jenny from from the curtain to cheers and whistling from the men in the arena. Jenny waves at the crowd as she gets introduced.  Jenny rocks out on the way to the ring jumping to the beat of the song as the lyrics play.

La Stone Family
I am Marvin Gaye
Donny Hathaway
Oh Yeah , Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah
Je changerais

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from France, standing at 5’3” and weighing in at 120lb, she is… Jenifer LaCroix!!!

Jenny slides in the ring and continues to jump around to the beat, getting the crowd hyped up for the match.

Tu sais, tu sais, tu sais
Je changerais
Demain ou peut-être jamais

Jenny climbs to the middle turnbuckle as the music fades out raising her hand in the air getting a last minute pop from the crowd.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, representing Over the Edge, from Killeen, TX standing at 5’9” and weighing in at 155lb, she is… Mrs. Right!!!

The lights get lowered and there seems to be a purple hue as the music plays.  After a few moments Mrs. Wright comes out from backstage stopping for a moment waving to the left and to the right. Then she slowly walks to the ring and then up the steel steps.  After she enters the ring, the walks to the center of the ring and turns, taking a moment to pause as she faces each side of the ring.  Before cutting a stare at the ring announcer as she walks to a corner.  And backs herself in while waiting for the action to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Both ladies walk to the middle of the ring, Mrs. Right goes to tie up but Jenifer comes in with a quick punch left and right punch combo. Mr. Right takes a step back, Jenifer goes for a third punch but gets knocked down by Mrs. Right’s big boot!

Gena: Jenifer does a kip-up to get to her feet. Mrs. Right goes to grab her but Jenifer again nails a left then a right to Mrs. Right’s chest. Mrs. Right goes for a left hook, Jenifer ducks and grabs Mrs. Right’s waist as she tries to lift her but Mrs. Right counters with a hard headbutt!

Chad: Mrs. Right grabs Jenifer and lifts her in the air but gets a quick kick in the jar for her troubles! Mrs. Right lets go of Jenifer, Jenifer lands on her feet and jumps up for a spin kick but Mrs. Right counters as she nails Jenifer in the side of the head before she can get her leg around with a hard left hook! Jenifer hits the mat hard!

Gena: Mrs. Right grabs Jenifer’s arm and jerks her up to her feet with ease. Mrs. Right ties up and lifts Jenifer up into the air. Jenifer starts to swing her feet to get Mrs. Right to lose her balance from her Stalling Suplex. Mrs. Right just drops right down and drops Jenifer on her head with a brainbuster pin combo!!!


Chad: Jenifer gets her shoulder off the mat to stop the count. Mrs. Right gets off of her and gets to her feet. Mrs. Right grabs Jenifer’s throat and dead weights her up in the air for a chokeslam…

Gena: Jenifer gets her right foot around Mrs. Right’s arm Jenifer swings her left foot to kick Mrs. Right in the jaw! Mrs. Right lowers her arm causing Jenifer’s back hits the mat. Still holding Mrs. Right’s arm she goes down as well.

Chad: Mrs. Right swings her free arm to punch Jenifer but she counters with a kick to Mrs. Right’s fist. Mrs. Right goes for another punch but Jenifer again kicks her fist. Mrs. Right may end up with broken knuckles if she keeps that up…

Gena: Jenifer kicks Mrs. Right in the face then untangles herself from Mrs. Right’s arm. Both ladies get to their feet. Mrs. Right steps forward as Jenifer leaps in and nails a weak quick punch to the face.

Chad: Mrs. Right grabs Jenifer and lifts her over her head, Mrs. Right takes a step forward and throws her to the mat. Jenifer lands flat on the mat hard, She rolls to the corner to get to her feet as Mrs. Right smirks at her…

The lights in the arena go out…

Gena: What just happened?

Chad: I can still hear you in my headphones so we have power, just the lights went out…

The lights turn back on, we see GRIME Masked wrestler Jade swinging a chain with a padlock at the end a foot away from Mrs. Right, keeping her in the corner. Masked wrestlers Orchid and Celeste double team Jenifer Lacroix.

Gena: What the hell is this?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Dylan calls for the bell as a DQ win for Jenifer will be rewarded. Dylan yells at Masked Celeste and Orchid. Jade turns to look at Dylan, Mrs. Right side steps away and kicks Jade on the side. Jenifer balls up on the mat to cover up as Celeste and Orchid kick away at her.

Mrs. Right kicks Jade again, Jade drops the chain. Orchid and Celeste get Jenifer to her feet and lean her on the turnbuckle. Mrs. Right runs towards them swinging the chain. Celeste pouches Orchid out the way at the last second. Mrs. Right can’t stop in time and nails the padlock part of the chain to the top of Jenifer’s head. Orchid and Celeste run over and jade and get her out of the ring.

Mrs. Right turns around to attack GRIME but Celeste and Orchid slide out of the ring and jump the barricade with Jade to leave the area.

Referee Dylan and Mrs. Right check on Jenifer who is knocked out by the blow.

Darlyn: Your winner of this match by DQ… Jenifer Lacroix!!!

Mrs. Right slides out of the ring and pulls Jenifer out, she places Jenifer over her left shoulder to carry her out up the rampway. The crowd cheers for Mrs. Right, cameras follow them as she carries Jenifer to the back. They can hear loud banging coming from the hallway up ahead.

Mrs. Right still carrying Jenifer sees a forklift blocking a door. Mrs. Right puts Jenifer down on the floor and squats as she grabs on to the forklift… The crowd can be heard cheering Mrs. Right on as she slowly lifts the forklift on two wheels to drop it on its side.

The door opens up to see Celeste North charging out and checking on Jenifer Lacroix.

Mrs Right: Damn GRIME ruined a great match between us.

Celeste: Don’t you worry Mrs. Right, you two will have another match soon enough. As for GRIME, paybacks a bitch.

Mrs Right: Jade wants a fight, I’ll take care of her one on one. YOu and Jenifer can take out Celeste and Orchid.

Celeste: I saw what happened, I was attacked by JAde and ended up trapped in the closet. She put the attack together. She’s mine, Jenifer can take on Orchid and Celeste on her own in the ring.

Mrs Right: Fair enough, but I still want a piece of Jade but for now, I’m happy to team with Jenifer to take on Celeste and Orchid.

Celeste: Just do me a favor.

Mrs Right: What’s that?

Celeste: Leave me a piece of them as I’ll make sure to leave you a piece of Jade.

Mrs Right: You got a deal.

The picture comes to life as a highlight video takes over the screen. Various angles and shots of Merlot Ayano are shown as she makes her way down the entrance ramp. The seasoned wrestlers flashes a sly smirk. From there, the camera cuts to Merlot doing work inside of the ring. The first scene depicts Merlot blasting an opponent with chop after chop until she is able to floor them with a rolling chop. The subsequent clip shows her connecting with a German suplex. Merlot then rolled through after the contact and snaps on a Lebell lock. The next clip shows Merlot yoking up a much larger woman. Merlot hoists the woman up and stalls for a moment before she drops that woman on her head with a Saito suplex. The scene shifts one last time. A moderately lengthy montage of Merlot kicking the shit out of people begins to play. The video starts to fade to black after Merlot connects with a high roundhouse.

The screen remains black for a few moments until the following phrase breaks through:

Merlot Ayano - SCU Combat Champion - Returning Soon!

The scene opens backstage, where we see Rainbow already in ring gear warming up as she prepares to face off against Piper Beckett. Adjusting her mask, she sits down and begins to lace up her boots.  She looks up to see Marissa Henry approaching with a microphone in her hand and a camera man in tow.

Marissa: Rainbow is it?

Rainbow: はい (Yes)

Marissa: Great. I have been tasked so get a few words from you regarding your debut and this match tonight against Piper Beckett.

Rainbow: Who sent you?

Marissa: Mr Di Luca.

She says with confidence.

Rainbow: 数字 (Figures).

Marissa: Is it ok to speak to you?

Rainbow: Sure. Be quick about it.

Marissa: Thanks.

Marissa urges her camera man to come closer before continuing.

Marissa: Well firstly... you had a successful debut at the High Stakes kick off show. What are your thoughts on this?

Rainbow thinks for a moment, taking in the question.

Rainbow: 成功 (Successful). Fun. Painful. A great start to my life in GRIME... My debut went as expected. I picked the fight that I wanted, and I came out on top. Yes I could have easily opted for a singles match but why not have a triple threat instead and beat two people instead of one. While Ruby wasn’t my first choice Esther was, however, I still want her one one one to make sure that I defeated my original target.

She says starting off with single words before going into further detail.

Marissa: So how did you feel about being left out of the TV championship contendership match on Episode 77 that included your defeated opponents Esther and Ruby?

Rainbow: I was happy for them because without me they wouldn’t be in that match. I made them 関連 (relevant) again. They unfortunately blew the opportunity and lost but that is down to them not me. I didn’t get a thank you either from either of them. しかし、それはそれです。 (But it is what it is.) It’s their careers and can do what the 性交 (fuck) they like.

Marissa: Ok... so moving on. Tonight, in your second match for GRIME, you are facing off against Piper Beckett. What are your thoughts about this match and her...?

Marissa leaves the question open... and Rainbow thinks for a moment before adjusting her mask again.

Rainbow:  Going back to what I said earlier and when I came to GRIME, I had the choice to face anyone I wanted. I could have chosen Vixen who was at the time the world champion but I decided on starting at the bottom and work my way up. There were a few options to choose from and aside from Esther...

my other option was ... Piper Beckett.

At first I couldn’t decide, so I picked up a 1¥ coin and それを反転 (flipped it). Heads Esther. Tails Piper and well Esther won, and she was my first victim in climbing the ladder to success... Piper in my eyes is just another rung on the ladder. Frankly I don’t know much about her... I’ve heard of her brother Dax and his exploits but Piper... she is just living in his shadow.

Like Esther, she has done nothing in GRIME. Just 失敗 (bumbling) along accepting any matches that come along. It’s sad that girls like her and Esther and just take up spaces on the roster. Such a waste... there isn’t a single bit of talent in her.

Rainbow turns her attention away from Marissa to the camera and looks straight down the lens.

Rainbow: Having no talent is fine for me when we step into the ring and we face off, because I will once again show why i am the future dominant force in this company. I am going to teach you a lesson of why you shouldn’t sit back and watch the world fly by.

I am going to beat and punch you into 提出 (submission), I am going to make you 再評価 (re-evaluate) your choice on why you became a wrestler.

I am going to win this match and I am going to show why i will become top dog. Piper I hope you are ready, but you are going to need more than luck.

See you out there.

Rainbow stands to her feet and turns her back on the camera and Marissa and goes back to warming up and stretching.

Marissa: Thank you Rainbow.

The camera fades out as Rainbow continues to stretch and get ready.

Tim Staggs vs Andrew Borg

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, standing at 6'3" and weighing in at 195lb, he is... "The Nobody" Tim Staaaaaaaaaaggs!!!

The lights in the arena go out as the beat to "The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson plays over the speakers. As the electric organ picks up, a red light flashes across the screen as random faces begin to show on the screen. Then, a man in a white Bad Boys hooded jacket, and a black mask, steps out onto the stage, pausing as he looks down at the ground. As the music picks up, the figure pulls his hood back, yanking his mask off to reveal Tim Staggs. He jumps onto the ring apron, focused as he steps through the ropes. He paces back and forth, and the lights turn up some as he looks up. He then removes his jacket and tears away his black pants to reveal his wrestling outfit. He jogs backward and rests in one of the far corners, sinking down to a seated position as he contemplates.

Darlyn:  Aaaaand his opponent, coming to the ring from Tulsa, OK, he is… Andrew Borg!!!

Andrew’s music plays and he rushes down to the ring, he asks for the microphone. Andrew gets the microphone from Darlyn.

Andrew: Now Timmy boy, welcome back to SCU. The fans missed you, everyone in the back missed you. Some thought you would never come back. Not I, or any of the Good Shepherds, however. You see Father Gerald told us so, the day after Erik Staggs allowed Henry to let his monsters loose on you, Gerald prayed for you to recover and return back to the ring soon. We all prayed with him. You see Tim unless the “Bad Boys” or those with the Staggs name. The Good Shepherds are a family, we don’t just take care of each other, we care for one and another. 

Andrew walks up close to Tim as they meet in the middle of the ring.

Andrew: It’s clear you have no family. Come home where you belong. YES, YOU CAN! The Good Shepherds are waiting to welcome you to the family. No Stagg looks at you like family. Erik, Jaime, hell even Vixen or Spike. Even your own “wife” nowhere to be found. We all know why she’s out with her new man. Your replacement as DJ’s Father…

Chad: Tim has heard enough as lefts, rights, jabs, start flying. The ref calls for the bell to start the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Tim showing Andrew that he’s in no mood for his shit. Tim uses his core strength advantage to back Borg up into a corner. Andrew side steps to back away as he places the microphone close to his lips.

Andrew: I don’t understand, I offer you a family. Why are you acting this way? The Good Shepherds will be there for you. Unlike all the other Staggs…

Chad: Tim kicks Andrew in the gut. Andrew drops the microphone. Time kicks him again then grabs Andrew to drop him with Untitled No. 2 (Stunner)!  Tim rolls over on top of Borg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Here is your winner via pinfall… Tim Staaaaaaaaaaaaaggsssss!!!

Gena: Not much of a match.

Chad: Andrew trying to recruit Tim Staggs into the Good Shepherds lasted longer than the match itself.

Gena: He should have focused on the match not running his mouth.

The scene cuts in on the new SCU Uncensored Television Champion Cordelia Clark who is recording this from home at this time considering her unbooked status for this coming show. She watches her victory over Angel Kash and Queen of Apathy and it definitely brings a smile on her face, indicating that she may just as well be over some anger from before. Still, she’s quick to turn off the television and focus on the cameras in front of her as she begins to express her thoughts for tonight.

Cordelia: I can never get tired of watching that again and again, even if I did have to jump through some annoying legal hoops for a brief moment just to get to that point. See, as the SCU Uncensored Television Champion, you have my vow that I am going to represent this championship with grace and dignity. You’re not going to have someone like Angel Kash who was only ever using this championship as an accessory to begin with. You’re not going to have someone like her who all she cares about is her plastic, disgusting looks and her even more disgusting excuse of a brain. No, you’re going to have a champion that is going to be all about bringing class and dignity back to this championship! It’s a shame! Last week proved how little of either SCU actually has and the reason why I say that? I mean… come on… did you see that fiasco in the office prior to me winning this championship in the triple threat? That should show you something! And let’s be honest here… as I mentioned before? I really don’t give a crap about this never ending SCU versus GRIME nonsense because the only person Cordelia cares about is Cordelia… DUH… but for all of the “GRIME” problem, I have to be really blunt about this… the higher ups in this company ENABLE IT…

Cordelia takes a pause, smirking without remorse. She knows that this is going to draw some heat from some people in the SCU locker room, but she doesn’t look like someone that is worrying about it whatsoever.

Cordelia: You’re all going to think that’s blasphemous, but if you really think about it, it’s true! Why did my match HAVE to be contested under “GRIME RULES”? If we hate “GRIME” so much, why are we using THEIR rules to decide an SCU championship? If we hate “GRIME” so much, how come there isn’t an active movement to get rid of it? If we hate “GRIME” so much, then why in the world are we having “GRIME” wrestlers in contender’s matches for SCU championships? Maybe I’m being a little too analytical, I will be first to admit that but I’m noticing this pattern and it just seems suspicious to me. Seriously. Last week, there was a contender’s match to determine the next challenger to this title and “GRIME member Jade” won it. So… my first defense in all likelihood is going to be a GRIME wrestler. Does any of this make ANY sense to you people? For once, I wouldn’t blame you if it didn’t because SERIOUSLY!

Don’t get me wrong!

I WILL be defending this championship against “Jade”. I’m going to go out there when the time is right and retain this championship. But I want you all to know this: this isn’t about ‘brand supremacy’ because I really REALLY don’t give a flying crap about any of that. I want you to know that when I retain this championship, this isn’t going to be for SCU. I’m not into that hype about SCU VERSUS GRIME because that gets enough airtime as it is. I’m not going to retain this title to keep it out of GRIME hands. I could care less. Every opponent regardless of who they stand with is the same to me. No, I’m only going to retain his championship for ME and ME ALONE!

Aside from signing me, what’s this company REALLY done for me anyway? Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen so much incompetence from the people in charge it’s unreal. Remember when I faced that Lynx girl twice and when I had a match postponed because of WGN? Yeah… I don’t forget that.

Considering this company just put me through a whole lot of crap to even have this title last week, I see no motivation or reason to ‘represent SCU’ in this. And if that bothers you people… look in the mirror… because that’s your own doing… not mine!

Cordelia lets out a scoff as she stands up from her couch and walks out of the scene making it quite clear that she’s far more about herself then she could ever be about SCU as the scene fades out.

Rainbow vs Piper Beckett

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a …

“American Landfill” by 3TEETH begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Rainbow appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the Rainbow mask.. Rainbow surveys the crowd for a moment.

Liam: Making her way to the ring, representing the masked members of GRIME, she is… Rainbow!!!

She then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she waits for the match to start.

“I’m gonna show you…” can be heard playing out as lights flash and a female silhouette can be seen backlit at the entrance way.

Liam: From Anaheim, CA standing at five nine and weighing in at one hundred thirty three pounds, Piper Beckett!!!

Stepping into the light, Piper Beckett smirks at the fans around the ringside area as she moves down to the ring.  She poses just out of reach of the fans and snaps a selfie or two of the fans reach out towards her.  Blowing a cocky kiss to the fans over her shoulder, she climbs the ringsteps and then slides between the ropes.  Setting her phone down on the canvas at ringside, she slowly peels off a satin jacket to reveal her wrestling gear.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  Rainbow dashes across the ring and tackles Piper to the ground, throwing punch after punch.  Piper grabs onto the ropes and pulls herself onto the apron.

Rob:   Rainbow stands up and leans through the ropes, stomping away at Piper.  Piper is finally able to grab onto Rainbow’s leg and trips her up.  She drops a knee to the back of Rainbow’s head.

Ada:  She pulls Rainbow out onto the apron and she rushes her toward the ringpost.  As she gets close, Rainbow uses the momentum to slam her into it, avoiding it herself.

Rob:   She then tosses Piper to the outside of the ring.  She steps down and pulls out a bag.  She fumbles through the bag and pulls out a long taser.  She electrifies it and it pops a few times.

Ada:  As Piper gets up, she rushes at Piper and shocks her with the taser.  As Piper falls to the ground, convulsing, Rainbow gives her another shock. The referee comes outside and warns Rainbow that it’s not a legal weapon.

Rob:   Rainbow shrugs and drops it to the ground.  She kicks Piper’s head once and then lifts her up.  She sends her into the barricade and then dusts her hands off.  She steps up onto the apron and leaps off with a Moonsault, crashing through the barricade.

Ada:  Both ladies are feeling that one.  Piper pulls herself toward the nearest chair and pulls herself up partially.  She breathes heavily until Rainbow stands up and drops an elbow to the back of her head.

Rob:   Rainbow grabs onto Piper’s head and goes to smash her face into the chair, but Piper uses her foot to stop it.  She drops Rainbow down chin first onto the back of the chair.

Ada:  Piper picks up a fallen chair and she smacks it over the back of Rainbow’s head.  She goes for another, but Rainbow slowly rolls off, just in the nick of time.  Piper pulls her to her feet and then whips her into a row of chairs, and she trips over them.

Rob:   She stomps on Rainbow and screams out as she picks up the speed, stomping her wildly.  She then turns Rainbow over onto her back.  Rainbow nails a surprise Monkey Flip to Piper, right on top of the chairs.

Ada:  As the chairs crumble, Rainbow gets back to her feet.  She drags Piper by her long reddish hair toward the entryway.  This match isn’t Falls Count Anywhere!

Rob:   Rainbow drags her out into the hallway and whips her right into the wall.  She charges and hits a High Knee to the head, smashing it into the wall!

Ada:  Rainbow then drags her by the feet toward the men’s room.  Male fans shout at them as they enter.

Man 1:  What the hell are you doing in the men’s room?!

Man 2:  If you don’t got a dick, piss with the chicks!

Rob:   Rainbow nearly misses the second man as she whips Piper into the urinal.  He bumps into the first man, and a little stray hits Piper, who screams.

Ada:  Rainbow gets shoved right through a stall door, on top of a man who is sitting down with a Valentina sock, blushing.  He begins pulling his pants up in a hurry as Piper brushes past him and goes for Rainbow.

Rob:   Rainbow moves out of the way, and she trips Piper up over the toilet.  She shoves Piper’s face down into the toilet, giving her a swirly like a geek in high school!

Ada:  Piper is able to get free, but Rainbow begins bashing her over the head with a toilet seat!  As Piper starts to crawl away, Rainbow grabs onto her foot and puts it between the seat and the toilet.

Rob:   She perches herself up on top of the toilet paper dispenser.  It cracks when she leaps off and stomps right on top of the seat, and Piper screams as we hear a snap!

Ada:  The referee makes it into the ring as Piper screams in agony.  She holds onto her leg as Rainbow just stares down at her.  As the ref asks if she can continue, Piper quickly shakes her head “no”. And the medics come to check on her.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Piper Beckett is unable to continue the match.  Therefore, your winner is… Masked member Rainbow!!!

Rainbow steps back slowly, admiring her handiwork.

Medic 1:  Her ankle is broken completely! I need backup!

Rainbow turns and leaves the bathroom, and you can hear her laughing as she turns the corner and the scene fades elsewhere.

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Re: SCU Underground Ep 78 (Results)
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The scene opens backstage after Krystal’s seg where we again find Ari desperately in search for her bestie.

Ariana: Come on Carter, where are you?!

Marissa: Ari, do you have a minute?

Ari looks up and sees Marissa standing there.

Marissa: And no, I haven’t seen Carter, besides, you’ve got bigger problems.

Ariana: Bigger than my bestie needing my home cooking to cheer him up?!

Marissa nearly gags potentially getting flashbacks to the duck fat cookie incident before recovering.

Marissa: Err, no, but you are defending the Pride Tag Team Titles tonight.

Ariana: Yeah, and I wish my former partner were here to watch me defend them! But regardless, I’m ready for another successful defence tonight! Kelli and Holly are tough but me and Alex have turned away challengers before and we’re not stopping tonight! Because fortune favours the bold and they will bare witness to the grace of the Angel’s Descent from “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ari walks off as the scene fades.

The cameras go backstage with Henry Losak, standing with only Samuel McPherson on his side, mainly because he was the only Monstimals member wrestling tonight on SCU. Although it did make Henty have a huge smile on his face, knowing his concerns of Samuel not getting enough solo's matches were finally being heard, after months of waiting for Samuel to finally get a solo's title contention match Henry felt Samuel deserves. Samuel nods before Henry speaks on camera.

Henry Losak: "It's about bloody time that Samuel deserves to get a shot for solo's titles around here. I get it, Lord Raab is a big name, but even Raab's concerned on Samuel being ignored for the individual wrestler he can be. Not many companies around the world want to give Samuel a shot for a solo's title, and we don't know why. Anyway, that's changed tonight that Samuel's finally getting the recognition he deserves because Samuel is more than deserving to be a title contender for a solo's title and I couldn't be any happier that Samuel's going to take on the guys that he's beaten in tag team matches before."

Henry has a huge smile on his face, still proud that Samuel was selected to do at least a title run potentially if Samuel wins a match and he deserved to go through opponents by himself, being targetted as a future champion.

Henry Losak: "Heck, even J2H has said Samuel's got potential to be a roulette title contender. It goes to show how underused Samuel is when it comes to him wrestling in solo matches. Anyway, moving on, we have Jerry Cann, Eric Weaver and Andrew Garcia for Samuel to beat up to get himself a shot for the title. It's plain simple really that Samuel, even in tag team matches has beaten all of those guys and I know for a fact, he's able to be beat them by himself without Lord Raab by his side who I've been told that he's banned from ringside tonight. That's fine because Samuel doesn't need Raab to help him win anyway."

Henry smirks on the decision made a few minutes ago as he focuses right back on Samuel and his opponents.

Henry Losak: "We know what these guys can do in the match, all are very tough competitors and can give Samuel a hard time, but Samuel is far more experienced and far more vicious and brutal than everyone else in this match. I know you guys will say, Samuel's had his shot for the title and blew it. Samuel never had the chance to defend the title, Samuel never had a proper run with the GRIME Nightmare title, and it's hunted him ever since the tie he had with Max Burke. Samuel wants to be better than that joke title run he had and wants to put the past behind him and show the entire world how dangerous this animal is in the ring."

Samuel nods as he signals for the title around his waist, despite already having a tag title on his shoulder and that already reminds Henry what history Samuel could achieve with this match.

Henry Losak: "I also know you fucks are gonna say, Samuel's already champion, but that's a tag team title, one that Samuel and Lord Raab are proud of. Samuel is more than willing to do a double load of title matches if he has to because sure, there have been many multiple champions before, but never has there been a champion that holds both the tag title and a solo's title. That's already history-making stuff, and Samuel here has the opportunity to break all barriers, being the first-ever GRIME Wrestler to hold a tag and a solo's title at once. That's what Samuel aims to dream for and what he can do in the match."

Samuel nods his head as he signals title again as he bashes his fist on his other hand before Henry speaks again.

Henry Losak: "So Eric, Jerry and Andrew, you guys don't stand a chance against this animal who will tear all of you to shreds, in a way he can do. None of you will be able to take him down, despite all of you will gang up on him to win, but also the fact is, none of you will be able to go toe to toe with Max Burke who sure, has been defending the title successfully, but nobody as of yet has taken him down and win the belt from him. I can't see any of you three doing so, but Samuel can and he will fucking destroy you three, using weapons, his knees, elbows, fists and feet to knock you fuckers down. He will be extremely aggressive, showing the killer instinct Samuel has and none of you has that."

Samuel applauds Henry for the truth of his comments so far as Henry takes a quick break before speaking for the last time.

Henry Losak: "Samuel will beat all of you motherfuckers around him, beating the living daylights out of all of you, using his brutal skills as a professional wrestler and doing everything it takes to win the match. He will because there will be no limits or restrictions to anything Samuel will do in the ring. He will use his strengths against all of you to batter, bust you all wide open and pure violence to win the match because Samuel's the only one dying for another solo's title opportunity he hasn't had for a year. He will be the new GRIME Nightmare title contender and will be the new GRIME Nightmare champion in the process. Everyone will be prepared to be destroyed by The Animal, walking away tonight with a win behind his back either by pinfall or submission because Samuel is coming for Max Burke to face and win the GRIME Nightmare title as well as defending the Hardcore tag titles successfully in the same night should it come to it."

Henry drops the microphone as Samuel goes up close to the camera and once again, signals the title to be around his waist and then, smashing his fist with his right hand to the camera, doing the choking signal too before he follows Henry to the locker room before the next match begins on Underground.

Pride Tag Team Championship Match
Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos vs Mz Holly Wood and Kelli Torres

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Pride Tag Team Championships!  On their way to the ring, Mz Holly Wood and Kelli Torres!!!

"Hollywood" by Collective blasts over the sound system as a pink shadow box appears through the curtains. The silhouette of 2 lovely ladies dancing are seen from the inside, seducing the crowd with their feminine wiles. It comes to rest at the edge of the stage, and after a moment, the ladies inside kick their way through the thin paper to reveal... Holly Wood! Mz. Wood if you nasty, and Kelli Torres! She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder as she raises her arms in the air, loosening her hips before sashaying down the ramp, and Kelli follows suit. She climbs onto the apron, swaying her hips back and forth as she lowers herself down into a split position. She crawls under the ropes and does a sexy pose on the mat before leaping up, dancing around the ring to the music as she waits for their opponents.

Darlyn:  Aaaand their opponents, the Pride Tag Team Champions…

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hands with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn: Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for the match to start.

Gold stars start to flash around the stage entrance as the arena lights start to drop out and a voice is heard saying "Do you wanna get rocked?" The name Alex Rush appears on the screen and the fans instantly burst in to cheers as Def Leppards "Let's Get Rocked" blasts through the speakers.

Darlyn: From Westminister, London, England, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, he is Alex Rush!

Smoke appears at the top of the ramp as a spotlight hits the entrance way to see the back of a long haired man with one hand in the air holding up the devil horns sign. He turns around to more cheers as the spotlight shines on the face of Alex Rush! A line of security as seen either side of him as the lights brighten to show fans "held back" by security at the top of the ramp. Alex is wearing black leather pants with a red stripe down either side, a white shirt with the devill horns hand sign on in a faded gray colour. Around his wrist, a multi coloured scarf is tied. He looks to the held back fans and wave a hand at them in a presidential fashion before making his way down to the ringside area. Alex steps up the steps and through the middle and top rope and in to the center of the ring, his arms in the air with the devil horns sign as gold sparks fall from the roof. Alex reaches down, removing his shirt and throws it to the crowd

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Ari and Kelli start things off.  There is a quick show of good sportsmanship in the middle of the ring before they break away and start circling each other.

Chad:  That doesn’t last long as they tie up.  Ari gets the advantage as she gets behind Kelli and tries for a Jumping Backbreaker, but Kelli gets behind and brings her back with a Belly-to-Back Suplex.

Gena:  She goes to bridge it into a pin, but Ari kicks out before the count of one.  They get back to their feet and Ari puts Kelli down with a Clothesline.  She goes for a Standing Moonsault.

Chad:  Kelli moves out of the way and Ari barely lands on her feet.  As she stumbles, Kelli sweeps her legs out from under her.  She mounts and hits several punches to Ari.

Gena:  Ari is stunned at first, but preservation kicks in and she begins blocking the hits.  She then grabs Kelli and turns her over, mounting with punches in return.

Chad:  Kelli grabs Ari’s head and flips her down to the mat.  They get to their feet and Kelli hits a right cross to Ari.  Ari ducks a left hook and bounces off of the ropes, hitting a Crossbody.

Gena:  Ari goes to hook the leg, but Kelli shows ring awareness as she puts a foot on the bottom rope immediately.  Ari gets up as Kelli scrambles back to a vertical base.

Chad:  Ari comes off the ropes, looking for a Leapfrog, but Kelli drops her back against the turnbuckle, causing Ari to hit her head on it.  She stumbles back along the ropes for the tag.

Gena:  Kelli nods her head as she slowly walks back toward Holly.  She reaches a hand out and Holly makes the tag. Holly jumps over the ropes, right as Alex does.

Chad:  Alex and Holly approach one another in the center of the ring.  Alex gives a few compliments as Holly smirks and moves her hair out of her face, showing off her breastplate that Alex signed a while back.

Gena:  Alex says something that causes Holly to slap him across the face in a huff.  Alex points to their common factor, and Holly quickly ties up with Alex. Alex gets the advantage, backing Holly up against the ropes.

Chad:  Finally, Holly gets a knee to Alex’s midsection.  She shoves Alex’s head between her legs as she twerks.  The crowd goes nuts for this, even more when Alex hits a Back Body Drop.

Gena:  Alex stumbles around, shaking off the slap before looking from side to side.  He then drops an elbow across Holly’s chest, and hooks the leg.


Chad:  Kelli breaks up the pin at one as Holly gets to her feet once more.  She bounces off of the ropes, Alex leans down to hit a Back Body Drop, but Holly jumps up for a Rear View!

Gena:  Alex falls back and Holly jumps up, hitting a Standing Frog Splash over Alex’s midsection, causing him to hold his ribs.  Holly leans back and shakes her chest.

Chad:  A lot of extra bounce there. That’s suspicious.  Holly leans down for the cover, but a rather awkward one at that…


Chad:  Ari pulls Holly’s leg to drag her off Alex.  Alex shouts at Holly, pointing to her chest.  Holly shrugs her shoulders.  Alex tags Ari in as he continues to hold his chest.

Gena:  Holly tags Kelli back in, and Kelli charges Ari   She Spears her to the mat and begins throwing punches.  Ari rolls over, and the two go at it wildly until Kelli hunches over her.

Chad:  In the corner, Kelli pulls herself up a bit, stomping on Ari.  The referee backs her up as she wipes at her face.  Ari gets up, and Kelli charges forward, hitting a Superkick to Ari!

Gena:  Kelli stumbles a bit before falling on top of Ari for the cover!  We could have new champs right here!


Chad:  Alex pulls his partner from under Kelli.  Holly comes charging at Alex as he drops down and lets Holly fall over the ropes.  As Kelli gets up, Alex distracts her by calling down Edwin Robert with a whistle.

Crowd:  *MEGA POP!*

Gena:  But while the rhino is coming down to see his buddy, Kelli, Ari rolls her up quickly!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and STILL Pride Tag Team Champions… Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos!

Ari lets go of Kelli and rolls to the outside.  Holly is just a second too late to save the pin, and she slaps the mat.  Edwin Robert huffs, almost melting Kelli’s heart enough to not be too mad.  She crawls over to Edwin Robert.  She rubs his nose as Holly huffs herself, but Alex gives her a peck on the cheek, which makes everything better.  Holly grins as Alex goes over to Edwin Robert.  He gives a command, and Edwin Robert leans down for Kelli and Holly to climb through the ropes and onto Edwin Robert.  Alex leads Edwin Robert toward the curtains as Ari continues to celebrate with the Pride Tag Team belts in her possession.

Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu is seen with his GRIME friends Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell, as well as managers Johan Svensson and Giovanni Teixeira to discuss Andrew’s match for the GRIME Nightmare Contendership in a Fatal Fourway against Samuel McPherson vs Jerry Cann vs Eric Weaver

Andrew-I am kinda surprised I am getting a chance to compete in a singles match, let alone for a title that Hitamashii has been trying to get in the GRIME Nightmare title.  There is nothing I will not do to beat Samuel, Jerry and Eric, as I have been successful against 2 of the 3 in the past.

Andrew grabs a bottle of water and drinks from it as Ivan speaks.

Ivan-The only one that could pose a problem is Samuel, but I seriously doubt that.  Everybody knows Lord Raab is the better wrestler out of The Monstimals.  That and the fact that Jerry and Eric are nothing but a joke anyways, Andrew can beat them both with one arm tied behind his back and wearing a blindfold.

Andrew throws away the water bottle after he takes another drink as he speaks again.

Andrew-Tonight, I bring pain and suffering to Samuel, Jerry and Eric like they have never experienced pain before and I become the #1 contender for the Nightmare title!!!

Andrew smiles and he, with his friends in tow, decide to go into the locker room while cackling as the scene fades to black.

GRIME Nightmare Contendership Match
Fatal Fourway
Samuel McPherson vs Jerry Cann vs Eric Weaver vs Andrew Garcia

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for contendership to the GRIME World Nightmare Championship!!!  First, he is Samuel McPherson!!!

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays over the sound system as a large man walks out from the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, looking around with Henry standing behind him before he walks very slowly to ringside as he steps on the apron and goes over the top rope with his feet and goes to a corner to rest himself up on, looking at his opponent with intensity before the match starts.

Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz starts to play

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag

Liam:  On his way to the ring... he weighs in at 227 Ibs, from Las Vegas Nevada... Jerry Cann!!!!

Jerry Walks out to the rampway to a small pop. He looks around as he makes his way to the ring.

I'm useless but not for long
The future is coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on

Jerry now at ringside high fives a few kids in the front row before sliding into the ring.

Yeah, ha-ha
Finally, someone let me out of my cage
Now time for me is nothing 'cause I'm counting no age
Now I couldn't be there
Now you shouldn't be scared
I'm good at repairs
And I'm under each snare

Jerry goes to a corner waiting for the match to start.

Take Five starts to play as we here the jazz beat coming we see Eric Weaver coming from the curtains.
"Won't you stop and take
A little time out with me
Just take five"

Eric waves at the fans as he walks down the ramp.

"Though I'm going out of my way
Just so I can pass by each day
Not a single word do we say
It's a pantomime and not a play

Still, I know our eyes often meet
I feel tingles down to my feet
When you smile, that's much too discreet
Sends me on my way"

Eric slides in the ring from underneath the bottom ropes.

"Wouldn't it be better
Not to be so polite
You could offer a light
Start a little conversation now
It's alright, just take five
Just take five"

As the music fades we see Eric holding his right hand in the air as he looks over to the crowd.

The opening rift to Busta Rhyme and Ozzy Osbournes’s "This Means War!!" start to blast through the speakers, as red and yellow lights start to flash, the yellow cutting through the red to create a orange effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Just make sure them, them drums is smackin’
This, means, WAR!!"

Andrew appears at the top of the ramp, with his husband, Ivan Darrell behind him, the duo looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"Take a look inside
You can run and you can hide
If you cross my path
I'll make sure you feel my wrath
Give and you receive
Cherish every breath you breathe
Scriptures on the wall
Those who betray all must fall"

Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused.  The Honorable Warrior starts to walk towards the ring slowly with Ivan following in tow, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Andrew shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, staring around at the booing fans as Ivan climbs over the top rope. Andrew raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Just then, the lights dim as a cage slowly lowers around the cage, and the crowd goes berzerk! Max Burke and Casey Williams come rushing down to the ringside area and begin to fight with Ivan, drawing Hitamashii and Omasa down too, but mayhem breaks out inside of the ring too!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  We got fights going on all outside of the cage as Sam and Eric begin trading punches.  Not a smart move on the part of Eric to go after the Animal.

Rob:   Andrew bounces off the ropes and jumps at Jerry, but Jerry lifts him up into a Back Body Drop.  Andrew grabs on and lands a devastating Tornado DDT!

Ada:  Sam grabs onto the back of Eric’s head and smashes it into the side of the cage.  This only serves to make Sam angry as he turns around and does the same to Eric.

Rob:   He then grinds Eric’s face against the cage, instantly busting him open.  Seeing red, literally, Eric turns around and kicks Sam in the gut and drops him with a DDT.

Ada:  Eric stomps on Sam a few times before walking over toward the cage door.  He waves it as GRIME Referee Atomic Tangerine shouts at him and flips him off, banging his bat against the door.

Rob:   Eric shouts back and flips her off as he starts to climb the cage.  However, Andrew is quick to grab the back of Eric’s head and smash him into the cage door he’s climbing up.

Ada:  Eric’s head bounces off, and then he instantly begins grating Andrew’s head against the side of the cage, cutting open his forehead too.

Rob:   Sam is getting to his feet when Jerry comes up behind and picks up a steel pipe in the corner.  He cracks it across the side of Sam with a sickening thud!

Ada:  Jerry drops the pipe to the mat as Pakistan Green and Saddie Brown begin working together outside of the cage to wrap barbed wire around a wooden table.  They then carry it over to the door and Atomic opens up the door and helps them to slide it inside!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Rob:   Andrew hits an elbow to the side of Eric and then bounces off of the ropes, landing a Pele Kick.  Eric falls back against the cage wall.  Andrew picks up the table and charges at Eric.

Ada:  Eric moves out of the way at the last second as the fans groan.  He clubs Andrew against the back a few times as we see Cyan climbing the side of cage along with Sea Green.  They begin throwing bottles inside of the ring.

Rob:   Seven bottles and 4 of them break upon impact.  Sam picks Jerry up into a Spinebuster on top of the broken glass, and the crowd’s bloodlust is satiated now.

Ada:  Sam grabs Eric from behind and brings him back into a German Suplex to the glass.  He turns to look at the carnage in front of him, which gives Andrew just enough time to pick up a bottle and smash it over the back of Sam’s head!

Rob:   Andrew sneers as Sam turns around, looking for a Throat Thrust, but Andrew ducks behind him and drops to his knees, hitting a Low Blow.

Ada:  Andrew then comes off the ropes and hits a knee to the side of Sam’s head.  He then rushes over to the cage to climb up it.  He scales it as quickly as possible.

Rob:   Andrew makes it about six paces up the cage before Jerry finishes setting up the barbed wire table.  He climbs up and brings Andrew down and through the table!


Ada:  Jerry and Andrew sit still over the broken table and barbed wire mess as Eric gets up and looks at the situation.  He begins to climb the cage!

Rob:   He tries to move fast, but with no luck.  He trips up a bit, but holds on tight to regain his footing.  He gets another pace up the cage.

Ada:  But Sam is right there!  Eric kicks at his face as he climbs up another step.  Sam begins climbing too.  He gets several paces up to get just about even with Eric.

Rob:   Eric punches Sam, but Sam bounces Eric’s head off of the post between them.  Eric drops a step, but holds on tight.

Ada:  Sam hits him once more, but Eric hits several hard punches to the stomach of Sam, dropping him a step now.  He holds on, but he is more limp now.

Rob:   Eric punches at Sam’s head as he loses a pace.  Eric climbs up one pace, but Sam grabs onto his throat and tosses him off of the side of the cage and right on top of the broken glass!

Ada:  Andrew runs up the cage, his back torn up from the barbed wire.  He and Sam trade punches, but Andrew’s speed is his advantage and he nails several hits.

Rob:   Jerry climbs up and pulls Sam down, and he does a Superman Punch!  Jerry climbs up and catches up to Andrew, whose blood covered hands are slipping now.

Ada:  He kicks Jerry in the face, but Jerry grabs his legs and trips him up so that he falls, chin first onto the top rope and bounces back! Jerry ascends the side of the cage!

Rob:   Sam sees Jerry nearing the top with no time and he pulls him down.  Meanwhile, Eric quickly climbs the cage with glass dropping off his back, so he walks over to the cage door and kicks it open with all of his might.  He climbs out as Eric reaches the top of the cage and rolls over.

Ada:  Sam approaches the opening and begins climbing out.  He and Eric are neck and neck!  Sam steps down just as Eric drops to save the match!  Who got it?!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Your winner, facing the GRIME World Nightmare Champion at Night of Champions… Eric Weaver!!!

The scene opens backstage once more, where we see Rainbow with her bag slung over her shoulder as she looks to leave following her match against Piper Beckett.  As she rounds the corner towards the exit, she spots Esther with Red and a few others talking.  Rainbow smirks beneath her mask before changing direction and moving toward them.

Rainbow: Well… Welll… Well… look what we have here.

Esther looks up and over to where Rainbow is…

Esther: Oh my god, what the hell do you want?

Esther stands to her feet and glares at Rainbow.

Rainbow: I just want to see what sad and pathetic looks like.

Rainbow shrugs.

Esther: Look here you little bitch… I am not sad and pathetic. IF you look around, I have friends around me, where are yours?

Esther looks Rainbow up and down.  As Rainbow delivers a small chuckle.

Rainbow: Oh I have friends.  But at least I am not being picked on by mommy.  At least I am not being handed matches but only to fail that golden opportunity.

Esther glares at Rainbow…

Esther: You bitch.

Esther dives at Rainbow and they begin to brawl, as Andrey and her posse shout at Esther to take her out etc…, as they trade multiple shots over and over as they roll around the floor, until security rushes in and drags them apart.

Esther: I am not done with you.

Rainbow: I look forward to it.

Security pull Esther etc… away from the area, while Rainbow shrugs off security and grabs her back before making her way towards the exit as originally intended.

Halo Annis vs Stacy Ruin

Darlyn:  This next match is set for one fall!!! On her way first, from Hollywood Hills, CA, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 144lb, she is… Halo Annisssss!!!!!!!!!

Life of Agony’s “Lost At 22” starts up to a pop as Halo comes out the curtain with a burst of excitement. She makes her way up the steps and slips through the ropes. Halo gets to the middle of the ring smiling as the crowd chants her name loudly. 

The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour starts to play.

I wished I lived in the golden age
Giving it up on the Broadway stage
Hang with the rats and smoke cigars
Have a break with Frank and count the stars

Darlyn: First on the way to the ring From Scottsdale, AZ Stacy Ruin!!!

Dressed to the nines, with hair to match
Shiny jewels, casino cash
Tapping feet wanna take the lead
A trip back in time is all I need

Stacy high fives the few fans she seems to have left

Sing it out loud gonna get back honey
Sing it out loud get away with me
Sing it out loud on a trip back honey
Sing it out loud and let yourself free

Stacy slides in the ring as the music fades out

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Stacy looks around as the crowd chants her name. Halo seems pretty excited to see Stacy return as well.  She goes after Stacy, but Stacy ducks underneath Halo’s attempts at tying up.  She turns around and grabs hold of Halo’s head.

Gena:  Halo twists and picks Stacy up, looking for a high backdrop but Stacy lets go of Halo’s head allowing her time to land on her feet with a counter to the backdrop. Halo turns around, and Stacy goes for a Crescent Kick, but Halo grabs her leg and trips her up.

Chad:  Halo does to drop an elbow to Stacy’s stomach, but Stacy rolls out of the way… The two perform kip-ups to get to their feet. They have a staredown as they stand nose to nose, the crowd cheering for both women in this match.

Gena: Stacy goes to grab Halo but Halo counters with an arm drag, tossing Stacy back onto the mat. Stacy quickly gets to her feet. Halo runs in at Stacy and spears her back to the mat.

Chad:  Halo gets off of Stacy and gets back to her feet. She picks Stacy up and flings her into the ropes.  Stacy bounces off the ropes and then comes back, meeting Halo with a Handspring Elbow that puts Halo on the mat!

The lights go out in the arena as the SCUTron lights up. We see Angel Of Filth standing in front of Javi, Eric Weaver, Kittie, and The Jeckels.

Filth: Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a far off place of G-Rated wrestling, there was a whory princess who smelled like rotting meat, looking around at all the pretty princesses, angels, and queens… the handsome well defined robot males at their beckon call. She looked around and said “What the fuck is going on here?

Filth pauses as the crowd looks on, confused, but on edge about what is to come.

Filth:  So, that gutter trash princess did NOT sign up for this SCU bullshit you’ve all grown to know.  She’s not about this lie.  She’s smarter than the pretty brainless bots programmed to sell mediocrity.  Even if you “fans” feel like you deserve the shiny happy people running around, I didn't sign up for this.  None of us did.  GRIME fights the lie. GRIME came here to take over, to give the fans the matches SCU promised. This half and half bullshit is over. The wait is over…

The SCUTron turns off. The arena in darkness...

Gena: What does she mean by the wait is over?

A buzzing noise is heard as the  SCUTron flickers on, showing a GRIME Wrestling “Emergency Broadcast System” image. The crowd boos intensely.

"This is not a test. This is your WGN broadcast system announcing the commencement of the randomly Purge sanctioned by the WGN Broadcast Standards and Practices Tad Ezra. All SCU hardcore weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. All SCU Staff and all of the non contracted wrestlers have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all injuries including career ending will be legal... Until the start of Night Of Champions on January 2nd, 2021...Sin City securities, medical teams, and all first responders will be unavailable until the start of that WGN program when The Purge concludes. Blessed by our New Founding Fathers of GRIME Wrestling, a company reborn. May Tad have mercy on you all."

Chad: That’s three whole weeks. GRIME has taken over the show for the rest of 2020!?

Halo and Stacy look around as members from the GRIME locker room appear from everywhere, the rampway, and all angles from the crowd. They make their way towards the ring as Halo and Stacy brace themselves for the gang attack.

Cadet Blue and Saddie Brown slide in the ring first. Halo and Stacy kick them before they can get to their feet. Ruby and Kittie slide in the ring and grab Halo and Stacy from behind. Filth kicks Stacy as Jade kicks Halo.

The crowd's boos turn to cheers as Melissa Ruin along with OTE hit the rampway to start attacking The Jeckels, Andrey, Esther, and Eric Weaver. Kelli and Holly Wood run out and attack Cyan and Helena.

The Monstimals run out and bulldoze their way down the rampway as they make a B line for Jack and Jake Jeckel. The crowd cheers for all the chaos going on. Lord Raab gets stopped by Micky and Dax as Kaos and Eyesnsane double team Samuel. 

Rory, Jacob Johnson, Jerry Cann, Sea Green, Yellow all slide in the ring. Stacy and Halo drop to the mat as they’re being kicked around by about 12 GRIME members. Melissa, Mrs. Right, and Michi slide in the ring to help even the odds but are too outnumbered as Jade, Kittie, Ruby, Sea Green, Rory, and Jerry focus on them.

Coby Quik, Jaime Staggs, Tim Staggs, and Team Canada run down to help the other SCU stars.

OTE slides in the ring to even the numbers against GRIME. Kelli and Stacy cover each other up as too many wrestlers in the ring between the two brands have them stuck with no room to move. The two get stepped on as an all-out brawl in and around the ring takes place. The biggest purge thus far as about 90% of both locker rooms are out attacking each other.

The crowd is loving every minute of the assault. The Fox Brothers run down the rampway to help out… No, They get stopped by Ivan Darrell, Andrew Garcia, Hitamashi, and Omasa. Melissa in the ring manages to get to her sister Stacy, Michi, Dahlia, and Mrs. Right muscle others around to create a space for Kelli and Stacy to get up.

As the chaos continues a loud pop is heard. The top turnbuckle from one of the corners is snapped off from the support system. Another follows, followed by the ring falling apart on one side. Some GRIME and SCU stars fall to the mat, a few even end up on top of other wrestlers fighting outside the ring.

Gena: The crowd goes nuts at this action but the ring is destroyed and we still have more matches for tonight.

Chad: You can cancel the rest of the show at this point. GRIME has destroyed the ring. They’ve taken over till Night of Champions in 2021. It’s been approved by WGN which means Lexa’s hands might be tied in this one.

Gena: If that’s true then what happens next week?

Chad: Well my wife, I think next week we stay home until this gets sorted out.

Gena: Now the other side of the ring has collapsed to the ground. Lord Raab uses the ropes to choke Jake Jeckel! Max Burke is here, Max runs down and goes straight for Hitamashii but gets nailed with a superkick from the side by Omasa!

Chad: Hitamashii watches Max drop to the mat. Omasa jumps over Max Burke and looks up the rampway looking at the curtains.

Gena: I don’t think it matters to her who comes out, she’s ready to take them on.

As Omasa stares up the rampway the brawl between the two rosters happens around her. Omasa looks up above the curtain to look at the SCUTron. She sees Filth coming from behind. Omasa does a spinning back elbow that nails Filth on her nose.

Javi, Eric, Rory, Skag, Jacob attack Earl and Stewart by the barricade. Dahlia tries to get to them but can’t as she and Ruby throw punches at each other. Cyan and Coby Quik trade chops but get interrupted as Dax puts Cyan in a sleeper hold and Coby gets nailed with a forearm from behind by Max Burke.

The SCUTron goes to a camera in the back area, we see Combat Champion Merlot Ayano enter the building and starts running down the hallway.

Gena:Merlot’s here! She’s not cleared yet but couldn’t stand to be in her hotel room watching GRIME invade SCU!

Chad:The non medically cleared champion runs down the hall as Omasa runs up the rampway to head to the back.

Omasa and Merlot stop and have a staredown… The two yell and run towards each other as WGN cuts the program off to begin their Saturday late, late night movie.
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