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Sin City underground Ep 76 (card)
« on: October 29, 2020, 03:25:57 PM »


Sin City Underground Ep 76 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 25% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, October 25th, 2020.

Note: Anyone who does not abide by the rules set in place by SCW GM Brooke Saxon (stated below), will be escorted from the premises and banned from future Sin City Wrestling, Sin City Underground, and GRIME Wrestling shows.

1- Each ticket purchased will come with a safety bag. (A safety Bag includes a company logo face Mask, one .5 oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and a pair of XL gloves. Masks must be worn in all areas of the building.

2- Tickets to all shows going forward will only be sold at the SCW shop and only available to the local residents in which the show is being held.

3- Tickets will be sold no earlier than 48 hours of the show. (For SCW, look at it as the promo deadline is when tickets go on sale for that show and SCU shows.)

4- Everyone entering the building will get screened to read their temperature.

5- All food sold going forward will be already wrapped. All drinks will now be sold only in cans or bottles. No fountain type drinks.

6- Food can only be consumed in the designated areas in which masks can be taken off temporarily. All merch bought at the event will be done by credit cards, the shops will no longer take cash.

All segments due to the Underground account ideally by the SCW segment deadline, but no later than 6pm PST on Sunday, November 1st, 2020.

11 matches in total for the fans this week in SCU. Three of them pinning SCU against GRIME as Krystal, Kelli, Halo, and Merlot represent SCU to GRIME’s Masked Indigo, Cadet Blue, Queen of Apathy and Light Blue. Cordelia will test her strength against the powerhouse, Mrs. Right from OTE. OTE members will also be in tag team action as Eyesnsane and Michi take on theFAME. Rory and Lord Raab will get a chance to hurt each other tonight. Eric and Javi take on the Dying Breed. Omasa and Kittie will see action. The debut of Rainbow as she faces Ruby and Esther. Another great matchup between Le Coven and their opposites, The Good Shepherds. Then we’ll close the show with the only title on the line tonight. H.B. Carter, the new two time TV Champion, puts the TV title on the line against Coby Quik!

Krystal Wolfe vs Masked Indigo

Cordelia Clark vs Mrs. Right

Eyesnsane and Michi vs theFAME

Merlot Ayano vs Masked Cadet Blue

Dying Breed vs Eric and Javi

Omasa vs Kittie

Rory Rockefeller vs Lord Raab

Le Coven vs Mother Mavis and Virginia Putnam 

Ruby vs Rainbow vs Esther

Halo and Kelli vs Queen of Apathy and Light Blue

Main Event
Uncensored TV Championship
H.B. Carter vs Coby Quik