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Rose Productions Movie Studio
Hollywood, California

We are taken to the office of the owner of Rose Productions Christina Zdunich. The blue haired vixen had been mostly sleeping at her studio. There seemed to be so much going on within her family and her personal life that she really didn’t want to surround herself with others. In every company that she had competed at she had found herself receiving multiple concussions in a 2 week span. Sure it was finally nice to get out and wrestle again but she honestly didn’t know how to feel about it. She had been suspended from her cousin’s company WWA for coming to the aid of her sister Mariella. She had been suspended from SCW for going ballistic with a chair striking everybody in sight including an official, and things really weren’t going as well as they should have in WWR as she found herself on the preshow. Life really had sucked and her love life wasn’t any better. There was definitely some tension between Seleana and her with the way she had conducted herself and had treated her friend Diamond Caldwell on national television.

Christina could only sit in her office as she put her feet up and she played her wife’s promo from SCW over and over again. She grabbed the controller hitting play on her smart television App. As she watched an angry Seleana stand in front of a camera and begin to speak.

Seleana Zdunich: The last time I looked in the mirror, I look nothing like my wife. I have never demanded anything from promoters the way she does. I have never tried to work for one as an assistant and I have not been suspended for hitting an official while attempting to stop someone else from committing a heinous assault.

She shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: No, when I get in trouble it is for family! I have been fired twice, both times, it is because I defied company policy in the name of someone close to me. I have done twice and I stay loyal like that to my own!

Christina angrily took her remote control and threw it as hard as she could against the wall shattering it into pieces. However the video kept on playing over and over.


It was in that instant that the television quickly turned off. Christina was upset as she slammed her fists on her table. A few moments later the COO for her movie studio walked in. The French Canadian Chloe Martin glanced at Christina and shook her head at her.

Chloe: Christina is everything okay?!

Christina glared daggers as she looked at her friend.

Christina: Do I look FUCKING okay Chloe?! Did you hear what that Bitch said about me?!

Chloe raised her eyes in return as she shook her head in disgust.

Chloe: Who Andrea Hernandez?! Of course I have… She is causing SCW to make so much money off of your merchandise selling Christina Rose is suspended t shirts and…


Chloe raises her eyes as she looks back at Christina.

Chloe: Oh I thought you were referring to her other than that I want you to know that despite you constantly making a fool of yourself in the public with your BLM comments and your train wreck of a love life and decisions the Gem Stones are actually bringing us in a lot of…

Christina: I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE GEM STONES RIGHT NOW!!! I don’t care about money or anything having to do with that. Did you hear the shit that my wife said about me?!

Chloe: Who Miss Seleana?!

Christina: Who does she think she is?! Embarrassing me like that telling everybody that I demand things from various promoters and telling the world how I worked as a personal assistant to Mark Ward to try to cheat my way to the top…

Chloe: Well to be fair she is your wife and she is there to say the things that you necessarily may not want to hear but things that are surely the truth.

Christina: The truth is it’s absolute bullshit. Now SCW is going to give her a shot at their biggest Pay Per View of the year at MYRA RIVERS at the fucking INTERNET TITLE when I pretty much made my intentions known that IS THE THING I WANTED!!! It’s the title I never lost and…

Chloe shakes her head disgustedly.

Chloe: Just stop you sound like a baby right now. You at least have to admire your wife that she is doing well. Her title run was amazing and instead of getting all upset and jealous over what she did you should be proud. After all you trained her so it’s a reflection of you. However you for some reason can’t be happy for her. You have to make it all about you Christina and I hate to say it but the world doesn’t always revolve around you…Have you ever wondered how Seleana feels about the stuff you do?!

Christina: What are you talking about?!

Chloe: All of the bad decisions that you make?! Like I don’t know you tell her to come to SCW when LAW went out of business so that you two could be a team. Yet when she gets there you suddenly leave her high and dry so you could focus on you.

Christina: Well how about every single company that she joined me in. She never even considers to want to team with me because it’s always about being with her sister Zenna! What ABOUT MY FEELINGS?!

Chloe: And yet you two were quite a successful team in WWA and the moment you get a concussion and can’t defend your title she tells you to stay home so you can recover. Ironically your sister that was managing your team SCREWS them out of the titles and on the same show you run to your sister’s aid when your wife’s friends want to beat the shit out of her. My question is do you really even know how loyalty works?! It’s a two way street Christina. However seeing as this may not register to you let me break it to you in a language you would understand seeing as you love Hamilton.

Christina: Of course I love Hamilton best show ever…

Chloe: You aren’t Hamilton you aren’t out here taking your shot. You aren’t even Eliza Hamilton you aren’t the victim that you paint yourself to be. You simply are Aaron Burr you don’t stand for anything. You don’t have allegiance to anything. You will do whatever it takes to get to the top. You will use whoever you can in order to make things about you, and are quick to shoot one of your biggest supporters just so you can get yours…

Christina: Go fuck off… Just get out of my office…

Chloe shakes her head with a sigh.

Chloe: You need to understand that maybe you are the problem. You have been married how many times now?! You had Todd and that was a mess because he was building his little empire but you didn’t want that. You didn’t want to be the queen of someone else’s empire YOU WANTED YOUR OWN. You married Jonathan and how exactly did that go. The moment he doesn’t give you the attention you feel you need you call off the marriage and get engaged to one of your best friend’s sister Jessica. Yet instead of staying true to that you quickly find Seleana hurry up and get married. Find a woman who absolutely idolizes you and that doesn’t seem good enough?! That doesn’t include you being engaged to Steve Awesome. That doesn’t include this fling you had with Matt Stone, the way you stole Maleek Raheem from your best friend at the time Nicky Silver or the countless girlfriends of Freya Kane Stephanie, Sarah and….

Christina: Shut your mouth… I don’t need to hear this from you. I told you before to just LEAVE!!!!

Chloe sighs again as she just walks out of the door leaving Christina by herself. She quickly stands up as she walks over to the mirror in her office and takes a long glance at her reflection.

Christina: I really can’t be that bad right?! I mean what am I thinking… I love Seleana… She has been there for me… Maybe I am not thinking right after these concussions and…

As Christina seems there it’s at that moment she sees a woman in a white dress appear before her eyes. The woman has strawberry blonde hair and it’s actually herself. The woman smiles as she looks back at Christina.

Rose Goddess: Did you miss me Christina?! I will admit it has been fun to watch things from the other side of sin but you know I will always be that version of you that everybody hates so much. Just look at me in the mirror.

The Rose Goddess carried a large book in her hand as she grins in the mirror.

Rose Goddess: Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all… Of course it’s me because I am the REFLECTION of PERFECTION, I AM A PERFECT TEN, AND QUITE THE HOLLYWOOD DREAM. You do know that in chapter 2 verse 3 in the book of Crystal Hilton it says that all shall bow before the Rose Goddess!

Christina: Just stop it why are you bothering me?!

Rose Goddess: Because you have always needed me. I have always been that one to give you that extra push you needed. I am here to shit on every single relationship you ever had. You don’t need shit when you have me. As long as you got me you can focus on championship gold, your ego and….

Christina: That’s not what I want! LEAVE ME ALONE…

Rose Goddess: Oh come on… These concussions just brought a way to bring more of me to service. I got you suspended, I am giving you that power and…

Christina grabs her head and it’s that point when another version of herself appears right before the Rose Goddess. This one seems very bubbly wearing a black tank top and a pink skirt with ugg boots. She is all smiles as her hair is in two pig talks.

Rose Girl/Blossoming Rose: You don’t need to listen to her Christina…Remember when wrestling was so much fun!  When we focused on just playing video games with your loved ones, just doing things for fun and wrestling was about being passion, and turning things around with your life.

Rose Goddess: Oh give me a fucking break. Nobody loves that Christina Rose bullshit. The Rose Girl has always been trash. Video games?! Really… What has that ever gotten you… I can remember a long time ago when the Rose Girl actually tried to befriend Bobbi Jackson… It was quite cute but I had to take over and try to smash that Bitch with both of my title belts!

Rose Girl: You ruined a good moment to really start off strong as friends. She pedigreed us because of YOU!

Christina: Would you all just STOP THE SHIT!!!

Rose Girl: Listen you don’t need to hear this Christina. You came a long way and if you just give into her your life will constantly be a life of UPS and Downs. A constant battle of various emotions… Don’t you ever wish to break the cycle?! Don’t you want people to stop looking at you like a joke?!

Rose Goddess: A joke?! BITCH… CHRISTINA we are a 16 time World Champion… We are in four different Hall of Fames!!!  There’s nothing wrong with having to take a few short cuts along the way to get what you want. As a matter of fact standing up for Mariella was merely the first step. Now SCW wishes to give Seleana the thing you deserve your SHOT… LET’S TAKE HER OUT… TAKE OUT ANDREA FIRST AND THEN FOCUS ON HER… Although WWR is putting you in a battle royal with her, you could focus all of your efforts on TAKING HER OUT!!! Time to be like Scar and shove your Mufasta off of the cliff…

Rose Girl: NOOOOOOOOOOOO…. That’s not you…


The two versions of Crystal begin to bicker with one another and all of a sudden that is when another individual appears with jet black hair and dark lip stick. She sighs in return as she looks back at the three of them.
Rose Witch: You know all of this bickering is ridiculous. To be honest I don’t think it’s healthy being over the top lawful good or even over the top chaotic evil… Sometimes the best to just play it cool and pick your spots, and you never quite gave me the chance I deserved.

Christina raises her eyes in return.

Rose Witch: Come on everybody loved me. On two separate occasions you let me out and the response was overwhelming amazing but you just couldn’t deal with it. Didn’t it feel amazing casting spells on people? Making potions and just staying low until…

Rose Goddess: Excuse me but nobody asked you to come to this party. This was a Rose Goddess invitational and you simply WERE NOT INVI…

Rose Witch smiles as she begins to cast a spell.

Rose Witch: Oh the one in white is quite a fool.
Thinking she is all that but is really a tool.
She loves to constantly scream and shout!
But I am using my ability to shut her mouth!

She smiles again as the Goddess stands there trying to talk but nothing comes out. The Witch looks over at Christina and the Rose Girl.

Rose Witch: Like I said I can silence the voices if you just let me out… You need stability right?!

Christina: Yes I just want things to be stable and…

Rose Girl: I don’t think this is a great idea Christina we have no idea what she wants. Between your version of pride and I guess me being purity we have no idea what her motives are…

Christina: But the constant fighting between you and Goddess are making unstable and…

Rose Witch: BE GONE!!!

With that she flicks her hand which causes the Rose Girl to smash against a wall. The Witch smiles as she looks at Christina.

Rose Witch: That feel better?!

Christina: I think so…

Rose Witch: Just understand by choosing me I might take you to a dark place. Things might get very messy, and to the people who wronged you like Andrea and so many others… Things won’t be so nice… You don’t need to be swinging chairs violently but you need to be methodical. Pick your spots and…

Christina: It’s fine… As long as it doesn’t affect my love life I am all for it…

Rose Witch: Good I have other plans… Come on… We have things to do and I need to make a phone call…

Christina: Oh my God you wouldn’t be calling…

Rose Witch: My surprise for now… Let’s play it neutral…. And go from there…

With that Christina smiles as she stands up and walks to the mirror. She opens her desk and looks at her various bottles of hair dye. She grabs the one that says black and can only smile in return as we leave on this image.
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