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Swimming with a briefcase costume on.
« on: October 17, 2020, 12:00:19 AM »
Agostino's visit to his new home for the second time. Cleveland, Ohio. Tuesday 13th October (Off Camera)

It's the first time since Agostino brought the house under his name, he popped a visit to his new potential home when he eventually moves after that the lockdown was over. Since he signed a contract to his new home in Cleveland, no works of the house have been done obviously, but Agostino little did anyone knew that his house was getting works done more outside the house if anything.

He had phone calls consistently with what he wanted and if he liked the changes which were sent over by e-mails and Agostino likes the improvements that were made. Two months on after signing a contract to his house, Agostino finally got the chance with his keys with some boxes that were still continuously being sent from his Milan home to Ohio at least twice a week. His brother takes the parcels and places them in the garage and set things up on the stuff he needed since Agostino's keeping his Milan home.

Agostino unlocked the door with his keys with James and Declan behind him. Agostino opened the doors with the inside of the house, apart from a few things, nothing had changed. There were undoubtedly a few more things in the house, including a built TV and DVD player in the living room that had changed.

James Brown: "Wow, your brother has done an excellent job, placing things together for you, including the TV and some shelves he has done too."

Declan Marshall: "I didn't know you had a brother, but regardless of all of that, it's good you had an assist from him. I'm sure he's spent a lot of time, helping you get this place ready."

Agostino Romano: "Oh Francesco has certainly lived up to his expectations of helping me with all of this. I would've been screwed."

James Brown: "He also got some painters in too. Classic yellow colours suit this place great. If only you could get a girlfriend now."

If there was one thing in his life Agostino never thought of, it was getting a girlfriend. The reason Agostino never had a girlfriend was that he was way too focused on winning GBC titles in his career and put all of his focus on that. He became a ten-time GBC champion, the best in the world and retired due to nothing left to achieve.

Agostino Romano: "I haven't thought about relationships, to be honest. Not interested in being in one. I'm happy as I am."

Declan Marshall: "I can fully understand you wanted to focus on winning GBC titles. However, aren't you always lonely? Fair enough Candy has someone, so that's out of the books, but I think it's because you haven't found a perfect girlfriend."

Agostino Romano: "Yeah, it is because of that, to be honest. I haven't found anybody perfect to be within my life. I'd be open to dating a man. I prefer to focus on being a better wrestler that can entertain. I want to go outside and see, hopefully, the main changes to the entire house."

It was interesting for James and Declan to hear about Agostino never being in a relationship because of his focus on wanting to win GBC titles. However, he's taking a very different career change now with him being a professional wrestler. At the same time, Agostino's still a Yamaha test rider, and a replacement rider should Yamaha need Agostino to race, depending on if Agostino had to wrestle. Agostino opened the doors to the outside and saw the swimming pool was a lot bigger, leaving him stunned as he knew nothing about the pool, on top of the basketball net in the pool and out on the green as well.

As they got closer to the central part of the garden, it was clear there were two other garages built there as well as his transport cars and bikes in the backyard on top of a more massive garage for the youngsters who want to be world champions in bike racing. Still, the other side was a garage with a wrestling ring and a large gym for Agostino to train and also for the youngsters who wanted to be professional wrestlers as well or be bike racers or wrestlers.

There was also a large barn in the garden. Agostino saw it and went inside and nods his head when he turns the lights on, it was a barn, filled with lots of bunk beds, at least thirty bunk beds with ten bathrooms and a kitchen as well.

James Brown: "Wow, I suppose that's where the youngsters who are bidding bike riders and wrestlers stay and sleep, right?"

Agostino Romano: "Yeah, my brother said to me, have you thought about where your youngsters were going to stay if they came far away from Cleveland. I said no and discussed the idea with me. I agreed because it would benefit the camps I'll set up on and off the track."

Declan Marshall: "You care a lot for future bike racers and wrestlers, don't you?"

Agostino Romano: "Of course, wrestling and bike racing can't grow without developing youngsters to be what they want to do. I will spend a lot of time training them up to do what they want; some even want to become both. I want to go and see this circuit they've built for youngsters and me riding on while training with me. Let's go."

Agostino, Declan and James go to the central part of what Agostino expected to have the most changes out of the whole lot, the circuit. As they stopped, Agostino stood there in amazement, seeing how well the tarmac was down and pats on it as if it's reliable for racing. It was, and there was already white and black finishing flag, painted on the ground. There was a start and finish gate as well. Agostino nodded.

Agostino Romano: "Built the circuit exactly like the favourite track I rode on."

James Brown: "What was your favourite track?"

Agostino Romano: "There's a track in Australia called Phillip Island, and there are bits of Mugello in Italy corners built here which was another one of my favourites as well. Every racer loves Phillip Island, but every Italian rider loves Mugello. This is amazing what my brother has done to it."

Declan Marshall: "Looks like a lot of fun for you to play around for yourself and the youngsters when you're able to move here. However, as we stand here, being impressed with the improvements made to your home and especially the circuit, we do have to talk about Austin James Mercer, well mainly him."

Agostino nodded, knowing the time was going to come eventually for him to face Austin. There were a few things Agostino didn't like about Austin.

Agostino Romano: "I know, but Austin is one of those guys that quite frankly needs to loosen up. He's too serious like Kris was, but I think Austin is worse. Austin loves to diss people like myself with us being clowns. I don't appreciate that. I got something to compare him to a good friend of mine. I don't understand why he wants to win titles all the time like what?"

James Brown: "It's what every wrestler came for, Agostino. I get you're not in a hurry to get them, but he will make a point to you that you need to start considering titles like claim you want to win titles."

Agostino Romano: "I never demanded to get the GBC titles. I went out there and won ten times. Didn't need to when I worked for them. I never asked for the mixed tag titles or any titles for that matter. The tag titles shot happened without warning and threw me off, to be honest."

Declan Marshall: "I believe you when you said you weren't ready for title shots. I could tell in the match. Austin is the kind of guy who will bring some truth of what I've been saying."

Agostino shrugged like the tag title loss he put to the back of his mind because he learnt not to bitch and moan about losses. Agostino didn't care as it was growth for him to learn from his mistakes and move on from it.

James Brown: "I know you won't give a shit, and that's the thing everyone loves about you. Most people like Caleb and Callaway, they moan and complain about not receiving title shots and what people said to them. You don't care."

Agostino Romano: "I don't because it won't change anything on being myself. The fans got to love me in my GBC days because of my charisma which is the downside to Austin and Stephan is they have no personality whatsoever. Serious straight up talking to the camera. It's like everyone in wrestling is the same. Boring."

Declan Marshall: "Hopefully, you get to face exciting opponents like Senor Vinnie and Bill Barnhart soon. I know by having matches with them, you'll enjoy wrestling more. Unfortunately, you're stuck with facing generic wrestlers in your mind, but they are outstanding wrestlers."

Agostino Romano: "I do not deny that with them, but why do they have to be serious? Why can't they play around and make fun out of things? Anyway, I'll discuss that over the next few weeks and enjoy the tour of my home before hopefully, I'll be able to live in there. I will contact Francesco when I do so he can get food shopping for me before I live here."

Declan and James nodded as Agostino was still surprised with how well the tarmac and the circuit layout was, being more significant than expected which was perfect, considering Agostino would ride on the track as well. They explored around which weren't much to see. Stuff still needing to be painted and some boxes in the garage to unpack and put things in the house. Agostino locks the place up with keys, and they head back to Las Vegas with all three getting their virus tests done before going to the hotel room and sleep for the night.


Who's that man wearing a briefcase costume? Las Vegas, Nevada. Saturday 17th October (On Camera)

As it was a sunny day in Las Vegas, Agostino decided instead of using the conference room to play about as he's done for a few weeks, Agostino went outside, standing out in the water park, dressed in a briefcase costume. It was black, and Agostino's in a suitcase. Everyone turned around and stopped what they were doing, seeing Agostino walk around with a ridiculous costume. They all laughed at him, even James and Declan had to. It was typical of Agostino, getting up to doing something crazy. He jumps in the pool, wearing a briefcase costume and begins to speak.

Agostino Romano: “Oh come on, you couldn't expect me to be all serious like my other opponents, right? After all, what I'm wearing is the reason why Stephan, Austin and I are wrestling, the briefcase. Has anyone seen a guy wearing a briefcase costume that they can't get themselves out of? I bet you haven't. Because I like to have fun and I will swim with this suitcase costume on because it works for a video.”

Everyone cheers Agostino in the pool with a suitcase on, but laugh when they see Agostino struggling to swim with a suitcase costume on, being crazy as ever as he speaks while swimming with a suitcase on.

Agostino Romano: “I wonder what's in this suitcase I'm wearing? Everyone will find out very soon as I got to talk about Stephan Callaway first, haven't I? I don't know why Callaway is always grumpy of being in Sin City Wrestling. He never seems happy, and you have to wonder why. Here I'm happy, and I lost a title match. Shows how much wins and losses mean to me, which they don't. Stephan is a big guy who can show his potential, but if he wants to.”

Agostino has to use the stairs to get out of the pool after swimming in one for so long. He then attempts to go up on a diving board. Everyone watches him struggling to climb up the ladder, but he did manage to get to the very top. As he does, he dives into the pool, causing a massive splash.

Agostino Romano: “He doesn't feel like he wants to be apart of wrestling for some reason and wants to retire. Then it makes me question why is he in Sin City Wrestling? Oh, he claims he wants to win an SCW title, but the way he talks, he doesn't seem to care about that. Of course, I care, and Austin does as well. However, he doesn't seem to show the effort he puts in. With me, I made an effort, despite how much of a shock it was for me to prepare right at the last minute for a title match, winning the lottery. I think we can pretty much say the chances of him climbing the ladder to win a title will go the bottom of the river.”

Agostino gets out of the pool and goes to do the craziest thing anyone has done since everyone was in lockdown of the hotel, the water slides inside of a water park. Agostino lines up, and then he climbs up to the top, and he sits on the slide and takes himself off and speaks through the tunnel with the waterproof go pro on his head.

Agostino Romano: “Austin, on the other hand, as he claims a lot, being a massive guy that's a problem to lift over your head. Rarely anyone can take Austin off his feet. While his strength is my weakness, my strength is his weakness, speed and agility. Austin's achieved a lot in his career, and we all can respect the achievements he's done in SCW. Great wrestler and always title orientated with his goals.”

Obviously, Agostino was going to speak a lot during this as it was a long slide down to the bottom and speaks again.

Agostino Romano: “Let me tell you a story about a rider known as Marc Lopez. Marc is a very talented and gifted rider that since I've left Global Bike Championship, he's winning all the championships and some fans respect him for his achievements he's made for a few years. However, there's a reason why the majority of the fans dislike Marc. It's not just for his achievements, but it's because like you, he doesn't have a personality they will remember him by, apart from their achievements. Do you understand the wrestling business promotes creativity and allow people to have fun? Trying to drive people away from wrestling like Senor Vinnie to be someone different when Vinnie is himself with the talking cactus which is funny to me, by the way, is wrong. Calling him a joke when you've lost to him twice for SCW and Internet belt is wrong as well. I might be arrogant, but I will never call any of my opponents a joke. It's insulting, and I thought a man who preaches on respect would know better than to do that.”

Agostino finally reached the bottom of the slide with a big splash due to the briefcase costume he's wearing, and then he got on a massive slide that slid straight down. Agostino reached the bottom and got on another slide that involved sitting on an inflatable that's also a long way down and speaks again.

Agostino Romano: “I think you could do with a lesson of standing yourself out and then you'd be someone everyone would appreciate as well as your talent in the ring. Don't get me wrong; being a champion is not an easy thing to do, especially trying to capture the world title. We all respect you as a wrestler. I might've been harsh towards you, but at the same time, your harsh to every wrestler you encounter. Sure, you've beaten the top wrestlers, but there is one title your neglecting, and I'm sure you want to be in the grand slam with the other great wrestlers in Sin City, Roulette title. Why don't you want that belt to be known as the greatest wrestler of all time in Sin City Wrestling? Makes me wonder.”

Agostino splashed to the bottom as he gets out of the pool and goes through the briefcase as he promised earlier with the paper of what looks like a contract inside.

Agostino Romano: “Could a briefcase have a contract inside for a title shot in the future? Could it be a chance to be president of the day again like Jack did recently? Or could it be a title? Who knows, but only one of us will find out when we climb up the ladder to grab a briefcase with whatever inside of it. Like the title match, I had last week; this match is another new situation for me because I've never used a weapon in matches before, much less climbing the ladder to grab the briefcase. I will learn more from this match than the pair of you will, even dressing up like a briefcase man because I love to be creative and make people laugh and entertain.”

He certainly was getting that as he went back in the pool for a swim with the briefcase costume again with Agostino having a smile on his face with Declan and James in the background couldn't contain their laughter.

Agostino Romano: “I entertain the idea of this match that fits me perfectly, considering in this match, I'm the smallest guy, but I certainly have the speed over Austin and Stephen who will struggle badly to get up the ladder, although we've seen Austin grab the Internet title from the ladder before, I know what I have to do, and I will use whatever is in the briefcase that could even be a bag of black sheep candy again. Oh wait, think I have some in here.”

Agostino digs deep in the briefcase and does pull out the bag of black sheep candy he had left from last week. He opens it and eats it, throwing the wrapper away.

Agostino Romano: “It's been fun being the briefcase guy because I will be not only wearing this briefcase costume but also having the briefcase in my hands to win the match when I climb the ladder to get it. I will continue to wear a briefcase costume and a briefcase in my hands to show everyone that I will stick around and not use the briefcase to send myself away from Sin City Wrestling. I'll see you both later on in the week.”

Everyone clapped and cheered for Agostino, is what he did with the man in a briefcase costume stuff was the reason why he was loved, and he swam towards the stairs and climbs out of the pool and goes to the changing rooms to get out of his briefcase costume into his regular clothes. He leaves the water park and hits the hotel to head back to his room and rests there for the day.
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