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SCU Underground Ep 74 (CARD)
« on: October 14, 2020, 07:40:26 PM »
Underground Ep. 74

Sin City Underground Ep 74 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 25% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, October 18th, 2020.

Note: Anyone who does not abide by the rules set in place by SCW GM Brooke Saxon (stated below), will be escorted from the premises and banned from future Sin City Wrestling, Sin City Underground, and GRIME Wrestling shows.

1- Each ticket purchased will come with a safety bag. (A safety Bag includes a company logo face Mask, one .5 oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and a pair of XL gloves. Masks must be worn in all areas of the building.

2- Tickets to all shows going forward will only be sold at the SCW shop and only available to the local residents in which the show is being held.

3- Tickets will be sold no earlier than 48 hours of the show. (For SCW, look at it as the promo deadline is when tickets go on sale for that show and SCU shows.)

4- Everyone entering the building will get screened to read their temperature.

5- All food sold going forward will be already wrapped. All drinks will now be sold only in cans or bottles. No fountain type drinks.

6- Food can only be consumed in the designated areas in which masks can be taken off temporarily. All merch bought at the event will be done by credit cards, the shops will no longer take cash.

All segments due to the Underground account ideally by the SCW segment deadline, but no later than 6pm PST on Sunday, October 18th, 2020.  Late segments will no longer be accepted going forward to ensure results go up in a timely manner.


Singles Match
Mother Mavis Shepherd Vs Halo Annis

We kick the action off tonight with the matriarch of the Church of the Good Shepherds taking on former SCU Underground and Combat Champion, Halo Annis.  Mavis is looking to prove that divine intervention has begun for The Good Shepherds, but Halo just wants a fight after getting screwed out of the Hardcore Tag Team Championships last week, and a chance to become one step closer to being a the first Grand Slam Champion in SCU/NLW history. She’ll likely be looking to collect Mavis’ head on a silver platter like her name was Jezebel.


Singles Match
Krystal Wolfe Vs Cordelia Clark

Speaking of the Hardcore Tag Team Championship tournament last week, Krystal had hoped to find a partner to fight alongside her for a chance to win her first championship in SCU, but unfortunately, no one stepped up.  She gets a chance to take on someone else who recently had their aspirations of becoming an SCU champion put on hold in the form of previously undefeated Cordelia Clark. Both ladies will be looking to prove their worth in this match up… well, Krystal will at least, as Cordelia feels she should run the ladies locker room. Will Krystal put her in check and hand her her second loss, or will Cordelia return to her winning ways?


Singles Match - Non-Title
Damian Dark Vs Eyesnsane

New SCU Combat Champion Eyesnsane needed last week to recover from the brutal match with Stewart Mason, but he is back and ready for action this week as he looks to take on a new opponent in the form of Damian Dark, who has not been seen on SCU television in a while. Damian will look to make a statement at the hands of SCU Combat Champion Eyesnsane to put himself back in contention in SCU.  But Eyesnsane isn’t about to sit back and make it easy for Damian.


Electrified Steel Cage Match - Hardcore Tag Team Championship Match
Javier Gonzalez and Eric Weaver Vs The Jeckels

With the lack of Hardcore Tag Team Championships matches as of late, SCU GM Lexa has decided to push for a defense just one week after the new champions were crowned. GRIME GM Gianni made a case for the successful team of Javier Gonzalez and Eric Weaver to be in contention for the belts, since they were edged out of the tournament.  Lexa agreed, and now we get to see The Jeckels defend their belts this week!  But, given the nature of The Jeckel’s tactics in the tournament, they might want to keep eyes in the backs of their heads for not one, but two teams, in Team UGGO and The Monstimals...


GRIME Rules Match - Non-Title
Esther Azarov Vs Vixen Staggs

Just a few weeks ago, Vixen Staggs lost a non-title match to Helena Jeckel, and many are saying that Helena should have challenged Vixen instead of Kittie.  Vixen is open to any and all challengers, so she has agreed to take on Helena in the coming weeks for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship. But, in the meantime, she will take on an opponent that she’s already beaten, and put on the shelf for over a month, in Esther Azarov, who will likely be looking for revenge, but she’s got her own battle going on with masked member Rainbow, so she will need to keep a lookout for Rainbow.


GRIME Rules Match
Lord Raab Vs Andrew Garcia

Last week, Henry Losak made it clear that he is not happy with the treatment that The Monstimals have been receiving. His Monstimals attacked Roy the Pizza Boy, and destroyed production equipment, and injured Tim Staggs during the tournament match.  Henry expressed that Lord Raab has been getting bored staying cooped up without an outlet for his rage, and he expects to be booked.  Andrew Garcia offered to step up, because he, too, has some rage built up after being screwed in the same tournament by Max Burke.  Both men getting screwed over has not set well with them, and this match promises to be brutal in nature, so you might wanna put the kiddos to bed for this one.


Singles Match - Uncensored Television Championship
Helena Jeckel Vs Angel Kash

Helena Jeckel helped her brothers, Jake and Jack, to win the Hardcore Tag Team Championships, and also to screw The Monstimals out of the tournament at the behest of GRIME Owner, Erik Staggs.  The owner pushed for Helena to receive this weeks opportunity for GRIME to bring the Uncensored Television Championship to GRIME’s side.  As much skill as Helena possesses, and as wily as she can be with finding the very edge of the rules, Angel Kash has written to book on bending the rules, as we saw last week when she defeated Melissa Ruin, who SCU GM Lexa has banned from ringside during this match, along with Angel’s Boss Bitch buddy, Valentina.  Who will outsmart their opponent to walk out as the Uncensored Television Champion?


GRIME Rules Match - Non-Title
Piper Beckett Vs Merlot Ayano

Last week, Omasa Tazu and SCU Combat Champion Merlot Ayano shared words and expressed a round two to their infamous battle.  However, Omasa said “not yet”.  And in doing so, Piper Beckett stepped up and picked a fight with Merlot.  While it was a short brawl, Piper demanded to get a shot at Merlot.  GRIME and SCU GM’s got together and agreed to a GRIME Rules Match, which just might be to Piper’s disadvantage.  Merlot will set out to make an example of Piper to Omasa, while Piper looks to prove her worth to GRIME for better opportunities.  Either way, Omasa will be paying extra special attention to this match.


Singles Match - Uncensored Television Championship
Hitamashii vs “Helluva Bottom” Carter

When it comes to the men of GRIME, Hitamashii is arguably one of the top stars. It seemed like a no-brainer to put him in the second Uncensored TV Championship match of the night.  Having come within a hair of defeating Max Burke for the World Nightmare Championship, it was the natural choice.  But that’s not to say that this match will be a walk in the park, because Helluva Bottom Carter is undefeated in singles action, and is an undefeated Pride Tag Team Champion as well. Some might even say in his short career, he has the edge on Hitamashii with his ring presence, and the fact that this is a standard match rather than a GRIME Rules Match.  Undoubtedly, this match will give the main event for the night a run for it’s money with how edge-of-your-seat this one will be!


Singles Match - SCU Underground Championship
Mickey Carroll Vs Father Gerald Shepherd

And speaking of the main event… WOW!  Father Gerald is anxious to put the Underground Championship on the line to be what he calls “the first fighting champion in a very long time”.  He made his presence felt last week without lifting a finger, to deliver a sermon of epic proportions.  If you’ve fought one Irishman, you’ve fought them all, right?  Wrong!  O’Malley was a double champion for a good bit of time before Gerald dethroned him, but Mickey Carroll is a horse of a different color.  Namely ginger.  But, as a former Honor Champion, Legacy Champion, multi-time Hardcore Tag Team Champion, and SCW/ACW World Tag Team Champion, Mickey has proved just how versatile a competitor he can be.  Gerald will have his work cut out for him, and he better pray for divine intervention during this bout!

All of this, and oh so much more as SCU/GRIME Underground Ep. 74 comes at you, recorded LIVE from the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Sunday, October 18th, 2020 at 11:59pm PST!
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