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Violent Conduct VI Post Show Press Conference
« on: September 27, 2020, 10:57:42 PM »
We've done one of these before but if you don't know the drill, here it is.

This is a press conference, you are all invited to take part in said press conference to talk about Violent Conduct VI, but stick to the guidelines.

1, You can answer any question about your character, or SCW, but give a nod to the show with a question.

2, You can use all your characters if you want at different times.

3, Do not keep popping in and out answering questions or replying to something else cause you've seen something or thought of something else. 1 post per character, that's it.

4, These can be as long or short as you want.

5, This is set in a timeline, regardless when you post so lets say this all happens on Monday, but you can post all week.

6, This is open to SCW, SCU and GRIME.

Monday morning, Hot Stuff Mark Ward sits in front of social distanced reporters, the events of Violent Conduct VI still fresh in people's minds.

HS: Thank you all for coming, last night was a wild night, a big night in SCW history for a show that lived up to it's name. We saw some insane stuff, so time to open the floor to you guys to talk about it all.

Reporter: Great show, Mark. How's everyone feeling today?

HS: As you'd expect, people put their heart, souls and body in to last night's show, people are beat up pretty badly. You've heard the news about Miles Kasey being out for a while with an injury. Miles put on a hell of a show last night, he reminded me of me years ago, but we're looking at at least a month before we see Miles again. Amber and Roxi went to hell and back, both of them are probably feeling it today. Mac Bane after getting punched in the sack is probably sitting around today with a lot of ice.

Reporter: Do you think you pushed things too far?

HS: No, we coulda gone further. I mean Christian's choice was a bit of an envelope pusher but it's the nature of our game, it's the spirit of our roster. They wanted to live up to the show name, they wanted to go all out for this one. No one did anything they wasn't comfortable with. In fact, they could have stepped away at any time, but this is SCU, this is GRIME, this is SCW, our rosters don't run from challenges, they run towards them and I'm proud of each and every one of them tonight.
Reporter: Did it make a difference that the fans were back for a show like this?

HS: A million percent. I mean everyone out there needed the reaction from the crowd. They needed them to see what they was doing and respond and they played their part in making this a success.

Reporter: What was behind the thinking of SCW's first cinematic style match?

HS: I think someone just aimed high and try to hit it. It was something new, and this was the perfect show and combination to do it. I've already had people in the back ask for something like that so a trend may have been started, but it was unique and done well I think.

Reporter: We know J2H is now back to build up to face Teddy Warren, but we also saw Despayre, Melody Grace and Amy Jo Smyth on the show. Will we see them in SCW matches soon?

HS: I doubt it, Melody and Despayre are more away from the ring and from what I gather, Amy Jo likes beating up fellas and you know that's not gonna fly here.

Reporter: We saw a lot of new champions crowned, how is that gonna play out?

HS: We all know what Kris and Mikah are gonna bring to the table. They've had championships all over the place, their names are written in SCW history. We know Alicia Lukas has lead before and been a success, but the wild cards here are Johanna Krueger and Jack Washington. Johanna lead the Mixed Tag Division, but it's different being out there on your own, but she's tough as fuck to be fair, so the Roulette division won't faze her at all. Jack Washington on the other hand has a lot of weight on his shoulders, but when you get endorsements from former champions like he has, I don't see why he can't do well.

Reporter: Who or what impressed you out there tonight?

HS: A lot impressed me, the whole roster impressed me. There was no half arsed performances out there at all tonight. People went hell for leather. There wasn't one sloppy performance at all, people put their bodies on the line for this.

Reporter: It's common for SCW to allow people to take breaks around about this time, so could we be seeing new faces coming in to replace people?

HS: New faces, old faces, some people coming back to TV that we haven't seen in a while due to various reasons, extended contract offers to some guys. I get people need time off after a show like this, I get people work themselves in to the ground. They haven't just pissed off cause they lost, they've gone cause they've earned a break. To me, this creates opportunity. Tonight, you saw Andrea Hernandez and Char Kwan change from who they were, so with the space opened up, it gives them a chance to show more of who they've become. I'm a fan of Tony Thorn and Violet Amelia Holt, there's space for those guys to appear more often. When people take breaks, it creates chance for others. There will be new faces but we have a lot here who will be showcased more.

Reporter: With this pandemic still on going, will we see any cuts anywhere?

HS: Mate if we wanted to make cuts, would we have had a Chamber of Extreme match, or Christian's Choice match? Those cinematic matches are not cheap. We've made no intentional cut backs through this whole thing and we won't start now. There'll be no drop in quality with High Stakes X up next.

Reporter: Everyone knows High Stakes is your main show, what should we expect from that?

HS: Well everyone knows we have J2H against Teddy Warren, it remains to be seen if there is a title on the line there. There's three other matches in my head right now, and even after tonight, you'd pay a fortune to see Jessie and Maki going at each other again. Christian is looking at matches that could be huge right now, I'm seeing matches that will be huge right now, but honestly, I wanna get that card booked pretty much right away and give everyone the best build up possible.

Reporter: What do you see for the future of SCU, GRIME and SCW?

HS: Greatness, nothing but greatness. You take those three rosters and you got some of the best in the world and it ain't gonna change now. This was another shot in the arm to wrestling in general. This is us saying we've been around a long time and we're still the best wrestling you'll see on your televisions. The fact is the future is bright, this is the place to see, the place to be.

Hot Stuff nods firmly.

HS: Ok ladies and gents. It's time for me to be quiet and you guys to meet some of the people who made last night possible....

This is where you lot take over. Have fun!

Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

*NOTE: No longer giving feedback, if you wasn't good enough, you wouldn't be here.
No longer doing show reviews, I already know we're that damn good!

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Re: Violent Conduct VI Post Show Press Conference
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2020, 07:37:03 AM »
The new SCW heavyweight champion, Jack Washington, takes his place at the podium. He places the championship belt itself in front of the microphone he’s supposed to be using.

Jack Washington: Let’s go. Ask me questions. I don’t have all day. I got things to do.

Reporter: First and foremost, congratulations Jack on becoming the world heavyweight champion. Tonight must have felt very rewarding for you.

Jack Washington: Yes, and no. Was it rewarding to have won this championship? Sure. That’s what this business is about. But the truth is, I’m still pissed off it took me this long to win it. I should have beat Ben Jordan, and we’d be talking about my successful title defense tonight, rather than a win. But that’s okay. I made up for it. And I’m going to make up for lost time starting now.

Reporter: With the legacy that championship has, are you prepared to live up to those expectations?

Jack Washington: First of all, I don’t give a rat’s ass about who held this title before me. Every hall of famer in SCW is old news to me. Alex Jones is old news. They’re all in my rear view mirror. This isn’t about the past. It’s about the present, and about the future. And everybody already knows I’m the star player on this team. And this championship proves it.

Reporter: Do you think it’s wise to disrespect all the wrestlers past and present in this moment?

Jack Washington: I don’t care what they think. Look at me. I’m 6’2” 250 pounds of solid muscle. I’ve been through the wars in the ring, and in the streets, so I don’t give a damn what they think. I’m the SCW world champion, and nobody can take that away from me, not now, and not any time soon.

Reporter: Do you think that you meet up with Alex Jones in the future for a possible return match?

Jack Washington: Not if Alex Jones has any brains. If he wants to continue to wrestle, he’ll stay far away from me. But then again he’s obviously not too bright. I mean, the man disrespects me and throws out false accusations and tries to slander me. And now after the fact he wants to sing my praises and tell me he respects me. Funny how people change their tune after getting their ass kicked. I told Alex not to bother. He should just take his L, and walk away. Hopefully, now, he listens and goes back to doing whatever it was he was doing before he decided to try me.

Reporter: What about the event as a whole? You were obviously a big part, but we had a lot of violence and chaos all night last night.

Jack Washington: I don’t care. I care about one person in wrestling. Me. Whatever else happened tonight, was there weird happenings? violence? Calamity? People getting hurt? It pales in comparison to what I did, in my eyes. The staff probably put on a good, clean, fun show. I don’t care. I got what I wanted and that’s all there is to it.

Reporter: Who do you see as the next challenger for the championship? There were a lot of impressive performances last night.

Jack Washington: They can throw whomever they want at me. I don’t care. I’ll tell you that this championship is going to be held by someone who’s real. We’re not going to goofy characters or old men past their prime or wannabe tough guys. I’m going to make this championship a championship worth winning again. So if you hear anybody else at this press conference thing tell you they want to come after me, you let them know,  I’m not hard to find. I’m the man packing the biggest gold right now. If they want this, they’re going to have to go through me. Is that it? Are we done? Good.

Jack snatches the championship off the podium and walks away.

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Re: Violent Conduct VI Post Show Press Conference
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2020, 09:04:23 PM »
SCW Roulette Champion, O’Malley, steps up to the podium and takes a seat. He places the Roulette Championship on the table next to the microphone. His left arm is noticeably in a sling and he smiles as he looks around.

O’Malley: Right then. I guess it’s me turn to answer a few questions. I had a wild night so, fire away.

Reporter: What a night you had indeed, O’Malley. You competed in not one, but two title defenses, both of which were physically daunting. Let’s start with the Roulette Title defense. Congratulations on successfully defending against Miles Kasey in that very match. What are your thought on the Christian’s Choice stipulation being a scaffold match over a piranha tank? That is definitely one of the most unusual stipulations we’ve seen.

O’Malley lets out an awkward chuckle and nods.

O’Malley: That’s puttin’ it lightly, fella. I dunno what on earth made Christian come up with that one, but I’m damn bloody glad that I didn’t fall into that tank. I dunno if I could have made it out fast enough to not get eaten alive. I gotta hand it to Miles, though. I have a lot more respect fer him after that. It wasn’t just a battle for the Roulette Championship. It was a battle to save our skin, literally.

Reporter: It was reported earlier that Miles will be taking some time off to heal from those injuries. Any comments on that?

O’Malley: What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I think it’s pretty obvious that no matter the outcome, one of us would need some time off after that. Feckin’ piranha. Seriously, Christian?!

A few chuckles follow and O’Malley leans back a little in the chair, waiting for the next question.

Reporter: We all know you had your own matches to focus on last night, but did you watch the rest of the show? If so, what are some of the highlights of the night for you?

O’Malley: I watched what I could when I was near monitor. What I missed I plan to go back and rewatch later, but I gotta say two of the stand out events of the night fer me was Roxi versus Amber and that cinematic match between Candy and Sin. Both matches goes to show why the Bombshell division is damn brilliant. That battle between Roxi and Amber though. Wow.

Reporter: Speaking of that match, at one point the lights in the building went off during a dangerous moment for Roxi, perhaps saving her life. After that point, we all heard her say Thank You Misty. Do you believe that Misty somehow had a hand in that from beyond the grave?

O’Malley laughs and scratches his head, almost afraid to answer that question.

O’Malley: be quite honest, I dunno. I guess if ye believe in all of that, sure it’s possible. Or it coulda been a coincidence. Either way, Roxi got lucky. Damn proud of her fer getting through that match after what she went through.

Reporter: Now, let’s get to the next obvious question in the room. We all see your arm is currently in a sling. That, of course, seems to be the direct result of what happened during your match for the Underground Championship against Father Gerald. Any updates on your injury and what that means for you going forward?

O’Malley: Don’t quite know much of yet if I’m honest. Everyone saw me pop me shoulder back into place, but I’ll be getting some tests done tomoorrow to determine if there is any serious damage or not. After that, I’ll have a better idea of what’s gonna happen. But I’m hopeful there ain’t any serious damage and that this sling is only temporary.

Reporter: Staying on the topic of your match against Father Gerald, I think it’s safe to say that match did more damage to you than your match against Miles. And Father Gerald defeated you to become the new Underground Champion. If your shoulder injury doesn’t put you out of action for too long, do you plan on trying to win back the Underground title?

O’Malley takes in a deep breath and then lets out a sigh. He shrugs with his good shoulder before he answers.

O’Malley: A part of me wants to say yes to that question, but I just don’t know right now. I’m gonna take the next few days to mull over a few things and go from there. Am I happy that Gerald beat me? Hell no. But that’s the risk I knew was there fightin’ in two matches on Violent Conduct. As confident as I was, the odds were just stacked against me. And I honestly thought I had Gerald. Ah well. Can’t win ‘em all. And I guess now Carter gets to gloat that he was right. I lost a title and he didn’t.

He grins and waits for the next question.

Reporter: Perhaps the biggest win of the night comes from Jack Washington, who we just heard from a little while ago. He defeated Alex Jones and is now the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts on that, and anything you’d like to say to Jack Washington?

O’Malley: I’m gonna be honest here. I’m feckin’ glad Jackie Boy beat Alex Jones. There was something about Alex Jones bein’ the top champ that just made me want to puke, so the fact that he lost that very title on his first defense and after holdin’ it less than a month, gets a smile from me. That bein’ said, Jack could end up bein’ better than Alex. He could end up bein’ worse, but that remains to be seen. He’s doin’ a lot of braggin’ when honestly, he’s doin’ things in reverse.

Reporter: In reverse? What do you mean?

O’Malley: I mean, the very first title he won is the top title. That’s everyone’s ultimate goal, sure, it could also hurt yer career. See, I’m doin’ things different here. I’m tryin’ to really build meself as a successful competitor and that, to me, is startin’ from the bottom and goin’ up from there. Could Jackie Boy hold that title fer a while? Absolutely. But where does he go after that? He ain’t gonna be at the top forever, so he’s only gonna go down. Plain and simple.

Reporter: Any ideas on who might be first to challenge him?

O’Malley laughs and shakes his head.

O’Malley: Not really, no. Ye can never say fer sure in SCW because they like to throw out random title shots every now and then. Kris Ryans still had a guaranteed shot at any title to use by the end of the year, and he’s bein’ all quiet on it. So we’ll see.

Reporter: Speaking of Kris Ryans—

O’Malley: I had a feelin’ ye were gonna go there, and I’ll save ye the trouble. I’ve still got a lot of issues with that piece of shite, but I plan to save everythin’ fer when I really need to. Sooner or later, we’ll square off in that ring, but it’s a bit challenging now fer obvious reasons. Now...I think that about covers everythin’. If ye’ll all excuse me, I’ve gotta get back to me gorgeous wife. Watch the next episode of SCU Underground for updates on me shoulder issue. Thanks everyone.

O’Malley waves with his good hand, then stands up, taking his Roulette Championship and disappearing off the podium.

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Re: Violent Conduct VI Post Show Press Conference
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2020, 03:47:57 PM »
Next to the podium are Team Canada members Stewart Mason and Dahlia Rotten.

Stewart: Great to be hear fire away.

Reporter: Stewart, how are you feeling following the match, and what are your feeling towards the new Combat champion Eyesnsane.

Stewart: First off let me say Violent Conduct was a hell of a show, everyone busted their assess, now to answer your first question, gotten be honest I'm a little sore, but hell I was a banger of a match last night, and all I can say is about Eyesnsane is congrats buddy, he earned the title last night, and I know he'll carry the title with the honor and prestige that I did.

Reporter: Thank-you, now Dahlia you successfully defended you SCU Underground, so may question is who would you like to see as your next challenger.

Dahlia: I'm open to any and all challenger, SCU and yes even G.R.I.M.E have great competitors, and any of them would be a worthy challenger.

Reporter: Thanks.

Stewart and Dahlia step away from the podium.
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Re: Violent Conduct VI Post Show Press Conference
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2020, 04:35:06 AM »
(Candy walks up to the podium, excitedly, with Fluffy in her arms.)

Candy:  HI! You can ask me anything!!! Except for my recipe for chocolate chip cookies. That's a secret!

Reporter: Candy, you just went through a very... unique match... at Violent Conduct. Can you explain to us what that was like?

(Candy takes a deep breath before talking in almost run on sentances.)

Candy:  It was pretty scary, but I was pretty mad at Sin so it wasn't so scary. We fought in a creepy forest and then the teddy bears had a teaparty, and then I went to a princess tower and it was really sparkly and pretty! But it was really weird, the weirdest match I have EVER been in in my life.

Reporter: Care to elaborate on that?

(She tilted her head towards him, confused.)

Reporter: Uh... can you tell us more?

(She smiled and continued.)

Candy:  Most matches happen in the ring. There was no ring so I couldn't do any of my top rope moves. This was more of a fight than it was a match. But, I GLITTER BOMBED HER!!!

Reporter: Yes, we saw you use the advantage of the glitter distraction not once, but twice, to take control of the match. Is this a strategy you intend to use in the future?

Candy:  MAYBE! Glitter Bomb is a cool name for a move, right??? I can keep a handful of glitter in my pocket and make all my matches pretty and glittery!

(She bounced up and down, excited.)

Reporter: Do you know who locked you in the closet on Climax Control?

Candy: No, I don't. I thought maybe it was Sin but I don't know. I'm gonna figure it out, tho!

Reporter: And one final question for you, Candy.  Are you going to continue rallying for your Glitter Bomb match? And do you think Mark and Christian will allow you to have one?

Candy: OF COURSE! No one can resist the GLITTER!!! A Glitter Bomb Match WILL happen in SCW one day... I'll make sure of it!

(With that, she smiled, waved, and walked off stage.)
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