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Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show (Results)
« on: September 27, 2020, 05:40:41 PM »
September 27th - Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show

 Las Vegas, Nevada - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

It's here -- FINALLY! The most XXXTREME event of the year! VIOLENT CONDUCT VI! Fifteen matches sanctioned by SCW, and four by SCU! And several of those matches have special stipulations befitting an event such as this! And as for the Roulette title matches? The wheel has been changed up, just for this event alone! And every stipulation on the wheel goes to the extreme where violence is concerned! Every. Single. One! There is a reason why this event is only held once a year! The Superstars and Bombshells couldn't handle it any more than that!

Segments are due to the Underground account no later than 2pm EST on Sunday, September 27th, 2020. No late segments will be accepted.

The pre-show cuts to the back where the camera catches Dahlia stretching before her match. Dahlia turns into the camera.

Dahlia: Tonight despite once again stuck on the pre show, I step into the ring to defend my SCU underground title. Melissa you’ve been on the rise and it's great to see, and you’ve earned your title match against me tonight, but you have to look at  realize I’m the most dominant woman in both brands and I’d something no one else had done beat Celeste North not once but twice, I know you want my title, people think that’s maybe it’s your time, maybe sometime down the road it will be but your time isn’t now, I’m not ready to give up my title just yet, but i know your will bring everything you have to try, but tonight will not be your night, but i wish you good luck tonight Melissa, see you out there.

Darkness takes over the screen.  We can hear someone moving around in the darkness.  After a few seconds, we hear the sound of a bow against the strings of a violin, so sharp that it sends chills down our spines as we listen.  A spotlight shines on masked member Yellow, leaning back with the violin and bow in his hands.  He slides the bow across the violin to make a sound so beautiful and sad, yet eerily unsettling.  A hooded rat climbs over him and onto his forehead as the man balances himself perfectly.  He opens his mouth and the rat begins to pull out yellow string.  She moves around the man, draping the string around as she goes.

Yellow:  Yes, Hecate, my dear, sweet friend.  She brings about a revelation.  Something that has been long gone, but not forgotten.

The man stops playing for a second, but does not move his body otherwise.  He instead turns slightly to look at the camera.

Yellow:  Hallo und wie gehts.  It is a reminder that your favorite yellow person is still here. Air time is given oh so freely to everyone else.  The spotlight is taken for those not wearing masks. But I tell you, emerging into the light is not the mission of GRIME Wrestling.  Anyone who thinks it is?

Yellow straightens his body and turns to look at the camera again as the rat continues to pull string from the man’s mouth, a seemingly endless supply.

Yellow:  They are fakes.  Frauds.  They are just men and women who did not make the cut for Sin City Underground, an even bigger fraud.  It is up to those such as myself, the masked ones. The Monstimals.  Javier Gonzalez.  To not lose our way.

Yellow takes a few steps closer, and he raises the violin and bow once more, playing as he walks.

Yellow:  The message must remain strong, and we should bring levels of violence, unthinkable to the supposed Undergrounders.  We must remind the rest of GRIME of how it is supposed to be.  It is our duty as the soldiers of the darkest recesses of the mind.  Anyone who disagrees will soon find themselves in the same path of destruction as SCU.

He stops playing and sets the violin against the ground, using it like a cane to stand upon.  He looks into the camera, tilting his head to the side slightly as the last bit of string falls from his mouth.  Hecate continues to crawl all over him, the string almost knitting into itself.

Yellow:  Wir sind in einer Zeit der Abrechnung. Wir müssen wachsam bleiben und uns daran erinnern, was unsere Mission ist. (We are at a time of reckoning.  We must remain vigilant, and remember what our mission is.)  It is important to our cause, meine Freunde.  I pledge allegiance, to GRIME, of the Sin City Network.  And to the values, for which it stands.  One army, under Gianni, indivisible, with chaos, and destruction for all.

Yellow begins to play a violin rendition of “American Landfill”, the official song of GRIME.  He tilts his mask up ever so slightly to see his blue eyes glaring through the mouth slot.  The eyes bore into us as we focus on them before fading out.

Ruby is seen walking backstage with a black garment bag draped over her shoulder. Magenta is following slowly behind her, like an obedient puppy. Ruby eventually stops walking and Magenta isn’t paying attention and she bumps right into Ruby. Ruby’s nostrils flare and she spins around very slowly, glaring at her submissive.

Ruby: I’m giving you a free pass on that one, whore. If I weren’t the one in charge here, I’d make sure you walk in front of me.

Magenta shakes her head quickly, clearly against that thought.

Ruby: Of course not. We both know how much you just love staring at my ass.

Magenta nods and reaches out to Ruby. Ruby smacks her hand away.

Ruby: Don’t test me, whore! not about you. Tonight is my very special evening with Max. You should be back at home, but considering you begged like the bitch you are…

Ruby grins and takes a step towards Magenta.

Ruby: I was all too happy to oblige. Once I find Max, however, you can find a supply closet or somewhere to sit in for the rest of the evening.

Magenta: Please, Mistress…

Magenta’s voice is heard for the very first time, and as soon as she speaks, Ruby snarls. She wraps her hand around Magenta’s throat and then forcefully backs her against the wall. Magenta cries out as her back hits the wall.

Ruby: Excuse me, whore?! You don’t speak unless I tell you to! Do you want people to figure out your identity?!

Magenta shakes her head

Ruby: I didn’t think so. Because you’re embarrassed. You’re disgusted with who you are, as you should be. But don’t worry. After my special night with Max, you’ll get the punishment you are so desperate for.

Magenta: Share?

Ruby puts more pressure on Magenta’s throat, punishment for not only speaking, but suggesting such a thing.

Ruby: Me? Share Max? I do not think so, whore. Max is mine. You are more than welcome to leave here and go find any desperate jack off to satisfy your desires, but Max is off limits. And if you speak again, even you won’t like that punishment. Are we clear?

Magenta nods and then Ruby releases her grip on her. Magenta coughs a little but is otherwise fine as Ruby turns around.

Ruby: Good. Now go find your closet, because I’m going to find Max alone.

Ruby then walks away as Magenta stays behind. She looks around, confused for a moment, before she does as she is told and begins searching for a closet to hide in.

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Alex Rush can be seen strolling in to the Violent Conduct VI pre show. to one side Edwin Robert walks and the other Robert Edwin. Alex has the Pride Tag Team championship over his shoulder. Marissa Henry charges towards him waving her hands.

Marissa: Oh thank God!

Alex: You're not the first Dolly to say that to me, not the first Dolly to say that to me today, maybe the third or forth, summing like that.

Marissa: No, people were getting worried that you wasn't gonna be here tonight.

Alex: Well me and the fellas here thought we'd take in a show. It's been forever since I got to put on the spandex.

Marissa: Erm, you wrestled at Underground 72.

Alex: I did, how'd I get on?

Marissa: You lost to The Good Shepherds.

Alex looks to the left and to the right, shaking his head.

Alex: I don't remember that but I ain't shocked if I'm honest, I mean it's The Good Shepherds after all. They beat everyone, so yeah, if I remembered it, I'm sure I'd be ok with it. Not many people beat those holy sheep peeps. Anyway, me and the lads should probably go take our seats for the show.

Alex attempts to walk past Marissa but she stops him, looking at him confused.

Marissa: Alex, you're wrestling tonight, didn't anyone tell you?

Alex scratches his messy hair.

Alex: No one told me and I checked like the online thingy earlier this week and say buggery bugger all, did someone tell you?

Alex looks at Robert Edwin, but the rhino shakes his head. Alex turns to Edwin Robert.

Alex: How's about you?

Edwin Robert shakes his head and Alex looks back to Marissa.

Alex: If no one told us, does that mean we still gotta do it? I mean I put me spandex in under me leathers, but that's cause I lost me undies again. I dunno where they are, I think South Park was on to something with those Underwear gnomes, they keep sneaking in stealing me pants.

Marissa: Focus Alex.

Alex looks around, looking past Marissa.

Alex: Who's us?

Marissa: I said focus not fu... nevermind. You still have to wrestle, you're in the main event tonight.

Alex: Wait, I'm now facing Alicia Lukas and Evie Jordan? Don't think I fancy that too much, that Evie is a meanie, still ain't got the blue out of my beard.

Marissa: No, the pre show main event. You're facing Kaos and Mrs Right for the Pride Tag Team Championships.

Alex: AHHA! I knew Mrs Right was out there! People been banging on to me for ages about finding Mrs Right! Every lad I know has been oh, Mrs Right is out there for me.

Alex looks at the camera.

Alex: Lads! Lads! I told ya Mrs Right is out there somewhere and now she's gonna be playing in me ring... Erm, that didn't sound right.... In the ring.... Yeah, that's better until after the match, I dunno, she might be a kinky one and do it in the ring, I dunno.

Marissa puts her hand on her forehead, shaking it slowly.

Alex: I better go and find Mariana Grande!

Marissa: Who?

Alex: Me tag team partner in crime of course!

Marissa: You mean Ariana.

Alex: Ariana Grande? I think I've heard that some place before but nah, she's not my tag partner.

Marissa: No, Ariana Angelos.

Alex: She's not a singer too is she? Sweeeeeeeet!

Marissa rolls her eyes and walks off.

Marissa: I give up with this idiot!

Alex waves at Marissa as she walks away.

Alex: Ta-rah for a bit fuzzy lightning bolt! 

The camera fades as Alex shrugs his shoulders and walks away for look for Ariana.

Backstage, we focus on Gianni, who is sitting at his desk, with Veronica looking through wedding magazines, appearing to be quite bored.  He folds his hands together and looks to the camera.

Gianni:  I already told people that I ain’t fuckin’ around as the new GM of GRIME.  But, somebody has decided to start menstruatin’ and getting caught in her feelings about not bein’ booked.

Gianni straightens his posture as Veronica smiles wickedly and listens closely, biting at her lip as her man is about to lay down the law.

Gianni:  I been called a pretty boy, which… it ain’t no lie.  I’m a fine specimen of a man, and there ain’t no denyin’ that. I got called Veronica Taylor’s bitch.  I am her fiancee, if that’s what ya mean.  I am her man.  She’s my woman.  I looked out for her when others wouldn’t. If that makes me her bitch, then so be it.

Gianni shrugs his shoulders.  He lets it hang for a second, letting the anticipation build.

Gianni:  Speaking of bitches… Ruby is gonna be my bitch by the end of this little thing.  She’s gonna learn who the boss is.  I know things have been pretty laxed around here lately, but I’m not gonna be passive like the last GM was.  I’m gonna take action.  I’ve already set up Hitamashii with a tuxedo to take Max Burke’s GRIME World Nightmare Championship away from him.  That’s handled.  Ruby, however, is not.

Gianni looks off camera and Veronica scoffs.  She gets up and sprays the room with her Veronica’s Secret perfume as we see Angel of Filth, Sister Esther, Queen of Apathy, Piper Beckett, Jade, Light Blue, Indigo, Helena Jeckel, Macaroni and Cheese, Royal Purple, Celeste, and Orchid walk into the room.  He winks and watches them all form a line around him.

Gianni:  Kittie and Vixen was busy, so I couldn’t pull them into this.  But I will say that there’s plenty more where that came from.

Gianni gives each one of them a nod of appreciation.  Filth slaps his chest and nods her head as she flicks her blackened tongue at the camera.

Gianni:  Ruby, I’m gonna give ya another chance to apologize to me.  I expect a tweet in fifteen seconds, or a call, or show up at my door, or I’m gonna devote some time to makin’ ya life hell, bitch.

Gianni pulls the sleeve of his suit up and looks at his watch.  He nods his head with each passing second until fifteen seconds is up.  He slides his sleeve back down as the women of GRIME begin cracking their knuckles.

Gianni:  Alright.  Ruby?  Ya wanna throw the term “bitch” around like it’s nothin’?  Here, lemme make this clear for ya.  In a matter of time, ya gonna be my fuckin’ bitch.  How’s that?  Debbi?  Will be mine.  Ya ass?  Will be mine.  Magenta?  Will be mine.  And it all starts tonight.  Cause all these ladies behind me?  They’re gonna beat ya, week in, and week out, until ya get on ya knees and beg for my mercy.  Make it easy on yaself and just do it now, heh?

Gianni cracks his knuckles, and gives Ruby more time to show up.  When she doesn’t, he shakes his head.

Gianni:  Alright.  It’s ya funeral.  I know ya wanted to be booked tonight, at Violent Conduct, and that’s why ya throwin’ ya little bitch fit.  I was so tempted to give in to your fit.  But, what message would that send?  Hm?  That I’m a pushover.  So, that big match announcement I’m makin’ tonight is that there will be no match.  Fuck you, Ruby.  Kiss my ass, cause I don’t bow to no one, especially some washed up Misty wannabe like you.  But, starting next week, ya might wanna find a few more bitches to leash, cause ya gonna need it when I sick these bitches on you. Have a great night, Ruby.

Gianni winks and waves the camera away.


SCU Underground Championship
Dahlia Rotten vs Melissa Ruin

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Underground Championship!!!

The SCUTron turns on. We see the Sun devils football field with the drummers of the school's marching band in the middle of the field making the letters ASU for Arizona State University. The drums goes off twice, with a second pause before going off again twice repeating this process 3 times before the other drums come in. This happens twice before the group starts breaking formation.

The bugle team march onto the field as they begin to play…

ASU Marching band plays their version of Public Service Announcement II by Jay Z.

The Drummers move around as they form the letters SCU. The Bugle team marches in place below the letters making 6 rows underneath. The group breaks up and marches around the field for a bit as they start to slowly make out the name Melissa Ruin…

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring she is a two time all American in Lacrosse and Basketball from Arizona State… Melissa Ruin!!!

Menage Et Trois by Paloma Ford starts to play, the crowd showing the arena with cheers as Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah,

Darlyn: She is the SCU Underground Champion... Dahlia Rotten!!!!!!!

They walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he give the crowd an arrogant smile

Ding! Ding! DIng!

Gena: Melissa runs at Dahlia and slaps her Belly!?!?!?

Chad: Is Melissa trying to make Dahlia mad on purpose?

Gena: Melissa slaps Dahlia’s belly again then a slap to the face!

Chad: Dahlia grabs Melissa by her hair and tosses her to the mat like a ragdoll!

Gena: Melissa has a deathwish if she thinks she can just slap Dahlia at will!

Chad: Melissa gets up yelling at Dahlia… Melissa slaps Dahlia in the face again… Dahlia counters that with a Headbutt right between Melissa’s eyes!

Gena: That will slow Melissa down. Dahlia grabs Melissa and sends her to the corner. Melissa hits the turnbuckle hard. Dahlia runs at Melissa and nails a Body Avalanche!

Chad: Dahlia grabs Melissa by the head and just tosses her to the mat.

Crowd:  YEAHHHHHH!!!

Gena: Dahlia goes for Earl’s Leg Drop but Melissa rolls out the way. Melissa and Dahlia get to their feet. Dahlia goes to grab Melissa but Melissa ducks and Kicks Dahlia in the knee!

Chad: Dahlia turns around, Melissa hits Dahlia with a Spinning Heel Kick!

Gena: Dahlia takes a step back. Melissa hits a Dropkick causing Dahlia to take another step back!

Chad: Melissa runs in and slaps Dahlia in the face hard. Dahlia holds that spot as Melissa hits an Uppercut on Dahlia, causing her to stumble back a bit!

Gena: Melissa runs in for a Leaping Clothesline but misses as Dahlia counters it with a punch to the face!!!

Chad: Melissa holds her head as she turns her back to Dahlia. Dahlia does a Back Rake to Melissa. Melissa arches her back… Dahlia lifts Melissa up and nails a Sidewalk Slam!

Gena: Dahlia grabs Melissa’s leg and turns Melissa around for her Single Leg Boston Crab!

Chad: The ref looks on but wait… Dahlia now drops her weight on to Melissa!

Gena: Dahlia wraps Melissa’s leg up… Rotten To The Core!!! (Front Facelock STO)

Chad: Melissa starts yelling in pain…

Gena:  Dahlia bares her weight down, and Melissa tries to crawl to the ropes, but she struggles under Dahlia’s weight alone.  She holds out as long as she can, but she taps!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU Underground Champion… Dahlia Rotten!!!

Dahlia lets up and stands up, raising her arm with the referee’s assistance.  She holds her belt up as “Menage et Trois” plays over the speakers.  She celebrates for a moment before turning and lending a hand to Melissa, pulling her back to her feet.  There’s a handshake before Melissa leaves Dahlia to celebrate her victory.

Alexis Staggs is seen seated backstage. The steel chair is backed against a wall, and she’s leaning back with her arms folded, staring just ahead of her. The camera pans back to see she’s staring at her Underground Championship contract briefcase placed on top of a large utility box. It’s still dented after having been used by GRIME to hit her over the head just a few weeks ago. And while her head had healed, her mood had apparently not.

As she sits there staring at the briefcase, Marissa Henry walks up to her. She’s silent at first, but as she looks back and forth from Alexis to the briefcase, she can’t hide her curiosity.

Marissa: Ok. What exactly are you looking at, Alexis?

Alexis lets out a laugh and looks to Marissa, then back at the dented briefcase.

Alexis: Evidence, Marissa. Evidence.

Marissa raises an eyebrow.

Marissa: Evidence of what exactly? That you still haven’t cashed in on the Underground Champion?

Alexis shrugs, trying to figure out the answer herself.

Alexis: Well, there’s that. But then there’s evidence that even though I have a guaranteed shot at the Underground Championship, that my shot won’t exactly work out in my favor in the same way it did for O’Malley. Even though he did what a coward does.

Marissa: I’m a little confused. You seem a tonight.

Alexis leans forward and then kicks the utility box with such force, it knocks the briefcase over and it crashes to the floor. Marissa jumps back as Alexis leans back again.

Alexis: Off? Yeah I’m fucking off, Marissa. Because here’s the thing, if I decide to do the right thing and cash in on the Underground Champion the right way, in an honest match, those GRIME fuckers are always somewhere around. They’re always going to ruin it, so is it really worth it anymore? Hell, I’m not even booked tonight so why the fuck should I care?

Marissa: So this is because you’re not booked tonight? That’s what I’m getting from it.

Alexis: No, it’s not just because I’m not fucking booked. I honestly don’t give a shit. This is because GRIME is going to fucking screw me out of my Underground Championship match when I finally cash in. So maybe I don’t even fucking want it anymore! I’m not going to waste a fucking opportunity!

Marissa scratches her head as Alexis leans forward, reaches for the briefcase and picks it up. She then launches it forward, sending it crashing against the opposite wall, denting the corner.

Marissa:’re saying you want to give it up, then?

Alexis: I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying, Marissa! Just leave me the fuck alone!

Alexis then stands up from the chair and grabs the briefcase, before storming off down the hall. Marissa Henry stays behind, scratching her head still very confused.

Marissa: This place is so confusing sometimes…

She shakes her head and then walks off in the opposite direction as the scene fades to elsewhere in the building.

Mrs. Right is seated on a weight bench while Kaos is standing nearby….

Mrs Right: This is a big opportunity for us and for Over the Edge.  We can go out there and take the Pride tag team titles.  This is my biggest match to date here in SCU.  It’s our biggest match.  This is what we talk about week in and week out.  Our chance to prove ourselves is here staring us in the face.  That brass ring is right there and we just need to reach out and take it.

She looks up at him from her seated position….

Mrs Right: I want this moment, I want these titles, I want to prove that we are the best in the business today.  No matter what happens I’m going to have your back out there, and Iam not going to quit on you, I’m going to give this fight everything I have got.  I’m not going to let you, the fans, or Over the Edge down.  I know we can do this.

He gives a nod and continues to spot her as she shows off.

The scene opens backstage, where we see Nick Khatri standing by a promotional poster for violent conduct. Beside him stands a masked GRIME member only known as Rainbow as he begins his questioning with the obvious.

Nick: Who are you?

He asks.

Rainbow: おれは... 私はあなたには関係ない (I am... I am it's none of your business).

Nick: Uh what?

He looks to the camera shrugging his shoulders not understanding the Japanese.

Rainbow: None... of.... your... business…

The masked person says slowly to ensure Dec gets it.

Nick: Ok. My apologies. What is your business here?

Rainbow: To win.

Nick: Well duh... but why have you set your sights on Esther?

Rainbow takes a second before speaking again.

Rainbow:  Esther is イージーピッキング (easy pickings). She is nothing. Nobody knows her. Nobody cares about her. Nobody will see me coming.

Nick: But why not attack Vixen as she is the champion?

He questions.

Rainbow: She has had her warning. The 部門 (division) is on notice. I am just picking the weakest off first.

Nick nods.

Nick: Are you hiding from Esther?

Rainbow: 私は隠れていません。(I am not hiding.) I am right here.

Voice: Well well well... look who we have here. Little Miss Rainbow skank.

The camera pans around to see Esther and a few friends with her. Rainbow pulls out the lead pipe from her back pocket as those few friends back away a little with Esther not so intimidated.

Esther: Takes someone with pretty big fuckinb balls to attack someone from behind but what about face to face?

Esther takes a step forward and gets into the face of Rainbow. Rainbow begins to laugh, which Esther is unsure how to proceed until Rainbow begins to walk away.

Esther: Don't you dare walk away.

Esther grabs Rainbows arm but Rainbow spins around and clocks Esther with hard right punch knocking Esther to the ground.

Rainbow: I am your worst 悪夢だ ビッチ!(F*cking nightmare. Bitch).

Rainbow walks away, as Esther's friends move in to check on her. The camera pans back to Rainbow as she disappears from shot.

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2 Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show (Results)
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Camera’s go backstage to see Le Coven members Celeste North and Jenifer Lacroix. They’re seen stopping at the end of the hallway as something has caught their attention. Celeste and Jenifer run over as cameras follow the two.

We see Masked Yellow, Rory Rockerfeller, Javi, Eric, Masked Jade and Cadet Blue attacking Mz Holly Wood, Melissa Ruin, Mason and Jason Fox. Le Coven gets close to try and help but is stopped as Omasa Tazu gets in front of them. She stares at Jenifer as Masked Rainbow appears next to Omasa staring down Celeste North.

The four tie up but Le Coven gets slammed to the floor. The other GRIME Wrestlers keep the attack on Holly, Melissa and the Fox Brothers. Rainbow gets on top of Celeste as Omasa gets on top of Jenifer, the two grabbing each other's neck trying to choke the other.

Rory gets Mason to his feet only for Jacob Johnson to come from nowhere and nail a running dropkick. Jason crawls over to his twin brother but Javi and Eric Weaver each grab a leg and drag him away from Mason. Yellow jumps off a table and nails a double stomp to the lower back of Jason Fox.

Rainbow gets a few punches in on Celeste before she would block a punch and rolls over to her side. Melissa tries to fight off Jade but Cadet Blue grabs her from behind to hold her in place. Jade starts laying out a punch combo to Melissa's chest.

Javi, Eric, Yellow, and Rory go over to help Omasa and Rainbow take out Le Coven but see OTE running down the hallway. The men pull Rainbow and Omasa off of Le Coven as Eyesnsane, Mrs. Right, Michi, Dax, Mickey and Kaos keep approaching.

GRIME stands tall ready to take on OTE but changes their mind as Kelli, Halo, Coby Quik, Earl Lockyer and Stewart Mason. The GRIME Wrestlers turn around to take off. OTE ignores the fallen SCU stars as they keep the chase going. Kelli and Halo stop to check on Melissa. Coby Quik checks on Jenifer as Team Canada checks on Celeste North.

Stewart then runs over to Mz Holly Wood but Holly starts to sit up. Stewart then goes to Jason Fox. Sewart tries to wake him up as Holly checks on Mason Fox. Le Coven gets to their feet and looks around them, Coby and Earl notice everyone trying to check on Jason Fox.

As they go to check on them they hear yelling, they turn around to see EMT’s running over with a stretcher yelling for them to move out of the way. They do as the EMT’s rush over to Jason Fox. The check for signs of life which they get then they slowly turn him around to lay him on a hard bed so they can place him on the stretcher.

Mason sits up dazzled and confused to what’s all going on. The SCU stars then turn behind them as they see Lexa’s four security members, and SCU refs are seen running towards the hallway GRIME and OTE ran towards. 

Behind them we see Kittie, The Jeckels, Jerry Cann and Apathy running towards whatever’s going on then we see they’re being chased by Alexis and Tim Staggs, Merlot, Dahlia, and Mark Cross.

As they watch Coby looks around and says…

Coby: Let’s go and save them. 

Jenifer points at Coby and nods to agree.

The SCU stars go to run to give chase but as they go to cut the corner Stewart sees something in the corner of his eyes that causes him to stop and pushes Coby and Jenifer out of the way knocking them to the floor. Everyone stops to figure out why as a loud bang goes off.

Everyone gets a stun as a stun grenade went off. Appearing from out of nowhere is Max Burke.

Max: Get them! 

Max orders as he laughs. Masked Celeste, Gold, Saddie Brown, Light Blue, Sea Green, Esther, Andrey, Piper, and Jim the Clown surround the SCU stars… Before they can attack a loud noise is heard. What sounds like a mega truck motor is heard getting louder and louder.

Everyone stops to look as they see two dock garage doors from the side open up… Max walks over to get a closer look when all of a sudden 12 motorcycles start riding into the arena. Those in the bikes are seen wearing the same helmets as Lexa’s four security guards.

The 12 get off their bikes and pull out a metal bat each. SCU GM Lexa makes her way to stand in front of Max Burke. The 12 stand behind Lexa as they wait for her orders. Lexa stands there waiting for MAx Burke to make a move.

Max: We done enough for now… 

Max turns around to look at the GRIME wrestlers.

Max: Let’s go, save it for later. 

Max laughs as he and GRIME start to walk away. Lexa turns her head slightly to look at the 12. They then start running down the hallway where everyone else was seen heading towards.

The scene opens backstage at the Violent Conduct pre-show where we see Krystal Wolfe playing Super Mario Galaxy on her Nintendo Switch.

Krystal: Damn it, who the hell decided to make the web shooters this fucking sensitive?!

Krystal grunts in annoyance as she dies in game after missing a target.

Krystal: I swear from a gameplay perspective, motion controls were Nintendo’s biggest mistake.

As Krystal says this, she is approached by Dev.

Dev: Hey Krys, you don’t have any weird facts for me this time, right?

Krystal shakes her head before pocketing the Switch.

Krystal: Nah, haven’t watched any YouTube vids that had any weird facts in them all week, what’s up?

Dev: I just want your thoughts on last week’s Main Event.

Krystal sighs in annoyance.

Krystal: What I was planning to do was go out there and make sure that Angel Kash got the pin-fall, what I didn’t realize was that the idiots in GRIME had the idea to have another purge because why would wrestlers the fans actually fucking like have all the spotlight! Before I knew it, I was out there with the rest of the SCU roster fighting off those morons and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Krystal adds before shaking her head.

Krystal: But in the end, it won’t matter, Angel Kash couldn’t beat me on her own, we all saw it, and I’m far from done with her! Once she beats Melissa Ruin I will be right there, ready for my rematch!

Dev walks off as the scene fades.

*Knock knock knock*

The sound echoes throughout the locker room.  There are footsteps heard from inside as someone comes to answer the door.  It is Andrey Azarov.  He stares at the person in front of him, blankly.

Andrey:  Can I help something with you?

Person:  Is… Rory here?

Andrey laughs and shakes his head as he looks over his shoulder.  He smiles as he looks back at the person.  He waits for there to be a joke involved.

Andrey:  No.  No he is not.  Can I take message for you?  Maybe on Post-It note?

Person:  Oh… Okay…

There are footsteps heard leaving.  Andrey laughs again as he turns inside of the room, shouting to someone.

Andrey:  It was caller for Rory?

There is even more laughing erupting from the inside of the room.  He looks down in front of him to see a pizza sitting there.  He picks it up and looks at it.  He sniffs it, and then smiles as he opens the box.

Andrey:  Pepperoni sausage is favorite of mine…

Andrey starts to turn around when we hear a roar.  The person at the door comes rushing back at Andrey, smashing the hot pizza into Andrey’s face as he screams.  The man then tosses Andrey to the floor and closes the locker room door with a chain.  He looks down and turns back to Andrey.

Person:  You think you can lie to me?  That is not the tip I expected!

Andrey tries to slide pizza goo from his face, but the man continues to stomp at him rapidly as the door is rattled in an attempt to open it.

Person:  I delivered in thirty minutes or less, and you couldn’t be bothered to give me a real tip?  Instead, trying to fill my wallet with lies!  I can’t pay my tuition with lies, Rory!

Andrey:  I’m not Rory!

Person:  You’re a coward.  One day, you will snap just like me, Rory! You’re gonna have enough, Rory!  And you’re gonna find yourself, attacking people with pizzas, and kicking people’s asses, Rory!  And you’re gonna remember the name, Rory… The name of…

The man turns around, and he is young but tall for his age.  His medium length hair is a little curled, and his boyish face is twisted into a deranged look as he breathes heavily.

Person:  Roy… Roy the Delivery Boy!  Delivering the pain, in thirty minutes or less!  Guaranteed, or your money back…

Roy turns around and kicks Andrey in the side one final time before picking up his delivery bag and walking off.

The scene opens backstage at the Violent Conduct Pre-Show where we see one half of the Pride Tag Team Champions Ariana Angelos walking around backstage in search of her partner and co-champion.

Alex: Ari, there you are!

Ariana looks up seeing Alex accompanied by his rhino Robert Edwin.

Ariana: Hey Alex, are you ready for our first defence?

Alex: You bet love! And I will prove to be every bit of a partner as Carter was!

HBCarter: My ears are burning!

Almost on cue the TV Champion HB Carter jumps into view and hugs his bestie.

HBCarter: Now Alex, I hope you are treating Ari right, she is a young woman now and this is your first time together!

Ariana blinks as she processes what Carter is saying.

Ariana: Err, Carter, this isn’t a date, this is me and Alex’s first title defence!

HBCarter: Yes, and I hope that Alex can hold up his end of the bargain!

Alex: Oi, I am a former Tag Team Champion you know!

HBCarter: With the horny one over there!

Carter points to the rhino and Ari shakes her head with a facepalm.

Ariana: Oh by the way, your still up for guest staring on Recipe 4 Disaster, right Alex?

Alex: Off course love, what are you making?

Ariana: Maple Syrup Ghost Pepper Chocolate Chilli!

Carter blinks a couple of times.

HBCarter: Don’t you mean “chilli chocolate”?

Ariana: I know what I said, and I meant it!

The two men share worried looks.

HBCarter: How about you just worry about your first defence.

Alex and Ari: Great idea.

The trio (plus the rhino) walk off as the scene fades.


Blackjack Brawl - GRIME World Nightmare Championship
Vixen Staggs vs Kittie

Liam: The following contest is for the GRIME WORLD NIGHTMARE CHAMPIONSHIP, and will be a BLACKJACK BRAWL! The rules are simple... falls count anywhere in CAESARS PALACE!

The haunting opening notes of Joke’s on You begin to fill the venue as the lights lower to a crimson light that plays over the ramp where Vixen Staggs can be seen standing at the entrance dressed in dark tights and crimson halter under a studded black leather jacket.

Liam:  Introducing first from Ottawa Ontario, she is the current World Nightmare Champion Vixen STAGGS!

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Ada: Kittie cracked Vixen with that server’s tray upside the head! Vixen is in serious trouble right out of the gate.

Rob: And another one for good measure! The champ is stunned by two shots to the head from her challenger Kittie. Could this be the night that the longest reigning champion loses that title around her waist?

Ada: If Kittie keeps up this aggression it very well could be. Kittie is in hot pursuit of Vixen.

Rob:  Vixen is firing back! She seems to have shook the cobwebs off. She just doubled over Kittie with a big boot to the midsection. She’s knocked the wind out of her. She’s got herself a handful of hair, and dragging her opposition backstage. Don’t lose them! Let’s go, camera guy!

Ada: OH! Vixen sends Kittie flying across the gear cases into the wall. Vixen found some plunder backstage! She’s got a tray of chips!

Rob: Not anymore! Kittie just got a face full of that tray of poker chips, and she’s down! Vixen is going for the first cover of the match!


Ada: NO! Kittie raked the eyes of Vixen, and got a shoulder up in doing so.

Rob: She clawed the eyes, and has altered the momentum of this match in an instant. It’s a bitch to fight blind. Especially when anything is legal! Kittie’s back to her feet, and is choking Vixen with one of the production cables.

Ada: The blood is rushing to the surface of the champion’s face, and if she doesn’t get out of this predicament soon she’s going to be out cold, and titleless. 

Rob: That’s one way! Vixen just slammed the back of her head into the bridge of the nose of her challenger. Kittie’s gushing blood! That doesn’t look good at all.

Ada: It doesn’t look good, but Kittie’s smiling. She’s smiling at the sight of her own blood. I don’t blame her for backing off for a minute to get the blood under control. Wonders of backstage at a wrestling show. Lots of towels nearby.

Rob: Never turn your back on your opponent though! Especially when her name is Vixen! The World Nightmare Champion is driving Kittie’s head repeatedly into that table! So much for getting that blood under control.

Ada: Vixen has her challenger by the hair again, and we’re going to keep following them. What a fight!

Rob: She didn’t get far this time! Kittie’s fighting through the blood, sweat and tears... literally! These two Sin City mainstays are beating the ever living shit out of each other here tonight! Kittie just tossed Vixen into a roulette wheel knocking it to the floor.! Sure hope that isn’t THE roulette wheel.

Ada: Vixen’s firing back! Huge knees to the midsection of Kittie. What does Vixen have in mind?

Rob: THE JOKE’S ON YOU ONTO THE ROULETTE WHEEL!! That’s it. No way she can get up from that. Vixen can barely get an arm over her. That was not fun for challenger or champion.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here is your winner... AND STILL... your GRIME World Nightmare Champion... VIXXXXEN!!

Vixen is slow to her feet. She snatches her title from the grasp of the referee, and raises it high in the air.

The scene cuts to a pre-recorded vignette that features an annoyed and angry Cordelia Clark firing away at a punching bag, clearly not enjoying herself at all. The punching bag sways more and more as she fires more punches and when her trainer approaches her, she takes an absolute cheap right hook right in his face, knocking him down. Cordelia lets out an angry sigh as she steps away from the bag.

Cordelia: I swear to god, this is so STUPID!

The trainer slowly gets up, holding his jaw.

Trainer: For what it’s worth, you pack a serious punch…

Cordelia: Don’t patronize me, jerk. I’m only doing this because I have to. Don’t get me wrong, I was born and bred to be a champion in this business! It’s not like I don’t appreciate the opportunity at the SCU Combat Championship and all of that but… come on…

Trainer: What’s the problem exactly?

Cordelia: The PROBLEM is that I am a WRESTLER! I am NOT a boxer! I’m already going into this with someone like Merlot Ayano at a total disadvantage! I’ve never boxed in my life. I mean… yeah… I’m a fast learner, but I trained to be a wrestler.

Trainer: You’re showing great skill for someone that has never done this before and I really mean that. I’m not patronizing you at all.

Cordelia: Whatever! Just get out of my face!

The trainer sighs, obviously displeased with Cordelia’s attitude as he leaves the scene. Cordelia herself decides to take a breather as she uses a hook that is hanging from the ceiling to slide the boxing gloves off of her hands. She sits down, focuses on the task at hand and begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia: I bet you’re going to be treating this as another night in the office, aren’t you Merlot Ayano? And why wouldn’t you? You are one of the top talents of this brand, I’m not stupid. I know you’re going to be the toughest challenge that I’ve faced in my fledgling career. Hell, you even have a little bit of college education which is FAR more than I can say for most people in the business. But if you think this means I’m just going to bow down and take your crap, then you have another thing coming. I may be at a disadvantage considering I’ve never boxed in my life prior to tonight… but when I first got here… I was at that disadvantage. I was new! I had no experience aside from the Independents. I wasn’t supposed to beat Andi Lynx in my first match, but I did. I wasn’t supposed to even qualify for the SCU/GRIME rumble and yet I did. I wasn’t supposed to beat someone as experienced as Mother Mavis and yet, I did! I wasn’t supposed to beat Veronica Taylor because of the manufactured reputation that she has, and yet, I DID!

I’ve defied more odds in my rookie year than anyone could ever give me credit for and I KNOW that all the odds are in YOUR favor, but that doesn’t mean I am backing down! I’m an Ivy League prodigy for a reason, Merlot.

My family knew I was gifted and destined for great things before I even learned how to talk! Hell, I was so gifted that “Princeton” was the first word that ever came out of my mouth! I may not be blessed with the experience that you have, I may not be blessed with the toughness that you have… but what I have been blessed with is the trait of a true, dominant performer that is the most important out of all of them: INTELLIGENCE! I’m a fast learner! I’ve proven that the entire time in SCU and that’s why nobody has been able to beat me! That’s why I’m going to defy the odds, shock the world and find a way to beat you in something that isn’t in my element at all.

So do yourself a big favor, Merlot… don’t overlook me just because of my inexperience! Because if you do… it’s going to be the biggest mistake of your SCU Combat title reign… a reign that I am one knockout blow away from ending in an instant. Don’t think I can do it? Go ahead and try me!

Cordelia remains angry, yet focused, even with all of the odds that are against her as the scene cuts out.

The cameras show Hitamashii arriving at Caesar’s with Dying Breed members Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell.  They are heading to the locker room area and Max Burke, with Casey Williams in tow, and the two men lock eyes.

Hitamashii: You better make sure that championship is shiny for me as that title is coming home with me tonight.

Max smirks as the trio come up on the G.R.I.M.E. World Nightmare Champion.

Max: We have a jokester here Casey. Listen kid, you’re impressive. There is no denying that, but the only thing that is going to be shiny to you tonight are the lights shining down on your lifeless carcass.

Hitamashii laughs at Max and Casey and then suddenly stops and puts on the most sinister look on his face at the turn of a dime.

Hitamashii: Dream on Maxi-Pad. I will show you how a true champion carries themself when I take that title from you after taking the tuxedo off you, as you are a fraud!

Max: Kid... get your own material. You don’t need Gianni’s sloppy seconds. You’ll never get the spray tan off ya. Regardless of the ridiculous gimmick we are stuck with tonight I’m not losing this strap. It’s not happening.

Hitamashii: Regardless of me taking Gianni’s jokes, you will lose that title quicker than he loses that spray tan. After the beating I give you, you will be begging or me to stop as you can’t handle the immense pain I will be dishing upon you.

Max and Hitamashii are standing nose to nose by this point, breathing very heavily as Williams, Garcia and Darrell pry the guys apart. You hear Casey, Andrew and Ivan tell both to save it for the match in an attempt to calm the situation before their match later on tonight.

Max: See you soon kid. You’re going to love the taste of your own blood.

The camera moves backstage to see the usual setup of a platform with white and light blue curtains hanging up, as well as a banner that reads “Church of the Good Shepherds”.  There is a white podium on the platform, and a spotlight shining down upon it.  A group is gathered in front of it as we see Mother Mavis walk out onto the stage in a white suit and veiled hat.  She waves to the crowd, giving a sweet smile before looking to the podium.  She is followed quickly by Sister Virginia Mae Putnam. In a light blue Sunday dress and hat covering.  As the cheering from the crowd increases, David comes rushing onto the stage in a light blue suit and tie.  He waves and makes his way next to Ginny Mae.  It doesn’t take long when Father Gerald Shepherd comes out onto the stage.  He winks as the crowd cheers even more loudly.  He raises a hand in the air, waving to the crowd, taking time to lean over and shake hands with those in front of him.  He then takes his place at the podium and smiles brightly.

Gerald:  Thank you.  Thank you!  May God smile upon each and every one of ya’s.  I mean it. I really do.

Gerald takes a second to catch his breath from the excitement as he looks around.

Gerald:  I can’t thank the church enough for coming out here to support me tonight.  For it is the night that we, The Church of the Good Shepherds, finally get to take our message to the next level.  Now that we are out from under the tyrannical reign of the wicked sodomite, for a slightly less wicked jezebel, we are getting our fair shake.  Things are looking up.

Church:  Amen! That’s what I’m talking about!

Gerald stops and smiles, waving to the rowdy group of the devout.  He nods as the crowd quiets down respectfully.

Gerald:  Things are looking up indeed.  We found out tonight that David and Ginny have set up a date to be married, and everyone in this auditorium right now is invited!

Church:  YEAHHHH!!!

David smirks and nods his head, looking down as Ginny beams.  She hugs onto his arm and thanks people in the crowd individually.  Gerald claps for them, giving them a moment before taking back the spotlight.

Gerald:  We’ll keep everyone informed privately, because I know several lowlifes who would just love to get in my craw by ruining this union.  So stay tuned for the newsletter! Alright?

Gerald nods his head as the crowd lets out one last uproarious cheer on the matter.

Gerald:  Now, in His wisdom, we are reminded that we should focus on the moment we are in.  During these uncertain and stressful times, it is important to practice mindfulness, prayer, and devotion.  “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43, verses 18 and 19.  “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4, verse 14. “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” First Corinthians 10, verse 31!

Gerald stops for a moment and looks around, laughing.  He smacks the top of the podium and looks directly down the middle of the crowd.

Gerald:  I could go on and on.  For we focus on now.  Not the past, and not the future.  Tonight, His glory is upon us.  It is my job as His soldier to go into the lion’s den, the cage of the six sided ring, and it is my time to take that SCU Underground Championship from the heathenous O’Malley.  It is my time to give Sin City Underground a moral makeover.  It is my time to lead the pack, and hopefully lead them to His divine light.

Gerald softly speaks the last line.  He nods his head as Mavis and Ginny clap for him.  David lightly claps as he looks out into the crowd.  The crowd claps in return, hooping and hollering, in the spirit, for Gerald.

Gerald:  I have many words for O’Malley later tonight.  But more importantly, I have more actions for him.  Right now, I devote this time, and my pending championship reign, to Our Father, thou art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

The crowd has their heads bowed as they recite with Gerald.  As he finishes, he looks up and raises his arms.

Gerald:  Tonight is a special night.  Therefore, I will be giving the Eucharist.  It is a night of celebration, because I WILL go on to put O’Malley’s miserable reign as a poor champion to rest, and I will return that belt to His undying glory!

Gerald lowers his hands, and is surprised as someone comes rushing through the crowd.

Andrew:  YES YOU CAN!  Make your dreams a reality! Just do it!

Gerald claps his hands and nods.

Gerald:  Yes, indeed, Brother Andrew!  I believe in myself!

Andrew:  If you can dream it… you can be it!

The crowd cheers loudly as Gerald shakes hands with Andrew Borg.  He gives Borg a side hug and they all wave to the crowd.


Mixed Tag Team Match - Pride Tag Team Championships
Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos vs Kaos and Mrs Right

Darlyn:  The following Main Event contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Pride Tag Team Championship!

The arena lights dim low and neon red lights appear at the bottom of the titan tron as the fast electric piano beat kicks into "ISIS"  and red lasers are shot across the arena as if there were people aiming at you. As the song progresses , the beat reaches a high peak the lights under the titan tron turn off and the baseline kicks in, the lights turn back on revealing “KAOS” standing, with a look of fearless vengeance, at the top of the aisle. Confusion and defensive questions from the crowd, he begins to make his way to ringside walking in a disciplined stride, takes a pause and looks around then proceeds to walk up the stairs into the Ring.

Darlyn: Standing at 6’1”..weighing in at 239lbs, The American Nightmare, KAOS !!!  And his partner, she stands at 5’9” and weighing in at 155lb, she is… Mrs Right!!!

The lights get lowered and there seems to be a purple hue as the music plays.  After a few moments Mrs. Wright comes out from backstage stopping for a moment waving to the left and to the right. Then she slowly walks to the ring and then up the steel steps.  After she enters the ring, the walks to the center of the ring and turns, taking a moment to pause as she faces each side of the ring.  Before cutting a stare at the ring announcer as she walks to a corner.  And backs herself in while waiting for the action to start.

Darlyn:  Aaaand their opponents, the Pride Tag Team Champions…

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hands with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn: Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for the match to start.

Gold stars start to flash around the stage entrance as the arena lights start to drop out and a voice is heard saying "Do you wanna get rocked?" The name Alex Rush appears on the screen and the fans instantly burst in to cheers as Def Leppards "Let's Get Rocked" blasts through the speakers.

Darlyn: From Westminister, London, England, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, he is Alex Rush!

Smoke appears at the top of the ramp as a spotlight hits the entrance way to see the back of a long haired man with one hand in the air holding up the devil horns sign. He turns around to more cheers as the spotlight shines on the face of Alex Rush! A line of security as seen either side of him as the lights brighten to show fans "held back" by security at the top of the ramp. Alex is wearing black leather pants with a red stripe down either side, a white shirt with the devill horns hand sign on in a faded gray colour. Around his wrist, a multi coloured scarf is tied. He looks to the held back fans and wave a hand at them in a presidential fashion before making his way down to the ringside area. Alex steps up the steps and through the middle and top rope and in to the center of the ring, his arms in the air with the devil horns sign as gold sparks fall from the roof. Alex reaches down, removing his shirt and throws it to the crowd as he wait

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Alex and Kaos start things off in the middle of the ring.  Alex goes to shake hands with Kaos and then points behind him.

Chad:  Kaos shakes his head, but Alex insists.  Kaos pulls him into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.  Kaos gets up, and Alex shakes the stars away.

Gena:  Alex charges at Kaos, but Kaos moves and sends Alex into the ropes.  As Alex comes back, he ducks a Clothesline.

Chad:  He jumps into the ropes and comes back with a Dropkick to Kaos stomach.  He goes for the cover.


Gena:  Alex picks Kaos up and sends him into the corner.  He follows up, looking for a Battering Ram to the stomach, but Kaos moves out of the way.

Chad:  Alex connects with the ringpost.  Kaos grabs Alex by the back and rams him into the post once more.  He goes for the cover!


Gena:  Ari comes in for the save with an elbow to the back of Kaos’ head.  She starts to pull Alex closer to their corner, but Mrs Right grabs onto Alex’s ankle.

Chad:  The two play tug of war with Alex’s body, which serves to wake him up.  As the referee orders both ladies to the outside, Alex is able to make the tag!

Gena:  Kaos reluctantly makes the tag to Mrs Right, staring out at Alex, who is still reeling.  Mrs Right steps inside, as does Ari.

Chad:  Ari ducks a Clothesline from Mrs Right and jumps on her back.  She throws punches as Mrs Right moves around to stop her.  She then drops down to the ground, right on top of Ari, bridging into a pin!


Gena:  Somehow, Ari gets a shoulder up from under the weight of Mrs Right. She is able to roll over onto her stomach, but Mrs Right picks her up with ease.

Chad:  Mrs Right tosses Ari up into a Military Press Slam position.  She shows off her amazing strength, but gets too carried away with it.

Gena: She turns around to show it off to the whole crowd.  In this instant, Ari is able to drop down into a Crucifix Pin on Mrs Right!


Chad:  Mrs Right powers out of it quickly.  She rolls up to her feet and meets Ari with a tie up.  Mrs Right pushes her back into the corner.

Gena:  As she goes for a Big Boot, Ari ducks and lifts her up and over.  She is about to rush to the opposite ropes, but Right grabs her by the hair, taking her to the ground.

Chad:  Mrs Right goes to the top rope, uncharacteristically, and jumps off with a Top Rope Foot Stomp.  She lands it and goes for the cover!


Gena:  Alex pulls Mrs Right off of Ari and pats her on the shoulder, calling her a “fella”.  Right begins poking him in the chest as he goes back to his corner.

Chad:  Kaos comes around, pushing Alex.  The two get into a shoving contest, and Alex is not above the slap.  He slaps Kaos, who doesn’t look too pleased by this.

Gena:  Alex holds his hands up, backpedaling now.  He finds his way out of the ring, but Kaos follows.  Alex points to the right, and Kaos looks, getting punched with everything Alex has!

Chad:  Mrs Right watches for a second as Kaos and Alex duke it out.  Alex uses his speed, but Kaos uses his strength.

Gena:  Mrs Right turns around just in time to get Superkicked in the face.  As she goes down, Ari makes her way to the top rope!  She jumps off with Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)!! She hooks the leg!


Chad:  Kaos slides inside of the ring to break up the pin, but Alex holds onto his ankle with everything he’s got, and…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and STILL Pride Tag Team Champions… Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos!!!

“Fortune Favours the Bold” plays over the speakers as Alex lets go of Kaos’ leg.  He grabs their title belts and slides inside of the ring.  He hands one of the belts to Ariana, and the two celebrate, while Kaos looks a bit raw over the situation.  He checks on Mrs Right, who comes back to.  He helps her up and they exit the ring as Alex and Ari continue to celebrate.