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Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show (Card)
« on: September 24, 2020, 05:07:24 PM »
September 27th - Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show

 Las Vegas, Nevada - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

It's here -- FINALLY! The most XXXTREME event of the year! VIOLENT CONDUCT VI! Fifteen matches sanctioned by SCW, and four by SCU! And several of those matches have special stipulations befitting an event such as this! And as for the Roulette title matches? The wheel has been changed up, just for this event alone! And every stipulation on the wheel goes to the extreme where violence is concerned! Every. Single. One! There is a reason why this event is only held once a year! The Superstars and Bombshells couldn't handle it any more than that!

Segments are due to the Underground account no later than 2pm EST on Sunday, September 27th, 2020. No late segments will be accepted.


SCU Underground Championship
Dahlia Rotten vs Melissa Ruin

Dahlia Rotten surprised the world when she ended Celeste North’s undefeated streak.  But she further surprised the world when she went on to not only defeat Celeste again, but captured her SCU Underground Championship.  She proved to be the most dominant woman in SCU, but in doing so, she placed a huge target on her back.  Melissa Ruin steps up to challenge Dahlia, as the fast rising Melissa looks to shoot all the way to the top.  With her new attitude, and her new influences, she’s a promising Underground Champion.  Is it her time now?


GRIME World Nightmare Championship
Vixen Staggs vs Kittie

It was announced that Kittie would be challenging solo for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship at Violent Conduct. She made it no secret that she plans to take home the title, as she did with the second SCW Bombshell Championship.  However, she’s not facing some slouch.  She is facing the longest reigning GRIME World Nightmare Champion in Vixen Staggs.  A woman who has gone through hell and back with the title.  She will not let go of the belt so easily.  But Kittie has never liked easy/


Pride Tag Team Championships
Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos vs Kaos and Mrs Right

Mrs Right and Kaos represent Over the Edge, one of the most vocal and physical in the war against GRIME.  A stable that represents the fighting spirit of SCU.  They step up to challenge the reigning Pride Tag Team Champions, Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos. Alex Rush won the vacant half of the titles when Helluva Bottom Carter vacated it to become the TV Champion.  He and Ariana will team up for their first proper defense in the main event of the Violent Conduct Pre Show.

Violent Conduct VI Main Show


SCU Combat Championship
Merlot Ayano vs Cordelia Clark

On Underground Ep. 72, Cordelia Clark defeated Virginia Mae Putnam to determine who would go to Violent Conduct to challenge Merlot Ayano for the SCU Combat Championship in a 3 Round, 3 Minute Boxing Match. Merlot has been a dominant Combat Champion since winning the title, and she is ready to continue that streak, but with the possibility of facing an undefeated up and comer Cordelia Clark, will she finally meet her match?


Sin City Brawl - SCU Combat Championship
Stewart Mason vs Eyesnsane

Stewart Mason has defended the SCU Combat Championship with pride. He has taken every challenger to come his way very seriously. He has not underestimated a single competitor, and has prepared for them all. However, will the FoShan trained in-ring assassin, Eyesnsane, be easy to train for? Not at all. Now that his ring rust has been knocked off, Stewart will be in for his toughest challenge yet. And in a Sin City Brawl, where there are no disqualification, no ropes, and no way to win other than knocking your opponent out of the ring, the object is to remain the King of the Hill, or make your opponent tap to win.


Cage Match - SCU Underground Championship
O’Malley vs Father Gerald

Father Gerald has been calling out O'Malley for not being a present champion, being a coward, and a bad dad. Last week, O'Malley accepted the challenge, and the chance to make Gerald eat those words. And what better way to do that than to serve it cold at Violent Conduct. O'Malley and Gerald will be forced to agree on one thing though; the type of match they will be competing in. News came in earlier tonight that they decided to fight in a Cage Match to determine the reigning SCU Underground Champion.


TBD - GRIME World Nightmare Championship
Max Burke vs Hitamashii

On Underground last Sunday, Max Burke demanded that his challenger be named before he would even step foot inside of the ring.  He kept good on his promise until Gianni Di Luca came out to show him the contract… with Hitamashii’s name signed to the papers.  Hitamashii and Max have been having words, and throwing fists, since the show after Supernova 3.  It was a match that was destined to happen.  Max has dominated the opposition, but Hitamashii was the first prospect that GRIME considered for a reason.  This match promises to be one for the books.

All of this and so much more on the Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show!