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Sin City Underground Ep 72 Results
« on: September 21, 2020, 07:05:11 PM »

Thomas & Mack Center

in City Underground Ep 72 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 25% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, September 13th, 2020.

Note: Anyone who does not abide by the rules set in place by SCW GM Brooke Saxon (stated below), will be escorted from the premises and banned from future Sin City Wrestling, Sin City Underground, and GRIME Wrestling shows.

1- Each ticket purchased will come with a safety bag. (A safety Bag includes a company logo face Mask, one .5 oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and a pair of XL gloves. Masks must be worn in all areas of the building.

2- Tickets to all shows going forward will only be sold at the SCW shop and only available to the local residents in which the show is being held.

3- Tickets will be sold no earlier than 48 hours of the show. (For SCW, look at it as the promo deadline is when tickets go on sale for that show and SCU shows.)

4- Everyone entering the building will get screened to read their temperature.

5- All food sold going forward will be already wrapped. All drinks will now be sold only in cans or bottles. No fountain type drinks.

6- Food can only be consumed in the designated areas in which masks can be taken off temporarily. All merch bought at the event will be done by credit cards, the shops will no longer take cash.

Light Blue vs Indigo

Liam:   The opening contest is a GRIME Rules Match scheduled for one fall!  Iiiiiiiiintroducing first, representing the masked members of GRIME, she is… Indigo!!!

Indigo comes rushing through the crowd and jumps over the barricade. She slides inside of the ring and takes her spot.

Liam:  Aaaaand her opponent… representing the masked members of GRIME, she is… Light Blue!!!

Light Blue comes rushing through the crowd and slides inside of the ring.  She gets in Indigo’s face as they share a glare.  Light Blue shoves Indigo, and Indigo shoves her back twice as hard.  The referee calls for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:  Light Blue pummels Indigo viciously as the referee tries to separate them.

Ada:  Light Blue grabs a handful of Indigo’s hood and slams her head up and down quickly. She lets go as she shouts. She moves back from Indigo, who slowly makes her way to her feet.

Rob:  Light Blue charges at her once again, but Indigo grabs a handful of her hair and hits a Snapmare with a Dropkick to her back, and then a slap to her head as she goes down.

Ada:  Indigo glares down at Light Blue. She points down at Light Blue as she continues to plot. She goes to pick Light Blue up, but Light Blue rolls her up into a Small Package pin!


Ada:  Indigo kicks out, Light Blue gets up and hits the ropes as Indigo gets up. Light Blue bounces off to knock Indigo down. Indigo wraps her arm around Light Blue’s head and does a Swinging Neckbreaker!

Rob:  Indigo gets up as does Light Blue, Light Blue steps up to Indigo who pops her in the face with a right cross punch!

Ada:  Indigo hits Light Blue with alLeft jab then another right cross!

Rob:  Indigo Spears Light Blue to the turnbuckle. Indigo runs to the opposite side of the ring…

Ada:  Indigo goes for a Dropkick! Indigo goes for another, harder hitting Spear that shakes the post!

Rob:  Light Blue stumbles out of the corner. Indigo hits Light Blue with a Dropkick to the back, but Light Blue comes back with her own Punt Kick to counter the Dropkick!!!

Ada:  Light Blue goes for the cover…


Ada:  Indigo kicks out! Light Blue gets up picking up Indigo as well, she sends Indigo to the ropes. Indigo bounces off and then slides through Light Blue’s legs, tripping her up. A DDT and cover!


Rob:  Light Blue kicks out, Indigo quickly gets up and on the top turnbuckle... She jumps off for a Leg Drop but Light Blue evades. Indigo gets up right away and heads back to Light Blue…

Ada:  Both women get up. Indigo goes to grab Light Blue but Light Blue kicks Indigo in the mid section! Light Blue goes to grab Indigo but Indigo kicks her now in the mid section.

Rob:  Indigo kicks her again then grabs Light Blue head dropping her with a Face Buster!!! Indigo goes for the cover!!!


Rob:  Light Blue kicks out!

Ada:  Both women get to their feet, Indigo goes to clothesline Light Blue but she ducks it!

Rob:  Light Blue goes for a Backspring Elbow, turning it into a Stunner!  She rolls Indigo over onto her back and makes the cover!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner… Light Blue!!!

“American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays and Light Blue rolls out of the ring.  She leans on the barricade and watches Indigo start to stir.  She slaps her chest and then climbs the barricade.

We see Eyesnsane seated in a black leather chair wearing a t-shirt that reads “Tap or Snap” He is facing the camera and someone just out of the frame as we hear questions come from off camera……

You have a big match coming up, what goes through your mind heading into this?

Eyesnsane grins a bit before answering….

Eyesnsane:  Wow, what goes through the mind of Eyesnsane?  Um, Violent Conduct, well first of all this is definitely something I’m all about.  Between wrestling and martial arts and mixed martial arts, I can say that I am no stranger to violent conduct.  It’s not something that I am going to shy away from.  The match is going to be a Sin City Brawl.  No rope breaks, no place to run or hide.  For me personally they could have put us in a cage or a pit, but hey.  No disqualifications or count outs.  You either knock your opponent out of the ring or make him tap.

I am looking forward to this fight.  I am going to feel right at home in this style of fight and I feel it gives me a chance to really show my true skills and ability out there.  I think that people sometimes forget what I bring to a fight, and don’t get me wrong, I get it.  I can’t live off of my past no matter how many accomplishments I’ve had.  This is a very much, what have you done lately type of sport.  So the goal is very straightforward for me, win the SCU Combat title.  That’s my goal and has been my focus leading up to this fight.

You seemingly have developed a rivalry with Stewart Mason, how do you feel about the rivalry?

Eyesnsane:  Stewart has had a nice run with the title, that can’t be denied or taken away from him.  It’s a fact and that to me, certainly gives more value to him as an opponent for me.  It let’s me know what he is going to bring to this fight.  The rivalry, well he and I have known each other in the business for sometime, we are not strangers.  It’s no secret that he crossed paths with The Elders and his attack on Orchid has served for more than enough fuel for me to want to take him down a notch or two.  Aside from that he has kind of had the last word as he defeated me not too long ago.  Which is just more motivation going into this fight.  I’m in the position of having to have to prove that I can beat him in the here and now.  I have to beat him here in SCU, and I have to become the SCU  Combat Champion which I think is a title made for me.

Eyesnsane leans back in the chair and rubs his hands together for a moment….

Speaking of your recent record and defeats, there are some who have questioned how much you have left.  When do you see yourself retiring?

Eyesnsane:  First let me say retirement is not even on my mind.  I eat, sleep, and breathe the fight.  I have miles and miles to go before I walk away from the ring.  I have many goals here in SCU.  There are titles and accomplishments waiting for me to reach out and take.  I personally feel renewed and rejuvenated.  There is so much fight pulsing through my veins that I can’t even find the words to express it.  I train each and every day and the goal does not change.  I am here to be the best, to prove that I am the best.  That’s not just bravado.  I understand what I am talking about and what it takes to get that kind of recognition.  Right now I am at the beginning of the journey.  I am one of the hunters here in this company and I am hungry.  I am in the best shape of my life, I feel great and I intend to show the world just that fight after fight after fight.

First, I am going to become The SCU Combat Champion, and I am going to defend that title like no one else who has held it before me.  I am not going to talk, talk, talk about it.  I am going to fight to prove who and what I am.  My skills, fight, and aggression is going to prove who I am.  These hands, feet, knees and elbows are going to show the world how much fight I have left in me as they carry me to heights of success that few ever achieve in a company and then, when I hit that level.  I will elevate myself even higher and you, them and they will all say the same thing when you talk about Eyesnsane.  All of you will say, there is the greatest one to ever step into an SCU ring and do it.  That’s it, that’s all!

Eyesnsane gets up out of the chair and walks off camera…..

Helena:  Ms. Piper, you have no idea the horror that awaits you.

The screen slowly fades into Helena Jeckel sitting on the floor of a dimly lit room.

Helena:  Ms. Piper, the difference between you and I is I don’t need to physically see you, to defeat you, I like my brothers have heightened senses, Although my eyes will be covered, I will feel your movements, I will sense your movement and the smell of your fear. Ms. Piper by now you know the violent tendencies of my brothers and I, your well being and survival within the match we invented is depended upon me, and Ms. Piper I care nothing for your well being or your survival, or you, you will fall by my hand, as the devil whispers in your ear.

Helen snaps her fingers and the room goes dark.

The scene cuts to a makeshift art gallery where there are various covered paintings lined up in a row. Suddenly, Cordelia Clark walks in looking quite pleased with what she’s about to reveal. Being as cocky and conceited as usual, Cordelia begins to express her thoughts coming off of her big win two weeks ago and the match ahead that is coming up.

<Cordelia:  Hello and good evening, one and all! You have arrived at the grand opening of the Cordelia Clark Art Museum of Dominance! This is my weekly reminder to you all that I am STILL unbeaten here in Sin City Underground and you all shouldn’t be surprised. I do come from a wrestling pedigree just as much as I come from an Ivy League pedigree. Granted… the former was somewhat tainted by a piece of feces I was ashamed to ever call a cousin, but STILL… I have returned ALL integrity that horrid piece of trash ever cost is with every single iota of embarrassment that she brought to our family! I came here to SCU to show you how a true member of this generation needs to be… I came here to show what a successful anti-thesis of today’s trash is all about. It all started… with this…

Cordelia unveils the first painting… which is an exact capture of her victory over Andi Lynx in her first career mainstream victory.

<Cordelia:  Andi… POOR ANDI… she was the first to suffer the cleansing that I am bringing to this company! There was no sugar rush possible that was going to prevent her from falling at my hands! At the end of the day, geeks like her are nothing but losers that can never measure up to the prestige that I bring to the table being a student of Princeton University. But hey, she was a nice little sample of what I can bring to the table… and this is something that my opponent tonight needs to realize… that no matter who you are… people like Ginny can NEVER be better than someone like me…

Cordelia walks over to the next painting, revealing one of her standing above Mother Mavis after she defeated her.

<Cordelia:  Here lies Mother Mavis… my second conquest! Take a long hard look at this, Ginny! Because this is a little preview of what’s coming to you! See, I wasn’t superior to Mother Mavis just because I was so much younger than her, but the fact of the matter is, she overlooked me and she thought that she was so much better than me and in the end, that came back to bite her. Have you learned anything from seeing Mother Mavis fall at my hands, Ginny? Probably not. You don’t seem like someone that is smart enough to think outside the box…

Cordelia walks over to the next painting, unveiling a portrait of Andi Lynx with a giant red X painted over her.

Cordelia:  And here’s Andi… considering I beat her AGAIN! I don’t need to dive into this so much because then I’d be repeating myself. But hey, qualifying for that rumble certainly went a long way for my stock!

Cordelia then walks to the fourth of six paintings, unveiling it to reveal a portrait of Valentina with an exaggerated tear running down her cheek.

Cordelia:  This was one of my favorite conquests, Ginny! Why? Because this conquest wasn’t even scheduled to happen! This is when I REALLY started getting good, not just because of WHO I beat, but because of the circumstances of how I did it! I was originally supposed to face someone else and she’s so far beneath me that I just don’t remember her name anymore… but they pulled a switcheroo on me at the last moment and I had to face Valentina instead. Even then… I STILL pulled through because at the end of the day, something that I learned growing up was how to succeed by adjusting on the fly and I was able to do that quite well! You? Well, being stuck in your family’s old ways dating back to the era of the Pilgrims… yeah… you’re so… um… “intercoursed”... if you know what I mean… and finally…

Cordelia walks to the fifth painting, unveiling it and showing “VERONICA TAYLOR” in bold, black letters.

Cordelia:  Like I’m going to include the most disgusting face I’ve EVER seen in my life that features that overblown, overrated female mutt! But for ALL of the big deal that people have made about Veronica Taylor… NOPE! Intelligence beats beauty EVERY TIME! And I proved that when I conquered Veronica for my biggest SCU victory yet! So it’s no wonder that I suddenly find myself in title contention and that all I have to do in order to take that next step is to defeat you…

Cordelia then pauses to unveil the sixth and final portrait which of course… is a blank canvas.

Cordelia:  This spot in the gallery is reserved especially for you because… to keep it short and simple Ginny… I’m going to beat you! And it’s going to be me facing Merlot Ayano for the Combat Championship! Sure… I’d be at a disadvantage because… you know… I’ve never DONE kickboxing before… but I have proven that I can take on any challenge at any time, no matter how bad the deck is stacked against me. You know why, Ginny? Because I am a SUPERIOR BEING! I am an EXAMPLE for what this generation NEEDS to be about! You’re not going to be able to slow me down… and tonight? I walk way not just a winner… but the number one contender to the Combat title!

Cordelia snaps her fingers in an arrogant matter, brightening the room as she walks away, revealing her ‘gallery of dominance in a panoramic view before the scene fades to black.

Transylvania Horror Match
Helena Jeckel vs Piper Beckett

Liam:   The following contest is a Transylania Horror Match, scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring from Transylvania, Romania, standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 150lb, she is... Helena Jeckel!!!

Smoke and fire cover the stage Raisa emerges from the flames and smokes followed the Jeckels, she leads them to the ring, they walk slowly, Helena slides under the ropes, Jake steps through the ropes and sits in the corner, Jack leans through the ropes, placing his hands on Jack's shoulders, Helena sits by the ropes and rocks back and forth.

“I’m gonna show you…” can be heard playing out as lights flash and a female silhouette can be seen backlit at the entrance way.

Liam:  From Anaheim, CA standing at five nine and weighing in at one hundred thirty three pounds, Piper Beckett!!!

Stepping into the light, Piper Beckett smirks at the fans around the ringside area as she moves down to the ring.  She poses just out of reach of the fans and snaps a selfie or two of the fans reach out towards her.  Blowing a cocky kiss to the fans over her shoulder, she climbs the ringsteps and then slides between the ropes.  Setting her phone down on the canvas at ringside, she slowly peels off a satin jacket to reveal her wrestling gear.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:   Helena tries to sneak a peek under her blindfold, but Piper already beat her to it. She punches Helena in the jaw, cutting her open immediately!

Crowd: YEAHHHH!!!

Ada:   Piper lowers her blindfold and begins hitting several punches.  Helena shaves her back, and she slips on some of the thumbtacks.

Rob:   Piper trips into the ropes, and it comes down her back, hard!  Helena hears the screams and she walks over to Piper.  She lifts her up from the mat.

Ada:  She shoves her right back into the barbed wire ropes!  She drags her across them as Piper shouts out.

Rob:   Piper swings again, hitting Helena on the other side of the face, and she lets go.  Piper kicks at her, but misses.  She grabs onto Helena’s head…

Ada:   She rakes her other hand over Helena’s forehead, cutting her open badly in the process.  Helena swings, but Piper ducks on instinct.

Rob:   The young talent is learning fast.  She knees Helena in the gut and plants her with a DDT!  She hooks the leg.


Ada:   Helena gets up as tacks stick into her back.  She feels the wind from a missed Clothesline from Piper.  She reaches wildly and grabs Piper’s hair, pulling her down to the mat.

Rob:   She drags Piper by the hair to the corner where the turnbuckles are also studded with tacks.  She feels this and a smile comes over her face.

Ada:   She whips Piper into the corner as hard as she can.  She then hits a Dropkick to Piper to really dig it in.  Piper is a mess right now and she is quickly losing blood.

Rob:   When you’re not used to this style of fighting… Maybe she should have listened to her brother, Dax, about joining SCU instead.

Ada:   Helena hits one final Uppercut and Piper falls down to the mat.  The ref checks on her and then begins a count.


Rob:   Piper isn’t moving at all.  She’s cut up, busted open, and the only sign of life is her breathing!


Ada:   Piper starts to stir.  She tries to roll over, but she’s just too weak.  Helena cackles out loud as the referee counts!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here is your winner via knockout… Helena Jeckel!!!

Helena takes the blindfold off and throws it on top of Piper.  She practically prances around the ring for a moment, celebrating her victory as her music plays.  She then exits the ring as medical staff comes to check on Piper.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Australian Bombshell and Go Gym Graduate Krystal Wolfe pacing back and forth in the backstage area with a look on her face that’s unreadable before she is approached by Dev.

Dev: Krys, is something on your mind?

Krystal:  Let’s see, how bad the upcoming Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake looks, seriously the PS2 original looks better than this so called remake! The fact that my theme music is stuck in my head, the fact that a barnacle’s penis is ten times the length of its body.

Dev: Yes, that is all very………. wait, what?!

Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal:  Let’s just say that that I spent Friday night going down a YouTube rabbit hole and ended up on a video about whether size matters that I’m seriously tempted to send to an ex-boyfriend.

Dev: But the barnacle………

Krystal:  They spent most of the video talking about the various penis shapes and sizes in the animal kingdom, no I don’t want to see the researcher’s search history either! You had a question to ask me?

Dev: Right, right, seriously the barnacle of all things………

Krystal clears her throat and Dev quickly regains his composure.

Dev: What I wanted to know was, what are your thoughts on the main event?

Krystal:  Oh, you mean the complete joke?

Krystal doesn’t give Dev a chance to answer.

Krystal:  Two weeks ago, I got robbed of my chance to win the Uncensored TV Title from Angel Kash and whilst she isn’t defending the title the match itself does have title implications, if either Jennifer Lacroix, Celeste North, Michi or Melissa Ruin score the decisive pin on Kash they get the next shot at her TV Title, if Angel Kash scores the pin then she gets to put her feet up for the next two weeks because she doesn’t have to defend the TV Title, now tell me Dev, is there anyone missing from that match?

Dev thinks for a minute before it dawns on him.

Dev: You?

Krystal:  No, I meant Doris, the cafeteria lady, off course I meant me! My TV Title Match against Angel Kash ended thanks to interference from Valentina and they had two weeks to realize their mistake and put me in the match, did they? No, because four women who have done fuck all to earn this opportunity deserve it more than me apparently!

Dev: Are you saying that you plan on costing Kash the match?

Krystal:  No, if anything I want to ensure that I get my rematch as soon as possible! That challenge from me and Ari is still on the table and who knows? Maybe SCU Management will show that its balls haven’t been snipped off by Tad Ezra and book that match if Angel Kash wins tonight, either way, Angel Kash has not seen the last of me!

Krystal walks off as the scene fades.

Number One Contendership for the SCU Combat Title
Cordelia Clark vs Virginia Mae Putnam

Darlyn:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the number one contendership to the SCU Combat Championship at Violent Conduct!!!

The radio version of "Sucker" by Charli XCX hits the PA system and Cordelia Clark steps through the curtains, instantly drawing some boos from the crowd.

Darlyn:   On her way to the ring, from Princeton, NJ standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 125lb, she is… Cordelia Clllllllllllark!!!

She starts to walk down the ramp, obviously confident in her self-proclaimed, prodigious abilities. She has a smirk on her face as she gets to the ring, obviously enjoying whatever reaction she's getting from the fans. When she enters the ring, she finally acknowledges the "haters" with a 'hush' signal, which only serves to incite them to boo her louder. Cordelia has a laugh to herself at this, as she starts to focus on her match and the song fades.

The white light flashes across the stage when "Breathe Into Me" by Red comes on the speakers.  The lights begin to flash out onto the crowd as Virginia comes out of the curtains.

Darlyn:   On her way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 130 pounds she is Virginia Mae Putnam!!!

Virginia holds up the Good Book into the air and points to it and then she walks down the ramp. The fans reach out to touch her and she pulls out her cross necklace and holds it out to ward their demonic presence away.  She slides into the ring and puts her necklace back but keeps showing off the Good Book. She walks to all corners of the ring and watches the fans boo her and then she stops in the center of the ring and falls to her knees, looking up at the ceiling and the light shines down on her and she praises Him.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:   Cordelia moves across the ring, taking Virginia down with a Spear.  She throws punches at Virginia so quickly that Virginia can’t even turn from one to the other.

Chad:   Virginia gets her feet under Cordelia and shoves her off.  Virginia charges Cordelia, but Cordelia moves out of the way and Virginia falls over the middle rope.

Gena:   Cordelia sits on Virginia’s back, keeping her leg firmly across the back of Virginia’s neck to choke her.  The referee asks her to stop, but she doesn’t.  The referee begins counting.


Chad:   Before the referee can give her one last warning, Cordelia gets off of Virginia.  As Virginia turns around, Cordelia charges her, and Virginia tosses her onto the apron.

Gena:   Cordelia grabs onto her hair, but Virginia rips free and hits a Superkick that sends Cordelia off and into the barricade.  As Cordelia comes off of the barricade, she dives off!

Chad:   Virginia is against her, feeling the effects of that risky move.  Cordelia takes a second to get her wherewithal back, and then she shoves Virginia off.


Gena:   Virginia grabs Cordelia and sends her to the ringpost, but Cordelia catches herself and stops.  As Virginia comes back, Cordelia sends her flying into the post at full speed!



Chad:   Cordelia slides back inside of the ring and takes a step back as Virginia stumbles, holding onto the apron for balance.  Cordelia bounces off of the ropes, looking for a Baseball Slide, but Virginia dodges it and pulls Cordelia back outside!


Gena:   Virginia ducks a punch and grabs onto the back of Cordelia’s head, dragging her over to the ring steps where she pounds Cordelia’ head into them repeatedly!


Chad:   Cordelia is finally able to stop her with an elbow right to Virginia’s face.  She whips Virginia inside of the ring.  Cordelia climbs onto the apron and Virginia kicks her in the gut.  She sets her up for a Vertical Suplex!

Gena:   But Cordelia slides out of it and drops down Virginia’s back, getting her into a pin!


Chad:   Cordelia slaps the mat, frustrated.  She gets up and drags Virginia to her feet.  She sets her up… Heartbreaker (A spinning double knee right into the chest)!!! Cordelia then hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:   Here is your winner via pinfall… Cordelia Clark!!!

Cordelia jumps up and down, cheering for herself as others boo her.  She celebrates as “Sucker” plays over the speakers.  She takes her time celebrating as Virginia tries to attack her.  The referee holds her back as Cordelia laughs literally in her face.  However, she takes her exit after that.

The camera opens up backstage with Marissa Henry standing next to Underground Champion, O’Malley. The Underground Championship is resting on his shoulder and Marissa looks into the camera.

Marissa:  Hello everyone. Right now I am joined by Underground Champion, O’Malley.

She turns her attention to O’Malley.

Marissa:  O’Malley, tonight you are facing Andrew Borg in a non-title match. What are your thoughts going into this match?

O’Malley grins and lets out a slight laugh as he rubs his chin.

O'Malley:  Ye know, I don’t really have much of any thoughts, Marissa. Andrew Borg isn’t a threat to me. He’s a non-issue, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna treat him any different than anyone else.

Marissa:  Non-issue? But, he is connected to Father Gerald. The man, who last week, earned the right to face you for your Underground Championship at Violent Conduct. I’d consider that an issue.

O’Malley chuckles and shakes his head.

O'Malley:  Gerald is an issue, yes. Andrew Borg isn’t. He’s being used as a pawn, but tonight I’ll use him to send a message to Father Gerald. And if that bible thumpin’ hypocrite tries to get involved? I won’t hesitate to strike him down like he so richly deserves.

Marissa:  Are you confident that you’ll be able to successfully defend against Father Gerald? As well intentioned as he may be, he’ll do anything to win that title and be what he thinks is the leader of the entire division.

O'Malley:  Look, it’s called Violent Conduct fer a reason. If he wants to try anythin’ funny to screw me outta this win, I won’t hesitate to do the same. Does that mean I’m gonna do it first? No. It’s all up to him. I’ll fight fair if he does. But I ain’t expectin’ him to. All that matters to me, is keeping this title in me possession, because I ain’t finished as Underground Champ. Not by along shot.

Marissa smiles and nods.

Marissa:  Should you retain against Father Gerald, is there anyone in particular you’d like to put the title on the line against next?

O’Malley grins.

O'Malley:  Oh, I’ve got a couple in mind, but I’ll just keep that to meself until this business with Gerald is done and over with. Higher ups like to throw curveballs every now and then anyway, so I just might end up going against them sooner or later. But we shall see.

Marissa:  Fair enough. Thank you so much for your time, O’Malley. And good luck tonight.

O'Malley:  Anytime, love. And luck will be on me side, that’s fer sure.

O’Malley then turns and walks away as Marissa stands there with a slight smile on her face and the scene fades out to elsewhere.

Kendo Sticks on Fire match (I Quit Match)
Javier Gonzalez vs Rory Rockefeller

Liam:   The following contest is a Flaming Kendo Stick Match, where the fighters will beat each other with kendo sticks set ablaze until one gives up or is knocked out! Iiiiintroducing first, from Chicago, IL standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 275lb, he is… Rory Rockefeller!!!

"Drink Drank Drunk" by HELLYEAH starts playing as Rory comes through the curtains carrying a cocktail shaker, mixing it up. He walks along the aisle, looking for outreached cups that he pours little bits of his signature drink into their cups. After making his way around the ring, Rory sets the shaker down on the ring steps as he runs up the steps. Rory gets half way in the ring before rocking out to his theme music. He steps inside all the way and holds his fists in the air and walks around waiting for his opponent.

“Way Down We Go” by KALEO begins playing on the speakers. Camera shifts to the side of the stage to see Javier Gonzalez stepping through the curtains. He has his arms raised in the air as he walks back and forth.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand her partner… Coming to the ring from Albuquerque, NM, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 190lb, he is… Javier… Gonzalez!!!

Javier charges down the rampway and slides inside of the ring. He walks to each corner, stepping up to the second rope as he stares across the crowd with no emotion. After completing all six sides, he stops and settles into his corner.

The referee hands each man a kendo stick, and proceeds to douse their rods with lighter fluid.  He strikes a match and lights each stick, and they go up in flames.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:   Rory just gets his kendo stick lit up when Javi comes rushing at him, swinging his flaming rod.  Rory jumps out of the way, avoiding it and stepping back.

Rob:   Javi keeps swinging, and Rory narrowly avoids the hits.  He finds himself backed into a corner, and Javi grins from ear to ear.

Ada:   Javi tries to get a hit to the head, but Rory drops down and rolls out of the way.  He catches Javi from behind with one hard hit.  Javi yelps out in pain.

Rob:   Rory’s face fills with rage as he continues swinging and hitting Javi, leaving burn marks on his back and sides.

Ada:   Javi is able to turn around, and he catches Rory in the nose with the butt end of the stick. He busts him open, and Rory holds onto his nose with one hand.

Rob:   Javi then smacks Rory in the stomach with the stick, and then tries for an overhead hit.  Rory dodges it, and smacks Javi in the stomach.

Ada:   The flaming rob goes right to the face of Javi, taking off some of the facepaint.  Rory kicks Javi in the nads and just begins beating him repeatedly.

Rob:   Rory roars out, and it looks like he’s tired of being one of the biggest jokes in GRIME Wrestling.  Taking it to the former GRIME World Heavyweight Champion!

Ada:   Rory breaks the stick in half, burning embers landing on Javi as he tries to roll over to knock them off.  Rory hears someone slide in the ring behind him with a pizza box in his hand.

Rob:   He turns around and the masked pizza delivery guy from last week clocks him over the head with a pizza box!  Pizza flies everywhere inside of the ring!

Ada:   As does a bunch of lead pipes covered in pizza, but yeah, let’s focus on the pizza… Rory is out cold as the pizza delivery guy shouts “30 seconds or less!”

Rob:   Javi almost doesn’t know what to do.  He picks up his flaming rod and whacks all over Rory, leaving him a real mess! The referee checks on Rory and throws up his hands!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here is your winner via knockout… Javier Gonzalez!!!

Javi looks on as his music plays.  The pizza delivery man looks up at Rory, who is out cold, and he leans over and laughs.  He mutters a few things that makes Javi laugh in response.  Javi skips the celebration and exits the ring as Rory blinks his eyes now, still seeing stars.

GRIME Rules Match
Jim the Clown vs Saddie Brown

Liam:   The following contest is a GRIME Rules Match scheduled for one fall!!!  Iiiiiiiintroducing first, representing the masked members of GRIME, he is… Saddie Brown!!!

“American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers as Saddie Brown comes running down the rampway.  He slides inside of the ring and tries to get the crowd going, but they don’t seem as responsive to him.  He waves them off and settles into his corner.

Liam:  Aaaaand his opponent… Jim the Clown!!!

The lights go red and Jim the Clown comes out with balloons and clown makeup on. He enters the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:   Jim rushes at Saddie Brown, but Saddie Brown rolls past Jim.  He taps him on the shoulder and then slaps Jim across the face.

Ada:   Saddie Brown grabs onto Jim and attempts a Snap Suplex, but Jim rams a knee into Saddie Brown’s gut.  He then tosses Saddie Brown into the turnbuckle.

Rob:   He grabs Saddie Brown’s arm and pulls it back and over the ropes, using them to put pressure on the shoulder and elbow.  He kicks at Saddie Brown’s shoulder, ramming it into the ringpost repeatedly.

Ada:   Saddie Brown refuses to give up, shouting “no!” each time he’s asked.  He positions his foot so that he can hit Jim with a Low Blow.

Rob:   As Jim sinks to one knee, Saddie Brown shakes his shoulder out.  He then hits Jim with several hard punches.

Ada:   He then bounces off of the ropes and puts Jim down with a Hip Attack.  He stands over Jim and then he drops down over his face, knees pinning the shoulders.


Rob:   I guess Jim didn’t like the view.  Saddie Brown gets up and goes to kick Jim, but Jim takes the leg and begins punching hard at the knee.

Ada:   Saddie Brown turns it into an Enziguiri.  He then comes off the ropes and nails a Shining Wizard to Jim.  He is about to pin again, but Jim trips him up over the middle rope.  He sits on the back of Saddie Brown’s neck and bounces, choking him.

Rob:   Saddie Brown tries to get free, but Jim doesn’t let up until he’s bored.  He picks Saddie Brown up and drops him face first into the turnbuckle.

Ada:   He lifts Saddie Brown up again to repeat the move, but Saddie Brown slides down his back.  He comes off the ropes and hits a Shining Star Bulldog to Jim, hooking the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here is your winner via pinfall… Saddie Brown!!!

Saddie Brown raises his arm up in victory.  He looks down at Jim the Clown as “American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers.  He steps back, clapping his hands as he exits the ring to finish celebrating.

Eyesnsane is seated in a chair with his feet propped up on a nearby table looking relaxed in blue jeans and an Over the Edge t shirt as Dax walks into the locker room.

Eyesnsane:  Its that time man.  It’s the calm before the storm, they just don’t realize you and I are the storm.  They all have forgotten.  They all have taken us for granted Dax.  I’m telling you, that’s what it is.  We can’t just go out there and wrestle those guys.  We have to make a damn example out of them.  We have to leave this entire company wondering what the f**k we are going to do next.

Dax:  They now, there waiting, for now Earl and Mason. The focus is on them. Like you said, we have to make an example.

Eyesnsane:  Don’t get me wrong man.  I got my beef with Mason, oh man is there a bone to pick with that guy.  I just don’t like that shit he pulled and I don’t like feeling that he got away with it either.  As for Earl man the guy is a worker.  I mean he does his thing in the ring but we both have his number man, we both out compete him backwards and forward.  You know I saw him on my way in when he was at the troff table stuffing his face with doughnuts.  Damn shame.

Dax:  Hey now, don’t be hating on doughnuts.

Eyesnsane:  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good doughnut as much as the next person but damn, there is a time and a place.  I walk past the guy and he saw me, he looked right at me and did not even speak.  Now we ain’t friends or anything but we have been cordial every other time.  It’s like he was like oh that’s just Eyes, f**k him or something.  We gotta let these guys have it man.  I’m going next level out there, we gotta get them, no half stepping on these guys…..

Eyesnsane places his feet on the ground and sits straight up….

Dax:  Our match is next so let's go.

Earl Lockyer and Stewart Mason vs Eyesnsane and Dax Beckett

Darlyn:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall…

The lights in the arena go out and Eyesnsane in his wrestling gear steps through the curtain and onto the stage.

Darlyn:  Aaaaaaaaaaaand their opponents… On their way to the ring, representing Over the Edge, they are… Eyesnsane and Dax Beckett!!!

Once he is in place the music starts and at the 15 second mark of the song as the arena hears, “Here I am” a blue spot light shines on Eyesnsane, now joined by Dax Beckett. Dax nods and speaks to Eyesnsane as he looks slowly to the left and then to the right before slowly walking down to the ring where he uses the steps to get on the ring apron as Dax slides in under the ropes. Eyesnsane then climbs in the ring between the second and top rope. He walks to the center of the ring and turns and looks throughout the entire arena as the music plays before the lights return to normal. He and Dax turn to their corner, speaking…

Oh, Canada by Dale Oliver plays in the area, Gail and Gemma lead them to the ring, after they enter Gemma asks for a mic.

Gemma:  Sup you savages.

Cheers arose from the crowd.

Gemma:  You know who I am by now, you know that I am a member of Team Canada, and I’ve been told by management I’m not allowed to show bias towards Earl and Stewart during this interview, therefore I will hand the mic over to my college the current longest-reigning SCU Combat champion, Stewart Mason.

Stewart:  Thanks, Gemma for that great interdiction, if I weren’t such a humble fellow I would probably stand here and boast about that, but I won’t instead I speak of our opponents here tonight Eyesnsane and Dax Beckett, two gentlemen who like Earl and myself have been through the ring wars through Honor, Northern Lights, and here in Sin City Wrestling, I’ve tangled with both of you on more than one occasion, and every time we’ve gone to war and I’d like to think it made us all better performers, and tonight it four of the best in this industry, meeting in tag team action, and I see us doing what we do best, steal the damn show.

Earl: Well said Stewart, and to add to what you just said, there’s respect on our side for our opponents, hopefully, our opponents feel the same, tonight it's going to be a tag team war and the real winners are going to be all you awesome fans here tonight, Eyesnsane, Dax win or use all I ask is we give these fans a hell of a match, we capable of doing that and so are you, so good luck tonight fellas, and let's tear the house down.

Darlyn walks to the center on the ring as Team Canada goes to their corner.
Darlyn:   Aaaaaaaand their opponents, already in the ring… They are… Earl Lockyer and SCU Combat Champion Stewart Mason!!!

“Oh Canada” by Dale Oliver plays over the speakers as Earl and Stewart walk out onto the stage.  Gail Weston accompanies them, carrying the SCU Combat Championship belt.  They walk down to the ring, and Gail takes Stewart’s robe as both men get inside of the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:   Dax and Stewart start things off.  They shake hands in the ring, and tie up.  Stewart uses his strength to get Dax against the ropes.

Gena:   Dax drops down and drags Stewart through the ropes.  He steps back and waves Stewart back inside.

Crowd:  *POP!*

Chad:   Stewart steps in and gives a nod of approval.  They tie up again, and Dax whips Stewart into the ropes.  As Stewart comes back, he ducks a jumping kick.

Gena:   He goes off the ropes again and takes Dax down with a Bulldog.  He rolls Dax over, but doesn’t even get a one count.  Dax gets to his feet and looks over to Eyes.


Chad:   Dax is about to, but Stewart charges him, Spearing him to the ground. He and Dax roll around, punching each other.  Stewart drags Dax up and goes for a Clothesline.

Gena:   But Dax had the same idea and both men go down!  They take their time, but each man makes it to the corner to tag their partners.

Chad:   Earl is first in, and he and Eyes meet in the center of the ring.  They tie up, but Eyes quickly hits Earl with a punch to the gut.

Gena:   Earl hunches over, but punches Eyes in the gut, and he hunches over too.  Dax rushes inside and leaps over Eyes to take Earl down with a Guillotine Leg Drop.

Chad:   But Stewart comes in and takes Eyes down with a Superkick!  Both men are down on the mat as the referee escorts Dax and Stewart out of the ring and counts.


Gena:   Earl and Dax both get to their feet.  They stand up and begin slugging it out.  Earl grabs Eyes’ arm and gets him into an Abdominal Stretch.

Chad:   Eyes fights it, but he’s having trouble with the escape.  Earl wrenches the side of Eyes, and Eyes grunts until he is able to reverse the move into a Fireman’s Carry.

Gena:   Eyes picks Earl up and nails a Spinning Kick to the midsection.  He then hits a club to the back of Earl’s head, putting him on the ground.  He picks Earl up and sends him into his own corner for the tag!

Crowd:  YEAHHHHHH!!!

Chad:   Stewart comes in, refreshed and he begins throwing rapid fire punches, knocking Eyes back.  Eyes finds his way on Dax, ready for the tag, but Earl grabs Dax’s ankles and pulls him off!

Gena:   Eyes ducks one punch in a desperate attempt, but then he trips Stewart up into the turnbuckle.  He hits a few good kicks to the back of the head!

Chad:   Eyes gets Stewart into the Snap or Tap (Crippler Crossface)!  Stewart fights it. Earl tries to get inside, but Dax grabs his ankle now!

Gena:   Stewart’s survival instinct kicks in and he crawls to the ropes!  He clings on, and Eyes lets go.  He pulls Stewart up, but Stewart kicks him and nails the Paid in Full (Implant DDT)!  He hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:   Here are your winners via pinfall… Stewart Mason and Earl Lockyer… Team Canada!!!

Stewart lets go of the leg and throws his arms up in victory.  Dax slides in at the last second, but is too late to react.  He falls to his knees and throws his hands up in the air as if to say “Why God?”  Earl and Stewart celebrate as Dax helps Eyesnsane up  He looks over to Gail, bringing the Combat Championship, and he signs around his waist.  Gail just laughs and shakes her head as she places the belt around Stewart’s waist.  Dax encourages Eyesnsane to go to the back, and eventually he does.  Stewart shows off the Combat Championship, almost taunting Eyesnsane in a way as he does so.

The scene opens as we see one half of the Pride Tag Team Champions Ariana Angelos walking down the hallway with her half of the titles over her shoulder, the camera follows her for a bit before she stops and grins broadly.

Ariana: Bestie!

The camera pans over to see the Uncensored TV Champion and Ariana’s best friend in the whole wide world HB Carter who beams when he sees the younger wrestler.

HBCarter: Ari! We need to talk about last week’s match.

Ariana’s face drops when she hears that.

Ariana: Again? I told you on Twitter, that GRIME member got himself disqualified barely a minute into the first fall!

HBCarter: An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind Ari!

Carter says before taking a sip from a water bottle.

Ariana: Not as quickly as masturbation.

Carter then proceeds to spit out the contents of the water bottle.

HBCarter: Ariana Angelos, you watch your mouth young lady!

Ariana: Oh please, I was there for the comments you made in the news segment, remember?

Carter goes to retort but can’t find the words.

HBCarter: Touché.

Carter responds before Ari shakes her head.

Ariana: Seriously, I was looking for you so I could apologize for my actions last week, whilst I won’t apologize for making sure that that member of the 2 Spoopy 4 U Club can’t reproduce I saw how upset it made you!

HBCarter: Apology accepted! Now go out there and kick some behind with Alex Rush!

Ariana: You got it!

Ariana walks off as the scene fades.

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Re: Sin City Underground Ep 72 Results
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Non Title Match
O’Malley vs Andrew Borg

The cameras flash around the ringside area to see Andrew Borg standing inside of the ring, ready for his on camera debut.

Darlyn:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, already in the ring, from Tulsa, OK he is… Andrew Borg!

Crowd:  BOOOOO!!!

Andrew Borg looks around and waves out in different directions to the crowd, a smile on his face.

The lights in the arena die down as the opening riffs of Gothic Celtic Music Shadow Wisps starts to play. The lights stay out for several seconds before dark green and white strobe lights start shining all around, and fog fills the entrance and along the ramp. Moments later , O’Malley steps through the curtain wearing a long black leather trenchoat. He is joined by lady companion, Darcy Donohue. They stand at the entrance for several moments before O’Malley takes the first step on their way to the ring.

Darlyn:  Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Darcy Donohue! From Dublin, Ireland...Weighing in at one hundred ninety-five pounds...Please welcome...O’MALLEY!!

Once he makes it to the ring, he walks up the steps. He enters the ring and stands in the center of the ring where his music dies down as he sheds his coat and kicks it to the side.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:   Andrew goes to grab a microphone.  He is about to speak into it when O’Malley rushes at him, knocking him to the ground!

Gena:  O'Malley gets Andrew to his feet. He grabs Andrew… Andrew knees O'Malley in the gut then drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. The fans boo Andrew…

Andrew: Yes You Can!

Chad:  Andrew grabs O'Malley’s head but O'Malley kicks Andrews hands away. O'Malley gets to his feet but gets dropped right back down with a clothesline! Andrew follows that with an elbow drop to the chest!

Gena:  Andrew gets up to his feet. He runs towards the ropes and goes for a leg drop but misses as O'Malley sits up on time. O'Malley gets to his feet as does Andrew. Andrew lifts his leg up for a big boot that misses as O'Malley nails him in the knee with a low dropkick.

Chad:  O'Malley studies Andrew closely as he encourages O’Malley to kick his ass?  He picks up Andrew… Andrew grabs O'Malley for the small package.


Gena:  O'Malley kicks out, They both make it to their feet at the same time. Andrews nails O'Malley with a hard chop to the chest. Andrew goes for another which knocks O'Malley to the mat. Andrew stomps on the fingers of O'Malley.

Chad:  Andrew moves towards the chest area, he stomps on the chest of O'Malley. Andrew gets O'Malley to his feet and yells at him…

Andrew: Yes You Can!

Gena:  O'Malley makes Andrew pay as he goes for and nails a very vicious dropkick to Andrew, but Andrew bats him out of the way. He begins raining punches down on the champ!

Chad:   O’Malley turns over and starts crawling to the ropes.  He grabs hold of them and pulls himself up despite the punches.

Gena:   He turns around and clocks Andrew with a sucker punch and then traps him in the Celtic Knot!  Andrew is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go!

Chad:   He holds off as long as he can, but soon enough, he pats O’Malley’s arm and submits!

Diing! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Yor winner of this match via submission… O’Malley!!!!

O’Malley rolls outside of the ring and yanks his title from the timekeeper’s hands.  He places it over his shoulder and makes an immediate departure to the back, anger written over his entire face.

Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos vs Brother David and Mother Mavis

Darlyn:   The following contest is a non-title Pride Rules Match scheduled for one fall!!!

Gold stars start to flash around the stage entrance as the arena lights start to drop out and a voice is heard saying "Do you wanna get rocked?" The name Alex Rush appears on the screen and the fans instantly burst in to cheers as Def Leppards "Let's Get Rocked" blasts through the speakers.

Darlyn:  From Westminister, London, England, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, he is Alex Rush!

Smoke appears at the top of the ramp as a spotlight hits the entrance way to see the back of a long haired man with one hand in the air holding up the devil horns sign. He turns around to more cheers as the spotlight shines on the face of Alex Rush! A line of security as seen either side of him as the lights brighten to show fans "held back" by security at the top of the ramp. Alex is wearing black leather pants with a red stripe down either side, a white shirt with the devill horns hand sign on in a faded gray colour. Around his wrist, a multi coloured scarf is tied. He looks to the held back fans and wave a hand at them in a presidential fashion before making his way down to the ringside area. Alex steps up the steps and through the middle and top rope and in to the center of the ring, his arms in the air with the devil horns sign as gold sparks fall from the roof. Alex reaches down, removing his shirt and throws it to the crowd as he waits for his opponent.

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hands with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn:  Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for her opponents.

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Feel Alive” by Skillet begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Darlyn:  On their way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds they are your SCU Combat Champion,Sister Ginny Mae, and Brother David Shepherd!

And the boos become louder. Ginny Mae and Brother David walk out onto the stage, Ginny Mae folding her hands in front of her, making sure to show off the cross hanging from her neck.   throwing his hands in the air, looking up. He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage. He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he comes to the center of the stage. Ginny Mae looks around the crowd, her eyes sparkling despite the cold look on her face. She shakes her head as she begins shouting out at the crowd. She screams at them and walks down the aisle at the same time as Brother David. They come to the end and then walk around the ring, shouting at the crowd of sinners gathered and shouting back. Ginny Mae climbs on the apron and steps inside, throwing her hat to the outside as she continues to mouth off.  David slides inside and props the Holy Word onto the turnbuckle as they wait for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:   Ariana and Sister Ginny Mae are starting things off, and Ginny Mae starts with one wicked ass Clothesline!  She climbs on top of Ariana and begins hammering away at Ariana’s face.

Gena:   The referee calls for a break, and surprisingly, Ginny Mae gets up right away and gives Ariana a chance to get back to her feet.  Ginny Mae then ties up with Ariana and tries for a Snap Suplex.

Chad:   But Ariana hooks a leg around Ginny Mae’s and stops the momentum.  Ariana switches behind Ginny Mae, going for a Belly-to-Back Suplex, but Ginny Mae elbows her in the face.  She spins around and gets a Fisherman’s Suplex, hooking the leg.


Gena:   Alex sweeps Ginny Mae’s leg, causing her to lose her grip.  She glares up at him and screams, giving Brother David enough time to come into the ring and get a Discus Clothesline on Alex.

Chad:   The referee stops it from going any further as he stands between Alex and David.  Meanwhile, Ginny Mae is distracted enough for Ariana to get up and whip her around, getting a Spinning Heel Kick to Ginny Mae’s face!

Gena:   Ginny Mae spins around, holding onto her face when Ariana gets the Belly-to-Back Suplex she was looking for.  She tries to convert it into a pin, but Ginny Mae quickly gets her shoulder up, stopping that dead in its tracks.

Chad:   Ariana goes to pick up Ginny Mae, but she trips Ariana up into the corner.  She pops up and begins hitting shots to the kidneys, and Ariana shouts out in pain.  She turns around, getting the same treatment to her stomach.

Gena:   Ariana kicks Ginny Mae in the stomach.  She then jumps up and hits a knee to Ginny Mae’s face.  She climbs onto the second rope and leaps off with a Diving Bulldog to Ginny Mae.  She goes for the pin again.


Chad:   David gets in and pulls Ginny Mae out from under Ariana.  She gets up and bounces off of the ropes, looking to get a Dropkick to the small of his back, but he steps out of the way.  Alex, however, does not miss his Dropkick target.

Gena:   Alex puts David down on the mat, but not before Ginny Mae grabs onto Ariana and tosses her to the outside of the ring.  She begins talking trash to Ariana while peeking over her shoulders until David is ready to make the tag, and she gets it!

Chad:   David steps inside of the ring as he and Ginny Mae laugh at the misfortune of Ariana.  However, Alex doesn’t wait around for Ariana to tag him in as he dumps David over the top rope!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Gena:   Alex bounces off of the ropes and hits a Baseball Slide to David as he rises.  Alex turns to Ginny Mae and raises his eyebrows, making a cheeky comment.  Ginny Mae goes to slap him, but he sidesteps her!

Chad:   He steps back as Ariana slides inside of the ring.  She goes for the tag, but Ginny Mae spins her around and decks her to send her back to the mat.  The referee signs that the tag has to be made officially.

Gena:   Ginny Mae shrugs and points down to Ariana.  She steps back and steps halfway through the ropes.  As Ariana begins crawling over to her corner, Ginny Mae springs back inside and hits a low Dropkick to Ariana’s head.


Chad:   Ginny Mae finds it pretty funny, but she’s the only one.  David climbs back inside of the ring as Alex starts to step inside.  However, Alex passes David up entirely…

Gena:   He goes to say something to Ginny Mae, but David charges him, looking for a Big Boot.  Alex ducks, and David hits Ginny Mae right in the face!!!


Chad:   David is instantly horrified as Ariana makes the tag, unbeknownst to him.  He turns around to get the battering ram to the stomach, his eyes spinning. He dives on top for the cover.


Gena:   Ginny Mae jumps on top and breaks it up at the last possible second!  Alex tangles his fingers in his hair as he looks over at Ginny Mae, who is still very out of it.  He goes for the Choke on this Wad…

Chad:   But David pops up out of nowhere and hits the Ray of Light (Diamond Cutter)!  He goes for the pin as Ginny steps in to take care of Ariana instantly…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:   Here are your winners via pinfall… Brother David and Virginia Mae Putnam… The Good Shepherds!!!

Kaos and Mickey walk into the locker room and see Mrs. Right with a game controller in her hand and seated in front of a TV acting very into what she is doing and without looking away from the TV she acknowledges them.

Mrs. Right: Hey guys, what’s up?

Mickey: Getting ready for this match.

Kaos: Outside of that, the same ole thing.

Mickey: Busy mate?

Kaos: Yeah, what you got there?

Mrs. Right: Got the new Underground video game and I’m playing my season mode.  They threw a pop up match at me and I have to beat Song.  This chic is tough but if I beat her then her character becomes unlocked and playable.

Kaos: For real?

Michi: If this was any other fighting game. Song would be the limni boss. The boss before you fight the main boss.

Michi says as she walks in the room.

We got a big match in a few minutes, just didn’t expect you to be video gaming right now.

Mrs. Right pauses the game, she nods at Michi then turns to look at the both of them.

Mrs. Right: Guys, look I stay ready, I’m more than ready.  I eat, sleep and you are literally seeing my play this business.  I’m in the gym and training six days a week every week.  I know who we are facing.  Everyone knows the Staggs family and what they have done, and the reputation they have built.  But you know what?  I know the reputation that Mickey built, I know the reputation that Dax and Eyesnsane have built.  I know the weight that the name Over the Edge has built.  I know that this very stable we are going out to represent has produced more champions and some of the greatest in the business to ever get in a ring.

Michi takes a chair and moves it to seat close to Mrs. Right.

Mrs. Right: I know what we owe to the name.  I know what we owe to this match and this fight.  I know that we owe our fans everything we have out there and I intend to pay those debts and then some.  I intend to win, I intend for us to show the Staggs and the world just how strong and capable we are.  That Over the Edge is not just Dax, Eyesnsane and those other guys.  This is a key moment for us guys and we can’t let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

She turns her head back to the TV. Michi turns on the second controller. Mrs. Right quits the match to end the story mode to stitch over to two player mode.

Mrs. Right: I got two extra controllers.

Mickey and Kaos turn and look at one another for a moment…

Mickey: I’m in.

Kaos: Why not, me too.

GRIME Rules Match
Max Burke, Gold, Angel of Filth and Vixen vs Dying Breed, Omasa Tazu and Hitamashii

Liam:   The following contest is an 8 Person GRIME Rules Tag Team Contest scheduled for one fall!!!

Jared James Nichols opening vocals on "Nails In The Coffin"  cuts through the silence, as a fog fills the SCU entrance. A light from below reveals the current G.R.I.M.E World Nightmare Champion, Max Burke and his associate "The Freight Train Of Pain" Casey Williams.

Liam:   On his way to the ring, from Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada, standing at 6' and weighing in at 220lb, current G.R.I.M.E World Nightmare Champion, Max Burke!!!

ared James Nichols opening vocals on "Nails In The Coffin"  cuts through the silence, as a fog fills the SCU entrance.

Liam:   On his way to the ring, from Dorchester, New…


Max and Casey break the curtain, interrupting Liam’s introduction. Microphone in hand, the current G.R.I.M.E World Nightmare Champion is clearly in no mood for the pleasantries.

Max: Listen. Enough is fuckin’ enough. I’m sick of the games. I don’t care who the fuck it is, but I better have a goddamn contract in my hands for my next title defense before big man counts to ten.

Casey: ONE!

Max and Casey make their way to ringside.

Casey: TWO!

Max unstraps his championship, and places it on the edge of the canvas.

Casey: THREE!

Max removes his ring jacket, and tosses it aside.

Casey: FOUR!

Casey looks down at his imaginary watch and taps it. He shrugs his shoulders at Max.

Casey: FIVE!

Max: Time’s ticking... let’s fuckin’ go. Scurry your ass out here.

Casey: SIX!

Burke cracks his neck to each side as he continues for management to bring him his contract.

Casey: SEVEN!

Max: This is not an empty threat. My ass isn’t getting in that ring tonight without this contract.

Casey: EIGHT!

Just then, Gianni Di Luca comes out without a microphone.  He shows Max the contract with Hitamashii’s name already written on it.  Max doesn’t hesitate to scratch his name on the contract, giving a nod as he shoves it back into Gianni’s chest.  He gets inside of the ring as promised, and the fans give an odd cheer for the contract signing.  Max hands over his belt and gets ready for the arrival of his partners and opponents.

Liam:   And next, representing the masked members of GRIME, he is… Gold!!!

“American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers.  Gold comes rushing out from the crowd and jumps the barricade.  He comes rushing inside of the ring and takes his corner, staring at Max Burke’s title directly.

The lights go down as the whirring sounds begin to rise. The drums kick in and red lights pulse to them. They get louder as the fourth set kicks in and the curtains flip to the side. Angel of Filth comes crawling through them with her black wings fluttering behind her, covered in a black substance.

Liam:  On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, she is “The Seraph of Sleaze”... Angel of Filth!!!

Her eyes glow white as the lights switch between black and red. She glares down at the ring as she rises to her feet, throwing her wings out to the side as they amast. She waves them slowly as she prances down the ramp to the beat of the music. She stops half way and looks from side to side. She has a sickening smile on her face as black oozes from her mouth and she laughs. She enters the ring and climbs up the first of six turnbuckles. She throws her wings out as the fans boo her. She then drops down and goes to the other corner, doing the same. Once at the far end of the ring, she sheds her wings and kicks them to the outside as she rubs her hands together.

The haunting opening notes of Joke’s on You begin to fill the venue as the lights lower to a crimson light that plays over the ramp where Vixen Staggs can be seen standing at the entrance dressed in dark tights and crimson halter under a studded black leather jacket.  Walking to the beat, her lips smirking slightly as she avoids the reach of the crowd until she reaches ringside.  Stopping at the side of the ring, she reaches up and pulls herself onto the apron and turns to offer a cocky salute to the fans before sliding between the ropes.

Liam:   Introducing from Ottawa Ontario, she is the current World Nightmare Champion Vixen STAGGS!

Vixen climbs the turnbuckle to slowly peel off the leather jacket and hang it from the ringpost.  She turns and relaxes on the top turnbuckle as she waits for the bell.

Liam:   Aaaaaand their opponents, they are the team of Hitamashii, Omasa Tazu, and Dying Breed members Ivan Darrell and Andrew Garcia!!!

The opening beat to “Fire In Our House” by Astral Doors starts to blast through the speakers, as red and gold lights flash across the building, synchronized to the beat of the drums. The fans look confused as the lyrics kick in. Hitamashii comes rushing out through the curtains with Omasa behind him. Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Orange Hulk and Ivan start to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning their heads to look at the cheering crowd, their thumbs pointing up. Hitamashii and Omasa stop halfway down, next to Andrew and Ivan. Andrew and Ivan slowly turn back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii and Omasa come into the ring while Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, Ivan climbs into the ring as the duo staring around at the cheering fans as Andrew and Ivan raise their arms. Hitamashii and Omasa step on either side and nod their heads as they look across the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:   As much fun as these matches are to watch, they are a bitch to call.  8 people are in the ring, beating the fuck out of each other.

Ada:   Why call it something that it’s not?  Omasa and Filth are going at each other like blood thirsty hounds. Hitamashii and Max are fighting it out.  Gold and Vixen try to hold their own against Andrew and Ivan.

Rob:   It’s a fucking free-for-all.  Filth knees Omasa in the stomach and then claws at her mask.  Omasa tackles her to the floor and bites filth.

Ada:   Max and Hitamashii are trading punches like it’s closing time at the pub.  Vixen dodges punches from Ivan while Gold and Andrew are testing their strength in a tie up battle.

Rob:   Andrew wins, since he’s built like a fucking pit bull terrier.  He backs Gold against the ropes, and Gold drops down and exits the ring.

Ada:   Gold digs under the ring and piques Andrew’s curiosity as he starts throwing everything but the kitchen sink inside of the ring.  Andrew dodges the stop sign, fire extinguisher, kendo sticks…

Rob:   He catches the ring steps right in the calf, though, and Gold uses this to rush inside, tackling Andrew to the mat. He hits several cheap shot punches.

Ada:   Filth and Omasa roll to the outside, but their brawling doesn’t stop there.  They continue to roll around on the ground.  But don’t call it catfighting.  They’re throwing punches like dudes.

Rob:   Vixen ducks under Ivan’s legs and takes him down, tripping him over the middle ropes.  She comes rushing by and leaps over with a Guillotine Leg Drop.

Ada:   She finds herself knocked off accidentally by Hitamashii as Max whips him into the ropes.  He ducks under Max and catches him with a Yakuza Kick that puts him on the ground.

Rob:   It looks like we’ve got Kittie at ringside.  She picks Vixen up and begins fighting with her.  Like we needed any further chaos down here…

Ada:   They spill into the crowd, leaving uneven numbers.  Ivan holds onto his neck, but he pulls Gold off of Andrew.  Hitamashii finds himself getting a Spear through the ropes by Max, and they both tumble to the outside.

Rob:   Kittie and Vixen disappear to the back as they continue fighting.  This leaves Gold inside the ring with both members of Dying Breed.

Ada:   Andrew applies an Elevated Boston Crab, while Ivan locks on the Crippler Crossface. The Agony of Regret!

Rob:   There’s no rope breaks in a GRIME Rules match, and he’s in the center of the ring.  Filth, Max, and Vixen are all preoccupied at the moment, and Gold is forced to tap out!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here are your winners via submission… Andrew Garcia, Ivan Darrell, Omasa Tazu, and Hitamashii!!!

The crowd cheers as Max and Filth both stop momentarily to groan at themselves before their brawling continues.  Filth and Omasa are pulled apart by a few masked members of GRIME, while Max and Hitamashii continue brawling up the rampway and into the back.  Ivan and Andrew smirk as they celebrate the win for their team inside of the ring.

Jamie Staggs, Tim Staggs and Alexis Staggs vs Kaos, Mrs Right and Mickey Carroll

Darlyn:   The following 6 Person Tag Match is scheduled for one fall!!!

The lights begin flashing. “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K. begins playing over the speakers when the words “Dumbass University” appears across the screen. Just then, a very familiar face comes running from behind the curtains, stomping and running in place as he stands on the edge of the ramp.

Darlyn:  On his way to the ring, from St. Louis, Missouri, standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 205lb, he is the “Vale-dick-torian of Dumbass University” Jamie Staggs…

The crowd cheers as he points his arms out to both sides. He then brings them around to point down toward the ring. He charges down the ramp, slapping hands along the way. He then jumps and rolls inside of the ring under the bottom rope. He holds his arms out like an airplane and he runs around the ring before stopping and spinning.

Liam:  On their way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, they are... Alexis and "The Nobody" Tim Staaaaaaaaaaggs!!!

The lights in the arena go out as the beat to "The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson plays over the speakers. As the electric organ picks up, a red light flashes across the screen as random faces begin to show on the screen. Then, a man and woman in  black Nobodies hooded jackets, and  black masks, steps out onto the stage, pausing as they look down at the ground. As the music picks up, the figure pulls his hood back, yanking his mask off to reveal Tim Staggs. Alexis Staggs is next to him, and she does the same. He jumps onto the ring apron, focused as he steps through the ropes. He paces back and forth, and the lights turn up some as he looks up. He then removes his jacket and tears away his black pants to reveal his wrestling outfit. He jogs backward and rests in one of the far corners, sinking down to a seated position as he contemplates. Alexis stands next to him, giving the same look as the lights return to normal.

Darlyn:   Aaaaand their opponents…

The opening of "Amazing Grace" by Dropkick Murphys plays as Mickey pushes through the curtains with Kaos and Mrs Right following behind him. Mickey pulls the cigarette out of his mouth and drops it on the ground, quickly putting it out as he marches back and forth across the stage. Mrs Right stares out into the crowd, looking around with her arms crossed, as Kaos does the same.  Mickey, Mrs Right, and Kaos cross each other as they go opposite directions across the stage.

Darlyn:  Coming to the ring, they are the team of Kaos, Mrs Right, and Mickey Carroll and they represent Over the Edge!!!

They look from side to side, nodding their heads at the cheers before pointing out into the audience, starting a powerful "Oi! Oi! Oi!" chant that really gets the crowd pumped. They look to one another before they dash straight down the ramp where he leaps up and onto the ring apron. Mickey paces back and forth, stomping along to the beat of the music before climbing inside. Mrs Right and Kaos take their corner, looking across the ring at their opponents. Mickey looks up at the ceiling and then signals the trinity, kissing his fingers and then pointing up as he, Mrs Right, and Kaos wait for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Alexis and Mrs Right start things off as they tie up in the middle of the ring. Mrs Right uses her strength to get the advantage right away and gets Alexis up for a scoop slam. Mrs Right grabs Alexis to get her to her feet…

Gena:  Alexis however grabs Mrs. Right’s leg and arm as she gets her in a small package for the cover…

Chad:  Mrs Right powers out before the ref and goes down for the count. Both ladies get to their feet. Mrs. Right steps towards Alexis as Alexis jumps up for a dropkick. Mrs. Right gets hit but it doesn’t phase her.

Gena:  Mrs. Right grabs Alexis and sends her to the ropes. Alexis hits the ropes but Tim makes a blind tag as she heads back to Mrs. Right. Mrs Right gets her right foot up for a big boot but Alexis ducks underneath and runs to the corner for a leaping forearm that nails Mickey Carroll off the apron.

Chad:  Mrs. Right turns around to face Alexis as Tim jumps the ropes to get in the ring. Mrs. Right runs at Alexis with a clothesline but Alexis runs and ducks to head back to her corner. Mrs. Right gets close enough for Koas to tag himself in.

Gena:  Both women leave the ring, Tim runs at Koas with a running clothesline but Kaos runs and ducks underneath. Both men hit the ropes and bounce off running towards each other. Tim leaps forward with a lariat that catches Kaos. He stumbles back a bit…

Chad:  Tim runs at Kaos for Flying Lariat but Kaos steps in and grabs Tim, Kaos goes for a Upper Cut, Kaos picks up Tim and hits a Scoop Slam!

Gena:  Kaos quickly gets Tim to his feet and grabs his neck for his Chokeslam!!!  Tim grabs Kaos’s neck now… Tim gets him up!!! Tim drops Kaos with s Sitout Spinebuster!

Chad:  Tim goes for the cover!


Chad:  Tim gets up and looks at the ref slapping his hands three times but the ref tells Tim it was just a two count.

Gena:  Kaos sits up as Tim still argues with the ref… Kaos gets to his feet and grabs Tim to turn him around… Tim waste no time and turns around while bending down to lift Kaos on his shoulders for a Torture Rack!!

Chad:  Tim as Kaos up in the air right in the middle of the ring. Tim applies pressure but Kaos waves the ref away. Tim bends Kaos as much as he can… Inverted Samoan Drop!!!

Gena:  Tim turns Kaos around, Tim nails Kaos with a hard forearm then goes for the cover.


Chad:  Mickey gets in the ring.


Chad:  Mickey pulls Tim off of Kaos. Tim turns around and punches Mickey in the face and whips him back to his corner.  Tim stumbles and tags in Jamie.  Kaos makes it to tag in Mickey.

Gena:   Mickey and Jamie meet in the middle, punching each other wildly as the crowd cheers loudly.  Mickey points behind Jamie, and Jamie turns, for Mickey to kick him in the gut.

Chad:   Mickey hits a DDT on Jamie, and as Tim charges him, he does a Back Body Drop to the outside of the ring, and Kaos gets more of Tim.

Gena:   Mickey turns and Jamie rams him right in the gut with a Headbutt.  Mickey lowers down and Jamie hits an Uppercut to send Mickey to the mat.

Chad:   Alexis holds onto Mickey’s ankles as Jamie goes up top for the Dumbass Drop (Diving Headbutt)!  Jamie jumps off, but Mrs Right nails Alexis in the side, and Mickey misses!

Gena:   Jamie holds onto his head as Mickey rolls over and gets up.  He nails the Drunken Lullabies (Slingshot Suplex)!  He immediately covers Jamie!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:   Here are your winners… Mickey Carroll, Mrs Right, and Kaos… Over the Edge!!!

The brawling on the outside stops and Tim and Kaos calm themselves enough to give a nod of respect.  Alexis takes a little more convincing, but she gives Mrs Right a handshake.  Alexis and Tim help pull Jamie out of the ring as Over the Edge celebrates inside of the ring.

Main Event
Angel Kash, Valentina, Veronica Taylor and Delia Darling vs Jenifer Lacroix, Celeste North, Michi and Melissa Ruin

Darlyn:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is an 8 Woman Tag Team Match!

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superficial" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Darlyn:   And next, from The Hamptons, NY, standing at 5’9” and weighing in at 125lb, she is “The Trillion Dollar Princess”... Angel Kaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hoppin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.

Flashes like cameras go across the stage and the audience as the sound accompanies it. “Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat begins on the PA as pure beauty walks through the curtains. Her hair blows in the wind as she looks up at the ceiling. She places a hand on her hip as she lets the crowd admire her despite getting a mixed reaction.

Darlyn:  Please welcome, on her way to the ring from Merida, Spain. She stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 125 pounds, she is pure perfection... Valentinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Once Valentina is officially announced, she turns and begins walking down the ramp. She pushes her hair out of her face as she vogues, showing off her face to it's full capacity. She steps up to the ring steps and looks around with a majestic smile. She takes to the steps as she comes to the apron. She looks around for a moment, stomping her foot in protest as a scantily clad man runs down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope, opening it for her. Valentina then takes off her Loubotins and hands them to the man as she prances barefoot around the ring. She refuses to let go of the spotlight.

Turn my Swag on by Keri Hilison hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing. As, a makeshift runway appears, and soon a red carpet is rolled on top of it. As, out from the back steps Veronica Taylor with outstretched arms as the fans boo her, before grabbing her mirror and blowing herself a kiss. After, a few moments she begins to do a model like strut on the red carpet runway as a few photographers appear to take her photos, as she poses arrogantly. She, then takes a look around her grabbing her perfume from Veronica's Secret and sprays it around to get rid of the "stench" in the arena.

Darlyn:   From Beverly Hills, CA standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 122lb, she is… “The First Class Mean Girl”... Veronica Tayyyyyyyyyylorrrrrrr!!!

Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some more poses. Before, raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before, she mouths to the camera "So damn first class baby", before blowing a kiss to the camera. As, she then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he does as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. As, she then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. Then, she grabs out her perfume and sprays it all around killing the stench in the ring. Veronica then takes off her diamond necklace and hangs it on the corner, as she grabs her compact mirror and makes sure her makeup is done flawlessly. As she fluffs her hair, and blows herself a kiss.

“Nightmare” by Halsey plays over the speakers. The lights in the arena dim down slightly. Pink and white lights flash upon the stage as the curtains are shoved aside. The fans boo loudly as Delia Darling steps out, wearing a sparkling pink dress. She flips her hair back and smirks as she saunters halfway down the ramp.

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring from Paris, France she is… Delia Darling!!!

Delia reaches down and tears away the bottom of the dress to reveal a one-piece suit. She tosses the dress portion out into the crowd. She looks from side to side before she darts under the bottom rope. She slowly walks to the center before looking around. She pauses dramatically before striking a pose for the cameras flashing. She walks around the ring, standing on the turnbuckles to draw in boos from the fans. Once she's finished, she walks to the corner and stares at the stage, waiting for her opponents.

"J'ai un grand projet pour l'avenir

Pour lui plaire je vais devenir "

Jenny from from the curtain to cheers ad whistling from the men in the arena. Jenny waves at the crowd as she gets introduced.

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!!! Jenifer Lacroix!!!

Jenny rocks out on the way to the ring jumping to the eat of the song as the lyrics play.

"La Stone Family
I am Marvin Gaye
Donny Hathaway”

Darlyn:   Aaaaand their opponents.  First, she is… Jenifer LaCroix!

“Oh Yeah , Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah
Je changerais”

Jenny slides in the ring and continues to jump around to the eat getting the crowd hyped up for the match.

“Tu sais, tu sais, tu sais
Je changerais
Demain ou peut-être jamais"

Jenny climbs to the middle turnbuckle as the music fades out raising her hand i the air getting a last minute pop from the crowd.

The lights in the arena drop down and "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment begins playing. The ring crew brings out a wooden plank, meant to resemble the Mean Girls Runway of yester-year, fastening it tightly to the ring, as it looks like it will fall apart at any minute. Before they can even disperse, the curtains open, and Celeste is wheeled out onto the ramp in front of a podium. A spotlight appears on her as a man dressed in a potato sack walks out behind her, helping her down onto the stage. She is dressed in a pair of red hot pants and a Mean Girls tank top tied just above the navel, and an opened hooded jacket. She has red streaks in her hair as she slightly pulls back her hood to show off her face and the obnoxiously sparkling tiara on her head, taking a drag from the cigar in her right hand.

Darlyn:  Making her way to the ring, hailing from Beverly Hills, California, standing at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 132 pounds... "Queen C"... Celeste North!!!

She struts along the "runway" slowly, showing off everything she's got, a cigar in her hands. She takes a puff of it and winks as she exhales slowly. She then flips her hair from side to side seductively as men wearing dress suits and potato sacks over their heads line the runway, taking photos of her. Celeste takes a puff from the cigar before dropping it to the arena floor. The first hooded man holds the ropes open for her as she enters the ring. She struts around to the music for a moment, shedding her black hooded jacket. She puckers up her lips as she blows the crowd a kiss.

Dying To Be Me by Remy Ma starts to play. Michi comes out wearing her OTE warm up robe, MMA shoes, and fighting gloves. She bounces to the beat as the song starts to come in.

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring, from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil… Michelle DeJesus!!!!

Michi starts making her way to the ring. She keeps bouncing toward the ring the whole time. Once at ringside she slides in the ring and takes off her robe. She is seen wearing her all black OTE MMA top and shorts. She bounces around as she waits for the match to begin.

Darlyn:  And their partner…

The SCUTron turns on. We see the Sun Devils football field with the drummers of the school's marching band in the middle of the field making the letters ASU for Arizona State University. The drums goes off twice, with a second pause before going off again twice repeating this process 3 times before the other drums come in. This happens twice before the group starts breaking formation.

The bugle team march onto the field as they begin to play…

ASU Marching band plays their version of Public Service Announcement II by Jay Z.

The Drummers move around as they form the letters SCU. The Bugle team marches in place below the letters making 6 rows underneath. The group breaks up and marches around the field for a bit as they start to slowly make out the name Melissa Ruin…

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring she is a two time all American in Lacrosse and Basketball from Arizona State… Melissa Ruin!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Valentina and Jenifer start things off. The two ladies get to the center of the ring. Valentina tries to tie up but Jenifer grabs Valentina’s left arm to put her in a wrist lock, Jenifer twists Valentina’s wrist.

Chad:  Valentina swings for a punch with her free arm, Jenifer lets go and leans back causing Valentina to miss. Jenifer steps in with a clothesline, Valentino side steps and grabs onto Jenfier’s head as she jumps to her knees. Jenifer’s jaw hits the top of Valentina’s head for a jawbreaker…

Gena:  Jenifer drops to one knee holding her mouth…

Chad:  Did you see that?

Gena:  See what?

Chad:  I think Jenifer had a tooth fly out!

Gena:  I didn’t see that but Valentina grabs Jenifer but Jenifer knees her in the gut. Valentina backs away and gets kicked in the gut. Jenifer runs over and tags in Celeste…

Chad:  Valentina runs to grab Celeste as she tries to get in the ring. Michi hits Valentina in the back of the head. Jenifer walks back to the middle of the ring..

Gena:  Wait, she just pick something up…She did lose a tooth, Jenifer looks at Valentina and charges at her…


Chad:  Valentina slides out of the ring and takes off running, Jenifer slides out the ring and chases her at ringside. Valentina runs up the rampway.


Gena:  Valentina is getting counted out.


Chad:  Yes, as Celeste and Valentina are the legal two in the ring.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Valentina has gotten counted out. This match is over.

Crowd: Boooooo!!!

Darlyn:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Jade has counted out Valentina, therefore, your winners of this match by countout…

Darlyn pauses as Jade walks over to the ropes to speak with Darlyn. After a few seconds…

Darlyn:  The referee Jade has just informed me that Valentina has been counted out, but with Jenifer leaving the match instead of counting out Valentina and ending tonight's main event this way. Jade is restarting this match as a 3 on 3 tag team match!

The crowd pops as they chant Jade’s name.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Jade found a way to please the fans and I don’t blame her.

Gena:  The wrestlers don’t either as Delia Darling gets in the ring… The crowd claps are getting louder as they realize they’re about to see Delia and Celeste North got at it!

Chad:  Delia starts mouthing off to Celeste in French as hanging with Jenifer has been paying off as Celeste yells at her back in French as well. Delia and Celeste get to the middle of the ring. The two keep mouthing off to one another.

Gena:  Delia and Celeste keep mouthing off to each other as Belia starts poking Celeste in the chest letting her know who the bigger star is… Celeste nails Delia with an uppercut, Delia takes a step back then charges in for a spear knocking Celeste to the mat.

Chad:  The two start rolling around the mat as Jade tries to get the two to break them up. Veronica gets in the ring and kicks Celeste in the back of the head.

Gena:  That was uncalled for, what a mean girl she is.

Chad:  Mean Girl?

Gena:  Yeah, I was trying to be settle and sneak that in.

Chad:  I see, well nonetheless, Veronica’s interference has Michi getting in the ring to even the odds as she tackles Veronica into the turnbuckle. Angel Kash stands on the apron watching the chaos as Melissa stands across the apron staring Angel down.

Gena:  Michi throws combos at Veronica as Celeste and Delia get separated by Jade. Jade now runs over to the corner to break up Michi and Veronica. Delia and Celeste start trading blows. Jade turns around to see what's going on and runs over to break them up.

Chad:  Veronica manages to turn things around as she blocks a hit from Michi then hits her in the chest with a chop before putting her to the corner for her own combo. Angel Kash gets in the ring as does Melissa.

Gena:  The two charge at each other, all six women throw fists at each other. Jade has lost control before this match could even get started....

The lights flicker as sirens start to go off…

”This is not a test. This is your WGN broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Purge sanctioned by the G.R.I.M.E. Wrestling. Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. SCU officials and medical team have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all attacks, will be allowed until the end of Sin City Underground programming. Emergency medical services will be unavailable until the Purge concludes. Blessed by our new WGN Head of Standards and Practices.  SCU, a federation reborn. May Tad have mercy on you all.”

GRIME wrestlers rush to ringside to surround the ring. Angel of Filth brings a mic close to her lips.

Filth: Veronica, get out of the ring, this doesn’t concern you.

Michi grabs Veronica and throws her over the top ropes landing on the outside floor next to Angel of Filth.

Filth: You’re new here, I mean, you've been around for a few months but they've been quiet months. I don’t know who you are and don’t care. You’re on the wrong side and you’re about to find out why.

Michi chuckles as she waves towards the rampway. OTE’s Theme song Weapon World by Kool Keith starts to play. Mickey, Dax, Kaos, Mrs. Right and Eyesnsane come out the curtain. As the music fades away and the crowd's cheers die down they start to pop again as Team Canada comes out to stand next to OTE. Coby Quik, Krystal Wolfe, H.B. Carter, Ariana Angelos, Alex Rush.

The SCU stars start walking down the ramp as camera’s cut backstage where we see SCU G.M. Lexa holding Tad’s earlobe twisting it as she drags him to the production room.

Lexa: Call it or lose the ear.

Lexa twits the ear more, Tad signals to the producer…

Cameras go to ringside as SCU and Grime are about to attack the sirens go off again causing everyone to stop.

”This concludes your weekly Purge.  Emergency and medical services are back online.  We thank you for your participation.  Blessed by our new WGN Head of Standards and Practices.  SCU, a federation reborn. May God be with you all.”

Eyesnsane extends his arms to back everyone off. The Grime wrestlers step back as they slowly start jumping the barrice to leave the arena…

Melissa turns Angel Kash around and kicks her in the get. Melissa grabs her and nails the You Been Ruined. (Ruin Cutter) Melissa covers Angel…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Melissa just snuck in a win during the distraction. Angel looks pissed and now has to defend the title after Violent Conduct against Melissa Ruin…

Darlyn:  Your winners of this match…

Darlyn stops as GRIME jumps the barricade again and rushes the ring. SCU runs down the rampway to get to the ring as a massive brawl kicks off. Angel Kash slides out the ring and makes her way to the back to ignore the brawl.

Celeste North gets drops by an inverted DDT by Masked Celeste. Filth and Vixen attack Melissa Ruin. Delia gets surrounded, Royal purple and Light Blue goes after Michi. OTE, Alex Rush and Ari attack the Jeckels, and Monstimals.

As everyone starts fighting the cameras fade as the show goes off the air.