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All Star Roxi Issue #26: Pieces
« on: September 19, 2020, 11:11:19 PM »
{The scene opens with Roxi driving along a stretch of road. The area is isolated, but beautiful to look at. Trees line most the road as it winds. It leads up to a giant mansion complete with a remote gate. Roxi parks her car, and exits, walking up to the gate to get buzzed in.}

Intercom – Please state your name and your business.

Roxi – Hi, I’m Roxi, and I’m here to see Melody Hawkes.

Intercom – Please wait, Ma’am.

{There is a delay and brief moment where Roxi just looks around, admiring the house and the area around it. Finally, the gate unlocks, but does not open. Eventually, Simpson, J2H’s butler appears at the gate to open the gate.}

Simpson – Please follow me, Madam.

Roxi – Lead the way.

Simpson – Yes.

{Roxi follows Simpson up a long pathway leading to the house. There are expensive cars lining the driveway, and the mansion itself is amazing to look at. Simpson leads Roxi to the front door.

Simpson – A Ms. Roxi to see you Ma’am.

{Melody is standing in the doorway and eventually springs from the house, a wide smile on her face and her perky attitude and bounce in her step. She rushes up to Roxi and wraps her arms around her with a tight hug.}

Melody – Roxi!

Roxi – Hi Melly!

{The hug is long and tight as the old friends missed each other.}

Melody – I’ve missed you.

Roxi – I missed you too. This is a really great place you have here.

Melody – I know. It’s so cool, and it’s big and beautiful! We just get to … stretch out and we don’t have to worry about anything!

Roxi – That’s nice. I’m really happy for you, and I’m sorry I haven’t visited more often.

Melody – I know you get busy.

Roxi – But, I said I would visit, and I always keep my promises.

Melody – You know you’re always welcome here.

Roxi – Thanks. With this place, I just might visit for often.

Voice – Just not too often.

{From the doorway, J2H is now standing, an ever present annoyed look on his face.}

J2H – What are you doing here?

Roxi – It’s nice to see you too, James.

J2H – Yeah, charmed, I’m sure. Again, why are you here?

Melody – James!

Roxi – It’s okay Melody. Look, I’m just here, to talk to your wife.

J2H – About what?

Roxi – Just to catch up. She is my friend after all.

J2H – Yeah, I’m sure.

Roxi – I know you don’t like anybody in particular, but I’m not really sure what you’re thinking I’m here for. I just came to talk to Melody.

Melody – We’re gonna hang out, right?

J2H – Not for too long, I hope.

Roxi – Well, we’re only delaying the start if you keep asking questions…

{J2H scoffs and hand waves the situation away.}

J2H – Just don’t take all day.

Roxi – I’ll have her back by midnight.

J2H – Cute. You know, she isn’t one of those other 200 girls you tag in tweets, Roxi.

Roxi – Nope, she’s one of my best friends.

{Melody smiles while J2H sighs.}

J2H – Yeah, gag me. Whatever.

{J2H disappears back inside the house.}

Melody – What a man. I know sometimes he can be a little crabby but, he’s a real sweetheart.

Roxi – Actually, he was rather nice to me, all things considered.

Melody – See! I thought I was the only one who saw it. I’m glad you do too!

Roxi – Of course.

Melody – So, do you want a tour? I’d be more than happy to show you around.

Roxi – I was more thinking about getting some lunch. My treat.

Melody – Really? Oh, okay. I guess we can do that.

Roxi – I’d love a tour when we come back though.

Melody – Awesome. I’ll go get my purse!

{Roxi smiles as Melody walks into the doorway and disappears for a few seconds and then returns with her Chanel purse, and sunglasses.}

Melody – Ready!

Roxi – Okay. That’s a really nice purse.

Melody – I know, right? James bought it for me!

Roxi – Well, never let it be said he doesn’t love you.

Melody – I know. He’s the best.

Roxi – I can tell.

{Roxi and Melody make their way off the property, and then into Roxi’s car, and head off to get some food. They settle on the California Pizza Kitchen where they get some slices of fresh pizza and red velvet cake. They eat the pizza in Roxi’s car.}

Melody – Mmmm. This is so good!

Roxi – It really is. This was a great choice.

Melody – James took me here a couple of times.

Roxi – Really? He likes Pizza?

 Melody – Who doesn’t like Pizza?

Roxi – I just assumed James didn’t like much of anything.

Melody – You got him all wrong, Rox. He’s great. He’s always great to me.

Roxi – I never said I wasn’t open to having my mind changed. But I’m glad you found someone who makes you happy.

Melody – Me too.

{The two continue to eat their Pizza. Finally Roxi breaks the silence and sighs.}

Roxi – Melly, I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things.

Melody – Okay, shoot.

Roxi – I wanted to say that I’m sorry.

{Melody swallows her food, and looks confused.}

Melody – Sorry about what?

Roxi – Well, I know at Summer XXXtreme you came up to me and wished me good luck and all that, and… I didn’t return the favor.

Melody – Oh, that’s okay Rox, I know you were really focused on the match you had with that big meanie Amber.

Roxi – Yeah. I was, but that was no reason to make it seem like I rejected your affection and your friendship. I never want that to be the case.

Melody – Roxi, you have been a good friend to me. I can always say that about you. I am worried about you trying to fight that Amber woman again though.

Roxi – I know that. But this time, it’s going to be different. It’s just something I have do. I just don’t want you to worry.

Melody – I will always worry about you. But if you say it will be different, I trust you. You’ve never led me wrong.

Roxi – Thanks Melody, I appreciate that.

{Melody then opens her container and begins to eat her red velvet cake.}

Melody – MMM. This is even better. These guys have the best red velvet cake!

Roxi – I’ll be the judge of that.

{Roxi opens her container and begins to eat her cake too.}

Roxi – You’re right. This is good.

Melody – I mean, that last time I had a piece of cake this good was… um…

{Melody looks away for a second, a moment of sadness creeps over her face.}

Roxi – Since Misty made it that one time…

Melody – … Yeah. How’d you know?

Roxi – I miss her too Melly.

Melody – Yeah. Remember that time we got her that makeover?!

Roxi – I do.

Melody – She didn’t even think it would work.

{Melody begins to laugh, but almost as if she’s trying to force it.}

Roxi – But it did. And that’s what matters.

Melody – I really miss her.

Roxi – Yeah.

Melody – I just… I always just thought about the happy memories though. It helped me get through that time.

{Melody smiles and wipes at her watering eyes.}

Melody – This is a crazy feeling right now.

Roxi – I know. It’s okay. I know exactly how you feel. I was even worse.

Melody – Really?

Roxi – Yeah… I actually… I went to see her and we talked it out.

{Melody looks confused at this statement.}

Melody – What do you mean?

Roxi – Well, she’s only a few hours drive away from here. I was traveling a couple years ago and, I happened to be in Vegas, so… I went to see her.

Melody – Oh.

Roxi – It was tough at first. But, I got through it. Maybe I’ll go back on day. I don’t know.

Melody – I don’t think I could. I just want to remember that she was my friend, and not the fact that she isn’t here anymore.

Roxi – I thought the same thing. I just… wanted some closure, and… she gave it to me.

Melody – I just hope she’s at peace.

Roxi – I think she is.

{There is a period of silence and Roxi and Melody finish their food. Melody licks her lips and pats her stomach in satisfaction.}

Melody – That really hit the spot.

Roxi – Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I supposed we should head back for that tour.

Melody – Yeah, cool! You’ll love it. Trust me.

Roxi – I’m sure I will.

{The two begin heading back to the house, driving in silence before Melody turns to Roxi.}

Melody – So… what was the other thing you wanted to talk about?

Roxi – Hmm?

Melody – You said you wanted to talk to me about a couple things.

Roxi – Oh, right. Well… hang on. Let me pull up here.

{Roxi pulls the car back up to the gate.}

Roxi – I just wanna ask you for a favor.

Melody – Really? What kind of favor?

Roxi – I need your help with something.

Melody – Okay…

Roxi – How good are you at arts and crafts?

Melody – I can… get by I guess? Why the secrecy?

Roxi – Well, it’s a long story, but it has to do with Amber.

Melody – Now I’m even more confused.

Roxi – Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all later. For now… let’s take the tour.

Melody – Yeah, you got it.

{Melody pushes the intercome button to get the gate opened.}

Melody – We’re back, Simpson.

Simpson – Yes, Madam.

{The gate opens as Roxi and Melody walk through the gate and the scene fades.}

{Our new scene is now a familiar one, where Roxi is standing in Amy Jo Smyth’s backyard. AJ has aimed her pistol and takes shots at the target down range. Once she empties the magazine in the pistol, she removes her ear protection and eye protection. Roxi does the same. AJ has a satisfied look on her face.}

Amy Jo Smyth – That felt good. Real good. Let’s check it out.

{AJ and Roxi walk to the end of the range and examine AJ’s targets. AJ is very pleased with herself.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Now that’s a fucking grouping.

Roxi – Yeah.

{The grouping of shots are almost all center mass and on the small target displayed at 25 meters away.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Might even hang this on my refrigerator.

Roxi – Seriously?

Amy Jo Smyth – Yeah, I’m really good at shooting.

Roxi – I mean, you’re the only person who will see it.

Amy Jo Smyth – So?

Roxi – Don’t you think that’s a little arrogant?

Amy Jo Smyth – I have been shooting guns since you were in diapers, missy.

Roxi – You’re like… 5 years older than me.

Amy Jo Smyth – Irrelevant! The fact is, I’m good at what I do. Is there a law against it?

Roxi – No.

Amy Jo Smyth – I do what I want.

Roxi – I can tell.

Amy Jo Smyth – Wouldn’t you be proud of this grouping?

Roxi – Probably, I don’t think I’d hang targets on my fridge though.

{AJ and Roxi begin walk back up to the spot where AJ shot from.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Very funny. Why don’t you give it a shot?

Roxi – Guns aren’t my deal.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh, now you’re too good for guns?

Roxi – No. I just personally have no use for them.

Amy Jo Smyth – They can save your life.

Roxi – And they can end lives as well.

Amy Jo Smyth – They get the job done, Roxi.

{AJ, in a rather impressive display of speed, takes her weapon apart and begins to clean it.}

Roxi – They also jam, get dirty, and have to be sighted and maintained regularly.

{AJ is clearly peeved at this smart ass remark.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Why must you bring down all the things I like?

Roxi – I’m not! You asked my opinion and I gave it to you.

Amy Jo Smyth – I asked you to shoot.

Roxi – And I’m just not a gun person.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, I’m not a fly around and shoot lasers from my hands person.

Roxi – To each their own. Also, it’s energy, not lasers.
{AJ sighs, continuing to clean her pistol.}

Amy Jo Smyth – I’m just saying that there are more ways than one to accomplish a goal.

{Roxi turns towards AJ, eyes narrowed.}

Amy Jo Smyth – What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Roxi – Was this a long, drawn out way to talk about Amber and I?

Amy Jo Smyth – Why would you think that?

Roxi – Don’t do that to me, AJ. I wouldn’t do it to you.

Amy Jo Smyth – Look, All I’m saying is, you have to think this through.

Roxi – Will you please let me handle it?

Amy Jo Smyth – I’m retired, so, there’s not much I’m going to do beside yell at you and tell you you’re making a mistake.

Roxi – Duly noted.

Amy Jo Smyth – Look, you tried to fight her once, and she beat you bloody. How do you think that anybody who cares about you felt when they saw that? Because it certainly didn’t make ME feel good. I TOLD you that you needed to go all the way and fight fire with fire.

Roxi – And I plan to.

Amy Jo Smyth – Now it’s too late. Now she knows. And now you’re going to play right into her hands. You’re going to do exactly what she wants.

Roxi – Then so be it.

Amy Jo Smyth – No, you don’t get it, do you? Last time, it may have hurt your pride, but that’s not what she’s after. And if you’re solely going into this as a matter of pride, then it’s not going to work. She WANTS you to fight her and try to hurt her. That’s all this has been about.

Roxi – If that’s what she wants, then that’s what she’s going to get. Look, AJ, I love you. I love you to the end of time, you’ve saved my butt on many occasions. And I know you know Amber, but this is something I have to do. This is where we are now. I can’t change that, and I’ve come too far to simply turn back from it. This is part of the journey. Nothing is going to stop the path we’re on.

{AJ sighs, throwing her hands up.}

Amy Jo Smyth – You’re as stubborn as a mule, you know that?

Roxi – I learned from the best.

Amy Jo Smyth – Very funny. I know… I know I can’t stop you from doing it this way, but you can’t stop me from voicing my opinion and trying to get you to understand that what you’re doing is running your head into the wall.

Roxi – Maybe. But that’s where we stand right now. I can’t tell you that I’m not going to get hurt again. Heck, I KNOW I’m going to get hurt again. But this… this situation is only going to be resolved one way.

Amy Jo Smyth – I thought there were alternatives?

Roxi – There are. Just not the one you’re thinking of.

Amy Jo Smyth – Oh? You think you’ve got something figured out.

Roxi – I do. And I’m going to need your help.

{AJ’s eyes light up as she impressively puts the pistol she took apart back together in seconds. She holsters the pistol and rubs her hands together.}

Amy Jo Smyth – How big is this explosion you want?

Roxi – I’m not blowing anything up. But I do need something you’re an expert in making.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, I already told you how to make those fireballs.

Roxi – Look, when the time comes, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, but I want to be a last resort.

Amy Jo Smyth – Last resort? Rox, look… I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.

Roxi – Like I said, last resort.

{AJ sighs.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Alright.

Roxi – Now, have you been able to dig up anything on those missing people for me?

Amy Jo Smyth – Actually, yes. Follow me into the lab.

Roxi – You mean your basement?

Amy Jo Smyth – It’s a lab. In my mind.

{Roxi and AJ head into AJ’s house and into the basement. AJ has a manila folder with several pieces of paper. She hands into Roxi.}

Roxi – What’s all this?

Amy Jo Smyth – I narrowed down my search, but this is everyone that has disappeared in the past few months that was at one time, a resident of Tampa.

Roxi – I only asked about three people.

Amy Jo Smyth – Right, but if there’s no connection, then this should be an easy thing to figure out.

Roxi – I know Bobby, Sydney, and Dr. Keene.

Amy Jo Smyth – Correct. They’re in there. So far, no police investigations have turned up anything. It’s like these people just vanished. No traces, no ransom, nothing. So, go through that really fast and see if anyone else jumps out at you.

Roxi – Okay… I’m not sure what this is going to come to.

{Roxi opens the folder and begins scanning the photos of people who are missing. Most are just children, which in turn breaks Roxi’s heart to see so many young people having gone away.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Anything coming up?

Roxi – No. There’s… so many kids.

Amy Jo Smyth – Runaways. It’s a terrible thing.
{Roxi continues to go through, finding a few adults she doesn’t recognize, but there is one with no picture. Roxi stops and closes her eyes.}

Roxi – This one.

Amy Jo Smyth – Let me see.

{Roxi hands the file over to AJ, who has her laptop open.}

Roxi – I just hope it’s not him.

Amy Jo Smyth – Let’s see… Richard Copeland. Let me see what I can find. You know this guy?

Roxi – He was… my ex. If it’s the right guy at all.

Amy Jo Smyth – Let’s find out.

{AJ punches in information and finds a picture. She turns the laptop to Roxi.}

Roxi – Dammit.

Amy Jo Smyth – He’s been missing for about a month.

Roxi – He lives here. Why wasn’t it a bigger story? This never appeared on the news.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well… let’s see here… Oh, that’s why. He’s homeless.

Roxi – Oh… wow… I.. feel even worse now.

Amy Jo Smyth – Where’d you meet him?

Roxi – College. We both went to FSU and he… he was in… criminal justice or something.

Amy Jo Smyth – Yeah… matches up. Dropped out after a year and a couple of semesters. Ran out of money, it looks like. He’s been on the streets for a few years. You know they never publicize the homeless doing anything. It’s terrible.

Roxi – So.. that’s four people that are… vaguely related to me. There’s really only him as the adult.

Amy Jo Smyth – Well, there’s clearly something to this. Kids run away, kids get… taken, unfortunately. But these adults? Adults don’t just up and walk away too often.

Roxi – There’s a lot of them on old unsolved mysteries episodes.

Amy Jo Smyth – Yeah, and they usually end up kidnapped or dead. There’s been no progress on any of these cases. Which suggests to me that they are most likely alive.

Roxi – You think so?

Amy Jo Smyth – Why kidnap someone if you’re not trying to get anything out of it? Adults don’t just up and decide one day that they are going to just disappear and then do it without pre-planning, or some kind of mental illness maybe? But all records I got on these three people indicate that they were perfectly normal. And maybe this Copeland was living rough, but… he has no criminal record outside of vagrancy. I’ll see what I can find out other than that, you’re about it, babe.

Roxi – But why would someone kidnap people to get to me?

Amy Jo Smyth – You know… superhero stuff.

Roxi – No… that… that can’t be right. Someone would have to know. And… few people do. And none of them would ever kidnap anybody.

Amy Jo Smyth – Maybe someone learned.

Roxi – …

{Roxi sighs and stands up, handing the folder back to AJ, taking the 4 reports herself.}

Amy Jo Smyth – Yeah… thanks AJ. You really did great work.

Roxi – Thank you AJ. You come through when I need you. I have to go and figure this out.

Amy Jo Smyth – It could be nothing, but… watch yourself.

Roxi – Thank you, AJ. I mean it.

Amy Jo Smyth – Yeah, yeah.

{Roxi hugs AJ tightly and whispers in her ear.}

Roxi – Please have that thing ready.

Amy Jo Smyth – Okay, just… I hope you know what you’re asking.

Roxi – I do.

{Roxi nods and smiles at AJ before she takes the files and departs, headed home.}

{Back at home, Roxi sits at a desk with missing persons reports on front of her. She is looking up information on the four missing people and their connections, if any, besides her. Roxi sighs, rubbing her eyes and face, not finding anything that can help her. Finally, Keira knocks on the door and enters.}

Roxi – Hey.

Keira – Hey. Any luck?

Roxi – No. Nothing other than me. But… I barely know these people.

Keira – But you do know them.

Roxi – So do a lot of other people. Other people went to elementary school with Bobby. A lot of people went to high school with Sydney. A lot of kids saw Dr. Keene. I don’t get it.

{Keira then sees the fourth missing persons report and points to it.}

Keira – Another one?

Roxi – Yeah.

Keira – Who is Rick Copeland?

Roxi – I went to college with him. He uh… he was an ex.

{Keira’s eyes narrow.}

Keira – There is definitely something to this then.

Roxi – Other than me?

Keira – It HAS to be you. Nothing else makes sense.

Roxi – AJ said the same thing. But these people are still missing. Who would be trying to get back at me by going after people that I know?

Keira – Only two I can think of. Heather is one.

Roxi – Heather? Really? She hasn’t spoken to me since our reunion a few years ago.

Keira – But she has spoken to Lady Bedlam.

Roxi – But she doesn’t know that’s me.

Keira – Still, might be worth checking into. I wouldn’t put it past her.

Roxi – The only way she would do that is if she figured out we’re the same person. And you know Heather… is not the brightest.

Keira – No… she’s not. But I would still look into it.

Roxi – Fine.

Keira – But… Amelia makes more sense.

Roxi – Holy crap… I didn’t even think of that.

Keira – I have always suspected it was her doing this to start with.

Roxi – I don’t know. Remember what she said before? That she would have told us by now that it was her.

{Keira thinks for a moment.}

Keira – I don’t know of anyone else. But Amelia could be lying.

Roxi – For something like this… I don’t think she’d lie. She’d want us to know it was her.

Keira – What if… she told someone else.

Roxi – It could be anyone then.

Keira – Right. But she could be doing it from the mental institution. It’s a perfect cover, you know? She can avoid anything that could link her to the crimes, because she’s inside.

Roxi – I suppose that’s a possibility, but Amelia has never been one to try and share the spotlight. I don’t think she’d ever have a change of heart like that.

Keira – Let’s just… go with Amelia for the hypothetical, here. She’s kidnapped people you know, in order to draw you out. That’s exactly what she would do. She’s always wanted to do something like that to us. She knows who we are, and all fits perfectly.

Roxi – Maybe… too perfectly. And we don’t even know if these four people are even alive.

Keira – Guess there’s really only one way to find out.

{Roxi sighs and stands up.}

Roxi – You’re right. Guess I’ll just have to ask.

Keira – I’ll be right behind you.

Roxi – No, that won’t be necessary. If I get the answer I think I’m going to get… then it’ll be a quick trip. Plus, I know how you feel about her.

Keira – I don’t feel anything about her. I hate her. She was in this house, and she was trying to manipulate our son! She deserves anything she gets from me. I’m going to end her the moment she even thinks about getting out of that institution!

Roxi – That’s why you’re not going. Just let me handle it.

Keira – If she makes one move…

Roxi – I will take care of it.

{Keira finally relents.}

Keira – Fine.

Roxi – Any luck with the Sin stuff?

Keira – *Sigh* No… I just have to sit here and think about who could be next… and I hate it.

Roxi – Looks like we’re in the same boat. I’ll be back.

Keira – Be careful.

Roxi – Always am.

{Roxi goes to put on her costume as the scene fades.}

{We re-open with Roxi at Shady Acres Mental Hospital, where Roxi is walking down the hallways headed towards Amelia’s door.
Lambert, A

Roxi is let in by the guard, Amelia is still in a straight-jacket, staring intently at Roxi with an amused look on her face.}

Amelia – Hi!

Roxi – Hello, Amelia. I need to talk to you.

Amelia – It has been a while since you’re last visit. How’s the family? Good I hope.

{Roxi ignores the question and pulls the missing persons reports out and tosses them on the table.}

Roxi – What do you know about them?

{Amelia looks at the reports, interested, but indifferent.}

Amelia – What’s the matter? People going missing? That’s a tragedy, isn’t it?

Roxi – I just need to know if you know them or not.

Amelia – I know that guy doesn’t have a picture. How’s anybody supposed to find a guy if they don’t know what he looks like?

Roxi – I don’t have time for these games.

Amelia – Well, that’s how this works R… Hero.

Roxi – That is not how anything works. Just answer the question.

Amelia – You are no fun, you know that?

{Amelia again studies the papers.}

Amelia – I left my glasses over there, I’m going to need them to read.

Roxi – Just look at the pictures.

Amelia – I may know them, I may not. I meet a lot of people, you know.

Roxi – Bobby Fuller, Sydney Dunbar, Frank Keene, & Richard Copeland.

{Amelia leans back and stick her tongue out, mockingly looking like she’s thinking.}
Amelia – Can’t say as those names ring a bell.

Roxi – Are you sure?

Amelia – R… Listen, my goal to play games with you, not to kidnap random people. I mean… I already did that once, but they were related to me, remember? Unless… you don’t know these people do you? You do, don’t you? That’s why you’re so interested.

Roxi – I’m looking for missing people.

Amelia – You’re not a cop. You have some kind of connection, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking.

Roxi – Suppose I did…. Then what?

Amelia – I knew it. What’s next? Well, I wouldn’t know.  If I was kidnapping people to get to you, I’d hit you where it hurts. And you’d know it was me. If these people are special to you then… Maybe they’re not doing it right. Besides, these people are missing… or are they kidnapped?

Roxi – I was hoping you’d tell me.

Amelia – People disappear all the time, you know. Just… here one minute, gone the next. Who knows why? I suppose that’s up to you to figure out.

Roxi – This… wasn’t you then?

Amelia – You know me better than, dear.

{Roxi sighs as she realizes that Amelia isn’t the person doing this.

Roxi – One last question…. Have you told anyone? About me?

{Amelia’s head jerks to the side, confused.}

Amelia – You disappoint me, hero. I wouldn’t tell a soul. I told you that. I told you my lips were sealed and your secret was safe with me. It gives me the information that very few people know, and none of them are bad people, are they? What good is knowing the answer to a riddle if everyone else knows too? It’s worthless. No, no R…your secret, is my secret. It’s what we share.

Roxi – That’s all I needed to know.
{Roxi stands up as the door is buzzed open.}

Amelia – What? That’s it? You’re leaving me again?

Roxi – Yes. Hopefully, I never have to come back here.

Amelia – Well,  I have to admit it was nice working with you again. We can be a team, I can be a much better partner than the one you have. We can solve crimes together. We can be like… McMillian and Wife or something! Tango and Cash! Cagney and Lacy! They will write MOVIES about us!

Roxi – No. We’re done. I hope that I never see you ever again, Amelia.

{Amelia gets the big pouty lip, pretending to cry and be very upset.}

Amelia – Why don’t you love me? What did I ever do to you?!

{Roxi leans over the table, in a whisper.}

Roxi – You invaded my house, you tried to manipulate my son. You tried to hurt my family. All for some sick game.

{Amelia seems to almost snap out it, chuckling like she had forgotten all those things.}

Amelia – Oh yeah. Now I see why you don’t like me. But I can change. I can make it all better.

Roxi – No, we’re past that Amelia. We’re LONG past that. If you even think about getting out of here, and coming after me, or my family ever again, it will be the last thing you ever do. Do you understand me?

{Amelia smiles slyly.}

Amelia – Kinky. You know I love it when you talk dirty.

Roxi – Well, I would treasure it, because it’s the last time I’m ever going to warn you.

Amelia – See… this is why I like you more than Blondie. She’s all about the fisticuffs. She doesn’t get it. You do, and I love you for it.

Roxi – Good-bye Amelia.

{Roxi turns away from Amelia as she does several kissy faces towards her.}

Amelia – See you next time!

{Roxi finally walks out the door and it closes and locks behind her. Roxi looks through the eye port, before slamming it shut, staring at Amelia’s painful looking smiling face. Roxi eventually leaves, now out of options to find out how this all fits together.}
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