Author Topic: Alicia Lukas (c) v Keira Fisher - Bombshell World Championship  (Read 168 times)

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Alicia Lukas (c) v Keira Fisher - Bombshell World Championship
« on: November 08, 2020, 02:44:36 PM »
Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: One roleplay per week, 10,000 words max.

Good luck!

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Re: Alicia Lukas (c) v Keira Fisher - Bombshell World Championship
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2020, 12:40:45 AM »
Final Sin: Part 1

I want to start by taking a little trip through time.
September 25th, 2016. 
It was Violent Conduct III, and I had my single one on one Bombshell’s championship match. It has been longer than 4 years since I had a chance like this. I lost that match to my on again, off again friend Crystal Millar. Or Hilton or Zdunich now. Her last name isn’t the important part of the story. I lost that match and it hurt me. It hurt me because that’s what really started me in believing that I wasn’t good enough. Hell, Christian Underwood said it plain as day, to my face a few weeks ago. For all this time, I struggled to believe in myself. Was I just my wife’s shadow? I wasn’t as good as my wife. I could never be my wife. I wasn’t good enough I didn’t do enough. And it hurt me. It made me feel like a loser. I began to think that everyone else was right. I can win some matches, but in the end, I fail. Over and over and over. It was this cycle of frustration that I felt year after year after year. I would do everything I could, and I would fail.   
Then I would watch other people simply receive a championship match despite it all. And it made me angry. And I will tell you now, I have had issues with my anger and it has made me lash out at management, it has made me lash out at people I like and respect. It made me lash out at my own wife because I felt like I was being targeted. Punished for something I’d done wrong. Some massive fucking black mark was on me, and me alone. I didn’t get anything that other people did. It made me angry, jealous, and bitter as all hell. And I let people hear about it, and only made my problems worse. I was playing the victim. I did it really well too. I played the woe is me, pity party for Keira card. Because to me, all I ever wanted was just a championship opportunity thrown my way. I’ve had other championship matches and I have failed at them. But I was blinded by my own anger because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. Just one Bombshell’s title match. Just one. Once chance to see where I stood, if nothing else. But every single time, I was told no. I was told I hadn’t done enough. And rather than think rationally and look at how I was given chance after chance after chance to be A champion, I instead was looking at how I WASN’T getting a chance to be the Bombshell’s champion. 
I was blinded by my own anger. 
I could have been Internet champion; I could have been Roulette champion 2 or 3 times over. I had those chances and I failed. But then there I was, wondering why I wasn’t getting any Bombshell’s title matches. All I wanted was one chance and I didn’t see the forest for the damn trees. If I had won even ONE of those matches, my pathway, my chances of getting that big chance would have been a hell of a lot easier. Hell, I should have been a singles champion with all the opportunities I had. Looking at the big picture I have now, I don’t blame Mark or Christian for not listening to me play my sad song. Christian was 100% correct. I didn’t deserve it. 
So, for a long time, I tried things to get myself noticed, I tried and tried and I failed. I thought if I just kept my mouth shut about things, I would just get the bone thrown to me. And that wasn’t the damn case either. I felt for YEARS like I tried everything and nothing worked. Nothing would get me over the hump.
And because of that, and who my wife is, the comparisons weren’t going to stop. I can tell you right now that I’m not Roxi. I can’t be Roxi, I never will be Roxi. I can’t help who I am married to and who I love with all my heart and who I am so lucky to be around every day of my life now. But in the ring, we are different people. Hell, outside the ring, we’re different people. I’m not my wife, and while our marriage means that the comparisons won’t ever really end, I can only say that Roxi and I are different. Yin and Yang. We just work. And if the most insulting thing you can say about me is that I’m not Roxi… I’m okay with that.  Cause honestly, who is? There’s nobody like my wife. 
So, everybody who says this, is 100% right. I am not Roxi. I didn’t know that I HAD to BE Roxi in order to get anywhere. I don’t even have to be LIKE Roxi in order to get anywhere, although people are somehow confused when it’s me and not Roxi. Like if I don’t act like Roxi, I’m just Keira. But if I do the same types of things that Roxi does, I’m just her shadow. Yeah, for a long time, I was in that no win situation. 
When I first got here, even my wife didn’t think I could hang. Even she wanted me to stay away. Fearing that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything and I would just get hurt, both emotionally and physically. But do you know what happened? I stuck with it, and I got better. I finally see that now. I finally have looked back and seen my own evolution. I got better every single year. I won the Roulette title. I won the Bombshell’s tag team championships with Roxi. And dammit, I pulled my own weight in that tag team. If I hadn’t, do you think we would have broken records? I can say that with pride. And every year I continued to hang with the best. I continued to improve and that was because of the competition forcing me to. Roxi never helped me in any match. She let me compete on my own. She let me learn and grow. And I survived. I earned numerous championship matches. I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t getting better. And I finally feel like I am truly ready. All those other times I felt like a loser and a failure, they helped me grow. All those times I got angry and jealous about not getting a bombshell’s championship match? That’s all on me. I wasn’t ready. I finally, FINALLY feel like I earned it. And finally, Christian and Mark agree with me. Guess there’s a first time for everything.
But, of course, OF COURSE there’s always something. Something that stops me or slows me down or getting in my way long enough for me to fail and leave me with nothing to show for my hard work.
Sin has been my personal demon for a long, long time. I used to think of Sin as my friend, the only thing that ever truly cared about me. The only thing that ever loved me. Because it helped me get revenge, when my parents were killed. And slowly over time I learned that Sin was not my friend or something I needed. But what happened is that Sin, it grew up with me. It grew and got bigger as I grew. It was using me more than I was ever going to use it. It felt I owed it something. And because of that, when I felt I no longer wanted or needed Sin, it didn’t let me go. It fought me like hell to stay with me. And finally, when I forced it out, when I finally got rid of Sin, it decided to lash out at people I cared about. And it put all of you in danger. My past never wants to let me go. My demons, my failures, my shortcomings… all of those things are constantly there to stop me from making progress.
I will promise everybody now, that I WILL get rid of Sin. I will make sure she no longer haunts SCW and more importantly, me. I’m going to destroy Sin. I will hurt her for every terrible thing she’s done to me, and to everybody else. Candy, Mercedes, Jessie, Crystal, Angelica, Keri... and most importantly, my wife. Everything that has happened, I am going to make right. 
Sorry if it sounds like I’m baring my soul here but yea, I am. I know what’s ahead of me and the path that I am on right now. And I know that Alicia Lukas knows the same things I do.
Because I know that’s what I’m going to hear from Alicia. At some point, she will try and tell me that I’m a failure and I don’t deserve this match or the opportunity. That I am not Roxi and I should stop trying because that’s the kind of person she is. 
Alicia, I’ve wanted to wrestle you for a long time. Ever since the 2nd time you have the Bombshell’s championship. When you were running through everybody, I told you I wasn’t afraid and I wanted to fight you. And you know what you said to me? Step up. Get in line. That you’d be happy to wrestle me. But now, things are a little different and I don’t deserve anything right? I’m a weird bipolar chick like Crystal or Kate. I’m not Roxi so I’m not a hero. I’m not a legend or hall of famer or anything so I deserve nothing. I haven’t beaten anyone or done anything to be here. You can bring up my failures and my outbursts and everything else. Hell, I just did the work for you. I don’t have the championship reigns like you do. You’ve done a lot in a short time and that’s great. But there’s nothing that’s ever going to make me think that I am not on equal ground with you. I know the game, I haven’t won, so that makes me a joke to you. I know how you really feel despite what you may say. You don’t like me, and you don’t respect me. You think I’m a joke. You think I’m Roxi’s shadow because I haven’t won championships like she has. You don’t think I’m good enough. Just another challenger that you are going to wipe the floor with while you chase records. 
I’ve just wanted a chance. I fought, scrapped, clawed and bit my way to just get one chance. And to be honest I don’t know if I will EVER get another chance like this ever again. So, Alicia, I’m not going to hold back on you. I am going to make the most of this chance. I’m going to beat you and I will be the Bombshell’s champion. I had to fight for two years and overcome all my mistakes to get here, while you have coasted and gotten chance after chance. If you think I am about to let this opportunity go to waste, or that I’m going to be intimidated by you, you are WRONG. I have been waiting so long I don’t have a choice but to be ready. Chances like this don't grow on trees. So, I don’t have a choice but to make the best of this chance. Do you understand what I’m saying Alicia? Are you really listening to me? I really hope that you are. But I get it. I’m Keira. I’m Keira and I always fail. I’m Keira and I’m not ready for the main event. Well, let me ask you this question Alicia... Who are YOU to judge who’s ready for anything? What gives you the right? Because you are a champion right now? Well so was I. I was a World champion. Maybe not here, but I was a world champion. I held the top prize before. Is it because you’ve won titles everywhere you’ve gone? Well, I have too. So, don’t you DARE try and tell me or anyone else about who’s championship material and who isn’t. You don’t get to make that call. 
I have worked too long, and too goddamn hard to be belittled by someone like you. A jealous, petty bitch who is only concerned with winning. Because to you, winning is all that matters. You can stand there and judge me and label me and talk down to me because you are the champion, is that what it’s about? Well, let me tell you just add that to my notes on being a world champion, because I missed where that is what champions are supposed to do. I missed where being the champion allows you to point your finger at everybody else and judge them. I don’t know how to be a contender, and I’m focused on the wrong thing. 
Sorry Alicia, some things in life are more important than YOU.
I know you haven’t ever learned that lesson, despite what you may think. But that’s okay, I’ll be more than happy to teach it to you. Since we’re offering each other lessons and stuff. Just figured I’d return the favor. I know that I proved on the go-home CC that I can hang with you. So, I’m done even thinking about the things you say about me. It’s all backhanded compliments anyway. And even still, I know that you don’t legit mean them. Not in any way. You think you’re cute and basically patting me on the head and telling me good job like this is just a formality. It is not, Alicia. Not at all. This is going to be a fight that you just think you want. You want to embarrass me and treat me like I don’t matter. Well, you have another thing fucking coming. You will be in for a surprise or two at High Stakes, I fucking guarantee that much for sure. 
Let me just ask you one more question Alicia, and I want you to think about this. You know the last time that you were Bombshell’s champion, and my wife, Roxi, she beat you? I mean, multi woman match and all that, but she did pin you. You remember that, right? Of course, you do, right? You don’t think that I’ve watched my wife wrestle before? You don’t think that I’ve studied how she wrestles and who she wrestles against? I watched her beat you, and I know when Roxi is holding back. The first time, she definitely was. And every time since then, she’s held back less, and less, and beat you. Well, since Roxi and I are not the same, you will get no holding back from me. No, I’m coming at you full force. I’m coming to fight you, and then take your championship. You think you’re on a different level? I was warming up on CC, Alicia. I was seeing what I needed to do, and the level I need to go to. And you know what? I held my own, didn’t I? I stood toe to toe with you, and I didn’t back down. You didn’t beat me. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Jack Washington, I was a half a count away from beating you on CC. And that was me just seeing where I stood. Now, I know I can beat you.
You can call it luck if you want. I know your ego won’t allow you to mean anything you say good about me, and that’s okay. But in your heart right now, you know that I may have surprised you with how well we matched up. That’s what makes this fight so exciting to me. You say you are the best, right? Then what will it make me when I beat you for the championship itself? 
Maybe not the best. But it will be one of the few times everybody will be wrong. Beating Alicia Lukas for the championship will make me just like Roxi.
Kind of funny when you think about it.
So, Alicia, you can think I’m stupid, you can think I’m not on your level and I was lucky, and that I am a fluke contender. Make fun of me and my failures all you want. Tell me that I can’t do it. It’s only going to fuel me to prove you wrong. Go ahead and call me all the names in the book and throw in some insults about my wife, because she’s not relevant to this match. The only things that are relevant are you, me, and the Bombshell’s championship. It’s just us. The one thing I have strived for my whole career. Alicia, you can say anything you want about me losing matches, I’m not ashamed of that anymore. Just do me one favor, after the match at High Stakes, when it’s all over, and I beat you for the championship.
Call me champ, okay?
See you soon!

The scene opens up in the gravity room, but it looked different. It had benches and a stand in the middle, it would resemble a church. Keira is seen in the middle of the walkway, going slowly towards it. As she does, she sees a priest. She doesn't take her eyes off of him

Keira: Forgive me Father...for I have Sinned....

The priest turns and looks at Keira, saying

Priest: Talk to me, my child.

Keira: For over 15 years, I've had a demon in me. One that ruined my life. One I thought would help me avenge my parents, instead became a tool for the world's destruction. Each time I thought I was rid of her, she came back to haunt me. Drove away almost everyone I ever loved.

Keira clenches her fist

Keira: Now those 15 years have come back to bite me, seeing what could be the end of the world. But I know if I can stop her, me and my family can live in peace.

The priest looks at Keira, confused

Priest: It sounds like you haven't sinned at all if you're taking care of it. What is wrong? Why did you even come here?

Keira looks at the priest, saying

Keira: To see the man that basically turned my life around for the worse in the beginning....

Keira raises her hand to produce a energy ball, saying

Keira: The man who put Sin in me...before I end your Mistress!

The priest turns, looking at Keira, smiling wickedly as he screams


The priest rushes to attack, but Keira fires off a huge energy blast, destroying him. As she does, the simulation ends as the door opens, showing Roxi entering

Roxi: What was all that?

Keira: Something I needed to do for so many years. One that needs to be locked after this is over. That damned priest...

Roxi: But...That priest... you came to him before?

Keira: Yes. After my parents were murdered by the robbers. After the police didn't do a thing. He was the one who put Sin in me. He vanished after...

Roxi: Why a priest? I mean... I don't know there's just so much I never really asked about this. I know it's...painful to talk about

Keira: It is. You know I lost my parents to two robbers. I went out cause of a argument with my dad, all cause I wanted to model.. Mom tried to stop me from leaving, but I didn't listen. I come back to see two robbers, damaging and robbing the place, my parents tied up. I was so helpless back then. They tried to get me, but my Dad got free and he got shot. Mom told me to run, I did. That's when I heard the gunshot. I kept running, like mom said. I tried to ask for help, no one could, not even the police. That one rainy night, I went to church. I was mad with Heaven for taking them away. A priest tried to help me, told me there was a way. He then stabbed me...

Keira grabs her shirt and raises it, showing the scar on her left side of her lower stomach

Keira: Right there. That knife...had Sin in it...

Roxi: I'm just wondering why a priest was even an option, but I guess you turn to find answers where you can.

Keira: I doubt he was a real priest sometimes. But that face, I can never forget that face...

Roxi: Well... he's got to be... gone by now, right? I mean, he looked old in that simulation.

Keira: I don't know, to be honest.

Keira puts her shirt back down to cover the scar as she looks at Roxi

Keira: Doesn't matter anymore. Time's up. Sin's going to be attacking soon. I need you ready.

Roxi: I'm... I'm sorry about the whole thing. I feel like I let you down. I know you tried your best to help with Sin.

Keira: No. I failed you, Roxi. If I had been there sooner...

Roxi: You didn't know. And I know you were there. I heard you, I just... I felt so useless thanks to Amber.

Keira: She knew. In my heart, Sin knew. My match with Alicia, all of it.

Keira sheds a tear. She keeps thinking about that night, nothing she could do. Keira wipes the tears from her face.

Roxi: I'm sorry, but... look, I'm here. I'm right here, and I'm not going to let you do this alone.

Keira: I know.

As Keira was about to kiss Roxi, the communicator comes on

Keira: Duty calls...

Roxi: What do you want to bet it's bad news?

Vision: I don't call for good news

Keira: What is it? Robbery? Jailbreak?

Vision: No...

Vision turns on a broadcast as a reporter says

Reporter: As we are here, the sky is turning blood red as clouds are building. A huge mob of what looks to be like people, but all grey are walking and destroying everything. As they do, we hear chants of, "For my Mistress. Mistress Sin and All Hail Sin." All residents are ordered to evacuate as quickly as possible. This is not a drill. Strange creatures are attacking, being led by a woman with jet black hair and red dots for ey--

All of a sudden, Gluttony is seen grabbing and lifting the reporter above her. She slams the reporter over her knee, breaking her back as Gluttony laughs

Gluttony: Bow down to your new GOD!

The broadcast turns off as Keira keeps a stern look on her face

Vision: I’m afraid it’s an invasion. This world appears to be combining with another world, and the energy levels are off the charts. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Keira: She's started the attack. The end of the world is here....

Roxi: Well... what are we waiting for?

Keira: V, send the signal to all GUILD members. Level 10 Alert. The day we have been waiting for is here.

Vision: Got you. But, I'm worried about Jenny. She said she was going to talk to her wife and child, but hasn't been seen since.

Roxi: You don't think she...

Keira: I don't know. But keep trying to get ahold of her, got it, V? Have the guild heroes assist at the ground level. We are going in. Because if we fail… we’re going to need everything from everyone to at least… protect the earth.

Vision: Got it. Keira, Roxi...Good Luck and be safe.

Keira nods as she goes outside and goes to her room. She goes to the closet and tries to grab her Lady Kat outfit, but Roxi stops her

Keira: What are you doing? We need to suit up

Roxi: Are you sure you're ready?

Keira: I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be. If we don't stop her now, the world comes to an end. After everything we have seen in our lives. Either we win or we fall.

Roxi: Whatever happens... I love you. Remember that.

Keira: I love you too.

Keira goes to kiss Roxi, but they hear

Nate: Mommy? Mama? Where are you going?

Roxi: We have to go meet some very important people Nate. I know you don't like when Mama and Mommy leave, but you stay here with Gramma, we'll be back soon, okay?

Keira smiles as she goes to a knee and hugs Nate tightly. She tries not to cry as she hugs him

Keira: Remember this, now and forever. Mama and Mommy love you very, very much. We'll always be here for you.

Nate: Okay...

Roxi kneels down and hugs Nate and kisses him on the forehead.

Roxi: Go on... We’ll be back soon. I promise.

Nate: Okay...I love you!

Keira: We love you too

Nate smiles and turns, going to play with his grandma. Keira sits up as she says

Keira: I swear, if we survive this. I'm telling Nate. I'm done having to hide our lives to him.

Roxi: He won't understand. And he'll worry. But... we will survive this.

Keira: We have to...

Roxi: When the time is right...

Keira: Well, for now. The time is right to fight. Do we suit up or just go?

Roxi: This is what we do. Suit up, bring everything you have. We're going to need it.

Keira nods as she does, and the two don their costumes and prepare to try and stop Sin. the scene fades on that


The scene opens up in the city, fully abandoned, besides the gray matter that walk as a mob, looting, destroying the city.  They chant All Hail Sin as Keira and Roxi fly over it.

Keira: My God...

They see the destruction being caused as Keira grits her teeth

Roxi: This is... what hell looks like...

Keira: You're saying it's happening around the world as well?

Roxi: I hope not.

Keira: I got a feeling it has. It won't stop til Sin is stopped

Roxi: Then we need to find her

Keira: Shouldn't be too hard. Her ego and all.

Roxi: But this may be a trap...

Keira: I know. But we have to spring the trap. It's the only way.

Roxi: Alright,  you know her better than anyone else. Let's go. This is your show.

Keira: I wish it wasn't

Roxi and Keira fly together towards a giant wormhole, the link between Sin’s world, and the real world, as they begin to merge. They stare at the ominous giant red hole before looking at each other.

Keira: Ready?

Roxi: As ready as I’ll ever be.

Roxi and Keira hold hands and nod, as they both fly and disappear into the wormhole, but then a small plane is seen flying towards the wormhole, apparently following them, before it too disappears into the wormhole.

Inside the wormhole and in Sin’s version of the world, Keira keeps flying as she looks around. She then sees someone on the ground, raising her arms. Her and Roxi land down as she says

Keira: I figured. Turn around...Lust!

The woman does turn around, showing a striking resemblance to Roxi, but with Jet Black Hair and pink dots for eyes

Roxi: You...

Keira: Where's your bitch, Lust!?

Lust: My love doesn't need to be bothered by weaklings like you!

Keira: Really? Considering how much pain she has caused.

Keira looks at Lust

Keira: You're nothing more than a lackey. Why would she send you down to the battlefield if you're her lover?

Lust: Because she continues to watch over all the destruction. We have to thank you for helping us so much!

Keira: Thank me? THANK ME!?

Keira clenches her fist as Roxi holds her back a bit

Lust: Temper, Temper. Best to keep her back, dear Roxi...we wouldn't want my lover to be upset.

Roxi: Shut up.

Lust: You're a lot of talk, Roxi. But never enough action. No wonder the world laughs at you…

Roxi: Ha. You wish you could be me. To think that Sin would send you down here. That's really what she thinks of her lover. That's pretty sad.

Lust: Careful, I was part of you. Least my love knows how I am and when to send me. Yours can't even think of no one else but herself...

Lust laughs at the two

Lust: But I wasn't lying. My love doesn't have time to deal with the weaklings like you and her pathetic former host.

Lust smirks as she raises her hand, keeping her middle finger and thumb together, saying

Lust: But I know someone who will....

Lust snaps her fingers, forcing Keira and Roxi to teleport. They land in the middle of a warped version of Times Square in New York, sky blood red like back in Sin’s Florida as Keira says

Keira: Damn...

Keira looks around

Keira: I was afraid of this...they're stronger than I originally thought....

Greed: You're right about that....

The two turn and see Greed as she smiles

Greed: About time Lust brought you two here. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to fight you!

Roxi: You will get all the fight you want.


Greed launches and begins to throw lefts and rights at the two. Keira goes into her first Super Form and throws punches back to Greed. Roxi does the same to Greed, but Greed clotheslines them both.

Greed: As you can see. The sky is turning dark. The world is coming to an end. Soon your world will cease to exist and Sin will rule like she is destined to do.

Greed turns around as both Keira and Roxi stand

Greed: You're witnessing the end. But too bad you won't get to my Mistress!

As Greed rushes, someone blocks the way and throws a right, sucker punching Greed. Greed growls as she shouts


Greed sees it and sees that it's a woman that is dressed up in a costume. Keira and Roxi hears the voice as she shouts


Keira: What the...Candy!?

Greed: WHAT!? The idiot!?

Candy: Nope! It's Super Candy! I have come to stop you from hurting other people! You won't hurt Candy's friends ever again, especially the two Superheroes that were fighting you!

Roxi: Candy? I... Candy you need to leave!

Candy: I can't and it's Super Candy! I came to help! I hope Keira and Roxi are safe!

Roxi: What... what is going on here?

Keira: Sin, she's done this before. Her fight with Candy. She's pulling the world into her world!

Roxi: She's going to get herself killed!

Greed launches towards Candy, but Candy easily blocks it. The two throw lefts and rights, showing to be on equal ground

Keira: Look...

Roxi: How...

Keira: It's Sin's world. I've been the only to know about this til Candy came and fought Sin. She remembers to use the world to her advantage. Plus, remember. She had Greed in her...

Keira remembers the match Sin had with Candy, remembering what happens when Sin traps someone in her world.

Keira: If anything, Candy will be able to hold her own and will be back to normal once Sin is finally taken down.

Candy kicks Greed as Greed throws a punch. Candy blocks it, turning to shout


Greed: An idiot like you beat me? PLEASE! You got lucky once. NEVER AGAIN!

Candy: I can beat you! I know I can! You're a big old meanie head! Good guys always win!

Roxi: Candy... Keira this is insane... Candy can't do this...

Keira: I know, but we have to trust her. As long as this world exists, expect the unexpected....

Roxi: What do we do now?

Gluttony: You come with me...

Gluttony grabs Keira and Roxi and teleports them to Miami. Gluttony laughs as she throws them down

Gluttony: It seems Keira has figured it out. As long as Sin lives, her world will merge with yours. Once it's complete, not even your friends can save you from the inevitable!

Keira: You just basically told me what I needed to do for so really are a Glutton for Punishment.

Gluttony: Shut up! I've had enough of you and your big mouth! Mistress will make me her second in command after I bring in your heads!

Roxi: You are living up to your name thinking that you are going to stop us.

Gluttony: Like I told you before, Roxi. All Mistress Haven wanted from you was to break your spirit. She never saw the big picture, like Mistress Sin has. I however, will END YOU!
Both Keira and Roxi gets ready as Gluttony rushes. As she goes for a strike, a familiar figure blocks the path and clocks Gluttony hard in the face, knocking her down

Gluttony: Who Heh, came for more pain?

Standing in front of Gluttony now was Mistress Haven, recovered from Roxi's attack as well as Sin's attack from over a month ago. She looks at Roxi and Keira

Mistress Haven: Roxi...Keira.

Roxi: Haven?

Mistress Haven: Yes. But calm yourself. I'm not here for you.

Haven turns her head, looking at Gluttony, saying

Mistress Haven: I'm here for that demon bitch....

Roxi: I... guess.. don't let us keep you.

Mistress Haven: Remember though, the next time we meet. Be ready.

Gluttony: Ahhh! The fake Mistress thinks she's going to beat me! FOOL! I was part of you! Without me, YOU'RE NOTHING!

Mistress Haven: You are merely a lacky. I expected better from someone impersonating me. You will find out that I am more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Gluttony: Awww, what are you going to do? You're weak! Pathetic! A mere ANT compared to Mistress Sin!

Mistress Haven: Ha. You have no idea what you have unleashed.

Haven starts to power herself up. A blue glow engulfs her.

Gluttony: You'll need more than that!

Haven simply laughs. She actually begins to target people around the battlefield, she uses her powers and begins to bring them to serve her.

Roxi: I... I didn't know she could do that!

Mistress Haven: Leave me to my work.

Keira: Sin's world, remember? Let's go.

Roxi nods as the two fly off, real quick back to Florida, the main target of Sin's attack. As they fly over, they see many people fighting the grey matter, while Envy is having trouble with a few baddies like Hammer and the Peak Twins.

Keira: Look at that...

Roxi: They... there were a part of Omega... All of them... Maybe, they... maybe they have some kind of connection to Sin... some kind of power that is enabling them to hold their own..

Keira: While regular folks are fighting as long as they can. We may have some hope after all...

Keira then sees Pride and Wrath fighting Keri and Angelica, Keira smiles at this

Keira: Looks like my sister's fully better.

But as she says that, Sloth is seen grabbing the two and teleporting them to another location. The two land again as Keira looks at Sloth.

Keira: Not again...

Roxi: Well... let's do this... we gotta start somewhere...

Sloth: You think with all the other Deadly Sins fighting, you'd get away from at least one without a true fight?

Keira: I thought we could.

Sloth: No wonder Sin can't stand you...

Roxi: They are standing up to you. You know you're losing control...

Sloth: A minor setback. Fatigue will kick in soon. Once it happens, the end will be swift.

Roxi: They will fight you to the end, and you know it.

Sloth: You're right. This IS the end!

Roxi: Over our dead bodies.

Keira and Roxi rush and throw some punches to Sloth. Sloth takes them, but she kicks Roxi hard. Sloth grabs Roxi and throws her hard, making her go through a building wall. Sloth comes back towards Keira as Keira punches her. Sloth growls as she kicks Keira's stomach and grabs her by the neck

Sloth: Knew it, Mistress knew that you can't get the job done...

Keira: Screw you, you're nothing more than a lackey!

As Sloth goes to hit Keira, a guitar is seen hitting Sloth's back. She lets go of Keira quickly as she backs away. She notices who hit her and says

Keira: Jessie!?

Roxi slowly comes back to Keira after the attack and sees Jessie

Roxi: This is insane...

Jessie: Insane? I was looking for Sin. I see two people having trouble with my own demon!

Jessie keeps the guitar in hand

Jessie: Look, if you see Keira and Roxi, do me a favor. Tell her this, Go after Sin and wring her FUCKING NECK!

Roxi: Uh... Yeah... will do.

Jessie: COME ON! You pathetic excuse of a bitch! You can't even be me!

Roxi: This place is getting crazier by the minute.

Keira: Come on...let's go.

Keira grabs Roxi and closes her eyes, saying

Keira: Focus on Sin's it?

Roxi begins to try and clear her mind. She shakes her head.

Roxi: It's everywhere.... she's... polluted this place.

Keira: I know. But focus on the darkest part...

Roxi continues to search, taking a deep breath and then her eyes lock in one direction.

Roxi: There.

Keira nods as the two teleport. The two are back in Florida, but seeing a huge hill that wasn't there before. On top of the hill, sits a church, one that is familiar to Keira

Keira: Damn...why am I not surprised?

Roxi: Where it began...

Keira doesn't say anything else as she slowly climbs the stairs. Roxi joins her as the two slowly get there halfway. They reach the door and open it, seeing the inside of the church, exactly as Keira remembers it. But some of it has changed with more demonic symbols. Keira growls a bit.

Roxi: Don't lose your cool.

Keira: I'll try...

Roxi: That's what she wants...

Keira: I know.

Keira and Roxi stop at the end of the podium, instead of a stand, a huge throne stands in front of them. Keira sees the person in it. The person smiles a demonic smile as Keira says

Keira: Sin...

Roxi: You won't win.

Sin slowly stands, her red dots for eyes showing, but is wearing a robe, smirking a bit

Sin: You keep repeating that over and over. Yet you haven't beat me yet.

Sin slowly steps down from her throne as she raises her hands

Sin: Do you see? Your world is coming to a complete end! Funny enough, I gave it a deadline of Christmas. Yet you humans for the first time proved me wrong...

Sin laughs

Sin: Cause of the last few pieces coming together earlier than expected...I have to THANK YOU BOTH! You are responsible for the last few hours! THE END OF THE WORLD!

Sin the points at Keira

Sin: And to celebrate. When I make my speech, I will have your head as my scepter, to show the world that their new GOD is here!

Roxi: Over my dead body.

Sin: I love how you keep saying that. Each time, you have failed to take me down. Today will be no fact, this is the end...

Sin smirks

Sin: Your last chance to take me down...

Keira growls over this, but before she could attack, Roxi stops her

Roxi: And for all that have talked, for all this time, for everything you've tried, this is all you came up to do? Without me, and especially without Keira, you'd be irrelevant. They tried to harness your energy and we stopped it, time and time again. We have stopped you. And we will do it again.

Sin: Fools, I have existed upon mankind for centuries! God casted me out of Heaven while the Devil himself fears me. I've seen humanity go for what they call the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. You think this form of Keira is my ONLY form? I have taken control of many others. Caused a little mayhem here and there. Only a few stopped me, but only enough for my energy to grow. Do you want to know who the last person I took over was?

Sin slowly transforms into a figure that Keira knows

Keira: No...not him! Not him!!!!

Priest: Do you remember, dear Keira? My sweet...

Sin transforms back into the form of Keira as she says

Sin: ....Child

Roxi: It was all a trick. That's what you do, you lie, you deceive. You aren't a demon, you're just a con artist.

Sin raises her hand, producing dark ki from her hand. She fires quickly and hits Roxi hard, knocking her down for a moment. Keira rushes quickly and checks on Roxi.

Sin: Can a so-called Con Artist do that!? Humans are the real con artists. If you would have seen what I have seen. You wouldn't be so quick to judge me!

Keira helps Roxi up as the two stand. Keira then says|

Keira: Sin, she's right. For 15 Years of my life, you took control, letting me hear what I wanted to hear. I hurt people because of you... I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life!

Keira raises her hand

Keira: You're right, you are a demon, Sin. But Roxi's right as well. You're nothing more than a con artist. One I'm going to be rid of for good!

Keira produces an energy ball and fires, as it reaches Sin, Lust comes and swats it away. She looks at the two as Roxi slowly stands

Roxi: Glad you could make it.

Sin: Like my love would let anyone hurt me. Right, Lust?

Lust: Never.

Sin goes over and kisses Lust on her lips, but all of a sudden, she backs away, looking like she's in pain. As she does, a knife is seen in Sin's stomach, right on the side where Keira's scar is.

Lust: You're a fool, Sin...

All of a sudden, Lust was seen vanishing, now showing Jenny Tuck, holding a remote in her hand, saying

Jenny: If my little device to disguise me can easily fool you, then taking you down will be too ea--

Jenny doesn't say anymore as the real Lust appears from behind and stabs Jenny in the stomach. She lifts and throws Jenny through some benches

Keira: JENNY! NO!!!!

Keira rushes towards her, but Lust appears in front of her

Keira: Out of my way, Lust! You're going to pay for hurting Jenny!

Lust: She was weak. And she's better off dead.


Keira goes to throw a punch, but Roxi stops her


Roxi: She's MINE.

Roxi uses her speed, moving faster than the eye can see and shoulder's Lust, sending her flying back.

Roxi: Get to Jenny!

Keira nods as she goes over. She takes out some stuff and begins to patch Jenny up

Keira: Stay with me, Jenny. Stay with me...

Jenny coughs a bit, looking at Keira

Jenny: I-I'm here. She barely missed.

Keira: What the hell are you doing here? How did you even get here?!

Jenny: I followed you. … Crashed my plane… but I’m part of this… remember?

Keira: I told you to listen to us! Now look what happened to you! We need to get you out of here. Let me help yo--

Jenny: No! Don't you do a damn thing for me, Fisher. This has to end tonight.

Jenny points to Roxi and Lust fighting

Lust: You'll pay for interfering in this! We tried to help you! But you continue to refuse us! You spit in our faces over and over!!!!

Roxi: And I'll spit on your ashes too.

As they fight, Jenny says

Jenny: Roxi has created a window for you. Your only chance to end this.

Jenny weakly points to where the throne used to be, now showing stairs as the sky is now truly blood red as she says

Jenny: End it. Go up there and end it! Only you can do this! Otherwise, this world will cease to be! You can do this, Keira! Finish Sin and save this world...

Jenny slowly passes out from the pain. She's breathing slowly, showing that she'll be ok for now. Keira then looks down at Jenny as she then says

Keira: Don't you worry, Jenny. I promise.

Keira turns, looking at the stairs. She keeps her eyes on them as she then quickly says

Keira: Sin....I'm coming for you. Time to end this

Keira rushes and climbs the long flight of stairs as the scene fades

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Re: Alicia Lukas (c) v Keira Fisher - Bombshell World Championship
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The Formation

The nerves were getting to her. Since receiving the email thoughts had invaded her mind. She had not been part of a gym in years, and never part of what was called a “fight team”. But she had been contacted by someone she’d never expected to hear from. A few years earlier she had trained with him at the dojo in Japan. His words and respect had meant so much to her then abs given her the strength to never give up. They had crossed paths a few times since. He was a former world champion. A legend of the sport and someone who could help her career. She pulled into the parking lot. This was the address. But was it really it? She was in an industrial area of upstate New York. Not far from her then boyfriend now husbands home.

She pushed the door open pulling her gum bag out with her throwing the strap over her shoulder. There were large truck tires in the corner with a few sledgehammers leaning against the fence. She moved up the steps stopping at the large glass door next to a steel roller door that was shut. She tried to push the glass door open but it wouldn’t move. She sighed and pulled out her phone sliding across the messages from Alex.

Her phone buzzed, she rolled her eyes moving around the building to the “back” there was another roller door, this one was pulled up, she looked through finding Alex Jones, Austin James Mercer and a few others she didn’t recognise. She smiled looking up to find a sign painted in red and black, a wolf's head above the red text with its front paws holding on reading “Wolfslair”. She moved up the steps as Alex came over with a grin. ”Alicia, so happy you could make it. Come on in.” Alex turned and ushered her through the roller door. His hair was tied back, his fingers taped up and he wore tapout workout shorts. Austin was dressed the same way, he lowered a large weight bar and smiled with a nod. Alicia always liked Austin. He offered a fist bump and a nod.

The other members of the gym looked her over. A tall woman with black hair, on the far side moved closer, a tattooed man with a blonde tattooed woman also looked her over. Alex and Alicia stopped near the small lockers against the wall. ”Pick any empty one. Then meet me in the office.” He turned and motioned for the dark haired woman to follow him. Alicia packed her stuff away, she was ready to work out. She was dressed in black and pink workout gear with black sneakers and her long hair tied back.

She moved into the office, Alex had his arms folded over his chest. The dark haired woman held out her hand. ”Nice to meet you Alicia. My name is Charlene, I’m Alex’s sister. Most people call me Charlie.” Alicia reaches out taking Charlie’s hand shaking it with a polite smile and a nod.

”Great to meet you.” Charlie moved around the desk behind Alex who sat down looking over some paperwork before looking flustered. Charlie looked up at Alicia with a smile before moving some more paperwork in front of Alex. He raised an eyebrow and thanked her.

He flicked through it before signing it and turning it around. ”Ok so here’s the deal. You get a breakdown in your pay and extras for merch. You will be helping in the training but joining different companies we work as a team.” Alicia blinked a few times. She seemed confused as she stuttered and just pulled the contract over the other side of the table. Her eyes darting down line by lone before flipping the page. ”Problems Ali?”

She swallowed hard and put the papers down before clearing her throat. ”No, no I just...I wasn’t expecting this. I thought I was just coming here to train.” Charlie and Alex both laughed. Alex sat back and clasped his hands together.

Charlie moved around sitting on the corner of the desk looking out the window to the floor of the gym. Members all doing what they needed to. Weight training, cardio work, mat wrestling. Two practise rings sat empty against the opposite wall. ”Do you see what we are trying to do here Alicia?. What we want to accomplish?” She smiled wide, looking up to the championship wall. Littered with replicas of Alex’s titles, Austin’s titles, Charlie’s titles. And empty slots for Alicia’s. ”We want to create more than a gym. More than a team. We want a family. A successful we need the best.” Charlie turns back to face Alicia with a large warm smile. ”We need you. We need you to stand up and take your place as a leader. Alex, Austin, myself and you. The four is use as the pillars of the family.”

Alicia took a long deep breath in. She exhaled slowly, it was a huge honor and also a change. Alicia had always been on her own, even in Japan she was competing with the other. Training with them and against them. But now, it was a chance to be different. A chance to have a professional family. Real support. She smiled and pulled the contract to a bare part of the table signing it and sliding it back to Alex who just gave her a nod. He and Charlie exchanged glances and Charlie moved around opening the door. ”Welcome to Wolfslair.”

I own my sins

”Arrogance is earned.”

The voice of Alicia Lukas opens us from the darkness. She steps into the screen. The Sun city wrestling bombshells title being held in her right hand dangling down by her side. Her face is solemn, calm, almost with an arc of depression. Her voice is monotone, very little emotion to start off. Even as she seems to suppress her southern drawl.

”So many people have a negative view of being cocky, arrogant or confident. Sure, you can be confident in your own abilities but the moment you publicly expose others for their lack of right when it comes to arrogance you are the bad guy. I have that right because of what I have done and what I am able to do. In the bombshells division Evie Jordan has earned that right to go on social media and run her mouth, to walk out to the ring abs run anyone down or call her shot. See that is what success does, it enables you to have real confidence. You can say what you want as long as you back it up. Which brings me to the last Climax Control before High stakes. And the match that included my challenger and myself.”

“We won. WE won. I have to reintegrate the “we” part because if you saw Jack Washington’s actions you’d swear he won it all by himself. You’d swear it was some weird handicap match where Keira and I were inconsequential. And that is a problem. See Hack is the make representative as far as a world champion goes. And aside from those of us in SCW no one knows who he is. But me? I am the top star in this company. I say that with all the arrogance in the world but there’s truth there.”

“And as I stepped into the ring last week I have the same level of confidence that I have always had.”

“The same level I have as I step into the ring in a few weeks at High stakes. Now over the next few minutes I’m gonna say some things that many will not agree with, I’m gonna say some things that Moneek will hate me for. But the things I am about to say you’re not meant to simply wound or hurt or cause any type of real harm. The things I am about to say should be viewed as truths that no one else is willing to look certain individuals in the face and explain. Sometimes when you have people in your life that you care about it’s hard to tell them the truth because you know that will crush them. Austin and I had this problem when talking to Alex and explain to him, explaining to his fragile ego, that Jack Washington beat him fairly.”

“It’s hard to tell someone you care about that someone was simply better than them at that moment. For me, when I lost the bombshells championship the first time to Seleana...well I had people telling me the truth.”

Alicia shrugs and raises her eyebrows with a smile. She remembers back to everyone picking her up and dusting her off, her eyes go down to the bombshells championship still  dangling at her side. She pulls the championship belt up and over her shoulder.

”When I lost the championship the first time I was devastated, I thought I had failed everyone. But Alex and Austin pulled me up, they reminded me what happened in that match, they reminded me who I was. And then after them helping me contemplate everything that was going on in my life and what I was capable of I came right back to win that championship. I then went on a run that has now become legendary, the most title defences in a single reign. Title defences against the best this company had to offer. And that wasn’t an accident, I didn’t just trip and fall into a title opportunity, I didn’t just lock my way through win after win in defence after defence. I did that because I was the best, and I am the best.”

“I proved it back then, and I also proved it in that tag match. Because whether Jack wants to admit it or not that was our win. which means it was also a win over my challenger at High stakes. Keira Fischer-Johnson.”

“Now, The first time I lost the championship the truths of people telling me what easier to hear because they were ones that I agreed with. But the second time, that is when I needed some Toughlove. So I lost my championship in a match where I was facing the best of the bombshells division in one match. A brutal match involving occasions very angry women. And in the end I left injured and without the championship that I had made my own. Keira’s wife, Roxi beat me. And while my ego wouldn’t allow me to look at it that way, that is what happened. That is what is in the history books. I was prepared to do everything necessary to get that championship back but then I was attacked, attacked by someone who was cowardly and couldn’t get the championship no matter how hard she tried.”

“I had to sit at home and watch the championship but I made into something become nothing. Passed around like it was just a cheap joke and a prop that no one actually gave a shit about. Up until Evie won it. So I put my foot down and I went back after the championship, and I lost. And again my friends in my family they needed to tell me certain truth that I wasn’t ready to hear. Evie Jordan was better than me, twice.”

She closes her eyes and takes a long deep breath again trying to calm herself down. Her hand clutches the bombshells championship harder.

”What I’m gonna say to and about Keira might be hard for her to hear. But it seems that I’m the only person who is going to be honest with her, since the friends and family seem more than happy to give her empty platitudes and lie to her face. Now, I like Keira. I do, she is a good natured person, she tries hard and put so much effort in and it’s something that we should all respect and that we should all admire. I have never once said that she is on talented, I have never once said that she shouldn’t deserve to get a championship match because she absolutely does. She deserves this opportunity more than others. And I’m not even saying that she can’t beat me, because she can, there is definitely a chance that I could walk out of high-stakes without my championship. There isn’t much of a chance but it is still there.”

“See Keira is a step above some of the women in this division. She is a step above Jessie Salco, Violet Amelia Holt, Bea Barnhart, Char Kwan. I could go on and on but iI think you get the picture. Keira Fisher-Johnson is a talent and should be recognised as such. But, don’t get this twisted Keira...because while I can admit you have a chance abs you are more if a threat to me and my title reign than the average bombshell…”

“You’re still not me….you’re still not someone I fear it worry about.”

“Your wife is someone I worry about. Amber Ryan, Evie Jordan she even Andrea Hernandez are all women that are on that level that part of me knows I could still do my best and lose. And yes I understand how many mentioning your wife might really get under your skin. Hell before our tagteam match that’s all you talked about, how do you were in her shadow. But do you know why so many people say that you’re in her shadow when you ride her coat tails? Because it’s true. Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. We all need ways that we can get ahead, we all need ways that we can get things that otherwise would slip through our fingers. And that is your way. Because let’s be honest, if you weren’t married to her, you would be put on the same pile as women like Samantha Tolson  and Amy Jo Smith.”

“Women who wouldn’t be able to cut it in the same company as me so they don’t even try.”

She can’t help but smile and laugh, the title shining in the light above. Along with Alicia’s bright blue eyes and golden main of hair that flows down her shoulders and back. She is the picture of confidence, her voice still Carmen monotone as she struggles not to get excited about the prospect of beating Keira.

”Again, this is me just telling you the truth. Because going into this match you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Your wife and your friends, women like Candy, they are not going to sit you down and look you in the eye and tell you what the deal is when it comes to this match. They are going to publicly tweet you and tell you that you are going to “kick my ass” without any real evidence or any real advice. Your own wife gave you a small empty public boost while simultaneously doing her usual Wednesday cucking of you in public.”

“And again, people say all these things about you not just to get under your skin because they’re true. The same reason why people look at me and call me an arrogant bitch and say that I like to run people down, and it’s because that is the truth I do like to run people down I can absolutely be a toxic bitch. But I also take pride in making this championship mean something and dragging everyone I face up to a higher level. Some people can stay at that level and can still do great things. Like Seleana, like Evie, like Andrea. I can sort who has real talent and who doesn’t and who has the drive and determination to be at the top of the goddamn division. And as much as I like you, you are not one of them.”

“I am one of the best female wrestlers on this planet today, no actually, I’m one of the best wrestlers period on the face of the earth.”

“High stakes is the biggest show of the year and you are facing the best professional wrestler on the planet today. That is a hell of a lot of pressure for anyone to overcome at any given time. But you have the added pressure of trying to do this at a time when you are preoccupied with so many other things in your head. This whole saga with “sin” for instance. That has no bearing on our match, it means nothing in the grand scheme of things when it comes down to what this is about and what we do.”

Now she seems to be getting angry, her teeth grind together as her hand balls into a fist her other hand clutches the bombshells championship holding it close to her chest.

”This match is supposed to be about the bombshells championship, it is supposed to be about the most dominant bombshells champion for the last few years after regaining her championship going into a match with the number one contender who is a perennial underdog. That’s what this should be about, it should be about me becoming more dominant again and perhaps continuing my rain of dominance, or someone like you stopping it. Someone with talent but it was always looked over, that’s what this should be about. But instead do you know what this has become about? Your struggles with your mental health and some bullshit story no one gives a shit about. The sins and lust and all this other crap. This should be about competition.”

“Competition between two athletes.“

“And that makes me angry. It makes me feel overlooked. Because for the last few weeks I have been training my ass off. I have been reminding people that you and I are facing each other at high-stakes for this championship while you have been off in your little fantasyland. But no more, no more bullshit. Because now this is just about you and me, it’s not about sin, it’s not about your wife, it’s not about any of your friends, it is about one wrestling ring, one championship, and two women who are willing to do whatever it takes inside that ring to win the championship. That is what matters, not this other bullshit that you decide to continue shopping down our throats and trying to make us care about. When the dust settles, when high-stakes is done, one of us will hold the bombshells championship hi, one of us will be able to tell the entire world that we are the best and nobody can say anything different.”

“And I’m worried, I’m worried that if you do somehow get lucky over me and win this championship that is just gonna become a side pawn in your bullshit. But it’s going to end up in the same state it was when your wife lost it to fucking Crystalina. That is what I’m fighting for. I’m fighting to preserve the honour and prestige of this championship, I’m fighting to make the division proud. You there? You’re fighting because you want some kind of ideal, because you want to be looked at as better than your wife. You don’t want this to actually be a champion, do you want this is a fucking prop in your lame little lesbian love story. But I’m not gonna let that happen….at high stakes you will be getting the best Alicia Lukas this world has ever ready.”

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Re: Alicia Lukas (c) v Keira Fisher - Bombshell World Championship
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Cult Of the Wolf

Success as a concept is dependent on your own ideas and goals. Your idea of success may be completely different than someone else's. When you come to your last day on this earth and you are forced to look back on your life, will your own self worth and visions of success be your own? Or will they be poisoned and polluted with the ideals of someone else and their grand vision and plan for you?. When your life and happiness is measured against the possibilities of what you could have done or the responsibilities others had placed on you, which way will the scales tip? What favor will your family, faith or government ask of you?. And how much of yourself should you sacrifice to keep it all alive?. Life has a funny way of presenting paths and we as a hole have coping mechanisms in place.

Three years ago Alicia Lukas had been presented with an opportunity. A question asked on how to change her life and become part of something greater than herself while also raising her position in life and gaining meaning as well as something she had always lacked. Professional support and family. At home she had her brother, her sister. And now she had a man in her life who understood. Even her sons as young as they were, had become her biggest source of inspiration and drive. But in her professional life she had never had that kind of support or challenge.

Until now.

A few weeks ago she was presented with an opportunity. Alex Jones had come to her, he said his peace. He laid out his plan and vision with his sister. And asked Alicia to become a part of it. She didn’t fully know what to expect. But she knew she had to leave Atlanta. She had been there a few years rebuilding her life. And even as she made mistakes in her love life she had flourished in the ring. Money, fame, championships. They all came to her. But this opportunity. Wolfslair. It meant she had to move. She had been splitting her time between Atlanta and D.C where Micheal had lived. But this chapter, this commitment. It meant she had to leave and relocate to the bustling metropolis of New York. A fact that angered her mother. Micheal had pledged to follow her, to build a life there with her. A level of support, love and faith she'd never had. But deep down there was a feeling of guilt. She hadn’t left Atlanta on the best of terms.

A few weeks earlier

”What do you mean leaving?”

Barbera Ann Lukas. Alicia’s mother stood in front of her. She was flustered. Angry. Frustrated and in her mind, completely justified. Her long hair was held up and behind her head in a silver hair clip, her make up done impeccably and she wore a blue sundress with a white flowing sheer shawl over the top. She sighed and shook her head as her hand moved up to her temples rubbing them looking to be in pain. ”You have a home here, the boys are in school. And you’re now going to run again?” her reaction wasn’t surprising. Barbera always tried to control her daughters. They both rebelled, both pushed away. But they did love their mother.

But Alicia needed this. And she knew it. She had her arms folded over her chest. Her eyes covered with black sunglasses as they stood in her mothers rose garden. The irony was not lost on Alicia as she looked over at her younger sister Zoey, whose non-wrestling birthname was in fact...Rose. ”I’m not running.! And you’re acting like I’m going overseas again. I’m goin up north.” Alicia sighed and shook her head. She could feel her own anger rising as she and her mother stood face to face. Alicia and her mother could not be more different, Alicia stood there in a cut off black Metallica shirt and cut off daisy dukes. Her long hair flowing down her shoulders and back. ”It’s not like we ont visit! Abs you can come see us! And go shopping in Manhattan..” There it was, Alicia knew how to get to her mother. Always a silver lining.

Zoey couldn’t help but laugh under her breath as Barbera's ears seemed to twitch. She folded her arms over her chest and grumbled, and in that moment mother and daughter looked more like and acted more alike than either of them were prepared to admit comfortably. ”I still don’t agree Violet!” Alicia’s nostrils flared, she twitched as if she had just been hit by a bullet she heard her name said out aloud, and in such a harsh manner. ” I have saved you too many times, I have bailed you out of bad positions over and over again. But not this time. This is your mistake and you will own it and pay for it. Barbara stormed off, pushing past her oldest daughter, looking over at her youngest who had to hide the mild indignation of enjoying her older sister step up and stand up to her.

But those words echoed in Alicia‘s ears.

Even as she got on the plane, even as she hugged her sister and her mother goodbye as they stood in the domestic terminal. All she could think of was those final words in the rose garden. Even now, a few weeks later after arriving in New York, moving into her new home that she was sharing with Michael. She had bought a car, she had signed the contract and was working for a new company as well as training at the gym. She had used it as fuel, fuel to push herself towards her own goals and her own success. Fuel to become who she was always meant to be. But now, instead of doing it by herself she had a support network. She had people who loved her and respected her, personally and professionally Alicia Lukas was no longer a lone wolf. She had found her pack.

Sweat poured down her face, her long blond hair was stuck to her body as she took long deep breaths in and out. In the past Alicia was challenged and became better by facing the best in any company she was in. It helped her improve week in and week out, but her progression stalled. Because iron sharpens iron. But now at Wolfslair, it had become a war of attrition. Battles took place inside the gym, she got in the ring and tested herself against new faces and names, people who she didn’t know and didn’t have time to study, as well as Charlie and Johanna. Two of the best women’s wrestlers in the world. It was only going to make Alicia better, and God help anyone else who was going to step in the ring with her.


Have you ever seen a modern day fairytale unfold?. Have you ever seen anything that would make you question your own cynicism?. Alicia Lukas stepped into frame. Her hair done up and curled wearing a a long flowing pink dress adorned with sparkling diamonds.

” ladies and gentlemen, in this world of uncertain times and horrible instances of corruption, it is important to remember that there are good people out there. People who are struggling in their day-to-day life but you also step up and decide to be the best that they can be. You see, we all live in a world where the idea of a fairytale is an abstract concept. Where people believe that nice guys finish last, and that happy endings are reserved for those who can pay for it. But there are some people, who decide that they want to control their own narrative, that they want to be the paragon of their own story. They want to put their best foot forward and give everyone something to believe in, that they can overcome the odds and become the hero. Hero, that word in and of itself is one of the most overused terms I have ever heard in my life.”

Alicia shakes her head, a small smile comes across her lips as she holds up her hand abs snaps her fingers. We pull out to find that Alicia has changed from the puffy pink gown with, let’s be honest here, probably fake diamonds, to wearing black skinny jeans. Torn in strategic places, black and red converse, and a black and grey Parkway Drive shirt. Her hair is now normal, flowing down her shoulders and back.

”Now, here we are back to reality. A reality that someone like Keira doesn’t really live in. See you, you have your own story to tell. One that you are shopping down the throat of everyone who will listen to you. You believe yourself to be a hero, much like your wife does, but neither of you actually know what that word is. Or what it means. If you are with someone who goes well above and beyond their own constraints, a hero is someone who does things for the greater good not just for their own selfish gains. You are trying to do everything for your own selfish gains. We all want to believe that we can overcome anything in front of us and that we can become the best of what we choose to do. And what we choose to be. That is what you believe isn’t it? Keira?.”

“And I get it, I mean I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t dislike you. I don’t hate you. Part of me even admires and likes you. Most of the time you are a kind person, you love and enjoy what you do and you don’t normally have an unkind word to say about or to anyone.”

“But you live in a world where only your story matters.You live in a world where everything is a fairytale.“

“From your marriage to your friendships. To your career. You think that coming after this championship and winning is going to be some amazing victory for everyone. You think it is going to open up the heavens and people are going to sing your praises and the angels are gonna say that everything is alright with the world. But the truth is, the only two people on this earth who actually care about you and this championship are you and Me. Your friends say that they will and so will your bean headed wife but the truth is that this match only matters to two people. And this, this is reality Keira.”

She hold up the bombshells championship, the nameplate shining with her name on it. Her hand wrapped around the leather strap tightly as she then pulls it over her shoulder holding it tight.

”You live in this world where you were the protagonist, meaning I’m the villain right?. Okay, I’ll live in this fantasy world with you for a moment and pretend that I’m a horrible person keeping you from your goal. I elevated this championship up, I made people want it. The first time I want it off of Danielle Western, the championship already meant something, but I took it to the next level. Then I lost it due to means that won’t even my own, and the title instantly lost a little bit of its shine. So I went out, I want it back, and very slowly match by match, win by win, record my broken fucking record, I made the championship mean something again.”

“Now, I am going to say something that many people will probably not agree with, something that won’t be very popular and may hurt some people’s feelings. Not everyone can be the world champion. Not everyone can reach the top of the goddamn mountain. This championship is not something that should be held by everyone.”

“You may want this championship Keira. But wanting something doesn’t mean you should just get it.”

“Are you good enough to win it? Absolutely. But, are you good enough to actually make it mean something? Or is your win going to be a fleeting moment of happiness, one that makes you smile, one that gives your wife an excuse to gush all over social media?. Or the start of a dynasty?. Do you remember what happened last time I lost this championship? I do. I remember clearly. I watched as your wife lost the championship, I watched as it got passed around, I watched as more women held this title in less time than my entire reign was. I watch this championship become a trinket. All because everyone had to have a turn. So if I have to be the villain of your stupid little story to keep this championship relevant? Then just call me maleficent, bitch.”

Alicia pauses for a moment as a smoke comes across her lips. She looks at the championship then back forward again.

” But that’s the issue isn’t it? One persons hero was another persons villain. You put your heart out there and you told me your story and laid your soul bare. Thing is though, when it comes to me and what I say in these pre-match promos, when I talk about my opponents I try to lay it out more as facts. Because those are what matters. See Keira, I can admit, like I have many times before, that you are a great talent. You can get in the ring and you can win matches and you are more than capable of beating me. But if we look at this logically, if we look at this without any of the emotion involved without your soul baring story that you are deciding to use as a personal narrative, I beat you 99 times out of 100.”

“I have been the best for so goddamn long, and it’s a constant fight. It is a constant fight for me to stay relevant to silence people who will try and drag me down because they are too lazy to lift themselves up, but you aren’t like that. You aren’t someone who tries to drag me down to your level, you are trying to pull yourself up and for that reason alone I can respect you. But I am still one of the best in that ring, on a microphone, in the world.“

“I’m sorry honey, but your little story means very little in the grand scheme of things when it come to High stakes and this championship. It isn’t relevant to the match.”

“Do you know why? Do you know why personal stories and opinions don’t matter? Because everyone has that story. Everyone is the hero with their own fucking narrative Keira.”

“You are not special because you have personal struggles.”

“Even if we lived in a world where the outcome of the match was all predicated on the struggles and wants and needs of someone in their personal life, you still wouldn’t beat me. I am a single mother who lived through abuse, I am a person who watch their father walk away from me. From my family. I ran away from a horrible situation to put myself in a worse situation all chasing an idea of something that didn’t exist and as I sat there, at rock bottom, losing everything, I picked myself up. I picked myself up and I dusted myself off and I came back and I scratched and clawed for everything. Through horrible relationships through abuse through daddy issues through psychological trauma I went through it all Keira.”

Alicia’s voice cracks, she clenches her jaw together to stop herself from showing too much emotion. She takes a drawn out breath closing her eyes before releasing it pushing out all the emotion.

” I became a champion, I have a happy marriage, I have two beautiful kids, and I am not going to allow you to twist this and make me the villain in your little story. This isn’t about your personal issues or mine, this is about a professional wrestling match, a professional wrestling championship, and this is about me proving everyone wrong again and proving that I am indeed still the best professional wrestler to step in the ring as a bombshell in this goddamn company. You can do everything you can to try and stop me, you always have a chance, but I’m not gonna let emotions sway me or anyone else…”

“I have records to break, fans to bring to this company and new challengers to face. Even with all I have done, the truth is I have only just started. And everyone should be afraid.”

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Re: Alicia Lukas (c) v Keira Fisher - Bombshell World Championship
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Final Sin Part 2: Hope For The World

The scene opens up with Keira still climbing the stairs. She doesn't stop, doesn't take her eyes off of it, but all of a sudden, she gets blinded by a huge light. Keira's eyes slowly gets adjusted as she notices that she was now standing on top of a volcano. She could feel the heat from it as she says

Keira: Damn, I'm surprised the heat from it hasn't killed me.

Keira slowly begins to walk on the rock, looking at both sides, the lava on her left and the hard rock on the right. As she looks at the middle, she sees a fist heading her way. Keira dodges it real quick and does a back flip, landing on her feet. She sees Sin and gets into fighting position.

Keira: Sin...

Sin: As I thought. You followed me like a dog. You really want to end me, don't you?

Keira: You tormented me ever since we first met. I thought for a long time that I needed you. But instead, like a leech, you needed me!

Sin: I used you. I used your body and mind to help me become stronger. As you have trained, and developed your powers, I became stronger. I became the most powerful entity to ever exist. All thanks to you. And each time you tried to remove me, all it took was just a little time to regenerate and become even stronger. You, Keira, will NEVER be rid of me. I have grown tired of you interfering, and trying to stop me, because you have failed at every turn. I have taken the 7 sins from you and your friends. I have wrecked everything you hold dear. And now... I have no more use for you. I'm going to kill you, and your useless corpse will be paraded through the streets of MY world. I will kill all the heroes who try and stop me. You had the chance to be part of this, now... you will be the cause of the end of your world.

Keira: Yet the people you used for centuries as you called them. You used them as you say, yet you didn't do a damn thing about it!

Sin: The time wasn't right. Now, it is. Thanks to you, I have brought all the sins of mankind back on them. At the height of the sin, the human race dies as lived. With me, ruling the world.

Keira: So, 2020 was the right time? When the world is at it's lowest. You really are a piece of shit, Sin!

Sin: I am GOD now, Keira. And before you die, you will bow like the rest of your race.

Keira: I will never bow. You are not God and you're sure as hell not the Devil...

Keira keeps her eyes on Sin, her brows furrowed

Keira: I don't fear you anymore....

Sin: I guess you need to re-learn that fear. It was fear that brought you to me in the first place, and it will be your undoing!

Keira keeps a fighting stance as Sin now does the same. Both fighters were just staring, waiting for that right moment. As a bolt of lightning strikes, Sin launches and begins to attack. Keira rushes and attacks Sin. Both throw a few punches to each other, moving around so fast, not even the human eyes could catch up. After a few blocks, Keira gets in a couple of sucker punches, hitting Sin in the face, busting her lip as the two land. Sin wipes the blood off, despite it still bleeding. She looks at it, instead of human blood, it was dark as the night. Sin smirks at this

Sin: You drew first blood. I'm impressed.

Keira: Let me draw some more!

Keira rushes, but Sin blocks it as the two continue the hard fight. Keira gets punched as well, lip busted open as well. But Keira uses some Ki and blasts Sin hard, forcing Sin to land hard, groaning in pain. The lava reacts to this as it bubbles and sizzles as Sin stands

Keira: For all the talk about being as strong as me, you can't even outfight me. You can't out think me...

Sin: You have never understood fighting. You think that brute strength will give you the advantage. You have never known technique. Or when you're being toyed with!

Keira: What do you me--

Sin rushes and throws a huge gut punch to Keira. Sin then keeps punching away, forcing Keira to her knees, having her cough

Sin: Get up, weakling.

Keira is barely able to look, but when she does, she sweeps the legs quickly, catching Sin by surprise. Keira raises her hand, backing away, shouting


Keira fires a huge energy blast, hitting Sin hard. Sin lands hard, now a little bruised up as Keira breathes a little heavy.

Keira: You talk too much...

Keira gets back up and rushes, wanting to make sure that Sin didn't have a chance. She kicks Sin by her chin, sending her flying. Keira rushes and grabs Sin, slamming her down hard with a powerbomb. Keira back's away, keeping her fighting position ready

Sin slow gets to her feet, showing her battle damaged body.

Sin: Look at what you've done!

Sin's anger turns to a smile.

Sin: Nothing!

Sin seemingly heals herself, smiling evily.

Sin: The sin.... the sin of your people, it fuels me!

Keira: Yet they fight. They fight your demons. They fight your Deadly Sins!

Sin: For now... Soon they will overcome everyone you hold dear. And there will be no one left... no one but you.

Sin goes to attack, but all of a sudden, she begins to groan and hold her stomach in pain. Keira notices it as she looks at Sin

Sin: What...what is this...

Sin looks at the sky, showing a vision of one of the fights. Envy was seen falling down, her skull bashed in by Hammer

Hammer: Is that all a deadly sin can do!? Lady Kat's tougher than you!

Envy's body turns into dust and scatters into the win, sending Sin into shock

Keira: What was that about overcoming?

Sin: Envy... you fool! No matter... I can make another

Keira: I don't think you can. Cause seeing you be in pain after losing Envy. You don't have the energy to make another

Sin: Now who's talking too much! I still have more than enough to destroy you!

As Sin begins to stand, she groans in pain again. The vision showing Wrath falling. Keri and Angelica hop and slam their boots into Wrath, killing her and making her vanish

Keira: What's wrong? Having a bit of a problem?

Sin: You...

Sin groans again in pain, now showing Pride being taken down by Keri and Angelica after taking Wrath down

Keira: You feel that? That pain that's clawing in you? That's your sins fading away from you. The people finding the inner strength to no longer be afraid.


Keira rushes and grabs Sin by her hair. She throws her and fires a huge ki blast, damaging Sin hard. Sin lands and rolls, groaning in pain again

Keira: I don't see any fear from them...


Keira: If that's the case. Get up and heal. Fight me!

Sin slowly gets up and raises her energy level. Her wounds heal and she stands refreshed

Sin: Oh... I feel my lover's energy growing with mine... yes...

Keira smirks a little bit. She raises her energy as well, making sure she stays ahead of Sin

Keira: She will the others

Sin: So long as she lives... I will forever have the energy to fight! You know your wife isn't strong enough... you know she will fall! Now fight me!

Keira rushes as her and Sin throws fists and kicks again. Both were evenly matched again, but as Sin does a double axe handle, sending Keira down hard to the rocks below. Sin groans and falls, landing. The lava reacts to this as the vision in the sky shows Gluttony falling to a knee. Mistress Haven hovers over her

Mistress Haven: Die Demon.

Haven takes her large katana and decapitates Gluttony and stabs several move knives that she controls goes into them.

Gluttony's body falls, vanishing into dust as Keira slowly gets up. She rushes and blasts Sin a few times, giving her huge damage. She backs away, screaming

Keira: GET UP, SIN!

Sin slowly begins to get up.


Keira: You're right. I won't. Your own Deadly Sins, your own ego will beat you


Sin groans again as she lays on the ground. The vision sees Sloth trying to get ahold of Jessie, but Jessie finally overpowers her and slams her down. Jessie sees a huge axe and grabs it. She goes to Sloth, lifts it 


Jessie takes the axe and slices Sloth's head clean off, making Sloth vanish into dust. Sin screams in intense anger

Keira: Look at you, pathetic. Losing as much power as you gained. Now that I look at you. I see the same thing I hated about myself. Seeking glory. You want that and look at where it's got you

Sin: I... Will not... die..

Keira rushes, blasting Sin again. As Sin flies, she rushes and gives Sin a mid air backbreaker, using her knee and throwing her down. Keira slowly lands, seeing Sin bleed and crawl

Keira: Get up....

Sin slowly rolls over and tries to crawl to get up.

Keira: All that talk...

Sin: You... are nothing... without me...

Keira: Looks like the other way around. You backed me into a corner for so long. Now that I'm the one finally fighting back against you. You're nothing more than a pest

Sin: I... gave everything.... to you...

Keira: Yes, you did. In return, I gave you my energy and my life. I'm taking it all back. I'm taking back my life and every last bit of my energy from you...

Sin groans after Keira says this, the vision showing Candy and Greed fighting. Candy pours some glitter and shouts out


Candy as Super Candy, blows the glitter at Greed. Normally, it would hurt, but the glitter was cutting like knives. Greed screams as she becomes dust.

Keira: One left...

Sin: My... beloved...

All of a sudden, Keira turns, seeing Roxi and Lust coming their way, punching and kicking each other

Keira: Roxi! Do it!

Roxi: Working on it....

Lust: You are nothing without me! NOTH--

Lust then notices Sin down and her eyes widen

Lust: My beloved! No!

Lust runs over and covers up Sin.


Keira: Oh, I won' are, Lust

Lust: What do you--

Roxi rushes and grabs Lust. She kicks her and raises her hand

Keira: DO IT!!!

Roxi: No. More. Demons!

Roxi fires the blast, the wide engulfing energy completely disintegrates Lust into nothing.


Keira looks at Sin as Roxi lands beside her

Keira: Without the sins, without the fear. You're nothing. Nothing more than a memory. One I want to finally be rid of.

Sin: You... you need me...

Keira: No. I don't. Not anymore. Never again.

As Keira says this, what looked like light was seen coming towards the battle area. Sin sees this and begins to laugh. She looks up and laughs at both Keira and Roxi

Keira: What's so funny!?

Roxi: Look...

Keira turns and sees the energy coming. Each one hits Sin's damaged body as Sin says

Sin: What's so funny? Simple, you still don't know when you're being TOYED WITH!!!!

As the energy of the departed Deadly Sins hit Sin's body, it slowly makes her transform. The last one, Lust's energy rushes and hits Sin's chest, basically hitting her dark heart. Sin roars and transforms, no longer looking like Keira, but one of a wolf/hedgehog hybrid like before. But even that is becoming more mutated. She grows two extra eyes and sharp claws. She roars in a wild manner

Keira: What the Hell!?

Sin finishes transforming, her now four eyes open, the red dots replaced with red and gold eyes as she wickedly smiles

Roxi: Sin's true form...

Sin: Look at the big brain on you, Roxi...

Roxi: It doesn't matter... you will... be stopped.

Sin smirks as she takes her claws and slashes Roxi hard. Roxi screams and flies a bit, landing on the rocks

Keira: ROXI!!!! DAMN YOU, SIN!

Sin: I told you before! Used to the very end! Now you pay for all of it. You and your world will perish, by it's FINAL SIN!

Keira powers up once again and rushes. She throws punches and kicks towards Sin, but it felt like none of them were doing anything. As Keira throws a punch, Sin blocks it and claws Keira hard a few times, making her fly and crash beside Roxi's body

Keira: D..damn. R..Roxi...

Roxi: Hey...

Keira: I'm sorry...I should have never got you into this.

Roxi: Heh... I got you into this mess when you became a hero. But... we're a team... sorry babe... ow... you're stuck with me

Keira: You got into this mess....when you saved me.

Keira weakly smiles

Keira: I thank you every day for that.

All of a sudden, Sin grabs Keira by her costume and lifts her up. She wickedly smiles as she raises her hand, saying

Sin: Like I said before. You never stood a chance. Now it's time for this to end. Goodbye, Keira!

Sin blasts Keira hard, point blank with Dark Ki. She lets Keira go at the same time, making Keira's prone body fall into the volcano, forcing Roxi to watch

Roxi: NOOO!

Sin demonically laughs as she turns to Roxi

Sin: You know. This is also your fault as well. If you had never saved her, your world would have been saved. Now, you doomed it. But because of you, you killed Keira!

Roxi: I saved her....

Roxi slowly tries to pull herself up. Crying and angry.

Roxi: I'll tear you apart with my bare hands!

Sin: You can try...

Sin rushes quickly, appearing in front of Roxi. She uses her claws to stab Roxi in the side of her stomach

Sin: But in the end, you will fail

Roxi groans as the blood rushes from her stomach. She growls as she holds on to Sin's claw. She releases a ton of energy into a ball, aimed right at Sin's face.

Roxi: I'll see you in hell.

Roxi releases the energy and the blast actually staggers Sin back a few steps. Roxi screams and begins to unload blast after blast of what energy she has left. Continuing to scream as she does so. A massive cloud of energy builds up around Sin. Roxi continues firing, blindly at the smoke. Until she finally stops, and breathes in heavy breaths.

Roxi: Did you... like that...

Sin smirks as she takes some dark ki, blasting Roxi hard. Roxi staggers, her eyes rolling into the back of her head and falls. She lays there, passed out as Sin slowly walks to her, saying

Sin: Once you bleed out, I'll hang your body in my throne room. But will you recover quickly enough for it to stop it?

Sin laughs as she turns away, but all of a sudden

Jenny: HEY! BITCH!

Sin's smile turns into anger, turning to see a weakened Jenny Tuck, bandaged up

Jenny: You're not done yet! You still got me to contend with!

Sin: You...

Sin laughs

Sin: You were Lust originally... Yes... We fed off your essence... I will enjoy tearing you apart like a fly.

Jenny stands her ground, dropping something as it rolls towards Roxi. As Sin slowly goes towards Jenny, a figure is seen coming out from the volcano. The figure has her hands in the air, a huge ball of energy is seen building behind Sin. Jenny keeps her ground

Sin: So willing to die... I should keep you alive just to torture you!

Jenny: You've done enough of that in my life! I'd rather die than to see you take this world over!

Sin: Gladly.

As Sin raises her hand, she sees a glow in front of Jenny. Sin turns and finally notices the figure

Sin: WHAT?!

Sin then hears Roxi laugh

Roxi: You don't know when you're being toyed with... do you?

Sin: WHAT?!

The figure shown was Keira, but now her hair silver, in her Ultra X form. But this time, her eyes have been replaced with silver dots in the middle, fully in control of it as she builds the ball. Sin roars at this as she rushes. But she gets taken down quickly by Hammer and the Peak Twins, who have rushed quickly to get to the battle area


Hammer: Sorry, bitch! But you're not destroying this world!

Sin punches them away, but gets hit hard by Mistress Haven

Sin: Gah! You will not stop me!

Mistress Haven: I will destroy you, and then them. No one will stop me!

Haven unleashes her energy, but Sin is eventually able to overpower her


As she says that, Jenny leaps from behind Sin and stabs her hard in the chest a few times, making Sin scream


Sin roars with anger and slashes Jenny across her face and chest. A blood curdling scream escapes Jenny, as she falls back, holding her face. blood covers her hands as she lays in agonizing pain.

Sin: An eye... for an eye..


Sin looks up as Keira was nearly finished. Keira then says

Keira: This ball is 15 years of everything I've built up in me. Something I held near and dear to my heart. It's not anger. It's not fear. It's something you can never defeat. Something I will carry with me til I can't fight any longer!

Sin: What is it!? It won't save you!

Keira: It's a thing called Hope! Now CHOKE ON IT!!!!

Keira finishes building it and launches it. The huge ball flies down as Sin places her hands on it, trying to push it away.

Sin: This won't stop me! There is no hope for this world! I rule this world! I! AM! G--

There is a small explosion by Sin as sonic waves are emitted from the device Jenny gave Roxi. Roxi used her energy to throw it, and then slowly stood up.

Roxi: Hurts... doesn't it? I bet this... will hurt more.

Roxi uses what energy she has left to fire a giant attack at Sin. It impacts Sin and makes Sin lose her balance before Roxi collapses.

Sin: NOOO!

Keira screams, putting the last bit of energy into the ball and it engulfs Sin. Sin screams in intense pain as it slowly destroys her. As it does, the light engulfs the area, showing Keira in front of the priest. Keira looks at him, saying

Keira: I need help...

Priest: My child, God has brought you here for a reason. I will help

The priest gets close to Keira as he pulls out the same knife that was used on Keira in the past, but three hands are seen holding his arm. Keira then sees Roxi as well as Keira's late mom and dad

Keira's mom: No more. This must end!

Keira's dad: Your reign of terror over this world comes to an end.

Roxi: Never darken our world again!

Keira: .....Goodbye, Sin.

The priest screams, vanishing as Sin was shown, engulfed still in the blast. She finally vanishes into it as the ball explodes. The world Sin made vanishes because of it, showing the world back to normal. Blue skies, and the yellow sun. Keira smiles and falls, landing hard on the ground. She then says

Keira: We did...We did it. It's over. It's finally...fucking...over....

Keira finally passed out from the pain as well as fatigue. As she, Roxi and Jenny lay there, some GUILD Members are seen getting medical ready as the scene fades

The scene opens up with a huge room, reserved for three women who are in beds right now. Keira is in the middle, out from the battle against Sin. Roxi is on the right of her while Jenny is on the left, all three bandaged up. Keira slowly wakes up and sees a doctor hovering over her. She gets startled before the doctor calms her down

Doctor: Easy... easy...

Keira: Wh--where am I?

Doctor: Guild HQ, The infirmary.

Keira: Roxi...Jenny...

Doctor: They are here, Lady Bedlam has various injuries, but she should recover... This Jenny is... not in the best shape. You all just need to rest.

Keira: I want to see them...

Keira slowly sits up and starts to get out of bed. The doctor tries to stop her, but she ignores it. She sees Jenny and goes to her. She sees her heavily bandaged up, more so over the upper half of her left face. Jenny slowly wakes up

Keira: Jenny...thank God...

Doctor: She needs to rest. She was barely alive when she was brought in.

Jenny: Ugh...

Keira: Easy, easy...

Jenny reached for Keira, she can barely move and can't really speak.

Doctor: She's going to need to be here a while. We have to stop the internal bleeding.

Keira grabs Jenny's hand and looks at her

Keira: It's ok, Jenny. It's over. Get some rest

Jenny slowly closes her uncovered eye and goes back to sleep. Keira slowly turns and goes towards Roxi's bed. The doctor continues to try to stop her, but she wanted to see her. She goes to Roxi's bed and looks at her

Keira: Roxi....

Roxi: ...Hey...

Keira: Hey....

Roxi: I...missed...the number...of that...bus that hit me...

Keira: Shut up....

Roxi starts to laugh, but coughs.

Keira: Easy, easy. Like I told Jenny.

Roxi: I'll... be .. okay.

Keira: Baby....

Roxi: It takes... more than that... to kill me.

Keira slowly looks over at Jenny as Roxi said that

Roxi: Unless... we're dead right now...

Keira: No. We're alive....

Keira still looks at Jenny

Keira: Some of us worse off, but for now...we're alive.

Roxi: Heh... good. Got.. a lot of work to do.

Keira: Not right now. Just rest

Roxi: Yeah...

Keira smiles at Roxi

Keira: I love you, Roxi...

Keira turns and slowly walks back over to Jenny. She looks over and says

Keira: I love you too, Jenny....

Keira slowly turns and begins to walk out the door. The doctor sees this and stands in front of the door

Doctor: You need to rest too.

Keira: Out of my way doc. I got to go somewhere

Doctor: I can't let you, you are in no condition to go anywhere.'

Keira: You really that strong enough to stop me right now?

Doctor: Please don't. The security will stop you. I don't want to have to call them. You need to rest to recover. We still have to put everyone in the rejuvenation pod once they are ready.

Keira: Fine. I'll rest. But I got to go see someone first

Keira starts to walk again, but the doctor tries to stop her

Doctor: Please, for once. Stop. You need to rest

Roxi: Let her leave. She... She'll be back...

Doctor: I can't allow that. Look, when you are well, you can leave. But you are not in any condition to keep fighting.

Keira: This isn't me going fighting. This is something that I have to do

Doctor: Look, ma'am. I know you mean well, but you need to rest.

Keira sighs at this. She takes two fingers to her forehead, weakly. With a bit of energy, she transmits out of the room, scaring the doctor

Doctor: No!

Roxi: She'll... be fine...

Moments later, Keira is seen transmitting in front of a old, abandoned house, one that was too familiar to her. She goes to the door and slowly opens it. The inside looking like it hasn't seen a person inside it for a long time. She slowly goes in and looks around the place, knowing where she was going. She climbs up the stairs and heads straight into a room where a bed and a few other things are. She looks at the floor and sheds a tear. She falls to her hands and knees, saying

Keira: Mama...Daddy... it's over. It's finally over. Rest now, you can finally rest....

Keira cries and doesn't stop, letting out a decade and a half of pain she held in. The scene fades on that

The scene opens up days later with Keira in the ring. She is going for moves to see if she can try against Alicia to be ready for her World Bombshell Championship match. As she goes for it, she stops and sees Roxi at the ring

Keira: May I help you?

Roxi: No. Just watching. Keep going

Keira smirks as she does. After a couple of hours, Keira collapses to the mat, panting heavily.

Keira: Damn. That last move took me out...

Roxi: Good. Very good. Rest.

Keira: No telling me to get back in? I got to be ready. I have to keep my focus. This is my only shot at this, Roxi.

Roxi: And there is such a thing as over training. Yes, you need to be ready, but you're going to wind yourself so tight something could go wrong.

Keira: Babe...

Roxi: No, just listen to what I'm telling you. I understand how important this is to you. But if you train and train and train, muscles will cramp, joints lock and other muscles may tear, because you're so wound up. Anxiety can be a killer if you are too focused.

Keira smiles a bit, closing her eyes

Keira: You're right. I just want to be ready for this. Ready for Alicia.

Roxi: I know that. I know what you're after. But if you try and push yourself too hard, you will end up hurting yourself. Alicia will be tough enough without you beating yourself.

Keira: Right. You're right.

Roxi: Relax. I know you can do this. Don't overthink it. Don't overtrain it. You know what's at stake, and what you have to do.

Keira: You're right. This is my one chance. My one chance to take Alicia to her limits. If she makes even one mistake....

Roxi: Don't think of this as your one chance. Think of it as a new beginning.

Keira actually smiles at this

Keira: A new beginning....

Roxi gets in the ring and puts a hand out and helps Keira up, and puts an arm around her.

Roxi: A new beginning. No more Sin, nothing but Keira, The new Bombshell's champion.

Keira: I can't wait. Once High Stakes finally gets here. I will finally give Alicia Lukas everything I can give her and even more. You're right. This is a new beginning. Now only for you, me and many of us. But for SCW when I become the new Bombshell World Champion. A fresh face on the top of the mountain. A brand new beginning!

Keira smiles a bit more. She looks at Roxi, saying

Keira: But for now, let's go upstairs and relax. Plus, give your mom some time to relax and play with Nate

Roxi: Alright.

Keira places a arm over Roxi as they exit the ring, the scene finally fades



I am happy to tell all of you that I have taken care of Sin, and she will no longer be bothering any of you anymore. And most importantly, she won’t be bothering me anymore. Now, I get to have a fresh start. I get to focus on things that are far more important to me than the safety of my wife, friends and co-workers. I can only say I’m sorry for all the problems that happened and hope that you forgive me for all the things that happened and all the trouble Sin caused. But now, and damn it feels good to say this, now and forever more, Sin is nothing more than an ugly memory. It’s finally over. I have never felt so relieved.

And now that that is over everything feels different, you know? Not just different, but everything feels better. Like 10 times better than normal. To know now, that what has dragged me down for all this time is now gone, and gone forever? It is the best feeling. The wind feels better against my face. The sun feels brighter, the food tastes better, the sex.. Okay, You get my point. Things are just different now and it’s great. Now I have taken care of one demon and I get to finally exercise the next one.

Now, my focus is 100% on Alicia Lukas and winning the SCW Bombshell’s championship. I will tell you right now that after hearing Alicia, I don’t think her focus on me. I said it before that she really doesn’t see me as a threat, and you heard it from her own mouth. She thinks I’m good, but I’m not great. I expected this and Alicia sure didn’t let me down. You see, Alicia can think like that because well, she will get another championship match down the road. It always happens with her. She got three title shots in a row to finally beat Evie. She snuck in the back door and won the battle royal, after getting two prior to that. So, you’d think that she’d be able to win one of them, and she finally did it. So, there’s no reason for me to believe that after High Stakes, if I beat her, and I plan to, that she would receive another championship match. So, Alicia’s got it made, why should she take me seriously? I’m just the challenger, right? I get shots and lose, that’s my thing. That is exactly the reason why Alicia should take me seriously.

It took me this long to earn this match, and I know right here as I speak to her, and to you guys, that my back is against the wall. I have almost as much to lose as Alicia does. If I lose, then everyone gets to rub it in. Everyone gets to tell me how much I suck and I shouldn’t get a championship match ever again. To me, this is my one shot and I have to make it count. Because if I don’t, who knows if I will ever see this type of stage ever again. It is in the back of my mind that this is it. I’m being thrown the biggest bone I will ever get, and if I fail, SCW would have no reason to throw me another. I’m taking this match very seriously. I’m taking this opportunity very seriously. And losing this match is my biggest fear. So I have turned that fear of losing, into all the anger and frustration that has built up for the last couple of years.

Alicia, I said that the match two weeks ago was a warm up, and you have now told me that a champion always gives their best. So, I have to ask if two weeks ago was you trying your best? I mean, was it? Because I know I was being cautious because Sunday is the biggest match. If you were taking it easy on me, then you weren’t trying your best, right? You’re the best, on another level and all that. So were you not trying? Because that would be you lying about what a true champion does. If you were trying your hardest, then I only gained confidence that I will beat you at High Stakes. If you were trying your best, I stood right there, toe to toe with you, and I was damn close to pinning you right in the middle of the ring. But maybe, I just got lucky, right? Maybe it’s because you took your foot off the gas, Alicia if you took me lightly, then you are going back on your own word. What kind of champion takes their foot off the gas? I think the same one who underestimated me two weeks ago. I know you will make adjustments to what you want to do, and that’s fine. I hope you do. I hope you really get focused on beating me, because I mean, if you are right, I’m not a challenge and you should have no trouble beating me, right? You should just make an example out of me.

But I heard it in your voice Alicia, you are feeling the pressure and you are concerned about losing the championship to me at High Stakes. I know what I heard and it sounded like some fear has crept into your head. You can brag about being better than everyone else and you may not see me as an equal to you or to a lot of other people, but you know that’s just ego talking. In your heart, you didn’t expect me to be here, and you already are wondering if you are going to lose on your first defense, aren’t you? That precious first defense that somehow if you lose, makes you a bad champion. I will never understand why stats are so important to you though. You know if you win a championship, that’s a stat and no one will take it away. You are a three-time Bombshell’s champion, longest reign, most defenses and all that. Why are you so worried about how many wins and losses you have? How are you that insecure about where you stand? I mean, SCW put you in the top 5 bombshells of all time. Well, okay, one person's list and everything. That’s amazing, but you still are looking for more for some crazy reason. If I were in your shoes, I’d be thrilled. But you are still looking for some kind of recognition, and at the same time, you are trying to tell everyone you are better than them. That, is something I plan to take advantage of. You are worried about all the wrong things, when you should be worried about me.

Like, I still don’t understand the obsession you have with my wife giving out a #WCW post to people. Why? My wife and I have been together for 5 years. We have never drifted apart. In fact, we are stronger than ever. Those posts every Wednesday? They don’t bother me, so why they bother you is a mystery. I know my wife loves me and isn’t going anywhere. She’s not going to run off with anybody or leave me. Those posts are out of love, but not the same type of love that Roxi and I share. Not even close. So, it’s a nice try to make me think that somehow Roxi is going to not be with me, but it’s a pretty desperate attempt to sound cool if you ask me. You, Mikah, J2H, there’s a lot of people who are just weirdly obsessed with that. I’m just saying it here and now Alicia, you can mute a twitter hashtag if you don’t like it. It’s a friendly gesture by my wife towards our friends. If you think that it’s weighing on my mind, it isn’t. So, it really shouldn’t weigh on yours.

It’s just proving my point. You want to find other things to focus on rather than me. Why? Is it because I embraced my failures and now, you don’t want to talk about them? My failures are a part of me. I’ve lost a lot in my life, and in my career. I’ve been an outcast, and looked down on my entire life. It’s what I’ve known for a long time. I was this close to not even being here anymore if my wife hadn’t come into my life, and showed me that I can accomplish things. She lifted me up and kept me where I needed to be. My parents are gone. But I know they can rest easy now. I know they’re looking down and smiling at what their daughter has become. I’ve made friends and enemies alike, and my whole world has opened up to even more possibilities. I’m happy about where I am in life. And for a long time, I never thought I was ever going to say that. You have no idea what it means to me to have a chance like this, after all I’ve been through. So, you can bet your ass I’m ready for this.

And I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with. I know about my temper and how I act and all that sometimes rubs people the wrong way. It’s just how I’ve been my whole life. I’ve been guarded because I didn’t feel worthy. I’ve lived with the pain and the embarrassment for a long time. Hell, even as we speak right now, there are people who are actively rooting against me, because they hate my guts. I was that outcast for so long, and I messed up so many times that I really didn’t even want the spotlight. When I won the LAW championship, I actually saw tweets and messages about how people weren’t going to watch the show anymore, because they hated me that much. I have to live with that. I tried to put on that brave face like you are now, but inside? That hurt. It hurt me more than you can imagine. But you know what happened? I kept moving forward, while they lived in the god damn past. In their eyes I was never worthy, and as time went on, and I kept at it, and got better and did better, those people started to fade away. Those people started to find something else to try and bring down. So, there’s nothing that you’ve said, or that you’re going to say or do that is going to do any worse than any of them have already said or done. I’m sure there are still some of them around, who want to see me fail or bring me down if I succeed. But you know what? That’s okay. I know who I am, and I know I’m striving to be better each and every day. And that, combined with the love I get from my friends, and my family is more than I ever expected and honestly, more than I deserve. I am humbled every single day by the amount of support I have. It just seems to me that you, once again, need to be humbled.

Now, I could make a camel clutch joke right here, but that’s too easy. Maybe beating you for the SCW Bombshell’s championship will do the trick, but I have my doubts. It is your whole world, after all. Everyone already saw what happens when you lose the championship, you dedicate everything to getting it back. I guess that qualifies as a champion’s mentality to you. It is when you are at your happiest. Either that, or when you’re insulting someone or patronizing them. I just want you to know, all of that? It really shows off how insecure you really are.

But you are right about one thing Alicia, this isn’t about Sin. Not anymore. You may not have believed in what happened to the others, but it happened and it was awful. But now, that’s all over and done with. This isn’t about her, it’s not about Roxi, or anyone else but you, and me. You, the champion, and me, the challenger. Despite what you may think, I’ve been in this role before, with the exact same sentiment going around that there is right now. You want me, and everyone else to think I can’t beat you. And the role of underdog, that suits me just fine. I’ll happily embrace it again. Because all it takes is 3 seconds Alicia. All it takes is 3 seconds and everything that you hold so dearly, is gone. 3 seconds and you are not the Bombshell’s champion. Just like that. It can all be taken away. And in your heart right now? you know it’s true. That match two weeks ago? I know I surprised you. But since your ego is going to fill you up, you think that once you really try, once you really turn it up, you’re going to just beat me, and that will be that. My dream ends and you walk away, apparently looking at facing Roxi after that.

But again, all it takes is 3 seconds. 3 seconds and I’m holding the championship high, dream realized, destiny fulfilled, & doubters silenced. 3 seconds and I complete everything I’ve worked so hard for. 3 seconds and the whole group of monkeys are off my back. I’ve already gotten rid of one, and it was the biggest weight that was dragging me down. So now, I have nothing but time to focus on you. Time to study you and prove to you regardless of what you think, regardless of what you say, I am on your level. I can and I will beat you for the Bombshell’s championship.

It’s still crazy to me that after all this time, I’m here, right where I want to be. Right here, with the opportunity of a lifetime. And for the first time in my entire career, I got into a match this big, with nothing and no one holding me back. I can walk proudly down to the ring and stand across from you and finally show you, and the rest of the world, fans and doubters, that I am my own woman. I’m not JUST Roxi’s wife, or her partner. I am Keira Fisher-Johnson, and I can beat anyone. I managed to beat a lot of people in spite of all my demons, and now, they are gone.

This is it for me, Alicia. Everything that I’ve put my heart and soul into comes down to this match. A match I know I can win, and you know you can lose. This is my time, Alicia. This is MY opportunity, and I will be damned if I’m going to waste it.

You see, this is different for me, a chance to do something that a lot of people can’t do but wish they could A lot of people in this world don’t get the chance I am getting. They will never have that chance to do what I have sitting in front of me. Not just win the Bombshell’s championship, I get to actually... start over. It’s something I never thought I would ever get, and I thought about my past and how maybe I didn’t deserve that either. So maybe you’re right, I am lucky, Alicia. I am very lucky. I get the chance to have that fresh start, a new beginning. I get the chance to take all my failures, my anger, my fear, and yea, my sins, and finally put what I’ve learned from all of this and finally take that giant step forward. For my past, to be just that, my past. I am officially, letting all that go. To begin all over again with life, and my career. I have a great life now. I have friends, a beautiful wife, a wonderful son, a great family that is now at peace. I have a job that I love to do. And now, I get the chance to put the last piece of that puzzle into place. Just once, to be the World champion and have nothing holding me down. A new beginning for me, and that puzzle piece will be a bitch to put in, but at the end of it, it will be worth it, and it will have ZERO to do with luck.

If I am getting the best Alicia Lukas the world has ever seen, that’s great. That’s exactly what I want. Because to beat you, at your best, leave no room to doubt anything. There will be no excuses, and no regrets. Because to beat the best Alicia Lukas the world has ever seen, I don’t have to be my wife, I don’t have to be Sin, I don’t have to even be the best. I just have to be one thing. The one thing I have always tried to be ever since I stepped foot in Sin City Wrestling in 2015. The one thing I have tried to be my entire life.

To beat you Alicia, I have to be... better.

And at High Stakes, I will be.

I, Keira Fisher-Johnson, will be the next SCW Bombshell’s champion.