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Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:44:52 PM »
Post all roleplays for this match here.
Limits: One roleplay per week per character - 5,000 word limit.
Good luck!

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Re: Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2020, 08:15:17 PM »
Built For It
Jet City South - San Diego
16 September 2020

SCW Grand Slam Champion is laying on his back in the middle of Jet City South’s six-sided ring. Mikah had been enjoying the down time with her kids, and Kris didn’t blame her. Unfortunately, he did not have the same problem. For Kris, the off weeks dragged by. Even now, he had another week and a half before he would be stepping in the ring again. There wasn’t anything to do other than go through his routine. He was more than ready. All he was doing was waiting. That was what had led him to laying in the center of his ring breathless. Without an audience or other students to work around he had made use of the full gym. It was like the old days in Jason’s basement obstacle course all over again. The hours flew past in a blur, and he was that much closer to the opening bell. The last thing he had expected was to be interrupted while lost in his thoughts, but his eyes snapped open as the ring rocked under him. Through the corner of his eye he caught a blur, and his instincts kicked in more as a reflex than anything else. He rolled away from the blur, for Courtney Pierce to land on her backside right next to him. Her outstretched leg would have landed across Kris’ neck had he not moved. Once Kris’ eyes settled on her, he smiled up at her.

Kris: ....and here I was thinking someone threatening was coming...

He tried to push himself up off of the mat, but Court slid herself closer to him and trapped his right arm and neck between both of her thighs. She grabs his right wrist with both hands in an attempt to pull his shoulder forward to sink in the triangle choke.

Court: You better watch yourself, Ryans. I can take you these days.

Kris wasn’t surprised, or even annoyed. Court had been a big part of the Jet City Sports Lab in Seattle. When Kris had left to stage a comeback in Sin City, she had followed, heading back home to Long Beach. At every step of building Jet City South, Court had been there, and had shown up when he put in the call for her to help Kris get Mikah ready for their first match as a mixed tag team. Their relationship had grown in the two years since they worked together in Sin City. It was strange, considering how things had started for them.

Kris: Remember that time you took a swing at me and broke your hand? Good times.

The sparkling, purple, fingerless glove on Court’s right hand hadn’t really come off in public in the last few years. It was a reminder to her to always keep her cool, no matter what. That mistake had led her down a path full of setbacks. She wasn’t going to be headed back down that way this time around. She was hoping that she could avoid that by having Kris take her under his wing. Kris brings his knees up under himself, and places a free hand on the front of Court’s thigh. She was getting better at catching him by surprise, but she was still a long way off of being able to neutralize the raw power differences between them.

Court: I remember that you ducked.

Despite the confidence in her voice, she finds herself picked up into the air by Kris as he gets his feet planted to the ground. He pulls all of Court’s weight up with him, leaving her hanging from his neck as she tries to get the triangle hold right. Unfortunately for her, Kris was still able to breath.

Kris: ...because you swung at me.

He voice was strained, probably from the fact that he was just about spent before she had attacked him. He tries to lift her right side up, but Court intelligently releases her hold on his arm, and uses his momentum against him by throwing herself back and sending him flipping down to the mat. They both land on their backs head-to-head. Kris tries to sit up, but Court rolls herself backwards to stop him. She drives her knees into his shoulders and pins him down to the mat.

Court: No… because you were afraid.

Kris shakes his head without giving her words any kind of consideration.

Kris: Afraid of what? You? You’re not that good.

Kris plants his feet to the ground, and uses his leg strength to force his body off of the ground, forcing Court’s knees off of his shoulders for just a split second. That is all the Grand Slam Champion needed to pop his head free and give her a shove away from him. The distance the shove creates allows Kris to get back to his feet, but Court is up just as fast as he is. She takes a step towards him, and fires several right hands that he manages to slap away before they can get inside his defenses.

Court: If I wasn’t that good you wouldn’t waste so much time helping me.

Flattering Kris takes him off of his game for just a second, and she uses it to her advantage by dipping under his attempt to push her back, diving to the mat, and sweeping Kris’ legs out from under him. The Miracle hits the mat hard, and Court spins around on the mat. She places both of her palms on Kris’ forehead, laces the fingers of her hands together, and looks down at him with a winning smile. Kris shrugs, unbothered by his predicament.

Kris: Oh, that’s what we’re doing? It’s Honest Hour, is it?

Court pushes herself up to a sitting position not at all surprised that Kris was trying to deflect away from the fact that she currently had the upper hand.

Court: Why? You don’t think you can handle it?

Kris sits up, but spins around on the mat so that he could face her. It was something that they had agreed on back in Seattle. If they were going to be able to co-exist, they were going to have to be able to cut through all of the bullshit without the other taking offense or making it out to be a personal attack. It was something that he had tried to put into practice with Mikah based on how well it had worked with Court, but Mikah wasn’t open enough to really let it work.

Kris: I think that you’re a little crazy trying to get back into the ring right now. How many times have you gotten this close, rushed it, and had to take a step back?

She knew that he was going to attempt to throw it in her face. She suspected that was the reason that he hadn’t stepped in the way of Kate wanting to work with her. At the very least, Kate represented someone that was much more familiar with the Bombshell roster than he was. Kate could help Court in the same way that Mikah was supposed to. Hopefully without the clashing egos. Court wasn’t about to sit back and allow Kris to attack her decision though. Especially when she knew the truth about his reasons for coming back.

Court: Oh, and you’re one to talk! You have a more colored history hurting yourself than I do, and my hand was YOUR fault too!

She knew that her hand was just the start of it. She had tried to put the rest of the injuries out of her mind. It wasn’t going to help to dwell on all of the negative things that could happen in the ring. It was where she wanted to be. It had always been where she wanted to be. That was the reason that she got along with Kris. They had both always wanted to be in a ring, in front of a crowd. There was no obstacle that was going to stop them from living that dream as long as possible. Still, Kris wasn’t just going to let her forget about the risks.

Kris: What about the concussions when you tried to come back, eh? Was that me? Or the broken collarbone before you were even cleared to be back in a gym?

His revisionist history wasn’t fair, and she wasn’t going to let it stand, even if it was supposed to be against the rules to be defensive.

Court: --I was allowed to be in the gym, just non-contact….

Knowing he had her on the ropes, Kris pushed the subject instead of pitying her and letting her slip away from it.

Kris: ...and how did that work out for you?

Instead, the only thing he did was bring out the short temper that she was still not great at keeping under wraps. It was that same temper that got her hand broken two years ago. The same stubbornness that led her to push things to the point of getting injured every time she tried to come back. She didn’t like being wrong, and wasn’t going to sit and listen to Kris tell her that she was without turning it around on him.

Court: How well has it worked out for you? How many times have they put your knee back together? You’re up to your third shoulder surgery now right? The broken arms? The cracked ribs? The broken jaw? Didn’t you spend like a month not able to talk for some reason? The list goes on. It’s what we do. We’re built for it.

She looked down at the black and blue bruises on her legs and on the insides of her arms. She had always seen them as just part of the job. They were little tolls that you had to pay if you wanted to stay on the road to greatness. Pain was just part of it. They had to persevere if they wanted the glory that came from all the struggle.

Kris: There you go thinking that we are the same again. You weren’t built for this. You were some rich LBC kid that could have done something easy the rest of her life. You chose this.

She hated every time he tried to use her upbringing against her just because everyone thought of him as street trash before he had made something of himself. It was an excuse for his prejudice, not a reason she couldn’t compete.

Court: Oh, you think a rough upbringing and being open about your junkie lifestyle make you special. Just because life beat you up before you got into this doesn’t mean it has to be that way for everyone.

Kris shrugs, knowing that he is starting to get under her skin now.

Kris: ...I bet you have a real nice view of all us peasants down here from way up on top of that pedestal you put yourself on.

The fact that he didn’t realize that what he was doing wasn’t any different made her livid.

Court: It’s messed up that you can’t see that you’re doing the exact same thing. Pointing out your problems doesn’t mean I don’t have any. Everyone has secrets, Kris.

In the spirit of honesty, he pushes her to spill them to him.

Kris: What are yours?

Court wasn’t dumb enough to let Kris get too close. He was a hell of a teacher, especially to the right type of student, but he wasn’t someone that anyone should trust. Not even for short periods of time. Kris was notoriously incapable of caring about anyone other than himself regularly.

Court: Not for you to know, but I know why you’re here and you can’t go home….

His eyes widen, and he freezes. The turn of the tables happened so fast that he wasn’t able to keep his poker face up. If Court hadn’t already known that her suspicions were correct, she knew for sure based on his reaction. He immediately tries to give her the same line that he gives everyone else.

Kris: They didn’t support my decision to come back.

He can tell that she doesn’t buy it, and she makes no attempt to hide it.

Court: Is that right? I don’t think you’re living up to the spirit of Honesty Hour.

It wasn’t a lie. It just wasn’t the whole truth. It was as much of the truth as anyone else needed to know though. He wasn’t quite sure how Court had put it all together, but he wasn’t about to let her dive into his personal life for her own amusement.

Kris: We’re done talking.

He tries to get up to his feet, but Court throws herself forward and drives an elbow into his abdomen to double him forward. Kris tries to take a breath, but Court gives him a shove back down to his backside.

Court: Does Mikah know?

Kris looks up at her surprised by the question, but not too far off his game to block a half-hearted kick from his trainee.

Kris: Why would sh--

Court cuts him off by leaping up and catching him in the side of the head with her knee in a move that takes her back down to the mat next to him. Kris’ hands raise to his head. She hadn’t hit him hard enough for him to see stars, but he knew she wasn’t actually trying to maim him. It was definitely hard enough to rattle him a little though.

Court: Yeah, you’re right. She wouldn’t care, or wouldn’t get it. Maybe she just wasn’t involved enough in Jet City to see it happen. Mikah has always been too self-involved to pay attention to things happening right in front of her.

Kris could understand Court’s attempts to get under his skin, but there was one part of it all that he couldn’t explain.

Kris: Why all this sudden hate for Mikah? She is the one that trained you, and she’s my tag team partner. That should at least earn her a litt--

Court flicked him in the side of the head with a playful smile on her face. Sure, he had been almost out of gas before they had started this little game, but she was still enjoying being on the winning side. It didn’t happen nearly often enough. She was going to take advantage.

Court: No, we’re not talking about her right now. We’re talking about you. The whole Jet City family does a hell of a job keeping a secret when they want to. The dumb ones like Coby are too naive to through the thin layer of bullshit. I don’t think you came here because you wanted to come back. As a matter of fact, I’m absolutely positive that you CAN’T go back.

Kris pushes her away before turning over and getting to his feet in the center of the ring.

Kris: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Court rolls back on her shoulders and then propels herself forward and up to her feet in front of Kris.

Court: You still want to talk about whether or not I’m built for this?

The words come out cockily as she throws another strike. Kris is done playing with her though. His fatigue for the majority of their conversation led her to underestimate his actual speed. He catches her single gloved hand out of the air, and turns it so that her entire arm is locked into a bunched position. He uses his right heel in the back of her knee to throw her off balance, before giving her a push and sending her falling back to the mat.

Kris: I think being smart is only going to carry you so far.

Court hits the mat hard, flat on her back, but laughs. Even though Kris was getting the last laugh, she had gotten her shots in both physically and verbally. She had him exactly where she wanted him, and now even he knew it.

Court: ...that’s why I have you around to carry me the rest of the way.

With a heavy sigh, Kris shakes his head and exits the ring, leaving Court smiling and looking up at the lights of Jet City South.


>I have been thinking a lot about Sass n Bash over the last few weeks...

He pauses and looks up at the camera with a smirk.

...and yeah, that was me dropping your actual stupid name instead of the one that I have been calling you for the last month. The whole point of calling you Bitch n Moan was to get you to say it yourselves. I wanted the two of you to prove to me that I had your attention.

As always, every one of his words was some kind of game that people were playing whether they wanted to or not.

Attention. It’s one the easiest things in this business to fake. People act like they listen to the builshit that others spew during the show. There are too many people pretending, so you never really know if you actually have a team’s attention. That’s where Bitch n Moan came from. I wanted to know that the two of you were watching.

He takes a deep breath, and some of his smugness fades away.

I have a couple things that I need to get off my chest, and now that I know the guests of honor are watching, I feel like now is the time. I think that maybe I was a little too hard on you two. You were both on top of the world following your big win against Wolfslair and it clearly hurt your feelings that Mikah and I stepped in to ruin your parade before it really even got started. Maybe we should have given you a moment to get on your feet before we tried to take you down. It’s possible that we jumped the gun a little.

It is clear that the Grand Slam Champion is doing his best to sound sincere.

Heading into that first match against each other, I might have also been a little unfair to the champions. I mean, I was pretty harsh when comparing them to myself and Mikah. Sure, Mikah and I have the better resumes, but we have also been in Sin City for a lot longer than the majority of the roster. Maybe Sass n Bash will move onto bigger and better things after their time as a team has passed. For all I know, they could end up in the Hall of Fame before I do. It’s not like I can read the future. Who knows what paths their careers will take? For that matter, who’s to say mine can’t take a horrible Jessie Salco-esque downturn where losing becomes the new normal? Comparing our two teams is unfair, because Sass n Bash haven’t had the time to rise to the levels we have. In fact, if we just want to compare first years, they are way ahead of where I was at this point.

It was an uncharacteristic concession to his opponents and a stark change from all of the other things that he has said about the mixed tag team champions.

Plus, you two make a great point. None of the teams that are coming out of the woodwork and wanting a shot at your titles did so until you were champions. There are teams springing up out of nowhere. The Black Sheep is certainly one of them. I mean, the only teams that really gave you any trouble on your path to the championships were the Trenton Tigers and The Barnharts. It’s like the two of you brought eyes to the division that Wolfslair made everyone afraid to join for some reason.

His condescension starts to bleed through towards the ends of his words. Clearly he was struggling to continue to be nice to his opponents, and it was all just some sort of setup for the turn he was about to make. Even though he tries, he can’t quite manage to regain the sincerity in his voice.

So maybe some of the things I said were a little out of line. Maybe I was a little too harsh. Maybe some of the comparisons that I made were unfair, and the criticisms were a little overblown. Maybe calling them Bitch n Moan was a step across the line, because truth be told, Sass n Bash is not nearly as bad as I led everyone to believe. Trust me. I know that it doesn’t look like that on paper, but you’re just not thinking about it the right way. If we were facing a Sass n Bash team five years from now, they might have the resumes that Mikah and I have, or better. If they were facing us as a team back when we were just finding our footing in SCW, they would totally beat the hell out of us. If all things were equal, this match could go either way, and the fact that I disregarded that fact heading into our match means that I owe my opponents an apology.

The smirk is back on his face, and the Kris that SCW fans have grown to love hating is back on full display.

I’m sorry that we aren’t facing off on even footing. I’m sorry that you two aren’t as successful as we have been. I’m sorry that everyone knew that we were going to beat you the last time. I apologize for pointing out that neither of you stack up well against me and Mikah in the ring, and I send my deepest condolences that The Black Sheep exposed how weak of a team you were the moment that we entered the division. Because, as you have said, all the good teams came out of the woodwork after you became champions. Meaning your path was just as easy as beating champions that didn’t want the championships anymore. You didn’t have a real challenge until you took on me and Mikah and you failed, just like everyone expected you to.

He shrugs, and allows himself a light laugh.

I apologize for all of it, but I don’t regret a second of it and wouldn’t take back or change a single part of it.

Any sense that he wasn't going to attack the champions just like he does all of his other opponents goes out the window.

I stand by all of it, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The two of you have managed to rise to your maximum potential in this division by keeping those championships warm for us after Wolfslair got tired of carrying them around and waiting for real challengers. You have fulfilled your purpose perfectly, and now it is time to cough up what we have already proven was never yours. The Black Sheep never had to trade wins with a team before we could come back and beat them the second time around. We didn’t suffer any setbacks on the road to our championship destiny. We didn’t need any do-overs. Why? Because real champions shouldn’t need to rely on mulligans to get the job done. That’s why nobody is ever going to look at the current mixed tag team champions as anything other than transitional.

Sometimes the truth is more painful than any of the insults that he could hurl their way.

...and now they have a problem with the wheel deciding our fates. They want to play games over the stipulation of our championship match. Why? There are only two explanations that make sense to me. One, they think that there is a stipulation that can give them some kind of benefit. Almost as if they think that it matters what the match type is. Or two, they are afraid of not knowing what they are walking into until their music is playing and they have to come through the curtain. Either way, their gripe is laughable at best, and really, really sad at worst. Before Griffin Hawkins came along, I was the one breaking all of the records in the Roulette Division. I lived my life not knowing what I was walking into week-after-week, and I did it with a smile on my face. When I was the Roulette Champion I wasn’t running from the wheel, I was challenging people to Roulette Rules matches every single time I was booked. Why? It wasn’t because I was obsessed with the violence of it all. I’m not crazy about all of the hardcore matches that have led to part of my ear being cut off, or being put through walls and bathroom stalls in the backstage area. It wasn’t any of the actual stipulations that mattered. What mattered was leveling the playing field and seeing how much better I was at adapting to the situation than my opponent. What mattered was that there is no game plan or strategy for the wheel. Anything you had planned for your match goes out the window the moment you get stuck in a match you have never heard of. Afraid of heights? It could be a ladder match. Submission specialist? Too bad, it’s a Last Man Standing match. Claustrophobic? Good luck being buried alive. The wheel doesn’t care what you planned for. It doesn’t care what you’re afraid of. It picks what it wants and if you can’t adapt to that situation you’re going to get yourself hurt, embarrassed or both. In my case, and in Mikahs, holding that championship and competing in that division sharpened our skills. We don’t care what this match ends up being because we are going to win it regardless. If Sass n Bash are afraid of the wheel, let them decide what kind of match they want to have. They are the ones bringing us the championships after all. Call it a champion’s advantage, especially if they are so intimidated by the random chance of the wheel.

Both members of The Black Sheep had learned to live with the stipulations the Roulette Wheel might throw their way, and had been successful in spite of them. In Kris’ mind, that gave them a leg up on anyone that was afraid to give it a spin.

Mikah and I have already stood across the ring from Bella and Malachi and outclassed them. Bella had no answer for Mikah except bending the rules to try and gain an advantage. She still ended up getting put on her ass anytime she was left in the ring with Mikah for an extended time. Malachi may have gotten some good shots in, but was there ever a time where I didn’t look like I was ten steps ahead of him? He nearly got himself disqualified because of his temper, and then took all of his best shots when he had no hope of helping his team win with them. He tagged himself in just in time to have his lights turned out and have his wife watch on while The Miracle pinned him in the center of the ring as clear as day.

Kris seems to take extra satisfaction about how their last meeting came to an end.

It was exactly what I said would happen. Malachi couldn’t keep himself under control. He is emotional, and focused on some game plan that he thinks will lead him to victory. He had no answer for someone who was just going to laugh in his face no matter how many times he got hit. He didn’t know what to do with someone that wasn’t intimidated by his anger. I knew that his anger would make him sloppy. Nothing else in the match mattered. All I needed was to give him the push that would eventually pay off in my favor. One Godspeed later he was staring at the ceiling of the arena wondering where it all went wrong. All while Bella went out of her way to prove that Mikah was more than a match for her at every turn. Bella might be young and fearless, but there is a reason that she wins as often as she loses and it is because she is short-sighted. She lost control of our match by paying more attention to her significant other on the outside, and allowed Mikah to eliminate her from the equation. Bella’s angry husband left her to get pummeled by a legend while he did his damnedest to put me away. We all saw how that worked out. The transitional champions lost to a team that everyone knew would beat them.

He could have left it there, but instead takes it a step further just to rub it into the faces of the champions.

There was no shock in the air. There was no surprise. Nobody cried upset, and the headlines the next night weren’t talking about our match at all. The only thing that happened back on Climax Control was Sass n Bash helped us solidify our shot at the Mixed Tag Team Championships without me having to make it happen by force. They made this match-up at Violent Conduct a foregone conclusion. They essentially scheduled their own execution as champions. No matter what they choose for stipulation of this match, they’re going to be walking out as former champions. I know it. Mikah knows it. Hell, even they know it... The least they can do is pick a match that will make it entertaining for the fans. That is, if they’re really so intimidated by the wheel.

He winks at the camera, hoping that the champions haven’t tuned him out yet.

Mikah and I know we aren’t. We’ll be ready regardless. People like us… real champions… we were built for matches like this. We don’t disappoint. We don’t fall short. Be ready to celebrate the rightful champions come time for the next Climax Control.


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Re: Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
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TIME: 10:45 PM

The blonde bombshell hadn’t been too focused on anything lately. She wished that she could say that she was focused on the match at hand and that she’d used the week off she had before to use to her advantage, but she couldn’t say that. She couldn’t shake the feeling she’d been feeling for a few weeks now that something was just missing in her life. She couldn’t shake it and it didn’t help that Kris seemed to be everywhere even if he wasn’t even around her. It only reminded her that he wanted her to be more focused on the match than what she was and she couldn’t handle that. So, she left.

She hadn’t known where she was going and didn’t know when she buckled Myles into his seat. She didn’t even know when Leighton had asked her question after question about where they were going now. Leighton had started to enjoy the California life and Mikah smiled and knew that was Leighton’s father in her. Her biological father had loved California so much that Mikah never understood why but she was starting to. So, after looking at Leighton she started to drive and she ended up in Malibu, California. She managed to book them a room at one of the hotels that were right on the beach. She wanted to be close to the beach and she knew that she could trust Leighton with Myles, she was really good with the one year old and Mikah was grateful that she had a good relationship with her daughter now.

But now she sat on the beach, the dark night sky over her head and her feet in the sand. She had beach blanket spread out so she wouldn’t get sand in her shorts. She didn’t understand why she had felt that desire to drive two and a half hours from San Diego to Malibu but yet, here she was. She lies back on the blanket and stares up at the starry night sky and smiles to herself. She knew that this was Masen Christian Othniel’s doing.

;;MIKAH “I miss you more every day.”

She says the words as if they’re going to help her voice what she was feeling. But she didn’t understand what she was feeling herself. She continues to stare up at the night sky, an odd feeling surrounding her. She closes her eyes for a moment before opening them again to see Masen Christian Othniel standing above her form. Her eyes widen and she scrambles up to her feet in a slight panicked way.

;;MIKAH “What the hell…what are you? What is this?”

The last time she had seen him, she had overdosed on a bad dose of heroin. And that had been over two years ago now. So, you can imagine how confused she was when she sees him standing over her.

::CO “Calm down….It’s okay. You’re okay…”

She gives him a look because she knows that something has to be wrong for her to be able to see him. To be able to communicate with him and to hear his voice.

;;MIKAH “No, no. Mase…this…this is never good. I shouldn’t be able to see you. I shouldn’t be able to do this…”

She reaches out, expecting her hand to go through him but she’s surprised when it lands perfectly on his cheek. The look of surprise is on her face as she looks at him and she feels the tears in her eyes and before she can stop them, they’re already slipping down her face. He smiles at her and he reaches out and brushes a tear away with the pad of his thumb of his right hand.

::CO “Don’t…just try not to think about it.”

She wanted to trust him but she couldn’t. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t trust that this was real and there wasn’t some underlying condition.

;;Mikah “I…I…how? How am I supposed to trust this, Mase!? The last time this happened I almost died from an overdose!”

He sighs and runs a hand over his head before looking at her. He could tell that shew as fighting the urge to just hug him and he couldn’t deny that he wanted her to hug him.

::CO “Just…let it happen?”

He could see the hesitation in her eyes but he watches as it fades and soon, she has her arms wrapped around him, hugging him close to her body. He smiles before wrapping his own arms around her as well, hugging her back and holding her firmly against him.

;;Mikah “I want this to be real.”

He holds her to him, not letting go as she seemed to still hold onto him as well. He could tell that she didn’t trust that this was real. He smiles to himself before moving a hand up and running it through the back of her hair.

::CO “It’s real. Or as real as you want it to be.”

She didn’t know if she should believe it or not because this was too weird. But at the same time, she didn’t want to question it, either. She missed him every single day and didn’t want to miss out on whatever this was.

;;Mikah “Okay.”

She finally pulls back from his hug and she looks into his eyes, smiling just a little at him. She knew that she still didn’t trust this to be real and that something could prohibit this from being anything else. She didn’t want to think that she could move just so and it would be gone in a blink of an eye. She wanted him to be there, really be there.

::CO “Okay.”

She smiles at him as he mimics what she had to say to him. He smiles back at her before cupping her cheek with his hand. She leans her cheek into his hand, her eyes still locked on his. Tears fill her eyes again as she remembers the last time that she’d actually had a conversation with him. She had overdosed on a bad batch of heroin and she had told him she hated him. She lets a couple of tears slip down her cheeks as she looks at him. He reaches up and wipes her tears away with the pads of his thumbs as he looks at her. He clearly didn’t understand why she was crying again.

;;Mikah “I’m sorry, I know crying is not your favorite thing to deal with.”

She looks down at her feet but he carefully places his hand under her chin and moves her head up so he can look at her again.

::CO “Hey, it’s okay. You can tell me, you know….you can tell me anything.”

She smiles gratefully at him.

;;Mikah “I just…I can’t stop thinking about the last time that we had actually had a conversation. You know, when I overdosed…”

She clearly thinks about looking down again but she doesn’t, instead she holds his gaze with her own eyes. He doesn’t look away from her as they stand like that on the beach, their eyes connected to one another’s.

::CO “I remember…”

She takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out as she keeps his gaze with hers. There wasn’t that awkwardness there between them because she wasn’t scared to tell him about her feelings. He knew how she felt about him and she had always been open about how she felt about him; it was never something that intimidated her when it came to him.

;;Mikah “I said that I hated you. But I don’t hate you, Mase. I could never hate you.”

The guilt was written in her eyes as she looks up into his eyes. He smiles gently at her before leaning down and pressing his lips lightly against hers and then pulling away.

::CO “It’s okay. Do you remember that time where you came here to this beach about a month or so after the OD event?”

Mikah frowns for a moment before thinking, trying to recall the memory back. It came to her in waves and she looks at him. She remembered the night in question where she sat in the sand and had cried as she talked to nobody but was meaning to talk to him.

;;Mikah “I remember.”

She nods her head as she tells him she remembered the night in question. He smiles at her before pulling her into him and hugging him again.

::CO “I was there. I heard everything you said to me and I know how you feel about it. And I knew that you didn’t really hate me, Miks. But I had to make you want to go back….it wasn’t your time.”

Mikah looks at him and smiles softly. She had come to accept that it hadn’t been her time to join in him the afterlife in 2018 but it didn’t make things any easier.

;;Mikah “I know that now. But I was…just so angry with everything. I lost my championship and I felt like it wouldn’t matter to anybody if I was gone. I even though that Leighton would be happier without me….”

She knew now that that wasn’t true but at the time, she had felt as if it had been.

::CO “You know that’s not true.”

He could see it in her eyes though that she didn’t believe that to be true anymore. She places her hands on his cheeks and leans up and presses her lips lightly against his, kissing him softly.

;;Mikah “I know that now. Which is why this…is so confusing to me. But I don’t want it to go away. I need you.”

He can see the emotion pass through her eyes as she stands in front of him, his face in her hands. He smiles gently at her before he puts his hands on her cheeks and she moves her hands to cover his.

::CO “You don’t need me as much as you think you do, Miks. You have Myles and Leighton…even Kris.”

A mix of emotion passes through her eyes as he mentions Kris.

::CO “What was that look?”

Her cheeks flush a light pink color as he asks what that one look was about.

;;Mikah “I don’t know…”

It was a weak attempt to get him to drop it but she knew that he wouldn’t. It wasn’t like things were going badly for her. But they just…didn’t feel the same as what she had expected them to. She still had to deal with Drake when she tried to get him to see Myles. And she didn’t have time to be proactive on Twitter about the matches she was booked in nor did she have the time to start petty drama on the social media app to further the storyline between her and Kris’ opponents.

::CO “No, you know. It’s okay…tell me.”

She never argued with him about her emotions and telling him where she stood on things. She smiles softly.

;;Mikah “It’s not like anything is wrong, really. We’re functioning really, really well as a tag team. Better than we did when I decided to come back. We haven’t lost a match yet.”

She smiles at the thought but there was still a certain look in her eyes. And he was quick to pick up on it. He brushes his thumb over her right cheek bone gently.

::CO “But…”

He was gently coaxing it out of her, even though he didn’t have to be gently with her at all.

;;Mikah “It’s different. I don’t know what is so different. But things are just different and I don’t know how to handle it. So I don’t handle it, I ignore it. But I’m the one that gets called out for it on Twitter. I just…it’s not my job to babysit him or whatever. Or defend him when he gets into stupid Twitter drama.”

She was talking about the small little spat she’d had with Court on Twitter earlier today. She knew that it wasn’t her job but yet, some people clearly thought differently.

::CO “Is he saying you should?”

She shakes her head no.

;;Mikah “No. I don’t think he and I have said more than a few sentences toward one another in a while. But still. All his little friends I’m sure have that same thought in their head. Because let’s be honest, Mase…nobody is really a big fan of me anyways.”

She wasn’t trying to bring any attention to herself. And she didn’t care if people liked her or not, that was never anything she strived for in the first place. But it didn’t hurt to bring up, either.

::CO “It’s never bothered you before that people didn’t like you.”

She smiles at the fact that he was quick to point that out. She looks at him and nods her head, agreeing with him. She knew that he would be the one to tell her that.

;;Mikah “I know and I don’t care that people don’t like me. It’s not my job to make people like me. In fact, I like it better if people didn’t like me. But it’s frustrating that they use social media against me. Like it’s not my fault Kris chooses to argue with our opponents on the app. I shouldn’t have to jump in to save him at any point. And I wouldn’t expect him to jump in to save me either. Him and I are both adults and we can hold our own.”

It just frustrated her that people thought she needed to be more proactive on Twitter and promote the matches that they were in. She didn’t want to do that.

::CO “Have you tried talking to him?”

She makes a face at the idea of approaching the subject with Kris. It wasn’t like their communication was very good anyways. And she hated talking about uncomfortable things with him. Like her emotions. She never believed that she was allowed to have them.

;;Mikah “And what good would that do me, Mase? It’s not like it will change anything. I don’t think he cares where my feelings lie. I think you’re the only person who has ever cared about my feelings if we’re being honest.”

He gives her a look and moves his arms and wraps them around her lower waist, holding her against him. She doesn’t push him away, instead settles into his chest, resting her head against his collarbone area.

::CO “You don’t know that, Miks. You have to talk to somebody to know how they feel about certain things. And you haven’t had any sort of conversation with him about anything lately. Give him a chance.”

She sighs as she slips her arms in between his arms and torso to wrap them around him. She knew that he wasn’t actually there but she liked the feeling it was giving her and she didn’t know if she could let go of this feeling. Or let go of him again.

;;Mikah “Why? So he can laugh at me and tell me that I’m crazy for those feelings? No thanks, I’ll save the feelings for you.”

He sighs but doesn’t say anything as they stand on the beach, their arms wrapped around one another and neither one of them seemed to want to let go of the other.

::CO “He won’t laugh at you, Mikah.”

She doesn’t move for a minute, just holds him close to her.

;;Mikah “You don’t know that, Mase!”

He doesn’t say anything for a moment or so as he tries to find the right words to say to her. But he didn’t know what he could say to her.

::CO “But Miks, you won’t know unless you try. And he’s your partner, you need to be honest with him. Not some…ghost.”

She knew that what he was saying made sense; she couldn’t argue that at all. But she didn’t want it to make sense. She wanted to just stay with him even if it was impractical.

;;Mikah “I guess you’re right…will you come with me?”

She didn’t want to have to come to Malibu every time she wanted to talk to him or to see him, even. But it looked like that was going to be her only choice. He carefully nods his head.

::CO “Yes, I’ll go with you.”

His voice and the words made her smile and she felt grateful that he was willing to stay with her, even though she hadn’t a clue what it meant. But it was something, right?

;;Mikah “Great. Let’s go get Myles and Leighton and I’ll drive back to San Diego.”

He frowns but doesn’t say anything at first.

::CO “Just stay here for a couple of days. Let Leighton get to know Malibu. Then we can go back on like Thursday…”

Mikah smiles and nods her head before leaning up and kissing him. She didn’t know what this meant or how it was even happening. Or if it was even happening but she didn’t care. All she knew was that she wanted him to be a part of her life no matter what.

;;Mikah “That works for me.”


Mikah walks back into Kris’ place in San Diego and sets the one year old down and he instantly walks over to the array of toys that had been scattered about the living room. Mikah smiles absent mindedly at the fact that her son considered this to be his home and that he felt comfortable here. Leighton, however was moody and stormed immediately off to her designated bedroom and Mikah winces when the door slams shut.

;;Mikah “Teenagers.”

She mutters to herself before jumping when she sees Kris standing in the kitchen, watching her. She raises an eyebrow at him and she glances back to see Christian Othniel still there with her. She didn’t want to question why she could see him even though she knew that she should.

::KR “Where were you off to today?”

She raises an eyebrow at that. He hadn’t seemed to notice she had been missing for most of the week. Not that she was surprised.

;;Mikah “I was in Malibu since Monday. Nice of you to…never mind. We should probably talk.”

She glances over her shoulder at Christian and he gives her an encouraging nod. She knew it was a crazy idea that she could see him but she didn’t care. She just didn’t care.


TIME: 5:45 PM

The scene opens up to what appears to be the Jet City Sports Lab that was located in San Diego, the one that Kris ran. Mikah is sitting on one of the turnbuckles and she was dressed in a pair of black spandex booty shorts and a white sports bra. Her blonde locks are tied up in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her face and she appeared to be sweaty as if she had been training or working out. Both were very well a viable option to what she had been doing in the gym.

;;Mikah “Hi…remember me?”

She waves two fingers at the camera, a smirk on her pretty face as she looks into the camera.

;;Mikah “I’m not sure if you remember me, Bella.”

She continues to hold that smirk on her face, not letting it waver.

;;Mikah “I’m one half of the Black Sheep and I believe we beat you and your husband or whatever he is a few weeks ago. I kind of like when the past tells the future. Because that’s what your future is going to look like. In nine days exactly.”

She was confident. Nobody could ever say that she wasn’t confident and she was proud to be so, too.

;;Mikah “People have always underestimated me before I became the best Bombshell in SCW history. They never thought that I had what it took to be the Bombshell Champion back then. But you know what? I don’t want to live in the past because the Black Sheep’s future? It looks fucking great.”

She didn’t care if she was putting the cart in front of the horse so to speak. She wanted to make sure that Bella and Malachi knew exactly what she was about.

;;Mikah “You see, I don’t like playing around on Twitter and starting shit that I don’t care about. That’s not me anymore. What I like to do is show people who I am in that wrestling ring and what I can do. And why I’m the best fucking Bombshell ever and my in ring work is the only thing that can speak for me. You two can’t deny that Kristopher and myself are talented in the ring. We’re undefeated as a team. Hell, we’ve been undefeated as a team since 2018 or whenever it was the last time we teamed before 2020.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

;;Mikah “I’m no Mercedes Vargas when it comes to dates. But as a tag team, Kristopher and I can’t lose. There’s something about us as a dynamic that other teams overlook and pass of as just sheer luck that we’ve managed to win every match we’ve been booked in so far. They don’t consider anything we’ve done as worthy of any attention because of who we are as people. But the truth of the matter is, Bella and Malachi? You have a lot to worry about in nine days.”

She smirks again, that cocky look in her eyes again.

;;Mikah “You see, a few months I decided to return to SCW to form this team with Kristopher just so that we can dominate the mixed tag team division. And we’ve done just that since I returned. Were there bumps and bruises in the road? Sure, of course but now? We’ve got nothing else to lose whereas you two? You have everything to fucking lose.”

She lets out a small laugh.

;;Mikah “You two are sitting pretty—well, not pretty—as the mixed tag team champions right now. You’re on top of the world and I’m sure that you’re loving every single minute of it. And I’ll be generous enough to let you two sit there for nine more days. I’ll let you fake it for a few more days because that’s all you have left to do. That’s all you have left in your pathetic, transitional championship reign.”

She pauses again and just looks at the camera, her gaze unwavering.

;;Mikah “I’m not a nice person. I’m not a princess, I don’t get the happy endings that people think they deserve. So I am going to take my happy ending on the twenty-seventh. And I’m not even going to be shy about it. Because I’m not going to ask if I can beat you or if we can beat you because we already know that we can. We’ve done and we’re going to do it again.”

She smirks again, another chuckle escaping her lips.

;;Mikah “You see, Kristopher and I? We’re not walking into that match not knowing what we’re going to get. Oh no, we know exactly what we’re walking into on the twenty-seventh because we’ve already been in a match against you two. And you know what else we’ve done?”

The glint is evident in her eyes as she stares straight into the lens of the camera, that cold calculated look in her pretty eyes.

;;Mikah “We beat Wolfslair on our first try going up against them. How long did it take you two to beat them?”

She gives the camera a fake confused look.

;;Mikah “Multiple times, correct? I don’t care about your history with them but I think it’s safe to say that if somebody was to walk into one of the sports book at one of those Las Vegas casinos and they were going to put money on one of our teams, they’d place it on the Black Sheep.”

She sits up a little straighter and leans back just so.

;;Mikah “Because the odds are stacked against you. And nobody should ever bet against the Black Sheep. We get shit done the first time and if we have to do it a second time? It’ll just be a show off.”

She smirks again.

;;Mikah “But I know not to take you lightly, Bella. Because I’m sure you have some sort of shady trick up your sleeve. Or perhaps you think that I have some shady trick up my sleeve but I don’t need to cheat to win.”

She smirks again and simply shrugs her shoulders at the camera.

;;Mikah “Your husband or boyfriend or whatever is he only has to worry about Kristopher. And that’s no easy feat. You never know what you’re going to get when it comes to Kristopher and that has always worked out in our advantage.”

Mikah seemed to enjoy the fact that Kris was a wild card when it came to the ring. She, however liked to keep things technical and almost always avoided the top rope. She didn’t like doing high risk moves that could possibly break her neck.

;;Mikah “You see, while Kristopher and I didn’t start off on the right foot as a team back in July, we’re doing great now. We’ve managed to put all that nonsense shit behind us and work well as a team. And I’ll be the first to admit that when I returned, I figured it would be just like it was in 2018 when he and I were dominating each of our respective divisions and that he and I could just team up and it would come naturally to us. But I was wrong. Things didn’t happen naturally between us at first because neither one of us really trusted the other but right now? I could honestly say that I trust him more than I probably trust myself. And that’s saying something.”

She smirks again.

;;Mikah “I have to because we’re going to steal those championship belts from the two of you. And we’re going to enjoy every second of it. Because there’s no possible outcome where we don’t win on the twenty-seventh.”

Another look passes through her eyes for a moment and she seems a bit lost for a second, something catching her eye off camera but she is quick to bring her attention back to where it was supposed to be.

;;Mikah “Bella, you and Malachi might be the perfect couple and you might think you’re the perfect tag team. But you both are nothing compared to Kristopher and I. Nada. Not a thing. There’s no real comparison when you look at you two as a team and you look at Kristopher and I as a team.”

She shakes her head slowly.

;;Mikah “I’m sure you wanted to be more than transitional champions. But all dreams come to an end.”

She smirks.

;;Mikah “All good things come to an end as well. Nothing can stay happy forever.”

She fake pouts her lip out as she stares into the camera again.

;;Mikah “You and Malchi? You’re not the heroes that you want to be. I’m sure you have this grand idea that you’re going to retain the championships on the twenty-seventh and save the SCW universe from a Black Sheep mixed tag championship reign because what kind of reign would Kristopher and I have?”

She laughs a little and looks at her feet for a moment, the thought idling in her head as she stares at her feet. She looks back up at the camera and smirks.

;;Mikah “A better reign than what you and Malachi have had, that’s for damned sure. Because we don’t need no hero bullshit going on. There’s a reason that most people hate the villains and that’s because they’re jealous of them. Jealous of the raw talent that they possess and it’s no different with Kristopher and I. And feel free to admit how jealous you are of us. Because together? We’re going to be unstoppable once we steal those championships from the two of you. Our reign? It’s going to be endless. But you two can go on faking it for nine more days.”

She giggles before sliding down off of the turnbuckle and onto her feet. She adjusts her short booty shorts for a second before placing her hands on her slender hips.

;;Mikah “Because it will just make winning those belts from you that much more enjoyable than what I think it is going to be. And don’t cry and ask why after it happens because it’s not personal. I don’t give two fucks about either of you but you have what I want. And I set out to be a Mixed Tag Team Champion when I gave myself a contract. And I’ve never not gotten what I wanted when it came to championships. Just ask crazy Christina or Crystal. Whatever name she’s going by now.”

She visibly shudders at the mention of her biggest rival’s name, not that she had much to do with her anymore. But it was still a thought that seemed to cross her mind.

;;Mikah “When I set my mind to do something, I do it. No questions asked. And I want those championships. So, sorry about your shitty luck. Your reign is almost over. But don’t worry, I don’t mind being called the bad guy…”

She winks at the camera and adjusts her sports bra a bit.

;;Mikah “I quite enjoy it, actually. Get ready for the twenty-seventh the best you can because your loss will be coming. Nothing personal...because...”

She pauses, mostly for dramatic effect. But she seems to linger a little longer as she spots something. She quickly pulls her attention back to the camera, a smirk settling back on her face.

;;Mikah “That’s what villains do.”
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'A Lion Does Not Concern Himself With The Opinions Of Sheep.'
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September 26, 2011
Presentation Secondary School
Waterford, Ireland

There he is, over there!

Who, Mal O’Connell?

You know him?

Yeah, he’s in my homeroom class. He always sits at the back, never talks to anyone.

Cause I don’t wanna talk to gossipy prats like you, Mal thought to himself as he continued reading. The thought stayed in his head, as he didn’t really want to start the new year off already being hauled off to the principal’s office. He’d been there so many times over the past couple of years that he was practically on a first-name basis with the secretary. Besides, he had promised his mother that he would knuckle down and start focusing on his schoolwork, especially considering he was in his Transition Year. He flipped the page in his book and tried to concentrate, but the two girls seated at the next table continued talking.[/color]

I mean, I’ve known him since primary. His da died when he was 10.

Is that why he’s always alone all the time?

Maybe. The only person I’ve ever seen him with is his brother, Lachlan.

But who was that girl I saw walking with them this morning?

That’s their little sister, Alanah. She just started here this year.

Oh, good.

What do you mean by that?

Well, I don’t want any competition from other girls!

He heard them laugh their high-pitched giggles, and he rolled his eyes. Luckily at that moment the bell rang to signal the return to classes, so he packed up his bag and stood up from the table. He passed the table where the girls were sitting at, and he could feel their stares on his back as he walked out of the library. He resisted the urge to turn around and flip them off, instead choosing to head straight to his next class and hope that they would forget about him.

The next morning

Well, so much for that, Mal thought with a scowl.[/color]

He had arrived at school with Lach and Alanah, and as the siblings approached the school grounds he could see the two girls from the day before standing near the gates. When they saw him approaching, they leaned their heads together and shot glances in his direction as they giggled. He rolled his eyes and gave them a wide berth as he headed into the building.

He arrived at his homeroom and took his usual seat at the back corner of the class, taking out his music player and putting the headphones on until class started. He pulled out a notebook and started writing little notes and drawing sketches to while away the time, until a presence near his desk caught his attention. With an inward groan, he glanced up to see one of the girls from earlier standing near his desk with a bit of a smile on her face.

Hi Mal!” she chirped brightly. “Remember me? Sile Flynn, from primary school?

He rolled his eyes and looked back down to his notebook, trying to silently display his disinterest in the conversation. But she would not be deterred so easily.

My friend and I saw you in the library yesterday. She just started at this school. She’s from Killarny, originally. Anyways, she wanted me to give you this.

She slid a folded-up note across his desk, right next to his hand. He glared at it, wishing that he could set it on fire with his gaze. He looked up to see her flash him another sunny grin before she skipped off to her desk. He snatched the paper up and was about to crumple it in his hand when curiosity got the better of him and he found himself unfolding it.

Hi, my name is Claire, I just moved to Waterford this year. I’ve seen you around school a few times with your brother and sister. Sile’s told me about you cause she knew you back in primary school. She said that you don’t really talk to people, but maybe it’s because you haven’t found the right person to talk to :)
Anyways, if you’re interested, come meet me in front of the school after last class. Maybe we can go to the shops together?

After reading the note, he glanced back up to Sile, who gave him a smile and a wave. He gritted his teeth together and turned back to his notebook, cranking up the volume of his earphones.

Later That Day

The bell rang to signal the end of the school day, and the class scrambled to pack their bags and head out the door. Mal took his time, only because he was hoping that maybe Claire would lose interest and leave before he exited the building.

But as soon as he stepped out the doors, he saw her at the bottom of the steps with her gaze trained on the doors. When she saw him emerge, her face lit up in a smile. “Hey, Mal!

He rolled his eyes and tried to walk past her, hurrying to get to where his brother and sister were waiting by the main school gate, but she hurried to keep up with him. “So, did Sile give you my note?

At that, he turned to give her a scathing glare, one that had her smile fading away from her face and even taking a hesitant step backwards.

Listen to me, cause I’m only gonna tell you once,” he growled low in his throat. “I’m not interested, and I never will be interested. So leave me the hell alone.

Without waiting for a reply, he whirled on his heel and stalked off to where Lachlan and Alanah were standing, leaving Claire standing alone in the yard with tears streaming down her cheeks.


A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep.

Present Day
Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas

The gym was empty at this time of night, save for one lone individual. The thwack! of flesh hitting leather echoed through the air as Malachi took his aggressions out on a punching bag in the back corner of the gym. Dressed in a pair of loose-fitting black shorts and sneakers, with his fists taped up to resemble a boxers’, he threw punch after punch at the swinging bag, his feet maneuvering in a series of complicated steps as he did so. Sweat beaded and dripped from the pores of his body as he breathed heavily, taking one last huge haymaker to the bag to send it swinging wildly, nearly hitting the wall behind it. He reached out to steady it back to a stationary position before walking off to the side of the room to grab a towel and water bottle that had been set aside. Slinging the towel around his neck and taking a pull from the water bottle, he took a moment to gaze out at the neon glow of Las Vegas from the floor to ceiling windows that occupied one wall of the hotel’s gym.

Most of my life, I’ve been alone. By choice. I never had relationships, barely had friends. Hell, for a while I was fighting with my own brother. You know why? Because I believed that eventually, everyone will let you down. So I made damn sure that I didn’t have anyone in my life that would let me down. Couldn’t get hurt if there was no one to hurt me, right?

He let out a little exhale through his nose, his lips curving in a wry smile. “But then, a single wrestling show in Paris one year ago completely changed my life. I met my match. I met a woman who was so incredibly beautiful, smart, kind, sassy as all hell...and she completely saw through my bullshit. She made me realize that I was missing out on so much by not taking those chances. I mean, she took one hell of a chance on me when she agreed to date me, considering everyone around her said that I was nothing but trouble for her. But look at us now, over a year later, still together and going strong. Hell, we’re planning our wedding. And not only that...we finally reached the pinnacle that we had been gunning for for so long. We finally dethroned Wolfslair and became the SCW Mixed Tag Team champions.

He turned his gaze to the camera, his blue eyes laser-focused and burning bright with intensity. “And that’s despite the ignorant squawking of a certain pair of shitheels who - in a kind of funny twist - have done nothing but bitch and moan that we did nothing but bitch and moan. Much like the sheep you liken your team to, you do nothing but bleat incessantly, repeating the same tired tripe over and over ad nauseum - and it’s going to feel so incredibly relieving once I smash my fist into your jaw and silence you for good.

He paced the floor a few steps, wiping away an errant trail of sweat from his brow with the edge of the towel. “I know for a fact in my mind that if the two of you had been in our positions back then, you would have just stood meekly by and let those chumps walk straight over you for a title shot they didn’t deserve. You know, like a couple of useless sheep.” He held his hands up. “I know, I keep coming back to the name, but it’s just because I found it so fascinating that you came up with a name that fit the two of you so perfectly. It’s boring, completely uncreative, and utterly delusional. I mean, what the hell exactly makes the two of you ‘black sheep’, anyways? You both walk around here like your shit don’t stink, there’s nothing defining or outstanding about either one of you - unless you want to count those delusions of grandeur you have about taking these titles from us. But even in that regard, you’re still just like every other pair of losers that wants to step up, only to get knocked back down to your rightful place under our heels.

He moved to take a seat on the bench, resting his elbows on his knees and letting his hands dangle between his outstretched legs. “Mikah, you think that what Bella and I share is ‘gross’, but all I’m hearing is that you’re jealous you’ll never have what we have because you’re nothing but a stuck-up, frigid, insufferable bitch. Quite frankly, I’m stunned you were even married before. What was it, marriage of convenience? He ‘conveniently’ had a lot of money for you to spend, is that it? Face it, the best you can do anymore is some wrinkled old scrote with one foot in the grave, and that pisses you off to no end. So you pretend that seeing a true couple who love each other and are a true team both in and out of the ring is ‘disgusting’, because you’ll never have what we have.

A vicious smirk painted itself across Mal’s face as his eyes narrowed in on the camera lens. “And then you’ve got Kris ‘Eternally Friendzoned’ Ryans. Some half-cocked fuckwit who thinks he’s about to reclaim his glory days off of my name.” He held a finger up and waggled it side-to-side. “Not on my fuckin’ watch, mate. See, Bella and I have a record to break, and the first step on that road comes at Violent Conduct when we completely and utterly decimate you and your little galpal, stand atop your broken bodies, and cement our status as the gold standard of the mixed tag division.

With a thumb drawn across his throat and a vicious snarl, Mal palms the camera to push it out of his way as it cuts to static before fading out to black.

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Re: Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
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Same old song and dance.

Facing off against someone that looks down at me. Where does that feel familiar? Hmmm???


Maybe my whole damn life?

Look, I get it. I’m annoyingly optimistic about things. I tend to look on the brighter side of life because honestly, that’s how I was brought up. If I had this whole idealism of the world owes me something after everything it has ever given me, after all my hard work? Nepotism be damned from my family, extended included, I have kicked my own ass time and time again. I had to, not just for myself but for all those that looked down because I am who I am. Slaved over piles of books to earn my grades. When it came to my life in the ring, I worked twice, if not harder to earn my way.

Call it naivety, but I’m a firm believer that hard work should lead to success. No amount of ass-kissing, back door politics or bitching and complaining should ever throw an asterisk in your story.

So Black Sheep, you keep telling yourselves that all we did was bitch and moan. Your game is weak and it has officially grown stale.

~*~*~Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner~*~*~

Trinity School
New York City
April 2015

“Oh, Mary alert!” a group of laughter fills the air.

“And her nose and giant 4 eyes in a book. What a giant surprise!”

“NERD!” fills the air from various voices.

Above a book a pair of big blue eyes hidden behind black framed glasses glances up from her book, glancing at a group of teenagers in private school garb, standing there pointing and laughing.

“Hey, heard you had Ben suspended yesterday after what happened in the hall. You big fuckin snitch. You got him suspended and last I heard his old man is talking about sending him to military school.”

A younger 16 year old Bella Madison, sighs and goes back to her book, “He broke my glasses and my phone. If he didn’t want to pay the consequences, he should have left me alone like I told him too. Instead he decided to try and hit on me. When I told him ‘no’ he decided to take it a step too far....

“That’s my boyfriend, you bitch!” one of the girls spits out at her, “He would never go after the life of you.”

Yeah? Well you might wanna stock up on some stamps and maybe look into getting a polaroid if you keep wanting him to stay interested, Tricia.” Bella keeps her nose in the book and turns the page nonchalauntly.

“Little Miss Elizabeth Madison, such a goody two-shoes after her mom and step-daddy made such a living off of being bad asses. Instead she’s just a cowardly little bookworm that can’t fight her own battles.”

Really?” Bella sounding amused, closes her book and smiles, “Did he also tell you he had to be taken to the emergency room after he put his hands on me?

The guys look at each other and the one speaks up, “He did sound...different on the phone.”

Yep, cause I broke his nose and kicked him so hard in those low hanging testosterone filled balls of his that it probably lodged somewhere in the vicinity of his esophagus.” she looks to Tricia, that familiar glare that we’ve all come to know and love as ‘Sassy Bella’ appears, “You know where I’m talking about, don’t ya Tricia? That area that Todd here has been bruising on you for about 3 months now? Course, that’s just hearsay.

“Oh fuck you!” Tricia screams out but the one that was pointed out as Todd holds her back, almost looking embarrassed. Her outburst has drawn the attention of other students surrounding them.

Sorry, I don’t play for that team. But don’t worry, if you are hard up for attention that bad after Ben’s departure, I’m sure that a litany of individuals are more than happy to fill that vacancy.” Bella stands and grabs her bag, throwing it over her shoulder. She turns around and comes face to face with Tricia, who is practically foaming at the mouth with how pissed off she is, “And for your information, I choose to not throw down because it’s what is expected of me knowing who my family is. Just because I don’t, doesn’t mean I can’t. I have a full ride to NYU waiting on me, I have a future to truly think about. I’m going to own my life and then when we all come back here for a holly jolly reunion in 10 years? Maybe then you’ll realize that your daddy that bought you that pretty shiny Mercedes that you pulled up in, can’t bail you out of another visit to the doctor for a special procedure.

“BITCH!” Tricia lunges at Bella just before she gets pulled back.

WOAH! Let’s have none of that!” Bella spins around to see Jack Russow standing there and in between her and Tricia who is now being held back even more by Todd and her other friends. “Now, let’s be civil here! Tricia, we’re all sorry about your boyfriend being sent away, but honestly had I known what he was trying with Bella here, he wouldn’t have had arms after he met her very big Uncle Slappy.

Jack points off to the side and we see a very large Slappy standing there just watching. The crew of Tricia, Todd and others begin to back off slowly.

Now, I suggest we go about our separate ways and enjoy this beautiful day.

The crowd begins to slowly disperse after an intense moment and Jack turns and glares at Bella, “What?

You just can’t help yourself can you? You just had to say all that?

Bella shrugs and adjusts her bag, “She had it coming. I’ve taken it for months and they started it. You simply finished it....which you didn’t have to do, but thanks either way.

You’re just lucky Slappy saw you and that I’m fast.

Bella just laughs and shakes her head, “Psh, I’ve seen her in gym class. She couldn’t hit water if she fell out of a fuckin’ boat.

LANGUAGE!” roars Slappy.

Jack laughs as Bella looks at him with an apology, “Alright, I’m heading to band practice, you need a lift?

Yeah, I think of going to your dad’s school. I have some frustrations to work out.” Bella smiles and looks at Slappy, “Would that be ok?

Course, come on kids.” Jack turns and begins to walk away as Bella turns around and picks up her book. She brushes off the hardcover bound book and looks at it lovingly.

Alice Thru The Looking Glass.

~*~*~We’re All Mad Here~*~*~

London, UK
April, 2019

And she’s reading. Why am I not surprised?” a thick Irish brogue streams through her hypnotization of once again her nose in her favorite book. She looks up to see Malachi standing there, “Business or Pleasure?

She holds the book up with a bright smile on her face.

Alice Thru the Looking Glass.” he says reading the title, “‘If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would.’” he says almost sly like as he sits down next to her in the hotel lobby.

I’m impressed. That’s one of my favorite lines from it.” Bella looks at him with an almost flirtatious smile on her face, “It’s also my favorite book of all time. Hi.” she leans in and gives him a slight kiss.

Hello yourself,” he says almost caught off guard by her boldness, “So, London?

Bella resituates herself on the couch to look more directly at Malachi, “Yeah, was offered to come here for school. Couldn’t pass it up. Since your sister left Paris was sorta empty anyways so I figured....

Make a trip and hope to get to see me?” Mal says, almost teasing her.

Well, it did surprise me that you were here. Hope you’re not stalking me or anything.” she says smirking, “But, I’m also glad. I would love to see more of this city and you did offer.

That I did, if you are up for it.

I got an early train back to Paris in the morning.” she smiles almost looking sad and he catches that.

Oh.” sounding almost sad.

But...sleep is for the weak.” she smirks, placing her bookmark in its place, and placing her book in her lap, “Besides, after meeting your mother last week, I have a few lingering questions.

Mal rolls his eyes cause he knows what’s coming, “Oh this is what I was afraid of. My mum, filling your head with things.

Bella laughs and slaps his shoulder a bit, “No, nothing like that. I was just wondering how someone that sweet and loving could ever raise someone that is

He raises an eyebrow and can’t stop himself, “You mean charming as hell and devastatingly handsome?

Bella practically scoffs at his answer while blushing at his response, “No...well...NO! I mean, you came across like that back in Paris but...” she seems to be tripping over her own words, and takes a deep breath, “I’m talking this chip on your shoulder. Knowing Lanah, meeting your brother and now your mother...I it middle child syndrome with the whole ‘Fuck the world’ chip on the shoulder bit that you show everyone else? And how come you are letting me see the other side of you? The one I tell everyone that I met that night? You cannot backtrack on this one, Mal. I know when you are deflecting because I’ve seen it one to many times.

He let out a bit of a sigh, running a hand through his hair. “Look, I’ve never been great with people, so I tended to keep them away so they don’t have the chance to disappoint me. But were so different, right from the start. You saw straight through my bullshit and called me out on it. No one’s ever done that. I guess it made an impression on me.

Bella was a little taken aback at his confession at first, but then a little smirk found its way across her face as she bumped his shoulder with her own. “Well, what can I say? I’m an excellent judge of character.

He chuckled lightly as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and kissed the side of her head. “Hey, we’ve only just begun to get to know each other. I can still send you running for the hills, you know.

Right back atcha.

~*~*~We’re all mad here. It’s not a competition~*~*~

Las Vegas, NV
Present Day

Bella sits in her room, looking down at the book that has followed her everywhere. “”Curiouser and curiouser.” A few weeks ago, Mikah told me I needed to do my research on her. And then, she went on to list all these accomplishments. Bombshell Champ, Roulette Champ I think was in there somewhere. I don’t know I zoned out a bit after getting talked down to.

Bella shrugs and looks up with an honest look on her face, “I mean, at least she saved me some sort of work with it but am I supposed to be impressed? I have a mother who spent most of her career setting a standard of not to be fucked with. So where in the hell in all of that am I going to say “Ok damn, yeah, you are the fucking shit.”? Mind you, it’s an impressive resume you got for yourself, girl. BUT, YOU walked away from here for how long, only to come back here and act like you want to sit upon your throne once again like nothing has changed.

But it has changed, Mikah. “I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then” There are differences from even when I showed up here a year ago. You’re sitting there trying to discredit me for my short career simply because you just happened to be around longer. You have more prizes in your trophy case and what did it get you?” she sits back and ponders, “Can you honestly tell me that you are happy? Obviously not because you are doing that same old song and dance routine where you try to make yourself appear like you don’t need anything but success, but it’s empty. Win or lose these titles, Mal and I have each other. Through thick and thin, we know at the end of the day we will be there to dust ourselves off and push ourselves to be that much better.

Change and chances, to be challenged....I welcome this with you Mikah. And I’ll leave Kris to Malachi because apparently it’s a taboo situation. you. The bitch that attacked me after you already had the match won. I have the scar, I have the memories...but beating’s not impossible. Alice, I dream up 6 impossible things before breakfast. And nothing is impossible, impassable...but not impossible. she stands and looks down at the book, “And I’m willing to step through the looking glass. Are you?

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Re: Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
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TIME: 10:45 AM

She fell back against the mat of the ring and just lets out a breath of air as she looks up at the ceiling. She’d been in the gym for at least three hours by now and was growing tired of being there, tired of working on her “skills” or whatever you wanted to call them. She knew that she was well prepared to take on Bella but still, she felt guilty when she didn’t spend adequate time in the ring and hated when people liked to point that out to her. She takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out before propping herself up to see Kris leaning against the ropes, smirking at her. She scowls just slightly at him before standing up and adjusting her booty short bottoms.

;;MIKAH “Stop looking at me like that.”

He raises an eyebrow at her as he watches her move over to one of the turnbuckles.  She bends over to grab her water bottle and he very openly lets his eyes wander to her butt as she takes a drink and then stands up. She finishes the water in the bottle and tosses it over the top rope.

::KR “Stop looking at you like what?”

Mikah shoots him a look as she stands across from him in the ring. They were polar opposites when it came to their wrestling styles, so training together never seemed to go exactly the way either of them wanted. It sometimes was a struggle to compromise with one another to get where they wanted with the training session. It also didn’t help that Kris spent most of his time in the ring.

;;MIKAH “Well, for starters like I’m out of shape, I’m not. You just don’t compete the same way that I do. And secondly, like you’re undressing me with your eyes.”

Kris laughs a little bit, that knowing little look in his eyes as he looks down at his feet before he looks up and over at her. She is quick to fold her arms over her chest as she looks at him, her eyebrows raised a bit.

::KR “That’s just an excuse for you being out of shape. And you can’t stop me from undressing you with my eyes.”

Mikah rolls her eyes at him a little bit as she moves across the ring and leans against the ropes opposite of him. She looks over at him, that toying look on her face as she looks him over before she carefully move up and sits on the middle rope with her back against the top rope. Their relationship was not labeled or really a relationship at all, she let him do as he pleased and she was free to do as she pleased. But that didn’t mean that they didn’t sleep with one another still.

;;MIKAH “I’m not out of shape, jerk. Just because I choose not to spend every free minute in this ring doesn’t make me out of shape. I could run circles around you before you even ran half a mile. And you’re right, I can’t stop you from undressing me with your eyes.”

She just shrugs her shoulders and he smirks.

::KR “I love when you say that I’m right.”

Mikah rolls her eyes at him but doesn’t seem too bothered by it. By now, she was used to his antics and the way he reacted to the things she said or even the things she didn’t say.

;;MIKAH “It happens once a year, so there’s your quota for 2020.”

She winks at him and he just shrugs his shoulders as he looks at her before he leans more against the ropes almost as if he was going to use them to push off.

::KR “I’m sure you’ll slip up and tell me I’m right again within the next three months.”

Mikah just shrugs her shoulders before sliding off of the ropes and back onto her feet on the mat as she looks at Kris. They were a complex team with a mixture of emotions between them. Both of them were very good at masking their feelings and hiding things that were going on in their lives. She glances over at the doorway and she smiles to herself as she spots her dead best friend standing there. Or what she assumed was a hallucination. He had promised her last week that he wouldn’t disappear on her and he hadn’t and she was still trying to adjust to seeing him whenever she wanted to.

;;MIKAH “What happens after we win the mixed tag team championships on Sunday?”

She was trying her best to act normal around Kris when she spotted Christian Othniel at the door. She didn’t want to alert Kris that something was off with her. She knew that seeing a dead person wasn’t normal and that there was an underlying condition going on but she didn’t care. She enjoyed seeing him and didn’t want to push him away.

::KR “Then we’ll be tag team champions…”

Mikah gives him a look before rolling her eyes in slight annoyance. She wasn’t trying to get irritated with him, but she thought that he’d know what she was talking about. But it appeared that his mind wasn’t exactly in the same spot as hers.

;;MIKAH “I mean….are we going to be title husband and wife again?”

She smirks as she look at him before a memory is brought up in her own mind. She lets herself slide back to 2018 to relive those days when their little thing was a scandalous secret.


Mikah taps her foot impatiently as her and Kris sit in the back of the limousine, heading back to their hotel room.  She was being impatient and wanted to just be there but it appeared that everybody was leaving the arena at the same time and Alphonso was having a hard time keeping them out of the main flow of traffic.

;;MIKAH  “I wish that we could just get there already.”

Patience had never been her strong suit and she has to stop herself from rolling down the middle window so she wouldn’t yell at Alphonso.

;;MIKAH  “I do not understand how you are so patient.”

She gives him a look, raising her brows at him. He lets out an uneasy breath and attempts to play off that he is fine.

::KR “I am just happy to be out of the arena before they wanted to check on me this time. Anywhere other than backstage is totally fine with me.”

He gives her a light nudge with his elbow.

::KR “What are you so flustered about anyways? Your job can't be that stressful.”

She gives him a look before crossing her arms over her chest and leans back against the cushions of the limousine’s seats.

;;MIKAH “....”

She shuts her mouth, not sure what she was going to say.  She moves a bit, crossing her legs and them uncrossing them.

;;MIKAH  “Do you know how frustrating Crystal or Christina is?  Like who the fuck does she she think she is?”

She grabs herself a bottle of water from the stocked mini fridge.

;;MIKAH  “Thinking that I am the one picking on her.”

She rolls her eyes.

;;MIKAH  “Bitch is delusional.”

He laughs a little, more surprised than anything.

::KR “She's annoying, don't get me wrong. The fact that you let her get to you is kind of funny though.”

Instead of grabbing a second bottle from the fridge, he takes hers and takes the cap off of it.

::KR “There are lots of people way more annoying than she is sitting right next to you. I would think you would have built up an immunity.”

She scowls at him a little as he takes her water bottle from her.  Just as he goes to take a drink, she reaches over and squeezes it to give him a face full of water.  She then gives him a half innocent look and a smirk at the same time.

;;MIKAH  “You are not annoying.  She is fake.  And I do not like fake people.”

She then looks at him.

;;MIKAH “Sorry?”

He squeezes the bottle in her direction, sending some of it spraying her direction.

::KR “You don't ever have to apologize to me.”

He takes a drink from the water while using his free hand to brush some of the water away from his face.

::KR “You pretty much have a free pass.”

She looks at him, a little unsure before shrugging her shoulders before grabbing her phone to check something out.  She is silent for a few minutes before she looks at him again.

;;MIKAH  “I have a favor to ask of you next week….”

She gives him a sheepish look. He perks up a little at the thought.

::KR “I am a dangerous person to owe something too though. That might not be too smart.”

The signature smirk that got him his original contract from Christian comes across his face.

::KR “Not that I'm not interested.”

She gives him a look, raising one brow at him before she unbuttons another button to her turquoise button up blouse.  She adjusts is a bit to give him just a peek-a-boo glance of the black lace trimmed bra underneath.

;;MIKAH  “I trust you.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH  “We’ve already had sex.  More than once, so….”

She gives him a smile before she takes the water bottle from him and takes a drink before handing it back to him.

;;MIKAH  “I need you to come into the office next week….I need to be the one to pick the stipulation for my match with the nutjob.  And Christian is much more likely to give me what I want if you’re there.”

She then gives him a smirk.

;;MIKAH  “But...I need you to wear little a possible…”

He tries to muster up some fake offense to the suggestion, but fails to come up with anything believable.

::KR “You know I have to push it a little further each time, right? There is only a finite amount of times he will give into just looking.”

He takes another drink from the bottle without taking his eyes off of her.

::KR “That puts me in an even stranger situation…”

She pouts her bottom lip out at him.

;;MIKAH  “But I have to be the one to pick the stipulation!  Not that tramp!”

She gives him a puppy dog look, batting her long, dark lashes at him.  She slides closer to him, putting her body right up against his.  She places one hand expertly on the inside of his upper thigh.

;;MIKAH  “Please….don’t you enjoy being Championship husband and wife?”

He has absolutely no chance of actually shooting her down and they both know it.

::KR “I can be convinced… I'm pretty sure I have an idea…”

His eyes trail down from hers.

::KR “Those white shorts from Summer XXXtreme could work.”

She smiles at him before leaning in and kissing his cheek as she leaves her hand where it was on his thigh.

;;MIKAH  “He would be putty and give me whatever I wanted.  I’m sure you could get what you want as well…”

She looks at him before cross her leg over her other as her hand rubs his leg softly.

;;MIKAH  “Unless there is nothing that you want.”

He leans into her a little and places a light kiss on her cheek. His voice lowers like he does not want to be heard through the barrier.

::KR “Well you know that’s not true.”

He trails a second kiss a little closer to her lips.

::KR “There is at least one person in this car that I always want.”

She smirks a little bit as she tilts her head to the side a bit before leaning into him and kissing him quickly on the lips.

;;MIKAH “I did not know that you wanted Alphonso so badly.  You could have just said something.”

She places a quick kiss on his cheek again. He moves the bottle to a cup holder along the door and then brings his index finger up to her cheek to push her lips back towards him.

::KR “I mean maybe if he needed a favor… he;s a big dude. Owing me one could come in handy.”

She smiles at him before raising an eyebrow at him.

;;MIKAH “What kind of favor would he need?”


He chuckles at her and she gives him a look.

;;MIKAH “Well, I’m going to say that it does then. Since you’re clearly no help.”

She walks over to the ropes and carefully gets out of the ring and hops down off the mat and onto the floor. She turns back to look at Kris, smirking at him.

::KR “I mean…”

He just shrugs his shoulders, clearly making no commitment to what she was saying. She just shakes her head to herself as she glances at the door, her eyes moving over her dead best friend’s body. She flashes him a smile before turning her attention back to Kris for a second.

;;MIKAH “It’s fine. I get it, you have commitment issues. I’m going to go shower, have fun in here.”

She doesn’t give him a chance to answer as she walks over to Christian and gives him a smile as they walk out of the gym, the doors closing behind them. Mikah glances around, slightly nervously to make sure there was nobody around so that they wouldn’t see her hugging an invisible person. Once she was sure that she was in the clear, she wraps her arms around him and hugs him. He smiles to himself before he too hugs her back. She couldn’t believe that even the hug felt real.

::CO “Is he okay?”

Mikah glances back the direction of the gym and where she had left Kris before she looks at Christian. She nods her head before kissing his cheek.

;;MIKAH “Yeah, he’s fine. I’m sure of it. Or he’ll be fine if he’s not. It’s Kristopher, he’s always fine.”

She was quick to brush it off as she walks back to the living area of the building to find the bathroom to take a shower. Christian follows her, opting not to push her to see anything she didn’t want to see.

::CO “As long as you’re sure, Miks.”

Mikah smiles as they walk into the room that was considered “hers” and she sits on the edge of the bed and looks at him. He raises an eyebrow at her before sitting next to her. She seemed to be a little nervous.

;;MIKAH “Is…there something wrong with me? And don’t get me wrong, I love that you’re here but…Mase, you’re dead.”

He places a hand on hers, taking it in his as he looks into her eyes. She looks up into his eyes, that raw, vulnerable look in her eyes. She didn’t want him to disappear but she didn’t completely understand why he was here.

::CO “You’re fine, I promise. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

It didn’t make her feel any better but she wasn’t going to question it. She leans into him, slightly.

;;MIKAH “Okay…just don’t leave, okay?”


TIME: 5:45 PM

The scene opens up to show the Bellagio and its fountains in the view of the screen. A platform had been set up in the fountains’ pool but away from where the jets would shoot off. And in the middle of the platform, stood the blonde Bombshell, Mikah. She was wearing a turquoise bikini because she was sure that she’d get wet due to the fountains. And on her feet are silver stiletto pumps. She glances around her before the fountains begin going off behind her to her theme song that was a mixed up version of Dirty Little Girl by Burn Halo, Shakin’ Hands by Nickelback, and Bad Bitch by Bebe Rexha.

;;MIKAH “Vegas, where you go big or you go home.”

A smirk plays on her face as she looks at the camera, which had switched to the one that was on the platform so that her voice could be heard.

;;MIKAH “And just like that saying, Kristopher and I are going to go big on Sunday night and take the gold home with us.”

She was confident in her own skills and she believed that Kris was just as good as she was. She didn’t believe that she had to pretend any differently.

;;MIKAH “Let’s not waste any time with the semantics. Because it doesn’t matter if I say that I am a million times better in the ring than Bella, because I’ve already proven. But first. . .”

She reaches up and tucks her hair behind her right ear.

;;MIKAH “Let’s start with the things that you had to say about me, Mally.”

She scrunches her nose up and chuckles before shaking her head as she walks around the small platform.

;;MIKAH “Let me guess, you didn’t do your homework very well, did you?”

She looks at the camera with a faux pouty look on her face.

;;MIKAH “Since you so very clearly want to talk about my marriage to Drake Green, you should have looked up the facts before you ran your mouth. Yes, Drake Green has money but I also came from money. I didn’t have use Drake’s money for anything. And no, it was not a marriage of convenience and if you want the truth, he chased me and had to convince me to marry him. I have never been keen on marriage but when you love somebody, you compromise, so I married him. Did I love him? Yes, I did. But life happens and there are things that one just…can’t get over. But my former marriage? It has no place in this match. You’re not facing Drake, you’re facing Kristopher.”

She smirks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “And before I touch on that, Drake is only two years older than I am. In way shape or form is he in the grave. So maybe instead of looking like an ignorant asshole, you should do your research. Drake is also a SCW Hall of Famer. And me? I’m also a SCW Hall of Famer. You and your whore-y little wife or wife to be, will probably never even come close to making it into the hall of fame.”

She flicks her hair over her shoulder with her hand before she turns to look at the fountains as they go off to her music.

;;MIKAH “And I bring up yours and Bella’s relationship because it is a factor in this match. You are her tag team partner, Mally. So, I bring up the fact that you two are together because it does matter in this little war. The things that I’m going to do to her in the ring aren’t going to be pretty. And it might piss you the fuck off. But you’ll get used to it, it’s what I do.”

She winks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “Now Bella….”

She shakes her head slowly as she looks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “Bella, Bella, Bella…you are as dumb as you look. And as dumb as you sound on Twitter.”

She winks at the camera again before she moves around the platform again, careful not to trip in her stiletto heels.

;;MIKAH “You talk this big game and you state you’re not scared of me or intimidated by me. But you should be because you’ve already lost to me. You’re not better than me and a month ago, Kristopher and I already proved that.”

She smirks again before shrugging her shoulders.

;;MIKAH “You don’t have to admit that you’re scared of me, Bella. I understand, I get it. You want to look as if you’re a credible champion, it’s what any champion would say. But everybody knows that it isn’t true. And go ahead, say that you’re okay with losing because you’ll have your husband-to-be and that’s all you need. But that’s not going to get you anywhere in wrestling, honey.”

She just gives the camera look.

;;MIKAH “And yes, I am the best there is. I don’t need the Bombshell Championship to be there. I’ve already done that, three times to be exact. I’ve already sat at the top of the Bombshell’s division and reigned supreme. I’m already in the Hall of Fame and I’ve been voted the best Bombshell ever by Tommy Knocks. I really have nothing else to achieve in SCW so I’m here because I want to be here. And I want to be a mixed tag team championship with Kristopher. I’m not here to make friends because the ones I have are fine. I don’t need to socialize with little scrubs like you and your soon-to-be husband.”

She gives the camera a disgusted look before rolling her eyes.

;;MIKAH “You’ve beein SCW a year, Bella? Well, a little over a year to be exact if the statistics are correct. Do you know that it didn’t take me a year to obtain the Bombshell Championship? I signed my contract in November of 2014 and by May of 2015, I had the Bombshell Championship and I sat at the top of the division for nine long months. What have you done in your career here in SCW that’s been anything short of amazing?”

She tilts her head to the side as she looks directly into the camera.

;;MIKAH “You should be more than just Malachi’s future wife. You should want more than that for yourself. My career was never dependent on whether I had a husband or a boyfriend. Hell, I had a husband my Bombshell Championship reign in 2015 and I left him at home. He wasn’t in SCW at the time and I didn’t need him to be successful. And I didn’t need Drake Green to be successful either.”

She smirks as she looks around, noticing people watching her. But she didn’t seem to care and even seemed to encourage them to watch her as she stands on the platform.

;;MIKAH “Right now, all I need is Kristopher to be successful and that’s because he’s my tag team partner. And you can bet that he’s ten times better than your fiancé, Malachi is in the ring. He wasn’t the SCW Heavyweight Champion for no reason.”

She smiles as she looks at the Vegas scenery.

;;MIKAH “He and I as a team? There’s just something about it that feels so right. And once we take those championship belts away from you? We’ll be unstoppable. We’ll be the ones that everybody is going to strive to beat and eventually?”

A devious sort of look slips into her eyes as she stares into the camera lens.

;;MIKAH “We’re going to be the measuring stick for what a mixed tag team should be and should want to be.”

She jumps just slightly as the fountains start to go off again, using her theme song again.

;;MIKAH “And that’s just what’s going to happen. We’re not the heroes of the story or in the company. But we are the villains. And let’s face it…”

She smirks again, pausing momentarily as she looks around her again. Her skin was damp and had water droplets on her skin from the fountains behind her.

;;MIKAH “Everybody loves a good villain.”

She giggles and winks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “And everybody has a small soft spot for the villain of the story. Just ask Loki.”

She giggles again before looking at the camera again.

;;MIKAH “Remember this isn’t personal, Bella and Malachi….”

She scrunches up her nose and turns to face the fountains as the water shoots up behind her. She spreads her arms out and lets her head fall back and lets the water hit her soft skin.

;;MIKAH “It’s just what villains do.”
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Re: Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
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Getting Things Done
Jet City South - San Diego

It was dark in Jet City South. Coby was usually the first one to come through the doors in the morning anyways, so it didn’t really bother him. To be honest, it was one of the best parts of his day. He made his way from the front door to the alarm system, shutting it off before flipping a large panel full of light switches. Jet City South came to life around him, but for now it was just his. Soon people would start to come through, but for just this moment every day, he got to enjoy the fruits of his labor without a dozen people asking him questions. He doesn’t linger, and makes his way through the halls and up the backstairs to the office overlooking the main floor. He flips on the lights in the room and tosses his bag down only to be startled by the rustling of someone on the loveseat behind him. Before he can spin to face the sound of the noise, his partner and friend identifies himself.

Kris: Why do you stick around after all these years?

Even with the split second warning, Coby still nearly leaps out of his shoes at the sound of Kris’ voice. He grabs a folder off of his desk and hurls it towards Kris out of some misplaced defense reflex, but just watches as the papers inside scatter in the air and fall to the ground well short of his would be attacker.

Coby: Jesus!

Coby shakes his head, and takes a deep breath, attempting to bring his blood pressure back down. Kris only smiles at first, definitely pleased with the reaction he got out of Coby. He was still sitting in the same clothes from the night before. After his chat with Court, he hadn’t left. He went up to the office, sat down, and got lost in what she said to him. He didn’t know how much time had passed, but the next thing he knew Coby was opening up the door. It was an amusing end to an annoying night. At least there was a silver lining though.

Kris: I don’t think he’s here. You can leave a message, but I doubt he checks them.

It wasn’t a topic that Coby was willing to engage Kris on. Instead, Coby tried to keep the conversation light.

Coby: Don’t make a habit of hanging out being sad in the dark. People will start to mistake you for your brother.

He should have been able to tell that Kris wasn’t going to just laugh at the bad joke and move on with his day. There was something off about the whole situation.

Kris: I’d have to be drinking for that….

Coby didn’t know who had broken Kris, but he had a feeling it wasn’t Jason. If it were, he would have gotten a much more negative response to bringing up the more successful brother’s name. Some days the hate that would earn Coby was rivaled only by talking about going home to Seattle, although he hadn’t quite put together as to why it was such a sore subject. He doubted that Kris wanted to let him in on it now either. If the current subject was Jason, then Coby would play along.

Coby: Yeah, well… everyone has problems. You should take it easy on him. Not sure what your alls problem is this week. Seems like you’re at each other’s throats sometimes and chill at others. I can’t keep up.

Kris didn’t flash any smugness or try to change the subject like normal. Instead, he asked his friend a question that he definitely should have already known the answer to.

Kris: You don’t have any siblings do you?

Coby shakes his head.

Coby: Thankfully, no. Just an annoying cousin that thinks herself a sister.

The other half of Team Quik, Keisha, had stayed part of Jet City in Seattle. Their partnership was the first casualty of setting up Jet City South, unless they were counting the founding brothers themselves. Although, Coby knew that the split was only ever going to be temporary. They always resolved their squabbles before.

Kris: I guess you wouldn’t get it then.

Kris shrugs and lets out a heavy sigh. He leans forward on the couch and runs his fingers of his left hand through his matted hair. He looked defeated, but he didn’t have any visible bruises. Whatever had happened had to have gotten under his skin though. Coby almost wasn’t brave enough to actually ask.

Coby: Man, somebody did a number on you. Usually you’re all smiles and arrogance. Did someone swing by and put you in your place?

He tried to make it sound as much like he was joking as possible. The last thing he wanted was for Kris to snap and dump all of his anger on him. Coby had been on the receiving end of that enough in the last few years. He was good at avoiding it these days. However, Kris must have been in a giving mood. He doesn’t even fight Coby over the information.

Kris: Court.

He scowl that formed on Kris’ face just from saying her name gave Coby more than Kris’ words. It wasn’t very often that someone got him twisted inside out like this.

Coby: Oof. Yeah, she has made a couple people cry since we have been open. You really have to blame yourself for that one though. Well, you and Mikah. You all ruined that girl.

He was still mostly joking, but Kris took his words to heart. He is quick to defend himself from the accusation.

Kris: She came to us all entitled and full of herself. All we did was show her how to handle herself in the ring.

Both men knew that wasn’t exactly true, and since Kris seemed too down to fight him on it, Coby took a stab at something a little closer to the truth.

Coby: No, you all crushed her spirit, and you literally goaded her into breaking her hand. You pushed her too hard, too fast several times and she snapped under the pressure. That girl has had more setbacks and injuries than either of us, and she is just getting started in this business. What do you expect?

It was the question that Kris had been sitting back and torturing himself over for the last few hours. Sure, Court had dug deep and took a few shots below the belt, but he only had himself to blame for it. He taught her how to size up and read her opponents. He taught her how to get under people’s skin. He shouldn’t be surprised to be turned into one of her targets to practice on. That wasn’t a conversation to have with Coby though, so he finally tried to shift away from the subject.

Kris: You know, she had some shit to say about you too...

Coby nods knowingly. It didn’t surprise him at all. Most of it was probably things that she says to his face on a daily basis. Court was anything but shy.

Coby: I bet her little ass did. I’m too naive to strike out on my own and give you guys the finger. She thinks of me like Jet City’s little brother. I don’t end up sitting alone in rooms sulking about it though and startling people.

It was a feeble attempt to circle back around to what was actually bothering Kris, and the Grand Slam Champion didn’t let Coby down.

Kris: She went too far this time.

Coby shrugs, not offering his friend a single ounce of pity.

Coby: Yeah, well you probably had it coming. You run around running your mouth long enough and someone is going to come along and close it from time to time.

He didn’t mean it as an insult, but the matter-of-fact tone that he says the words in rubs Kris the wrong way. He is immediately on defense again.

Kris: I expect it out in the ring. You know? Like, if Bella or Malachi had come at me like that I would have understood...

His disappointment with his opponents was a whole different source of frustration, but he would get into that later. This week was supposed to be an ascendance to greatness, but was ending up sucking a lot more than he planned for.

Coby: Really? Let me ask you a question...

Kris stands up, but doesn’t make any move for the door. Instead, he stretches his arms out to the side. His body had started to stiffen up from the hours of sitting in the dark.

Kris: people all the time with your questions….

Coby: Just humor me for a second.

He realized that there was little to no chance that Kris would actually answer his question, but it was worth a shot.

Coby: When someone comes at you from the locker room, or because of some match, it doesn’t bother you. I mean I saw Crimson say and do things to you that nobody should ever be forgiven for, but you two are somehow cool now. Yet, Court comes in here and cuts you down to size a little bit and it has you all messed up. Why?

Kris locks eyes with his friend and business partner without trying to make excuses or bend the truth in his favor.

Kris: ...because she was right.

It was one of those things that Coby already knew, but he was still surprised to hear the words come out of Kris’ mouth. He didn’t want to leave his friend on the hook, and immediately tried to lighten the mood in the room with a joke at his own expense.

Coby: Ah, see now there’s the honesty and self-awareness that makes me stick around like a loyal puppy.

Kris straightens himself out and offers Coby a cheap half-smile.

Kris: I guess that’s a compliment.

Coby realized that it was Kris’ way of trying to dismiss the seriousness of the conversation, but Coby wasn’t quite ready to let Kris slip away. He took it a step further.

Coby: You’re not actually mad or upset with her. You’re upset with you. If there’s anything that I’ve learned about you over the years is that you are your least favorite person… regardless of what everyone else may think.

Kris leans forward, extending his arms out in an over-exaggerated bow like some kind of court jester.

Kris: Well someone has to be the villain, right?

Coby shakes his head, unconvinced.

Coby: Nah. That’s just you. Think about it. Everyone thinks that they are the hero of their story. Even if they are wrong. Even if they are horrible. Sometimes especially when they are horrible. They still think that they’re doing the right thing. That they’re making things better for some reason. Everyone wants to be a hero. You’re the only one painting themselves as a villain, and you already know why that is….

Kris thinks it over for a second, but only one answer comes to mind.

Kris: ...because I am...

Coby walks over and claps Kris on the shoulder with his right hand.

Coby: ...and you always will be with that kind of attitude.


>I used to wonder if the veterans of this business ever got tired of beating the uninspired….

Now I know the answer. Because usually I would be excited about heading into Violent Conduct. This isn’t going to be my first time on this show, and it isn’t even going to be the first time I am competing for a championship on it. As far as high profile championship matches go, I’ve been there and done that. Fenris and I put on one of the best Violent Conduct main events in the history of SCW. There is no topping that. There was tension there. Nobody knew who was going to come out on top. There was this up and coming rookie that had been on a tear since debuting and winning Blast from the Past, and then there was me. I was the guy that everyone said was SCW. There was o no mentioning the company without mentioning my name, and vice versa. I was carrying this company on my back, and Fenris came and took that torch from me and ran with it for most of the time that I was gone.

Now I am coming back around to Violent Conduct, and this year doesn’t feel like that year. This match doesn’t feel like that match. There is no tension in the air. I don’t feel unsettled, or nervous about what is going to happen. I feel…. nothing.Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am not looking forward to taking Sass n Bash’s Mixed Tag Team Championships. I couldn’t be more pumped about the idea of walking out of another SCW show with championship gold around my waist. It’s long past time that Mikah and I won the titles that were basically created for us to carry. That’s not my point though. My point is that it is just academic at this point. All we are doing is dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows it. Malachi and Bella have proven time and time again that they don’t stack up against us. Not in the ring. Not outside the ring. Their little speeches are boring, and they don’t even seem like they have confidence in themselves. Their big opportunity to put The Black Sheep in their rear view mirrors blew up in their face weeks ago. We even told them that we would let them pick the stipulation for their defense just to hopefully give them a boost, but the energy is just not there.

Instead, sad boy Malachi treated us to a story of true love. How he went from intolerable jackwagon to married douche right before all of our eyes. Newsflash dude, everyone has family problems. You want to talk about fighting siblings? Look back at Jet City in SCW. I managed to fight with my brother while the two of us were running circles around the rest of the tag team division at the same time. You’re not special. But then what? You met a girl. Started dating. Formed a team. Won a title. Is this supposed to be an uplifting story? Is this your greatest success? You found the one person in the world that could tolerate you and then decided to team together. How special. Has that worked out well for The Barnharts? I didn’t think so. Being a couple in this business is overrated and played out. Mikah and I don’t need to be together in order to beat the two of you. We don’t even have to be getting along. The fact that we have beaten other teams on this roster without being on the same page speaks for itself. Now that we are finding our footing as a team and actually working together, what hope do these two have? I guess it is a good thing that Bella and Malachi have each other, because after this match that is all that they are going to have. Those Mixed Tag Team Championship won’t be their problem anymore.

...and I can say things like that without everyone rolling their eyes because most people in this company and the majority of the fans have seen it happen over and over again since the first time I stepped foot in this company. They have seen me step up and take whatever it is that I want to take, and do whatever it is that I want to do. I may talk a whole lot of shit, but when it comes time to back it up, I always come through. That’s why I can call you two Bitch n Moan and it gets under your skin. The two of you had to cry to get your one-on-one shot, because you couldn’t get the job done any other way. You have frequently needed do-overs to get the better of the other teams on this roster, and are barely winning as often as you lose. The two of you complain when things don’t go your way, and act like you’re the greatest team ever when you finally manage to take a step forward.

Mikah and I showed up, dominated our way through any teams brave enough to take us on, and earned our shot at the championships. I could have taken a shortcut and cashed in my guaranteed shot. I could have gone out to the ring and cried about my past success until Mark or Christian caved in and handed me what I wanted just to shut me up. There were several paths to this match, and none of them would have allowed a mediocre team like Sass n Bash to hold those titles for more than a month. If the two of you are upset about your little nickname, then you only have yourselves to blame. If it strikes a nerve, it is because there is a nerve to strike. Trying to turn it around on me and Mikah though is not only sad, but…. Uninspired. I let the two of you get your wish of a singles match with Wolfslair, and Malachi has the audacity to talk about people getting shots that they didn’t deserve. I’m almost afraid that they don’t realize how bad of a joke that is. It baffles me that these two think that they are some sort of measuring stick when The Black Sheep has already proven that Sass in Bash couldn’t hang with us inside that ring. How can they claim to be the best at anything in this division when their records don’t support it? Then again, they’re the same two people that don’t understand how Mikah and I are black sheep on this roster, and called me the captain of the friend zone or some shit like that. Maybe they keep having these setbacks because they’re not reading the memos. It would probably be easier for them to beat their opponents if they knew anything at all about them. It might cut down on how many second chances they need to get the job done.

Malachi and Bella are concerned that Mikah and I will never have what they have. The only thing of theirs that we are currently interested in, is the championship belts around their waists. They can keep their life lessons and relationship advice to themselves, and we won’t have any complaints about that. That’s not what we need from them. All we need for them is to shine up those championships real nice, and carry them down to the ring for us. After that, we take care of the rest. It’s not about reclaiming any glory days, and it’s not personal for us. Mikah and I didn’t come back in order to ruin Sass n Bash’s reign. We didn’t join the division in order to take anything away from them. Truth be told, we didn’t even expect for the two of them to even be in our way. Mikah and I put money on Wolfslair sending them to the back of the line. The fact that Bella and Malachi won was just a happy accident. They put themselves on our radar by taking the only things in this division that we actually give a shit about. They made themselves the target, and then want to cry about the fact that we were mean to them before we beat them. They want to misrepresent our places in this company’s history. They want to act like we are relics of the past and not two of the most dominant individuals on the entire roster in the present.

...and that is their right, but it is going to cost them their championships. These two aren’t the gold standard. They barely qualify as a first obstacle. They’re an introductory course, and The Black Sheep are the master class. This isn’t going to be a match. It’s a slaughter, and the champs aren’t smart enough to see it for what it is. Maybe they will learn while they are working their way up for their next shot at the championships. That might be a long and sad road, but at least they’ll have each other.

...because The Black Sheep will have our Mixed Tag Team Championships and that’s what’s really important.


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Re: Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
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April 4, 2019
London, England

The referee’s hand pounded the mat as he heard the crowd call out in unison, “ONE! TWO! THREE!

The bell tolled out, and the crowd leapt to its feet and cheered wildly as Malachi stood in the centre of the ring, arm raised high in the air. He glanced around the crowds before his eyes fell on a particular guest in the front row, and he smiled and winked towards Bella Madison as he took his leave from the ring, heading up the ramp and through the backstage curtain. He quickly toweled the sweat from his body before throwing on a pair of loose shorts and kicking off his boots and kickpads in favour of a pair of slide-on sandals. He grabbed his bag filled with his merch and headed back out to the ringside area, finding an empty spot between a couple of his friends. As the fans crowded the tables to chat with the wrestlers and buy their merch, Mal kept scanning the crowds for Bella when a petite brunette sauntered up to his table. He put on his ‘meeting fans’ smile. “Heya, did you enjoy the show?” he asked.

She nodded, looking him up and down shamelessly. “Especially your match.

Uh, thanks,” he said, quickly glancing over her head to search for Bella again.

You know, you look really good in those trunks,” the girl continued on, wrapping a strand of hair around her finger and biting at her bottom lip.

Christ, here we go, Mal thought. [/color]Another fuckin’ ring rat. “[/color]Uh….huh.

Are you doing anything after the show? You know, you and the crew go anywhere for drinks afterwards?” She took a step closer to him, leaning over the table to give Mal quite the eyeful. “Or maybe you and I could go get a drink somewhere? Alone?

He rolled his eyes. “Look, I know what you’re trying to do, and I’m not interested, alright? So do yourself a favour and find some other loser to cozy up to.

She shot him an indignant look and stormed off in a huff. He breathed a sigh of relief, and it was at that moment that Bella finally showed up at his table. “There you are. I was worried you ran off,” he smiled at her.

Me, run off in the middle of a wrestling show? You don’t know me well at all, do you?” She winked at him. “Besides, I was seeing how that little scenario played out.

He cringed, wrinkling his nose in disgust. “Ugh, you saw that? To be honest, I’m surprised you didn’t come storming over and rip her hair out at the roots.

Well, the thought did cross my mind...but I can’t exactly blame the girl. You are the hottest guy in the building tonight.” She flashed him a cheeky grin as she cuddled up to his side. “And besides, I know that I’m going to be the one leaving with you tonight, so I wasn’t worried.

Mal gave a chuckle, squeezing her closer to his side and brushing a kiss across her forehead. “Sassy, beautiful and confident. Like I’d even look at another girl when I’ve got the total package right here.

She grinned back up at him again. “Though she did ask a good question...what are you doing after the show?

Well, I figured I’d take this amazing American girl out for a night on the town. Show her a few of London’s finest pubs and hopefully she’ll find me charming enough that she’ll take me back to her hotel room.

Bella gave him a wicked little grin as she brushed her lips across his cheek to his ear. “Well, I hope you don’t think you have to get her drunk to do that. Because I have it on good authority that she already finds you charming enough with that sexy accent and that amazing body.

Mal gave a grin as he turned his face to give her a kiss on the lips. “Is that so?

Mmhmm,” she giggled. “Then again, we could just skip the pubs altogether and head straight to the hotel? I do have a minibar…

He blinked at her for a moment, before leaning down to whisper in her ear. “Give me ten minutes to get ready, and meet me out front.


April 6, 2019
Waterford, Ireland

2:30 am

The buzzing of his phone on his nightstand jolted Malachi from his sleep, and he sat up in bed as he grabbed the phone, yawning and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He glanced at the screen, seeing a text from Bella.’hell?” he mumbled, swiping it open and reading through. But before he could finish reading it, another message came in, followed by another one, and then another in rapid succession. He scrolled through them, his heart leaping up into his throat in terror.

Immediately, he hit the CALL button, raising the phone to his ear. “Come on, come on, pick up, dammit,” he muttered under his breath, leaping out of bed to pace the floor of his bedroom, running a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. The phone rang for what felt like ages, until it finally clicked over. “Bella, thank God -

Hello, boy.

He stopped dead in his tracks, the blood in his veins going ice-cold as his eyes widened. It wasn’t Bella that had answered the phone...but him.[/i]

How nice of you to check on your little woman in the middle of the night. How devoted you are to her!” the mocking tone of the Reverend Synister crackled through the line, a hint of laughter in his voice that sent a chill shooting straight down Mal’s spine.

But just like that, the ice was replaced with a white-hot rage, coursing through his veins. “Where the fuck [/i]is she?” he snarled, his teeth gritted together so hard he thought they might crack from the pressure.

Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head about darling Bella. Her and I are simply getting...reacquainted. Isn’t that right, little girl?

In the background, Mal could hear what sounded like a muffled scream, and the rage burned hotter. He took short, shallow breaths through his nose as he fought the urge to hurl the phone against the wall. “You listen to me closely, you psychotic fucking lunatic. You harm one hair on her head, and you are going to -

What? Regret it?” A deranged laugh filled Malachi’s ears. “So many before you have made that idle threat before, and yet here I stand today. In Paris. While you are miles and miles away, helplessly listening to everything that -

Suddenly, a loud thump interrupted Syn’s diatribe, and the line disconnected. Mal pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at it in disbelief, before he tried redialing. When no one picked up, he tried again. He went through this process four times before the line finally connected. “I swear to God if anything happens to Bella -” he snarled.

Mal, relax! It’s me.

All the tension melted out of his body, and he had to sit back down on the edge of his bed as his legs turned to jelly in his relief. “Bella, are you alright? What happened?

She took a breath, and he could hear her voice shaking slightly as she talked. “He found me. He actually found me. I couldn’t sleep, and then I heard something at the door, and I knew I shouldn’t have -” A sob interrupted her, and he heard her start to cry.

Bella, Bella, it’s OK. Breathe.” He listened as she took a few deep inhales. “What happened just now? When the line disconnected?

She took another deep breath. “Levi got here. They fought a everywhere in my bedroom. I think Syn’s gone now.

Mal gritted his teeth again. “And what about Levi?

He just..glared at me. And then he walked away.

Wait...he just LEFT you there? Alone? After what just happened?

Mal, really, it’s fine -

THE FUCK IT IS!” He nearly screamed in rage, but remembered that his mother was still sleeping in the other room. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself, running a hand through his hair again. “Look, first thing in the morning, I’m booking a flight and I’m coming there.

You don’t have to -

I want to. Don’t argue with me. I’m the stubborn one in the family. Well, the most stubborn one, anyways.

Through her sniffles, she gave a little giggle. “I can believe that, actually.

He cracked a wry grin, feeling exhaustion set in now that his adrenaline had worn off. “I know you’re probably still keyed up, but try to get some sleep, OK? I’ll be there as soon as I can. And I’m not leaving you alone.

There was a pause before she said, in a quiet voice, “Can I talk to you until I fall asleep?

He smiled warmly, lying back down in his bed. “Of course.


Present Day
Las Vegas, Nevada

The inky blue sky twinkled with the lights of thousands of stars as it canopied the city of Las Vegas in the late hours of the night. On the rooftop bar of the Saxon Hotel, soft jazz music played as the patrons laughed and talked over glasses of expensive alcohol. The camera moved through the crowds as they thinned out, coming to rest near the edge of the roof where they found the subjects for this particular video.

Sitting on a cushioned sofa near the glass wall of the bar, Malachi and Bella Madison sat together, dressed to the absolute nines. Mal wore a buttoned-up royal blue dress shirt with black pants and shiny leather shoes, a large silver watch glinting on his wrist. Bella was stunning in a short black strapless dress with silver beading along the upper bodice, silver strappy stiletto heels and diamond stud earrings glittering in her ears. The couple were accessorized with their SCW Mixed Tag Team titles, Mal’s on his shoulder and Bella’s across her lap. They glanced at each other with a smile, as Bella motioned for him to take the lead in this video as she reached for a glass of champagne sitting on the low table in front of them. He straightened up on the couch slightly, draping an arm across the back of it behind Bella as he turned his steely gaze to the camera lens.
I hope you’ve all realized by now that when we say we want something...we damn sure get it. And we work for it. We don’t cut corners. We don’t rely on some long-faded resume to jump the line. See, Bella and I may have ‘bitched and moaned’ - or, as we adults like to call it, ‘taking the initiative’ - to get to where we are, but at least we earned every single thing we got. We didn’t just walk in throwing around a name that means fuck all to me, thinking that we should all bow to the ‘great’ Kris Ryans and Mikah.” He gave a roll of his eyes. “I have never in my life bowed to someone, and there’s no way in the seventh circle of Hell I am about to start now. You know, I probably could have respected you a bit more, had it not been for your holier-than-thou attitudes you’ve been copping since you strolled on back into SCW like you owned it. I mean, you two are both former World Champions, there’s no denying that. And obviously you had to have some amount of skill and talent to get to that level. But that was then, and this is now.

He adjusted the belt on his shoulder, where it glinted in the light coming from the tabletop fire pit that was crackling away. “See, I don’t understand what the sudden rush of these former stars trying to make their comeback is all about. Are you not satisfied at home, reliving your past glory days? You see the global force that SCW has become, and all of a sudden you think you could go one more round, for old times’ sake? You see all these new upstarts, claiming the spots that you think you still deserve? Just do everyone a favour, make like Elsa, and let that shit go. Sure, you’ve both come back, picked up some wins. And yeah, you got one over on us. Congratu-fucking-lations. Like I admitted before, the two of you have talent. Certainly more than any other joke of a team in this division. I’m not going to make any excuses. We lost, straight up.

He leaned forward in his seat, his expression turning dangerous. “But lightning will not strike twice for you. After everything we went through to get a hold of these belts, do you really believe that you’re just going to walk into that ring and we’re going to hand them to you on a silver fucking platter? Bella and I have worked too damn hard for too damn long to let some bygone era try to come back and reclaim their faded glory. You’ve both been gone too long from this company, and the new guard has moved in. You’ve been relegated to the past, and you should have been smart and stayed there.

Pfft....they never claimed to be smart.

The thing that people don’t seem to realize is that the teams that have held these titles the longest are the ones that act like a team. Take my brother and Sierra, for example. Longest-reigning mixed tag champs in the history of the company. You know why? Because they were a team in and out of the ring. Same with Wolfslair. They present themselves as a unified front. Just like Bella and I do. We’ve got each other’s backs both in and out of the ring. Which...I think is more than we can say for you two, isn’t it? After all, Mikah was so busy trying to take out Bella after our match that she completely failed to stop her own partner from getting jumped from behind.

Bella let out a little snort of laughter, hiding it behind her champagne glass. Mal cracked a wry grin. “That, to me, says it all. Mikah sees Bella as a legitimate threat. And she damn well should. Why else would she attempt to beat her down after the match was already over? Because the thing about Bella is, if you wanna try to cheap shot her, attack her when she’s down? Well, she’ll just get straight back up, laugh in your face, and then break all your teeth. As for me? Kris Ryans thinks I’m ‘too emotional’. That I let my anger get the better of me. That may be well and true, but that rage and anger is going to be laser-focused on you this Sunday night. And it doesn’t matter what kind of stipulation this match ends up being, because I’m going to leave you a broken, bleeding mess in the middle of the ring. I’m going to make you regret ever stepping back into an SCW ring, trying to reclaim your lost glory and youth.

He reclined back against the couch, bringing one leg up to rest his ankle across his knee. “I’m going to wrap this up by reminding you all...We’re not wolves.

Bella smirked as she curled up to Malachi’s side. “We’re not tigers.

We’re damn sure not sheep.

We’re Sass ‘n Bash.

Reigning, defending….and after Sunday….still YOUR SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions.

With a quick glance at each other, Bella and Mal smirked as they looked back towards the camera, both drawing a thumb across their throats as the feed cut to black.

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Re: Sass n Bash (c) v The Black Sheep - Mixed tag team championship
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I will never forget that night....

August 5th, 2019
Paris, France

London was such a success.” a thick French accent bustles through as we see a group of young women surrounding a table inside one of the libraries on the campus of the University of Paris.

Agreed, and we all have Liz to thank for it. She really came in on the clutch there.

Oui! To Liz!

We see Bella sitting, looking ever so relaxed and beaming from her schoolmates giving her high praise. “We would have all been in do you say, niche à chien if it wasn’t for you. You deserved to take a break and get back a day later than the rest of us.

Oooo oui, how was your visit with that tall, dark and sexy Irish number? I hope you had at least a little bit of fun with how hard you worked.

You could say that.” Bella smiles with a bite of her lower lip.

Ooo. On dirait que le chat a eu le canari. Donnez-nous tous les détails juteux et ne laissez rien de côté.” (Looks like the cat got the canary. Give us all the juicy details and don't leave anything out.)

Bella laughs at her friend in a practical whisper practically frothing at the mouth to live vicariously through her adventures, “Absolutely not. A lady never tells Michelle. And as for you Collete, you’ve already had enough left to your imagination thanks to your actions a month ago or do I need to remind you? I rather keep it to myself because I don’t know when I’m gonna see him again. We’re coming close to graduation and I’m focused on that. I don’t need any more distractions from the finish line. We’re a month away girls.

Ohhhh you’re no fun!” Colette exclaims a little too loudly in the middle of the library which earns them a glare from the old stuffy librarian keeping an eye on them.


And on that note....” Bella laughs and grabs her phone just in time for it to buzz alive in her hand.

Lover boy already missing you?’s twitter. Probably another stupid incepet argument between my family.” Bella says opening up her app. As she looks you can see almost all the color drain from her face.

Bella? You ok?” Michelle asked with concern.

Huh? Oh...yeah, just fine.” Bella shakes her head and puts on a false smile, types out a retort to the tweet, she’ll be damned if she continues to live in fear. ‘Oh goody.... Hello ghost, goodbye ghost.’There. I should get going. Still got some sleep to catch up on.

I bet you do.” Colette says with a saucy little wink.

Call if you need anything.

Just as she goes to answer her phone buzzes again. She looks and this time....her blood runs cold.

Bella doesn’t say another word and rushes out of the library with her bags in tow and as she gets out of the door she’s almost hyperventilating. She looks around, on guard and walks with haste.

Not now....please...not now.

She reaches her apartment in practical record time, her head practically on a swivel the entire time. Just as she gets to her front door, she is no less calm but decides it’s a good idea to reach out and let everyone know she is ok and seeing the reaction on twitter....Jack, Miles, mom. Her hair still standing on end, and she can feel herself being followed, dark eyes in the shadows...

Don’t let him in Bella....don’t let him in.” she finally fumbles her keys and gets inside and shuts the door tight.

Her whole place is silent, quiet. “Hello?

When no answer comes, she takes a heavy sigh and drops her bag by the door and walks in.

Syn, the monster that haunts her dreams and lives in her nightmares. 9 years she’s lived with it, 3 of them spent in therapy because of what he did. Playing with her mind like it was his personal plaything. Why now?

Her phone comes alive, Mal asking what the hell is going on and this conversation she had in passing, waving it off like it was nothing in their past few conversations but this was something new. She gave him the truth in her head, none of it even making sense to her either but just like before: A voice coming out of the dark.

She assured everyone that she was safe...but...

Even after an hour and a half alone in silence, curled up with a book and TV on...her mind kept wandering and glancing around like she was waiting for him to form out of the wall. Knowing him, what that evil sadistic bastard has done in the past, he was capable of anything. She didn’t want them to worry, she was a big girl, she was across the ocean on her own...she should be able to handle a ghost. ...a ghoul. A monster.

Right now was so late, calling anyone would instantly send in the calvary. Even though the cavalry was begging Levi to get off his ass and go to make sure she was alright, he was mad at her for standing up to him and telling him to back off from her choices. She doubted she’d ever see him again. Fuck it, she’d save herself but still she reached for her phone and texted Malachi. If he was awake alright but if not...after a succession of text, she heard a rustling outside of her door.

Grabbing a baseball bat that she had kept with her since she got home, she walked over to her door, peaking through the hole and not seeing anything, she took a deep breath and pulled the extra locks. Maybe her neighbor's cat got out again and was scratching at her door to get her help. Just as she turned the handle...

Ohhhh my child....

Instant fear, as she tries to close it but to no avail as it gets shoved open and sends her flying into the wall behind her, dropping the bat as Syn steps in, towering over her. Bella looks up as fear screams across her face and she tries to instantly crawl away but he reaches down and grabs her by the hair and hauls her up to her feet, leaning into her ear and menacingly snarls. “Far too long you have strayed, my little dove. I NEVER wanted to hurt you! But you have forced my hand and I CANNOT spare you the rod!"

LET GO OF ME, FUCKER!” Bella stomps on his foot as hard as she can and elbows him in the face as hard as she can, which stunts him for a moment but as she tries to pull away he spins her around, grabs her by the throat and shoves her against the wall hard. Bella screams out in pain for a moment, closing her eyes tightly.

"Look at me child...I want you to see the pain it's gonna cause me to harm you."

Bella shakes her head almost violently which causes Syn to grip her throat even tighter. “Please...” is all she can strain out under the pressure of his grip. Just as he seems to be going in for the final blow, the ringing of her phone catches his attention. Bella looks over in horror as she remembers she set that tone special for one person.

Syn simply smiles maliciously and with her still in his grasp drags her over, wrapping her up in a tight grip with his hand over her mouth...she blacks out for a moment, not hearing the conversation but knowing the voice....Mal. The bastard purposely put him on speaker to toy with them both. She manages to scream as loud as she can over his hand before he pulls her tighter, causing her to barely catch any air as Syn like a spider to the fly continues to toy with him. Before he finishes his final words “While you are miles and miles away, helplessly listening to everything that -

"Hands off, motherfucker. That's not yours." Syn drops her phone and Bella at the same time. Bella drops to the floor, gasping for air as Levi Russow tackles Syn. The two brawl into her bedroom and while she tries to regain her own composure she hears glass breaking all around from the room and then silence for a moment followed by Syn’s cackling laughter.

....did he kill him? Am I next?

But as she looks around to find a way to defend herself again, Levi staggers out of the room.

Levi? he?

Levi looks at her, sees no bleeding, just glaring at Bella, clicks his teeth, turns and leaves. Bella tries to follow him but he slams the door behind her even as she struggles through the pain in her back and head. She leans against the door, catching her breath, with her hands shaking violently she manages to throw on all her locks and tries to gather herself. Somehow through the haze she hears her phone and runs over to it to answer. Before she can even get her first words out Malachi’s anger screams through.

Mal, relax.! It’s me.

She tries to reassure him, promises she’ll try to sleep...even if it’s on her couch cause there was no way she was going into that bedroom. He stayed with her til she managed to pass out.

2 hours later

Thundering pounding comes to the door. “S'ouvrir! Police!” woke her. She frantically looked around to find her bat before she even looked through her peephole.

Someone must have seen the broken window and immediately called. Her neighbors must have just shrugged it off as just another wild college party. But they had arrived to find that that was not the case. Either way, she allowed them in, answered their questions, still shaken from the incident. She stood in the hall while they surveyed the damages. She was in the middle answering another in a long line when she heard “BELLS!

Only to turn and be engulfed with a hug from Malachi.

You’re alright....” like he didn’t want to believe she was real for a moment.

Bella couldn’t help herself, all the stress of her situation had brought up tears and the panic attack she was saving for when she was alone, “I...I thought you weren’t going to be here til later.

I couldn’t sleep...not after that.

“Excusez-moi Madame? Est-ce-que tu le connais?” (Excuse me madam? Do you know him?) the female officer asked not looking so sure after Bella has explained everything that has happened but Bella holds on to Mal tightly.

Oui, Il va bien.” (Yes, he’s alright.) she whispers. She was safe, she knew that for sure now.

The police wrapped up their investigation and assured her they’d be in touch but Bella knew better. What happened would never get the justice it deserves. As soon as they left, Mal made sure she was comfortable with a blanket, tea and double-checking of the door locks before he went to work. Cleaning up the mess that was left behind even though she told him he didn’t have too. She knew she’d only get shoo’d away if she tried to help him but instead she slept uneasily as much as she could. She’d feel him check on her now and again but you could tell, his ire was on edge. She didn’t even know how much time passed. Minutes? Hours? It went from early morning dark, to darkness again. 

Mal...” she called for him horsley, her voice straining. Her throat started to bug her a bit.

I’m here, love.” he said from a chair. Apparently he took to the oversized recliner to just watch her. He went over to her and kneeled down to be eye to eye, “What do you need?

Besides a new life?” she couldn’t help but smirk.

Still as sassy as ever I see.

Til the day I die.” she says. Mal just groans, “I’m sorry, wrong choice of words.

Yeah, something like that.” he grumbles. “Seriously, though.

Water...maybe soup?” she says with a hopeful sound. “I’m a little hungry. I don’t even know how long I’ve been asleep.

Almost 18 hours now, so it’s no wonder.” he pushes her hair from her face. You can see he’s fighting something in himself before he sighs, “I’ll get it.

Before he can reach his full stance, she tugs on his hand, “Hey. I’m alright. Or somewhat alright.

I know.” he almost whispers.

You’re fighting, you think it should have been you and not...

I should have been here. The minute he dropped your address like that, I should have been on the first flight out. You should have never been left so vulnerable to anything like that.

Bella sits up quickly and wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in, pulling herself into his lap, “Listen, I am sorry you even got pulled into this whole damn situation to begin with. I’m sorry that you are frustrated, angry and probably about a million other feelings that are going on. Just right now, I don’t need to worry about anything else but the here and now. You didn’t have to be here, but you are. I keep getting surprised by you...

And I you.

No matter what, after all of this. The constant twitter battles, the attacks of character, no matter what any of them here speaks more to me than anything. You watching over me, showing me you actually fucking care? Means more to me than Levi showing up and chasing Syn off because you are here. He didn’t make sure nothing was broken or bleeding. He just walked away. I may have nightmares now and again but this...right here...” she pulls him closer, like even though they are a breath away he’s not close enough.

He touches her face, “And I’m not going anywhere until you kick me out.

Well, you keep watching me like a damn hawk when I’m sleeping instead of sleeping yourself is a bit much. But...let’s go one day at a time here. Starting with food. Pizza or tacos?” he just stares at her, “Or both. I’m really hungry all of a sudden.

She giggle just enough to lighten the mood, “On it.” he lifts her up and places her back on the couch, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead and walking around to find some numbers. “Trouble.

I’M WORTH IT!” she says watching him glare in her general direction, “You’ll see.

Present Day
Las Vegas, NV

Somewhere inside the Saxon Hotel, the day to day is still a thing. All cooped with barely anywhere to go. Shit is eventually going to hit the fan and it seems with Violent Conduct 6 just around the corner, the aggression feeling is at an all time high. What the hell is it about this damn show that gets people in a mood?

On the roof seems to be the only place where people are able to chill out....but not for long. Mal stands in front of Bella with a smile on his face because she’s about to make him extremely proud. Both still enjoying date night with their Mixed Tag Team Championships in tow, “Take a deep breath and let it flow. Give them what they want and then on Sunday we’ll show 'em exactly what we’ve been saying all along.

He turns on his heels, as Bella closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Mal signals for the crew to wait just one minute. Bella’s eyes open up and an evil gleam flashes across her face.

Buckle up, fuckers. You’re in for a wild ride.

Good evening and welcome to Rants with Elizabeth. I will be your translator, Malachi and you heard, someone is wound tight.

To put it mildly. I don’t know about anyone else but I am pretty sick and tired of this whole situation. Despite all the hard work we put in, all the battles that we faced, won and lost, no matter how we straight told Mark Ward that we would take on ANY challenge that was thrown our way...that all of a sudden how quickly it’s all forgotten about because suddenly a few legends waltz back in to SCW and try and tear it all down by simply saying we did nothing.

....I wouldn’t call us winning at SummerXxxtreme ‘Nothing’.

EXACTLY! We went face to face with Wolfslair, who were one of the most successful teams to ever grace our division. A team that broke records and kicked all kinds of ass...including ours, a few times. But we kept going, we kept fighting. We worked our asses off and played the game perfectly and got our shots. At the end of it, we stand here as champions. Kris and Mikah were there, they saw it ALL done and yet they have decided that we’re below them. WHY??? I would love to fucking know!

“You and pretty much everyone else at home.”

I feel like because of them, we’re a laughing fucking joke. Like I’m Alice, you’re the white rabbit and we have fallen down the wrong fucking hole. And oh, let’s talk about this little game on twitter that has come from these two. They’re psych-out game needs a little work. I mean, if they really thought that a Kris hitting up twitter earlier this week with a “I expected so much more” tweet to only keep us from bringing our A game....boy how much do they not understand that WE ARE NOT EASILY INTIMIDATED!

Ohhhh boy....ummmm...this is where it’s going to get ugly.

I don’t really think you understand that in a world that is filled with monsters that want to kill us and viruses fucking putting shit on hold, that the last thing I want more than anything in the world is the the stamp of fucking approval from Mikah and Kris Ryan. Our lives, our relationship is not up for your petty fucking judgments. We practically killed ourselves to get to the top and yeah, we get it, there will always be the next Johnny-and-Sally-come-lately that is looking to knock us off that perch that we strived for. But fuck you for belittling our battles. Fuck you for looking down on us and fuck you for just exsisting right now.

Mal stops and turns, “Do you have any idea how amazingly fuckin’ hot you are right now?

Bella grins and practically growls, “....oh, I’m just getting started.

Mal takes a deep breath and shifts his title from his shoulder to in front of him. Bella stares at him, blinking a few times, “Just to be safe. We are in public after all.

Well...” Bella cockly turns back, “Kris Ryan seems to have it in his head that Mal lets his emotions get the best of him in the most inopportune times. Which is funny because his emotion along with my anal attentive attention to detail seems to be exactly what brought us to this exact moment. I love it when my fiance refuses to put up with the stupidity of people. I rather he feel something than be an automated robot. I rather he’d go off in a split second, and yes I know that it almost cost us our shot but his emotion is his true power. Next to all those amazing muscles of course.

Mal shrugs, “What can I say, the woman has amazing taste.

Kris, like Mikah, is looking for one more shot at glory. Both bitter for some strange reason. Going through the motions and playing these fucking mind games. It’s old, it’s stale and honestly I’ve been more intimidated by a crate full of stray kittens. I’m out to punch the both of you in the face for even making me feel like none of what we did made a damn bit of difference. The only thing that would make it that much sweeter, is showing you two that we are exactly where we deserve to be. Atop this division, leading it and showing you that you two are obsolete when it comes down to the bare bone facts. We have faced monsters, we have faced wild animals. After that, what are just a couple of sheep that have strayed from their flock?” Bella glances at her title belt and then at Malachi, “If you think so little of us, then we will show you that overlooking all the sass and all the pent up aggression was a fatal fucking mistake...left bloody, broken and still lost and your flock, will never know you are missing.

ANNNNNND ON THAT NOTE!” Mal scoops her up over his shoulder and begins to head for the elevator steading her and his title.

MAL!” Bella says struggling a bit and laughing, “Are you serious right now?

Not stopping! Not til we get to the room, be lucky I’m not hitting the stairwell.