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A Darcy CD
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Wednesday August 26th
GO Gym

Darcy can head O’Malley and Jake begin their sparring session in the ring as she waits in the front office like she was told by Gabriel. She wasn’t exactly happy about being ordered around by Gabriel, but as he was the owner of this establishment and also O’Malley’s mentor and trainer, she didn’t argue. She’s currently waiting for Gabriel, sitting down with her arms folded like a pouting child. She doesn’t have to wait much longer, however, as Gabriel finally joins her, but he doesn’t look happy.

Darcy: Finally. I’m sorry for making—

Gabriel holds his hand up and Darcy goes quiet.

Gabriel: I wasn’t really going to say anything, because it’s not entirely my place to do so, but this has gone on long enough. I understand you’re his wife, and I’ve been holding off on saying all of this to him, but I’m done keeping this to myself from you.

Darcy raises an eyebrow, confused. She stands up to face him better.

Darcy: All of what? What is this about?

Gabriel: This is about you holding O’Malley back. You should be helping him succeed, not ruining it every chance you get.

Darcy’s jaw drops. She lets out an exasperated laugh and shakes her head.

Darcy: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Gabriel. I want nothing more than for him to succeed and don’t know how I’m holding him back at all.

Gabriel: Constantly interfering in his matches? Persuading him to cash in the briefcase the way he did? None of that is helping him at all. It’s having the opposite effect, actually.

Darcy: Oh here we go again with all of this. I don’t force him to do anything, Gabriel. I express my opinion, yes, but he’s the one who decides. And I wasn’t aware that wrestlers have to follow all the rules all the time. Or, is that a stipulation of the GO Gym I am not aware of?

Gabriel laughs and shakes his head, though it is not an amused laugh. He really didn’t understand what O’Malley saw in this woman.

Gabriel: We let our graduates choose which direction they want to go in with their career, but O’Malley has definitely chose a different path than the rest, and I don’t think it is entirely because he wants to. You may voice your opinion and not force him into anything, but I’m fairly sure his decisions are influenced by you and your attitude. You’re pretty intelligent, so that should not come as a surprise to you.

Darcy rolls her eyes. She’s clearly very stubborn as Gabriel tries to get through to her.

Darcy: I don’t get what the point of all of this is. From the moment you all met me, I knew you hated me. So am I correct in thinking this is some ploy to get me to change who I am?

Gabriel shakes his head.

Gabriel: Not exactly. But this is me trying to get you to see just how you’re affecting O’Malley’s life. I wouldn’t say we hated you, but we could all see the hold you had on him. If you love him as much as he loves you, you’ll open your eyes and ease up a bit.

Darcy: What does that mean?

Gabriel: It means you’re selfish, and you’re trying to keep O’Malley all to yourself! Every one of the other graduates from here can be around one another and get along. O’Malley? He’s with you almost all the time. He’s got no friends outside of your marriage.

Darcy: I...I can’t believe you’re blaming me for that!

Gabriel nods.

Gabriel: I’m not stupid, Darcy. Do you encourage him to try and spend time with the others and get to know them?

Darcy goes quiet, unable to answer that question. Gabriel grins.

Gabriel: Exactly. You don’t. And it’s holding him back. Not to mention, if you didn’t say half the crap you did about Misty, her family probably would not be putting up as much of a fight about Owen as they are. Take it from a happily married fella. You can love each other like crazy, but you both need time away from each other every now and then.

Darcy still can’t speak. She just blinks her eyes and sinks back into her chair, trying to process everything he’s said. She can feel tears forming in her eyes as she looks up at Gabriel.

Darcy: I...I can’t lose him, Gabriel. Not again. I know you all knew Misty and respected her, but what I went through because of her coming into O’Malley’s life? All of this is because of that. I’ll never be respected like she was, so what is the point of trying?

As her demeanor changes, Gabriel scratches his head. He wasn’t expecting this side of her.

Gabriel: Look, I know there is a history there that I don’t understand. Hell, I’m not sure I want to. The whole point to this, is to get O’Malley to a place in his career where he’s at least respected or taken seriously. He’s got two titles, and he should already be at that point, but he’s not. There’s only so much I can do, so I’m gonna need your help on this. Whatever you need to do...just do it. Things have to change. And that doesn’t mean you have to lose him.

Darcy: Our lives are just…

Gabriel: Complicated?

Darcy nods.

Darcy: I just feel like so much damage has been done, on so many levels, can it truly be fixed? I want him to be successful in his career, but I also want to have a fulfilled life with him outside of all of this. How do we balance it all?

Gabriel: I can’t really answer that because you two need to figure it out for yourselves. I know you’ve been pressuring him to have a baby, but I think he needs to get the situation with Owen figured out first. Let everything else fall into place after that.

From inside the gym, shouting and grunting can be heard as O’Malley and Jake’s sparring session starts to get a little out of hand. Gabriel looks behind him, into the gym and towards the ring and shakes his head before turning back to Darcy.

Gabriel: I better get back in there before Baldy really hurts him. Just...think about what I said.

Darcy: I really do want him to get Owen back, you know. I’m not that selfish where I wouldn’t.

Gabriel: Then find a way to help him out, before it’s really too late.

Darcy nods and Gabriel turns around, heading back inside to check on O’Malley before Jake really hurts him. Once Gabriel is out of view, Darcy buries her face in her hands and starts to cry.

Friday August 28th
Is This The End?

This was bad, she thought. Worse than when O’Malley had left her for Misty. At least then, he wasn’t absolutely furious with her, and him leaving was entirely his fault and not hers. But, she had to stop him. She had to try, because he was all she had and she couldn’t lose him.

He was currently in their bedroom packing up some of his clothes. Darcy had considered letting him be and just giving him the space he needed, but she couldn’t. Not like this. Not when there was so much more that she needed to say. So she quickly headed back inside before he left and tried to stop him. But the minute he saw her standing in their bedroom doorway, he snarled and looked away from her.

Darcy: O’Malley, please. Don’t do this. It’s not what you—

His head snaps up and he glares at her with the meanest look he’s ever given her. She knew immediately that she was in trouble.

O’Malley: It is EXACTLY what I think, Darc! Yer tryna get yerself pregnant thinkin’ I’d just ferget about Owen, and it ain’t gonna happen! I can’t believe ye’d stoop that low!

She shakes her head and steps inside the room. He was nearly finished packing whatever he needed, so she needed to act quick. If he left...he might never come back. And she’d never get a chance to explain the whole story.

Darcy: That is NOT why I stopped taking my birth control, or why I want a baby so bad. I want you to get Owen back. I want us to be a family! But you’re not letting me explain. Please, just STOP!

But he didn’t. He was too hot headed at the moment to listen to her much less look at her. And she knew it. She watched as he zipped up his duffel bag and prepared to leave, but she rushed up to him and pleaded with him to stop.

Darcy: I promise you, baby, what I did was not malicious in any way. I need you to understand. I love you more than anything in this world. I...I can’t lose you. I will tell you everything in time, but I’m begging you. Please don’t—

For a moment, it was beginning to work. But as soon as she said the words “in time,” he pulled away. He started shaking his head, letting out an annoyed laugh.

O’Malley: In time? In time?! Darc, if ye can’t tell me now, and ye haven’t told me by now, yer not plannin’ on tellin’ me shite. Yer just expectin’ me to forgive ye and move on like ye didn’t lie to me fer weeks at least. Don’t feckin’ touch me!

He snapped at her as she attempted to reach out and touch him. But he again pulled back and glared at her with a rage in his eyes that she’d never witnessed.

Darcy: Are...are you leaving for good, then? Is this the end of our marriage?

O’Malley slings the strap of his duffel bag over his shoulder and closes his eyes as he responds to her. It breaks her heart that he can’t look at her.

O’Malley: Honestly? I dunno. I’ve gotta figure this all out and think about everythin’, and I can’t do that with ye around me. And do me a favor. Don’t show up to either of the shows on Sunday.

And with that, he walks past her. He walks out of their bedroom, and then out of the house, and Darcy has no idea when, or even if, he’d be back. All she wanted to do was cry. She had brought this on herself. Of course O’Malley would go so far as to think she didn’t want him to get Owen back.

Her head suddenly shot up and a lightbulb went off.

Darcy: Of course. Owen. I need to help him get Owen back…

She quickly grabbed her phone and ordered an Uber, putting her next plan into motion. If she was going to get O’Malley back, he had to get Owen back…

A little while later, Darcy had ordered the Uber driver to stop just down the street from Misty’s parents’ house. It wasn’t hard for her to figure out where the lived, and she knew that stopping directly in front of their house was not a good idea, either. The driver wouldn’t wait long for her, however. So she had to act quick.

The entire walk leading to their house, she wondered what she would say. She knew very well that they hated her, and they had every reason to, but she was desperate. O’Malley needed his son, and she needed O’Malley. So, by default, she needed Owen, too. But this might very well turn into a mistake. One that could backfire.

But she had to try.

She walks up the sidewalk leading to their front door, stopping just outside it. She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath and as she goes to ring their doorbell, the inside door opens and she comes face to face with Misty’s mother, Colleen. She has to take a step back as Colleen steps out of the house, confronting her with an angry expression.

Colleen: What do you want?

Darcy: Mrs. Waters. I know we’ve never met. I’m—

Colleen: I know who you are. You’re the bitch who had the nerve to say horrible things about my dead daughter. What the hell are you doing here?

She deserved that, she thought. She didn’t expect this to go any differently, either.

Darcy: Look, I know you all have every reason to hate me, and to hate O’Malley. But I came here to beg you to let him see his son. Let him see Owen.

Colleen folds her arms and shakes her head.

Colleen: I thought that might be it, but the answer is still no. He left him. And then he got together with you while Owen was crying for his daddy. He doesn’t have the right to ask for him back after two years. And you don’t have the right to come here and ask for it either. Owen will never be anywhere near you, that much is certain.

Darcy: So this is about me, then? You’re not letting O’Malley see Owen because he’s with me?

Colleen doesn’t answer. She just blinks and stares at the woman who has disrespected her late daughter. Darcy just nods.

Darcy: O’Malley needs his son, Mrs. Waters. I can’t tell you how much he regrets what he did, but don’t use me as an excuse to punish him. Look at me. I know I’ve said terrible things about your daughter, but why would I make such a risk by showing up here if I wasn’t sorry for it? I know you’re—

Colleen holds up her hand, and Darcy goes quiet.

Colleen: Shut up. Just...shut up. I don’t care why you’re here, or if you say you’re sorry. Owen is our number one concern, and I will not allow him to be exposed to someone like you. Misty would turn over in her grave. Now, as we’ve told O’Malley before, get the hell off my property, or I will call the police.

Darcy: You don’t want this fight to go to court, Mrs. Waters. This can be settled civilly. The longer you guys try and fight this, the more likely it will be your family who loses.

Colleen narrows her eyes and her nostrils flare.

Colleen: that a threat?

Darcy shakes her head.

Darcy: No. It’s a promise. My husband will get his son back, no matter what needs to be done. If this should go to court, I’ll see to it personally that—

*WHACK!* Colleen suddenly slaps the taste right out of Darcy’s mouth. Darcy’s head whips to the side and Colleen points at her.

Colleen: Don’t you EVER threaten me, honey. And don’t you ever step foot on my property again, or I will have you thrown in jail and then they’ll deport your ass back to Ireland.

Colleen heads back inside without another word. Darcy just holds her cheek and from down the street, the Uber driver honks his horn, warning her he’s about to leave. Darcy takes in a deep breath before she turns and walks away, utterly defeated. And little does she know, what happened here today, will definitely backfire not only on her...but on O’Malley as well.

To be continued…