Author Topic: Supernova/Summer XXXTreme review  (Read 238 times)

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Supernova/Summer XXXTreme review
« on: August 12, 2020, 06:45:03 PM »
I know this is late and may not get many reviews this go around since the shows were two weeks ago but I figured I post one anyways since it was SCU's only PPV of the year.

SCU Supernova and SCW Summer XXXTreme review. It does not have to be only SCU matches. Even though this is an SCU review thread. We were all part the same weekend summer bash so feel free to mention anything about any matches no matter the company.

While this is posted for SCU stars to use as one of the ways to get pushed under the SCU brand. This is also a great time for SCW stars to drop a review.

EVERYONE owes it to the staff of this website to at least drop some feed back on the super shows. We have a section to talk about yourself and others. All you have to do is read the results then fill this out.

Favorite Match:

Favorite Segment:

Favorite Surprise(If any):

Highlight of the Night:

Favorite Wrestling Spot of the Night:

Male Face that stood out the most:

Male Heel that stood out the most:

Female Face that stood out the most:

Female Heel that stood out the most:

Most standout Tag Team/Stable:

Best Spot in our match?

What spot would you like your wrestler to be doing more of or less of?

Anything you would like to add about the show can be added here.