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Sin City Underground Ep 68 (card)
« on: August 12, 2020, 05:36:47 AM »

Sin City Underground Ep 68 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 25% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, August 16th, 2020.

Note: Anyone who does not abide by the rules set in place by SCW GM Brooke Saxon (stated below), will be escorted from the premises and banned from future Sin City Wrestling, Sin City Underground, and GRIME Wrestling shows.

1- Each ticket purchased will come with a safety bag. (A safety Bag includes a company logo face Mask, one .5 oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and a pair of XL gloves. Masks must be worn in all areas of the building.

2- Tickets to all shows going forward will only be sold at the SCW shop and only available to the local residents in which the show is being held.

3- Tickets will be sold no earlier than 48 hours of the show. (For SCW, look at it as the promo deadline is when tickets go on sale for that show and SCU shows.)

4- Everyone entering the building will get screened to read their temperature.

5- All food sold going forward will be already wrapped. All drinks will now be sold only in cans or bottles. No fountain type drinks.

6- Food can only be consumed in the designated areas in which masks can be taken off temporarily. All merch bought at the event will be done by credit cards, the shops will no longer take cash.

All segments due to the Underground account ideally by the SCW segment deadline, but no later than 6pm PST on Sunday, August 16th, 2020.  Late segments will no longer be accepted going forward to ensure results go up in a timely manner.

Supernova 3 has past, the weeks before leading to the big show saw many changes take place, titles changing hands, friends turned enemies. SCU lost its security team, the firing of G.M. Gianni De Luca, Donna Beauchamp has fired two GM in a six month span... Then Supernova happened! One man was fired in a title vs contract match, TV titles defend at the SCW Supershow! The Combat Champions retain showcasing they are the elite in hand to hand combat. O'Malley shut the doubters up be retaining the SCU Underground Championship and then winning the SCW Roulette title the very next day at SCW's Summer XXXTreme! Celeste North lost her first match weeks before Supernova, thus crowning tag team specialist Dahlia Rotten the Number one contender only to beat Celeste North a second time to become the new Underground Champion! Team Go closing the show giving the brand the needed highlight as GRIME did the unthinkable and won the Mayhem Survival.

SCU makes no secret it about it. The show after Supernova is like a reset, a new season to WGN's programming. So the question now is this. With all that, what happens now? How does SCW's sister brand move forward? What changes will take place? Will it affect the ratings of WGN? If so, does it favor GRIME Wrestling? Will SCU and GRIME get along? Will they war and destroy each other forcing one to take over the other? Will the fact that some on one side are former SCW stars and some on the other are current SCW stars play a role? Will SCW see a reason to step in if it gets out of hand during the 2020/2021 season of Sin City Underground? Will it get so bad that SCW does nothing only to see both companies destroy themselves to the point that that the only place to work for in Sin City is SCW meaning we never make it to Supernova 4? Who knows? One thing is clear. This show will set the tone for how the rest of the year will play out. With that, the show will open up with a special announcement from the SCU Ring Announcer Darlyn Fajardo!


Jacob Johnson vs Jim the Clown

GRIME opens the show on the first ever 50-50 booking with Jacob Johnson taking on Jim the Clown. Last we saw of Jim, he lost to Yellow during the qualifying round for the Mayhem Survival 4 Match. He looks to set the record straight by taking on Jacob Johnson.


Indigo vs Piper Beckett

Piper was a devastating and unexpected signing. Twin sister of former multi-time champion Dax Beckett, she has worked her backside off to make it to the roster, and she looks to test her skills against masked member Indigo in her debut.


Cordelia Clark vs Winter Elemental

Cordelia Clark made waves in the Mayhem Survival 4 Match, and many were impressed by her showing. Not Winter Elemental. Winter had many words to say about Cordelia, and not all of them were nice. Will Cordelia make her eat those words, or will Winter prove why she is a staple in SCU?


Ruby vs Light Blue

No more confusion on Ruby and masked member Ruby.  Both are unmasked, and the wrestler Ruby is ready to feel the pain of being back in the ring after suffering a loss at Summer XXXTreme VIII. Light Blue is no easy task, and if you saw under the mask, you would agree that Ruby is going to have to work hard to secure the win.


Dying Breed vs The Monstimals

Dying Breed had a great showing at Supernova 3 when they took on and defeated Cyan and Saddie Brown masked members. Some are calling that a warm up match for one of the biggest challenges GRIME has to offer in The Monstimals.  Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson are known for being everything that GRIME represents. But Dying Breed are very familiar with working their way around a hardcore style match.


Father Gerald and O’Malley vs Mark Cross and Coby Quik

O’Malley, not so surprisingly, found a way to screw Mark Cross out of regaining the Underground Championship.  Cross has not been pleased with the outcome of the match. They get another chance to settle their personal issues, this time with teammates. Father Gerald backs up O’Malley to take on the team of Mark Cross and Coby Quik. Both Gerald and Coby are tremendous talents that only elevate this match to new heights.


Omasa Tazu vs Cadet Blue

Omasa has all but stated that she was screwed out of being only the 4th person to win a Mayhem Survival Match by Angel of Filth. She seeks retribution, but for now, she will have her eyes set firmly in front of her as she takes on Cadet Blue.  Cadet Blue is looking to part ways with the mask, but must prove she is worthy of the honor. A win over Omasa would be a major step in the right direction.

Vs Vs Vs

Mz Holly Wood vs Jamie Staggs vs John Blade vs Andrew Borg

The SCU Television Championship is on the line, and it’s on the line in a big way.  Mz Holly Wood gladly accepted the challenge set before her of facing not one, not two, but three men to defend her title against. Jamie Staggs has a fire inside of him that is just waiting to come out. John Blade has been aching for gold ever since losing the SCU Combat Championship, and he’s finally got his chance.  YES YOU CAN, Andrew Borg, former SCU Television Champion, has also been called to challenge. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Celeste North vs Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor and Celeste North both had a rough night at Supernova 3.  Celeste lost her Underground Championship to Dahlia Rotten in the second upset in a matter of weeks. Veronica was unsuccessful in taking the SCU Combat Championship, despite a very valiant effort. Both ladies are looking to make up for their losses, and in a good way. Will Celeste start a new streak, or will Veronica be able to further humiliate her former Mean Girls stablemate?


Melissa Ruin vs Angel Kash

Another match in the series between Angel Kash and Melissa Ruin, but this time, the roles are reversed and now Angel Kash is the SCU Television Champion.  Melissa doesn’t believe that she should have lost the title at Summer XXXTreme VIII.  She was ready to continue despite the First Blood stipulation.  However, rules are rules, and while Angel Kash isn’t a fan of following them, she was able to use them to her advantage.  Melissa is still mad and will be looking to regain her title once more.


Helena Jeckel vs Vixen Staggs

Helena Jeckel also fared pretty well in the Mayhem Survival 4 Match.  She gained eliminations, and gained a bit of time in the match as well.  She used it as a moment to shine.  But she has the ultimate test of her ability and endurance when she goes one on one with the GRIME World Nightmare Champion, Vixen Staggs, in a non-title match.  Vixen has been very dominant, and has yet to taste defeat since her unmasking. She looks to make short work of Helena, much as she has with her other challengers.  This match could very well eclipse the main event!




Main Event
OTE vs Team Canada vs Team GO vs Good Shepherds
Eyesnsane, Michi, and Kaos vs Stewart Mason, Earl Lockyer, and Dahlia Rotten vs H.B. Carter, Ariana Angelos and Krystal Wolfe vs Mother Mavis, Virginia Putman, and Brother David

Wrapping up the evening’s festivities, we get to see a tag team spectacle of the highest order!  Over the Edge! Team Canada! Team Go! And The Good Shepherds!  Three members from each stable will compete in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team contest!  There is no prize on the line, unless you count the title of true supremacy in the Tag Team Divisions.  All four teams are worthy competitors for the accolade, so this truly is anybody’s game!

All of this and oh so much more as Underground Ep. 68 comes to you live from The Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, NV!

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