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Piper Beckett
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Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons):  Barbara Palvin
Wrestlers Twitter:  @Piper_Beckett
Wrestlers Name:  Piper Beckett
Age:  23
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  133 lb
Hometown:  Anaheim, California
Personality:  Spoiled, no filter, tells it like it is
Strengths:   Quick, agile, flexible
Weaknesses:   Emotional, very untrained wrestler
Gimmick If Any:
Alignment:   Tweener


Entrance Theme Music:
"I am going to show you crazy" by Bebe Rexha

Entrance Description:

“I’m gonna show you…” can be heard playing out as lights flash and a female silhouette can be seen backlit at the entrance way.

Liam: From Anaheim, CA standing at five nine and weighing in at one hundred thirty three pounds, Piper Beckett!!! @@

Stepping into the light, Piper Beckett smirks at the fans around the ringside area as she moves down to the ring.  She poses just out of reach of the fans and snaps a selfie or two of the fans reach out towards her.  Blowing a cocky kiss to the fans over her shoulder, she climbs the ringsteps and then slides between the ropes.  Setting her phone down on the canvas at ringside, she slowly peels off a satin jacket to reveal her wrestling gear.


You may add more to this list if you wish.

1} Snap suplex
2} Running bulldog
3} hair pull whip
4} Russian Leg Sweep
5} surfboard
6} clothesline
7} octopus hold
8} Sunset Flip
9} Drop toe hold into middle turnbuckle
10} legsweep onto the middle rope then a double knee backstrike.
11} front chancery takedown
12} Victory roll
13} Rolling neck snap
14} hair pull backbreaker
15} running facebuster
16} sitout rear mat slam
17} hanging figure four neck lock (Candice Michelle candilicious)
18} small package
19} superkick
20} flatliner off the ropes
21} Corkscrew Moonsault
22} standing moonsault
23} fameasser
24} jumping fameasser.
25} STO


1} split leg reverse DDT
2} guillotine choke


1} Pay the Piper (Flipping backstabber – the Kairopractor)


Weapon Of Choice:  Brass Knuckles
Match Of Choice:  falls count anywhere


Superstar Bio:

Piper Autumn Beckett was born to Melvin and Shannon Beckett in Anaheim California on November 20th, 1994.  She is the twin sister of Dax Beckett and is older by only a few moments but doesn’t let Dax forget it.  Being raised as the princess of the house, Piper has been spoiled and has an entitled attitude that usually is expressed in a no bullshit way.

Most of her life, Piper participated in gymnastics and ballet.  At nineteen, Piper moved out of the family home to attend college but academics were not for her.  Flunking out of her first semester, Piper needed a job and found one at a Burlesque club where she sang and danced for a couple of years until she got on the wrong side of the boss’s wife who made her life a living hell until she walked.  

Not wanting to go home, Piper saw a wrestling poster with her brother on it and the pair reconnected.  Hanging around the Bad Boys gave her the idea to train to wrestle.  Mickey Carroll told her about the Staggs Dungeon and she approached Vixen Staggs to train her and now she thinks she is ready to step into the ring herself with minimal training.

Past Accomplishments:


Manager's Name:
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