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Pieces I've done with Agostino Romano so far.
« on: June 09, 2020, 11:24:22 AM »
 OOC: Hi guys, I want to post these pieces of story and things I've done in other places before so you guys get a rough idea what kind of character Agostino Romano who will be my character going forward is like. Hope you'll enjoy them.

The year of his retirement from global bike championship announcement. Florance, Italy. Thursday 1st June 2017.

His motorcycle team along with the man himself, Agostino Romano were the only ones left in the press conference as of course, the other riders that were with Agostino had gone and left after asking questions and answers from the press and the fans from social media sites itself. Obviously, Agostino wanted to address the rumours and doubts he had on him as he begins to speak.

Agostino Romano: "I'm here to address all the rumours against me on if I'm staying or going. Sadly for me, I'm gonna officially retire from being in the global bike championship. I've had a great run with my career since I've started when I was sixteen years old. I've got nothing else left to prove as I've done everything, heck I'm leading the GBC right now and nobody's been able to stop me."

It turns out it wasn't shocking at all as they were expecting Agostino to say something like this in front of the press and he takes a drink of water, looking at the press with a serious face which he doesn't usually do because he's always so funny and charismatic, but he knew what he wants to do with his career as he says this.

Agostino Romano: "However, it doesn't mean I'm not gonna sit at home like the rest of the legends of this sport as I'm thirty, still very young for my age that I've decided to take a path in a psychical sport called wrestling. I think this sport along with wrestling can benefit having somebody like me there as they need funny, charismatic and a guy who's not a good looking guy. There's way too many pretty boys and girls in wrestling who get a lot of love, but somebody like me has a lot of love in the paddock and I can prove to evolve and be the best wrestler and bike champion they've had."

Bike channel reporter: "Have you decided what wrestling company to go to?"

Agostino Romano: "For now, I'm not entirely sure where I'm going, but you will know sooner rather than later. Most of the time we're away from racing, I'm preparing myself to be a wrestler. Obviously got to find somebody who'll train me to be the best wrestler as I can, but for now, I'm gonna enjoy my last season in racing and win the GBC to end the year the best Agostino Romano they've seen and hope all the true fans of me will watch me wrestle, regardless of what company and what country I'll go to."

That was that for Agostino's speech as he stands up, having a ton of pictures taken from the press floor as it was in his home GP race as well he decided to announce what his plans were for 2018 as he leaves the press conference room as there are lots of fans standing for Agostino as he's the most popular rider in the Global Bike Championship as a lot of fans got pictures taken with the man and pulls funny faces towards the kids to cheer them up, even does funny faces pose in pictures with the kids.

He also had a lot of merchandise he made for himself for the GBC series that he's thinking to use the same logo he's always used since he joined the intermediate class of GBC as once he finishes up with all the fans, he goes into his motorhome to discuss plans for the race over the weekend.



"Forgive me for not knowing what to say, but this is the first time I'm forced to speak about my career in Emerge. Of course, my mentor as of right now hasn't had time to speak to me about the match as he's been busy, but while I know little to nothing about Kandis as I've never got to interact with her, I can, however, speak about a fellow Italian wrestler known as Sabrina Bello. We're from the same country and it's interesting how you've dreamt of being a wrestler ever since you were little along with the hard times you've had in Italy, forcing you to go to Japan to get better at your skills.

It's a good idea as I think my mentor is in Japan at the moment, but it's good to start from the bottom and while that's good, I'm most likely the most well-known name in Italy and why? Because I will have fans I gathered in Global Bike Championship coming to Canada to support me with my new career of choice, being a wrestler. I think it'll be a great growth for bike racing and especially wrestling like Emerge is that place to make my own mark.

Along with the excitement and my nature of making people laugh is what I do. It's apart of who I am that made me popular, unlike wrestlers these days who only have looks to go by, but why do you have to be the pretty boys and girls in this sport? I'm far from a pretty boy, but I have fans because of how I make people laugh by pulling funny faces like this."

Romano pulls a face with his eyes a little closed, making almost a kiss on his lips to look strange, but funny. Also, he does a shocking scary pose as well before speaking again.

"That's who I am and my tag partner Ella May will work together to produce the best set of skills we can provide for Kandis and Sabrina to make the match entertaining for the fans around the world of bike racing and wrestling. However, with my arrogance of wanting to be the best shows, I'm not somebody who's gonna talk what you say rubbish to my opponents because we also got enough of that going around in this sport as well.

I'm not here for that, I'm here to show the world I can be the first former pro bike rider that can successfully transition from racing bikes in different countries all year to being a wrestling champion in different countries majority of the year. I'm used to working with a teammate actually as Global bike championship had teammates where we work on bike setup for the weekend, almost the same as working plans with a tag team partner which in this case is Ella May, going the best approach to winning a tag team match together as a team. That's all I'm going to say for now since there's not much left to say until Emerge show itself."

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Pieces I've done with Agostino Romano so far.
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2020, 11:27:09 AM »
 After becoming GBC champion for the last ever time. Valencia, Spain. Sunday 12th November 2017. (Off Camera)

The season has now finally ended for Agostino Romano who announced in June he's retiring from racing as a whole to do a whole new sport, although he still will get offers to test with his team from time to time to test new parts, but of course, this won't be all the time as he will focus more on his wrestling career once it's all done. Problem is not only he still had nowhere to go with wrestling, but he still had no trainer also.

He couldn't find anybody to train him and didn't know any famous wrestlers in Italy who could, however, it didn't mean he couldn't do gym work to prepare himself for the new path of being a wrestler. Of course, the word had got out in June Agostino was going down that path and he knew he had big hands to fill with lots of young guys in the sport now that Agostino wasn't needed.

However, his main championship contender throughout the whole season Marc López despite some beef between the two because of them being rivals with one playing mind games on the other even admired how much Agostino has done for the sport as they stand to wait to get their GBC awards as he says this.

Marc López: "This sport isn't going to be the same without you. I know we may not always get along, but I won't lie, you have been a great role model to riders like myself in this sport and you'll go down as one of the top champions this championship has ever had."

Agostino Romano: "I like to think I inspired everyone, but I hope you understand why I had to leave this business behind me because the truth is, there's nothing for me to achieve now and I thought a lot what I wanted to do. I thought wrestling could do with charismatic and fun loving guys like me around."

Marc López: "Of course I do, if you aren't enjoying it anymore, why bother continuing? I think wrestling is way out of our league in terms of risks as it's nowhere near as dangerous as our sport is."

Agostino Romano: "You may feel that way, but you can risk getting a lot of concussion from my research on the sport. What sucks is although I really want to be a wrestler, I can't find anybody who'd train me. Who wouldn't take this charismatic guy on in his school to get better at wrestling?"

Marc López: "There will be someone out there for you, don't worry about it. You just do a good job promoting this sport for the fans and bringing in more bike racing and wrestling audiences like I know you can. I see you around."

Marc pats Agostino's back as he wasn't the only person who challenged for his title this year, there's somebody else who's from the same country who's been a threat as well, Andrea Ricci as he comes to give Agostino like a present that's fully wrapped as he says this.

Andrea Ricci: "Since you inspired me so much as an Italian to be a great rider like yourself, I've made this just for you to remind me of a great hero you've been in the sport, not just for me, but for every rider in this series."

Agostino Romano: "No doubt in my mind you've been a great friend and I'm gonna miss all of this media attention I got along with the number of fans supporting me, especially some will not follow my wrestling career."

Andrea Ricci: "No you won't because you'll get the same attention as you do now."

Agostino Romano: "While the popularity isn't gonna be the same. I got all of this, yet in wrestling, I'm gonna be an unpopular wrestler and that's down to me having no experience or much knowledge of the sport."

Andrea has always had Agostino's back when it came to getting in trouble with Marc López because of them being championship rivals, while Andrea was, it was only the second half of the year that he came out strong with a few wins under his name, turning a lot of heads on Andrea Ricci being the next Italian champion of the sport.

Andrea Ricci: "That may be so, but think of the other wrestlers you'll wrestle with that barely been in the media spotlight like you have and I'm more than certain you'll be successful as a wrestler as well as here. I could never be great at another sport, but you got so many fans behind you that will follow your new career, even if some don't like wrestling, but they'll grow to be fans of it."

Agostino Romano: "That's true and I feel you're the future of our sport when it comes to Italy. I can feel you being the champion of GBC next year. I believe in that. Thank you for the present. I will open it after the awards ceremony finishes. I will still be around the sport as my team has offered me to do some testing and still guide you with your career, but wrestling will always come first as I want to do new things and possibly become champion in that as well."

Andrea and Agostino gave each other a hug as the respect between them is massive as they near enough started on the same path, but in different years obviously as Andrea was only twenty-three years old and still had a lot left to give as now it was time for Agostino to come on stage and discusses his biking career, what he advised up and coming riders to do and also talking about his new career of being a wrestler and where he aims to take it before a lot of tears comes down on a lot of faces of the riders, his team, his friends and family, the Global Bike Championship organizers, everyone was in tears of how much they'll miss Agostino Romano being a big part of the sport.

Obviously was hard to take in, but was certainly a change Agostino is willing to do as although he agreed to be a test rider, it's far from the same of being at the races every single weekend and instead work more on weekdays which will keep him very busy, certainly more than motorcycle racing as he leaves the sport behind him, moving forward to exciting adventures of wrestling with him. He takes the present Andrea gave him and goes back to his hotel room after a party he had last night of Agostino's farewell to the sport.


Shoot. (On Camera)

"Once again here I am going to wrestle against four great talent, especially two of them made their debuts last week of Alex Anarchy and Peyton Rice. I don't know much about Johnny Taylor and I'm sure you all know how difficult it was for me to even make a start in this sport. When I started, I wasn't like the majority of you having a trainer to back me up. Straight after I ended my motorcycle career, I was already training at wrestling schools against different kids, some way younger than me, but I had no idea how hard it was to find a trainer.

I was looking for someone who'd take me on, but nobody was willing to take me on and how could they with the disappointing matches I had in Revolution Pro in Italy, but I come to Emerge where they were willing to take me on and learn the ropes more about this sport and now I begin to feel I could lead myself towards being a better wrestler.

Especially we know how much experience Peyton Rice has which we could all say she's coming in as the heavy favourite to win this whole title qualifying tournament we all been put in. Needless to say, I like to say I've earned the right to be here and I believe I have after the hard work I've put in to be here. But this is one of those times I say I hate being in this position because I know I have to be serious and that's something I can't do without doing this."

Agostino as always has the chance to stick out his tongue and pulls his eyes back with his fingers to relieve the pressure a bit as he continues.

"That's a bit better now I got that out of my chest and maybe I come across funny and showing my butt off with the crazy designs I used to have for my helmet designs and giving away merchandise I used to design and I still do as I want to get my name out there in this business along with some fans following me as a wrestler from my glory days.

But although I might come in as the underdog just down to lack of experience in the sport, I will give it everything I got as I want to be the top wrestler in Emerge and I'm willing to listen to everyone on what I need to do to improve, but I can't and won't fail once again as I want to be the best and want to be champion someday, who knows that I could overcome the odds against Peyton, Alex and Johnny to go through the Emerge title tournament and I will succeed as being champion here as well as being a GBC champion."

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Pieces I've done with Agostino Romano so far.
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2020, 11:33:58 AM »
 Time to muck around with bikes. Evansville, Indiana. Sunday 22nd July.

It's been a long while since Agostino had to wrestle as since he lost to an opponent on Emerge, he knew from the attitude from some wrestlers, he really didn't fit in very well and it had been a very hard road to come from being a Global Bike Championship champion to being a wrestler looking lost in the woods but Konrad found a perfect place for him, in fact it's rumoured Agostino was replacing Konrad on the roster as Konrad felt he didn't belong in GZWA anymore with the company being mostly fun and games and he knew Agostino was the perfect match for the company, especially a guy who's fun and loving, although he can be very arrogant in a good way.

Today, he was in the streets riding his Yamaha bike he won the GBC championship with as he had his visor up, despite being a sunny day as he makes funny faces while doing some stunts on his GBC bike that attracted the crowds which Agostino saying wheeee a lot just being a kid, despite being thirty years old. He was taking this as a child and there's no way you can see Agostino being serious as he takes his helmet off while turning off his bike to speak.

Agostino Romano: "Glad everyone is out here having so much fun today to know I used to be a GBC many times in my career and just wanting to have some fun since GZWA could do with a lot more fun loving guys like myself mucking about with my bike as I've done here you see, even doing cartwheels while keeping the bike moving which goes like this."

Agostino places his helmet back on his face and turns the bike on and he does a cartwheel while driving the bike straight while sticking his tongue out as everyone applauded Agostino for doing a stunt as he usually done when he won races in GBC as he takes off his lid again and speaks.

Agostino Romano: "Of course, I'm not here to do just this, I'm also here to talk about a man I'm making a debut in the ring against tomorrow night, a man who's like me, a crazy dude with a paint design all over his body, including his funny shaped head Brother Zachariah who I know has been trying to be on the uprise in this company as of late and of course, I'm not gonna trash him or anything, why should I when I know it's about doing funny faces while having a funny face paint like this."

Agostino pulled his ears and stuck his tongue out, even flapping his ears with his tongue sticking out like a silly man doing all sorts of jokes while being on camera.

Agostino Romano: "What you see here Zachariah is what I used to do before becoming a wrestler and I don't need to say I want to win titles, I already won titles in my career, well GBC which stands for Global Bike Championship global titles in my time but I moved to do wrestling because the wrestling and GBC fanbase can be closer connected. I know a lot of people told me you shouldn't have any fans but because I was a hero to the fans of the crazy dog, I already have some who followed me from that sport to follow my wrestling career."

Agostino smirked as the arrogance was coming out but nothing too negative regarding him as he wasn't much of a talker, but he can certainly more times than not back his words up, especially Marc Lopez showed up and zoomed past Agostino, while Agostino was best at showing off in front of the entire crowd, even doing a victory pose of circling his hands just before giving high fives to the fans before speaking again.

Agostino Romano: "Of course GZWA is a perfect home for me to let out the real me instead of being in a serious wrestling company who force wrestlers to take things seriously but I act like a 10-year-old child mainly because it's who I am. I love being a child that got me the fans I had in the bike racing business, still won't change a thing apart from when I'm in the ring because I will make funny faces with my eyes going back and sticking my tongue out for everyone because I'm a kid adult at heart. I know you take wrestling seriously but I won't because I'm here for fun and that's what I expect from this company."

It was certainly a perfect home for Agostino who seemed like he was going to easily fit in without really being judge too heavily for it but he acts like a big kid on a bike, especially he was almost asleep in a straight line while riding as he was able to do stunts as well as talking to the crowd as he speaks again.

Agostino Romano: "Regardless of what I said, I don't need to explain I'm going to win matches like my mentor does who to this point is the only guy who took me under my wings to help me get better in the ring, I won't let you slip by Zachariah by allowing you to beat me because this former world champion of GBC is going to beat you down since I know I don't need to say I'll win because it will happen. I will act like a child in the ring and only get serious when I'm close to winning the match as I want the wrestling and Global Bike Championship fans to know I moved to a new path and I'm gonna be successful in it. I'll be standing in victory with the referee holding my arm trophy up after the ref says the traffic lights from green to amber to stop which signals I win the match after I hit the finishing line to get my first solos win in my career. Good luck Zachariah tomorrow night cos you're gonna need it."

It was the end of Agostino speaking as although he had no reason to bad mouth, he was certainly ignoring the achievements Zachariah has done in GZWA which was obviously down to Agostino knowing nothing about Zachariah other than what he looks like as he continued to do more stunts with Marc Lopez who was Agostino's main rival and enemy for the GBC world title. After a few hours of the display, Agostino got his bike packed in a truck and it goes away as Agostino goes to his hotel room to get some sleep before the big debut on GZWA Primetime taping tomorrow night in front of the world.

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Pieces I've done with Agostino Romano so far.
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2020, 11:34:59 AM »
 Having fun with the fans and doing wheelies. Greensboro, North Carolina. Sunday 13th August.

Ever since he left Emerge which he didn't feel at home in, he certainly was beginning to feel much more at home with GZWA, although Agostino knows Konrad isn't entirely happy with him going there due to the treatment he got, but he wouldn't ever force someone or stopping any trainee from joining GZWA, especially in the case of Agostino Romano who was having the most fun he's had since he started in the business almost a year ago. He was still learning as he never had a trainer until a few months ago.

However, Konrad accepted how different Agostino was with his character and personality which he himself lacks but Agostino he feels does it so well without being serious all the time. Of course, Agostino himself was also in a much better place, especially he was able to get global bike championship fans a lot closer to wrestling with him being a champion where he had to be serious all the time and only show characteristics when the cameras weren't on him.

So he has fun once again today, but this time rather than having global bike championship riders ride with him, he was mainly riding with a wheelie with his bike he won the championship with last year. He knows he's having all the fun in the world, even allowing fans to get on Agostino's bike and poses pictures with showing a funny face, acting silly, but for fun as well. He knows, however, the guy he's facing this week was far from an easy challenge, let alone Brother Zachariah, a guy being apart of Megabusters tag team, Psycho Sagus. After taking his helmet off for a while, Agostino waves and sticks his tongue out to the GZWA cameras as he speaks.

Agostino Romano: "Seems like I'm having way too much fun, being a crazy lunatic who loves to be with the fans and doing funny faces, even flapping my own ears just from pure excitement with Psycho Sagus. When I hear his first name, I thought Sagus was a psycho and that would spell trouble for me as I don't know how to take wrestling seriously at times, but I look at the guy and he seems pretty much a nice guy who likely wouldn't gain an advantage of trying to defeat me with his tag partner Matt Miles who could win the match for him.

What do I know about tag matches, considering I've only been in one of those before, at the same time, I just having fun with wrestling in the ring like a wrestler usually would as I wasn't able to joke around, doing the kind of stuff while being a GBC title contender because I had to take that seriously and I was sick of it. So I decide to mess around with my own bike, making everyone happy cos life's too short to be pissed off and mean all the time which is something there are far too much of these days."

Agostino always believed in that when it came to wrestling these days that he was in GZWA that you can have fun, but only if it's age applicable and when you talk a bit more of your opponent with seriousness. He was on a good run so far and he continues.

Agostino Romano: "You know, Konrad wasn't wrong when he said you and Matt should've had the GZWA tag title shots which you didn't have for some reason. At the same time, I know Sagus has just been having fun as well like me to play around with other wrestlers. I think it's great we have that in common with one another but I'm much better in the ring as I will go for the wins within the rules of course while just playing around for fun. You're a great opponent for me as you're a competitive guy much like me and had some really solid matches as a team and without being in a team.

I know you're likely to use this match as a way to benefit yourself to get yourself a title match since you guys haven't had one for quite some time, but that doesn't matter in this case as of course, I want to be a champion, it kills me I've not been champion yet. I know I need to change that around completely, especially facing against the veteran of Sagus because honestly, I don't like calling you a psycho when I know truthfully, you need to change your first name."

Agostino knew a bit more about Sagus being in a team with Matthew Miles and that's as far as he's gone so far as he takes more pictures with the fans as he was a very much an attraction to other fans and some who supported Agostino from GBC which he mentions about that.

Agostino Romano: "I'm having fun because it's a way I'm trying to bring both bike racing and wrestling fans close together because of me being silly as I just want to enjoy the life I have and being myself, it makes the connection grow, even for some newer Agostino fans of wrestling to see what I've done in GBC. I'm excited to see what you can do in the ring tomorrow night because I believe in a competition that's fair, but let's make it fun as well where we waste time posing for the fans and playing tricks in the locker room with other wrestlers.

All of whom were much happier after talking to me so you see Sagus, I don't think you'll have as much fan attention as I do from being in another sport of course. At the same time you'll give me a fight and once I hit racers facebreaker, most people don't get up from that finisher cos it's so powerful, much like me when I rode. See, I respect what you do in the ring, but the win despite how hard you'll try to beat me tomorrow night will go to Agostino because I want to have fun and I'm gonna be the comedian GZWA needs. I'll see you tomorrow dude."

That's all Agostino had time for, especially when fans weren't allowing Agostino to move anywhere with the autograph signings, posing in pictures even promoting both bike racing and wrestling fans to another level as he went back to his hotel room to get some sleep after doing a few more wheelies to catch up sleep he had missed a while ago.

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Pieces I've done with Agostino Romano so far.
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 The introduction of Agostino Romano. Paso Robles, California. Sunday 25th November.

He only just left GZWA because of a change he didn't agree with and wasn't going to complain or bitch about it. He wasn't that sort of guy, especially the guy who just wants to have fun with bikes and in this case today is a perfect example of that as he was out on the grass where you usually see quad bikes, but it wasn't a quad bike or a motorcycle, it was a motocross bike, fitted to move around and although he was out in the middle of nowhere, he was clearly having fun with a video set to record near the track for quad bikes.

It was something he loved doing and something he knows he'll pick apart at, but he wants to change wrestling of bike racing fans and wrestling fans connecting to the sports and hopefully, fans will understand wrestling and bike racing a lot more and he begins to speak.

Agostino Romano: "It's one of those days where I'm going to have fun on my motocross bike cos you see, I'm not somebody who would sit in a hotel room, talking about matches. They are always done on a motorcycle or a motocross bike and I always have a blast on these things. After all, I was a multiple World Champion in Global Bike Championship, but they needed to grow with up and coming talent, even if I have a few riders under my wings for guidance if they need them. I've moved onto wrestling which is an adrenaline packed sport to do anything you feel comfortable doing."

Even with his helmet on, when he rode past the camera, he stuck his tongue out along with his mouth being open and his wide eyes just to mess around and he continues.

Agostino Romano: "Which brings me to making my debut in Red Sun Wrestling. I almost said red star for some reason, although I did carry the yellow sun in my symbols when I rode, I also have the yellow sun in my wrestling gear as well. I might not know my opponents or my tag partner for that matter because of being a fresh face around here, but I've got no pressure to doing things wrong because I'm still classing myself as a rookie and still want to have fun apart from defeating wrestlers in my way."

Agostino smiles as he continued to do laps on the motocross bike for a while, even being a complete show off to do a star jump style move on the motocross bike and he continues.

Agostino Romano: "Adam Reinhart and Francesca Winters, I know you both have had success in and without teaming together, especially with Francesca being a hardcore champion in the past and Adam has been a hardcore title contender. I haven't had any experience with weapons or being in a hardcore match, but I've seen them and I wouldn't be afraid to take risks cos, after all, I risked my own life each time on the track, even now on a motocross track, but it's the adrenaline that gets me pumped up.

I'm not going to do what you call trash talk because how can I when I've only met the pair of you in the ring for the first time tomorrow night? Of course, I have Olga Acid as my tag partner who likes to break computers. I mean can you imagine her breaking a bike? I'd like to be the one to throw a laptop or a computer to the sea or towards a wall or smash it to pieces with a hammer. That's a fun activity."

Agostino was obviously having fun with speaking about the nickname of breaking computers Olga has and he finds it funny, although he wasn't always going to be serious all the time. He continues.

Agostino Romano: "My tag partner has had quite a bit of success in Red Sun Wrestling also and we may not have any ties until now to team up or being in a relationship which I perfectly accept I'm not the attractive guy in the world, but looks aren't always going to make you a successful wrestler. Confidence and self-esteem are going to carry me forward and I will win the match with Olga, despite the experience Adam and Francesca have as a team, it doesn't always matter because I was the most experienced in bike racing, but young talent consistently beat me so experience doesn't always make you better or win matches.

It's how confident you are in yourself and how much you believe you can win against other wrestlers and that's what I'm going in the match with and I've been in tag matches before, not always winning, but really, I've not had a good win-loss record in wrestling, but I'm always a fun outgoing guy who more or less always posts pictures of me being a goof to show off wacky gear on my website and even in this video as well. Good luck Adam and Francesca because you both are going to need it when me and Olga will overcome the experienced team with one of us hitting our finishers to win the match and we will win because we can."

For ten more laps, there was silence as he introduced himself and talked about the tag match and opponents enough as he rode like crazy, even doing a wheelie and a stoppie in his motocross run as he takes off his former bike racing helmet and shows his face for the first time and pulls a funny face with him pulling his ears before taking the motocross bike back to the garages with the other quad bikes before he leaves to head on back to his hotel room to prepare for his match against Adam Reinhart and Francesca Winters tomorrow night.

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Pieces I've done with Agostino Romano so far.
« Reply #5 on: June 09, 2020, 11:40:18 AM »
 Whose that guy in the bear costume on his motorcycle? Modesto, California. Sunday 9th December.

There's someone in a local park where they are riding around their motorcycle, acting like they are racing against someone. A bear costume that's fluffy with a bear designed helmet on, a funky design that was handmade and the voice of a man was enjoying the hell out of the lifestyle of riding around the park, even known to have permission to do it as a one-off thing from the park landlord as he's waving his legs in the air like some madman. He stops for a while, not realising the entire time of him riding, had the cameras on him as he takes his bear designed helmet off to see it was Agostino Romano.

Agostino Romano: "Pardon me for having fun on my motorcycle, but this is just fun to dress up as a bear to ride my motorcycle around the park. I'm not harming my opponent of Bishop Black, it's all just playful fun and being myself. I'm usually intimidated by bears that could be lurking around this park, likely being killed with brute nature of being beaten by one, but I know that you've been struggling to find your form around here on losing to Austin for Sun Valley title, but also won a few matches around RSW too.

I'm willing to admit that you do intimate me with your size and power because I might be a guy, but even I admit I have no idea how I'm meant to lift you off your feet. A few people might, but I'm not one of those guys. Look out, this bear may knock me over with his force like this."

Agostino has the bear pushing the motorcycle down, like it was Bishop being too powerful for the bike as he places the bear to crush on the motorcycle, jumping up and down like a lunatic along with the bear kicking it as Agostino places the designed bear helmet on, still wearing the bear costume to continue talking while having the microphone attached to him while riding with the go pro

Agostino Romano: "I know you're a friendly bear who doesn't do any harm with words, but you do prove you can be one in the ring as I've mentioned. You may have lost a match against Allyce, Daisy and Austen two weeks ago and feeling like you should be an angry bear to run me and Francesca down, but considering I also lost two weeks ago, I can't allow you to defeat me because I learn from my losses, although I'm a fun guy who wants to be playing like a fool."

As Agostino shows an example as he rides and is showing off with feet off the peddles and riding the bike without any hands while doing the fast jumps and he hurts himself a bit but laughs it off as he says this.

Agostino Romano: "That might've hurt a bit, but I know that's nowhere near the damage you'll cause on me and Francesca Winters and you're facing me for the first time and I'm looking forward to being destroyed by a bear and while I might be destroyed by an angry bear who's seeking to win the match, that's the only part you won't be doing is winning the match. Now let's bring some snow to the ground."

It happens to see now on camera that Agostino was picking up his motorcycle that a teenager throws some fake snow to the ground to represent his next opponent as it was ironic with the season it is and with fake presents being used as corners as he speaks.

Agostino Romano: "What a perfect time of the year to know it's Christmas coming up with it being winter season. Christmas is a great celebration that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ many years ago that my opponent relates to Christmas. I could've also been wearing a reindeer costume, but instead, I will wear this hair band on my head to show reindeer horns on my head. A reindeer is faster than a bear, but not faster than a motorcycle, but there's more of a chance of a reindeer being faster than the bike."

Of course, Agostino was just having a lot of fun, turning the corners of where the presents are placed on the ground and with fake snow falling down and he continues.

Agostino Romano: "Seriously, the speed of a reindeer is the type of wrestler Francesca Winters is. Reindeers can be very brutal when it comes to chasing a pack of animals coming down with also brute nature too. I discovered to know you've been a credible hardcore champion and how it takes a lot of guts to move towards being a Sun Valley title contender next. I'm sure the grizzly bear can tell you the opportunity you may get very soon."

Still having so much fun that the snow landed on him, feeling the winter cold of winter, even if it was pretty hot in California, but doesn't mean he doesn't feel the cold because he does as he continues.

Agostino Romano: "After all, you did defeat me in the tag match last week so of course, you're a threat in the match just as much as Bishop Black is in the match, but you the reindeer doesn't need this a win as much as motorcycle and a bear does because regardless of the result, you'll still be a title contender for Austen's title because of the heart you have for the wrestling business. One day, I will win a title, but it's too early to say that when it's only my second match in this company."

Agostino stops riding as he takes off his designed bear helmet as Agostino pulls a funny face on camera, making a joke of himself and he continues.

Agostino Romano: "However I still have that confidence that will lead me to win the match tomorrow night, I still have the confidence to overcome a reindeer and a bear that this motorcycle will overcome power and speed to get the win and I'm looking forward to seeing what you both bring without being a team as I know what Francesca is like in the ring. It doesn't mean you will win because I will to come back from the loss I got and win the match to hopefully go higher up on the ranks. See you both tomorrow night in the ring and good luck to both of you."

Agostino continued to have fun for fifteen minutes before his allowed time was up as the teenager picked up the presents that were placed on the corners and turned off the snow machine with him passing the equipment to Agostino who then waited for his former mechanics to take the bike back to Yamaha bike dealer shop to have it up in display before he goes back to the hotel and watches television for a bit before getting a bite to eat and wrestling against in his words a reindeer and a bear in the ring tomorrow night.

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 A Santa on the motorcycle. Chico, California. Sunday 23rd December.

It's Christmas where it's a holiday of a celebration of Jesus being born on 25th December and everyone preparing themselves for Christmas. Christmas was a big deal in Agostino's homeland of Italy so of course, they celebrate it just as big as other countries do, but Agostino was no regular Santa. Although he had leathers on top of his Santa clothes, he was still a Santa on a motorcycle he won his last GBC title with the Yamaha bike pulling a wheelie on the grass.

It's been a rocky start for Agostino with a loss and a win to his name, but he knows RSW was totally the place he finally felt like he fit in, finally a place where people haven't taken him as a joke and see Agostino as someone having fun with his motorcycle. He knows about his opponents not in his division at all so he had to do some digging on Lilly Rose and Josh Woodrum and doesn't understand why he's facing against opponents who aren't in his division.

Again, he did some digging again to find out that sometimes, even in triple threat and fatal four-way situations, he'd face against Hardcore and Heavyweight division wrestlers so it wasn't something to question as he wouldn't anyway. He stops riding his bike around and takes his helmet off to speak.

Agostino Romano: "I know I'm going up against two wrestlers who are in the Heavyweight division, but that's not a bad thing as it's good for me to risk my life as I've always done every single time I've hit the track and raced against the top riders in the world. It's the same here tomorrow night with Josh Woodrum and Lilly Rose being in that division. I have no pressure to win because I'm sure RSW staff placed me to face both opponents for a reason."

He takes a drink of water before he places a microphone around his mouth as he puts his helmet back on and continues to ride around the grass track and speaks again.

Agostino Romano: "There's no doubt you have a ton of horsepower from both of you, Josh with his strength and Lilly with her speed. Both of you are risk takers with your styles of wrestling and I'll be glad to step into the ring with the pair of you, even if you guys have more experience in the ring than I do. Point is that I need to be higher on the ranks than I am and if it takes me facing against the top wrestlers, I have no fear of doing so because the only thing I feared in my life is dying in a tragic motorcycle accident.

I've encountered more than a fair few in my life, even in my last season of racing where a young kid lost his life so there's no fear on me beating the top wrestlers and I will overcome the pair of you, despite Lilly's claims of wasting time when she fought with Matt, despite winning last week. Why do you feel you aren't bothered? Because if you weren't, you wouldn't be wrestling right now. We all have weaknesses, mine is down to lack of experience, but be yourself, do something that you enjoy doing and not care what people think."

Agostino was obviously trying to help, but knows to never follow the path Shawn went under to take the heavyweight division a joke as he does a stoppie on his bike before racing again, even over the hills on a motorcycle since he could do anything with it and doing it in a way he takes wrestling seriously at times, but not too seriously.

Agostino Romano: "Josh is quite a funny guy himself, telling what people are going to do with random stuff he comes up with and an extremely gifted wrestler. I have no problems with you dude, apart from the whole porn star pleasing quote you made. Why would you even say that when there are kids, even kids who were a fan of me in motorcycle racing watch what you say? It's alright to be arrogant a bit, heck I believe the fact I can defeat anyone, but not the point of being better than your opponents, especially when until you actually get the job done, nobody can say for sure if you were a better than your opponent.

I don't have a lot of time today, considering as soon as this match finishes, I'm taking a private plane back to Italy to celebrate Christmas with my family and I will celebrate with a win also because I'm always confident of defeating you both in the match tomorrow night. See you both there while I will just be a crazy dude, doing wheelies and stoppies, even a few tricks nobody can do in my world of racing."

Agostino does as he does wheelies, stoppies, even a few motocross tricks on a regular motorcycle on the road as he stops riding two hours later to get the bike packed away in the travelling garage he has and goes straight to the gym with a ton of energy he has left before heading straight off to bed to get some sleep before the match against Lilly Rose and Josh Woodrum tomorow night in Chico, California.

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 A motorbike rider wearing lingerie. Santa Rosa, California. Sunday 7th January.

It's the first year where a man is seen in the fields riding his motorbike around the park from permission from the landlord. While he was wearing a helmet which is a must thing to do while riding a motorbike, what wasn't was the fact the man was wearing some questionable clothes of some sort of bra and panties as he takes a quick selfie before focusing to ride again. He took his helmet off and is known to be Agostino Romano. He chuckles just for fun and he speaks.

Agostino Romano: "Alice Grace. Bet you never expected an ugly man wearing lingerie clothes did you? The point is that you can focus all your good looks all you like, along with your tag partner, but while you're a gifted wrestler, you hide it behind looks. I can tell you that I didn't gain fans in my motorbike career from looks. Nobody told me I had to be good looking and have to look good to be a wrestler. Looks aren't important, what you do in the ring is."

It was just very brief with Agostino today as he wasn't really able to speak anything bad, although he kinda did, it wasn't too brutal. He did a few wheelies for a while, even doing a burnout for a few seconds before stopping himself and speaks again.

Agostino Romano: "I wish I can talk more about you than just that, but I can't, although I know about you and your tag partner Jessie do work out in the gym, but while it's good fun to show off your bodies, you have to be careful of how much you show. The point is tomorrow night, I will win the match because while I might be a show off with my bike, I'll rev to the top as I only have one win so far behind my back and I will deliver on the promise of winning this match and advance to whoever I'll face next."

A brief pause because he wanted to ride his motorbike around in women's lingerie clothes and stops to speak again.

Agostino Romanto: "I take you seriously as an opponent, don't get me wrong, just not really much going on with you, other than your tag team matches with Jessie with a few wins and losses. While it may seem like I'm trashing you, I respect you doing that because it makes you confident. However, I'm more than confident to get my second win here in RSW and will do it with style after pinning you for the three count in the ring. Good luck Alice and may the best wrestler win."

That's all Agostino had to say to Alice as there's not much gone on with him or her as of late and rather not go on a non-stop rant about an opponent he barely had time to study and knows it's just been lingerie clothes pictures. He rides for a bit before putting his leathers back on and walks back to his hotel room to get some sleep.

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 A Motorcycle rider up to his tricks again. Reno, Nevada. Sunday 20th January.

Obviously, Agostino thought a lot about what else he could say to Alice Grace all week long, although at this point he had more to say towards the other guy in the match known as Scott Walker. Instead of bitching and complaining about the attack Agostino got, he uses his motorcycle moves towards his former rival who battled against Agostino very hard for the Global Bike Championship in his last year of being a successful motorcycle champion two years ago, a guy known as Marc López.

However, he only remembered about the incident he came across with Alice Grace and he speaks about it while having the microphone around his head, while riding with his former enemy.

Agostino Romano: "Today, I'm riding with my former rival who fought hard to do anything possible to win the Global Bike Championship back in two thousand and seven and won the championship last year, Marc Lopez. A talented guy who's already breaking records in the books right now. Anyway, that's not the point, the point is mainly about the match against Alice Grace and Scott Walker.

I never really understood what the differences are between normal shows and Supershows, but that's my lack of experience for you. I still got a long way to go to be a better wrestler, I admit I've made mistakes and not on a good run at the moment, but I'm willing to change all of that."

Agostino knows about his streak, but it's not like he'd get affected by it, not even bitching and moaning about the attack he and Alice got from Scott, but he leaves him for later as he addresses Alice.

Agostino Romano: "Two weeks ago, this is the strangest thing that's happened to me to have Alice showing affection towards me. It's nothing new to me when it comes to the fans as I'm used to the fanfare of fans wanting to take my picture, even some wanting to kiss me, but not the sort of way how Alice touched me with wanting to date me or something. I guess I didn't expect it, hence why I was hesitant about the whole thing. Other than that, while it caused us to tie, you aren't my main concern here Alice, we just had a bit of fun and I like that kind of nature in you. I respect you for wanting to be yourself."

Agostino wasn't going to repeat himself over and over again about his thoughts on Alice and since she hasn't said anything to Agostino, there was no reason to talk more about her as he does a wheelie with Marc on their bikes as he continues.

Agostino Romano: "You know Scott, I'm used to hard moves in racing, even with Marc pushing me and I pushed him off the track a few times, but we apologised for it and ended up being respected rival. I'm not bitching or moaning about what you did, I expected it coming from someone who's so full of himself, who only sells tickets to wrestling fans with his experience in wrestling. You can go ahead and do that, but have you had fans following you from another sport?

Have you had fans who followed my career from being a global motorcycle champion because of being the best rider in the world? Well of course not because I actually attract racing fans into wrestling and do it a whole lot better than some guy who only gets popular from being on social media, that's the only reason you sell tickets. I sell a lot more than you because I have a racing fanbase watching what I do in the ring, even the Global Bike Championship talk about me with my career too. I'm not mad, I can take cheap pushes. More of you being butthurt because of you getting screwed when you never were. You won the match and should be satisfied with that"

It was an unusual situation Agostino faced in with wrestling cos sure, he was used to cheap methods done in Global Bike Championship before, even with riding his former rival Marc in the frame. He was enjoying it as they did a few motocross stunts together on big machines both Agostino and Marc have.

Agostino Romano: "You can say you've had better results run than us, but you got to experience. Alice may have had someone training her, but until Konrad contacted me to mentor me, in my first years of wrestling, I was learning the sport all by my self. I'm going to show the pair of you what this racer is made of and you'll see tomorrow night while I don't take things as seriously as other people do, I focus on my opponents and beat them. I'm just having fun in wrestling, something I couldn't do in GBC because I had to be serious."

Marc nods as he shows everyone to the camera what they meant on pushing each other off the bike which both of them did and they stand up and shook hands, without anger or anything on their face.

Agostino Romano: "See, it's apart of a racing incident and you didn't see me be mad, that's apart of racing, just like attacks are in wrestling. I'm making sure the problem gets solved and pinning you for the three count Scott to focus on your title quest for the Heavyweight title. I'm a very racy and fast competitor who will have his horse engine let out in the ring and race straight through you until I pin you on the finishing line for the three count. Good luck Scott and Alice cos you both are gonna need it."

It was a bit cocky on Agostino's behalf to say he sells more tickets than Scott, but he knew it was the truth because, without him, RSW wouldn't be selling out on shows and it wasn't down to Agostino winning matches, it was down to him being a complete jokester and entertaining the fans as he takes his leathers off and reveals a woman's swimming costume.

When Marc turns around, he laughs at Agostino riding the bike with the swimming costume as he saw Agostino's being himself and he rides with Marc in a woman's swimming costume for two hours before he and Marc had to place their bikes back in the bike garage and the teams took their bikes away with Agostino and Marc heading off to their hotel rooms to sleep.

Marc was also here to see how Agostino gets on in wrestling since he wanted to see what wrestling was like with racing fans watching the sport and trying to combine both fans together to watch Agostino do his thing. Time will tell if Agostino wins tomorrow night against Scott and Alice, but he'll do anything to win.

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 Riding in the mountains of Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah. Sunday 3rd February.

Earlier today within his former team, they launched their new bike in Malaysia and he was told to must test the bike today. It was a real spec of a Global Bike Championship of his team with all Monster Yamaha labelled on the design, along with his former number in bright yellow as well. It comes out of the garage of the small pull truck he had and he was stunned at the design of the new bike he's got to test today. Perfect day for it, considering it wasn't snowing. Agostino acts like a big kid without realising he just set his camera up to say this.

Agostino Romano: "Damn, this bike looks gorgeous."

It was at that point the cameraman caught what he said. That's not the end as he goes into his pull truck and puts on his leathers that are also new with gloves and boots as well. He walks out and feels the tightness of his new leathers to match with the bike. He places the microphone around his mouth and then places his helmet on. The cameraman places a go pro camera on Agostino's helmet before he steps on the bike and gets the GBC bike started and he rides it for a bit, shouting whooo from his helmet and he rapidly builds up speed and rides as he speaks with the go pro camera live.

Agostino Romano: "Apologies for my excitement earlier, I just couldn't help saying how wonderful this new design of the bike feels. Enough about that, it's time to talk about the match for the tag title contention match. So I'm teaming up with a guy who's big and strong like a bull. Wait, that's his nickname. Better not be riding with any damn bulls out here."

As he goes along the mountain, there was a bull as Agostino says this.

Agostino Romano: "Damn it, why did I say that? Run away from this big nasty bull."

As he does very fast, knowing it's all in harmless fun, but there was something different with this bull. It didn't want to stop chasing Agostino as he gives in and says this.

Agostino Romano: "Alright fine bull, you tag along with me."

The bull was happy to see Agostino who obviously was crazy to ride next to the bull, but he rides fast to gather speed on his new bike and speaks about the match now.

Agostino Romano: "This is where wrestling and motorbike racing sport has something in common, teammates. You can win championships with your teammate as a team for points, but you can get the opportunity to win a championship belt as well. Get what I mean? So many things that combine both sports together. Anyway, I'm wasting time here, need to get to the point. Of course, I can't ignore my bull teammate, can I?"

The bull stops as it heard Agostino talk about his bull teammate and he looks at the bull after stopping the bike.

Agostino Romano: "Not you, the bull known as Kole Taurus. He's not had a match in Red Sun Wrestling yet, but he has something I don't have, strength and power. I can't wait to work with this bull who could dislike or like me as a teammate, I can't say much more than what I've read about him, but I know the rumour going round is he wants the duo's title badly, but the way this animal bull is reacting to me, I think we'll get along just fine."

Agostino rides a bit more as he attempts to go up the mountain which the bull sadly loses its steam to catch up with him and due to the hills not stable for a big bull who rode alongside Agostino.

Agostino Romano: "All but one team are randomly chosen and truth been told, I don't really know exactly how to prepare for a title contention match so forgive me for being clueless cos of being a rookie in the sport still. Regardless, I'm thankful to be apart of the match. We have a bear who was extremely tough to take down known as Bishop Black. He's someone I'm keeping my eye out on because of history we've had in the ring. Ogla was my tag partner I had in my first match in Red Sun Wrestling and Bishop has a good tag partner there from when we team together."

Then there was a bear who waited for him at the bottom of the mountain.

Agostino Romano: "Another animal? Damn, how many animal wrestlers do I have to fight and how many animals are waiting for me?"

Then it turns out getting a closer view that these were cosplay animals of the bull and the bear of people dressing up as those animals in the costume. It was all in good fun. Until there's a bulldog he sees while riding slowly.

Agostino Romano: "There's a bulldog in the match too? God damn. Of course, I'm referring to Bill Barnhart who brings a bulldog to his matches. That's mental in itself and he's apart of a team with Senor Vinnie, the only team that was lucky enough to be drawn out of the hat to get this duos title shot. I'm interested in what bulldog can do along with the bull and the bear too. I can't keep up with these animals in the match."

Even the cameraman couldn't contain his laughter of hearing Agostino speaking about animals chasing after him as he continues to ride for a while before he speaks again.

Agostino Romano: "However, my main focus is on Scott Walker who happens to insult everything, taking wrestling too seriously on top of cheating to win matches. Not that I care about wins and losses that much, but there are times when you have to beat the man and pin him on the finishing line or the bull will stop him in his tracks to place him in a powerful wrestling move or something, he'll figure it out. I don't know a whole lot about Jeremy Starling as I've never encountered him before. Well I haven't with Bill or Vinnie either, but I can't figure him out, but heard a rumour he doesn't get along with Scott Walker and I don't blame him."

Agostino was clearly having fun, although taking the match seriously was very hard for him to do because he's a very charismatic guy and he never really took anything seriously, not even at times when he poked fun at his rivals. He's silent as he wanted to hear the new engine of his bike as he's got the adrenaline pumping with new bike gear on with the bull, the bear and the bulldog trying to catch up to Agostino.

Agostino Romano: "Point is me and Kole Taurus are the biggest underdog opponents you guys could come across, but we know we'll push ourselves to the limit, to the racing line of us standing on the podium with our hands raised before we'll face Weaponized Nerd Rage for the duo tag belts after overcoming the more experienced wrestlers that come before us. Kole is desperate for a win and I know I am, but we'll still believe we can and will win the match by pinning either one of you teams for the three count tomorrow night here in Salt Lake City, Utah. See you all tomorrow night with me and Kole winning the match."

It's hard for Agostino to take it seriously as he hadn't taken anything seriously since the retirement year of his GBC career and he continues to ride for two more hours before he had to come down from the mountains very slowly and once he reaches to the bottom of the mountain where his bike was, he goes to turn off the bike and place it back in the pull truck and then changes to his regular clothes. His former team take away the bike they told Agostino to test and giving some feedback to help the team for the young kids coming up the block before he heads back to the hotel to get some rest before the big match tomorrow night.