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« on: May 18, 2020, 10:45:34 PM »
 As the video opens up, only black can be seen. Slowly, the camera zooms out as a single, solitary spotlight can be seen shining inside of a wrestling ring. The room is engulfed with silence, As the camera moves around the ring, it focuses on random parts of the ring. Slowly moving about the red,white, and blue ropes, the camera takes it’s time making sure that every single inch of them can be seen. Transitioning from the ropes, the camera pans up and down the turnbuckle pads. After a moment, the camera fades into a shot of the ring posts, before it once again makes a transition to show the ring apron. Dragging along the ring apron for a brief period of time, the video then transitions to an aerial view focusing on the ring mat.</right>

“It’s beautiful… isn’t it”

A deep, robust males voice can be heard. Slowly, the camera zooms into the ring mat, making a sharp transition to a vertical view of the outside of the ring. Inside the ring stands an individual in the center. Dressed in an obviously expensive black Giorgio Armani suit, the individual has firmly planted his matching Armani shoes onto the mat. The camera then zooms in and is now showing the inside of the ring. As the individual is now standing near the ropes. His right hand is placed on the top rope, he begins to walk around the ring. Dragging his hand along the rope, he looks on at the camera intently. With the camera following him, it focuses on his chiseled face.

“This is the essence of professional wrestling. I’m sure some of you have walked along the battlefields of Gettysburg, you had that feeling. You had that feeling of the war that had been fought. You had that feeling of  the history that was made. The tears that were shed, the blood that was spilled. You felt the danger, the excitement, and the overall brevity of the situation that had transpired. That… is a real equivalent to this professional wrestling ring. Imagine the wars that were fought in this ring. Imagine the blood, sweat, and tears that have been spilled as a result of the wars that have been raged in this ring. That, to me, is the essence of professional wrestling. There are two things that I love, America and professional wrestling.”

Zooming away from his face, the feed transitions to the individual who is now leaning against the turnbuckle. His arms are now pressed against his chest. He continues to look intently into the camera, as he begins to speak again.

“Now, I love professional wrestling. However, I am distressed about the direction in which my first love has taken. Today, professional wrestling is no longer about pure athletic competition. Today, professional wrestling has taken on a form that is a shell of its former self. Today, so called professional wrestlers would rather slam each other through light tubes than have a pure athletic competition. Today’s professional wrestlers would rather have a gymnastics riddled pissing contests than to engage in healthy competition. I feel the pain of the traditional wrestling fan, and I am here to save you all.”

As the camera pans, it transitions to a new shot. The individual is now standing on the ring apron. His back resting against the ropes, he has his arms spread out against the top rope. As the camera zooms back in on his face, he begins to speak once more.

“My name is Mason Alexander Vanderbilt. Now, I’m not here to blow smoke up anyone’s ass. I am not a man of humble beginnings. I come from a family of money. I was awarded every early jumpstart opportunity. I was blessed to have great genes, and I’m a walking adonis. I was blessed to sign a modeling contract that made me a very, very rich man. Hell, I’ve even tried my hands at politics, but none of those things compare to what I’ve always wanted to be. Since I was seven years old, I wanted to become a professional wrestler. I wanted to be the heavyweight champion of the world. Now, I am going to follow that dream. Now, I am going to kill two birds with one stone.I, Mason Alexander Vanderbilt, am announcing that I am now the President of Professional Wrestling. I am now going to make the changes that I feel necessary to make this business work again. We no longer need ultraviolence and extreme theatrics. All we need is the strength of healthy competition. Much like the message of President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Think about the possibility of returning professional wrestling back to normalcy. Think about the great things that I, the Maverick, will bring to the table. My worldwide wrestling renaissance begins tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, the dark ages are officially over. Wrestling is making a return. I am the Maverick, Mason Alexander Vanderbilt, and I approve this message.”

As the camera transitions once again it goes to a calling card. It shows a photo of a suit wearing Mason Alexander Vanderbuilt. At the bottom it states “Mason Alexander Vanderbilt 2020… The Man. The Myth. The MAVERICK.” After a few moments, the feed fades to black.